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Ethan has shot himself in the foot. Not only did he jump into bed with Theresa last week, but he doesn't even have a viable excuse this time. Yes, the lights were off, but it wasn't that dark. When the lights came back on, Ethan used Theresa's favorite word...fate.

Ethan has shot himself in the foot. Not only has he jumped into bed with Theresa, he now has no viable excuse as to why he did it. No "she drugged me", or "she tricked me", or anything else. Yes the lights were off, but it wasn't THAT dark. And before anyone can say, "they were drunk", shut up; that is no excuse. When the lights came back on, Ethan goes and uses Theresa's favorite word, "FATE". See apparently Ethan has come around to Theresa's way of thinking and feels that they belong together. The only thing stopping him is those pesky little vows he made to Gwen. We all know she is going to take Jane and leave the country the second she finds out about this.

Those same vows are the reason Ethan turned down Theresa's off to be his mistress. Well what is his excuse now? Because he sure jumped in her bed awfully fast. I am convinced it is Ethan who knocked Jared out and then willingly and knowingly climbed into bed with Theresa. He saw Theresa moving on and it scared the crap out of him. So he did what he had to do; prove that he still has power over her. He is the show's new villain.

However, Theresa has aggravated me too. She was drunk, and like I said, that's no excuse. But she thought Jared was in bed with her and honestly wants to move on with him. The thing about Theresa that has aggravated me is this sudden need to hang on to "her company". She acts like she built Crane from the ground up. This company fell into her lap, and I can't root for her in this position because we all know Alistair drank some of Stefano DiMera's-I-Never-Die-Juice and will come waltzing back in and rip Crane away from her.

Gwen was rather spiteful in telling Theresa that she and Ethan were going to assist the jerk who plans to sue Crane. Stuart is determined to "make all Crane's pay". I suspect that he means Fox, Fancy, Sheridan, and Julian too; all people Ethan and Gwen supposedly care about. Pauline (see Viewer's Voice below) made a really good point. "What about the other 'true' Cranes, Sheridan and Julian. What are they going to say once they realize that Ethan took a case against them." Ethan has basically sunk his family and friends in the ground.

I can't root for Luis and Fancy. They are cute and all, but we all know Luis and Sheridan are going to end up back together. Friday's episode proved that the two still care very deeply for each other. Since Chris is on his way out, it's only a matter of time before Luis and Sheridan find their way back to each other. Like it or now, they are the fuel this show runs on.

Luis has to be admired for his honesty with Fancy. He told her plainly that he was still in love with Sheridan and that he didn't want to rush into anything with her. But I wish Fancy would've dropped out of the academy when Luis asked her too. She only did this to get with him, and since we all know that isn't going to happen now, she should move into something else. And she should move onto someone else other than Noah.

Kay bugs the crap out of me. She loves Fox, but she's making out with Miguel. She loves Fox, but can't stay out of Miguel's bed. And now she's pushed Fox so far, he wants to actually kill Miguel, instead of just standing around talking about killing Miguel. And the actress that replaced Juliet Mills is horrible. Please bring Juliet back soon.

Some Random Thoughts:

Tabitha learned she had to go to Saturn to get cured of her witches' virus. She better be glad it isn't Pluto, who's been kicked out of the solar system.

Did Luis really draw that picture for Sheridan, or did he have Marty do it?

Viewer's Voice:

"I agree with you. I think it's about time that Ethan chase Theresa. And I hope he finds out that Little Ethan is his son, and it back fires on him, not Theresa. I hope by bringing down Crane, he realizes that he destroyed his' son future in the process, and it makes him resent Gwen. But at the time, Theresa has already made a commitment to Jared. Gwen really irritates me. She hates the fact that Ethan is lusting after Theresa, and she finally realizes that all this time it's really Ethan who kept giving Theresa hope that their will be a future for them. That's why she wants Ethan to take the lawsuit against Crane. What about the other "true" Cranes, Sheridan and Julian. What are they going to say once they realize that Ethan took a case against them. Aren't Sheridan and Gwen best friends? I guess we will have to wait and see. And the whole storyline with Miguel and Fox, is crazy. I hate all that witchery stuff. I think most people do, that's why they're always lacking in ratings. I think the show needs more down to earth storylines to survive. At least their not repeated the same phrases over and over, like they used to. At least not soo much. And the storyline with Luis and Fancy, is ok. I really don't like Sheridan to begin with, at least this one. I think Fancy can do wonders for the show. And Jessica, I think the storyline is getting a little too much. Ok how many times can this girl be attacked??? Move on." Thanks Pauline!!!

"Ethan and Gwen are working in the Crane building for another firm-not for Crane. Thought you'd like to know." Thanks Ginger!!!

"I just wanted to send in a quick little correction to your two scoops commentary this week. Ethan and Gwen don't work for Crane, they just work in the Crane building. Ethan is working for a law firm separate from Crane and Gwen is working for the same firm, so by suing Crane, they would only hurt themselves if somehow Crane got evicted and their law firm had to move somewhere else. Thanks!! I love your columns!!" Thank Belinda!!!

The excellent question of the week: "Just a thought...if Siren becomes a mermaid when water is thrown on her, why is she able to crawl her way into the shower with Miguel?" Great question Lisa!!!!!!!!!

Until next week friends,

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