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As the World Turns is my favorite daytime drama -- a fact that I have to keep telling myself as I watch a show that more than once this week made me want to turn it off.

Carly and Jack
I am having a hard time with parts of the Jack and Carly story: I like that they are remembering their past - great flashbacks. The part that is bothering me is the lie that will explode hopefully more sooner than later. I wish this story had been told differently; with Carly telling the truth right after the doctor told her or not finding out about the mistake until they had come back from Montana. This takes something away from the reunion of Jack and Carly because it is based on a lie and Carly will turn out to be the bad guy.

In addition, she has roped Brad into this as well based on the fact that he wants Katie. Brad has made so much progress and he is becoming the guy to root for. I feel bad for him that he is desperate enough to let Carly get him involved in her scheme to get Jack back.

I also hate that she is allowing her children to still think that she is dying - is this being a bad mother again? Being kids the ages of Parker and JJ, this lie might not be something so easy to get over. I wish the writers of this show would just give the viewers the benefit of the doubt and think through so of this before destroying a pivotal character like Carly - though it is not the first time.

Can Meg Get Pregnant?
As a longtime viewer, I remember when Meg was told that she could not get pregnant. Again, the writers disregard the history of a character to tell this story - all of a sudden Meg can get pregnant without any mention of the fact that her problem corrected itself. I guess the first sign was when Rosanna told Craig to get Meg pregnant to keep her away from Paul and Meg wanted to use birth control.

Rosanna is clinging on to Paul for her complete existence while knowing that Paul has feelings for Meg. This is not the Rosanna before the coma. The old Rosanna would have let Paul go. The other thing is that she has not been available to her sister who she thinks has a terminal illness.

I have to wonder why Meg keeps sleeping with Craig when she knows that she does want to be with Paul. Paul wants to be with her as well and he feels obligated to Rosanna. This is such a mess for all four people involved.

Lily and Holden
Are all of Holden's issues with Lily due to his jealously of Dusty? Does he feel as though Dusty could be a threat to his marriage because he was her first love? I would like for Holden to admit the reason for his hostile behavior towards Lily as it looks as if it came out of left field.

Lily has been just what Luke needs by being there for him and getting Noah to visit him. Lily did the right thing no matter what Holden thinks. Luke lit up when Noah was there; they needed to talk and clear the air. There were honest and adult with each other unlike the adults in Oakdale these days.

Here are some thoughts some readers shared:

Vette says, "They need to rename this show "As The Ratings Drop"! I have been a fan of ATWT for a while now. My sisters used to watch it but they through in the towel a while back and I'm starting to see why. First of all, the only reason I still watch this show is Carly and Jack. I get that she loves Jack, I get that she wants him back. But to have her lie about dying to get to him is just too much. Don't turn Carly into Brooke Logan from B & B. Brooke is using her rape to get a man back and now you have Carly using a brain tumor to get Jack back. Please make it stop. And the writers are completely ruining Rosanna's return. We waited all this time for Rosanna to come back and we get a whiny, Paul obsessed, bobble head! Come on!!!!! She finds out her sister is dying and in a flash she returns to obsessing about keeping Paul. She was more upset about losing Paul than she was about her sister's impending death. Do we really need another weak woman on this show????? Meg and Katy pretty much have that covered."

Jean says, "Well, that does it for me - I can't stand Carly anyway and now to read that she has been putting on an act and isn't dying ....why am I surprised!!!"

Lucie says, "I think the scene with Jack and Carly on the couch was one of the best I've seen in daytime television... it was fantastic. You truly believe these two are soulmates. Go Jack and Carly !!! It's making for some really good old fashion soap opera watching!!!"

Frankie says, "We are supposed to believe that Rosanna finds out her only living relative (Carly) is dying, yet she never even skips a beat before she's back to obsessing over how to keep Paul away from Meg. We waited all this time for Rosanna's return, only to have the writers turn her into some shallow self absorbed moron. The Rosanna we all loved was so sharp and business savvy that she would never have let Craig con her into believing she could hold onto Paul by letting Craig go free. I just hate when the writers do this to a character. Let's hope they get it together soon and come up with something a little more believable for this truly great actress."

Finally, we will lose Alexandra Chando as Maddie. This is too bad for us as viewers and the show; she is good actress and if they can create mediocre story for some of these other characters then why not have something for Maddie to do until Casey is released from prison.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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