All My Children Recaps: The week of August 28, 2006 on AMC

Kendall started to have doubts about Zach's innocence. Josh learned that Kendall and Zach's estrangement was a farce. Babe and Josh grew closer as Babe and JR grew further apart. Dixie tried to make a deal with Derek. Jonathan feared for Lily's safety. Lily arranged to meet her online friend in person.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 28, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, August 28, 2006

Erica was at home evaluating pictures of herself. Sean came in and Erica inquired if he got in touch with his mother, Barbara, yet. Sean said no and left, so Erica began to dial the phone to get in touch with her. Then, Jack walked in and told Erica that Sean would not be leaving. Sean came back and informed Jack that Jonathan stood outside their house the entire night. Jack was infuriated and brought Jonathan inside. Jack accused Jonathan of stalking Lily, but Jonathan denied this. Jonathan said he was only protecting Lily by watching out for T. Then, Lily came downstairs and complained everyone was "too loud". Erica took Lily upstairs. Jonathan asserted he would not leave until Lily was safe and returned outside. Erica came back and told Jack that Jonathan was only trying to help Lily. Jack was very upset that Erica was supporting Jonathan and not him. Erica replied that Jack no longer supported her either. They both agreed that ever since they were married, they had grown further apart than ever. By the end of their argument, there was no resolution and Erica left.

Tad was still shocked that Derek bugged his home. Tad told him the tape would not be admissible in court because a court order needed to be given first. Derek revealed he got the order weeks ago. He was inspired to do this after he overheard Tad in the jailhouse hinting to Zach and Dixie that he knew what they did. Tad angrily grabbed Derek and cops came in with weapons drawn. Tad let go. Zach announced Tad was lying because of his outrage over his affair with Dixie. Zach and the cops then left. Tad apologized to Derek, but explained he only said those things about Zach and Dixie because of anger. Tad said he would not admit to seeing the burial of Dr. Madden on the stand. Derek explained Tad would be charged with obstruction of justice and perjury and could lose his P.I. license if he did not truthfully testify. Tad begged Derek not to submit his incrimination. Tad said they were good friends and that Derek should let this go. Derek explained he liked Tad and Dixie and did not want to see them hurt; however, he could not jeopardize his job. Derek stated he would use Tad as the chief witness and left.

Ryan came home to the penthouse and found Annie gardening on the balcony. He sensed she was uptight and asked if T made contact. Annie said yes and that T took the bait. She then asked Ryan how Spike and Kendall were doing. He said they were doing well and that Kendall was a great mom. Annie then asked how Ryan was going to protect Spike and Kendall from Zach, the monster who buried Dr. Madden. Ryan assured her Zach was innocent and not dangerous. He also explained Kendall might forgive Zach and he had to respect Kendall's feelings. Annie complimented Ryan on being so generous with everyone in his life. Nevertheless, she urged Ryan to take care of his own needs. Then, Annie went to check on Emma who was watching TV. Annie returned to Ryan with news she saw on the television. Annie stated there was a witness that saw Zach and Dixie bury Dr. Madden. She said Tad was the witness and Ryan looked stunned!

Colby continually asked Babe questions about her night with Josh and the rocker, Zarf. JR looked annoyed and told Colby to leave. JR then asked Babe why she did not tell him that Josh was with her. Babe claimed she did not want JR to get upset since he was just in the hospital. JR proceeded to question Babe about the night. Babe believed JR was accusing her of hiding something else. JR admitted he was accusing her and voiced his angst over her relationship with Josh. Babe was frustrated and revealed she still did not trust JR because of his attempt to kill her. JR asked if she would always mistrust him, but she did not know. JR walked out upset. Colby then entered and told Babe not to blow her off again. Babe called Colby a spoiled brat and told her to stay out of her business. Colby stated that Josh was Babe's business and left.

Josh walked into Fusion and asked to speak with Kendall. He told her about Erica's attempt to have breakfast with him. He also said he did not view Erica as his mother and did not want contact with her. Josh explained he only had one chance of a true connection with someone. Kendall was flattered, but Josh explained he did not mean her. Josh revealed Babe was the person he wanted to connect with and Kendall was physically ill from the revelation. Josh asked Kendall to stop her feud with Babe. Kendall called his request "emotional blackmail". Josh stated that if given the choice, he would choose Babe over her. Meanwhile, Erin found out from Danielle that she hooked up with Josh a while back. Erin asked for all the details, but Danielle said it only happened once. Then, Zach came in. He announced, "Dixie's coffin and my coffin have just been nailed!" Zach proceeded to explain what happened with Tad. Kendall acted repulsed by Zach and told him to leave. Josh backed her up and told Zach to get out. Zach left and Kendall thanked Josh for defending her. Next, Babe came in. Babe and Josh began working on their marketing campaign for Zarf; however, Babe acted very oddly with Josh. He asked what was wrong and she said nothing. So, Josh left to take a break. Babe stayed at her desk and reminisced about her and Josh showering together! Meanwhile, Josh went to the roof and was surprised to see Zach and Kendall kissing! He hid and listened to their conversation. Kendall inquired what they were going to do. Zach assured Kendall he was not going to lose her!

Colby met Sean in the park and he gave her a concealed item. Colby was pleased and planned to try the item that night.

Tad went to see JR at the Chandler Mansion. Tad was flustered and told JR that Dixie tried everything in order to find Kate. Then, Tad blurted out, "They did it!" JR was shocked and confused. Tad further explained that he would be the chief witness against Dixie and Zach!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ryan went to Fusion looking for Kendall but she and Zach snuck away to the rooftop for a long overdue make-out session. Kendall told Zach that the only way she could get through all this is knowing that he would be coming home soon. Ryan found them on the roof in each other's arms and reamed both Zach and Kendall for their behavior. Kendall tried to calm him down but Ryan told them about Tad allegedly seeing Zach and Dixie with Madden's body. Kendall asked Ryan what they needed to do to shut Tad and then suggested that they tell Tad the truth about the "affair". Ryan told her it was a bad idea to come clean with Tad and it was too big a risk. After some serious coaxing from Kendall, Ryan told her that Tad's story was not a lie, but that he did see them with a body that night.

When Kendall and Zach were on the roof, Josh opened the door just enough to see them together. He stopped and turned around before they saw him. Josh returned to the scene of the Madden burial and Babe followed. He told Babe that he knew that Zach and Dixie killed his father. He explained that the alibi was a lie. Babe, not believing her ears, said that if that was true, it would kill J.R. A conflicted Josh struggled with his loyalty to his new family and sister, Kendall or telling the police what he saw. Babe begged Josh not to go to the cops about Dixie and Zach, it would kill J.R.

J.R. and Jamie told Tad not to go public with the information he had about Zach and Dixie. Tad apologized but tried to explain what he saw the night Madden went missing. Tad told them that Derek had bugged his house and knew everything. J.R. and Jamie asked how he could turn Dixie in to the cops. Tad said that if this were about revenge on Dixie he would have found a way to do it without hurting them. Tad told J.R. that he never said anything because he didn't want to be the one to take his mother away from him again. J.R. said that he could make Tad disappear until this all ended. Tad said he would do it for them, but he had to leave PV tonight. Tad said he couldn't hurt Dixie and if leaving PV for good is what it took, he would do it. They asked Tad if he was sure he wanted to leave for good and he said he had no choice. J.R. packed his hand with a lot of cash and after hugging his boys goodbye, Tad left the Chandler mansion. J.R. and Jamie knew that even without Tad, Dixie still could go to prison because the cops had Tad's story on tape. They then left to steal the tape from the police station. As Tad entered his house, someone hit him on the head and he went down.

Del and Di went to Dixie's room and told her to pack and get out of town. They told her that Tad had the information to put her in jail. Dixie kept professing her innocence, but Di told her it didn't matter, if she stayed in PV she would go to jail. Again, Di told her she had no choice but to run. Dixie said she couldn't leave her family again but Di and Del insisted. Dixie also said she couldn't run and leave Zach. Di asked if she had fallen for Zach, but Del came back before she answered. Zach returned to Dixie's suite and he told her that they had to keep Tad from talking. Zach offered to shut Tad up himself. Dixie told Zach not to hurt Tad because he didn't deserve any more suffering. Dixie said she didn't care what it cost her, she couldn't hurt Tad again.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Colby, Sean, and some friends were at ConFusion. Sean had given Colby a fake license and they used it to get drinks from a waitress. Next, Jonathan came in. He told Jamal that Amanda needed him to work, so he had someone else watching Lily's house. Then, Jonathan saw Sean and immediately busted him for the fake licenses. Sean pleaded with Jonathan not to call the cops because they were family. Jonathan agreed to let him go if Sean watched Lily and reported back to him. Meanwhile, Sydney approached Colby in the bar. Sydney told Colby she wanted the dress Colby already picked out for their sweet 16. Colby refused, so Sydney blackmailed Colby with a picture of her sipping champagne. Colby said even if Sydney had the dress, she could not get Sean. Then, Sean walked up and put his arms around both girls.

Jack opened the door to his house and found Annie outside. She said she needed to apologize, but Jack was confused because he did not know her. Annie came inside and explained she was T's ex-wife. Jack thanked Annie for her concern and assured her he could take care of his daughter. Annie told Jack he needed to know everything about T. She explained she was a smart woman, but still she was fooled by T. Annie said he was a perverted predator who was after Lily. Jack said Annie was not responsible for T's actions. Annie urged Jack to work with Ryan and Jonathan in regards to security. Jack warned Annie about the "Lavery crew". Then, Jack thanked Annie again and she left.

Lily was IMing with Asperger Boy, which was really T. Lily told T she liked IMing him because he was her only friend. T continued to make up stories about how his disability made him abnormal. Lily related to his issues. T said he wanted to meet, but Lily responded there was a rule against this. T said the rule only applied to kids. Lily wrote she was 18 and could meet him. She heard the protocol for a first encounter should be in a busy place during the day. T said he would be too nervous and might have a breakdown in a busy place and declined her invitation. Lily then agreed to meet him alone!

Josh and Babe were still in the park. Babe begged Josh not to go to the police. Josh believed Zach and Dixie deserved to be punished. Babe said she was not asking this favor for JR, but for herself. Josh stated he was not kind like Babe and did not put others first. He recalled many times he acted selfishly. Josh declared nothing Babe could say would stop him. As he turned to leave, he looked at where his father was buried. He kneeled down and began to cry. He then yelled at Babe and said she must be a witch because he was possessed. So, Josh gave in and decided not to go to the police. Babe told Josh that he had a heart and a soul. She proclaimed he was the golden child, but he did not realize it yet. Babe then told him she listened to the music demo at work. Babe described it as hot. Josh stood close to her and they looked into each other's eyes. Josh said it was sexy and Babe replied it was addictive. Then, they left the park in opposite directions.

Derek was in his office listening to the tape of Tad. Then, JR, Jamie, and Amanda walked into the police station. JR and Jamie asked Amanda to distract Derek so they could steal the tape. Amanda agreed to do it for Jamie and Babe, but voiced her anger against JR. Amanda then asked Derek to talk about her parents. Derek took her out for a cup of coffee, but not before he locked the tape in a desk drawer. After they left, Jamie and JR went into the office and began picking the lock. When they opened the drawer, someone smashed a bat on the desk. It was Zach! So, Zach took the tape and the three started to fight over it. Jamie and JR blamed Zach for Dixie's predicament. Then, JR grabbed his head and fell to the ground. As Zach caught JR from falling, Jamie grabbed the tape. So, Zach lunged at Jamie, but quickly backed off. Zach left the office and Jamie realized he stole the tape back. The two rushed outside and Derek was standing right there!

Kendall was upset with Ryan because he believed Zach was guilty. Kendall demanded he admit he was lying. After Ryan claimed he did not mean it, Kendall pressed him for information. Ryan was confused and did not know what Kendall waned to hear. Finally, Ryan admitted he found proof that Zach was guilty. Ryan said a month ago he was looking for Spike's humidifier in Kendall's home. When he was in the closet, he found an unmarked CD. He played it and it was the same CD JR played of Dr. Madden. Kendall inquired how the CD got to JR's house. Ryan confessed to planting it at JR's for revenge. Kendall was very pleased that Ryan tried to punish JR for what he did to her and Spike. Ryan was glad she was impressed with him, but wondered how she felt about Zach now. Kendall believed Zach was framed. Ryan stated if she believed Zach was innocent, he would back her up. Then, Kendall began to doubt Zach and started to cry. Kendall was upset over the idea that Zach lied to her again. Ryan held Kendall as she wept.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Kendall finds Zach playing with a pair of confiscated dice in his office. Upon her arrival, he announces that the best part of his day is seeing her and goes to greet her with a kiss. She shrugs him off, and he assumes that it is because of the open door. He goes to close it and finds a woman blocking his way. He tries to get her to leave but Kendall quickly introduces the woman as her lawyer, and informs him that she is filing for divorce - again. She tells him that she wants a cash settlement, the casino and an agreement that he will stay 500 feet away from Spike at all times. She notes that he can have the rest and that he and Dixie can move to Vegas for all she cares. Zach resists, trying to confirm that she believes Tad's story. She tells him that Tad isn't the liar, and that if the police believe him, there is no reason why she shouldn't either. The lawyer then tries to get him to sign the document in the appropriate places, but Zach refuses to do anything until he has a chance to talk to Kendall alone. The lawyer suggests that it might not be the best idea for Kendall to be alone with her husband, but Kendall rejects her advice. The lawyer then asks Zach to agree to the equitable settlement with as little emotion as possible, as that would make the situation easier. Zach notes that he is never emotional - simply impatient. He hands her the cheater's die and invites her to play a few rounds downstairs. After kicking her out of the office, he locks himself in with Kendall. He brings her irritation to light, and addresses it - saying that the tape and Tad are no longer an issue. She quickly asks him if he put Tad in the same kind of box that he put Greg in. Zach realizes how serious she is and asks what happened since the last time they spoke. Kendall reveals that Ryan found the disc of Greg's last moments in their closet - and asks where he got it. Zach takes in her berating tone, and then tries to address what Ryan told her. Kendall notes that it wasn't a story - Ryan actually found the disc. She tells him that unlike her lying, cheating husband - Ryan came clean about what he did. Zach tries to get more details but a knock at the door interrupts them. He tries to send the visitor away, but the party announces who he is and that his visit is important. Reluctantly, Zach opens the door and his employee informs him of a woman at table 5 that is cleaning them out and swore that Zach sent her. Zach tells the man to let her play and pushes him out of the room. He starts to lock the door again but Kendall tells him it is unnecessary because she is just trying to get a divorce. He asks for more information on why she is convinced that he is guilty, and she tells him that even though she hated his playing a hero to Dixie and the ruse about the affair, she went along with it because she believed in him. Now, she has a feeling that he lied to her again, even though she thought he never would - especially not after the blackout. She notes that Zach is definitely capable of burying a man alive, but what she wants to know is if he truly put their future in jeopardy and lied about it. Zach admits that he put the disc in his own closet, but refuses to give any more details. Kendall insists that because she did everything that he asked, he owes her the truth. He tells her that he owes her everything, that he loves her, and that nothing - not even the current situation - will get in the way of them having the future that he swore they would have. Disappointed, Kendall tells him that without the truth, he might as well sign the divorce papers because they are through.

Colby is knee-deep in explaining how she wants a Paris Hilton entrance into her party, while Sydney insists that regardless the entrance, Colby will always be lame. Krystal finds out that Colby posed for an ice sculpture and fairly lambastes her for the cost. At the same moment, Babe places a call to the police in an attempt to find out where JR is, as he hadn't returned home the night before. She finds out he's been arrested and informs the room before storming out. Colby selfishly notes that she will have harsh words for her brother if his arrest outshines her party. She continues to argue with Krystal about how important her party is, pushing Krystal to want to commit murder. Adam joins them just then, and tries to mollify the two. Colby immediately jumps into her father's face, insisting that recent changes to her party were small, but necessary. Adam jokes about what those changes could have possibly been for a few moments before Krystal bursts in and informs him of JR's arrest. In the face of his sudden worry, Krystal goes on to say that she doesn't know the charges because Babe left soon after finding out. Adam takes off as quickly as he appeared, and Colby rages about how Krystal's news could have waited until she was done. Krystal not-so-gently reminds her that there are other people on the planet besides her and that there are more important things than her wants. Colby tries to blow her off but Krystal won't have it. She tells Colby that she has had her fair share of run-ins with the law, and that every time, Adam has done something to make things go as smoothly as possible. She then tells the teen that perhaps she needs to allow her father a few hours to deal with problems with his other children. Colby ponders this a moment and then agrees, reveling in the fact that JR's arrest makes her the good child.

As JR and Jamie slump tiredly in their respective seats in Derek's office, the police chief asks them again where the tape is that contains Tad's admission that he saw Dixie and Zach with Madden's body. The brothers continue to deny that they have any knowledge of the tape, and Derek assures them that regardless of the stunts they try to pull - Dixie and Zach will go down for the crime. He admits that the now stolen tape was his only copy of the admission, and that the faster they confess, the faster they can leave. JR tells Derek that they can't be charged for something that they didn't do, and adds that he is starting to feel uncomfortable without a lawyer. Jamie tells Derek that if he needs to re-record Tad's statement, he need only contact the local PI. Derek notes that he tried to call, but found that Tad never made it home - and asks if either son has any knowledge of Tad's whereabouts. The duo maintains their innocence but Derek doesn't let up. Babe arrives and asks JR if he is being arrested. Jamie redirects her to Chief Frye, who tells her that obstruction in a murder trial is among one of the many charges he could fling at Jamie and JR that would stick. He asks her to talk some sense into them and leaves the room. Once the door closes, Babe asks why JR didn't call. He tells her not to worry about it, but she reminds him that his being in trouble also affects her, and their family. JR tells her that what she wants doesn't matter much, now that he knows that he doesn't really have a vote in what she does. She is appalled that in the face of jail time, JR is making the issue about Josh. JR tells her that she felt that she needed to stay in a hotel room with Josh to score a musician for their ad campaign - and now he is doing what he feels he needs to do. Babe tells her husband that he has no idea how much he owes Josh for what he's done. JR flippantly guesses that she is referring to the fact that Josh managed to not take her to bed. Disgusted, Babe calls him a jerk and walks out of the room. With Babe gone, Derek rejoins the young men and resumes questioning. Their stonewall holds, and Derek tries one final tack. He voices his assumption that because they were the only ones in the room, and because the lock was picked, it makes sense that JR and Jamie were responsible. He feels that because they don't have the evidence on them, it's possible that they passed it off to an accomplice. He then notes that he would hate to bring Amanda in as a person that could possibly fill that role, and the duo insists that Derek wouldn't do such a thing because of what Amanda had already been through. They try to walk out, so Derek handcuffs them and puts them under arrest. Jamie thinks the action is illegal, but Derek tells him he is lucky that he doesn't perform an internal search - as he wouldn't put it past either one of them to swallow the tape. He leads them out into the general waiting area and a few moments later, Adam arrives on the scene. Derek emerges from his office, and Adam he insists that Derek is grandstanding and exacting revenge on a personal vendetta. He announces that he has a call in to the governor and is aiming for Derek to lose his job. Derek orders that the boys be released, but promises to keep the cots ready for them. As Jamie's handcuffs come off, he notes that they might need the Chandler jet. Adam is reminded that the pilot called and said that whoever reserved the jet last night didn't show up. Realizing what that means, this sets off alarms for both Jamie and JR.

Josh arrives at the Chandler mansion and when Krystal answers the door, he asks for Babe. He tells Krystal that he needs to drop off some mockups that need to be approved by noon. She in turn asks him to stay for a bit, as she needs to talk. Krystal takes a quick phone call, and Colby takes the opportunity to try can schmooze with Josh. She invites him to her party as her mystery guest, but Josh declines, saying that her being old enough to drive doesn't make her old enough to date. She continues to try to impress him, unsuccessfully in Sydney's eyes, by saying that she can be of great assistance to him - as she did when she revealed the truth about his sleepover with Babe in Philly. Krystal arrives in the doorway as Josh, not at all taken in, tries to extricate himself from Colby's grasp. She interrupts the stream of words coming out of the young Chandler mouth by insisting that Colby need to go to her room before she really stokes Krystal's ire. Colby protests as usual, but Krystal doesn't back down. She heads out the door, stopping briefly to silently ask Josh to call her, and then heads upstairs. Krystal asks Sydney to vacate the room as well, and when she does, closes the doors behind her. With them closed, she asks Josh if he really came to the house to get in JR's face. Josh insists that he just came over on business, but Krystal thinks that he was hoping JR would answer so that they could get into it about the overnight in Philly. Josh asserts that he and Babe are just friends, but Krystal believes that Josh is circling Babe, waiting for the right moment to strike. She tells him that after all of the times that Babe saved him from his varied crises, he should see it for what it is - Babe feels sorry for him. She suggests that he back away from Babe's marriage to JR. Josh notes again that they are just friends, but Krystal insists that not only does she know what is going on, but she knows what is best. Josh questions her motives, as Krystal is now sticking up for the man who tried to kill her daughter. Krystal attempts to stick to her guns, but Josh goes on to say that he has been learning lately that mothers seem to think they know best, but it's not necessarily best for their intended target. He asks her if keeping Babe with JR helps her hang on to Adam before walking out on a stunned Krystal.

In the hall, Colby talks up her brief quasi-romantic run-in with Josh at the hospital, and tells Sydney that they slept together. Sydney doesn't believe her but plays along, saying that if they really did hook up, they should tell Adam because Josh could get arrested. Colby quickly changes her story, saying they didn't actually do anything, but that Josh wanted her. She tells Sydney that she can check with Jamie and JR because they witnessed the event. Soon, they go back in the living room, and Krystal tells them with bills like the ones they have racked up, no one gets a party. Sydney goes for the sympathy vote, saying that Winifred was so excited about the party and it would be a shame to disappoint her. Krystal tells her that people would get over it, and so would Adam after he finds out what Colby has been up to. Adam returns home just then, and Krystal asks after JR. After finding out that his son made bail, she proceeds to tell him about all of the money that Colby had spent reserving things for her party. Colby goes head to head with Krystal, sure that Adam would side with her. Krystal warns her husband that if he doesn't do something about his out of control daughter, she will.

Dixie leaves a voice mail for Tad, informing him that she knows about him being the chief witness for the prosecution. She warns him to stay away from Zach, and then tells him that she hopes his actions aren't payback for all she had done. She asks him to call her so that they can talk and starts to hang up. She reconsiders and adds a message maintaining both her and Zach's innocence, in case Derek's bugs are still in place. Shortly thereafter, Babe shows up at her door and stalks in with guns blazing. She announces that Dixie must think she is some kind of special in order to wreck people's lives and come away clean. Dixie tries to interrupt, pretty unclear as to Babe's reasons for her rage, but she soon finds out that Jamie and JR have been detained for trying to steal evidence, and that Tad has gone missing. Dixie is most upset at the last bit of news, which amazes Babe. She thinks that Dixie should be happy since the two things that could put her in jail are now gone. She tacks on that she shouldn't get to comfy with her alibi because there is a new eyewitness that can prove that her "affair" with Zach is a lie. Dixie asks who the eyewitness is, and Babe tells her that the witness is solid. Dixie asks why the witness doesn't come forward, and Babe evades the question - instead informing her that while she was gone, the one prayer all had in common was the wish that Dixie would come back. Now that she's back, everything has gone to hell. Dixie tells her that JR being in trouble is the last thing that she wanted. She also admits that she knows that Babe loves JR, and Babe tells her that the devotion her husband has goes both ways. Dixie then asks her where Josh fits into the equation. Babe insists that she is just friends with Josh but Dixie takes the opening as a time to attack Babe for her actions. She reminds Babe that perhaps she should worry about her own actions with Josh and the effects they could be having on JR instead of continually judging others. Babe tells her that Josh is the witness, and that he saw Zach and Kendall kissing and talking. She goes on to say that Josh was primed and ready to go to the cops but she talked him out of it because she didn't want JR to lose his mother all over again. She thinks that instead, perhaps she should have driven Josh to the station herself so that JR wouldn't be facing charges. Dixie tries to note that if she had known what JR would do, she would have stepped in. Babe interrupts and says that all of the concern that she has been exhibiting up until now has been useless, and Dixie tells her that she doesn't know the whole story. Unfazed, Babe tells Dixie that she needs to step up her involvement and plead guilty. Dixie says that she can't without hurting other people, but Babe thinks that it has to be easier than she is making it out to be. She feels that with the story about what Madden did to her, and without Tad or the tape - the jury will have no choice but to go easier on her. Dixie reminds Babe that she isn't the only one that is charged, but furious, Babe insists that Dixie needs to do whatever necessary to keep herself out of jail, as she did when JR went to trial for killing her.

Tad starts to come around in a dark space after being knocked unconscious. He finds that he has a small flashlight in his jacket pocket, and starts to investigate his surroundings. After a few futile kicks, he realizes that he is in the same position that Madden was right before he died. After realizing that he has no food or water, he swiftly concludes that Zach is responsible for putting him in the box. He kicks some more and finds a spot that is more hollow. Finding hope, he continues to kick - hoping for some progress. He finally hears someone on the other side and pleads with whomever it is to help him out. The door slides open and a mysterious person drags Tad out by his feet. Upon his release, Tad takes in who is responsible, and is less than happy about it.

Babe arrives on the rooftop of Fusion, tears of frustration streaming down her face. She is only alone for a moment before Kendall, tears of sorrow filling her own visage, joins her.

Dixie arrives at the police station and knocks on Derek's door. He tells her that JR and Jamie are gone, but she interjects that she is there for a different reason.

Jamie and JR burst into Zach's office, despite protests from an employee. They demand to know where Zach is and make it clear that they won't be leaving until they find out.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Zach comes back to his office to find JR and Jamie waiting for him. Jamie asks Zach where Tad is, but Zach tells them it is not his week to baby sit Tad. JR tells Zach that he covered for him at the police station by not admitting Zach was the one who stole the evidence tape. JR thinks Zach trashed the tape, along with Tad, but Zach is silent.

At Cambias Industries, Annie walks in as Ryan is reaming one of his employees for making a mistake. Annie tries to come up with a solution, which would save the company's reputation and let Ryan's employee keep his job. Zach comes bursting in moments later, trying to figure out why Ryan told Kendall about the disc with Greg's last words. Zach says Ryan has gone too far, but Ryan doesn't understand how Zach can love Kendall, but yet, leave her side when she was in the hospital. Zach says it does not matter because in the end, Kendall and Spike are both alive. Zach says he had to help Dixie that night because he knows what it is like to lose a child. Zach tells Ryan he has no right to question his love for Kendall. Ryan says Zach has to face the fact he got himself into this mess.

At the rooftop of Fusion, Kendall and Babe, who are both crying, try to walk away from each other. Kendall tells Babe that is crying because she is just handed divorce papers to Zach. Babe apologizes for Kendall's pain, but Kendall does not believe it. Josh walks in and harps on Kendall for making Babe cry, but Babe tells him her tears were not Kendall's fault. Kendall tells Josh that he does not what he walked in on, but Babe explains that Kendall is going through some hard times, so she doesn't mind the extra insults. Kendall retorts that she and Babe are not friends, but Babe tries to point out their similarities, which includes lying husbands. Josh gets frustrated when Babe does not reach out to him and leaves. As Babe walks off the roof, Kendall asks her how to forgive a man who has hurt you. Babe thinks Kendall is making another shot and her marriage with JR, but Kendall claims she truly wants to know how to forgive Zach. Babe admits she does not know if she will ever forgive JR, but Kendall knows Babe will forgive anyone for anything. Babe tells her she does not have the magic answer for forgiveness - all she knows is that she has stood for up for JR's mistakes because she loves him. Kendall says she tries to forgive people, but every time she does, they lie again and she feels like a fool. Kendall goes to Ryan's office and finds Zach and Ryan arguing.

Tad is surprised when he find Del leaning over him in the open coffin. Del warns Tad to watch his mouth when calling Dixie a killer, but Tad tries to explain he never meant to hurt Dixie. When Tad walks away, Del pulls out a gun and aims it at him, while Di comes in and ties Tad up. Tad says he wants to leave Pine Valley so he can't testify against her, but given his recent actions toward Dixie, Di and Del don't believe him. Tad promises to walk away from his life if they let him go. Di and Del untie the ropes, Tad calls JR and Jamie and agrees to meet them at the Chandler jet. Di thanks Tad for trying to help Dixie and Tad walks away. Tad meets his sons at the jet, hugs them good-bye and prepares for takeoff but Derek steps out.

At the police station, Dixie admits to Derek that she killed Greg. She asks Derek to leave Jamie, JR and Zach alone in return for her taking the blame in Greg's murder. Derek can see that Dixie is only admitting the guilt to protect other people so he does not take her plea seriously. He tells Dixie that if she willing to turn state's evidence, cooperate wit the district attorney and admit she had help burying help Greg, he will drop the charges against Jamie and JR for stealing evidence. Dixie says that she wants to help Jamie and JR, but Derek claims the only way to do that is to turn Zach in too. Derek puts a picture of Greg's dead body in front of Dixie, then leaves when he receives a telephone call. Derek drags Jamie, JR and Tad back to his office, where Dixie is.

In his hotel room, Josh uses pieces of wood to make some type of contraption. Babe knocks on Josh's door, but he is too busy working to hear it. When she walks in the room, she sees a wooden coffin Josh has made.



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