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Hoorah for Fancy. She stood up to Luis last week and told him plainly that she was not going to be a replacement for Sheridan, and that she deserved someone who was going to give his whole heart to her. Finally, a woman with a backbone.

This week obviously started out on a very solemn note, as we observed the fifth anniversary of the Twin Towers attacks. I remember almost every detail of the attacks as if they happened yesterday; it may as well have been 2001. The beginning of this week brought back a wave of pain and grief for me. God Bless all those who died in the Planes, the Towers, the Armed Forces, and in the name of wiping out terrorism from this world.

Just when I thought Ethan couldn't sink any lower, he goes and does it this week. Not only does he make love to Theresa (three times according to Theresa), but afterwards he has the absolute gall to say he is not going to leave Gwen. Instead he wants Gwen to find out he truth and leave him. I really don't think this is about Gwen leaving him as much as it's about Jared leaving Theresa. No way would Gwen just up and leave him; she's fought too hard to hang onto him and Ethan knows this. And why did Theresa have to go and fall off the wagon again? She was doing so good and trying so hard to get over Ethan only to fall right back into him again. However Theresa was right about one thing, Gwen would only find a way to blame her for this.

Of course no one found out about anything. Theresa ducked out the window and Ethan lied. Suspicions were raised, accusations flared, and of course, Gwen blamed Theresa for the whole thing. And something is off with Jared. Either Gwen hired him, or he's involved with someone else to bring Crane down. And I think its Chad. Ahsa (see Viewer's Voice below) thinks the person Chad is having an affair with is a man, and I agree with her. I think it's Jared, and I think they have teamed up to rip Crane out from under Theresa.

I believe that Chad is seeing a man for two reasons. Number one, if he were seeing another woman, then why did he risk his life to save Whitney in Rome? They thought they were brother and sister, yet Chad supposedly couldn't let go of Whitney. So if he had moved on with another woman, why did Whitney matter so much? Secondly, I believe he is seeing a man because if he were seeing another woman the writers would just tell us. I mean it's feasible he's seeing Valerie and they are conspiring to take Theresa down, but that's contrived and boring. So based on the writer's history, that's probably the story they've written.

Hoorah for Fancy. She stood dead up to Luis and told him plainly that she is not going to be a replacement for Sheridan and she deserves someone who is going to give his whole heart to her. Finally, a woman on this show that has a backbone and stands up for herself. If only more women on this show were written this way, then it'd be a lot more watchable.

But then she has to go and get all pissed off because she imagines Luis is dreaming about her. Fancy's imagination is no reason for her to be upset. Luis has been nothing but honest with her about his feelings for Sheridan, so she really has no right to be upset. And that dream Luis had bothered me as he had Sheridan saying, "James is boring". I understand there's no love lost towards Chris, but to take it out on little James is rather harsh.

I absolutely hate Fox. I hope Siren drags him back to the sea with her when she leaves. This stalking around and muttering about keeping Miguel and Kay apart is crazy. Remember when Fox learned Miles wasn't his son? Fox didn't act this way toward Whitney. And you know why? Because a top notch actor played him, and this foolishness would never be uttered from his mouth.

Will Miguel and Kay get together already? They are slowly becoming Ethan and Theresa. It's obvious that they want each other and Fox is being made a villain; a surefire way a couple is headed together. Once Miguel and Kay hook up, Fox can leave. Mark Cameron Wystrach is horrible. Even when Fox is mad, Wystrach's monotonous voice and blank stare never changes.

And wasn't it just a mere few months back when Kay was desperately trying to keep Fox from finding out what she did to her mother. It's time that came out. Bring Grace back, bust Ivy's butt, and make Kay pay for her crimes.

Some Random Thoughts:

Siren tries to blackmail Miguel into sleeping with her and he rebuffs her. So what does he do next? He goes out with Siren and starts drinking.

Great to see Noah. Now where is Pilar? Has she recovered from her shooting yet?

I can't help but believe Theresa is going to get pregnant with Ethan's third child.

Viewer's Voice:

"Was I the only person who almost died laughing when Ethan said "FATE?" WHAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!? Where the hell does he get off saying that? I feel bad for Eric Martsolf who has to actually say all this crap every single day. Oh Theresa, just when I was beginning to feel hopeful, you had to go and turn back into the wimpy whiny Theresa who wants Ethan back. Stop this nonsense and stick with Jared and lets hope that he doesn't turn out to be a jerk (but we all know he will because how else will Ethan and Theresa get back together. Then of course JER will undoubtedly mess it up again with LE's paternity) Gwen, you are really being a bitch and it's not just to Theresa. I completely agree with everyone who has mentioned how the law suit will hurt Julian, Sheridan, Fox, Fancy, and whoever the other Crane sister is, not to mention all the employees of Crane. She is letting her vendetta against Theresa blind her to the fact that she is hurting other people. She really has no reason to keep up her vendetta with Theresa since she has moved on (or at least making a considerable effort) and it's her stupid jerk of a husband who is making everyone miserable. I think she has to keep up her vendetta with Theresa because if she didn't, what on earth would she and Ethan have to talk about?!?" Thanks Amanda!!!

"Just wanted to write a little note saying how much I enjoy your columns! I would also like to comment on Ethan's acceptance of a lawsuit against Crane. If the guy who wants to sue Crane signed a contract that Ethan prepared or advised on or (probably) was working for Crane at the same time Ethan was representing Crane or if Ethan could have gained any inside knowledge which would be beneficial to his case, there would be a HUGE conflict of interest and Crane's attorneys should ask for him to be removed from the case. Taking this client is really borderline in terms of the Ethics Code as well. Of course, it isn't as if Ethan is really strong in Ethics or a good attorney for that matter. And speaking of that. Ethan's comment that Julian is entitled to visitation with his child. Um, I thought Julian's parental rights were terminated when Ethan and Gwen adopted little Ethan??? Therefore, Julian HAS no rights to little Ethan..." You hit some great points. Thanks Cathy!!!

"Could it be that Jared is responsible for Stuart Allen's lawsuit against Crane? Remember, according to Tabitha he has an ax to grind in Harmony and he does hate the Cranes. He arranged the business lunch/lovemaking session with Theresa in the same hotel Allen was meeting Ethan, so maybe this is his way of getting Ethan completely away from Theresa. I also think this is the perfect time for the truth behind the tabloid to come out: Theresa has moved on and pretty much hates Ethan right now, and Ethan has destroyed his chance at happiness with Theresa for the sake of his marriage (one he said he'd end in a heartbeat if he found out Theresa was right). Ethan would discover he threw everything away and the woman he really wants would no longer want him. BTW, on a totally unrelated matter, Charles Divins has learned to act." Thanks Sher!!!

"I really do not like the Fancy storyline. She is upset at the fact that Luis loves Sheridan, but she knew that from [the beginning]. Did she really think that he would automatically fall for her? The fact that she keeps on complaining about how he stills love Sheridan makes me so mad and makes her look like an idiot. I think that this storyline is the most stupid one on the show right now. If anything Luis needs to find a new love with someone totally new, not Fancy. For the good of the show that storyline should be changed as soon as possible. Let her go back to Noah and leave Luis alone so he can get back with Sheridan. Fancy is so stupid to think Luis would love her so quick. I'm enjoying the Ethan & Theresa storyline. I think it is about time they got together. I think I figured out something about Chad. He is sleeping with another MAN! I knew it the moment the story started about him with someone else. I should write [this show]. I'm tired of Fox and Kay. Fox should find a new love and Miguel should get back with charity and Kay should be left all alone." Thanks Asha!!!

" I the only one who thought to myself this week that maybe Reilly just got back from vacation or something when this week's scripts were written? Because that could explain why recently I have actually been able to enjoy watching Theresa move on from Ethan (and do a more convincing job than she had in the past) only to have her suddenly shift back to her old self with Ethan this week in Chris' office after hours (I was really hoping that was just Ethan's dream sequence or something). Maybe Reilly returned to the office just in time to write that scene in Chris' office??? Or someone else did who is equally determined to refuse to allow Theresa to be her own person for more than 5 minutes??? I mean, I understand that it is difficult for Theresa to move on when Ethan keeps flip-flopping (and I'm sure it would be hard to move on in real life too if a guy kept doing that), but she needs to come to grips with the fact that that is just the way he is and move on anyway. This time should prove to her that he is just going to be the same wuss that he always was and keep crawling back to Gwen after getting what he wants from Theresa for a little while. Its pretty pathetic to see him refuse to allow her to move on, just keep stringing her along enough to try to keep her emotionally hostage. Leave her alone Ethan! I know guys do that to women often enough in real life, but am getting bored of watching it in a tape loop writers!" Thanks Rachel!!!

Until next week friends,

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