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Hey AMC fans, what is it that they say about the best laid plans? I had planned to do a fun little column that offered my thoughts on what would make 2010 a successful year.

Hey AMC fans, what is it that they say about the best laid plans? I had planned to do a fun little column that offered my thoughts on what would make 2010 a successful year. I even have part of it done. Then, I remembered that this week marked All My Children's 40th anniversary. I decided to do a little write-up about the anniversary, but the article soon took on a life of its own. The article ended up being more of a feature-length Two Scoops.

As a result, this week you will have to share me with the rest of the soap fans. I've posted the Two Scoops as a full-length feature for the site. You can read the entire article (it is two parts) just by clicking here.

But, you know I have a soft spot for my fellow AMC fans. After all, you made one of my Two Scoops columns the most-read Two Scoops column for the entire year. Which one? Click here to find out. As a special bonus, I will give you a special preview of my "2010 Look Ahead." Here are the the characters first, alphabetically, of course. I'll continue next week in my regular column.

2009: Shot and killed his brother in a drug-induced haze and then married the woman that most of Pine Valley thought had really pulled the trigger.

2010: I want to see the Adam of old return. David Canary is an Emmy winner -- and the Stuart murder storyline was simply not worthy of Mr. Canary's talent. So let's see Adam be crotchety and cranky and make life miserable for people. Adam was at his best when he was in love with a woman who hated him. For me, his romance with Annie is on the same field as Annie and Erica's feuds. Sure, Annie and Erica are fun to watch, but it's no Brooke vs. Erica battle. If Adam can't be the Adam of old, then the show needs to reveal that Adam really was killed and Stuart has been pretending to be Adam all this time. No, it wouldn't make much sense... but not much about the past year has made any sense. Maybe Adam was dreaming this whole time and he'll wake up and find Stuart taking a shower or something.

2009: He pretended to be a patient in a mental institution and later really went cuckoo.

2010: Presumably Aidan is going to be locked up for a least a portion of this year. Since I liked the evil Aidan better than the nice Aidan, I'd like to see Aidan's mean streak continue. Not in that cartoon criminal way, but in a "you screwed with me, so I'm gonna screw with you" way. We saw Aidan's tearful admission that he was miserable because Greenlee had been killed. I don't know if that was the truth, or just a carefully scripted moment by Aidan to continue messing with Kendall. Either way, what happens when Aidan finds out that Greenlee isn't dead? If he's in jail at the time, I bet he's going to be really angry. That could make for a very interesting return. Maybe he'll escape and kidnap Greenlee.


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