One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 11, 2006 on OLTL

Hugh revealed that he was Spencer's son. Nash saw Jessica at Capricorn and reminisced about Tess. Jack continued to reject Todd. Rex and Adriana grew closer. Kevin made accusations at Spencer. Dorian was arrested. Michael and Marcie received temporary custody of Tommy.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 11, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, September 11, 2006

John escorts a cocky Spencer into the courthouse for his arraignment. Spencer is confident that he will be out in no time since it's not like he's being charged with murder. When John vows to bring him up on charges for murdering his father, Spencer comments on how Thomas moaned at the end. Evangeline, followed by Nora and David, intervenes when she finds John on the verge of an assault charge.

A worried Natalie visits Rex in the hospital. After assuring Natalie that he will be all right, Rex makes her promise not to tell Roxy for fear that she will not handle the news well. Their reunion is interrupted by Adriana who informs them both that Dorian confessed to hiring Bruce to break them up. Adriana tells them that after she heard Dorian's confession, she had her arrested. Natalie leaves the two of them alone to talk and runs into Roxy who demands to know why she had to hear about Rex's shooting on the news. Natalie tries to calm her down while explaining to Roxy that her over the top reaction is the reason why Rex didn't want her to know. Roxy reminds Natalie that Rex is her flesh and blood and since a boy's best friend is his mother, no one is going to stop her from check on Rex.

Roxy manages to pull herself together for Rex's sake and vows to take care of the guy who did this to her son. Rex assures Roxy that she has nothing to worry about. After Roxy reminds her son that she loves him, Rex sends her out for some Jello so that he and Adriana can finish their discussion. Adriana tells Rex that while he has Roxy to bring him Jello, her own mother hired someone to terrorize her just so she could break them up. Adriana apologizes to Rex for not trusting him. Rex responds by telling Adriana that he loves her no matter what.

Clint bumps into Dorian at the police station and wonders why she is there and in handcuffs. Dorian tells him about Adriana's kidnapping and Bo reveals that Dorian was behind Adriana's stalking which led to her being kidnapped. Clint is shocked and Dorian denies any involvement in front of Bo. After Bo leaves, Dorian confesses to Clint that she hired Bruce to break up Adriana and Rex because she doesn't feel that Rex is good enough for her daughter. An appalled Clint tells Dorian that he feels like a fool for thinking that she had changed and cannot condone what Dorian did. He ends their relationship, leaving Dorian alone to face what she has done.

Antonio goads Nash for his drinking and behavior at the club the night before. Nash asks Antonio to put himself in his shoes for a moment to determine if he would have handled losing Jessica any better. Antonio concurs but reminds Nash that his drinking could jeopardize his relationship with his daughter especially when Antonio marries Jessica since his job will be to protect his daughters. Nash reminds Antonio that Brennan is his daughter and nothing will come between them. Antonio and Nash head off to the coffee shop to hash out their disagreement regarding Brennan where they bump into Jessica.

Todd and Jessica have a discussion about the similarities between his triangle with Blair and Spencer and her triangle with Nash and Antonio. Jessica tries to reason with him that Blair slept with Spencer to get dirt on him so that she could help Todd. She tries to reason with Todd as to why he should forgive Blair but Todd can't get the image of Blair and Spencer together out of his mind. He leaves Jessica to go to the courthouse to witness Spencer's arraignment. Todd thanks Evangeline for being there and gives her a hug. Cris walks in and sees them together but keeps his jealousy in check. They all take a seat and await the arrival of Hugh.

Paige decides to confess to Hugh that she and Spencer are his biological parents. Hugh doesn't believe her but she produces the adoption documents that prove that Hugh is her son. When Hugh wonders if Spencer knows the truth, Paige tells him that Spencer has no idea that he even has a son. Paige tells Hugh that she doesn't blame him if he hates her, but Hugh tells her that he couldn't hate her because she gave him life. Paige hugs her son and then watches him go off to prosecute his father. When Bo inquires as to the scene he just witnessed, Paige tells him that she just let Hugh know that she and Spencer are his parents. Bo is worried that if Spencer finds out, it could spell disaster for their bid to get him to trial.

The judge reads Spencer's charges and enters Spencer's not guilty plea. Spencer's lawyer paints Spencer as a pillar of society and suggests that he be let out on $1 million dollars bail. When the judge asks Hugh for his opinion, he accepts the bail arrangement to the shock and amazement of everyone in the room.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

After running into Jessica at the diner, Antonio is called away on police business leaving Jessica and Nash behind. Jessica tries to sympathize with Nash due to his losing Tess but Nash can't bear to be near Jessica knowing that Tess is never coming back. Nash tries to explain to Jessica that being near the woman who looks like Tess and talks like Tess makes it harder for him to move on with his life. Jessica asks him to find a way to deal with the situation for Brennan's sake. She orders food for the both of them in an attempt to get Nash to break bread with her but her french fry order sparks another memory of Tess for both of them.

The courtroom is disrupted by Todd's outrage at Hugh's decision to grant Spencer a lenient bail. John also expresses outrage at Hugh's betrayal. Despite protests from David and others, the judge decides to go with Hugh's position and grants Spencer a $1 million dollar bail which he can easily afford. After everyone is dismissed, Todd cries on Evangeline's shoulder while a jealous Cris looks on. John follows Hugh back to his office to find out why he turned on them and Bo escorts Spencer back to the station so he can post his bail.

Behind closed doors, John and Hugh reveal that they orchestrated the lower bail so that they can follow Spencer to find the gun that killed John's father. Hugh also reveals to John how he found out who his biological parents were five minutes before he entered the hearing. John is thrown for a loop when he finds out that Paige and Spencer are the DA's biological parents. He wonders if Hugh will be able to carry out justice where Spencer is concerned even if it means recommending the death penalty for his own father. Hugh promises John that he is ready to see this thing all the way through no matter what.

Cris pulls Todd aside and tells him how Blair paid him a visit because she was concerned about Evangeline and Todd's closeness. Todd asks him why he is telling him and Cris tells him that he just thought he should know. Evangeline overhears Cris and Todd's conversation and wonders why Cris decided to bring it up to Todd when they had already had a discussion about her friendship with Todd. Cris reminds Evangeline that they don't see eye to eye where Todd is concerned and now he is beginning to wonder if their differences are too much. When Cris walks away from their argument because he is not as good with words as Evangeline is, Evangeline turns to Nora who gives her some friendly advice regarding how she should communicate with Cris by actions as opposed to words.

Kevin and Kelly await Bo's arrival and when they see Spencer at the police station, Kevin tears at Spencer but he is held back by Bo. He screams at Spencer and asks him why he did what he did to him and why he hates the Buchanan's so much. Kelly chimes in but Spencer puts her down by reminding her that he was the one who healed her so that she could have children and it isn't his fault that she is carrying Duke's child. David wonders why Blair isn't by Spencer's side when he needs her the most and Spencer replies that Blair is dead to him. When David asks for clarification, Spencer covers by saying that Blair isn't there because she was given misinformation. He declares in front of everyone including Todd that he is still the only man for Blair. Bo takes Todd into his office before things get ugly. He tells David, Paige, Kevin, Kelly, and Todd to have faith in the legal system despite what they think happened in the courtroom with Hugh.

Hugh arrives to see Spencer before he leaves the station and wonders if there is anything of himself in Spencer but to his dismay he sees very little in Spencer to be proud of. He has an emotional breakdown but doesn't reveal his parentage despite the confusion that his outbreak causes.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cris and Evangeline make love. Cris vows to win his fight and everything else just for her.

Hugh furiously guarantees Spencer that he will have him convicted and sentenced to death, while Spencer vows to make everyone suffer. John hastily summons Hugh to his office to berate him for almost disclosing the truth about himself in his anger. It's not the right time, he says. Now that David is no longer the suspect in the murder case, Spencer will slip up. Nothing else will stick though, unless the murder weapon is found. Hugh affirms that he can handle the case but is worried that they can be wrong the way they were with Todd. John responds that too many people know the truth this time. He also reassures him that he's not his dad, his biological one. Meanwhile, the crowd in the police station becomes unruly as Kevin accuses Spencer of giving him the virus and tries to go after him. Spencer insists that he's not responsible for Kevin's infertility but merely using the virus for research. Paige disputes this. Todd Is displeased too and voices his rage, threatening him along with Kevin. He taunts him with how his treatment will be in prison and how it will feel when he's about to be put to death. He has a deal to make though; if Spencer tells him where his son is, he'll speak to Hugh about life imprisonment instead. Spencer suggests he ask Margaret the baby's whereabouts. Bo assures Todd that they're working on it. He reins everyone in, calming them down. When Kelly overreacts to her baby's movement and has some pain, Natalie convinces her to leave and get something to eat. David learns that Dorian has been arrested. Paige is not sure how she'll handle Spencer when he learns about Hugh but she's sure she did the right thing in keeping them apart. The tail on Spencer starts when he finally leaves the police station. Bo advises Hugh that he can't be involved once the trial starts; Spencer's lawyer will try to get a mistrial. Hugh assures him that everything will be handled perfectly to the letter.

At the diner, Natalie tries to get Kelly to see that she can't let Spencer get away with what he did to her and Kevin. She begs her not to leave town. Kelly states that she cannot live with Kevin's constant anger on a daily basis but agrees to think it over when Natalie expresses her confidence in her brother's ability to handle it. She also states that the baby needs to have family around.

Michael and Marcie are extremely nervous when they are summoned by the caseworker regarding Tommy's adoption. They learn that there's a problem.

Starr's discharge from the hospital is imminent, pending the signing of the release papers. While she and Blair wait, the girl once again voices her disgust over her mother sleeping with Spencer, regardless of the reason. Blair has only proved that sex will get you what you want, she charges her. There were other choices but she acted like a slut. She herself will be a pariah in her new school, due to her abnormal family. Todd appears and they learn that Spencer is out on bail. Blair is worried for Starr and she's also upset that her daughter will never forgive her. She wants Spencer to pay for what he's done. Todd promises to get Spencer if justice doesn't.

Paige makes her own offer to Spencer; he tells her where Todd's son is and she'll tell him where his own is.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Michael and Marcie were prepared to do whatever it takes to adopt Tommy. The adoption agent revealed that the other couple interested has been married for years and lives in a nice house with a backyard. After, the McBains told the judge why they'd make the best parents for the baby. Marcie explained that they love Tommy and that Michael's a hands-on dad. She promised to spend as much time as possible with the child and would tend to his every need. She then went off on a tangent about how much Tommy loves The Little Mermaid (nice Disney tie-in). "What can you specifically offer the child?" the judge pressed. Love, Marcie said, adding that even though she and Michael are newlyweds, they're meant to be a family with the boy. Tommy began to cry; Marcie picked him up and began to sing to him.

At the Manning home, Blair blasted Todd for trying to turn their kids against her. Todd told Jack that they'd be spending more time together now. Jack wanted to know if Todd could take him sailing like Spencer had. Todd tried to hug his son, but Jack refused to hug him back. Todd blamed Blair for Jack's behavior.

Paige informed Spencer that their son is alive and living in Llanview. Spencer was shocked. Paige refused to say anything more until he filled her in on his dealings with Todd. Spencer couldn't believe that she was capable of blackmail.

Meanwhile, Hugh told John that it was true — he's Paige and Spencer's long-lost kid. He wondered what Spencer would've turned out like had they had a relationship. "He's my father. He's also a sociopath and I have to live with that," Hugh sighed, not being sure what he should do in the case. He assured John that he could keep his emotions in check. "I want to see the right man pay for the crime, even if that man is my father," Hugh said.

Adriana visited Rex in the hospital and apologized for doubting their relationship. She shared that her love for him is what got her through being held hostage. Rex promised that nothing would come between them again. Later, Bo stopped by. Adriana happily told him that Rex might be going home soon. She stepped away and Bo gently scolded him for trying to take matters into his own hands. Rex was happy when Bo asked for his help in the Todd/Margaret/Spencer case. After, Adriana lamented that she didn't really have a home to go to. Rex invited her to live with him.... Bo ran into Paige in the hospital lobby. She said that she's excited to begin her new job as a junior researcher and revealed that she told Spencer about their son. Bo didn't want her to take on Spencer by herself.

"You look very 'woman behind bars,' " scoffed David to a jailed Dorian. He stated that she needs a better lawyer. She insisted that she didn't do anything wrong and was only trying to protect Adriana. David angrily pointed out that Adriana could've been killed and that he thinks of Adriana as his own. Dorian pleaded with him to go to Adriana on her behalf, but David noted that even if he did do it, Adriana would still be in love with Rex. Dorian said that she's willing to do whatever it takes to win back Adriana's trust because she doesn't want to lose everyone she loves. "You haven't lost everybody," replied David, reaching in between the bars to stroke her cheek.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Cristian and Abbot stood together taking questions from the press before their fight. Cristian told the reporters that Evangeline is his inspiration. Vincent made an ominous comment to Ted that Cris will need a lot more than inspiration to win the fight. Ted told him that "it's all taken care of." After the press left, Vincent walked over to wish Cristian luck. Cristian thanked him for backing him and said it means a lot. Vincent shook his hand and told him he'd do great. Evangeline wished Cristian luck and then went to tell Vincent that she's grateful that he has been there for Cristian, believing in him. Vincent said it's nice of her to say. Later, Vincent snapped at Ted, obviously bothered by what he was doing to Cristian.

Nash told Claudia he was thinking of buying a vineyard that happened to lie right there in Llanview. It was priced much higher than he could afford, unfortunately. Nash was really downing the booze and Claudia told him to ease up. Nash basically told her to buzz off.

Bo spied Antonio looking at an engagement ring in the police station locker room. He told Antonio he couldn't be happier. Antonio went home and told Jessica to run over to Capricorn to pick up a laptop he accidentally left there. Jessica walked into the bar and saw Claudia and Nash. She sauntered over to say hello. Claudia got a call from Antonio. He asked if Jessica was there and told her about his plan to propose to her when she returns from the bogus laptop errand. Jessica said good-bye, grabbed the laptop and left. Claudia told Nash to pour himself another drink because Antonio is proposing to Jessica. Despite a bunch of romantic flashbacks of he and Tess, Nash said it was probably for the best.

Jessica went home to find Antonio there with Jamie and Brennan and balloons strung up all over the apartment. Jamie walked up to Jessica, told her to "say yes to daddy" and handed her the ring box. Antonio followed up by getting on a knee and proposing. Jessica said yes.

John watched as cops searched Spencer's room. He got a call from someone saying that Spencer stopped at an address. John gave the address to Bo who informed him that it was Blair's place. John grabbed a cop and told him to call Spencer's cell phone from the front desk of the hotel and to tell him that cops were upstairs tossing his room.

Spencer dropped by to see Blair. She asked him how he would dare show up, but Jack gave the doctor a big hug and told Blair that he called Spencer and invited him over because he misses him and doesn't want to live with Todd any more. Blair sent Jack upstairs so she could talk to Spencer. She told Spencer she was none too pleased that he was using her children that way. Spencer told Blair that she was the biggest mistake he'd ever made and accused her of using sex to get what she wants. Spencer got the call from John's cop and told Blair how his suite was being ransacked, and then left. Jack came back down and asked Blair if Spencer was ever coming back. Blair said no and to not call Spencer any more. He got upset and stomped back upstairs. Later, Kelly dropped by and Blair moaned about her mistakes.

John told Hugh that Spencer was on his way over and told him to be sure he's ready. When Spencer got to his suite, Hugh was the only one left there. After Spencer yelled and screamed, Hugh told him, "I'm your son." Spencer didn't believe him. Hugh handed him documented proof of his birth and adoption. He assured Spencer that Paige and everyone else would rather Spencer were not his father, but that it simply is the truth. Hugh told Spencer he put his career on the line by not fighting his bail because he wants to help him. He told Spencer that if there is anything at all linking him to Thomas McBain's murder that he better find it and destroy it.

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