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A simple plan?
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Kendall's plan is simple enough as she plans to make it look as if Greenlee is obsessed with Spike as Kendall makes fake entries in Greenlee's 'journal.'

Kendall's plan is simple enough as she plans to make it look as if Greenlee is obsessed with Spike as Kendall makes fake entries in Greenlee's "journal." Doesn't anyone in PV realize there are computer experts out there that can determine when and how Greenlee's computer was accessed? Guess not at least not Kendall. Kendall appears to have lost it entirely as she continues to spiral off the deep end. She probably has good reason to be acting like she is but quite honestly I think this is sick and just makes everyone look bad.

Zach's plan isn't quite as simple since he needs JR to help convince Greenlee that her previously thought destroyed eggs are indeed safe and viable. I personally can't imagine anyone would believe this drivel. Zach caused the blackout to ensure Greenlee couldn't have Ryan's children because of Ryan's faked death, so why in the world would Zach have retained these eggs in a separate location? The whole situation isn't logical and I still don't believe Greenlee would buy any of this. Now this sets Greenlee up for a huge fall if she does. The whole plan is supposed to get Greenlee to sell her Fusion shares and then leave PV forever. And exactly why would she stay away once she's aware of the dupe? I don't even want to think that Zach has someone else's eggs involved in this plan. That would be beyond sick!

Ryan and Annie came up with a simple plan to trick Richie and make him appear to be insane. I think the writers are insane to expect us to enjoy them taking us down this path. Granted Tad seemed to enjoy the "game" but what can we expect of a torturer and murderer. It doesn't give me any pleasure to call Tad this as the "Cad" of old would have never been involved in such a horrible scheme, however that Tad is long gone. Of course, once Richie realized the big scam he sure wasn't acting happy and who would blame him. I have mixed feelings on Richie as the actor is really appealing but the character isn't. Why write him this way? Why give Annie such a dark secret? This isn't enjoyable!

It appears Richie has a plan to insinuate himself into Babe's life and that of Little Adam's life as he gave Babe a Mickey Mantle rookie card. I find it unbelievable in this day and age that anyone would not be aware of the value of a baseball card such as that. Richie needs a job but the only offers are coming from Ryan who Richie knows he can't trust. But this must be part of Ryan's plan, that and perhaps more torture schemes. This is not entertainment!

Aidan's plan is to continue to get air time! LOL!! Aidan appears to be everyone's favorite PI and he's trying to dig up dirt on Richie. It appears the dirt could implicate Richie in a child's drowning quite a while ago. Notice how the child's parents immediately defended Richie. I don't like where this is going. Lots of mail on Richie and that brings me to this week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week which comes from Michele who writes: "I do like Richie. The guy is a rarity on AMC. A new character that's interesting and seems to have a storyline. And the actor is that even rarer combo of nice looking and a good actor!"

JR's plan is simply to keep Amanda as his bed partner while pursuing Ava. I don't get the attraction here. Amanda is gorgeous and compliments JR though Ava comes across as a less than average slut. This new "character" is annoying and adds no value to the show - a complete bust in my eyes. I know they wanted Leven to be able to portray someone other than an autistic teen but this was not the right direction. Now she's sporting a new "do" Mohawk style. I have to say this is outlandish since the show will have to go with this story as her hair will take a while to grow out even though Lily will continue to have her regular hair style.

Jonathan's plan is to get married to Ava even with the Mohawk. Yuck - nice wedding pictures! I wish they had just killed off Jonathan after his murderous side was exposed. His talent is completely wasted currently and pretty much has been once it was determined his brain tumor was to blame.

Adam's plan is pretty much to destroy Zach as he continues to hold the cards over Hannah to insist she play ball in Adam's court. Why would Hannah care if the world knows she bedded Alexander Cambias Sr? She was of age and considering everyone else has affairs what's the big deal? Does she think Zach will shun her for the rest of his life? So what if he does? I really hope they don't rewrite history and make Ethan Alex Sr's child instead of Zach's. Even if they do it doesn't change the fact that Zach disowned Ethan to start with because at that point Ethan was portrayed as Zach's offspring.

It appears TPTB have a plan to reunite Adam and Krystal considering they continue to have the two of them interact and end up having sex. I've never liked this pairing and I doubt I ever will I'd prefer to see Adam and Hannah mix it up together and of course as anyone knows I'd love to see Krystal disappear from Pine Valley forever. I know there is support out there for Krystal as I've heard from several fans and these folks enjoy Adam and Krystal together, but I just disagree.

I noticed they mentioned Kate when Tad and Ryan were talking this week setting up the long anticipated reunion probably during November sweeps. I still find this to be a hollow reunion without Dixie being a part of it all. Julia just doesn't cut it.

There was more of the Spike hearing saga as he has fluid in his ears and the implant surgery has to be delayed. Yawn!! This of course led the way for Kendall to get Greenlee to open up about that night. I found it completely implausible the bloody car seat was still around. Of course the whole Emma has a tummy ache with Annie running out without calling Ryan first again unrealistic. I doubt Emma's been poisoned by Richie. She probably just ate too much chocolate. I know many that have done that before!

I've heard many rumors that AMC is looking to bring back a popular family next year and I have to wonder which family this could be. I would have loved to see them bring back the Dillons but of course that can't happen since they killed off Trevor and made Janet permanently "from another planet". I understand we will see Janet (Kate Collins) during the Thanksgiving week which will be a treat. Kate has always been one of my favorites! So what other family could return? The Santos family maybe? I don't know since Maria is in Miami running around with David Caruso and mama Santos was disappointing after the recast. I say "no" to a Santos reunion. What about Mimi and Danielle? I wouldn't mind them showing back up. Or Palmer's family - Nina and a re-cast Cliff with Bobby in tow and Petey aged? Who knows if any of this will even come about and if it does which family will be featured? Brooke would be wonderful but I doubt that will happen because Jamie went off to help Jake. How about featuring the Martins? What happened to Jeff? Guess he went up to the attic to join his brother who left those many decades ago! It's a sad state of affairs on AMC right now and it doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.

Take care, thanks for your comments, rants, raves and gripes!! See you soon!


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