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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 28, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, August 28, 2006

Mike walks in on a still naked Simon with Carly at the construction site, who starts sputtering about spackle. Simon milks the situation. Carly tries to convince Mike nothing happened. Mike gets a cell call from Katie, who informs him it's baby making time and he beats a hasty exit. Carly rips into Simon for letting Mike assume they were having sex. Then she thinks it's all about getting Katie jealous. Simon promises to square it all with Mike later. Carly accuses Simon of just using her and leaves in a huff. Katie hears someone outside and arranges her teddy-clad self on the sofa, but Carly walks in. Carly explains about the incident, and re-iterates that "nothing happened." Katie latches onto the fact Simon was naked, like a dog with a bone. When Mike comes in, Carly leaves. Katie feels Carly is protesting too much. Mike is totally distracted by the baby making prospect, but Katie's focus is in on the site. Katie uses the lame excuse that Mike was late for her sudden lack of mood, which Mike doesn't buy. Simon joins Carly at the coffee shop. He got the deal, but says he paid 20% more than he would have if she'd been there in her designer dress. Simon says he needs her to "keep him honest." He promises not to disrobe around her unless invited.

At the Lake, Gwen angrily informs Will that she left town to get away from Jade. Will swears he didn't know Jade was coming. Luke even says it's his bad Jade is there. Will begs Gwen to talk. Gwen says since Jade came, she will somehow get her hooks into Will. Will says that won't happen, since he will send her home. Gwen wonders if Jade will fly home on her broomstick, then she stomps off. Luke apologizes to Will. Will asks Luke to make Jade stay away so he can fix his marriage. Meanwhile Kevin, his girlfriend and the girl who tried to hook up with Luke are hanging out. They comment on how lame Luke is, and he walks up. They brush him off. Luke just stands there, until Kevin finally agrees to talk with him while everybody breaks for a tag football game. Luke says that after years of friendship, they can't talk. Kevin states it's because Luke is "weird." Luke says he's been hiding a big secret. Kevin says to spit it out, he can handle it. Luke states he's gay. Kevin puts his hands in the air and leaves. They talk again and Luke states that he needs him to know who he is. Kevin remarks that he's a freak!

Also at the lake, Zach and Casey throw Annie in the lake. In the woods, Gwen says after sleeping with Jade and breaking up their marriage, there isn't much for Will to say. He says they can talk about college and adopting in the future. Gwen says to stop and that she has to go find Casey. Will mumbles that it figures. Gwen refuses to let him throw that at her when Jade is looking for him. She asks him to go home. Nearby, the gloved Slasher zips up his jacket and positions the knife. Later, Casey naps in the sun and daydreams that Maddie is asking him not to give up on her. Zach and Annie interrupt this with water blasters. Gwen meets back up with Casey, and tells him that she put all the kids' stuff together in a cabin. Casey sees Will and asks Gwen if he is going to bunk with them also, but Will turns away and she thinks Will is leaving. Will is distressed to see Jade, since she knows he came up to talk with Gwen. Jade lies that she came to be there for Luke after he comes out. Jade says she'll stay out of Will's way. Will warns her to. A nerdy fellow, Alex, joins the crew as the fifth person in the cabin. As they leave for the football game, the Slasher hides inside. Alex returns for his inhaler, and says he'll catch up. As he sits down inside, the Slasher grabs him from behind and lowers the knife! At the football game, Gwen is unhappy Will is still around. He says he just wants to play the game. Zach and Annie head back to the cabin for a little nookie, and they make out on the bed. They open the closet and out falls a slashed, dead Alex. They both scream! Back at the game, Casey and Will are captains. Will chooses Gwen, who refuses to play. Casey assures her that Will is trying to show her he cares. Casey takes her by the hand. Maddie is watching from the shadows.

At home, Tom and Margo discuss Louis. She can't believe he has completely disappeared, since he doesn't know his way around. Margo admits this case has caused her feelings about her own rape to surface. Margo blames herself for not understanding Maddie and helping her. She returns from upstairs, and Tom has made her homemade soup and hot tea. He has taken the night off. Tom assures Margo it isn't her fault. They start to kiss.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Paul and Lucy meet at Java to discuss Paul's offer to Craig. Lucy hasn't heard back from Craig and Paul asks her to let him know when she does. Dusty walks in wanting to know why Lucy would bother to help out Paul. He tells her Paul will just use her for what he wants and then make her pay for a long time. Lucy gets upset with Dusty for butting into her life. Paul explains what he and Lucy have been talking about doing and explains that his motives are all about helping Emily. She then tells Paul she'll doing anything she can to help him and Emily. Dusty wants to know the real reason why Lucy is helping Paul. She is offended by this. Dusty tells her she has to be careful being Craig's daughter, she can't defend herself against the likes of Paul. She tells him to either stop making things so dramatic or butt out. He tells her he'll just butt out because unlike her, he'll never forget what Paul did to his wife. Lucy understands why Dusty feels the way he does. She tells him she's not so mad at him anymore, she just likes to feel like she can take care of herself. She tells Dusty she'll be careful and that he needs to not think about Paul and all he did, Dusty needs to think about Jennifer and how happy she was with him. Lucy explains that she didn't really want to help Paul; she was just trying to handle the situation with as little interaction as possible with Paul and her father. Lucy confesses that it was nice to know that Dusty still cares about her.

Emma, Holden and Meg are at the farmhouse talking about Luke. Holden decides that it's time to tell Emma that Luke is gay. Emma is shocked to hear Holden's news. She reacts badly and she and Holden start to argue. Emma finds out that Lucinda, Lily, Meg, Jack, and Lucy have all known about this for a while. She's hurt that no one told her sooner. Holden tries to explain why they were afraid to tell her and she asks if they really think that she is that judgmental. Holden leaves in a huff, and Meg asks her mother how she really feels about Luke. Emma insists that she wants Luke to be happy and that she's not judging but she feels that they must have failed Luke in some way. Meg reminds Emma how much she loved Meg's father and asks how Emma would feel if someone told her that those feeling were wrong. Emma tells her she's made her point. Meg also reminds Emma how she can be very opinionated about all her kids' relationships. Meg explains that Holden is just being extra protective of Luke right now. Emma tells Meg that she loves Luke and his being gay doesn't make any difference to her. Holden walks in as Emma decides that she doesn't have to worry about Luke, he has Holden to help him through anything. Holden, Meg and Emma make up and have hugs all around.

Jade finds Luke and Kevin in the woods and starts to argue with Kevin. She defends Luke and says he is a wonderful loving man. Kevin says he's not a man. Jade asks Luke how he could ever love someone like Kevin. Kevin looks surprised to hear that Luke was in love with him. Luke tries to calm Jade down telling her that he doesn't want her to fight his battles. He asks her to leave. She makes some snide comments to Kevin as she leaves. Luke tries to get Kevin to stay but Kevin tells him if he doesn't let him go, he's going to get violent. They argue more about their friendship, or lack thereof, and Kevin gets frustrated and stomps off into the woods.

Emily and Henry are at the Lakeview lounge. She makes fun of him for actually drinking something non-alcoholic. Henry wonders why she is up and around and she tells him her doctor has given her permission to get back to normal. Henry thanks her for not splashing the murder stories all over the front page of the Tattler. Emily asks how Maddie is and Henry says she's not good, but he's glad that she is safe in Chicago. Emily tells Henry that things are going well between her and Paul. Henry reminds her that she has to be careful where Paul is concerned. They talk about possible suspects in the slasher case. Henry tells Emily not to get involved. They decide to run pictures and articles on page one of the Tattler until Louis is found.

Will is trying to show off catching the football and Gwen isn't even paying attention. Gwen has twisted her ankle and Casey is there to check it out. Will asks if they're going to play or what. Gwen wonders where Anne and Zach have gone and Casey thinks they probably wanted to be alone. Will goes over to check on Gwen and tries to insist on taking her back to camp but Casey talks him into leaving her alone. Maddie is hiding behind a tree watching all that is going on between Will, Casey and Gwen. Maddie then heads off into the woods. One of the other kids asks Will about his situation with Gwen and Will insists they're just going through some hard times. He tells Will that if he wants to fix things Will is going to have to get her away from Casey. Gwen starts complaining about how bad the weekend is turning out. Casey tells her she should probably go back since it seems that Will is not going to give up. Gwen refuses to run from Jade. Will walks over to try to talk to Gwen and they all hear someone scream. Casey goes to check it out. Will tries to make it clear that he did not have anything to do with Jade being there. He wants to talk to her and work things out and show her that he loves her. She tells him that she believes that he does love her. The group interrupts saying they're finished with football and are ready to head back to the cabin and tap the keg.

Anne and Zach find a dead Alex in the cabin closet. Anne tries to call for help but there is no cell service at the camp. They run off to find someone. Anne is running alone through the woods trying to find someone. Zach tries to find her but ends up going down a different path. Anne is lost in the woods screaming for help and the slasher appears, going after Anne, knife raised! Anne is running through the woods screaming with the slasher not far behind. She stops in a clearing to catch her breath, apparently having lost the slasher. The slasher drags a very dead looking Anne into the brush. Zach comes upon the drag marks in the mug and the slasher attacks him from behind.

Luke tells Will that he told Kevin he was gay. Will asks how that went and Luke explains that it probably went as well as it could. They talk about Will's problems with Gwen and Jade. Luke wishes Will luck and they head off in separate directions. Will sees Casey and Gwen go into the cabin together. Gwen finds Alex's inhaler and wonders what's going on. They discuss Anne and Zach and Casey decides this is the last time he's going camping with them. Gwen thinks maybe she was too hard on Will at the game. She wants to talk to him but she's afraid and she's angry about Jade. She says that she would love for just once to see that girl get what she deserves. Casey regrets how he's handled his problems with Maddie and Gwen says she should be able to get over Will's mistakes because she did marry him for better or worse. She heads off to find Will. Gwen is walking alone through the woods and someone is watching her.

Jade comes running out of the woods and nearly right into Will. They argue about her being there and she insists that she's only there for Luke. Will doubts her real intentions and they decide to go look for Luke to find out how he's doing. They are walking through the woods talking about Luke and Jade notices a praying mantis. In the background, Gwen sees the two of them together.

The kids are sitting out on some boats drinking and Kevin sees Luke. He stands up, beer in hand, and calls Luke a "liar" and a "faggot."

As Casey is collecting up firewood, Maddie shows up and says that she needs to tell him everything. Someone is watching Casey and Maddie through binoculars... and we discover that someone is Louis!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Carly accepts the bottle of wine Eve sent Jack. Carly tests him by saying it's time she and Jack got a divorce, and Jack agrees. Neither wants it, but they both pretend they do. Simon suggests he and Carly get some champagne and celebrate. She'd rather be alone and he understands. Louis watches Maddie with Casey. Casey finds a butcher knife in her bag, but she insists she's being framed by Louis. They find Zac's body. Casey tells Maddie to run ahead, and she does. When she turns, Casey is gone. She finds him unconscious and bloody. Gwen lends her sweatshirt to another camper. Later, she finds the girl dead. Liv teases Kevin. If Luke is gay, what does that make him? Kevin tries to prove his manhood to Liv, but accidentally gets hit on the head by an oar. Luke dives in to save him (avoiding the slasher without realizing it). He performs CPR and saves Kevin's life. Paul explains to Meg his plan to buy the paper for Emily and get her out of their lives so that Meg will marry him. So, is Meg ready to marry him, yet? They make love. She finally accepts his proposal and ring.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Maddie panics, calling for Casey when she realizes she is all alone in the woods at Raven Lake. When she turns around she finds Casey's body on the ground and screams. Maddie tries to look for a pulse but finds none. Just then the slasher appears and chases Maddie through the woods. Meanwhile, Gwen hovers over and cries in disbelief seeing Geneva's lifeless body covered in blood and marshmallows. She checks for a pulse and then jumps when she feels someone touch her. Gwen falls into her husband Will's arms. Will suggests that since Geneva was wearing Gwen sweater, the slasher killed her, thinking she was Gwen. The couple goes off to find the other teens to tell them the news.

At the Lakeview, Barbara and Dusty meet and Dusty tells Barbara that her son Paul is causing trouble once again. Dusty tells his mother-in-law that Paul asked Lucy to talk to her father Craig and convince him to sell the newspaper. Dusty's main concern was that Paul contacting Craig would bring him back into their lives, including Johnny's. But Barbara feels that Lucy might be the problem in all this. She then goes back to Jenn's death, and how Dr. Lucy Montgomery let Jenn sign herself out when she was gravely ill. Dusty retorts that it wasn't Lucy's fault that Jenn died, but Barbara isn't convinced. She admonishes Dusty to stay away from Lucy. At around the same time, Lucy's grandmother Lucinda is urging her daughter to pursue a relationship with Dusty, but Lucy disagrees, feeling that Dusty isn't ready to have a relationship with anyone. Lucy does mention however, that the two shared a close moment when Dusty called her "Princess". With that, Lucinda warns Lucy to take that opportunity because it might never come up again.

Meanwhile, Margo almost ruins some quality time with her husband worrying about her son Casey. Tom tries to reassure Margo that Casey is fine at Raven Lake. Kim stops by with a present for her grandson Casey. Upon learning that Casey went with Gwen to Raven Lake, Kim shows her disapproval. Tom explains that the two are only friends, and that they are fine. When Kim leaves, Margo tries to call Casey, still worried about her only son. Back at Raven Lake, Will and Gwen tell the others that the slasher is here and they must leave right away. All of a sudden, they hear someone coming in the woods. It is Maddie, her hands stained with blood and her mind miles away. The others think Maddie is the slasher once Maddie tells them that Casey is dead. Will and Gwen decide to go look for a gas station for help, leaving a helpless Maddie alone with some frightened but angry teens.

At the hospital, Luke explains to the doctor how he performed CPR on Kevin and asks the doctor if Kevin is going to make it. The doctor commends Luke for his efforts and tells him that he saved Kevin's life. An unconscious Kevin finally awakes, unaware of where he is and what happened. When Luke explains it all to him, Kevin graciously thanks Luke for saving his life and apologizes for being cruel and insensitive to him. Luke accepts his apology and the two seem to be friends once again. Meanwhile at Raven Lake, the band of teens force Maddie to join them to look for a bus to go home. Night falls and at the pier the teens find another dead teen and immediately grow angry at who they think is the slasher. They leave Maddie at the pier to fend for herself. When they reach the bus, the teens wonder how Ann already got into the bus. They open the door, only to realize that Ann is dead. Just as they are boarding the bus, Maddie tries to get in, but the teens lock her outside. In the woods, Will and Gwen are still searching for a gas station. Gwen turns around and finds Will lying on the ground motionless with blood around his neck. Gwen tries to revive Will and he awakes, saying that he was hit on the head. Suddenly, the slasher grabs a defenseless Gwen from behind, threatening to kill.

Friday, September 1, 2006

At Tom and Margo's house, Tom has found out from one of the other parents that none of the teens' cell phones are working up at Raven Lake. Margo is still worried about Casey, but she doesn't want to drive up there to see how he is. Jessica goes to visit Tom and Margo, where Tom tells her that Maddie has been cleared in the slasher case because they found a new suspect: her brother-in-law, Louis, who raped her back in Chicago. Margo tells Jessica she's worried about Casey, and she says she wishes Maddie had had a chance to tell him that her name had been cleared. Margo says that Maddie lived with them so long, she began to think of her as the daughter she never had. Margo wants Maddie to find healing after the ordeal she's been through, having been sexually assaulted, and Jessica reminds Margo that both of them are living proof that you can move past things like that.

Henry goes to the police station, where Dallas and Jack are reviewing a list of possible sightings of Louis, anywhere from Oakdale to Mexico. Henry thanks Dallas for his part in helping Maddie; Dallas says he feels guilty that he didn't do more to prevent the killings. Jack asks Henry if he's spoken to Eve or Maddie since they went to Chicago; when he says no, Jack suggests he call to see how they are, and he tells Henry that he and Dallas think they should notify the Chicago police that Eve and Maddie are up there in case Louis decides to double back to Chicago. Henry reaches Eve on her cell phone, but the reception isn't good; Eve tells him she thought Maddie had stayed in Oakdale with him, which sends Henry into a panic. Dallas asks where Casey is, and Jack says he thinks he knows; he takes Henry, and they go to Tom and Margo's house. Meanwhile, Jessica comes to the station and talks to Dallas, who again puts a lot of blame on himself for not figuring everything out sooner, but Jessica tells him not to feel guilty, reminding him that he helped a young girl face her past and brought a family closer together. The phone rings at the station, and when Dallas answers it, it's bad news. Henry and Jack arrive at the Hughes's house and tell Tom and Margo that Maddie is probably out looking for Casey, and Louis could be following her. They tell Henry that Casey is at Raven Lake, but they can't reach anyone up there by phone, so Tom says he'll drive Margo and himself up there while Jack takes Henry with him, and he says they'll call the sheriff, too. Dallas comes rushing into the house, saying he's just gotten a call from Raven Lake, and kids are being killed up there.

At the lake, Gwen is being strangled from behind by the slasher, but Will comes to her rescue, knocking the slasher down, but not before Gwen has been stabbed in the leg. Will and Gwen manage to get to a gardener's shed, where they try to regroup. Gwen says whoever attacked her was taller than Maddie. Will finds matches and lights a lantern, then looks at Gwen's stab wound. He puts alcohol on it from a whiskey bottle he finds among the gardener's things, then improvises a bandage for her leg. She asks where he learned to do that, and he says his dad taught him. Gwen says, "Don't you wish you could call your dad right now?" and he agrees, but he tells her Hal is in Washington working on a case. When she asks when he'll be back, he says he's not sure, but he thinks his dad would approve of the bandage he's just made. Gwen thanks him, telling him that's twice he's saved her life, and she apologizes for the first time, when Casey and the police basically accused him of having attacked Gwen himself. She says she knew then that he couldn't be capable of something like that, yet she stood by silently, even though she'd promised him to always be there for him. She asks if he can forgive her, and he says of course, because he still loves her so much, and he just wishes everything could be different. He leans in to try to kiss her.

Elsewhere at the lake, Maddie bangs on the door to the bus, begging the other teens to let her on, but they drive away. Ian, one of the teens, says he's upset that leaving Maddie all alone means she'll probably get away before they can call the police; he thinks they should all go back to get her, but the others disagree. Maddie stumbles around, from body to body, looking for a safe place at Raven Lake; she hears a noise near the boat house, and it's Ian, who tells her he came back for her. He tells her she won't get away with killing his friends; Maddie insists she didn't kill anyone, but Ian attacks her with a boat paddle anyway. Maddie hides in the boat house, and Ian keeps looking for her. Maddie gets out of the boathouse, but after stumbling around in the dark some more, she comes across Ian, now stabbed to death like the others. Louis walks up to her, and Maddie runs, eventually coming across Casey's body. Maddie apologizes to Casey, telling him it's her fault he's dead; Louis comes up and grabs Maddie, who knees him and runs again. Louis catches her, and when she accuses him of all the killings he calls her a "stupid girl," saying the 2 kids in Oakdale and the others at the lake were all stabbed by ... but then he is stabbed from behind by the slasher. Maddie screams.



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