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Last week, Dinah and Mallet's wedding seemed like it was going to go off without a hitch...until Jeffrey showed up and blackmailed the bride into leaving Mallet at the altar to do his bidding.

It's not easy being a GL fan these days. As with any soap, there are 5 hours of show to (hopefully) watch (and not FF through) each week - which is pretty time intensive in today's world. But when watching becomes more of a chore rather than a labor of love - as many of you state - many fans tune out.

Each week for the past 10 or so years, I have tried to be an unofficial/unpaid cheerleader of a show that I have watched for over 30 years. Some weeks it is relatively easy - the show this rich in history and characters can give you plenty to discuss once a week.

But other weeks, you dread having to state the obvious - the show is in a long decline - despite our numerous acting Emmys this year. While the acting is as great as ever - the stories aren't keeping fans tuning in. Although even when one story was dragging - or angering the fans - there were always bright spots to look forward to.

I've been on my soapbox for months stating how much this Reva/Josh/Cassie story drove me nuts. They are dealing with a serious medical issue - cancer - and could have done some great work with this in showing people how early detection is key. But all most fans will remember is how aggravating it is that Reva refuses to share her diagnosis with anyone (Billy and Jonathan found out on their own about it).

Still, there have been other stories - or at least moments - that have distracted me for a time. This past week, I had the spoilers for Dinah and Mallet's wedding to make me think that - for a moment - the show had a glimmer of hope left. That is, until Jeffrey O'Neill showed up and blackmailed the bride into leaving Mallet at the altar to do his bidding.

That's when I started screaming at my television - which thankfully didn't answer me. Are you kidding me? You can't even write one simple happy and in love couple who are together? In a cast of 30 plus, there isn't one couple that we see who has a normal, happy life? We only see blackmail photos of lifelong friends/now lovers. Babies with questionable paternity and now this spouse swap story that makes fans (like me) see red. No love, no families who are getting along on a regular basis - just misery, plain and simple. Like we couldn't watch the evening news for depressing stories.

I've sat somewhat patiently through a myriad of changes at GL. With each change, I hope that the show will improve. That the stories will be worthy of the actors who create the characters we love (and love to hate) and worthy of the fans who have years invested in the show. With each change, I hope that this is the change that will change the tide for GL - and save the show. Now I just don't know. Are TPTB all so oblivious to the fact that fans want this story over and some happiness for anyone in Springfield? All they have to do is read any message board, or open their emails to see how we feel about the show these days.

And that is when I got this idea. Since TPTB seem to either not notice or not care that the show is going nowhere, maybe they need our help. So I am imploring all of you to share your story ideas with the show at GL@cbs.com. Tell them what you would like to see and what you don't want to see. No personal attacks - just ideas to make our show better. And copy me on the ideas and I might add some of them for all of us to read.

Because at this point, the only way I see show improving is for Blake to walk into her bathroom to see Jerry verDorn (Ross) stepping out of the show ala "Dallas". Maybe this has all been a really bad dream. A fan can hope, can't she?


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