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The hospital was overwhelmed with injured partygoers after Colby crashed the yacht during her birthday party. Annie accidentally shot Ryan, who was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Things turned violent after Terry lured Lily to a remote cabin. Jonathan shot Terry to save Lily.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 11, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, September 11, 2006

Simone, Danielle, and Erin were all at ConFusion. Simone invited the girls to drink champagne with her, but both declined. So, Simone drank the whole bottle herself as they all ate smores. The three reminisced about the past year. Danielle was still upset over her mother's relationship with the Dragon. Erin was glad Jonathan was better and that she no longer hated Ryan. Simone thought about falling in love with Ethan. All three were happy to have each other and decided they were family.

Joe went to see Jamie at his apartment. He apologized to Jamie about the way he handled things with Josh at the hospital. Joe said Josh was his grandson, but so was Jamie and he did not want to lose either of them. Joe pleaded with Jamie not to leave town. Jamie said he already decided not to leave. Joe asked why Jamie did not stop him from the speech he gave. Jamie said he deserved to hear the apology. They hugged and shared beers on the couch. Joe asked if Julia was part of the reason Jamie was staying. Jamie said he already told Julia he was leaving, but thought she would be fine with him staying. Joe toasted his youthful optimism and said Jamie needed to catch up on his studies. Jamie explained that he still did not want to pursue a medical career. Jamie stated he lost his desire for medicine. Joe said he supported Jamie no matter what. Jamie was pleasantly surprised.

Julia overheard David flirting with an older patient of his. The patient liked David and was grateful to him. Julia was shocked that David could be so kind and charming. David explained he only cared about his patients because he hated losing to nature. He told Julia she should not have emotions in the medical field. Julia believed David truly cared about others, but David continually denied this. He stated the heart was just an organ and that he realized this after he saw his father shoot himself. Julia felt bad for David and he told her to stop. He said she made a big mistake by falling in love with Jamie. Julia looked sad when he mentioned Jamie, so David assumed he hurt her. David asserted it was her fault and she should not have passed up meaningless sex with him for a relationship with Jamie. David encouraged her to stop caring about other people and walked away. Julia stood alone and cried. She said to herself, "No more."

Josh walked into the hotel bar and demanded a drink. He did not see Jeff sitting at the bar. Once he got his drink and realized Jeff was there too, he became annoyed. Josh asked Jeff what he wanted. Jeff asked him to sit and have a drink together. Josh told Jeff he wanted nothing to do with him. Jeff stated they had a connection that neither of them knew about until recently. Jeff believed they could make the most out of it. Josh was still hesitant, but he continued to sit with Jeff. Then, Jeff started to chew on the ice from his drink. Josh was surprised by this because he had the same habit. They joked about how their ice chewing annoyed others. Josh began to laugh and smile. Jeff offered to buy another round and Josh accepted. Meanwhile, Myrtle and Palmer were at the bar also. They sat at different tables, but exchanged insults frequently. Myrtle asked why Palmer was so bitter. He said it was because he was married to Opal for so many years. Myrtle got out her phone and said she was going to invite Opal to meet them. Palmer begged her not to call. Myrtle said only if he bought her the rest of her drinks. So, when the waiter came, Myrtle put her drink on Palmer's tab and he looked shocked. Nevertheless, they toasted each other and were glad to still be around!

Erica went to visit Kendall. Erica apologized for coming over so late, but Kendall was glad to see her. Kendall told Erica that she could not believe she was a mother and was actually folding baby clothes. Erica stated Kendall was a remarkable mother. Kendall reminisced about how she hated Erica when she first came to Pine Valley. Erica said that Kendall was good practice for dealing with Josh. Kendall related to Josh, but wished he could let go of his hate because it only wasted the positive time he could be sharing with Erica. They then looked at Spike and were overjoyed. Kendall admitted she was scared of being a mother and worried she was useless and inept. Erica assured her she was a good mother. Kendall said she would die if anything bad happened to Spike. Kendall wanted to protect him from everything bad in the world. She even thought about locking him in a safe room until he was thirty. Erica gave her daughter some words of wisdom. She said love Spike, but do not smother him. She said teach him to see danger and find a way around it. She said teach him to get back up if he is hurt because there is always hope. Also, Erica stated that what Spike needed the most was his mother and she urged Kendall not to lose her fire. Erica then revealed she really came over to tell Kendall she loved her. Kendall said she knew this and loved her too. They vowed that no matter what happens in their lives, they would always know they love each other. Kendall joked that she messed up the legacy of Kane women by having a boy. Erica said Spike and Josh were the beginning of a new Kane legacy. Erica left and Kendall held Spike. She told her son he would never be alone because she would always be there for him.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

JR introduced Jesse McCartney's performance at Colby and Sydney's Sweet 16. Sydney was jealous about Colby's return to the spotlight.... Ryan berated Sean for losing track of Lily.... Jesse serenaded Colby.... Jesse chatted with Adam and JR; JR observed that there was something familiar about Jesse (tee-hee).... Colby and Sydney bickered over Sean... Colby invited "the in crowd" to an after-party on the docks.... Sydney smeared icing on Colby's face, leading to a catfight....

Jonathan pulled back from his steamy kiss with Amanda. "I want to be with you," she said, resuming their make-out session. Amanda wore down Jon's resistance and they had sex.

Tad discovered Zach snooping in his house and an intensely physical fight ensued, which the cops broke up. Tad insisted that Zach was trying to kill him to stop him from testifying. Derek ordered that Zach be handcuffed and said that his bail was now formally revoked.

Ryan interrupted Annie and Jamal's talk at the penthouse to report that Lily had gone missing. They called up Terry's brother to investigate and spoke to the man's wife, then received a report from Aidan that the brother was back from Ireland. Ryan went into panic mode, concerned that Terry and his brother had switched places. When they got verification of that fact, Ryan called Jon and gave an update on the situation. Jon tore off in search of Lily.... Annie fingered the gun she had wanted around for protection, thinking back to Terry's many misdeeds.... Ryan showed up at the Montgomery house to give the bad news about Lily to Jack.... Jon crashed the Sweet 16 to probe Sean for info on Lily; he explained that Lily was meeting her online friend in a quiet location, which concerned Jon.

In the woods, Lily fell into a disguised Terry's trap as he expertly manipulated her into letting down her guard. Lily suggested that they practice kissing; Terry proposed that they head to the cabin and she agreed. Once inside, Lily turned on a light and gasped in terror when she saw Terry standing over her.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jack was very upset that Ryan and his guards failed to protect Lily from T. Erica came into the living room and learned about T's escape from Ireland. Jack and Ryan decided to go to the yacht club and see if Lily was there. Then, Jonathan came over. Jonathan told Erica he already checked the yacht club and Lily was not there. He got Lily's computer and, after a few tries, hacked into her password. Jonathan looked horrified when he read Lily's chats with T. He exclaimed T set her up and ran out! Erica sat alone and recalled the violation she encountered. Erica prayed Lily would not go through the same pain. Meanwhile, Jonathan rushed to Lily's tree house. He found her hair tie on the ground and frantically called out for her, but there was no sign of Lily!

At the yacht club, Adam and Krystal were searching for Colby. The manager of the yacht club told Adam that Colby willingly left on Jack's yacht. So, when Jack got to the yacht club, Adam blamed Colby's disappearance on Sean. Jack explained he was too busy trying to find Lily and could not worry about Colby and Sean. Then, Krystal realized Sydney was gone too. Sydney had sneaked onto the yacht. After Colby stopped making out with Sean, she saw Sydney and was outraged. Colby thought she ditched all of the losers. As the boat swayed out of control and the kids played strip poker, they could hear Colby's phone constantly ringing. Sydney answered the phone and it was Babe. Adam asked for her help, so she tried to call Colby also. Sydney told Babe she did not know where they were and that Lily was not on board. Then, Colby got on the phone and spoke to Adam. She admitted she was drinking and when Adam said she was grounded for life, Colby hung up on him. Colby and Sydney went back to fighting over who would conquer Sean. Meanwhile, Babe relayed the message that Lily was not on the boat. Jack was terrified because this meant T could have Lily. Jack and Ryan left and Josh came in. JR was annoyed, but Josh said it was a coincidence he ran into them. JR calmly told the bartender to put Josh's drink on his tab. Babe then spoke to Josh alone and he admitted he came to see her. Babe said it was a mistake for him to come and he left. Afterwards, Babe and JR toasted each other. Babe asked if her glass of wine tempted JR to drink and he said no. Babe then applauded his civil behavior towards Josh. JR stated Babe was his and he had nothing to be jealous about. Babe told JR that after the big marketing project was over, she would possibly fire Josh. JR was pleased.

Erica was waiting outside of Josh's hotel room when he arrived home. Erica told Josh she endured terrible things in her life, but he was not one of them. She stated Josh was a blessing and she was so glad he was alive. She urged Josh to live and love his life. Then, she touched his face and turned to leave. Josh told her to wait and invited her in. Erica was shocked. Josh asked how Lily was and Erica conveyed her worries. Josh then admitted he did not hate Erica. Erica said this meant a lot to her. Josh wished for Lily's safe return and Erica left happy. When Erica got home, she found Jack on Lily's computer. After Jack read Lily's chats with T he became horrified and rushed out of the house.

It was a happy night in the Chandler mansion as Stuart and Marian babysat Little Adam. The young boy was supposed to be asleep, but Stuart could not stop playing with him. The two laughed as they played hide-and-go-seek. Marian called out to Stuart that Little Adam needed to be in bed. When she came in the room, the two faked being asleep. Marian pretended she did not see them and then surprised Little Adam. Stuart said Marian was "it" and they all laughed!

Annie was in the penthouse holding a gun. Then, she saw Jamal and Emma emerge from the bedrooms. She put down the gun and spoke to Emma. Emma said she had a dream about her father and wanted to see him. Annie did not know what to say. After Emma went back to bed, Annie expressed her concern over T. She worried about what to tell Emma. She also worried that T would find a way to get Emma because he always fooled everyone. Jamal assured her everything would be fine and went back to Emma's room. Annie picked up the gun again. Annie recalled T saying she was a terrible mother and that Emma was daddy's little girl. Then, the door opened and Annie pulled the trigger. It was not T though, it was Ryan! Ryan fell to the ground immediately!

T finally revealed himself in the cabin. He said hello to Lily. Lily was confused and said he was not Asperger Boy. T explained this was the only way he could get Lily to talk to him. Lily began to count and took away pieces of the barricade they set up in front of the door. T said he was not a bad man and asked Lily to turn around. Lily would not turn. T said he had something to show her, but she still would not move. T asserted he would touch Lily if she did not obey his wish. Lily yelled no touching and turned around. She saw a picture in his hand and asked who it was. T explained it was his girl, Jenna. He said she was shy too, but he helped her break out of her shell. He said he could make Lily feel good, like he made Jenna feel good. Lily said no and T grabbed her and kissed her. Lily ran away and threw a chair at him. T slapped Lily across the face! Then, Lily just sat on the ground motionless. T touched her arm and she did not move. T smiled and began unbuttoning her dress!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Kendall shows up in the lobby of Ryan's condo and finds out from the guard that Ryan had just arrived home. Just then, they hear a gunshot and rush to his doorway. Inside, they find a shocked Annie holding a gun, belatedly realizing that she shot one of the few people that she could trust. Jamal runs into the living room and within moments, he and the guard spring into action to get Ryan some medical attention. In the midst of the chaos, Annie apologizes for her actions, announcing that in her fear, she thought it was her ex-husband coming through the door.

A short time later, the group arrive at the hospital ER, and after a brief initial review, they deem him stable enough to move. Kendall announces that she wants to accompany the medical team but Julia quickly tells her that although she can't, she will find her once they know more. Once they vacate the area with her former fiancé, Kendall's ire boils to the surface and she demands an explanation from Annie. Jamal tries to shield Annie from the verbal assault by stating that Kendall doesn't know everything, but to little avail. Kendall surmises what she knows and asks what she missed. Before a teary-eyed Annie can speak, a member of Pine Valley's elite interrupts and thanks her for clearing up the preliminary questions. Jamal warns Annie not to talk, saying that he placed a call to Livia and that she was on her way. Julia returns to the area, and after telling Kendall that she should wait for the doctors to give her an update on Ryan, she volunteers to take Emma away and watch her so that Annie could talk freely with the detectives. Against Jamal's urgings, Annie cracks and tells everyone present that because of the law, her child molester ex-husband is free, and is after her daughter. She preys on the love they have for their children by noting that she would do whatever she had to do to save her daughter from that kind of monster. Pulling herself together bit by bit, she tells the detective that if he doesn't believe her story, they should talk to Jack Montgomery. She explains that Terry preyed on Jack's daughter, and that he won't stop unless someone stops him. Having heard enough for the moment, the detectives step away, and Annie tells Jamal that she couldn't stay silent for fear that Terry would slip through the legal cracks again. Understanding the love of a child, Kendall remains silent until Ryan is brought back through. She asks Jeff about his prognosis, and finds that the bullet missed everything major and that he should be fine with some antibiotics and bandaging. She asks to go see him, and Jeff instructs her not to stay too long, as Ryan is still weak.

In Ryan's hospital room, Kendall waits for the nurse to finish checking his vitals before approaching his bedside. She softly caresses his face and stares at his unconscious visage before taking a seat. He soon wakes and asks after Annie. Kendall tells him that Annie is outside the room with Jamal. She then informs him that he gave her a scare, and that she wouldn't know what to do if she couldn't count on him to help change their son's diaper or calm her down. They share a tender moment where he tells her that she has no need to worry, as she will never be able to get rid of him - and she thanks him for being the father of her child.

Upstairs, Julia allows Emma to play with a stethoscope, and is oblivious to David's approach behind her, and his subsequent observation of the duo. He then rudely interrupts and demands that Julia fetch Ryan's blood work and X-rays. Julia tries to refuse his request, noting that David is just as capable of retrieving those test results, but he pulls the rank card and sends her on her way. Once Julia leaves, David attempts to bond with Emma. He asks her if she likes lollipops and then tells her he has two kinds - an invisible kind, and a non-invisible kind. He gives her the former, which is actually a cotton swab, and tells her that she should try to get the flavor out. She sticks it in her mouth but doesn't like it, so David takes it back. He then gives her the real one, and bags the cotton swab for testing. Shortly thereafter, Julia returns with the test results, and David notes that he has everything he needs. They trade places and David takes his leave with the files.

On the boat, Colby looks for Sean only to find him doing shots off of an anonymous girl's stomach and, much to her chagrin, making out with Sydney. Colby makes her way around the crowd and whispers to Sean that if he was ready to stop messing with little girls in lieu of finding out what a real woman could offer, he should meet her in the wheelhouse. Sean only needed to give it brief consideration before excusing himself from the group and doing just that. When he arrives, he asks her what she had in mind. She tells him that she wants a birthday surprise, and asks if he'd ever made love on a boat. Sean stops only long enough to make sure that Colby is okay with what they are about to do, and after finding out that he indeed has protection, she quickly assures him that she is fine as they slide to the floor. They clumsily strip out of their clothes, ignoring the bumps along the way. When they are done, Sean thanks her for a good time, after noting that he never expected to hook up with her. Not seeing his pleasure reflected on her face, he asks again if she is okay. Convincingly enough, she tells him that she is fine - and asks for a minute alone before she rejoins the party. He agrees, and when he closes the door behind him, Colby somberly considers what just happened. As the party continues on outside the door, Colby cries silently in a corner of the wheelhouse.

Jack gets to the woods near Lily's hiding spot and calls out his daughter's name, hoping for a response. Instead, he runs into Jonathan, who tells him that although the teen is nowhere to be found, the earplugs that she left behind tells them she had only recently vacated the area. Jonathan explains where he found the earplugs and Jack notes that Sean is the one that gifted them to Lily. Jonathan begins to vehemently insist that they need to find his ex-wife, but angrily, Jack tries to demand that Jonathan leave. Unaware of how much he knows, Jonathan informs Jack that Terry is back in town and that Lily may already be at his mercy. Jack blames Jonathan for the current situation, saying that his daughter was fine until Jonathan's lies crushed her. Jonathan refuses to get into another verbal battle with Jack, citing Lily's need for their protection as something of a higher importance. The two men separate and continue the search.

In the cabin, as Lily stares off into space, Terry slowly strips her of her clothing. He quietly justifies his actions by saying that since Lily admitted to wanting to be an adult, she would have to engage in adult activities. He leans in to kiss her, and when doing so doesn't elicit any response, he takes that as a sign to move forward, next caressing her face and arm. Inside her head, Lily remains blissfully ignorant to the horrors around her. There, she is rejoined with Jonathan in his pre-recovery state, and she explains to him that she has found a new favorite number and her reasons why.

Jack appears to wander aimlessly until he hears a gunshot. Now on high alert, he takes off in the direction of the sound. He stumbles upon the cabin and approaches the door slowly. He opens the door and immediately moves to his daughter's side. Though she seems to be physically unharmed, Jack is still worried because he can't extract a response from Lily. Just then, Jonathan emerges from the shadows and asks if Terry is dead. Jack confirms as much, and Jonathan drops the gun he had been holding. He tells the worried father that he isn't sure if he reached Lily in time - when he got in the cabin, Terry was standing over her, smiling. He then clearly admits that he is the one that fired the fatal shot. Painfully taking all of the information in, Jack calls for an ambulance, noting that his daughter had been attacked.

Adam sits forlornly at a table at the Yacht club, staring at his cell phone, willing it to ring. Krystal soon joins him, and commiserates with him over Colby's bad behavior. Adam insists that the night's events make him want to put his youngest child in a nunnery, but Krystal blows off his remarks, reminding him that Colby is just being a kid. Adam remarks that he could tell from talking to Colby that she was drunk, and that he never expected that kind of behavior from her when all he intended to do was make up for all of the parties that he missed while she was away. Krystal tells him that she had a similar experience raising Babe. Her punishment was to wake Babe up, knowing she would have the worst hangover known to man, and make her clean their house from top to bottom. She wistfully notes that she can't imagine the amount of trouble that Babe would have gotten into if she had Adam's money to burn. Adam notes that Colby will feel his wrath when she gets wind of punishment Chandler style. Krystal asks after his plans, and Adam tells her that he wants to send Colby to boarding school and Sean to prison. Krystal chuckles, and asks if he'd ever though that the root of Colby's behavior was buried in the need for attention from her father. Adam is mystified at how his decision to throw the huge party for his daughter made him the bad guy, and now, even though he has regrets about doing so - he is still the bad guy. Krystal assures him that she is not defending Colby's actions; rather, she is attempting to get him to not overreact to normal teenage behavior. Adam doesn't think that he is overreacting, and Krystal tells him that perhaps things will work out for the best - and that perhaps Colby will realize now that there is a line that she shouldn't cross. She then reminds him that she loves him, and that she knows his big heart that he tries to hide is the reason he only wants the best for his kids. In confidence, Adam concedes her point - and she tells him that the only reason that she wasn't jumping at the chance to have a baby with him was because raising a child these days is much harder than when Babe was growing up. Adam's attention is taken away just then as he sees a club employee approach them. The employee tells Adam that the yacht has been spotted and that the boat should be brought in shortly.

The party is broken up on board the yacht when Harbor Patrol announces their plans to board the ship so that they can be taken back to the harbor. Sean turns off the music and offers halfhearted apologies to the crowd about the way things were ending. He then goes back into the wheelhouse and tells Colby that the time has come to go back to shore and face the music. Colby tells him that it's too late and makes the boat lurch forward, away from the authorities. Sean protests, but Colby tells them that with all of the things they had done so far that night, there is no reason to go back. She accelerates to a high rate of speed and although Sean tries to stop her, he is too late and she crashes the boat.

Kendall exits the hospital room and tells Annie and Jamal that Ryan will be fine. She then sees Derek enter into the ER area, and tries to do damage control. She walks over to him and tells him that everything that happened with Ryan was an accident, and that he should just give Annie a break. Confused, Derek tells her that he can only deal with one thing at a time - and his priority is Lily. Instantly concerned, Kendall asked what happened and Derek tells her that her stepsister was attacked.

The latest medical team arrives with Lily in tow, and at the initial assessment, Jeff touches her head to see if she responds. Looking at her father quizzically, Jack tells him that Lily has been unresponsive since they found her. Jeff instructs personnel to get the safe person on call to join them, as they will need to do a rape kit. Julia returns as Jeff makes this pronouncement, and is horrified at the possibility. Having heard his words as well, Kendall, Annie and Jamal join Julia in her reaction. Annie is the first to break out of it, demanding to know where her scum of an ex is so that he can pay for what he did. Just then, Jonathan enters into everyone's line of vision, and notes that Terry wouldn't hurt anyone anymore. Directly after, another set of EMTs wheel Terry's body past the shocked group of people. Annie stares at the prone body briefly, and then diverts her attention as her daughter comes running at her. She scoops Emma into her arms so that she won't see her father, unmoving. They cover his face and wheel him away. Then, Jamal takes Emma from her mother and Annie slowly approaches Jonathan, wrapping him in a hug of gratitude. Derek walks over and tells Jonathan that he should come downtown and retell the story of what happened. Kendall walks past them and goes back into Ryan's room. She finds him resting again, so she simply sits at his bedside and holds his hand as she cries.

Friday, September 15, 2006

At the hospital, Jeff is overflowed with injured teens who were aboard Colby and Sydney's personal birthday party on Jackson's yacht. As Krystal and Adam search for Colby, Sydney is brought in. An emergency services member announces all the party victims have been brought in, but Adam tells them Colby is missing.

Jackson and Erica watch as Julia tenderly talks to Lily, who is still being silent. Erica agrees to stay with Lily while Jackson goes to check on Sean, who is drunk and in a wheelchair. Jeff watches as Erica tucks Lily in with a blanket and tells her that several of Lily's belongings have been brought in from home to make her feel more comfortable. Erica brushes Lily's hair, something Lily enjoyed as a child with her mother. She tells Lily that everyone, including Jonathan, loves her very much. Erica rushes out to tell Jackson that the results of the rape test show she was not violated. Erica tells Jackson that he has Jonathan to thank for Lily not being raped, but Jackson only walks in to see Lily. Jackson apologizes to Lily for not taking better care of her. He tells her that Terry is gone and he will never hurt her again. Jackson vows to listen to Lily from now on and be a better father.

Kendall stays by Ryan's side at the hospital as a nurse comes in to check on him. When Ryan wakes up, he asks Kendall about Annie. She tells him that Annie is at the police station with Jamal and as much as Ryan wants to, he can't protect Annie any longer because Terry is dead. Ryan seems happy at the news of Terry's death until he finds out Jonathan put the bullet in Terry. Ryan starts packing his belongings so he can leave the hospital. Kendall helps Ryan get ready to leave and offers to drive him to the police station.

Myrtle goes to visit Zach in jail. Myrtle brings coffee and donuts, which Zach accepts, but she is unable to get him to open up any more. Myrtle tells Zach that if he makes jail his new home, he will continue to lose the women he falls in love with. She adds that Zach is not a loser, but when he lies to the women he loves, such as Maria, it makes the relationships fail. Zach says Kendall does not believe he didn't kill Greg, but Myrtle says he can't prove that behind bars. When Zach claims Tad is lying, Myrtle tells Zach perhaps he thinks he doesn't owe Kendall answers.

At the police station, Jonathan waits for Derek in his office, while a detective questions Annie. Derek tells Jonathan that he understands he shot Terry to protect Lily. Derek says that he has to look at all the facts, including Lily and Terry's half-naked bodies at the cabin when everyone showed up. Derek claims that the motive behind Jonathan's actions will determine the charges brought against him. Jonathan asks if he can go to the hospital, but Derek has to hold him until test results are returned. Jonathan tells Derek Terry had to be stopped, especially since he had been stalking Lily for months. Derek claims Jonathan lied to Lily like Terry did by pretending to be mentally handicapped. Jonathan claims he lied because he loved her, but Derek isn't sure a jury would see it that way. Derek says that although he understands Jonathan's actions, the jury may think that Lily did not mind being touched by her new online boyfriend. Jonathan bursts that he is not jealous of Lily's relationship with Terry and she may have been raped by him. As Derek pounds questions into Jonathan, he brings up Jonathan's plans to go to Ireland before Terry's death. When Ryan, Olivia and Kendall walk in, Jonathan asks about Lily's condition.

When Derek tells Kendall that Zach is in jail for attacking Tad, Kendall rushes to see Zach. Zach admits he attacked Tad, but is not remorseful. Kendall says Zach wanted to be Spike's stepfather, but he can't be a part of her son's life behind bars. Zach reaches out his hand to hold Kendall's. She asks him why he didn't reach out to her earlier when she asked him to be honest about his involvement with Dixie and Greg's murder. Zach claims he is ready to tell Kendall anything she wants to know. Kendall claims she already knows what she needs to and leaves.

Annie tells the detective that she told the police about Terry's habit for young girls, but no one did anything to stop him. She says that it is unbelievable a judge would grant Terry partial custody of Emma because of his illness. Annie tells the detective she loves Emma more than anything, which is why she ran away from Terry with his daughter. Annie explains that she shot Ryan because she thought it was Terry. When the detective claims Annie is covering for the Laveries as payback for what they did for her and Emma, Annie gets upset. Ryan tells Derek that he is not pressing charges against Annie so she is free to go. Derek says that Annie is free of a murder charge, but the warrant for her arrest in New York is still valid. Derek says Emma will be put in foster care while Annie handles her criminal matters in New York. Olivia tells Annie that if she does not comply with the law, it will only make her case worse. When Derek starts reading Jonathan his rights, Jonathan holds out his hands and shouts that he would kill Terry again. Ryan warns Jonathan to keep quiet until he gets a lawyer, but Jackson steps in and offers to represent Jonathan.



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