The Anna and Alex Devane Mystery

Posted April 5, 2000 - 00:00:00 AM
The Anna and Alex Devane Mystery

The mystery of whether or not Alexandra Devane Marick and Anna Devane are really the same person has become a little clearer --- or fuzzier depending upon how you look at it.

From the moment it was revealed that Finola Hughes would be joining the cast of All My Children there were rumors that she was returning as Anna Devane, the role she made popular on General Hospital. When her character's name was revealed to be Alex Devane, the speculation only grew. Was Alex a long-lost sister to Anna or were they one and the same?

In March, Alex, who has been having strange flashbacks of killing an English dignitary named Geoffrey Ashford, purchased a new horse for her brother-in-law, Edmund Grey (played by John Callahan). When asked the horse's name, Alex quickly replied, "Scorpio." She said she had no idea why she wanted to name the horse Scorpio -- only that it seemed to fit.

Now, on April 5th, Alex had yet another mysterious recollection. When hugged by a child patient, Alex flashed back to being hugged by another young girl. In this vision, Alex hugged a young girl with dark hair. The girl referred to Alex as her mother. "I love you, too, Robin," Alex replied.

In addition to these two name drops, Alex has exhibited martial arts experience as well as fluency in Russian in emergency situations. In a calmed state, though, Alex recalled nothing of these skills.

Add to that a man by the name of Guy Donahue (played by Hunt Block) who's trying to delve into the depth of Alex's mind. He's been writing secret messages to someone, telling that person that Alex's memories are "too close to the surface."

So is Alex really Anna? Fans of General Hospital could assume that the woman's memory loss is due to the explosion caused by Cesar Faison, an explosion that had supposedly taken Anna's life. But where is Anna's soul mate and husband, Robert Scorpio? Both Hughes and Tristan Rogers (Robert) have said they would happily return to GH if asked. Kimberly McCullough, who played Robin Scorpio, their daughter, had been firm that she has no designs on returning to GH.

There's been no mention that Hughes will be leaving AMC any time soon nor has anyone at the network hinted that Robin or Robert will be popping up in Pine Valley.

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