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You should not be playing God
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It's rather hard to write a commentary column when there's a really big pink elephant sitting in the corner of the room. So after I do a quick once over of some of the highlights of last week, we'll get to the topic that's on everyone's mind. I've put a plate of peanuts out, so hopefully that will buy us some time.

Due to the length of the column, I've had to split this week's Two Scoops into two parts. Below you'll find my usual commentary on last week's action. At the end, there is a link to part two, which features my thoughts on the move to Los Angeles. To skip ahead to the move portion, you can also click here.

It's rather hard to write a commentary column when there's a really big pink elephant sitting in the corner of the room. So after I do a quick once over of some of the highlights of last week, we'll get to the topic that's on everyone's mind. I've put a plate of peanuts out, so hopefully that will buy us some time.

I feel a bit schizophrenic over my feelings for some of the residents of Pine Valley. I never really cared for Krystal until she showed what I viewed as her human side following Babe's death. I was wowed by Bobbie Eakes during Krystal's pill-popping, emotionally battered relationship with David. Now, I'm flipped back over to the other side. I was really annoyed by Krystal's obnoxiously intrusive sit-down with Taylor at the bar. Taylor was just there minding her own business when Krystal plopped down and went on her "If you're gonna be in Tad's life, you're gonna be in my life" routine. Shut up. Let the woman drink her iced tea in peace. If Krystal is uncomfortable with what Tad is doing in his personal life, she could start by moving to her own place. Maybe I am reading the situation entirely wrong, but Taylor should have shown that she's Army Strong and dropkicked Krystal right out the front door instead of sharing cheese fries with her.

What's become of Aidan? Since he debuted in 2002, the poor guy has never had much purpose in Pine Valley. If he weren't so much fun for people to look at, I wonder if he'd still be around? Aiden Turner almost always makes the final cut for the Dankies' Most Attractive Actor category, but has he ever had a real storyline? Despite an Emmy nomination for his portrayer, most of the time Aidan plays second fiddle -- including now, where he serves as a punching bag to his new bestest bud, Zach. I don't want to see anyone lose their job, but it would seem to me that if ABC is looking for places to cut corners, why not give Aidan a front burner storyline or ditch the character who has never been able to stand on his own?

Kendall needs to call up that runaway bride woman that we heard about in the news a few years back. She wants to confess, confess, confess, and then when the two men she loves try to help her escape, she stands around with her finger up her butt like she's sinking in quicksand. If your loved ones care enough to help you flee the long arm of the law and you go along with it, you'd better see it all the way through! Why flee from jail only to surrender yourself in one of the wimpiest jailbreaks ever? Kendall needs to thank her lucky stars that Jesse doesn't follow the letter of the law. Otherwise, they'd have a Slater And Friends Wing at the jail.

Just something that popped into my head: I hope that the real people at the marina were told that All My Children was filming a fugitive scene. I'd imagine that there would be some very surprised sunbathers when they saw Pine Valley cops swarming the place.

Alicia Minshew scared the hell out of me with her jailhouse confession. She truly looked nuts to me. I have no idea what's going through Kendall's mind, if anything at this point, but it was one of those scenes that was amazing to watch. Also a highlight of the week was Stuart and Kendall's chat about how Stuart can "move on" now that Kendall has done the right thing.

How many schemes has Jake devised to help Amanda keep little Trevor/Tracy a secret? They staged the baby's death, faked a delivery, pawned the baby off on someone to hide, pretended that the baby boy is really a baby girl, and now there's a lie about whether or not Amanda can have children again. Whoo! I have trouble coming up with a lie to cover for surprise parties. I have no idea how everyone is going to keep all of these secrets. The thing that gets me, is that we all know that all of these lies will not protect Trevor in the long run. David is going to find out some way, someday. But in the short term, it's going to be someone else -- Randi -- that poses more trouble for Amanda.

Just when you thought they'd gone away, Tad found yet another "lightbulb" joke.

Annie got her wish -- a marriage proposal from Adam Chandler. Just great.

Is it just me or does it appear that Liza and David will soon be paired romantically? We always clobber the ones we love with a briefcase.

Erica took a vow a few months ago to stop meddling in her children's lives. Well, she stuck to her promise longer than I expected. LaKane is now back to telling Kendall what she should and should not do.

There was a lot of angst last week. JR smashing the bottle of booze against the wall of the darkened alley was a pretty powerful scene. When I saw JR pull the bottle out of the nondescript paper bag, I shook my head and sighed, "Oh, JR!" I was disappointed. Then he threw the bottle and I was suddenly impressed. Meanwhile, Randi is still going through it. She believes that she offed Henry North. Frankie's throwaway comment about, "Yeah, someone in my family committed a murder that I don't know about" probably didn't help. Both JR and Randi are at a crossroads: Randi is about to fall apart and JR is facing a true medical emergency.

Oh that Jennifer Bassey. In the few appearances that she's made this year, she's been phenomenal. I thought her courtroom outburst and subsequent confrontation with Adam were brilliantly crafted scenes. Ditto to the scenes earlier this year at Stuart's funeral. But the post-shooting scenes may have been the best. "I had to try. You didn't have the courage!" Marian sobbed. "What have I done?" It seems such a waste that Jennifer hasn't been featured on-screen in such a long time... and it doesn't look like we'll be seeing her much in the future.

Where did the new and improved Natalia Fowler come from? Since being upped to contract status and having her face appear in the show's opening, Shannon Kane has been nailing it. As much as I grumbled about Natalia's annoying attempts to get her mom and Jesse back together, I guess I do have to admit that everything she's done has been ... grounded. I liked that she admitted she went into law enforcement to be more like her dad, the man she's admired all her life. The fact that she's becoming disenfranchised by what she sees as his crooked cop ways is very refreshing, and Natalia has become one of the most enjoyable characters to watch.

Alright, I think I've covered enough of my comments on last week's show so that you'll allow me to get to the real big story. To continue reading to part two of my Two Scoops, the part where I discuss the big move, click here.

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