One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 28, 2006 on OLTL

Blair and Todd made love. Todd advised Blair that he couldn't forget the time she'd spent with Spencer. Carlotta approved of Cristian and Evangeline's relationship. Dr. Snyder was arrested for child pornography. Jessica and Tess appeared to be integrated. Spencer was arrested, and Blair confided to him that she had been responsible for his arrest.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 28, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, August 28, 2006

Jessica and Antonio confront Snyder as one of the buyers of the tape Norman Leeds made of Jessica. After sending the other officers out into the hallway, Antonio stands back as Jessica unleashes her anger on Snyder. She berates him for all the damage he and other men like him have inflicted on little girls who have either grown up to be like their abusers or so emotionally scarred that they feel unworthy of love. As Snyder is being led away, Jessica comments on how sad and lonely his pathetic life is and unlike him Jessica has a family who loves her and two little girls she will always love and protect from people like him.

Adriana is surprised when Rex answers Dorian's home phone. She begins to wonder why they are together as Bruce wonders if Dorian is double crossing him. Adriana tells Bruce that Rex is doing everything he possibly can to find her. Bruce reminds Adriana that it was her distrust of Balsam that led to her right into his arms. He then calls Dorian and demands money, he reminds her that if she goes to the police he will harm Adriana. Rex starts on Dorian as soon as she hangs up wondering who has Adriana but Dorian firmly tells that Adriana is none of his concern. When Rex threatens to go to the police, Dorian confesses that Adriana has been kidnapped and will be killed if police are brought in. Rex knows that Dorian set up the whole thing but Dorian neither confirms nor denies Rex's suspicions. When Rex is still insistent that they call the police, Dorian pleads with him to call a truce and let her handle the situation so that they can bring Adriana home unharmed. Rex agrees to a temporary truce and promises to out Dorian as soon as Adriana is home safe.

Meanwhile, Adriana and Bruce go a round or two about Balsam and his determination to find her. Adriana insists that Rex loves her but Bruce responds that no one loves the spoiled rich girl. She gets Bruce to open up a little about the fact that he pissed off some people and could be killed if he doesn't come up with some money soon.

Spencer questions Michael about Starr's whereabouts. Michael advises Spencer that since he is not yet a part of Blair's family, he doesn't have to disclose their location. Spencer begins to worry when he checks his messages and realizes that Blair has not left him any messages. Michael tells Spencer that his brother John is after him and it's just a matter of time before Blair sees him for the lowlife he truly is. After goading Spencer and making him sweat for a while, Michael finally reveals that he saw Blair and Todd leave together and by the looks of it, they were going home together. Spencer leaves Blair another message and checks his own again before heading off to the penthouse to find her.

Blair and Todd end up making love at the penthouse. After, Todd informs Blair that despite the sex they just had nothing has changed between them. Although Todd doesn't rule out reconciliation, he reminds Blair that they just can't forget the time she spent with Spencer. Blair shares that she doesn't want to forget what happened but she does want to move on. Todd also can't forget how she believed he was a murderer and then slept with his enemy. While Blair is hopeful that they are on the same page, Todd feels that they have a lot to work out and the man reason he slept with Blair was to stick it to Truman. Todd wonders how far Blair is still willing to go to prove Spencer is guilty and makes her promise to not let Spencer touch her again.

John is impatiently awaiting the arrest warrant for Spencer in Bo's office. Before going to the shooting range to work off some frustration, John makes an offhand remark about Natalie possibly blowing things which leads to Bo questioning Natalie when she comes to his office. Natalie confesses that Spencer made her so angry that she said some things that might have put Blair in trouble. She tells him that she tried to cover but she doesn't feel she did a very good job and is not worried about Blair's safety. Bo confirms that Spencer is still at the hospital and assures Natalie that Blair is safe. Bo asks Natalie if she has heard from Rex because he is concerned about him and the situation with Adriana. Natalie reveals to a shocked Bo Rex's suspicions that Dorian played a part in her daughter's stalking and subsequent kidnapping. Natalie tells Bo that Rex doesn't have any proof but he is not going to stop until he finds Adriana and proof against Dorian. She then leaves Bo to go find Rex.

John has a chat with his father while at the shooting range. Tom lets John know that while being a cop was just a job to him it is a calling for John and he is proud of him for finding out who really shot him even though the evidence pointed to Spencer's brother. Tom wonders why John is using his old revolver and if he has a bullet with Spencer's name on it. John tells his father that although he believes in the law there are some bad guys who need to be taken out. John reminds his father that he has been waiting for this day for a long time. Tom hopes that John will find peace even if they cannot convict Spencer for his murder which he believes won't happen. Bo finds John at the range and regretfully informs him that the judge denied their request to arrest Spencer.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

After overhearing Evangeline and Cris discussing Cris' upcoming fight, Michael gives them both a dose of reality when he reissues his warning about the permanent damage to his hand that Cris could endure in the ring. Evangeline is taken aback as she believed that Cris' hand was healing. Cris assures them both that he knows his body better than anyone and his hand is healing despite what Michael says. When their conversation gets loud, Vince intervenes and pulls his prize fighter aside. He questions Cris about the condition of his hand but Cris feels that he is ready to get back in the ring. Vince then questions Michael about Cris' hand and gets a less optimistic diagnosis. Vince feigns concern as Michael gives Vince his assessment of Cris' injury. Vince secretly plots Cris' downfall as he gets the crowd pumped in Cris' favor at his press conference.

Evangeline and Layla once again have words regarding Layla's relationship with Vince. Layla turns the tables on Evangeline when she wonders whether Evangeline has taken her relationship with Cris to the next level. Carlotta overhears them talking and when Cris and Evangeline confess their love for one another, she gives their relationship her blessing.

At the clinic, Kelly awaits news about the health of her unborn child. Her physician explains to her that since she does not know what Kelly's or the baby's vitals were during her first trimester, she cannot truly assess whether Kelly's baby may be in danger. Kelly agrees to have a sonogram done but first the doctor asks her a few questions about the deceased father. Kelly explains to the doctor that her baby's father is dead because of a mistake she made and now she may lose the baby as well. The doctor tells Kelly that where medicine leaves off sometimes faith can pick up. She tells Kelly that there is only so much she can do as a doctor and that Kelly must help by having faith that her baby will be all right.

Clint and Viki discuss the latest developments regarding the arrest of the good doctor Snyder for child pornography. Viki tells Clint that Jessica was there when they arrested Snyder and that she is at the police station with Antonio. Viki also reveals how the incident triggered memories in Jessica of her encounter with Leeds. Bo arrives and the subject changes to the missing Kelly and her phone call to Kevin. Kevin walks in and fills Bo in on Kelly's crisis with her unborn child. Kevin tells Bo that it is imperative that they find Kelly.

John goes to the Judge Baylor's chambers and interrupts his "work" (mini golf) session. John feels that it is imperative that Baylor signs the arrest warrant before someone ends up dead but the judge feels that there is not enough probable cause to arrest Spencer. John offers to go over the evidence point by point with the judge so that he can see the evidence a little clearer. When that gets John no where, resorts to subtle blackmail telling the judge that it would be a shame if it got out how chummy he and Truman are. John alludes that by refusing to sign the warrant it could possibly be misconstrued as the judge showing favoritism to a murderer which wouldn't look too good to the public especially around election time. Baylor begrudgingly signs the arrest warrant but warns John that the evidence he has doesn't prove Spencer's guilt.

While John is busy blackmailing Judge Baylor, Spencer is confronting Blair after catching her in the penthouse with Todd. He demands to know why Blair was with Todd so Blair tells him about a robe her mother gave her for her wedding night with the man she loves. Now that she and Spencer are getting married, she had to go and retrieve the good luck memento from the penthouse and ran into Todd who was once again throwing out insults and accusations against her fiancé. Blair goes upstairs to get the robe and Todd comments to Spencer that Blair will never marry him. Todd then covers by saying that every time he and Blair were supposed to get married, she would do something to mess it up. Blair convinces Spencer that Todd is just throwing sour grapes and that she fully intends to marry him. After sending Spencer down to the lobby, Blair runs into Todd's arms and kisses him passionately. Todd asks her not to go because he doesn't think that he plan will work out the way she wants but Blair is adamant that she sees this through to the end so that Spencer pays for what he did to Todd and their relationship. She promises that Spencer will not lay another hand on her.

Todd goes back and forth between his scenes of Blair and Spencer together and her determination to make Spencer pay for destroying their family. While thinking of Blair, he reaches into a drawer and pulls out his wedding ring. Back at the penthouse John finally shows up with an warrant to arrest the caught off guard doctor.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kevin found Kelly at the clinic. She told him she thinks she's losing the baby. Kevin said he was taking her back to Llanview. Kelly was angry that Kevin thought he would just drag her back home. The doctor came in and told her to relax to keep her blood pressure down. Kevin left Kelly to relax and went to the hall with the doctor. She told Kevin that Kelly desperately wants to have the baby and that he should help her however he can. An affected Kevin went back into Kelly's room and smiled as she slept. He told her that he was sorry for everything he did. Kelly woke up. He said he understands why she felt she needed to get away and that he knows how much she wants to have the baby. "Whatever you need to make you feel safe, That's I what I want to give you," he said. "That's why I'm here, if that's okay." She asked him to stay and listen to the baby's heartbeat with her, which the doctor said sounds strong and healthy.

John arrested Spencer. "You've got nothing," Spencer said as they put cuffs on him.

David met Paige and told her Spencer had been arrested. They headed to the police station to witness it.

Evangeline went to the penthouse to talk to Todd. She said she was worried about him since his outburst at the gala. He told her that he learned that the whole Blair and Spencer deal was a ruse, just as he'd always expected. They found out that Spencer was busted and headed down to the station to see it.

Spencer taunted each and every person at the station there to see him go down. He reminded Todd that he'd be dead and buried if it weren't for him. John read the lengthy list of charges to Spencer and then had him taken away. He shot a desperate look at Blair as they dragged him off. John told the cops to search everywhere for the gun that shot his father.

Nash showed up at Llanfair. He was upset that they planned the integration therapy without telling him. Jessica got upset and stormed off. Antonio followed her. Viki told Nash no one was trying to shut him out, but that it was up to Jessica to decide whether he was part of what happens to her or not.

Jessica told Antonio that she's ready to be integrated now. She warned Antonio that after integration, even if Tess is gone forever, she will never be the same. "If I'm not, will you still want me?" she asked. Antonio said of course he would. Jessica then went back to Nash and said she needed to speak to him alone. She told Nash that she was sorry but Tess was going to be gone forever. "I know how much you love Tess, I can feel it inside," she said. "But I'm not Tess. And I don't love you." She said she can't let Tess out for him to say good-bye. Nash grabbed her and kissed her. She told him she is so sad for him and Tess and asked him to be there for the integration session no matter what Antonio thinks.

Thursday, September 31, 2006

Blair had a dream about Spencer trying to have sex with her, and when she said she hates him and really loves Todd, he strangled her. Meanwhile, Todd had a dream where Blair refused to marry him because she'd fallen in love with Spencer. "Sex with Spencer is just that good," Dream Blair said. Elsewhere in the dreamy intro to today's episode, Jessica dreamt that she was fixing breakfast for Nash and Brennan when a towel-clad Nash strutted out of the bathroom. Next we were treated to Adriana dreaming that she killed Rex when she bashed him over the head with the lamp. Finally, Spencer dreamt that he was standing in front of a target at the shooting range as John fired off a few rounds at him.

Back in the conscious world, Bruce taunted Adriana over how she accused Rex and "split his skull open" when she thought he was the stalker. Adriana said she feels horrible but will make it up to him. She said she hates Dorian for messing up her relationship with Rex and putting her in danger. "I'm never going to forgive her for this," she said.

Dorian was on the phone with someone telling him to have $10 million in an offshore account ready at a moment's notice. Rex woke up from sleeping on Dorian's couch and continued arguing with her over how she framed him and put Adriana in danger. Clint came by and Rex told him how Dorian was framing him in order to turn Adriana against him. Dorian denied it and kindly asked Clint to leave. Clint said he just wanted to see her before Jessica's therapy session. He could tell Dorian was hiding something and seemed a bit miffed as he left. Later, Bruce called Dorian and asked about the money. Dorian said she has it but that she won't pay until she gets Adriana back. Bruce hung up without giving a definitive response to her request. Rex popped open his laptop and said he knows where Adriana is.

Todd woke up on the couch at Llanfair. Viki came in to talk to him about why he's still upset given that Spencer was now behind bars. The conversation naturally shifted to Blair and her betrayal. Todd said he can't get the image of Blair having sex with Spencer at the cabin out of his mind. They flipped on the news to see footage of Spencer being arrested with Blair standing behind him in the peignoir. He flashed back to the night before when Blair told him that she was saving that peignoir to some day wear it for him. Viki told Todd that Blair was just keeping up the ruse. Todd said Blair is always using her sexuality to get herself out of a jam. Viki warned Todd not to let jealousy and paranoia ruin his chance for happiness. She suggested that Todd find Blair and talk to her about what happened before he jumps to conclusions.

Michael asked Blair how she felt about Spencer's arrest. She told him she's been working with John to bring Spencer down so that she could prove herself to Todd. Blair felt bad about everything, but Michael pointed out how everyone, including himself, fell for Spencer's act.

Todd tracked down Blair and asked if she loves ripping his heart out. Blair said Spencer made her put on the nightie but that she didn't touch him. "I kept my promise, I swear, Todd," she pleaded. "I won't break another promise to you." Blair said she'd go to Spencer and tell him off, if it would help. Todd said, "It'd be a helluva start."

John brought Dr. Snyder — the kiddy porn guy Antonio busted — to Spencer's cell. He told them to "yuk it up" over their old days when they worked together at a hospital in Atlantic City. John told Snyder he could get some payback against Spencer by telling him what they did together 25 years ago to cover his father's murder. "With pleasure," Snyder seethed. He then admitted that he covered up for Spencer by claiming he was responsible for Thomas McBain dying that night at the hospital because Spencer held over his head his sick obsession with little girls.

Blair dropped by the jail to talk to Spencer. He reached for her hand and asked her to tell him she loves him and still wants to marry him. "Blair!" he yelled when he got no response. "Tell me everything's going to be all right!"

Jessica told Antonio she's nervous about her therapy session, but excited to get her life back. They were smooching a bit when Nash came knocking at the door. He asked if he could see Brennan before they head over to Llanfair for the therapy. Jessica said she changed her mind and didn't want him to come after all. When Nash asked why, Jessica had a quick flashback to her dream of him in a towel, but she told him it was just because she wanted him to stay back and watch Brennan. Antonio walked up and told Nash to respect Jessica's wishes. Nash said fine. Once alone, Tess "appeared" to Nash as he played with the baby. He said he would die without her, but she said that Brennan needs him.

Antonio and Jessica went to Llanfair for the therapy. Nash showed up with Brennan just as the session got underway. "I'm here for Brennan and I'm here for Tess," he told Jessica.

Friday, September 1, 2006

Cocking a pistol, Rex told Dorian that he is going to get Adriana back. Dorian refused, saying that they have to stick to the original plan, so that they don't endanger Adriana.

Adriana fought with Bruce, telling him that he will never get the money, because for Dorian, money and reputation come before her family. She offered to hand over her entire inheritance to Bruce if he lets her go.

Evangeline told Todd to pay her only what he owes her and not the "bonus" he wanted to add. He changed it, and then she ripped up the check because she owes him a lot. The friends talked about Blair. Evangeline assumed they are back together now that Blair admitted that she had been playing Spencer. Todd insisted that Blair is, and always will be, a lying slut. He's such an adoring husband, isn't he? He said he's not willing to wait for her to stop, "doing her sex thing." Evangeline pointed out that Blair has always been like this and he still fell in love with her. Todd said that Blair is too much for him to deal with now. Evangeline was sympathetic and they toasted with beer.

Blair meanwhile was at the jail with Spencer, who begged her to tell him that they are okay. Spencer maintained that he is innocent, but Blair told him that she has seen evidence. Then she told him that she's responsible for him being in jail. Spencer thought that the McBains had poisoned her mind against him, but she explained that she had collected the evidence against him. She told him that she only loves Todd and no one else. Then she explained that he doesn't love her, that he had fallen in love with an image, not the real her. She also said she and Todd recently made love. Blair tossed his ring on the floor and walked away as Spencer yelled for her to come back. He reached through the bars to retrieve the ring, flashed back to moments with Blair and vowed to himself that she'd be back after Todd hurts her again.

Blair went to see Todd, when the elevator doors opened, she caught him in an embrace with Evangeline.

Nash came to the Lord manse with Bree. The entire family was unhappy to see him, but Nash wanted to be there for Tess. Viki urged him to make peace with losing Tess. Jessica stepped forward and told him she wanted him to stay, much to antonio's dismay. Jess said that she will always love Tess for fighting her battles for her, but that she now has to let Tess go. Nash took off to put Bree to bed before coming back in. Natalie came in to support her sister, then Jess told Antonio that she was ready. Under hypnosis, Jessica was taken back to the bar that Niki had taken her to. She remembered going with Norman to his house and playing with his stuffed animals. In her hypnotic state, Jessica picked up her younger self, and tried to take her away, but Viki's voice broke through and asked Jessie to stay in the state she was in, even though Jess was terrified since Norman was coming back. Jessica steeled herself to stay along with her 5-year old self. Norman came in then, and told Jessica that they were, "Going to make a movie." Everyone looked distressed by Jessica's mental journey. The hypnotist took Jessica to her second visit where Tess first appeared She winked at Nash and implied that she wasn't going away. When the hypnotist finished up and asked who was present, Jessica (or was it Tess?) stared back at him.

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