One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 18, 2006 on OLTL

Cristian lost his boxing match because the opponent had a drug on his gloves. Cristian was accused of throwing the fight, but Evangeline quickly saw that something was wrong with Cristian. Clint managed to have Dorian released from jail. Jessica accepted Antonio's marriage proposal. John was in a violent car accident as he headed home to Natalie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 18, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, September 18, 2006

Clint asks a puzzled Bo to release Dorian as a personal favor to him. Bo questions Clint's motives for wanting Dorian released fearing that his brother still has a thing for Dorian. Clint assures Bo that his wanting Dorian out of jail has nothing to do with his feelings for her. Against his better judgment, Bo has Dorian released. When Dorian wonders who pressured Bo to let her go, Bo reveals that it was Clint who asked for her release. Dorian finds Clint at Capricorn and thanks him for still believing in her and being willing to give her a second chance. Clint tells Dorian that the only reason he asked for her to be released was because he does not like to see others suffering and that although he is glad that she is out of jail, he wants her out of his life.

Rex asks Adriana to move in with him at the loft. When Adriana becomes hesitant Rex is afraid that Adrian still does not trust him but it is herself that Adriana does not trust. Admitting that Dorian did a number on her Adriana tells Rex that she is not sure if she can trust her own decisions any longer. Rex tries to comfort her but Adriana remains upset and unforgiving towards Dorian. Adriana decides that although she does love Rex and would love to move in with him, she thinks it would be best for her to get her own place and learn how to take care of herself. She does ask Rex if she can stay with him until she gets her own place. After Rex agrees, Adriana departs to go and get her things while Dorian is in jail so that she doesn't have to run into her.

Evangeline and Todd discuss Hugh's handling of the case against Spencer. Todd is outraged that Hugh would let Spencer out on such a low bail with all the evidence piling up against him. Todd remembers how Hugh relentlessly went after him when he believed that Todd had killed a pregnant Margaret. Evangeline agrees but wants Todd to let the justice system handle Spencer. Nora walks up and Todd accuses Nora of being behind Hugh's decision. Nora defends Hugh and is confident that Spencer will be brought to justice. When things get ugly between Nora and Todd, Evangeline is forced to intervene. Todd walks away and Nora wonders if Todd is in love with his new "best" friend Evangeline. Evangeline tells Nora that Todd is in love with Blair but Nora believes that a person can be in love with two people at the same time.

Layla excuses herself to go and powder her nose while Vincent stays behind. Vincent's friend comments on how Vincent seems to be smitten with Layla but he wonders how Layla would feel if she knew how he was setting Cristian up. Vincent reminds the man to keep his voice down in public but Todd has heard all he needs to hear from the slip up. Todd walks up to Vincent and questions him about setting up Cristian which Vincent denies until Todd assures him that whatever it is, he wants in on it. Evangeline walks up and both men pretend to be talking about how well Cristian will do in the ring. Todd walks over to the bar and places a $20,000 bet on the fight. Nora catches Todd pining over Evangeline and when she calls him on it, Todd just walks away.

Hugh hopes that they will finally be able to get the goods on Spencer now that he has been set up. He and John trail Spencer through the bugged watch to a bus station outside of town. Spencer goes to a locker and retrieves the gun just before Hugh and John make it to the locker area. When they pick up his signal coming from the locker, they realize that Spencer is on to them and he has given them the slip. John is determined to find Spencer and goes off on his own into the basement to track him down. Spencer makes his way to the docks and has a memory about the night John's father died revealing that he was the one who fired the fatal shots. While standing on the edge of the docks, Spencer has a memory about the night his dying father gave him the gun. Just as he is about to get rid of the incriminating gun, John steps up and orders him to not move.

Adriana arrives home, takes a look around, and then packs up her things. As she is coming down the stairs headed out the door, Dorian comes home and demands that Adriana gives her a chance to explain herself. A furious Adriana wants nothing to do with Dorian or her excuses. She tells Dorian that she is leaving and there is nothing she can do about it. When Dorian reminds Adriana that she is her mother, Adriana reminds her that her mother lives in Puerto Rico and that Dorian is just the woman who let her live inside her belly for nine months before giving her away. Adriana arrives back at the loft and finds Rex passed out on the floor.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Roxy shows up to give Cris words of encouragement as he prepares for his big fight. She informs him that the odds are 2-1 in his favor which makes Cris determined not to let the people who believe in him down. As Cris thanks his support system including his manager, Vince begins to have second thoughts about double crossing his prize fighter. He tries to make things right but is too late as Cris enters the ring prepared to defend his title. Evangeline becomes concerned when Cris begins to look disoriented as he takes a beating in the ring. Cris refuses to give up the fight even as he becomes increasingly disoriented with each blow he receives.

John threatens to shoot Spencer if he makes a move with the gun in his hand. As Bo and the other officers arrive, Spencer tells them that he is concerned about his safety with John threatening to shoot him. Right before he is apprehended, Spencer throws the gun into the river to John's horror. Before Bo has a chance to call in the diving team, John jumps into the river to retrieve Spencer's gun.

As David and Natalie wait at the police station for word on the latest regarding Spencer, David feels grateful to John's determination to get at the truth behind his father's death. If it weren't for John's obsession, David would be in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He begins to wonder if he and John will ever be able to be friends since they were both affected as children by Spencer's treachery. Natalie tells David that he got the short end of the stick by having Spencer as his brother. She also reminds him that even though he wasn't the one who killed John's father, he still shot at the man unaware that he was firing blanks. Their discussion is interrupted by a call to Natalie informing her that Spencer was cornered at the docks, threw the incriminating gun in the river, and that John went diving in after it. Natalie takes off to the docks leaving David behind to hold down the fort.

After getting the green light from the paramedics that Rex is going to be all right, Adriana makes him some soup while they continue their discussion about Dorian. Adriana fills him in on how Dorian was there, no thanks to Clint, when she went home to get her clothes. She tells him how she told Dorian that she wanted nothing more to do with her and that she was no longer her mother. Rex wonders if Adriana will be able to maintain since Dorian is her mother but Adriana insists that unlike Blair and Kelly who only threaten to turn their backs on Dorian, she means what she says. When Rex brings up their living situation again Adriana tells him that she can't move in with him until she figures out who she is and why she was so quick to not trust him when push came to shove.

Natalie arrives at the docks just as John is coming up for air. She yells at him for being so crazy and not waiting for the dive team but John is worried that the current will move the gun further and further down the river. When the dive team arrives, John volunteers to go down there with them to help them search the waters. Natalie wishes that John had killed Spencer but knows that he did the right thing. She tries to convince him to let the divers handle it but John is determined to not the only evidence that they have against Spencer slip through his hands. After putting on his mask and retrieving a flash light, John dives back in to find the gun.

David is there to greet his brother when Spencer is escorted back to the police station by Bo. When he inquires as to why Spencer got rid of the gun, Spencer denies knowing anything about a gun. David warns Bo that Spencer is the king of denial and playing by rules that he feels apply to him only which is part of his uber-ego. Spencer continues to play the game but David is confident that he is in the right place at the right time and will finally see Spencer pay for everything he's done.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bar-hopping to ease his pain, Nash orders another scotch. Surprisingly, Claudia joins him and orders her own. Calling his bluff, she puts the drink to her lips even as he warns her not to. He pulls it away from her and they both settle for club sodas. He'll never see Tess again, he moans. Claudia offers to make him forget Jess. No, not sex, she retorts when he gives her a funny look. A walk, a talk with a friend is what she's learned and she appears to be his only friend in town. They both agree that Llanview is a rather strange place while they reminisce about the night they met. He wonders whether she would have really taken a drink but she decides it's best to keep him wondering. He apologizes for being the one to have driven her to rehab but promises not to do it again, for purely selfish reasons. He's had enough bad karma!

Jess admires her ring while Antonio is eager to set a wedding date. First week in November, he declares. Jess worries about passing D.I.D. onto the baby but Antonio assures her that it will never happen. She could be prone to it but something horrific would have to occur to bring it out, he tells her. He won't allow anything bad to happen to HIS daughters.

Vincent tries to get the fix cancelled as Cristian begins to look good during the fight. His associate doesn't know whether he'll have any success with that. As the fight progresses, Evangeline notices that Cris doesn't look right, that something is wrong. He begins to take a beating and suddenly passes out without a punch being thrown. He's down for the count and Abbott is declared the winner. The ref asks to speak to Vince and as Evangeline comforts Cris, they hear the news from Layla. It's believed that Cris has taken a dive from a Phantom punch and thrown the fight. The boxing commission will convene to begin an inquiry. Cris discloses that he believes something was on Abbott's gloves; there was a strange smell and a burning whenever he was hit in the face. Nearby, Vincent is assured that the drug on the gloves will not be traced.

John dismisses the divers and after leading Natalie on, nonchalantly holds out his hand; he's located the gun involved in his father's death!

Paige pays Hugh a visit and learns that he not only told his parents about his birth parents but also told Spencer of their relationship. He warned Spencer to get rid of any evidence and he trusted him and fell for it. She's worried that Spencer will cause him harm now, as he's never handled betrayal very well. She can no longer protect him. He's not worried about Spencer who will be behind bars. She expects no difference in treatment from him and they both agree that they want to get to know each other. Out in the lobby area, Spencer is being his usually smug self, denying that he had a gun or was at a bus depot. He presumes all charges will be dropped, especially since he can't be prosecuted by his own son. He learns that everyone knew about Hugh except him. Bo informs him that Hugh learned of their relationship after Spencer was arrested and has since been removed from the case. David wonders why his brother kept the gun for so long; he couldn't possibly have been sentimental about it due to it being from their father! Spencer continues to deny all until John walks in, gun in hand, and places Spencer under arrest for the murder of Thomas McBain. David looks it over and affirms that the gun is identical to the one that he received. The gun is quickly turned over to the lab. As Paige and Hugh walk in, Spencer accuses them of setting him up. It is swiftly confirmed; the gun was definitely used in McBain's murder and it unquestionably belongs to Spencer Truman. The doc is officially charged and John requests that he be the one to start him through the process.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

At the police station, David told Bo that Spencer seemed to have it in for the Buchanans, but he wasn't sure of the reason. Adriana arrived at the station demanding to see Bo. She wanted her mother locked up for the rest of her life. Rex tried to calm her down and think about what she was doing, but Adriana was tired of forgiving Dorian for her misdeeds. Bo advised Rex not to get involved.

The Cramer women all gathered for lunch so Kelly and Blair could interrogate Dorian about her latest arrest. The gals lashed out at their aunt for being the one behind Adriana's stalking and demanded to know why she would do it, so Dorian began her version of her tale (which was complete with flashbacks). She told her nieces about meeting Bruce at that very bar and stated that, of course, she was completely innocent in the entire plan. (The flashbacks, however, proved otherwise.) Dorian requested that Kelly and Blair help her out and get Adriana to talk to her. Before the ladies could further discuss the situation, David arrived and revealed Spencer had been arrested — again. Blair immediately headed to the police station. Later, Adriana showed up at the Country Club. Dorian was extremely pleased and put forth great effort to reconcile with her daughter. Unfortunately, all Adriana had to say to her mother was "I quit" — Crazed, that is. "I'm no longer your employee or your daughter."

Spencer was a very popular jailed man today. His first visitor was none other than John McBain, there to confront the person behind his father's murder. He was pleased her could finally take comfort in knowing Spencer was behind bars. "If by some miracle you end up getting off, make no mistake, I will kill you myself," the detective warned before leaving. Next up? David. He was finally able to dismiss Spencer from his life for good. As David was leaving, Spencer cryptically warned him that he'd regret what he did once he found out all Spencer knew. After David left, Hugh arrived to see his dad, but they didn't exactly have a father-son bonding moment. Spencer wasn't alone for long once his son parted — Blair arrived soon after.

After leaving Spencer, John ran into an old family friend, Pete, at the station. John was pleased to inform Pete that his dad's killer was behind bars. Pete then gave John a Christmas present that he had found in his basement. It was from Tom. He had hid it at Pete's house, but didn't survive to give it to his son. The gift was a special Patrol man's hat for a child. John was touched and thanked Pete, for the gift and the tip. Pete assured John how proud his father must be right now, and John couldn't help but tear up. Later, during a chat with Bo, John sighed and stated that with Spencer now behind bars, it was time he said goodbye to his father.

In Angel Square, Michael informed Hugh that he was starting the adoption proceedings for baby Tommy. Speaking of becoming a parent, Hugh revealed Spencer was his biological father. After Hugh told him the whole sordid tale, he left and Michael had a little one-on-one time with Tommy. Later, John arrived and had a poignant moment with his brother before leaving for his father's grave. Meanwhile, at home, Natalie arranged for a surprise for John, to celebrate moving forward with his life. Unfortunately, as John was driving, he took his eyes off the road and was headed right for an accident.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Vince warns Cris he could be facing charges if the boxing commission rules that he threw the fight. At the jail, Spencer tells a scornful Blair he doesn't regret a single thing he did to win her love. Layla begins to grow suspicious of Ted and Vince. During a press conference, Cris vehemently denies taking a fall. Todd gleefully reminds Spencer that he'll never be a free man again because he's destined to die behind bars. Natalie waits to spring her romantic surprise on the man she loves. As his life flashes before his eyes, John realizes that Spencer was actually at the hospital on the night Tom died. Evangeline becomes determined to prove that Abbott's boxing gloves were coated with a drug which knocked Cris out. Blair presses Spencer to do the decent thing for once and tell Todd where he can find his son. As they pocket their profits, Ted quietly assures Vince nothing can be traced back to them.

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