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There appears to be some lying going on in PV. Tad saw Zach and Dixie pack Madden up in the trunk of their car and bury him, but Zach says that isn't so. Either Zach or Tad or lying. The question is which one and why? Of course, one could just figure that Tad is mistaken and he saw someone else.

There appears to be some lying going on in PV. Tad saw Zach and Dixie pack Madden up in the trunk of their car and bury him, but Zach says that isn't so. Either Zach or Tad or lying. The question is which one and why? Of course, one could just figure that Tad is mistaken and he saw someone else. This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Denise who believes this is the case as she wrote: "I don't believe Tad saw Zach and Dixie do anything. He saw Del and Di. This is all a case of mistaken identity. Think about it. They had the means, opportunity and are expendable in the storyline. I must be forgetting, as I don't recall Tad saying he saw them bury the body just that he saw Dixie's car at the park. Anyway, I think Del and Di did it." Denise is right Di & Del are expendable and others I've heard from also believe Del is involved, plus we saw Di talking to Jamie about Tad's story saying Dixie couldn't have buried Madden. I remember that the kidnapper/killer also knew about Josh's parentage and I can't remember Di and Del coming across that information before it was common knowledge. Tad should be able to tell the difference in the two couples so that should make him the liar. Why would Tad come up with such a lie? Tad has stated he doesn't want JR's mother to go to prison but telling what he saw does indeed place Dixie in jeopardy. The only reason I could see Tad lying would be to protect himself, but I don't see Tad burying Madden either, going to jail and getting written off the show. What I do see, is the writers forgetting what they wrote and just copping out of this "mystery" to move forward with something new. Of course it appears loads of viewers no longer care about who killed Madden, if they ever did.

Promiscuous Sex!

It seems all of PV continues to have sex whenever and wherever (Fusion's roof, the hospital, ConFusion's office) they can no matter the consequences. When is someone in PV going to contract a STD, herpes, etc.? Instead consequences in PV seem to always result in pregnancy, which I have no doubt believing Krystal will have to fess up to very soon. Next will come the "who's the daddy?" story and we so do not need another one of those. The whole thought of Krystal being pregnant is repulsive to me as she is one of the worst role models around for motherhood considering how she sleeps around with anyone yet loudly professes her love for Adam. She certainly instilled that in Babe as she has slept with Jamie and now Josh. Having Babe sleep with Josh on a whim because she decides JR isn't paying enough attention to her is truly a detriment. Although I wondered why JR went to ConFusion instead of looking for Colby since he was so worried. Will Babe and Krystal both be pregnant? Oh, please, I'm getting nauseous. Babe was first introduced as a tramp, then with the help and direction of Krystal pushed into keeping Miranda and was finally being redeemed somewhat, but now the writers have decided to ruin her again. Don't they realize soap fans have long memories? Why didn't Babe just leave JR when he tried to kill her? That would have freed her up to move on with someone else, perhaps enabling the fans to accept her in a new relationship. Speaking of more sex and less love that would be Colby and Sean. Again, why did this occur and no one acts as if it's a big deal? What about Jonathan and Amanda - sleep together but barely even know each other. So many have written to express the lack of morals in PV as this week's AMC Fan Gripe of the week comes from Bern who shares: "AMC is really awful. Poor writing, ridiculous stories, irritating camera work and background noise - I've put up with. But what has finally turned me away is the immorality of all the characters. Just about everyone thinks murder is okay. And there are absolutely no true relationships" That just about sums it up especially the music montages that we are subjected to every week apparently because the writers can't come up with enough interesting dialogue.

Who Do I Love?

I don't believe anyone can be in love with more than one person. They can be "in lust" with multiple people. They can love more than one person at a time, but truly be in love with more than one, no I don't agree. Kendall thinks she is in love with both Ryan and Zach. How can this be? Ryan and Zach both love Kendall although both have treated her less than stellar, so perhaps Kendall should find someone new that will treat her with love, respect and trust. Ryan was extremely understanding and loving towards Kendall this week as her feelings and thoughts went from friend, to potential lover to finally Kendall's complete indecision about her heart. However I believe Kendall will go down the road of "loving" Ryan for a short while, then realize her love for Zach and reunite with him. Will she re-marry Zach for the third time? This would actually put her in the lead for most marriages to one person over Erica who has only been married twice to any of her many loves.


It seems Erica and Jeff are reconnecting which will leave Jackson out in the cold. I'm not sure Erica and Jeff were ever connected way back when, but whatever. Where will this leave Jackson in the mix? The Erica and Jackson fan base, which there are many, have really been raked over the coals. It took forever for the marriage to come off and what a lovely affair it was, but since then Jackson and Erica have barely had a word for each other except when one of them was "preaching" to the other. I don't understand why Erica and Jackson were not given a real chance with some romance and love. They are a great pairing and have chemistry to spare, but alas a new/old character returned which could mean the end of Erica's 10th marriage.

Hasta LaVista My Favorite Villian!

Oh, what's a David fan like me to do now that Vincent Irizarry has been fired/let go? What are TPTB thinking? They aren't thinking straight that's for sure. Granted there are too many players at AMC but to shove someone like Vincent out the door is truly a crime. Why not release the teen scene and newbies as it's hard to imagine the salaries of Colby, Sydney, Sean, Jamal, Erin and Annie together would not allow for him to stay? They have not been well accepted nor do they add much to the show. Vincent has so much talent and always adds to a scene with his own performances while getting more out of the actors around him. I remember when John C (Edmund) was fired, they completely destroyed his character before having him murdered by trigger happy and tumor laden Jonathan. What can we expect for David's demise? Will he become Madden's murderer? Will he steal Emma because he knows she is Kate and he has vowed never to return Dixie's child to her? Will he get killed taking Emma? Will David even get a send off? Reggie, Anita and others were simply no longer around. Many have written to express their anger, surprise and dismay. Many have also stated they will no longer watch AMC once Vincent is gone. Me? I just don't know right now. I have written AMC to express my huge disappointment but is anyone listening? I seriously doubt it.

In Hiding!

If I lived in PV and someone went missing the first place I would check would be the boat house and then the Chandler tunnels. Of course, that's just me. Colby on the other hand isn't found, but instead gets to overhear all sorts of good stuff. Too bad she didn't hear about Krystal and Tad's tryst so she could go running to Daddy with the news. Now that Sydney happened upon her getting some supplies, will Sydney blab?

Old Friends!

Well, that about does it for this week, but I do want to share that Suellen will be subbing in for me in 2 weeks as I'll be off! I know everyone will enjoy her take on all the PV happenings! Thanks for so many emails with your well wishes, rants and raves. I'll see you in about a month!


Mary Page
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