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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 11, 2006 on GL
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Monday, September 11, 2006

While Lizzie is writing thank you notes for her wedding gifts, Jonathan says he thinks he can still see Tammy without getting caught by Alan. When he calls Tammy, Lizzie warns that the phone is probably bugged. Jon says he knows what he is doing. He says, "You are my wife and you must trust me and respect me as your husband." He reaches Tammy, who is having dinner with Cassie at Company. They talk in riddles in order to arrange a meeting. Throughout their conversation they both keep focusing on the word "need" over and over. Meanwhile, Beth has called Lizzie (after finding out about the wedding from Rick), insisting she come see her about her marriage. Lizzie tells Jon that Beth's freaking out so she must go see her. Jon insists that he go along. Lizzie says that he can leave when Tammy calls him. As they are leaving their suite, Lizzie notices Jon has forgotten to take his phone but doesn't tell him. At Company, Tammy and Cassie sort of compare their two threesomes going on. Tammy says it will be hard, but it could also be fun. Cassie calls her a saint. Tammy tells her that all you can do is support the one you love.

When they arrive at the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie leaves Jon alone while she goes to look for her mother. Beth comes in just as Lizzie has left the room. She tells Jon the wedding will be annulled but he says it can't because the doctor says he and Lizzie can have sex right up until the baby is born. He throws in that if Beth makes trouble, he'll have the pictures of her and Dr. Rick blown up and put up on a billboard downtown. Lizzie and Beth have a talk with one another. Lizzie tells Jon that Beth is now on their side and all is well. When they are leaving, Jon realizes he has forgotten his cell phone. Tammy is leaving him another message as Remy approaches her. He convinces her to go with him for something chocolate while she waits for Jon. Jon tries calling her from the mansion.

Josh has taken Reva to Cedars after finding her unconscious at the lighthouse. She insists that she is fine, while Rick finds her very pale. Billy arrives and tells the two men to stop ganging up on her. When Rick takes Reva to an examining room, Billy tells Josh to take off because he's there now. Josh says that Reva is just angry. Billy tells him that Reva's feeling guilty because she chose him over Josh. Josh leaves. While Rick is examining Reva, Billy joins them and "confesses" that what Reva has is a hangover. They also let Rick know that the two of them are an "item." Rick sends them on their way, saying that nothing is surprising to him anymore.

Josh has gone to Company and runs into Cassie. As he's trying to get her involved in his woes, Cassie says she can't be brought into his turmoil over Reva anymore. Josh asks if that means they aren't going to be friends anymore. Cassie says no, but his troubles with Reva should be off-limits conversation. Josh tells her that true friends don't have limits on what they can and can't discuss. He leaves angry. He ends up at Outskirts where he is determined to get drunk. He is quite successful and begins picking a fight with the guy next to him at the bar. Gary the bartender calls to warn Reva about Josh's behavior. She says she'll be right there until she notices Cassie and decides to send Cassie instead. Cassie comes to Josh's rescue and they leave the bar together. Reva calls Billy to let him know that Josh is safe with Cassie. She remarks that doing the right thing should make you feel better, but this doesn't.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ashlee tells Tammy that Lizzie has been in love with Jonathan for a long time. Lizzie and Jonathan run into Tammy and Remy at Towers, as Dr. Baker lurks and watches. Tammy is forced to go home with Remy while Jonathan stays with Lizzie. Jonathan lifts Baker's wallet and makes sure he's stuck having to pay for an expensive bottle of champagne, then sneaks off to see Tammy. Coop is convinced Olivia will end up hurting Buzz, then realizes his dad overheard his rant. Coop apologizes. Buzz warns Coop to be wary of Ava and Alan-Michael. Meanwhile, Alan-Michael takes Ava clothes shopping – in the privacy of the Spaulding mansion. He suggests a particularly slinky number, and she throws it at him. Coop isn't pleased to see Ava in her new clothes. Jeffrey assures Harley that Dinah is over Mallet. Then they find a very inebriated Dinah trying to drink half of Springfield under the table. Harley urges her to reunite with Mallet, but Dinah would rather self-destruct. Harley takes her home to sober up and convinces her to go after Mallet again. Meanwhile, Mallet wonders why Marina is so hot to connect Alan-Michael to They sneak into Alan-Michael's room and find a working camera. Marina tries to hack into the website...and she and Mallet see photos of Dinah drunk and dancing.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's Anti-Wedding Day for Dinah and Mallet who neglected to cancel their wedding plans. With the day upon them, it's too late for refunds. An argument ensues over who gets to use the reserved Towers restaurant tonight. The couple decides to divide it and throw themselves separate independence parties. Neither host nor their guests are allowed to venture to the other host's side of the room.

During the battle of the parties, confused guests constantly cross party lines to urge the two to reconcile. Mallet's flirting with a caterer leads Dinah to dance with a waiter. A jealous Mallet carries Dinah over his shoulder to his side of the room where they argue. Vanessa's surprise slide show to honor the couple causes them to reminisce. After sharing emotional moments, they decide to marry tonight as planned. Moments before Dinah is to walk down the aisle in the gown Vanessa brought, Jeffrey accosts her with an urgent errand.

Since Jeffrey won't drop his political campaign, his agency enemies delivered a file on him to the Spaulding mansion. Dinah must retrieve the file before the Spauldings can use it against him. With the wedding march playing, Dinah refuses to leave Mallet. Jeffrey threatens her with prison for the arson if she doesn't go at once.

Dinah tells Mallet that she must leave but will return. He implores her to explain why, but with Jeffrey looking on, she can't. Mallet warns her that if she leaves, there is no coming back. Tears streaming down her face, Dinah apologizes and exists.

Still in her gown, Dinah rifles the Spaulding drawers and finds the file. She encounters Alan-Michael and declines his offer to console her. Meanwhile, on the hood of her car, Marina eases Mallet's pain by sharing beer and watching a ball game on a portable TV.

Jeffrey is waiting for Dinah in her room when she arrives. She hands him the file and collapses to the floor in tears. Jeffrey apologizes and wishes her happiness, though he thinks happiness is impossible for either of them. Dinah doesn't want to be alone and pleads with Jeffrey to be with her tonight. They kiss and he carries her to bed.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rick thinks Mel has caught him and Beth, but she's only there as Lizzie and Jonathan's attorney. She has a cease and desist order to keep Alan and Dr. Baker away from the new Mr. and Mrs. Randall. Meanwhile, Baker is following Lizzie home, hoping to catch Jonathan out, but Randall thwarts him. Jonathan reluctantly breaks plans with Tammy to accompany Lizzie to lunch with the women of Spaulding. He uses the occasion to threaten Beth to get Alan to call off Dr. Baker. Reva comes to get her things from Josh's house and announces that she's moving in with Billy. She tries to push a hung-over Josh towards Cassie, but he wants nothing to do with Reva or Billy anymore. When Cassie stops by, he pulls her into a kiss. Josh tells her he and Reva are divorcing. Meanwhile, Billy reminds Reva that he loves her and offers to be more than just her friend.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Reva is in her room writing a letter to Marah when Billy enters the room to give her her pills. He brings up their earlier conversation and states that he can make her feel special. Reva mentions to Billy that everyone needs someone like him; that is why Josh needs Cassie. At that point, Josh arrives with the divorce papers. After he is gone, a forlorn Reva is reading over the papers but concedes to Billy that she just wants Josh to be happy. Suddenly, Reva sees a financial disclosure closure clause in the document and gets upset--Josh will know about all her medical expenses. This freaks Reva out since the whole idea was to hide her condition from Josh; when he sees all of her money went to, he will figure out the truth. Billy offers to give her some money to replenish her account but she refuses since she knows he does not have that much cash and, besides, Josh will notice if he sells stocks.

Cassie is having lunch with Mel when Josh calls telling her he just dropped off the divorce papers. He suggests that they meet each other downtown--the site of their first official date--to celebrate his being a free man. Cassie is not too convinced that this is going to go through, but agrees. She wonders to Mel if she shouldn't take things slow, but Mel urges her to go see Josh. Later, Lia arrives and joins Cassie and Mel. Out of the blue, Lia talks about how she recently remembered that Richard's heart was in Rick's chest. If it wasn't for the power of love, she would have never been born.

Josh returns to pick up the papers and Reva is forced to admit she has not signed them yet. She cannot really give him a reason; she assures him that she is not stalling, the divorce will go through, it is just complicated. Josh gets angry and rants that with her it is always complicated. When Billy tries to calm him down, Josh yells at him to butt out , prompting Reva to intercede. When she promises to call Josh later, he leaves in a huff. Later, Billy assures Reva that they will make her money situation work and tucks her into bed. Reva asks him to stay with her.

An upset Josh is at Main Street hen Cassie arrives with newly bought baklava to celebrate his newly minted bachelorhood. Josh is a little surprised at her turnaround and she mentions that she had a reality check. Josh kisses her without telling her the truth.

Rick meets Beth at her room at the Beacon. Beth asks how his dinner with Mel went and he replied that it was civil. Beth knows that is not a glowing report and begins to seduce Rick when suddenly when someone knocks on the door claiming to be room service--neither of them asked for room service. Rick and Beth opens the door and there is a room service cart out that. However, he gets nervous and shoves Beth inside. Rick is suddenly paranoid that their secret could come out, like say on a certain website. Beth half-jokingly states that blackmail is more likely then lets it slip that she handled Jonathan. That revelation freaks Rick out further. Beth tells Rick that Jonathan promised not to show the photos. Rick is horrified, though, that Mel is going to find out the truth and decides to tell her about their affair himself. This freaks Beth out since if he tells Mel, Alan could find out. Rick is determined and heads off to see Mel. Rick asks Mel to meet him on Main Street but Beth follows right behind him and before Mel arrives, pleads with Rick not to say anything. Rick is adamant and when Mel arrives, Rick gets her away from Beth so they can talk. Suddenly, Beth spots Lia and drags her over to Rick and Mel. Rick is shocked and Mel admits that she brought Lia along so they can spend the day as a family. Mel states that Lia tricked her into remembering when she almost lost him before hi had his heart transplant and she does not want to lose him again. Rick keeps quiet and decides to go out with Mel and Lia.

Jonathan and Lizzie are arm in arm heading to the movie theater. Both know that they are being tailed by Alan's Private Investigator. However, there is a court order preventing the PI from being in the same room as Jonathan and Lizzie so he cannot go into the movies with them. Inside, Jonathan ditches Lizzie and sits with Tammy. Ashlee then joins Lizzie in the seat formerly occupied by Jonathan. She is appalled when she sees Jonathan and Tammy making out but Lizzie is not fazed by it--after all she is married to him and having his baby. When Ashlee implies that Jonathan will ditch her for Tammy as soon as the baby is born, Lizzie yells at her to shut up. Ashlee thinks Lizzie should work harder to keep an eye on her husband but Lizzie does not think she has to. After all, how thrilled is Tammy that Jonathan is married to her and having a baby with her? She states that in the end, that will kill her feelings for Jonathan. When the movie is over, Jonathan goes up to Lizzie's seat. She is happy to learn that Tammy is still a little depressed about their missed rendezvous last night. Knowing that Alan's PI is outside, Jonathan and Lizzie play the doting newlywed act to the hilt, as Tammy looks on. Later, at the Beacon, Jonathan leaves Lizzie to sneak into Tammy's room. Tammy admits that she is still upset about his fake marriage. Jonathan assures her that it is only until the baby is born and Lizzie can probe that she is a good mother.

With her voice disguised, Lizzie calls Alan's PI and tells him that Jonathan is in bed with someone who is not his wife. When she hangs up, she says to herself that she needs Jonathan with her tonight. Later, the PI rushes into the room to se Jonathan in bed--with Lizzie.

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