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Babe has figured out for herself that Richie's bad news, and she's out for retribution. Apparently, her plan involves posing as a hooker. Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves.

As I sat down to write this column, I asked myself a question: Am I enjoying the return of Dixie? The answer - sure. As long as she isn't talking. Or singing. Or cackling. Or shaking her hips to cause turbulence. Or weeping to the heavens. If she were mute and immobile, I'd be one happy camper. Yes, there were a few decent moments, and I think there will a couple to come, but for the most part, watching Dixie "torture" Adam has only been palatable because of Adam.

I am looking forward to Monday's episode, though, assuming Michael Knight and David Canary are going to snark at each other for an hour. I'm not really looking forward to a blow-by-blow comparison of each man's sins, though. I know both of these men have done horrible things to each other and other people, I don't need to hear about them yet again. I was happy, however, that Adam got a chance to call Ghost Dixie out on the mistakes she made. To this day, Dix is cast as the angel to Adam's devil, a reputation she never really had rights to. From the beginning, Dixie has been far from perfect, bedding a very married Adam right off the bat. Sure, she gets a pass because she was na´ve, but I'm not sure na´ve and innocent and inextricably linked. Despite his flaws, Adam had every right to point out that Dixie was the one who gave away Kate to begin with.

Speaking of which, as much as I want a Tad/Kate reunion, I do cringe when I hear the various scenarios under which Julia will lose custody. I was somewhat impressed that AMC broached the subject of Kathy's current parents this week, though it would have been a little more powerful if the audience didn't already know it was Julia Santos in that role. I think there are a lot of story opportunities in a Julia/Tad custody battle, but from what I've read, those scenarios will be passed over for a quick (and likely tragic) handover (as though this little girl hasn't been through enough).

Best line of the week goes to...

Richie Novak, who finally let his true colors show where Ms. Arabella Carey is concerned. When Babe asked he would-be suitor if he thought she would just jump into bed with him when the truth came out, he replied, "You jumped in and out of J.R.'s bed often enough." The truth hurts, doesn't it? Of course, now that Babe has figured out for herself that Richie's bad news, she's out for retribution. Apparently, her plan involves posing as a hooker. Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves.

Speaking of jokes, how about that five-minute Lavery reunion this week? I'm glad I'm not a Ryan/Annie fan. Only moments after bedding his wife in the stables (where's Edmund's ghost when you need him?), Ryan began questioning his love for Annie. Classy as always, Lavery - make love first, ask questions later. At least this time, he actually did have memories about his wife, rather than try to piece them together from photo albums. What's worse, Annie now knows about Ryan's failed vasectomy, which she will undoubtedly use to try to trap her confused hubby. That's just what AMC needs, another woman obsessed with having Ryan Lavery's offspring.

Annie's role model in that respect, Greenlee Smythe, decided she actually doesn't want children. Greens' week started out pretty good, when her fiancÚ Aidan hopped a helicopter back to his 'true love.' Who knew Darfur was just across the state line? Of course, her happiness was short-lived since Devane was understandably pissed that the once baby-crazed Greenlee was ruling out having a family. It's just the beginning of the end for this couple, since Jack, who found out about Kendall and Aidan's one-night stand, will undoubtedly spill the beans. Bring it on, I say. Sure, I'm not looking forward to everyone dumping on my girl, Kendall, but Aidan/Greenlee was an itch that AMC never should have scratched.

Ready for 'Rylee'

It's time to just get on with it and reunite Ryan and Greenlee already. Just stop trying to push Greenlee and Aidan as one of AMC's great romances. This week, Greens actually told Jake that she loved Aidan more than any man in her life. Honestly?!? I've got three words for you: Leo Freaking DuPres.

At best, Aidan is third on the list (behind DuPres and Lavery) in the Loves of Greenlee's Life countdown (and that's being very, very generous). Since Leo's unavailable, just let the Green Butterfly and Dynamite Kiddo go off into their own little universe, away from Kendall, Zach, Annie and Aidan. If they want to throw Jake in the mix for a triangle, that's great - as long as he manages to escape her clutches eventually.

I'm really liking Ricky Paull Goldin as Jake, even though all he's really done so far is lie in bed and snark at his family and friends. It's clear that something horrible happened to him while he was away, probably involving his wife, Carolyn. Is she missing? Dead? We'll find out soon enough, I'm sure. I would have preferred if Jake decided to stay after his talk with Frankie, rather than at the urging of good old Ghost Dixie, but I'll take what I can get.

As much as I am looking forward to Angie and Jesse's wedding, I'm really anticipating this end of this Papel/Robert search for the Mr. Trunks saga. The scenes the Hubbards have been having separate from this melodrama have been pretty good - Jesse and Cassandra's conversation this week is a perfect example. I don't need these types of scenes punctuated by a creepy, pervy old man filling syringes and making lame comments about how elephants never forget. With all they've been through, Jesse, Angie and their family have enough story without adding in these ludicrous plot points. Hopefully, as May sweeps come to a close, so will the silliness.

Thanks and have a great two weeks!

-- Kristine

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