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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 28, 2006 on GL
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Monday, August 28, 2006

After Emma is unconscious after swallowing Ava's perfume, Buzz, Olivia, Coop, and Ava rush her to the hospital. Ava blames herself and Olivia accuses Ava of hurting Emma as payback for Olivia. Rick says that everything will be fine. Olivia tells Buzz that Emma is suffering because Olivia is a bad person. Buzz reassures her that everything will turn out okay. Olivia tells Ava that if anything happens to her daughter, she will make Ava pay.

After her confrontation with Alan, concerning his plan to prove Lizzie crazy, Beth goes to Cedars to talk to Rick about her dilemma with Lizzie. Rick tells her that she always makes the right decisions when it comes to Lizzie's well-being. Beth is relieved and the two talk about Rick's reinstatement at the hospital. Rick feels on top of the world now that he's back working and Mel has agreed to work on their marriage. Beth asks where she stands in all this and Rick says they need to get together and talk. When Beth goes to kiss Rick goodbye, he turns his cheek to her.

Mallet calls upon Gus to find out who is the mystery man with Jeffrey in the video. Gus learns that it is Jeffrey's former superior at the Bureau. They meet with the mystery man, who reveals he has a confidential file they should see that would prove Jeffrey should not be running for mayor. The agent calls Jeffrey, warning him that if he doesn't back out of the race, all hell will break loose when everyone learns "the truth." Jeffrey pulls Dinah aside at Outskirts and tells her she must retrieve the file before Mallet reads it. She reluctantly goes to Mallet's room and seduces him in order to get to the file.

Jon and Lizzie show Tammy the protective custody suit Alan has filed against Lizzie. The trio goes to find Mel to consult with her about the case. Jon assures Lizzie that he won't let Alan get the baby. Lizzie leaves the hallway to have some time to herself. Alan enters the room and he and Lizzie stare one another down. Alan insists that she is not rational. She refuses to give into him and insists she will take it to court. Jon and Tammy come in and break up their argument. Alan leaves, saying he'll see Lizzie in court. Jon follows him out and the two end up on a terrace at the courthouse. Jon goads Alan that he's out for Lizzie's money and her body. He says that he has two hot chicks and a Spaulding heir. Alan loses his cool and begins strangling Jon. Tammy, Lizzie, and Gus show up and Alan backs off. Alan leaves saying, "I will see you soon, Elizabeth." Gus acknowledges that he realized that Jon was setting Alan up. Jon was going to throw himself off the terrace to prove that Alan was unstable. Gus advises against any stunts like that. Jon asks Gus if they are screwed. Gus doesn't say no. Alan, with a jack in the box, mutters, "Soon, baby, very soon."

Gus tells Lizzie that she's not alone and offers to help her if she needs it. He gives her a peck and she returns to the trio's room. She finds Tammy and Jon packing. They have decided the three of them should hit the road until after the baby is born. She's in with the plan, but points out that it's the four of them now, as she pats her pregnant belly.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dinah wakes up with Mallet and tells him she doesn't want last night to be the last time. She then steals the file on Jeffrey when Mallet goes to take a shower. She gives the file back to Jeffrey, just before Mallet confronts her for using him to steal it. Later Jeffrey tells his former CIA boss that he no longer works for him and to stay out of his way if he knows what is good for him.

RJ has begun acting out after the revelation of his mother and his Uncle Josh's affair. Josh takes him to Richard's grave to have a heart to heart talk with him. He promises to never hurt Cassie or RJ, and the two bond over their plans for the trip to New York.

Jonathan, Tammy and Lizzie are planning to leave town to get away from Alan. Tammy sees Cassie to tell her goodbye, and Cassie gives her some cash and her blessing. Meanwhile back at Outskirts, Reva is back in town! She convinces Jon to stay and fight Alan, and she gives him a file on Alan's history of wheeling and dealings. Jon decides to stay and fight Alan.

Reva returns to Cross Creek, but Josh is not there; he is at the Beacon about to make love to Cassie. Reva calls Josh and tells him to come home.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Reva is at the cabin when a military colonel arrives to see Josh. The colonel tells Reva that Josh is being honored about the USS Intrepid on New York for his work on the veteran's hospital.

Josh and Cassie are preparing to make love when Josh's phone rings--it is Reva. Reva tells Josh she is back and wants him to come home. She then abruptly hangs up. Cassie tells Josh that Reva probably wants him back. Josh responds that he is going to tell Reva everything and he wants to know why she left. However, nothing will change how he feels about her. Josh tells Cassie that he wants to let go of the past so he can focus on the future.

Josh goes to Cross Creek and is speechless en he finally sees Reva. He tells her that he is glad she is alright. Reva is a little confused by what he means and he states that he is glad she alright--in one piece. After all, for all he knew, she could be dead. Reva angrily blurts out is that the first thing he wants to say to her. She thinks the first thing should be an apology for cheating on her with her sister. Josh defends himself by pointing out that she could not be reached. Josh rants that she is selfish and reckless and always leaving him behind. Reva is not very apologetic during his tirade and surprises him by saying that she came to town earlier to tell him something important and she found him groping her sister at the Greek festival. She mentions that she knows the military will be honoring him in New York. Reva sarcastically talks about how Josh will be complimented about what an honorable man he is; when they both know the truth. Josh can see Reva's disgust and blasts that she is not thinking anything that he has not already thought about. He states that he wanted her but she just shut him out and disappeared. He reminded her of their promise up at the Lighthouse, a promise he feels stupid for believing now. Josh states that he waited for her to call him and calls Reva selfish and cruel. Reva accuses him of wanting to be cruel back but he denies it. He maintains that he needed a shoulder to lean on and Cassie was there. She provided an emotional connection that he wanted with his wife. Reva can barely take the excuses without laughing and accuses him of going after a younger woman with a pretty face. This angers Josh even more and defends himself by stating that if he wanted sex he could have picked up a woman at a bar. He makes it clear that what he and Cassie have is deeper than sex; they have not even slept together. Josh goes on to say that he had hoped that Reva would be at his side in New York, just as he had hoped she would have been by his side for all of it. But she was not. As he turns to leave, Reva tries to tell him something but he refuses to hear it. He simply says goodbye and walks out.

Later, Reva sees Cassie on Main Street and approaches her. Cassie apologizes and suggests they go somewhere else to talk. Reva asks why, so on one will learn she stole her sister's husband? The two start arguing about Josh and Cassie points out that Reva deserted Josh. What did she expect him to do? Cassie states that Reva made vows to share everything with Josh. What rules don't apply to her? Reva angrily brings up the rule against coveting your sister's husband. Reva accuses Cassie of getting back at her about taking Richard away. Cassie angrily denies it by telling Reva that everything is not about her. Cassie states that Reva failed Josh.

Afterwards, Reva is at Outskirts sulking when Billy finds her. When Billy finds out that she didn't tell the truth about the cancer, he asks why. Reva responds that in New York, she imagined that Cassie and Josh were having this tawdry affair but discovered it was not like that. Reva tells Billy that she could honestly lose Josh to Cassie. Reva gets teary and tells Billy that Josh has to be there for her at the end. The last face she sees before closing her eyes forever has to be his, otherwise she does not think she can go through it. Reva states that she has to go to New York to applaud Josh. Afterwards, she will tell him everything.

Josh and Cassie are commiserating over their respective encounters with Reva. Josh does admit that he does not think she was with Billy--she would not have been so self-righteous if that was the case. Cassie laments that Reva all but called her a slut but he tells her not to feel ashamed.

josh, Cassie, and RJ are now in New York aboard the Intrepid. Reva follows and watches Josh being honored and hears Josh's speech. Josh starts out saying "When you know in your heart something is right; you do it. Even if it's hard, even if it costs you something you love." Josh then goes on to speak about sacrifice Reva rushes out to see Josh and sees him, Cassie, and RJ all holding hands and happy. Late, RJ sees Reva inside the ship. Her presence shocks Josh. With tears in her eyes, Reva congratulates Josh, gives him a big hug and tells him they all deserve it. She then rushes out and walks off alone.

Thursday, September 31, 2006

Rick gets the brush-off from Mel, so he calls Beth. Jonathan catches them together. And snaps a photo, which he happily shows to Beth. He tells her to make sure Alan loses his case against Lizzie – or else. Meanwhile, Mel advises Lizzie that if she wants to keep her baby, she needs to stay away from Jonathan. Lizzie insists she, Jonathan and Tammy are a team. She tries to get Lillian to testify for her, but all Lillian wants to know is if Lizzie is in love with Jonathan. Lizzie admits she is. Olivia vows she'll never forgive Ava for Emma's accident. She tells Frank to arrest her. Frank refuses. Buzz warns Olivia not to play the Coopers against each other. Alan-Michael offers to fly a world-class pediatrician in to look at Emma. Ava is grateful.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Jonathan blackmails Beth into ruining Alan's case against Lizzie. Beth won't testify against Alan, but she does give Jonathan proof of how Alan's been setting her up. She lies to Alan that she was just bribing Jonathan. Alan doesn't buy Beth's story and locks her in a bathroom so she can't hurt his case. Cassie tries to attend the hearing and support Tammy, but Jonathan tells her she and Josh don't scream "family values." Josh leaves. Tammy wonders why Jonathan is defending Reva, when she is capable of doing it herself – isn't she? After Mel blows Alan away with Beth's evidence, Tammy is called to the stand to testify that she knew Lizzie shot Alan deliberately. To Billy, Reva laments that Josh and Cassie have a true connection. But, as Josh and Cassie decide that being together would be too complicated, Reva is telling Sarah's grave that she is giving Josh the ultimate gift – happiness with Cassie.

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