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We all know Greg was buried, tortured and subsequently died from an 'earthquake' but until this week we were unaware that Tad actually saw Greg being buried.

We all know Greg was buried, tortured and subsequently died from an "earthquake" but until this week we were unaware that Tad actually saw Greg being buried. Tad seems to conveniently recollect first that he saw Zach and Dixie put something/someone in the trunk of the car, second saw a body being put into the trunk of the car and third actually witnessed Zach and Dixie with Greg's body being put into the trunk of the car. Oh my what should we believe? Well if I saw someone putting what appeared to be a body into a car trunk I would call the police or perhaps if I knew them would ask them what's up, but not Tad. He just observed and then didn't even bother to investigate or dig Greg up while Greg was still alive. This definitely makes Tad responsible as well, which brings me to this week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week from Linda who also questions Tad: "If people saw Dixie & Zach bury Madden, why didn't they report it to the police or try to help Madden? Why are they not considered accessories to a murder?" Sure makes me wonder why Derek isn't all over this one. Of course, some people don't believe what Tad saw as Lydia believes "Could Tad have witnessed Dixie and Zach transporting a drugged Erica and placed her on the park bench? If Dixie's half-brother was able to put Tad into a crypt, I still believe that he is could be the one who buried the evil doctor alive?" I don't think anyone would have transported Erica in the trunk but it's a thought. Gloria has a different view "I think Bianca buried Greg Madden. She was there when he was buried and she has had a history of her child being kept away from her. In addition when she comes back I think she will fall for Dixie, but Dixie will not fall for her." I sure wouldn't expect Dixie to fall for Bianca since Dixie most definitely isn't gay.

More Than Life!

Zach loves Kendall more than life. He sure does have a funny way of showing that love. The man won't give Kendall a straight answer or even a vague one, instead he continues to play the strong silent type that has to rescue the girl. The girl being Dixie who Zach pulled into a lip lock and embrace before running away. Dixie who has already admitted her feelings for Zach but has also stated she knows Zach only loves Kendall. Kendall who can't get answers from Zach about Greg Madden's murder and has major trust issues with everyone she's ever met and cared for. Kendall who runs to Tad for answers since Tad has no problem blurting out whatever he thinks or feels. Kendall who wants Ryan to stay and console her since Zach is out seeking vengeance on anyone that is a threat to Dixie --- which brings us back to Tad. Boy, does this seem like we're all running around in circles?

Annie Get Your Gun!

Annie wants Ryan to teach her how to shoot a gun. Hmmmm.... I see this coming --- Annie shoots first and looks after thereby shooting someone other than Terry. Ryan should definitely have deferred this "job" to Derek or someone in the PV police department. Yes, Annie certainly needs protection, but not as much as Lily since Lily is getting ready to meet Terry at her tree. This is the same Terry that everyone believes is in Ireland. What kind of detectives does Aidan have trailing Terry? The answer to that one is "really bad detectives". I mean Terry didn't just drive over to PV from Ireland. There has to be a record of him coming into this country unless he snuck in via the Rio Grande. Now we all know where this is leading --- Terry will kidnap Lily, terrorize her, attempt to rape her until someone shows up to save her. That someone - my guess would be Jonathan. I only hope that Terry doesn't rape Lily as then she would probably end up pregnant just like Erica and Bianca did. A Kane/Montgomery trait.

The Teen Scene!

Okay it's established that Colby is a spoiled, rich brat that no one would could possibly be friends with unless Daddy is buying and Sydney is a spoiled, poor kid that is hurt because Colby is getting gifts. Now does anyone care? Why is AMC giving us the teens considering it's September and school's in? I know AMC has historically done teen stories during summer break, but that's past now. Plus these teens make me wonder where this country is headed.

Spiraling Downward Out of Control

That would be the ratings. AMC has now hit a new LOW. My take on this --- the storylines and writing are just plain sub-par. Many of you have written to weigh in and I'm into sharing those thoughts: From Leslie "As a longtime fan, I have watched the writers go downhill lately with storylines. I am completely sick of the teen mean show. Colby is an irritating, spoiled brat. I'd be happy if she dropped off the planet (and took all the younger actors with her). I don't believe Liza would raise a daughter like that. Let's get back to some stories worthy of the older, more interesting cast members. Myrtle, for one." From Lisa "I've watched AMC since almost the beginning including Erica's abortion way back. This current storyline is nuts even for soapland. The veteran actors must be as frustrated as the viewers. The Zach/Dixie/Kate story is nuts. The teen stories are even worse. First, Colby was born in the spring, not September -- and what, about five years ago? Jack and Erica (what Jack/Erica?) don't even seem to live in the same house anymore, at least together. I could go on. I just want writing and the characters to be true to their history and for the teens to go away. At least this bunch!" See the theme here --- the fans don't like the teens, instead we want to see veteran actors and somewhat realistic storylines. This is why the ratings are just awful now, plus with the crazy camera work it's so annoying although I understand the camera work is supposed to get back to normal.

That's it for me for 2 weeks, but keep sending your opinions, rants and raves and I'll be sure and answer you even when you disagree with me!!


Mary Page
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