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Monday, September 11, 2006

Lucinda wonders if Dusty has a date for World Wide's gala. When he demurs, Lucinda says she knows just the gal--Lucy. Lucinda says the Japanese businessman they are wooing is a family man. Dusty ends up at Memorial to ask Lucy out as friends. Meanwhile, Lucy readies Gwen for discharge. Gwen asks for an update on Casey. Lucy states that he is in the ICU, getting excellent care. Will shows up to give Gwen a ride to Carly's.

Jade is with Luke at the Snyder's holding, and fussing, over little Ethan. An unhappy Holden walks in and Jade leaves for diaper duty. Holden informs Luke he doesn't want Jade around Ethan; he was just being polite at the restaurant. Luke pipes up that Jade defended his gayness with Kevin. Holden says he'll thank her as she leaves. Luke volunteers Jade for nanny service, but Holden says that he and Lily don't trust Jade nor does he want her in their home. A crushed Jade hands over the baby to Holden. Luke runs after her, but she cries that she doesn't fit in anywhere.

Katie shows Mike brochures from a realtor for nice homes outside of Oakdale. Mike says Simon is not going to run them out of town. He points out that she loves their house, which has memories. Mike mentions that he built the deck so that they could sit outside and watch their kids play; also their family needs them. She gets a stomach cramp, then discovers she's not pregnant and cries in Mike's arms. She admits she was sure she was. Then she carries on about having jinxed things by telling Simon they were trying.

Jack gets a call from Carly, asking to see him right away, and says it is about them. She will explain in person. Simon arrives to take her to the airport, but Carly hesitates. Simon points out that she wanted to be single by sunset. A vulnerable looking Carly, admits that she's uncertain. She tells him Gwen was hurt at Raven Lake, and will be staying with her. On cue, Will and Gwen walk up. Carly introduces everyone. Gwen assures her she will be fine, with Will to check on her constantly. Simon prods Carly to go. Later, Gwen remarks how strange it is to see Carly with another guy. When Gwen presses Will about Simon, he admits Simon has a rep as a "cad." Gwen stops hoping for Carly and Jack to get back together. They discuss the aftermath of Raven Lake, and their friends being dead. Gwen is afraid of nightmares, so Will offers to stay as a friend. Gwen is hesitant. Will says he has a lot to make up for, but he knows it's soon and he can leave. He gets a box of comfort stuff for Gwen from the car. Gwen asks him to stay, because she is afraid to be alone.

At the farm, Mama Snyder walks in. She tells Jack that divorce documents don't look better in the morning. Emma remarks when Carly walks in the house to pick up the kids, they look at each other like it was their wedding day. He maintains that it's over, but Mom says that they should be in it for the long haul. Later, Simon encourages Carly to say she is getting a divorce out loud, to make it real. They banter, and Carly finally banishes him to the car. She walks in and Jack says he hasn't signed yet. Carly rips up the papers. Jack informs her they need to go through with things. She tells him everyone one has suffered enough, so she is going to speed the divorce up. She gives him new, down-loaded papers, and states they'll be free in 48 hours. Jack says he won't let her do it. Carly anxiously awaits his objections, which are that he's worried about the flight cost, and for her safety alone in a strange country-obviously not what she's hoping to hear. Carly informs him Simon is flying her to the island, but is only her friend. Jack states that's not his business now, and Carly shows him where to sign. Instead, they gaze intently at each other until Simon (who had been lurking at the screen door) honks the horn. An upset Jack curtly signs.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tom and Margo are at the hospital with Casey. Casey wakes up and wants to know where Maddie is. Casey thinks Maddie left because she didn't want to talk to him. Tom and Margo explain that everyone has been through so much, she just needed to rest. He wants them to call Maddie and tell her he wants to talk to her. Margo tells Casey that he should be prepared for the fact that Maddie might not be ready for a relationship right now. Maddie, Will and Gwen arrive and Maddie is still afraid to see Casey. Margo apologizes to Maddie for being so hard on her the past few months. Maddie goes in to see Casey and he apologizes to her for thinking for even one moment that she was the killer. He tells her he loves her and wants to be with her. Maddie tells Casey that it's all her fault that all those people died. She says that if she had told someone what had happened with Louis everything would have been different. Casey tells her that it wasn't her fault and that they'll figure everything out. He tells her he'll be there for her and he wants to help her.

Henry arrives at Carly's house asking Will and Gwen for their help. He takes them to see Maddie and she wants to know if they came on their own or if it was because Henry wanted them to. Gwen starts to say that Henry asked, and Maddie asks them to leave. Will talks to Maddie and explains that he wants to be there for her and they hug. Gwen tells Maddie that nothing was going on with Casey and that most of the times she saw them together they were probably talking about how much Casey loves Maddie. Will and Gwen encourage Maddie to go see Casey but Maddie is afraid he won't want to see her. Maddie finally agrees to go with Will and Gwen.

Emily arrives to give Henry some support. She gives him a balloon animal to try to cheer him up. Henry says he's got a lot of packing to do and Emily seems really surprised at the thought of his leaving. He says he's not going anywhere but by her reaction, it seems that she might actually miss him. He tells her he wants to pack up all of Eve's things to get rid of any reminders for Maddie. She offers to give him some company while he's packing things up. Henry is feeling guilty about everything that happened to Maddie. He wants to help her but doesn't know how. Emily gives him a big hug. She tells him just to be there for Maddie the way he's always been there for her.

Kim and Barbara meet up with Lucinda at the party for Yamamoto Communications. Dusty walks in and Lucinda asks where his date is. Dusty makes fun of Lucinda for dating Basil Hightower. Lucy walks in. Paul and Meg show up and try to get a table but are turned away because it is a private function. Paul bribes the doorman to let them in. Lucinda confronts Paul and Meg about crashing the party. Barbara and Paul argue about Paul's plans to buy the Intruder. Meg defends Paul and they walk off.

Lucinda introduces Lucy and Dusty to the Yamamotos. Lucy and Mrs. Yamamoto find a connection in medicine. Mrs. Yamamoto has problems with tennis elbow and Lucy knows of new treatments out of Hong Kong. They head off to discuss options. Dusty is about to close the deal and Lucy comes back from talking with Mrs. Yamamoto. He thanks her for schmoozing with Mrs. Yamamoto and offers to buy her a drink after the party. Paul and Meg come over and Lucy informs Paul that she will no longer be talking to Craig on Paul's behalf. She tells him that if he wants to do business with her father, he's going to have to go it alone. Paul asks to talk with Lucy alone and they head off. They begin to argue about Craig and Lucy sticks firm with her decision to stay away from her father. She storms out of the room.

Dusty and Meg chat about the paper and Dusty notices the ring around her neck. He wonders why it's not on her finger. Meg explains the situation with Emily and how she and Paul decided it best to wait on any announcements for a while. He wants to know when the wedding will be and Meg can only respond with, "Soon." Meg tells Dusty she hopes he finds happiness again someday and he wishes her well. Paul returns to escort Meg out and she wants to know what happened with Lucy. He tells her that there's more than one way to get to Craig. Meg wonders if there might be an easier, cheaper way to help with Emily's stress. Paul insists that the paper is the way. Meg changes the subject to wedding plans. Paul jokingly suggests Vegas and Meg asks about the pond at the farm in October. Paul reminds her that the baby is due in October and tries to convince her to wait until next spring. Paul gets a call from his lawyer telling him that Craig won't sell the paper, especially not to him. Meg tells him they'll figure something out and he says that maybe he just won't take no for an answer.

Barbara starts to needle Lucy about what's going on with her and Dusty. She tells Lucy that Dusty is on the rebound. Lucy insists that she and Dusty are just friends. Barbara tells Lucy that she reminds her of Jennifer, always rushing through life. She tells Lucy that she's worried that Dusty might be rushing into a relationship with Lucy. Lucy tells her again that they're not rushing into anything, they are just friends. Barbara hopes that Lucy will be the woman that Dusty needs, a woman that puts his needs first. Lucy cuts the evening short with Dusty, telling him she needs to go to the hospital and leaves the hotel.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Paul and Meg are at Yo's, and Paul calls Emily to come meet him there, so that he can tell her he can't buy the Intruder from Craig after all. Meg leaves to go to work, telling him she's confident he'll handle Emily the right way. However, when Emily arrives and hears the bad news, she becomes very upset with Paul, telling him that next time, he should keep his plans to himself until he knows whether or not they'll work out; in the middle of her tirade, she clutches her belly, moaning, saying, "The baby!" Paul takes her to the ER, where Bob tries to calm her down, and Meg tells Paul she thinks Emily ramps up her stress level deliberately to get back at Paul for things that he does. She tells Paul that she's been bending over backwards to accommodate this situation with Emily, and Paul tells her he's aware of that and that everything will be okay after the baby is born. Meg tells him she knows that's what he thinks is going to happen, and he leaves to go see how Emily is doing. Bob tells Paul that Emily needs to stay calm and well rested for the rest of her pregnancy because of her hypertension. Paul tells Emily to try to get some sleep and assures her that he'll be there when she wakes up again. Meg overhears him telling her, "That's my girl...".

At Oakdale Memorial Hospital, Bob Hughes asks Lucy why she's there on her day off, and Dusty comes up and says he wants to know the same thing. Lucy tells him to wait while she talks to the chief of staff of her place of employment, and Dusty backs off. Bob then proceeds to give Lucy a dressing down concerning bringing her "social life" into the workplace, although Lucy insists she had no idea that Dusty had followed her to the ER. Dusty then asks Lucy why she lied to him about having to come into work, and she says she can't talk about it there, so they end up going to Yo's for a drink. There, she tells him about her conversation with Barbara at the business luncheon earlier in the day and says she thinks Barbara has a point, that it's too soon after Jennifer's death for Dusty to be out with another woman. Dusty says Lucy hurt his feelings by making it dramatic and leaving without telling him why, and she apologizes, but when he tells her he's glad to have her as his friend, she says, "We're not going to do this again." She tells him that she can't see him right now because she's a first-year intern and she's not getting enough sleep as it is, and now Bob is upset with her; she also says that even though Dusty says they can "just be friends," it never turns out that way in the end, and she can't handle it right now. Lucy leaves.

Casey tells Maddie that he's not going to let her blame herself for everything that happened with Eve and Louis. He tells her they can help each other, because he needs help with his college reading list. Gwen and Will come into the room, and Gwen tells Casey she's brought him one of his books for college; Casey tells Gwen and Will that Maddie is going to read it to him. Maddie sees that it's one of her favorite books, and she becomes a little more animated, telling Casey he'll love it. Will and Gwen leave, and Maddie reads the first 10 pages to Casey, who then complains that the book makes no sense. Maddie tells him to give it a chance, telling him that's like saying you don't like a song after hearing just the first 10 bars, and reminding him that he would listen to a song if a friend he respected said it was a good one; he takes her point and tells her, "You're good!" Two teens from school, Gil and Ada, come in to visit Casey, reacting with surprise when they see Maddie, exclaiming, "What's she doing here?" Casey asks them to wait outside, and Maddie tells him this is what she means: everyone in town knows all about the bad things that have happened to or around her. Casey tells her to stick it out and she might find people who know all those bad things and still like her anyway. He tells her not to run away, and she tells him that if she stays, they'll not only read books but also watch "chick movies." She leaves the room, and Gil and Ada come back in. They ask Casey if Maddie was there to apologize to him, but he tells them she has nothing to apologize for. They suggest he'd be better off staying well away from Maddie and her problems, saying that what happened with Lea's car and Eve and with Maddie not telling anyone about what happened to her in Chicago all suggest that maybe Maddie only cares about herself. Casey says they're wrong about Maddie; outside his hospital room, Maddie overhears and asks herself, "Are they?" She leaves. Casey asks Gil and Ada to have Maddie come back in, but they return to tell him that she's gone, and the nurse said she left in a hurry. Maddie goes back to the Lakeview suite, where she finds packed boxes and a note from Henry telling her he's gone up to Chicago to tell their sister Bernadette in person about everything that's happened. Maddie's cell phone rings, and it's Casey, but Maddie doesn't answer his call.

Will and Gwen go to the church where the memorial for the teens who were murdered is going to be held; it's the church where Jennifer's memorial service was conducted. Gwen tells Will that he's the only one who makes any of this any easier for her, and they tell each other that they'll stand by one another and get each other through this. Gwen talks to Will about Jennifer marrying Dusty even though she knew she was dying, and how that connected them even more; she says that despite everything she and Will have been through, she still has and wants that sense of being connected to one another. Will says, "Thank God!" and tells Gwen that he's not so stupid that he doesn't recognize he's being given a second chance that most people don't get; she tells him, "Let's start over together." He tells her he loves her, and she says she loves him, too. He tells her that when they got married, he made vows when he didn't really know what it meant, but he does now, and he'll never hurt her again. Gwen says if they can just get through tomorrow, then the day after that will be a little better. Will walks her up to the front of the church and asks if he may kiss the bride. They kiss and then leave to go home together; when they get back home, Gwen tells Will that she needs to feel his arms around her, and they embrace, then kiss, then fall down together onto the couch, whispering their love for one another.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The day of the memorial service, Maddie isn't answering calls from Casey, so he comes over and begs her to go to the service with him. She agrees, but once there, panics. Meanwhile, Will is setting up the memorial service when Jade comes by to see him. Will tells her that he and Gwen are back together. Jade announces that she's pregnant. Simon urges Carly to celebrate her divorce from Jack by getting so drunk she can't remember the bum's name. He tells her what a great future they're going to have once their building project gets off the ground. But then, an investor informs Simon that he's pulling out. Carly defends Simon and he notes that no one ever stood up for him like that before. He promises Carly to make the project a success not just for him, but for her, too. Meg isn't happy when Paul finds himself unable to remove himself from Emily's bedside. Meg suggests Paul just detach cold turkey, and let Emily think he's left town. Paul agrees. Emily guesses it's because he and Meg are having problems, and Paul lets her believe it.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Simon, who is getting drunker by the minute, tries to get Carly to drink her long, tall drink of "alcohol, alcohol, and more alcohol," so that she can forget all about her new divorce and her ex-husband, Jack. He then goes to try to get the lounge to change the music they're playing, and Carly takes that opportunity to go to the bar and exchange her drink for a rum and cola. While waiting for the new drink, she picks up a Tarot card lying on the bar, and a woman comes up behind the bar and tells Carly that she knows what she needs by the card she just picked up; Carly turns it over and sees that it's a man and a woman locked in a passionate embrace. When the next card is turned over, it shows a half-full or half-empty cup, and the woman tells Carly this means she's suffered the loss of something precious but that the future will bring much joy, if she'll let it. Carly sees Simon dancing with another woman, and she catches his eye, getting him to come dance with her instead. They do a very intimate dance, and when Simon asks if she wants to go upstairs, she agrees. In the hotel room, they kiss passionately before Carly puts the brakes on, telling Simon she's not sure about this; Simon tells her he'll stop if she really wants him to, but after a moment's hesitation, she grabs him and kisses him again.

At the hospital, Lucinda questions Lucy about why she doesn't want to see Dusty again; Lucy has several reasons, including the age difference and the fact that Craig is her father and Johnny's father, too. Lucinda doesn't seem to think that's an issue since Dusty is Johnny's legal father now. She tries to get Lucy to change her mind, but Lucy says she's just going to go see a movie by herself. At the movie theater, though, she literally bumps into Dusty, spilling his popcorn in the process; when she asks why he's there, he reminds her that he loves the "AstroGirl" movies and never misses one. They end up sitting together, sharing Lucy's popcorn, drink, and red licorice and engaging in some friendly banter.

At the church where the memorial is being held for the murdered teens, Jade is telling Will she's pregnant. Will overhears Gwen talking with the Hughes family and Barbara, saying they're ready to go into the church now, so he grabs Jade, and they run out of the main part of the church. Will asks Jade when she found out she was pregnant; she tells him she was 2 weeks late but had attributed it to stress at first, but she took a home pregnancy test the day before and then went to the local family health clinic to confirm it with a doctor. When Will protests that he had used a condom, she says if he thinks she's lying about it, he can call the doctor himself, and she offers Will the number. Will declines and asks what she intends to do. Jade says she can't have an abortion, because if her own mother had done that instead of giving her up for adoption, she wouldn't be here today; Will asks about adoption, but Jade says her own experience with that was so unpleasant, she can't imagine doing that to a child. She has therefore decided to have the baby and raise it herself, and she tells Will he can be as involved or uninvolved as he wants to be.

Meanwhile, Bob and Kim Hughes arrive for the service, and Barbara has Gwen tell them the happy news that she and Will have reconciled. Dallas and Jessica arrive, as do Tom and Margo, and Casey brings Maddie in; Gwen walks up and hugs her. Maddie sees the photos of the murdered teens up on the altar and runs out of the church in anguish. Casey tries to follow her, but Margo stops him, saying she'll go instead. Casey sits back down with Tom. Margo sits down with Maddie in her suite at the Lakeview. Maddie tells Margo that when she was growing up, seeing Eve's purse on the table when she got home from school meant that everything would be okay, that Eve would put their mom to bed and make dinner for everyone. She tells Margo that Eve never used to hate her, but now she does, and she is trying to accept the fact that Eve is sick; she tells Margo that the doctors said Eve had a psychotic break and might never recover from it. She blames herself, and Margo lays out Maddie's theory for why none of this would have happened if it hadn't been for Maddie; Maddie is amazed that Margo knows just what she's thinking about this, but Margo says feeling guilt is normal, and that she feels guilty every time someone she works with or someone she's supposed to protect is hurt, and she felt guilty after she was raped, too, because it gave her some kind of control in a situation in which she'd felt helpless. But she reminds Maddie that both her rapist and Louis were the ones who made the choice to hurt them, that it was Louis's fault, not Maddie's, and that one day, Maddie will recover and go to college and meet someone and get married. Maddie disagrees, saying she feels like no one's ever going to want her, and she doesn't know how to change that feeling. Margo tells her to surround herself with family and people she can talk to and give it time, and she invites Maddie to move back into her house.

In another part of the church, Will and Jade can hear that the service is about to start, and Jade says they'd better get in there. She leaves first and goes in to sit by Luke, and Will goes around to the back of the church and walks up to join Gwen and Barbara in the front pew. Bob Hughes stands up and says he was asked to speak because he knew each of the teens who died, having seen them as babies and throughout their young lives. He mentions something personal about each of them and then says he's always heard that the spirit lives on in each of us, and the life force survives in every baby that is born. Hearing that, Will jumps up and leaves the church, and Gwen follows, asking him outside what's wrong. She assumes he's having trouble because of his recent loss of his sister, but he says that's not it. She tells him he can tell her anything, saying there's nothing he can do now that will make her stop loving him. She tells him they'll have a future together, that they'll move back in together, go to college, graduate, adopt some kids, and in a few years, they'll have a family together. As Jade peeks out of the church door, Gwen asks Will what it is that has him so upset.

Back inside, Bob says that he and the Reverend had agreed that if anyone wanted to sing a special song or get up and say a few words, it would be a good thing. Casey stands up and says that they'll all miss their friends and will feel angry about what happened, but they need to place the blame for it where it belongs, with Louis and Eve, and not blame Maddie. He points out that she's been badly hurt by those closest to her and needs their support, and he says anyone who can't offer that to her will have to answer to him.



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