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Monday, September 11, 2006

Miguel feels that he can woo Kay because he knows that she doesn't care about money since Fox is throwing it around so generously. Kay and Fox continue their romantic evening together, but they are interrupted by Miguel. Fox and Kay question Miguel about the flowers he has in his hand, but Endora and Maria magically appear before Miguel could muster up an answer. Miguel gives the flowers to Maria and Endora without telling Fox why he has them. Fox keeps throwing money in Kay's face since he is competing with Miguel. He tells her that she'll have nannies and maids when they are married. Kay tells Fox that she doesn't mind raising her own kids and that she does not want to be like Ivy by living with nannies and maids. Fox leaves for work, and that makes Miguel real happy. Endora is happy that Fox and Kay are together again. Miguel catches Kay off guard by telling her that he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Endora overhears Miguel and tells Maria via thought bubbles that Kay belongs with Fox. Miguel is confusing Kay since she has spent a special night with Fox, and to have Miguel spring this on her is quite a shock. Miguel tells her that she can break off the engagement with Fox. Fox overhears Theresa and Ethan arguing about Gwen, and he realizes that he shouldn't have left Kay alone with Miguel. He leaves to go back to Kay. In the meantime, Miguel and Kay argue over whether she should marry him or Fox. Miguel pulls Kay into a kiss while Fox is standing outside the door and about to walk in the house.

Sheridan pulls away from Luis and tells him they can't be kissing like that. Luis pulls her back into a kiss just as Chris is about to walk in the door. Fancy walks up with James, who calls out for Sheridan, so Chris did not see Sheridan and Luis kissing. Sheridan is hiding from Chris, and Luis wants to know why Sheridan has to hide. Chris and Fancy talk about how great Sheridan is, and Sheridan is overcome with guilt. Fancy tells Chris that if she is starting a family, she wants one with Luis. Sheridan gives Luis a look, and he reassures her that he never gave Fancy any ideas. Fancy tells Chris that Sheridan and Luis have moved on, so there is no need for him to worry about losing Sheridan. Luis wants to tell Chris the truth, but Sheridan stops him. Fancy, Chris, and James leave, and Sheridan tells Luis that she cannot leave Chris because she doesn't want to hurt him, so Luis is left alone once again. Sheridan tells Luis that they would be hurting too many people if they rekindle their love. She walks out leaving Luis begging her to come back.

Ethan walks in on Theresa in Chris' office and scares her out of her mind. She tells Ethan that he should not be walking around Crane Industries (CI) unannounced since he no longer works there. Ethan is there to discuss the Stuart Allen case with Theresa, or so he says. Apparently, he wants to remain friends with Theresa, even though there is a law suit looming. Theresa wants nothing to do with Ethan's friendship. She tells Ethan that she is on to him and that she is happy with Jared now. She makes it very clear to Ethan that he cannot control her anymore. Ethan reminds Theresa that she made love to him, so that should mean something. Theresa tells him that she made love to Jared as well, plus the only reason she slept with Ethan is because she thought it was Jared. She thinks Ethan is full of it because he is doing everything he can to stay in her life. He is representing Julian against her and now Stuart Allen. Ethan tells Theresa to set a good example for Little Ethan by doing right by Stuart Allen. He wants Theresa to settle with Stuart Allen and share custody of Little Ethan with Julian. Theresa tells Ethan that she is sick of his double talk and that she does not want to see Ethan ever again, unless it's in court. She tells Ethan that he is torturing her emotionally and to let her go. Ethan tells Theresa that he can't. Theresa questions his statement, and Ethan clarifies by stating that he can't let go of Theresa's friendship. Ethan keeps going back and forth, thinking of every excuse in the book to hold on to Theresa. Ethan has finally broken Theresa down emotionally. She has changed her tune. She is now talking about marriage and raising a family with Ethan while he runs CI. Ethan is back to his old self telling Theresa that he cannot leave Gwen. Theresa insists that Ethan needs to open his eyes and do the right thing. Ethan decides to leave Chris' office, and Theresa locks them in. She tells him that she loves him and she knows that he loves her and plants a huge kiss on Ethan. Ethan kisses her back and they proceeded to make love.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

At Tabitha's house Miguel kissed Kay and told her he loved her while Fox sat on the porch trying to figure out how to separate them. Siren walked in and decided to take advantage by snapping a photo. Fox walked in, but Kay and Miguel had parted. He let Miguel and Siren know that he and Kay were moving up their wedding date to as soon as they could get everything in order. Miguel wasn't ready to give up without a fight. Siren decided to show the photo to Fox, but she slipped and got another cock-eyed photo of Fox kissing Kay and he didn't see the one with her and Miguel. Fox took Kay upstairs and talked about how important trust was in his relationships. He asked Kay if she had anything to say and she diverted the conversation by asking him why he'd come home from his work emergency. He told her that he'd overheard Theresa and Ethan talking about relationships and he didn't want his to turn out like theirs. Kay assured him that he had nothing to worry about with regards to Miguel. Siren decided to seduce Miguel but when she tried to kiss him he pushed her away and gave her the "no means no" speech. She showed him the picture she took of him with Kay and attempted to blackmail him into making love to her but it backfired. Miguel called her bluff and told her to show it to Fox.

At the Harmony Police Department Luis and Sheridan talked about their relationship. He insisted that he'd always love her and she should leave Chris for him. She agreed that she'd always love him, but she wasn't going to leave Chris and James. She told him to move on with Fancy. He said he liked Fancy, but he didn't see her the same way he loved Sheridan. He took her home and they continued this meaningless back and forth discussion.

At Sheridan's cottage, Chris put James to bed and then talked with Fancy who'd gone home with him and James about Luis and Sheridan. She tried to reassure him that Sheridan loved him and was definitely moving on since she'd found burnt remains of Sheridan's photos and memorabilia of her life with Luis. When Sheridan went inside the cottage, she was surprised to see Fancy and lied about why she was so late in getting back home. Fancy mentioned Sheridan's perfume and Sheridan said it was a new scent that her friend had brought home for her from Paris. After Fancy left, Chris asked if Sheridan really did love him and she told him that her heart belonged to him. He was relieved. She sent him to check on James and then almost destroyed the last memento from Luis.

In Chris's office at Crane, Theresa and Ethan made love on a credenza while Gwen and Jared were outside in the hallway looking for them. They cowered when they heard the familiar voices, but they were locked in and though Jared and Gwen thought they heard voices and feared the worse, there was no answer when they knocked and Jared couldn't remember the keypad access code for accounting. Jared convinced Gwen to go back to his office with him because he was sure Theresa would be there waiting for him. She wasn't so he convinced Gwen to go back to her office to look for Ethan. Theresa and Ethan rehashed the same old fight about whether or not he loved her, why he couldn't leave his wife, and why he couldn't move on from Theresa. Even though they'd escaped detection once and should have gone their separate ways, they continued to make love. Gwen and Jared returned and he had the keypad code.

Back in front of the Harmony Police Department, Luis returned without Sheridan and then Fancy arrived. She asked if he wanted to go for a cup of coffee and he reminded her that since she's a recruit, they can't date. She told him it wasn't a date and besides she knew when a stupid rule was meant to be broken. She smelled Sheridan's new perfume on him and cried asking if he'd ever be able to get over her.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

At the Bennett home, Sam asks Ivy if she recalls the day that they made mad, passionate love. With a smile Ivy flashes back to a scene where Sam picked her up, threw her across his shoulder then carried her to the couch, tossed her down and said, I want. I need to make love to you right now!" Then he ripped off his shirt, fell on top of her and they started kissing. "Whew" said Ivy. "Of course I remember, you were amazing!" She has a huge smile on her face and hugs him. Sam thinks that his behavior was caused by the stew he ate that day; a stew prepared by Siren and Tabitha. Ivy asks why Sam thinks it is the stew. He tells her he has been Chief of Police for a long time and he has learned some things. After looking everything over he has concluded that whatever ingredients Tabitha had used in the stew had to be responsible for his unusual stamina. Ivy understands and they both rush to Tabitha's refrigerator to look for leftover stew. Siren and Miguel walk outside the front door at Tabitha's house. Siren want to know why Miguel wants her to show Fox the picture she took with her phone camera, the one that shows Miguel and Kay kissing passionately. He says he wants Fox to get mad so he will break off his engagement to Kay, who will then be free to be with Miguel. Upstairs Kay and Fox have just made love. She says that it was amazing. Fox tells Kay how much he loves her. He tells her that he does not know how he can live without her. Kay says that she feel the same. "Really," says Fox as he recalls an earlier scene he witnessed of Miguel kissing Kay fervently. Fox is sure that they made love-they did not (Kay was only pretending to seduce Miguel to break the Mermaid's curse but she does not know that Fox saw her.). Fox tells Kay that they need to talk. Outside the police station, Fancy smells Sheridan's perfume on Luis. He has a flashback to a kiss he shared with Sheridan. Fancy ask him if he told a lie when he said he did not want to break up Sheridan's marriage. In Chris's office at Crane industries, Theresa and Ethan are kissing passionately as a prelude to making love. Outside the office door, Jared punches in the code so that he and Gwen can get in the office. Both want to know if Theresa and Ethan are together. Gwen fears the worst. Jared is sure it must be business.

Miguel continues to taunt Siren and encourages Siren to show Fox the photo. Siren tries to talk him out of it, but Miguel is adamant that it is a great idea because it will be Siren, not Miguel who breaks them up. Siren goes inside reluctantly. Miguel realizes that Kay may get hurt if Fox goes ballistic, so he rushes inside to stop Siren from showing the photo to Fox. Upstairs, Fox says that he does not want to wait to get married. He wants to proceed with the wedding that night. He wants to elope. "What's the rush?" asks Kay. She says she does not want to disappoint their parents, and besides it is only two weeks away. Fox leads to elope. Kay continues to say "no." Fox asks her if she is having second thoughts. Kay recalls a conversation with Miguel that took place just before she went upstairs with Fox. Miguel had been ardent in his admission of love for Kay as he passionately implored her to leave Fox, so that Miguel and Kay could be a family with their daughter Maria. Despite this flashback, Kay tells Fox that she in not having second thoughts. She just wants everything to be perfect. Fox says OK, but does not look convinced. He looks maniacal as he says that he does not know what he will do if anyone ever tries to take Kay away from him. Fancy questions Luis mercilessly and after much hemming and hawing on Luis's part she determines that Sheridan and Luis have shared a kiss that lasted long enough to leave the scent of Sheridan's perfume on Luis' clothes. Luis tells her that it does not matter because Sheridan is going to honor her commitment and stay married to Chris. Fancy tell Luis that he is still in love with Sheridan and is not trying very hard to move on. He says, "It's complicated." Fancy has only one more question. "What are you doing with me?" She asks Luis. Theresa and Ethan are undressed and kissing passionately on the floor of Chris's office. Outside, the door does not open when Jared turns the handle. Jared says it is strange, but it must be because Security changed the codes daily. Jared goes back to his office to check his email for the new codes. Gwen tries to listen through the door. "There's somebody in there," she says. "It better not be Theresa with my husband!" Inside Theresa and Ethan are consumed by passion.

Miguel stops Siren from showing the photo to Fox. "Now we're back where we started," she gloats when they are back on the front porch. She tells Miguel that he has to make love to her. He tells her no, that he is in love with Kay. "What's love go to do with it?" she says. She pushes Miguel to the ground as she says, "Let's have sex." Ivy and Sam look through the contents of Tabitha's refrigerator but cannot find any leftover stew. Ivy says that they just have to make do. They start kissing as Fox and Kay walk in the kitchen. Ivy says they had a graving for Tabitha's stew and were looking for leftovers. Ivy is very unhappy to hear that Kay and Fox have moved up the wedding date. Fox and Kay get out champagne to celebrate. Sam wants to leave them alone, but Ivy suggests that they all go out to the Blue Note for dancing. She still has hopes of breaking up Fox and Kay.

Siren keeps trying to seduce Miguel, but he keeps resisting. She insists that they go dancing. Fox thinks it is to late to go dancing, but Ivy says it will give them a chance to be together and a chance for Kay and her dad, Sam to be together also. Ivy says that she will get a babysitter while Kay and Fox get dressed. Fox and Sam leave. Kay and Ivy are less cordial to each other as Kay asks her what she is up to? Ivy says she just wants to spend time with her son Fox. Kay reminds her that they know each other's secrets. Kay reminds her that she knows that Ivy paid a man to pretend to be her mother's first husband, so that Sam and Grace would break up and Sam would then turn to Ivy. Ivy insists that she has no agenda, but when Kay leaves, she thinks to herself that she still has time to break up Kay and Fox and that Miguel is the key. Fancy asks Luis Can you tell me what you were thinking Luis?" "When you were kissing me were you thinking of Sheridan?" "Were you playing me?" Luis tells her "no." She's a great girl. But that is not enough for Fancy. She does not want to get involved with Luis if he still pines for Sheridan. Gwen knocks on the office door and calls for Ethan but gets no response. Jared returns. He has the code but it is long and complicated. Gwen says she definitely heard something. Jared listens at the door but says that he hears nothing. He knocks several times and calls for Theresa. Inside, Jared's insistent knocking, finally get through to Theresa's passion clouded brain. Finally they realize that Jared and Gwen are outside calling for them.

Miguel and Siren have a table in the Blue Note. Siren wants more drinks. Miguel says "Slow down." Siren says that they will dance it off. Miguel gets up to get drinks. Since her song no longer works, thinks Siren, she will get Miguel drunk and get him in bed. Noah is tending bar and makes drinks for Miguel, who tells him to make Siren's weak. Noah asks if Siren is the model from a photo shoot Fox did and does Miguel has anything going with her. Miguel says that they are just friends. Noah asks if Miguel is in love with someone else. Kay and Fox walk in. Fancy wants to know what is wrong with her and her choices in men. Look at Noah, she bemoans, he was hung up on his old girlfriend. Maybe not says Luis. Noah insists that it was all an act. Fancy retorts that she does not believe Noah. Luis says maybe Fancy did not love Noah enough or she would have believed him. Fancy says they are not talking about Fancy and Noah, but about Fancy and Luis. It must run in the family insists Fancy. Just look how long Theresa has chased after Ethan, she says. "I guess we're saying good-bye," says Fancy. Theresa and Ethan are hiding behind the desk while Gwen and Jared knock outside. Jared says he does not hear anything. He does not want to open the door. Gwen insists that he do so. Inside Theresa and Ethan are frantically trying to get dressed. Theresa worries that Gwen and Jared will know that they made love. Ethan says it does not matter because it is time to tell the truth to Gwen. He is tired of feeling guilty. Theresa asks if he really means it. Ethan says it is time for Gwen to know.

Noah wants to know who Miguel is in love with. Miguel will not tell, but Noah knows that it is Kay. Noah tells Miguel to fight for Kay. Miguel goes back to Siren and Noah sees a picture of Fancy in the trash and sighs. In a booth Fox and Kay make wedding plans; Ivy thinks that she will throw up and Sam leaves. At a nearby table Miguel asks Siren to dance. She says that Miguel will have to teach her. She encourages Miguel to keep drinking as part of her plan to seduce him. Theresa asks Ethan if he really means to tell the truth to Gwen. "No," he says. He intends to honor his marriage vows. Even though you just committed adultery says Theresa. Yes says Ethan. Maybe if Gwen knows the truth, she will leave Ethan. Theresa does not believe that Gwen will leave Ethan under any circumstance if it means that Theresa and Ethan will be together. Ethan wants to take his chances. Theresa wants Ethan to hide so that she can face Gwen and Jared alone. Ethan says that Jared will understand if he really loves Theresa. Theresa is not so sure.

At the bar, Sam and his son Noah talks. Kay and Fox kiss while Ivy watches. Fox still tries to convince Kay to elope. Ivy agrees with Kay who says that the month before the wedding will fly by. Fox goes to investigate what is happening on the dance floor. He sees Miguel and Siren dancing closely. He immediately brings Kay to watch the sexy dance that Siren and Miguel are doing. Fancy tell Luis that she does not blame him for being in love with Sheridan. Fancy realizes that it will be a long time before Luis is over Sheridan. He agrees. She says she wishes that he had not give her mixed signals, but he is not the only one. Fancy tells Luis that Sheridan also told her that it was over, but now Fancy believes that neither Sheridan nor Luis is ready to move one. Fancy tells Luis that she sees hope in his eyes. She will not be involved with a man who loves another woman. She is crying as she wishes Luis the best and says 'Good-bye Luis," and walks away. In the office Theresa frantically tries to get the furniture back in order. Theresa says that she will not lose Jared. Ethan asks if Jared knows that he is second best. Theresa tells Ethan that she could be happy with Jared if he would leave her alone. Outside, Jared uses the code to unlock the door. They walk in and both look surprised. "Oh, my god!" Gwen gasps.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

At Crane Industries Gwen and Jared arrived at Chris's office with the access code, but the code had been changed at midnight so he had to go back and get the new number from his email. While he was gone, Ethan and Theresa raced around getting redressed. He wanted to tell Gwen what he'd done and take his lumps, but Theresa wanted him to keep quit so he didn't blow it for her with Jared. He wanted to know why she'd made loved to him if she really wanted to be with Jared. She countered that she'd made love to him because she thought he was ready to leave Gwen and be with her. Ethan wouldn't hide, so Theresa went out the window and clung to the ledge. Gwen and Jared entered and grilled Ethan about what he was doing there. Jared was convinced that Ethan was spying and Gwen was sure he was there with Theresa. They asked why they'd heard voices and he lied saying that he'd been on the speakerphone. Theresa managed to get back into the building and acted as though she was just arriving. She told Ethan off for being in Crane offices and demanded that he leave. Gwen admitted that she'd thought the worst and that Theresa was in there with Ethan. Theresa ranted that Gwen should be worried because of how Ethan had betrayed her by representing Julian in taking away her son and representing Stewart Allen to hurt her company. Theresa told Gwen that if he could betray her in those ways, Gwen should be sure that he could betray her too. After Gwen and Ethan left, Jared told her he was proud of her for standing up for herself. She was concerned because he'd thought she was in the office with Ethan and he told her he didn't think so at all and he was definitely falling in love with her.

At the Blue Note Siren tried to get Miguel drunk so he'd make love to her. He admitted to Noah that he was depressed because even though Siren was a beautiful woman, he was in love with someone else. Noah correctly assumed that it was Kay. Sam, Ivy, Fox and Kay arrived and after not being waited on, Sam went to the bar to get drinks. Sam encouraged Noah to go home once in a while, but it was apparent that Noah wasn't ready to take his dad's advice because he thought he was enjoying having a different woman every night. Siren convinced Miguel to teach her to do dance and they began a very intimate dance that became a spectacle. Fox called Kay over to see (how Miguel was cheating on her the way she cheated on Fox) so he could rub it in. When Miguel and Siren took a break, Kay got in his face about telling her that he loved her and then being with Siren. She wanted to know what he really felt, but Siren was sitting at the bar next to Fox, ready to show the photo of Miguel kissing Kay, so Miguel backed off from Kay. That led Kay to decide to move up her wedding to next week. Sam was excited, but Ivy was gritting her teeth. Fancy showed up after being spurned by Luis and sat down at the bar. Noah could tell she was upset and Fancy finally spilled the beans and told him that Luis had broken her heart by not being available. Noah asked if they could be friends and Fancy listed all the things that he'd done to hurt her and said she wasn't sure. Noah apologized for keeping things from her in order to protect her and she relented enough to give him advice for any future relationship – be honest.

At the Harmony Police Department a spurned Luis arrived to find Paloma working on her cadet homework with Roberto. She was having Roberto researching for similar crimes to Jessica's dead johns because she wanted to investigate it and clear Jessica's name. Luis read her the riot act because he didn't want Roberto helping her and he didn't want Roberto to even be there where he could have access to criminal case records. He stormed off to the showers where he could wash the smell of Sheridan's perfume off of him. Paloma stormed after Luis and correctly surmised that he was being unreasonably rough on her because he was in trouble with Fancy. He admitted that she had forced him to be honest with her and himself about his feelings for Sheridan. He was more upset because she'd said that his whole family had a hard time letting go of dead relationships and moving on. Paloma told him that Fancy was right and their parents had set the trend.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Miguel is having a dream about Kay asking him to make love to her. Fox is awake and is worried that Kay is with Miguel. If she is with Miguel, Fox promises to kill them both. Kay surprises Fox with breakfast in bed. Kay is wondering why Fox is worried about her having second thoughts about their wedding. The truth is that Kay still has lingering thoughts of Miguel. Fox goes to take a shower while Miguel climbs into Kay's bed and proceeded to kiss her. Kay tells him to stop, but Miguel is not listening. Apparently, he took some sleeping pills prior to going to bed, and he is sleep- walking. Kay manages to get Miguel out of her bed before Fox gets out of the shower.

Luis is still at the station asleep in the locker room and is dreaming about Sheridan. In the dream, Sheridan is resisting him. Paloma tells Fancy not to give up on Luis. Fancy goes to get a form to fill out her report. It's in the locker room where Luis is asleep. Fancy tries to get the form without waking up Luis. In his dream, Luis is telling Sheridan that he loves her and doesn't want to lose her, but Fancy thinks Luis is referring to her. Luis awakens and is surprised to see Fancy. Fancy is upset that Luis mistook her for Sheridan and tells Luis that she is out of his life for good. Luis apologizes to Fancy.

Chad is having a dream about his lover, and is awakened by Whitney telling him to get ready for work. Ethan is having a dream about Theresa. He awakes and is surprised that Gwen is in bed next to him. He makes love to Gwen without letting on about his dream. In the meantime, Jared brings Theresa flowers and tells her how proud he is in regards to handling Ethan the way she did. Jared senses something off about Theresa, and she shrugs it off as having a lot on her mind. Theresa puts in a call to Whitney and asks her to meet to discuss Jared and Ethan. Whitney and Chad arrive at Crane Industries (CI). Jared tells Chad that he sees himself marrying Theresa while Theresa is pouring her heart out to Whitney about her and Ethan making love. Theresa is wondering how she will handle revealing what happened between her and Ethan. Whitney tells her to tell Ethan that it was a mistake, it won't happen again, and she is to move on with Jared. Theresa has another option: Do nothing and hopes that Ethan leaves Gwen for her. Whitney reminds her that Jared is still in the picture. Theresa says that she can carry on with Jared, and if Ethan changes his mind, she'll take it from there. Whitney tells Theresa that she is complicating things by being with Ethan, and she needs to stop. Theresa is not sure if she wants it to stop. Whitney warns Theresa that Ethan's behavior is unusual because he never cheated on Gwen before. On the other side of the CI building, Jared and Chad drop off the file to Ethan pertaining to the Allen case. Jared and Ethan get into an intense argument about Theresa. He tells Ethan to sign a receipt proving that he received the document, and Jared also wants him to sign a gag order. Ethan refuses to sign. He gets into another heated argument with Jared and tells him to leave. Jared refuses to leave until he signed the document. Ethan loses his temper and gets into a fists fight with Jared.

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