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Julian is extremely scary now; the way that he demands all of Eve's time and attention, it's no wonder that she left him. Still, it's great to have evil Julian back; he's much better than the wuss that Julian had turned into over the past few years.

So it was Noah's turn to tell Ethan what to do with his life this week. As if thousands of other people haven't tried to tell Ethan that it's plain as day that he's in love with Theresa. But will Ethan listen. No. Ethan will admit he loves Theresa, can't live without Theresa, wants Theresa with every fiber of his being, but those darned vows he made to Gwen hang over his head and bond him to Gwen in a way even his own heart and soul can't break. Poor Ethan.

As if I even feel the slightest bit sorry for that two-timing, low down, abusive, no good excuse for a man. He made his bed with Gwen, and Theresa should've told him long ago to lie in it. I promise that if Theresa weren't trying to get serious with Jared, Ethan would not be in the picture. He's always been "conflicted" but it's amazing how much that kicked into overdrive when Jared came into the picture. And I swear I will reach through my TV and slap him if he says "FATE" one more time!!!! And how sad is it that Theresa can't even resist him anymore. And since it's obvious that they aren't using protection, Theresa is obviously going to get pregnant.

Then he amazingly shows up in the sauna with Theresa and childishly tells Theresa, "he started it" referring to Jared and the fight they had. And how is it that Ethan shows up for the sauna at the same time every week when he hasn't worked in the Crane building for years? Did he just go down there and partake when he obviously wasn't welcomed there? And why didn't Theresa's hair frizz, even a little?

Miguel is such a smooth liar. He tells Kay that Siren blackmailed him into dirty dancing, as if he didn't enjoy every minute of it. I guess this story is slowly going the route of a Kay/Miguel pairing, as they are locking lips every two seconds now. Not to mention Fox is super scary as his death grip on Kay tightens. And since Ivy is working non-stop to make sure the wedding never happens, Miguel and Kay are a sure thing. My question is, would Miguel want Kay so much if he knew how Maria was conceived?

Speaking of super scary, Julian has become this as well. The way he demands all of Eve's time and attention, no wonder she left him. But to be fair, Julian has been trying for a while to spend time with Eve, but she's always too busy for him. And I love evil Julian being back, so I'm not going to complain a whole lot. Ben is far better as a baddie than the wuss Julian became.

Explain something to me. I enjoy Luis and Fancy to an extent. I won't let myself get invested in them because we all know Sheridan is going to end up with Luis in the long run. However, what is going to become of Fancy and Luis when she is actually a cop? Is this going to be a triangle, because if so, it does have the makings of the super popular Sonny/Brenda/Jax triangle on GH from years ago.

Paloma and Pilar teaming up on Luis was great. It was a bit weird to see Pilar pushing Luis toward Fancy, but refreshing in the sense that Pilar is finally pushing one of her children into a relationship with someone who is unattached. Katherine's intrusion into Sheridan and Fancy's argument was absurd. Who exactly does Katherine think she is to tell Fancy to lay off Luis? Sheridan married Chris and she can go and divorce him anytime she wants to. Sheridan has chosen to stay married to Chris, and Katherine needs to butt out. And I loved Fancy telling her so.

Some Random Thoughts:

Kay looked like the Statue of Liberty with bows in that wedding dress Ivy picked out for her.

When did Noah and Ethan get so close? They only realized they were brothers a few years ago, and Noah's only been in town a year or so. When exactly did they forge this bond?

Viewer's Voice:

"Just when I get hooked to Passions after a year, I find myself once again throwing things at the TV! While I'm all for Ethan and Teresa, Reilly's going about this all wrong! These characters need to be redeemed somehow first! Having her as Ethan and Jared's plaything, Theresa's is not working! I did enjoy Ethan's swing but, note to Jared: next time don't hug a man that hits you. Give Gwen someone who loves her. Let her choose for once! I can't understand the whole Kay/Fox/Miguel thing. I just have a hard time believing that Miguel would not leave in a heartbeat if a certain "good witch" came back to town. Where did they find these actors? I almost threw up when Miguel professed his love. He looked like an eight year old boy! If I had been Kay, I would have laughed at him instead of locking lips. This guy who plays Fox, no explanation for my dissatisfaction needed! This would be one wedding I wouldn't mind Ivy literally wrecking! Fancy, just when I thought you were smart you go and listen to Miss Queen of Relationships (Gwen) about fighting for your man! Then again if you were smart, you and the rest of Harmony would have picked up on Ethan and his lies a long time ago! By the way Jared can't be Chad's secret love, he was looking for Theresa last time Chad went away! It is a man though! Just my opinion!" Thanks Mindy!!!

"I really disagree that Ethan knows how hard Gwen has fought to hold onto him. He has no knowledge of the big things she's done to have and keep him...the tabloid, and ignoring Theresa's rape. (That's something that the soapcentral website has FAILED to list as one of Gwen's crimes- what kind of character bias is THAT?) I think he WANTS Gwen to leave him, rather than stand up and take the initiative himself. It's Theresa that knows his wife better than he does, because she knows that Gwen would rather Ethan die than to lose him to the 'housekeeper's mousy daughter.'" Thanks Beth!!!

Quote of the week: "No! I couldn't -- I had -- was with James. I couldn't go to the DMV -- to a place like that with a child!" - Sheridan to Fancy.

Until next week friends,

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