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Passions Recaps: The week of August 28, 2006 on PS
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Monday, August 28, 2006

With Endora's help, Kay and Tabitha prepare the ingredients to help remove the mermaid's curse from Fox, and Kay wants to remove Siren from Harmony for good. Siren and Fox walk in on Kay and Tabitha making the spell, so Tabitha tells Fox and Siren that they are planning a surprise birthday party. Kay manages to send Fox on errands, but Siren is on to Kay and Tabitha, and she tells them that their plan won't work since Fox and her have to be present for the spell to work, plus she has to have her tail. Tabitha and Kay manage to trick Siren into the sunroom. They tie her up and throw water on her feet so that her tail could appear. Endora summons a heart shaped target and places it behind Siren. Siren Feels that Tabitha and Kay will never be able to cast the spell. Now, if only Kay can get Fox into the Cupid's costume so that she can carry out the spell. Kay lies to Fox about the purpose of the costume and he puts it on, but not without resisting at first. Fox has to be in the costume and shoots the arrow at Siren in order to be free of the mermaid's curse. Actually, that's step one of the spell. Kay makes fun of Siren and tells her that her days are numbered. Kay and Tabitha forgot the camera. How are they going to trick Fox into shooting the arrow at Siren if a camera isn't present? This is supposed to be a photo shoot, but Fox doesn't know that. Endora saves the day with a camera. Fox Shoots the first and second arrow but misses the target, which is Siren's behind. In the meantime, Siren is losing her tail.

Luis thinks something is up with Chris and Spike, but he can't put his finger on it, so off he goes to find Spike for a little chat. Luis tells Fancy to stay put so that he could go it alone. Fancy sees her chance to partner up with Luis on and off the job, so she follows Luis. Luis catches up with Spike and starts chocking him. Fancy arrives at the scene and tells Luis to stop because he could be brought up on charges. Luis manages to convince Fancy that what he is doing is perfectly legal. Luis lies to Spike and tells him that his partner in crime is incriminating him, so Spike tells Luis that he will tell him what he wants to know. Not so fast! Spike knows that Luis is bluffing, so he calls Luis a clown and asks how Pilar is doing. Luis is angry and, he punches Spike. Spike accuses Luis of police brutality and threatens to bring charges up on Luis and states that he has a witness. Fancy quickly tells him that she doesn't see a thing. Spike tells Fancy too bad Alistair didn't throw her to the lions, and Luis wants to know what else Spike Knows about Alistair Crane. Spike tells him that he only did one lousy job for Alistair and that was it. He also adds that Alistair is one bad dude. Fancy tells Luis that she thinks Spike is guilty, and Luis thinks that she has the instinct of a police officer after all.

Chris agrees to Spike's demands and is willing to take the accounting job at Crane Industries (CI). Sheridan tells Chris that he impresses Gwen because he turned down the accounting job at CI, which proves that he is a strong man with a strong character. Chris thinks that's a bit old fashioned. Well, Chris tells Sheridan that he changed his mind and wants to work at CI after all. Sheridan wonders how it will look and that Chris will be resented by coworkers since he got the job due to nepotism. Chris says that he'll get over it. Chris is going along with Spike's plan in order to keep the truth about his past from Sheridan.

Theresa tells Whitney on her voice mail that she is falling for Jared and is happy that he is working by her side. She also tells Whitney that she is over Ethan for good and she wants to spend the rest of her life with Jared. After eaves dropping on Theresa, Ethan goes into her office to see her in regards to the custody of Little Ethan. Theresa tells Ethan that Julian is an unfit father, and asks Ethan how he could take Julian's side over hers. In addition, Theresa tells Ethan that Julian is not taking Little Ethan out of the country because he will not get partial custody. Ethan reminds Theresa that if Julian has joint custody he won't be able to take Little Ethan out of the country without Theresa's permission, and Theresa retorts to Ethan that Julian isn't a person that follows the law. Ethan tells Theresa that Little Ethan needs a father and a role model, but Theresa won't listen to reason. Her conscience is telling her that she would rather have Ethan in Little Ethan's life, but she refuses to tell Ethan the truth. Ethan finally brings Jared in the picture. He tells Theresa that he doesn't want Jared breaking her or Little Ethan's heart. He goes as far as telling Theresa to get rid of Jared right away. Theresa wants to know why Ethan thinks that Jared is no good for her, and Ethan tells her that he could be a gold digger. Theresa isn't buying it and comes straight out and calls Ethan jealous. Theresa tells Ethan to let her go and let her makes her own mistakes. Ethan says nothing and pulls Theresa into a kiss.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

At Tabitha's house, Kay and Tabitha worked through the instructions to the three-part spell to rid Fox of the Mermaid curse and keep Siren from snaring Miguel. In the first part they had Siren tied to one side of a large heart and convinced Fox that he needed to wear a funny cupid costume and shoot an arrow into the heart for a calendar photo. He shot the arrow and they were able to toss the arrow with Siren's blood on it into the fire as part of the spell. The second part was even sillier and they got Endora to lock Siren outside so they could concentrate. They needed Fox to stand under a ladder, hop on one foot, holding a lit candle, eating an oyster, making funny faces that made a child (Endora) laugh. They manipulated him into it and finished part two just as Siren fell through the chimney into the fireplace. She was angry that they'd gotten that far and was sure they could never accomplish part three.

At the Police Department, Luis decided to do a background check on Chris Boothe and after he put in the request, he took Fancy to practice shooting her gun at the firing range. She was fairly jumpy at first, but after he wrapped his arms around her to help her line up her shot, she hit a bull's eye. While he was helping her, Fancy fantasized about getting even closer and kissing him. When they were done, Luis was disappointed to find out that the background check database was off line and he'd have to wait for the information he needed.

At Sheridan's cottage, Chris and Sheridan arrived after finding out that she could work at Crane and that he had an interview to work in accounting. He regretted being forced into working there by Spike and felt like he'd gotten out from under Alistair's thumb only to be beset by Spike and his greedy requests. He got a call on his cell phone and told Sheridan it was from another company to which he'd applied, so she left the room to call Valerie so she could schedule an interview with Chris and Theresa. He answered the call and wanted to know why the caller was contacting him now that Alistair was dead. The caller let him know that Luis was doing a background check and when Chris begged the person to intervene or his whole life with Sheridan would collapse. As they spoke either the caller disabled the database or just found out it was off line. Sheridan returned to the room and let him know that Theresa wouldn't be able to meet with him, but that Valerie had assured her that the job was his. Sheridan was ecstatic that they'd both be doing something worthwhile and be able to have lunch with James in the daycare downstairs.

Chad and Jared took a break out of their day to play basketball and Jared was fairly beaming because he thought that he could see himself settling down with Theresa someday. Chad tried to get him to mellow and consider that Theresa might not be over Ethan and Ethan might not be over her. Jared was confident that Theresa was moving on and that Ethan was history. Chad wasn't so sure.

In Theresa's office, Ethan kissed Theresa passionately and Theresa pulled away violently, crying and hurt. She demanded to know what he meant by it and told him that he couldn't spend years telling her to move on and then when she did, he goes and kisses her. He kissed her again and Theresa was even more hurt and confused. She wanted to know what had changed and f he was really prepared to be with her and her kids or if he was just afraid to let her go. He told her that he just couldn't walk away after all the years he'd loved her. She asked what was different, what had changed. He told her about Pilar's about face in the hospital and how she had pled with him to leave Gwen to be with Theresa and the children. He asked Theresa what he was supposed to think when the woman he thought of as a second mom told him to abandon his marriage vows to be with the woman. He said he thought he had to be with Gwen out of duty, but he'd never stopped loving her. Theresa demanded that he leave and ranted at him to let her move on. He finally left and Theresa sunk into her desk sobbing. Jared knocked lightly on the door as he walked in and she screamed for him to go away without looking up. He went to her and asked her why she'd been crying. He held her and they kissed. Chad started to walk in to ask her something, and stepped back out. Ethan came back and wanted to talk to her, but Chad told him that Theresa and Jared were busy. Ethan looked in and was not only disappointed but dismayed because he was sure there was something not right with "that guy."

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

With help from Endora and Tabitha, Kay completes part two of the three-part spell that will lift the Mermaid's curse from Fox. Siren and Kay bicker in the parlor of Tabitha's house. Alone in his room upstairs, Miguel remembers his recent conversation with his mother, Pilar, who is recovering from a gunshot wound. Pilar told Miguel that he should do everything in his power to become a family with Kay and his daughter Maria. Meanwhile, at the police station, Sheridan chastises Luis because he is doing a background check on Chris. Sheridan believes that Luis is motivated by jealousy. Luis denies that he is.

After Ethan leaves her office at Crane Industries, Theresa finds comfort in Jared's arms. They kiss. Ethan sees them. After the kiss, Jared questions Theresa's relationship to Ethan and wants to know if it will be awkward with both of them in the same building. Theresa says that it will not be a problem and that she could care less about ever seeing Ethan again. Now back in his law office, Ethan questions Jared's reasons for pursuing Theresa and decides to do a background check. Before he can implement the check, a man who identifies himself as Stuart Allen walks in and Ethan hangs up the phone. Mr. Allen claims that he was working on a high tech global security system at Crane Industries and that one day, without warning, he was let go with no explanation and, he claims without cause. Now, he wants to sue, not for wrongful termination, but because he patented the technology in grad school and Crane is using it without his permission. Ethan is about to decline when Gwen walks in.

Miguel continues to speculate about Kay. Siren stews as Kay taunts her. Luis denies that he has a personal vendetta with Chris. Sheridan continues to defend Chris vehemently. Luis says he is going ahead with his check because he believes that Chris was lying to protect Spike when he gave Spike an alibi for the time of Pilar's shooting. Sheridan asks for Fancy's opinion. Fancy says that she agrees with Luis. At the cottage, Chris tells Spike to leave because they cannot be seen together. Spike is upset and tells Chris about the fight he had with Luis. He tells Chris to make Luis go "bye-bye." Chris says that he will not do murder for Spike. Back at the Police Station, Sheridan continues to defend Chris. Some things about Chris do not add up says Luis, and he is going to find the answers. Before Sheridan can reply, Miguel walks in and says he needs to talk to Luis. Fancy stops Sheridan before she can leave.

Theresa and Jared do a little work; then he invites her to have lunch. While Theresa looks in on Little Ethan in daycare, Jared makes a phone call and asks for a favor. Gwen tries to convince Ethan to take Stuart Allen's case. Ethan points out that a successful lawsuit could devastate Crane. Gwen questions whether it is Crane Industries that Ethan is protecting or Theresa. Ethan says that a lawsuit would hurt a lot of people that they both care for, including Sheridan, Julian, Little Ethan and both their mothers. Stuart Allen says he came to Ethan first and that if he does not want the case, he will go to another firm.

Siren is alone with Tabitha. She makes fun of Kay and disparages her ability to successfully complete the third part of the spell. Tabitha defends Kay. In her room, Kay reads the final step of the spell, which says that to break the curse Kay must find a way to make good-natured Fox insanely jealous and so enraged that he will be willing to kill. "How will I do it?" Kay asks herself, then she spots a picture of Miguel. At the police station, Miguel tells Luis that he loves Kay and that Pilar has insisted that he make a family with Kay and Maria. "What should I do?" asks Miguel. "Go for it!" say Luis. In another section of the room, Fancy asks Sheridan if she's still OK about Fancy pursuing a relationship with Luis. At the cottage, Spike is still trying to convince Chris to kill Luis, but Chris is adamant. He will not commit murder no matter what. Spike relents, but now want Chris to get started with the embezzlement plan. Chris says no again, but Spike reminds him that with Alistair's files in hand, he is giving the orders.

Ethan tells Stuart Allen that he needs time to think. Stuart Allen tells Ethan that he will wait for an answer, and then leaves the office. Gwen is insistent that Ethan takes the case. She points out that it is high profile and that it might even result in Ethan making partner, then they can move to New York and she will be able to be a stay-at-home mom. Theresa and Jared arrive at an inn for lunch. Jared takes Theresa to a private room where champagne and an elegant lunch for two is waiting. Miguel leaves the police station and Sheridan tells Fancy that nothing has changed. She will not leave Chris for Luis. Sheridan reiterates to Fancy that she will not stand in her way with Luis. "Good Luck," she says to fancy before leaving the police station. ‘You're going to need it." Back at the cottage, Chris tells Spike that he will not steal. Spike tells Chris that he will. He reminds Chris that Alistair paid him to court and marry Sheridan.

Gwen continues to try to convince Ethan to take the case against Crane Industries. Ethan accuses her of wanting to see Theresa brought down. Gwen does not deny it. She convinces Ethan to at least let her check with her friend in the patent office to see if there is validity to Stuart Allen's claim. At the inn, Jared and Theresa begin preparations for a meeting, but first they turn their attention to the food and champagne.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

At the Harmony Police Department, Sheridan signed the incident report about Chris's shooting and learned much to her dismay and anger that Luis believed Chris was covering for Spike She told him that he's only investigating Chris because he's jealous she married Chris instead of him. Luis denied it, but Sheridan was hurt and jealous herself when she saw how Luis and Fancy looked at each other. As she was leaving, Fancy pulled her aside and asked if she still gave her blessing for Fancy to pursue Luis. Sheridan denied that she had any remaining feelings for Luis and swore she loved Chris more each day. Roberto arrived and swept Paloma off her feet. She got Luis's permission to leave and the two of them went outside to sit and catch up on all the news. Miguel dropped by for a heart to heart with his older brother and Luis told him that he should grab at his chance for love with Kay. Luis and Fancy were faced with a mountain of paperwork and she recommended that they take a break and go to lunch. He recited chapter and verse of the Harmony PD manual that forbade officers from not only fraternizing with cadets, but with officers of lower rank. Fancy felt like kicking herself for not seeing that obstacle to her love in the manual but insisted that she wanted to stay in the program because she really wanted to be a cop. Since she was just mooning about, Luis sent her home early.

At the Sea Cliff Inn, Theresa and Jared checked into a room where he'd had lunch set up and they could "work" in private. They started kissing and she backed off reminding him that they were there to woo a new client. He put on a romantic Beatles tune, wined and dined her, and then they started kissing. He understood, but was let down. The client cancelled the meeting and Theresa decided they should use the time to keep working. Jared plied her with oysters, champagne and strawberries dipped in whipped cream. They began to kiss once more. They started ripping clothes off and then he swept everything off the table and they leaned onto it more intimately. Ethan arrived at the Inn to meet with Stewart Allen about not representing him to sue Crane Industries. The desk clerk gave him the wrong room number and he walked in on Theresa and Jared instead. He stammered and ran out and Theresa started to go after him to explain. Jared reminded her that Ethan probably didn't need an explanation and it was time he moved on anyway. She was worried because Ethan had looked so hurt, and Jared reminded her that Ethan had made his decision to stay with Gwen and she had decided to move on as well. Theresa accepted it and they embraced so he could comfort her. Ethan met up with Stewart in the lobby and because of what he'd seen, decided to represent Stewart after all.

At Tabitha's house, Tabitha and Kay discussed the third part of the spell to break the Mermaid curse. She had to make Fox enraged enough to kill someone. Kay decided that she'd get Miguel to make love to her and have Fox walk in on them. Tabitha asked her to think about what would happen after that and Kay refused, seeing only the short term goal ahead and not the big picture. Kay was sure it would work and Tabby thought it would backfire with both men hating her when all was said and done. Miguel got home and went to find Kay. She heard him and set her unnecessary trap. He walked in and she came into the room in a towel that slipped. She left the room to get clean clothes and Miguel called Luis for more encouragement. Fox spoke with Julian outside about Kay and Julian reminded his son to get Kay away from Miguel. They went inside and while Fox was in the kitchen getting a drink, Julian made nice with his adoring daughter. Julian told Tabitha that he wanted to make up for being a negligent dad by spending more time with Endora and little Ethan. She was resolute that he would do no such thing and that only got his back up. Tabitha tried to turn him into a rat, but Endora zapped her zap and canceled it out. She managed to evict him as Fox got back with his drink. Fox decided to go upstairs to find Kay and Tabitha sensed that an explosion was impending.

At Sheridan's cottage, Spike continued to blackmail Chris into embezzling for him or at least kill Luis. Chris refused to do either and Spike threatened to tell Sheridan everything. Sheridan arrived back home and in his haste to get out of the room, Spike knocked over an orchid plant that Luis had given Sheridan. It hit the deck and made a huge mess. Sheridan walked in and saw her prize on the floor and fell apart inside because Luis had given it to her as a token of their love. Chris talked about putting it back to rights and everything being fine and Sheridan could only picture her relationship with Luis broken and dying like the plant. Sheridan told him that Luis was investigating him and he defended himself and his honor. Spike sneaked out and got to the pool house. Crane Security got alerted to the intrusion and called the police. Luis took the call and headed over to the mansion. Spike took a swig of brandy and then hid when Fancy showed up to swim. Fancy saw Luis through the window and muttered under her breath. Luis looked around for an intruder and then saw Fancy floating face down in the pool.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Spike uses the stolen money to buy gifts for Jessica, and Jessica translates that into Spike loving her. Jessica admits to Spike that the only reason she married him in Rome was to protect her family, but now she feels that Spike loves her. Spike offers to take Jessica out to dinner to show her off and she accepts. Jessica is brimming with happiness. She runs into Simone and Paloma and tells them that Spike is so good to her. Paloma tries to set her straight by telling her that Spike is a bum and is using her. Spike is in debt, and he has to pay up fast. In the meantime, he tells his creditor, Tony that Jessica is all his, plus the expensive bracelet she is wearing. Spike thinks giving up Jessica as a hooker will even up his score with his debt. Jessica goes to look for Spike, and Tony attacks Jessica.

Rae shows up at the Book café to take Simone on a date. Afterwards, Paloma shows up with Roberto and suggests they double date. Simone wants to spend time alone with Rae, but Rae accepts the double date with Paloma and Roberto. Simone is worried about what people will think if she dates Rae in public. Paloma reassures her that no one will care, and if anyone does, she shouldn't care what that person thinks.

Kay continues her seduction with Miguel, and Tabitha interrupts using a spell to freeze Miguel. She tells Kay that time is of the essence since Fox is on his way upstairs. If Kay doesn't move fast, she would have to start the spell all over again. Kay starts seducing Miguel, but Maria spoils the moment, and Kay wonders how she will be able to finish the spell. It's not going quite the way Kay planned at all. Fox shows up and gushes at how great she looks. He proceeded to kiss Kay, and Miguel walks in on the two of them kissing. Kay manages to distract Fox by sending him to get her ice cream. In the meantime, Tabitha discovers that she has a virus because of the goings on between Fox, Kay and Miguel. Both Kay and Tabitha come up with an idea so that she can finish the third phase of the spell. If Endora cast a spell on Miguel to make him forget about Kay seducing him, that will prevent Miguel from thinking that Kay was just using him. Martin shows up at Tabitha's house unexpectedly to ask Miguel about Pilar, and Miguel tells him that he wants to be a family with Kay. Tabitha tells Miguel to go up to Kay's room since she is alone. Kay starts to seduce Miguel once more while Fox is on his way upstairs with the ice cream.

Ethan decides to take the case to sue Crane Industries on behalf of Stuart Allen. Gwen shows up and asks him why he has changed his mind. He hasn't told Gwen the reason he is taking the case is that he walked in on Jared and Theresa making love. In the meantime, Jared asks Theresa if she is ok since Ethan had just walked in on them making love. Theresa seems ok with it because she feels Ethan is bound to find out about her and Jared at some point. In any event, she is not pleased that Ethan saw them together. Jared manages to cheer her up. Theresa swears to herself that she is going to move on with her life. Theresa and Jared drink until they were drunk. The hotel suddenly goes dark. Jared leaves to get some candles, and while on his way, he is knocked out by a mystery person. Gwen thinks that Ethan taking the case will be a good career move for him. Gwen surprises Ethan by booking a room at the hotel, the same hotel that Jared and Theresa is currently in. Gwen waits for Ethan in her room and wonders where he might be. A drunken Ethan accidentally walks into Theresa's room thinking it is Gwen in bed waiting for him. Theresa, who is also drunk, proceeds to kiss Ethan thinking it is Jared.

Luis sees Fancy lying face down in the Crane pool and jumps in to save her. Luis gives Fancy mouth to mouth. He is worried that Fancy is hurt. He checks to see if Fancy has a heartbeat, but Fancy opens her eyes and smiles. As soon as Luis returns to give Fancy mouth to mouth, she closes her eyes and kisses Luis. Luis is shocked and pulls away. He asks Fancy if she is okay, and she responds by kissing Luis some more. Luis asks Fancy if she faked being drowned. She tells Luis that it's a practice drill, which makes it work related and it was a way of getting Luis over there since the rule states that they are not to fraternize. Fancy manages to get Luis back into the pool, and they are having a field day. Sheridan and Chris show up and realize that Luis and Fancy need to be alone, so they leave. Sheridan seems somewhat jealous.

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