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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 18, 2006 on GL
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Monday, September 18, 2006

Dr. Baker barges into Tammy's room expecting find Jonathan with Tammy. Instead he finds the newlyweds, Lizzie and Jon. Tammy is hiding in the closet. Lizzie explains that since she and Jon are newlyweds, they have sex whenever and wherever they can. Dr. Baker leaves after warning them that Alan will not give up as long as he thinks the baby is in danger. With him gone, Tammy emerges from the closet. They all agree it was a close call. Jon can't figure out how Dr. Baker knew he was in Tammy's room. Lizzie keeps her involvement a secret. In order to divert their attention away from speculation, Lizzie pretends to be dizzy. Jon insists she go to the hospital. As Tammy is ready to join them, Lizzie says that since Baker is following them, Tammy should stay in her room. Jon agrees. He and Lizzie are about to leave after Lizzie's examination (all was fine), when a Department of Human Services worker begins interviewing them about what has happened. She knows that Lizzie climbed out a window to get into Tammy's room. Jon is on to the DHS worker. He exposes her as being on Alan's payroll and threatens to expose her to the judge if she pursues her questioning. The DHS worker leaves just as Tammy and Remy (who helped sneak Tammy out of her room) arrive. Jon tells Tammy that things are getting too complicated, and although it seemed fun for a while, it wasn't a game they were playing. He's afraid if he keeps meeting with Tammy, he and Lizzie will have the baby taken from them. He says they have to stay away from one another--that they shouldn't even talk. When Tammy asks how long, Jon's not sure. Jon and Lizzie leave together, hand in hand. Jon looks very unhappy having left the love of his life behind. Remy comforts Tammy.

At Emma's bedside, Buzz convinces Olivia to take a break. She leaves for Towers for a while. At Towers, Remy visits with Ava who is there waiting while Alan-Michael has a business meeting. Olivia shows up and sees Ava. Olivia is ready for war. Ava reveals that she had a hand in getting Dr. Waller on Emma's case. Olivia immediately begins calling the hospital to have Dr. Waller taken off the case. Ava stops her and asks Olivia why she is always pushing people away. Ava tells her that she cares about her and Emma. She asks why Olivia seems to go out of her way to make people hate her. Olivia socks Ava in the eye and retreats to the terrace. Ava follows her and they begin to physically fight. Ava confesses that her mother died in her arms and so she understands what Olivia is going through. Olivia flashes back to her own mother's death. She begins to get out of control and pushes Ava to the edge of the terrace. Coop, tipped off by Buzz that Olivia went to Towers, shows up just in time to break the two up. Olivia rants that the Springfield blogger is crucifying her life and won't leave her past alone. She leaves to return to the hospital. Coop tells Ava that if they look into Olivia's past, they may find out why she's behaving the way she is. Ava is doubtful.

Olivia returns to the hospital, having more flashbacks of the night her mother died. Dr. Waller tells her that the best hope they have right now is that Emma's own strength brings her out of the coma. Buzz tries to reassure her. Olivia begins to mutter that she can't lose another baby, not again. Buzz holds her, looking shocked at the revelation.

Cassie is smothering Josh with kisses on Main Street, thinking that he is now a free man. Josh tries to interrupt her to explain that Reva has not yet signed the divorce papers, but Cassie continues on about their new chance at life together. When Josh finally is able to tell her the divorce isn't official yet, Cassie withdraws. Josh convinces Cassie to go with him to confront Reva for answers. When they arrive at Reva/Billy's room, they find it empty. Cassie focuses on a framed photograph of Josh in the room and insists the relationship Reva feels with Josh is not over. Josh tells Cassie that the picture doesn't prove anything.

Billy and Reva are not in their room because Billy has suggested Reva play in a high stakes poker game in order to win the money that will pay off Reva's medical bills. Reva has been hesitant to sign the divorce papers because he would learn she had spent large amounts of money on medical treatment. Reva is introduced to the poker players and convinces them to let her play by showing them a briefcase filled with cash. During the play, Reva tells them she is playing in order to raise money for her cancer treatment. This news blindsides the players, especially one in particular. He folds and it is "revealed" that she had been bluffing. Her hand couldn't have won. She told the guys she made her illness up and cashes in her chips. She and Billy head back to the room. Billy says it's the first time he's ever seen a player use their cancer to bluff a hand. As they enter the room, they find Josh waiting for them. Reva drops the briefcase and all the cash spills out onto the floor in front of Josh.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Josh and Reva get together to quietly sign their divorce papers. When she sobs that she hopes someday he'll understand why she had to do this, Josh challenges her to make him understand now. She can't. She tells Josh she loves him, and runs off. Cassie is looking for some women friends to hang out with, but no one is answering their phones. Meanwhile, Blake comes to Jeffrey's to jump his bones, but Dinah has gotten there first. Blake calls Mallet to tattle. Even he realizes she's only doing it to get Jeffrey for herself. Dinah bumps into Cassie, out on her own. They proceed to drink. Once headed their separate ways, Dinah gets a kiss from Mallet, while Cassie faces Reva. Reva encourages her sister to pursue Josh. Cassie hesitantly calls her brother-in-law. Coop tells Ava he intends to figure out why Olivia is so angry at the world. He also tells Buzz and Frank that Olivia is out to get Ava, and nearly killed her. Coop wants a restraining order. Meanwhile, a drunken Olivia attempts to drive – straight into Ava.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Inside the Light: Not Forever

Mommy Dearest Olivia may have been drinking earlier, but she knows exactly what she is doing now as she stares at Ava from the behind the wheel of her car and then presses on the gas. Ava dives out of the way and escapes with a few scrapes. Frank comes on the scene. Olivia trembles, concocting an excuse that she accidentally hit the gear shift while turning on the radio. In private, Ava warns Olivia that she knows she did it on purpose and she will have her arrested once Emma is well.

Later Ava lies to Coop about what happened to her until he figures out the truth. He pressures her to tell the authorities, but Ava insists on keeping quiet until Emma is better. Olivia plans to take care of Ava before she can open her mouth about what happened. She meets with a grungy foreigner in an alley outside the hospital. She has used his services in the past to take care of a union problem at the hotel. Now she wants him to get rid of Ava. As the man discusses with her how seriously she wants Ava hurt, Buzz swings open the hospital's side door and announces that Emma is awake. An overjoyed Olivia leaves the man in the alley and rushes to her daughter's bedside.

Emma tells her mother that she was with her sister while in her coma. Olivia thinks she dreamed of Lizzie, but Emma says that her sister has brown hair. After the doctor examines Emma, he tells Olivia that she can be released tomorrow. Later that night, Olivia has a dream/flashback of herself as a teen outside her mother's funeral. In the dream she goes into labor and delivers a little girl. Painfully, teen Olivia signs the baby away without seeing her. Emma's words, "she has brown hair..." haunt Olivia. Still dreaming, she tells the baby goodbye forever. With a start, adult Olivia rises from her dream, vowing that it's not forever.

For Emma's sake, Olivia begins her search for her older daughter. She turns to Jeffrey O'Neil, threatening to stalk him until he helps her. He immediately gives up the names of some contacts in San Cristobel.

Back at the hospital, Buzz brings a gang of stuff animals for Emma and is introduced to the teddy bear she already has. Emma named the bear Ava. Even Buzz seems shocked by that one. Olivia springs a surprise vacation on Buzz and Emma-except Buzz isn't invited. Buzz accepts her need to spend alone time with Emma; however, when they hug, Buzz has a troubled look on his face.

At the hotel, Coop reminds Ava of her promise to talk to Frank when Emma heals and tells her that Emma is better now. Ava still hesitates, remembering losing her own mother. She doesn't want that for Emma. She shows Coop a photo her mother.

Meanwhile, Olivia is already in San Cristobel with her hands on her hospital file. She learns that the Suttons adopted her baby girl. She flips to the photo of them in the file. Back in Springfield, Coop doesn't think Ava resembles her blond mother. At the same time, an emotional Olivia sheds tears as she views a photo of this same blond woman holding the baby the Olivia gave birth to as a teenager.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Harley sets Dinah up to spontaneously run into Vanessa and Matt. Everyone tries to make sure Dinah doesn't flip out again. Dinah takes her frustration out on a helpless dessert and explains how she never wants to see Mallet again. As he walks in. They realize they were set up, and tell their respective friends to butt out. Mallet decides to stick to hunting the Springfield blogger with Marina. Coop pushes Ava to press charges against Olivia. Ava is concerned about taking Emma's mother away from her. Coop calls Frank. Frank tells Buzz that Olivia is on the run. Buzz calls her in Chicago and Frank copies down the number. Meanwhile, Olivia tracks down Ava's adoptive father. He tells her he and his ex-wife split. She took their daughter and he doesn't know where she is now. She also took her stepfather's last name. But he doesn't remember it right now. She presses him, but then the police come to take Olivia back to Springfield.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Coop wakes up to find Ava on her computer. She was thinking about her mom and decided to write down some thoughts. Ava tells Coop that she is worried about testifying. If she does, she will be sending Emma's mother away and little girls need their mothers. Coop replies that Emma might just be safer with Olivia in jail. Coop tries to get Ava to relax and stop worrying about what she should do. His massage turns into a make out session that is later interrupted by Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael tells Ava that there is an emergency and he needs her at Spaulding.

Frank has brought Olivia into the police station for question. He tells her that he overheard Ava mention that Olivia tried to run her down with her car. Frank alleges that those are serious charges and need to be looked into. While Olivia is waiting in the interrogation room, Buzz arrives and demands to speak to her. Alone with Olivia, Buzz asks her if she did try to run Ava down. Olivia gets defensive and accuses Ava of purposely spouting off so Frank could hear her. Buzz asks the question again and Olivia admits it but qualifies that she was exhausted, drinking, and upset. Buzz points out that she could have killed the woman his son loves but Olivia reminds him that she didn't. Olivia states that she was not in her right mind last night. Buzz tells Olivia that he loves her and won't just her but she needs help; more than he can give. He then walks out the door. Later, Frank returns Olivia's cell phone, telling her she could be there awhile so she better call Emma's sitter. Olivia checks her messages and hears one from the hit man stating that he assumes that the deal is still on and he has gone to find the girl. A frantic Olivia rushes out to find Frank but he is gone. She does run into Doris Wolfe who brings up the attempted charges against Olivia. Olivia blurts out that she does not want to kill anybody, and then switches to the past tense. Doris states that if Ava testifies against Olivia, Olivia will be going to jail for a long time.

Alan-Michael takes Ava to Towers--he admits there was no emergency. He simply wants to offer his help for her legal problems. Alan-Michael warns Ava that she needs good legal help to fight off the lawyers that Olivia will have going after her for what happened to Emma. Afterwards, Ava gets into the elevator to leave and is followed by Olivia's hit man.

Buzz comes across Coop doing research on Olivia at CO2. Buzz accuses Coop of finding dirt on Olivia to embarrass her. He quickly realizes he is being ridiculous and apologizes. Coop explains to Buzz that they both know that Olivia is not evil, but some of the things she does are. Coop thinks they can better understand Olivia if they know more about her past. Their search does not reveal any deep dark secrets. Coop asks Buzz if he believes that Olivia tried to run Ava down. Buzz states that a week ago, we would not have, but now he doesn't know what to believe.

Cassie knocks on Reva and Billy's door to ask for Billy's help--Josh is missing. Billy has an idea of where to look and Reva invites Cassie in. Cassie is a little uncomfortable around Reva, even though Reva assures him that she is not competing for Josh. Cassie is confused about why Reva has given up on Josh--she thinks it seems forced. Reva does not really give an answer, she just says that it is what it is. During their discussion, an upset Reva says there is no time to waste and then loses her balance. She quickly shrugs off Cassie's concern. Cassie asks what Reva meant by there is no time to waste but Reva gives another non-answer and then takes a call from Billy.

Billy has found Josh working furiously at a construction site. A very angry Josh proclaims that he is frustrated and wonders what life would have been like if the Shaynes never entered their lives. Josh rants about Reva and Cassie and exclaims that they are driving him crazy. Billy suggests that is his own fault because he is in love with both of them. A furious Josh tells Billy that things are over with Reva and Cassie makes him happy--most of the time. That is, when she is not panicking over Reva. While Josh takes his frustrations out on the lumber, Billy places his call to Reva, telling her that he has found Josh. Reva tells Billy she has been doing some not-so-fun matchmaking. He suggests that she tell the truth but she refuses; Josh will need Cassie later. Reva asks Billy to send a text message from Josh's phone--to Cassie.

Reva is at the Towers "where it all began" for Josh and Cassie on the night of the blackout. When Billy meets her there, she states that she needs to hang around to make sure things go as planned. Later, while she is hiding behind a column, Josh comes up behind her and asks what she is doing. Reva makes up a story about needing to meet Billy, but Josh points out that she was hiding. He accuses her of spying on him but she denies it. Suddenly, the gates to the garage go down. They are trapped inside!

Meanwhile, Cassie is on Main Street to meet Josh "where it all began" -- at the Greek Festival.

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