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Monday, September 18, 2006

Kay manages to hide Miguel under the covers. Fox walks in the room, and Kay begins to apologize fearing that she has been caught. Fox sees only a coffee spill, so Kay is off the hook for now. One of Miguel's hands is sticking out from underneath the covers, so Kay jumps on the bed and tucks his hand under. While Fox is walking out the door, he hears a noise and inquires about it, but Kay covers by saying that she is coming down with something. Kay resumes waking Miguel up, but he is still unaware that he is sleep walking.

Paloma lets Luis have it. She tells him to let Sheridan go if he really loves her. Paloma tells Luis to go find Fancy and tell her how much he likes her and wants to date her, and Luis tells Paloma to stop meddling. Luis feels that he has a chance with Sheridan because she is having second thoughts, but Paloma reminds him that Sheridan is not about to divorce Chris, so he should move on with his life. Paloma begs Luis to let Sheridan go.

Gwen consoles Fancy after hearing what happened between her and Luis. Fancy thinks it's not such a good idea to talk to Gwen since she is Sheridan's friend. Gwen reassures her that she can also be her friend. She tells Fancy to give Luis some time to get over Sheridan since their love is so strong. Fancy tells Gwen that she doesn't have the time to give. Besides, she heard about the past lives that they have shared and doesn't think that she can compete with that. Gwen tells her that if she plays her card right, she could have Luis. In addition, Gwen tells Fancy that Luis and Sheridan may not be destined to be together since something always manages to tear them apart. Gwen also tells Fancy that Theresa puts her through hell, but she hung in there. Fancy wonders if she should take Gwen's advice. Luis apologizes to Fancy, and she acts very business like in her response. She pretends to focus on work so that Luis doesn't think that she is weak. Fancy gets even with Luis during Cadet training by showing him that she can take control of any situation. She proves to Luis that she can master the moves and take on the best.

Theresa hates Whitney's doom and gloom advice. Whitney has no choice because Theresa has created a mess for herself. She is moving on with her life with Jared and yet she wants to sleep with Ethan. Whitney tells Theresa to stop playing both men and move on with Jared, or else she'll lose them both. In addition, Whitney tells Theresa that all she knows to do is create drama. She has a job with huge responsibilities, two kids, but she still obsesses over Ethan. Whitney tells Theresa to stop fooling herself because Ethan won't leave Gwen. Theresa finally tells Whitney what she wants to hear; she is putting Ethan behind her and moves on with Jared. Meanwhile, in Ethan's office, Chad breaks up the fight between Ethan and Jared before they hurt each other even worse. Chad orders Jared to get back to work since he outranks him. Chad lets Ethan have it. He tells Ethan that he can't stand to see Jared with Theresa and advices Ethan to let it go. Ethan tells Chad that he is sleeping with Theresa and Chad tells him to get his life together. Ethan has to decide if he wants to be with Gwen or Theresa. Jared runs into Gwen on his way back to his office. Gwen tells him that they both should be happy because Theresa has moved on. Jared didn't bother to tell Gwen about the fight with Ethan earlier because it wouldn't have convinced Gwen of anything. Jared walks in on Whitney and Theresa's conversation, and Theresa covers up for the statement Jared overheard. Meanwhile, Chad is telling Ethan that he knows what it feels like to love a woman and have the urge to be with someone on the side. Whitney overhears Chad and asks him if he is having an affair. Chad tells her that he is doing no such thing. Whitney lashes out at Ethan for leading Theresa on. She tells him that she is disappointed in him because he knows better. She tells Ethan that it has to stop for the sake of his marriage. Gwen walks in and Whitney comes up with a cover story. Gwen thinks that she has a perfect relationship with Ethan since she doesn't know what Ethan has done.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

At Crane Industries Theresa was bedeviled by the edition of Daily Private Lives showing Theresa with Jared and Ethan, asking which would she choose. She suddenly got a phone call from Jared to meet him on the third floor. She worried about what the problem was and scurried to meet Jared. He took her into the evacuated company gym and taught her some intimate yoga poses to relieve her stress. They ended up making love and then he told her that they would go take a steam.

At Tabitha's house Kay was trying to get Miguel out of her bed and to his room when Fox came back to get a belt. Kay managed to get Miguel back under the covers and then landed on the floor. Fox helped her up and kissed her boo boos. He didn't want to go but had a conference cal that he had to show up for. Kay finally got Miguel sobered up and wanted to know why he'd been partying so hearty the night before with Siren. He was ready to tell her about Siren's blackmail, but she was angry with him and told him to forget it because she had a wedding to plan with a man who loved her and was willing to treat her that way. She swished out of the house to work on her wedding.

At the Book Café Dr. Eve fumed that her office had been invaded overnight by contractors and she couldn't work. Julian walked in thinking that he'd be the recipient of Eve's good will because he was redoing her office. She was upset to say the least and when she found out he did it to keep her out of her office so he could take her to cruise the Mediterranean. She felt he was presumptuous to make all the construction and trip plans behind her back and even worse, he rescheduled her patients with other doctors. She stormed out and Julian swore that he'd never lose her. Ethan sat at the counter when Noah came in all sweaty from running. He sat down with his brother because Ethan looked really stressed. Ethan admitted that since they got back from Rome he had become unable to get his mind off of Theresa. Noah slapped down the copy of Daily Private Lives and joked that it would have been more accurate if the picture in the center was Ethan with Gwen and Theresa bookending him. Ethan despaired that if he couldn't get his act together he'd lose Gwen. Just then Ivy walked in and wanted to know what he was doing to poor Gwen. Before she could thoroughly interrogate him, she got a call and told him she had to run (because she was in the middle of meddling with her other son's relationship). Noah told Ethan that he owed it to himself to tell the truth and choose Theresa.

Kay called Fox from the bridal gown shop and told him how excited she was, and then the saleswoman brought out a hideous dress. Kay told her in no uncertain terms that it was awful. Ivy walked in just then and shared the surprise with Kay that this was the gown she'd bought for Kay. It was stiff, covered with veiling and huge bows and was disgusting. Ivy gloated that she was causing grief for Kay.

At the Harmony PD, Fancy held Luis in a judo hold insisting he cry uncle. After he lost control of the class, he finally gave in and then returned the favor by flipping Fancy. Paloma decided that if Luis and Fancy could ever get over their animosity, they'd make beautiful babies. Luis sent the recruits out on a seven mile run so that they'd feel what it would be like to pursue a criminal and then put them through a virtual reality exercise. Paloma passed magnificently and then it was Fancy's turn. Luis decided that she was too rested and sent her out to run some more before doing her virtual reality exercise. She failed and got shocked to simulate getting shot in the shoulder by the criminal. Paloma warned Luis to quit taking out his sexual frustration on Fancy by making her work harder than the rest of the recruits.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kay and Ivy trade barbs at the Harmony Bridal Shop. Kay is searching for the perfect wedding gown and Ivy has purchased a hideous creation that she wants Kay to wear for her wedding to Fox. She tells Kay not to say "Thanks" because it expresses her feelings about Kay marrying her son. Kay tells Ivy to give up her tricks. She is going to marry Fox and Ivy cannot spoil the wedding. Meanwhile, in his office, Fox dreams of the perfect wedding, but his thoughts are disturbed by a flashback to a passionate kissing scene between Kay and Miguel that he witnessed recently. He vows that nothing will mar his wedding to Kay. At the police station cadet Fancy is wearing the virtual reality gear. It is foggy in VR and difficult to see, but she calls "Halt" to a scruffy-looking person. A shot rings out and her VR image goes down. She is not hurt seriously. Her VR image recovers quickly, sees an armed man in a suit coming at her and yells, "Freeze," he stops, laughs then starts walking away. She yells, "Freeze" again and tells him that she will shoot him if he does not stop. He laughs and continues to walk away from her. Fancy shoots him in the leg, and cuffs him after he falls to the ground. The other cadets applaud. Luis compliments her actions. In the gym at Crane Industries that Jared has reserved, Theresa and he do stress reducing exercises. Jared gives Theresa advice on weight training, but soon they are kissing. Noah and Ethan are talking in the local coffee shop. Noah tells Ethan he has to make up his mind. Ethan says that he has never felt for any other woman what he feels for Theresa, but he also loves Gwen and does not want to hurt her. He says he owes her. Noah responds that "owe" and "marriage" do not belong in the same sentence.

Noah and Ethan continue their conversation. Ethan gives reasons why he should stay with Gwen, but continues to tell Noah how much he loves and desires Theresa. Noah plays "devil's advocate" and points out the reasons that Ethan should leave Gwen for Theresa. Theresa and Jared make love, and then Jared prepares a special lunch for the two of them. He is very thoughtful and has researched all Theresa's favorite foods. Teresa says is not used to such caring treatment. Luis' approval of Fancy's actions in VR is conditional. He tells Fancy that her mistake would have cost her life had it been real. Fancy owns her mistake and admits that she was too quick to stereotype the scruffy-looking guy and think he was the perp. She did not look closely enough at the clean-cut guy who was the actual criminal.

Julian is in his Crane Industries office looking at an engagement ring, which Eve has returned to him, while making a phone call giving instructions for the immediate withdrawal of all funding to Harmony Hospital, when Fox walks in. Fox questions Julian's judgment in doing so, but he tells Fox that Eve is going to realize just how much she does need Julian. Kay and Ivy continue to bait each other. Kay says she will not wear the hideous dress that Ivy bought for her. Ivy convinces Kay to at least try it on. While Kay is in the dressing room, Ivy vows that Kay will never marry Fox then instructs the saleswoman to call Miguel and tell him that Kay want to see him at the Bridal Shop.

After making love, Theresa and Jared enjoy a leisurely lunch, wearing white bathrobes. She tells him that now, she will show him a few exercises. She gets up, but he pulls her on his lap and they start kissing. Fancy starts to apologize again, but Luis stops her and says that she did well. He tells her that he made it harder on her than on anyone else. He wants her to be able to handle anything. "What about Paloma?" asks Fancy. She, too, says Luis, because he cares about both Paloma and Fancy. In the Bridal Shop, Kay frowns as she looks in the mirror and sees herself in Ivy's ridiculous dress. She wonders why she is not more excited about marrying Fox. She is having second thought when Miguel walks in.

At Crane, Julian tells Fox that he has never loved anyone like he loves Eve. Fox says he understands that, but questions his motives. You are a Crane, Julian tells Fox. Cranes do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams. Julian asks Fox if he is sure about Kay. Yes says Fox. He does not need to manipulate. Julian tells Fox he is naïve. Julian felt the same way about Eve and look what happened. It is different with Kay says Fox. Julian point out that Kay and Miguel share a child and that is powerful. Fox says he will do whatever he has to do to hold on to Kay. In the dressing room, Miguel tries to talk to Kay. She tells him to go away. She is going to marry Fox. She tells him that she trusted him once before and he betrayed her. She does not want him after she saw him practically make love to Siren on the dance floor the previous evening. Miguel tells her that she does not understand. Siren was blackmailing him. He was doing it to protect Kay. Outside the dressing room, Ivy instructs the saleswoman to make another call.

Ethan tells Noah that everything he says makes sense, but he does not know if he can live with the decision once made. Noah says that he thinks of Ethan as a brother and he s trying to be impartial, but that he wants Ethan to be happy, and he needs to be with the right person. Ethan agrees, he just does not know who the right person is for him. Noah says that Ethan's only hope for the future is to make a choice and stick with it. Ethan says he knows that, but just cannot make a decision. In the Crane steam room, Jared and Theresa talk, then start kissing. Luis tells Fancy again that she means a lot to him, even if he sends mixed messages. He tells her he's sorry. Fancy tells her she's sorry also, because she was childish when she distracted him by calling out Sheridan's name. Luis says that he had underestimated her. She has great instincts that cannot be taught. She used his Achilles heel to get the upper hand. Luis tells Fancy that earlier, Paloma had called him on all his behaviors. He has hurt both Sheridan and Fancy and he is sorry. "Will you accept my apology?" Asks a contrite Luis.

In Fox's office, Fox tells Julian that he will do what he has to do to keep Kay. The phone rings. It is the saleswoman from the Harmony Bridal Shop. She tells Fox that Kay wants to meet him at the shop so that he can help her select the tuxedos. He says he will be there in 10 minutes. The saleswoman starts to get tuxedos, but Ivy stops her. "There will be no wedding," vows Ivy. Meanwhile, in the dressing room, Kay does not believe Miguel at first, but when he tells her about the picture that Siren took while they were kissing. Kay remembers Siren's smug look while she showed the phone to Kay. Kay wonders why Miguel did not let Siren show the photo to Fox. He wanted to, says Miguel, but he did not want Fox to be mad at Kay. 'How sweet," says Kay. They share a long kiss, which Ivy sees when she opens the door. She closes the door and does not hear Kay tell Miguel that what they are doing is wrong. Fancy tells Luis that she has been hurt, but it is not his fault because Sheridan is not putting the past away. She is sending him mixed messages. Luis does not want to blame Sheridan either. He leaves to take a shower. Fancy decides to tell Sheridan to back off. In the steam room Jared and Theresa are naked after making love. She tells Jared that she likes him so much that she does not even mind that he calls her "Tess." He leaves to get champagne. Theresa realizes that she has not thought of Ethan in a long time, because Jared is taking such good care of her. She relaxes, and hears the sauna door open. She looks up as Ethan enters, clad only in a towel.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

At Crane Industries Spike walked in on Chris and demanded that Chris move some money into his offshore account because he needed money or he'd spill the beans to Sheridan about who Chris really is. Chris balked because he needed time to set everything up without arousing suspicion. Chris told Spike that Theresa was changing the values of the company so everything was under scrutiny. Spike decided that they needed to off Theresa if she was the one in the way. Chris defended Theresa and told Spike that if they got rid of her, Julian would be in charge and it would be even harder to pull off their scam. Chris warned him to leave Theresa alone. Theresa waited in the sauna for Jared and Ethan walked in for his regularly scheduled steam. Theresa demanded that he leave because she didn't want Jared to find them together. Ethan told her that he'd fought with Jared earlier in his office. Theresa told him that he didn't fight over the lawsuit, but over her. Ethan asked her if she was really moving on with Jared. She said she was and he said he thought that he gave her what she wanted in Chris's office. She said she didn't want sex with him if he wasn't going to leave Gwen and he couldn't leave her. Theresa said that was why they couldn't be together. He said it had to mean something that he'd cheated on Gwen for her. Ethan asked why it had to be all or nothing. She said she wanted to be with Jared and he said they could have each other as well as Gwen and Jared. Theresa told him he had to leave as he stroked her and pulled her close. She weakened and they told each other they wanted each other. Their towels dropped and they started kissing. Theresa called a halt to their lovemaking because he was married and wasn't going to leave his wife. She asked him to give her the chance to fall in love with somebody else. Spike left Chris's office determined to "have a taco to go." Theresa finally convinced Ethan to leave and he had second thoughts the second he walked through the door, but she'd locked it. Spike looked in and saw her. He turned up the heat and then pulled off the knob.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house Luis got home and settled his recovering mom into a comfy chair before he began whining about Sheridan breaking his heart. Pilar told him that he had to leave her alone and move on. Paloma joined them and told Pilar that she agreed. Luis was surprised that Pilar was telling him to give Sheridan up. Paloma and Pilar ganged up on him and told him that Sheridan was done.

At the bridal shop Miguel pled his case with Kay in the dressing room and while he kissed her, Ivy looked in on them. Fox finally arrived and Ivy sent him to talk to Kay so he'd see her with Miguel. He got a call just as he got to the dressing room that he had to take, which frustrated Ivy. Kay explained that she loved him, but Fox had saved her from the tsunami, helped her with Maria and helped her to love herself. Miguel told her that even if she loves Fox, it isn't the same as her love for him. Miguel asked her why she was going to get married in that hideous wedding gown and Kay explained that Ivy had picked it out because she hated her. Miguel told her that was another reason to marry him instead because Pilar loved her and wanted them to be together. They kept smooching with Fox just outside the door. Fox dealt with his emergency and Ivy kept tugging at him to go see Kay. He told her to wait and that he couldn't see Kay in her wedding dress before the wedding anyway. Ivy insisted that he go see Kay and said she probably wasn't wearing her wedding dress anyway. He finally went to the dressing room and knocked on the door. Ivy was so smug that she'd done the right thing. He entered with a puzzled look on his face - he got a look at the dress and deemed it horrid. Miguel and Kay had escaped out the back door of the shop and she was just in her undies.

At Sheridan's cottage, Fancy told her that she was creating problems in her relationship with Luis. Sheridan tried to dodge the accusations Fancy leveled at her. Sheridan made excuses for all the times she had dropped in on the police department and Fancy told her she was a liar. Fancy told her about Luis's dream and told her that she needed to let go of Luis. Fancy demanded that Sheridan tell Luis that they were absolutely finished. She told Sheridan that talk was cheap and she needed to just stay away from Luis.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Ivy is excited that Fox is about to catch Miguel and Kay in the act, but they both slip out the back after hearing Fox's voice. Miguel urges Kay that they have to figure out a way to tell Fox that the wedding is off. Fox is wondering where Kay could have gone since some of her street clothes are still in the bridal shop. Ivy is doing everything in her power to let Fox know that Kay is with Miguel. Ms. Rose, the owner of the bridal shop tells Fox about the back entrance, so Fox and Ivy take off to find Kay. Kay does not want to hurt Fox and tells Miguel that she has to go back. Miguel keeps pushing Kay to stay with him. Meanwhile, Ivy is trying her best to hint to Fox that something is not right about the situation since Kay left the bridal shop undressed. Miguel manages to convince Kay to go with him for now instead of going back to Fox at the bridal shop. Fox and Ivy are still in pursuit of Kay. A man tells Fox that Kay is with a guy, who fit's the description of Miguel. Fox is angry because the man tells him that Kay and Miguel were kissing. Meanwhile, Miguel and Kay are making out on the beach not realizing that Ivy and Fox are following them.

Pilar continues to lecture Luis about leaving Sheridan. Luis tells Pilar that Sheridan only married Chris because she thought he had died. Paloma tells Luis to focus on Fancy. Besides, once Fancy graduates, she'll be free to date Luis. Luis makes it known that he cares about Fancy but still loves Sheridan. Pilar tells Luis not to make the same mistake she did, waiting for a man for more than 20 years. She wants to see Luis gets married and gives her a few grandchildren.

Fancy tells Sheridan to leave Luis the hell alone and Katherine comes to Sheridan's defense. Katherine tells Fancy to go find someone else because Luis and Sheridan belong together. Fancy tells Katherine that she doesn't need any advice from her since she abandoned her children for another man. Katherine tells her that she doesn't know the whole story, but Fancy assures her that she does, and it was no excuse to abandon her children. Fancy is not shocked that Katherine is advising Sheridan to pursue Luis since she did the same thing with Martin. Fancy accuses Sheridan of lacking self-respect like Katherine because she is married to one man and still wants another. Moreover, Fancy thinks Sheridan will run away with Luis just like Katherine did with Martin. Sheridan tells Fancy to show some respect for Katherine, and Fancy tells her that she and Katherine both have the morals of an alley cat. Sheridan demands an apology from Fancy. Katherine tells Sheridan that it's ok since Fancy is upset that Sheridan is the one in Luis' heart. Fancy reminds them that Luis and Sheridan have past lives, and their destiny was always doomed either by a man or some catastrophic event. Sheridan agrees. Fancy pleads for the last time that Sheridan should leave Luis alone so that he is free to find happiness with her.

Jared runs into Ethan and asks what he is doing there because he had the gym closed off so that he could have some privacy with Theresa. Ethan tells Jared to be good to Theresa or else. Jared tells Ethan that he would never hurt Theresa, and besides, what goes on between him and Theresa is none of Ethan's business. Meanwhile, Spike raised the temperature in the steam room with the intention of killing Theresa. He wants Theresa out of the way so that she won't be looking over Chris' shoulders. Theresa is succumbing to the high temperature in the steam room and tries to get out but could not open the door since Spike had it jammed from the outside. She screams for help. Jared and Ethan hear her and run to her rescue, but the door is locked from the inside. They manage to get her out and tend to her. After Theresa came out of it, here first words were, "Ethan, hi."

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