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Guiding Light celebrated its 15,000th CBS episode last week with a hilarious spoof episode. For one day, fans were given the opportunity to forget all of the crap that they have had to watch lately, and take an alternate look at the actors in different roles.

Springfield has hardly been an uplifting place this year. There are no romances that haven't hit the skids, families are torn apart and life is pretty darn depressing. For at least one day this past week, though, we got to smile just a bit.

GL celebrated its 15,000th CBS episode with a spoof episode that made me laugh out loud. For one day, we could forget all of the crap that we've had to watch lately, and take an alternate look at the actors in different roles.

While there are characters I'd gladly love to strangle these days this episode allowed me to experience the actors in other roles and appreciate all of the work they do. And the costumes had me in stiches! Olivia as a nun was hysterical and Dinah's get-up was wonderful! But I have to admit that I loved Tammy's bad girl boots (and those leather pants) the best - not that I'd wear them myself.

And this little slice of alternate reality got fans to see how well the cast all interact with one another - something I really wish more fans could see first hand. Hopefully many of you will be travelling to the GL Fan Club weekend next month - I won't be there this year but would love to hear how you liked the events.

The one negative that I had was I wish that the show had acknowledged the 15,000th episode for fans who weren't aware of the milestone. Other than that, I loved every minute of it!

Now the other big event of the shortened week was the Lizzie/Jonathan wedding. I know that I've been complaining about the lack of weddings this year, but this was pretty painful to watch. The Princess of Springfield is getting married next to the newsstand in the middle of town? The person who is trying to put her away and take her baby walks her down the aisle? And Tammy has a front row seat to heartbreak? I know this will help facilitate the exit of Tammy (and Cassie) but I know Jammy fans are pretty upset by this marriage.

This week we have another marriage (which hopefully lasts longer than the Jonathan/Lizzie union) and more aggravation with the Josh and Reva story that is sorely testing the patience of nearly every GL fan. I just hope that the fall starts to see a little more of other stories - and other characters as well. Rumors are hinting at stories for Rick and Olivia (not together) which could be a welcomed change from the same old stories that we've seen drag on way too long.

Four days in Los Angeles was like an alternate universe for me this week. The hotel where we were booked catered to a younger crowd - not really into sleeping at night - which made for a long week. Still, I got to see Bob Barker up close and personal (the show airs September 19th - I'm in a green shirt in the second row right behind the contestant's seats). And nearly got to see George Clooney and Brad Pitt who were shooting "Oceans 13" the day we were to the Warner Brothers studio. It was a lot of fun, but I'm glad to be home again and caught up on my episodes of GL!!

Hopefully we'll be able to move on to some great stories soon.

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