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Joe told Hayley that Mateo might remain comatose for the rest of his life. Jim held Edmund captive and pressured Brooke into moving up the wedding date. Bianca was sent to a New York clinic. Kelsey and Camille bonded over love woes. Liza learned that a rare virus had caused her to miscarry.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 16, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, March 16, 1998

Even though Stuart said that he didn't want to talk about Joy, Tad pressed him for information. He asked Stuart if he knew anything about Camille, Joy's daughter. Stuart stopped shuffling envelopes and looked quizzically at Tad. Stuart didn't know that Joy had a daughter, something that made Tad a little suspicious---or perhaps perplexed would be a better word. Tad asked Stuart to tell him everything he knew about Joy. Stuart sort of shrugged his shoulders and noted that he must not know as much about Joy as he thought. Before Stuart could get into any detail, Kelsey called him from WRCW and told him about Scott's plans to get married. Stuart jumped to his feet and ran out of his office area exclaiming, "my boy needs me!"

Meanwhile at WRCW, Kelsey begged Scott not to jump into marriage just to spite her. Scott quickly snapped that Kelsey had gotten Gillian into the mess with Immigration and that he was going to get her out of it. Gillian contemplated flying to Europe for the wedding, but Ryan and Kelsey were quick to point out that Gillian might not be allowed back into the country if she fled. The couple was still determined to proceed with the wedding. Kelsey dropped to the floor and said that they could only get married over her dead body. For Gillian, that was an added incentive. Liza returned to her office and found two of her employees fraternizing on company time and a young woman sprawled on the floor. She demanded to know what was going on, but she never expected to find out that she'd interrupted plans for an elopement. Liza booted everyone out of her office except Scott. Liza titled her head to the side and asked Scott to show her his hands. Scott blinked several times and followed Liza's orders. Liza slapped his hand and asked him if he'd been ignoring her when she'd given him advice about dealing with Gillian. She demanded to know what was going on and even asked if Gillian was suckering Scott into marriage by pretending to be pregnant. To that, she muttered that Scott should see get the pregnancy test results in writing before he agreed to marry the princess. Scott told Liza all about Gillian's problems with the INS and touted himself at the only one who could save Gillian. Stuart arrived a few moments later and congratulated his son on his engagement. This was hardly the reaction Scott---and Kelsey---had anticipated. Stuart spoke of the joys of marriage to his late wife, Cindy. He praised the love they shared and fought back tears as he realized how much he misses her. Liza knew that she should allow father and son to talk in private, so she headed down the hall to speak to Kelsey and Ryan. Scott confessed that he didn't love Gillian and stated that he was only marrying Gillian to keep her in the country. When Stuart learned that Gillian's deportation wouldn't take place for three weeks, he requested that his son wait the three-week period rather than rushing into marriage. That time period, he rationalized, would allow Gillian and Scott to get to know each other.

Down the hall, Gillian mocked Kelsey's failed attempt to get rid of her. In fact Kelsey's plot had actually pushed Scott into Gillian's arms. The two women began clawing at each other and uttering some nasty words for the other. Fortunately, Gillian deserted the office before anyone was harmed. Liza appeared a few moments later and took a sadistic delight in seeing Ryan and Kelsey suffering over Scott and Gillian's pending nuptials. Kelsey tried her best to convince Liza that she was trying to look out for Scott's best interests, but Liza knew that Kelsey was interested in Scott romantically. Kelsey rolled her eyes and sighed, groaning that she had no chance at a future with Scott now that he'd found about her role in the Immigration situation. Liza advised Kelsey not to rule anything out because anything is possible. Gillian returned to the office and all conversation halted. Liza left the room and only seconds later Scott took her place. He told Gillian that he had promised his dad that he would hold off on the wedding until just before the deportation hearing. Gillian worried that the wedding would never take place, but Scott assured her that it would. Scott and Gillian left together, causing Ryan to cast a piercing glance at Kelsey. She rose to her feet and warned Ryan not to tell her "I told you so." Liza returned a short time later and raked Ryan over the coals for a few moments. She tried to draw Ryan's ire so that he would want to pursue Gillian. It seemed to work for a while, but Ryan's ego was bruised because "the Boy Scout," that would the Scott, had managed to land Gillian.

At Tad's house, Camille poked around looking at pictures and knickknacks. The placidity of the moment was destroyed when Adam began banging on the door and calling out to Tad. After what seemed like an eternity, the knocked subsided and Adam left---only to show up a few seconds later at the side door. Adam managed to gain access to the house. Fearing that she'd be discovered, Camille turned out the lights and gave Adam a karate chop tot he base of his neck. Adam tumbled to the ground and remained there until Tad returned home. When Adam started to come around, Camille hid in the closet so she wouldn't be found. Adam told Tad about his feeling that Liza was somehow involved in the mysterious Joy lookalike's appearance. He explained that Liza's goal was to break him and rush the divorce papers through the courts. Tad couldn't believe that Adam had devised such a ludicrous scheme in his mind. He tried to convince Adam that he was off base, but, well, it didn't work. Adam had a proposition for Tad: Find the mystery woman and land a sizeable reward. Tad turned him down, but asked for full disclosure about his dealings with Joy. Adam refused and stormed out of the house. Joy walked out of the closet and immediately thanked Tad for not turning her over to Adam. She didn't quite understand why Tad was willing to help her. "Because I want to," Tad smiled.

Jim had no way of getting out of the office before Edmund and Brooke entered. Edmund went ballistic when he saw Jim sitting at his desk and demanded to know what he was up to. Jim played bashful and claimed that he had a confession to make. He apologized to Brooke for yelling at her and accusing her of wanting to back out of the wedding. Brooke got extremely nervous when Jim stated that he knew what she's been doing behind his back. Jim fell hook, line, and sinker for the bogus chat that Brooke, Edmund, Phoebe, and Dimitri had staged at Brooke's house. He told Brooke that Phoebe had showed him the clippings she been compiling about weddings. As for Edmund, Jim stated that he had "a score to settle" with him. It wasn't anything bad, except perhaps a bad attempt to convince Edmund that he was sincere in his desire to become friends. Jim told Edmund that he understands why Edmund has been so protective of Brooke---it was a natural and admirable thing to do. He extended his hand and asked Edmund if they could put their differences aside and become friends. Stonefaced, Edmund rose from his chair. He put out his hand and smiled broadly as he welcomed Jim's friendship. Jim decided to return to work, but not before asking Edmund to be his Best Man. Smiling in Jim's face was much harder this time around. Edmund pulled himself together and accepted the honor. After Jim left, Edmund pulled a "bug sniffing" device from his shelf and searched the office for any surveillance devices. The coast was clear and Edmund and Brooke were able to talk freely. Edmund checked his Email and found Dimitri's message. He informed Brooke that he was going to head to Rahway first thing in the morning.

Down the hall, Jim worked on developing some photographs for a feature in Tempo. He developed photos of himself, Brooke, and Edmund. He plucked Edmund's photo from the solution and placed it in a tray. As he poured a chemical onto Edmund's photo, one which acted like an acid and ate through the photo. He sneered and bid Edmund "Adios, amigo."

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

Camille didn't sleep well. Her dreams were filled of nightmarish images of a shadow chasing her mother. Tad, who rushed into the bedroom to comfort her, learned that the shady figure in Camille's dreams was Adam Chandler. The young woman claimed that Adam was chasing after her mother to kill her--and that she was next. Tad observed that Camille only "saw" a shadow in her dream and that it could have been anyone. Tad prepared an elaborate breakfast spread for his houseguest, but Camille wasn't all that hungry. She tried to teach Tad some slight-of-hand with a grape, but Tad's ten thumbs got in the way. Tad wanted to get to the bottom of Joy's death and decided that he would travel to Pigeon Hollow to see if anyone remembered Joy. Camille wanted to go with him, but Tad reminded her that she might scare the pants off of anyone who knew Joy. Tad liked the idea of going to West Virginia, noting that he might get some time to visit Jamie and Dixie. Camille quizzed Tad about the custody agreement he had with his former wife. Tad explained that Jamie was not Dixie's child---he as Brooke's son. Bashfully he told Camille that he's been married more than once.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Joe met with Adam and Trevor to discuss Mateo's condition and to confront the possibility of telling Hayley the whole truth about her husband's status. Inside their hospital room, Hayley continued to carry on like Mateo was just sleeping. Joe entered the room and asked if he could speak to Hayley in the hallway. She was surprised to see her father and uncle standing before her. Joe tried to put things delicately for Hayley's sake, but there is really no easy way to tell someone that their loved one might never pull out of their coma. Joe explained that most patients emerge from the unconscious state within twenty-four hours, but that as each day passes the patient's chances of regaining consciousness gradually diminishes. Hayley refused to believe the medical statistics. Arguing that she could will Mateo back to her. Joe's prognosis continued. He felt that Mateo would be best served if he were moved to a special facility for comatose patients. There, Mateo would be able to get the proper care he needed. Hayley didn't like the idea of sending Mateo off to a special care facility---she wanted to be with him around the clock. Hayley insisted that she be allowed to take Mateo back to their apartment. Adam stepped in and offered use of his sprawling mansion. Hayley didn't want her father to go out of his way for them, but Adam insisted. Joe approved the idea and said that he'd make sure that Chandler Mansion was equipped with the proper nursing staff and medical equipment. Now that Hayley was going to be caring for Mateo., she needed to know what might signal that Mateo was emerging from his coma. Joe stated that movement or response to stimuli would be the first indicators. Hayley gave Mateo a hug and told him what was going on. No one noticed that while Hayley embraced her husband his fingers moved slightly. In the hallway, Dr. Clader flagged down Joe and told him that he's compiled a list of patients that might have been exposed to an unnamed virus. Joe looked over the list and asked his colleague if he was certain that the names on the list were correct. Stanley nodded. Joe's brow wrinkled as he stated that the new findings could change everything between Liza and Adam.

Liza labored away in her office until Belinda dropped by to discuss strategy for the divorce proceedings. Belinda, who had been away for several weeks on some business matters, claimed to be up to date on everything that had transpired in the pending court case. Liza shook her head and corrected Belinda; Adam had changed his stance on the divorce and now wanted the rush through the process. Belinda wondered why Adam had changed his mind so suddenly. On cue, Marian entered the room and plunged into a frenzied apology to her daughter. Marian blubbered that she had been trying to help Liza earn financial security. Liza rolled her eyes and told Marian that sleeping with a married man helps no one. Belinda was shocked to learn about Marian's roll in the hay with Adam, but even more astounded by the fact that Marian had pictures of the rendezvous. Liza chuckled slightly and informed Belinda that Marian had hired a photographer to snap the pictures. Liza scolded her mother yet again and ordered her to burn all copies of the photographs as well as the negatives. In short, she never wanted anyone to see the pictures again. Marian, who had the negatives taped to the headboard of her bed, dashed off to retrieve the negatives. When Marian was gone, Belinda told Liza that the photos could make a difference in the case. Liza paced around her office for a few seconds before telling Belinda that Marian had actually slept with Stuart. Belinda's eyes nErley popped out of their sockets. She thought for a few moments and realized that Marian's faux pas could still help Liza. If Adam were to be told about Marian's plot, it might lead to a reconciliation. Liza was certain that there was no future for her with Adam and asked Belinda to move ahead with the divorce proceedings. Things got a little nudge from Adam's side. A messenger brought Liza a packet of information that informed her that Adam had arranged a court hearing for later that afternoon.

Edmund showed up at Tempo just after the crack of dawn. Brooke was surprised to see him in the office so Erley, but he told her that he was going to New Jersey to see Judy Morton. He asked Brooke to help detain Jim so that he wouldn't foil any of his plans. Jim entered the office and asked what was going on. Edmund, rushing out the door, told him that he had to do some emergency work on one of the articles slated to appear in the next edition of Tempo. Jim wanted to tag along---not because he wanted to work, but because he knew where Edmund was going. Brooke grabbed Jim's arm and told him that she wanted to discuss wedding plans. Jim claimed her had no time, but Brooke demanded that Jim listen to her. She smiled broadly as she announced that she wanted to move their wedding date up a few weeks. Jim could've cared less. He extended his neck as far as he could, peering out the office window to see if Edmund was still in sight. Brooke's delay tactics worked for a while, but then fate stepped in and ruined everything. A power outage at the company printing Tempo forced Brooke to take a few phone calls. While she was on the phone, Jim slipped out of the office.

In Rahway, Edmund met with an uncooperative Judy Morton. Judy obviously had no idea who Edmund was and to be truthful she really didn't want to get acquainted with him. He opened up a folder and flashed pictures of Maria, Sammy and Maddie, Mateo, and Brooke and Jamie. He told the inmate that his wife had been killed by Jim Thomasen. He also implied that if Judy didn't help him learn more about Jim, Jamie, like his two children, would be motherless. As soon as Edmund mentioned the word "explosives," Judy flipped out and called for the guard to return her to her cell. Edmund begged her to hear him out and she reluctantly agreed. Edmund promised to do everything in his power to protect Judy from Jim's evil wrath. Judy told Edmund that Jim's sole motivation in life is money. She told him that Jim promised to get her a huge insurance payment if she allowed him to blow up her home-slash-business. After the job was done, Jim still had some explosives left over---presumably the ones that showed up on the plane. Judy had no idea why Jim would be transporting the explosives on the plane, but surmised that it was for kicks or for the thrill of getting one past the Feds. Judy learned that Brooke was well off and commented that Jim had come along way from his days at the SRO (Single room occupancy) in New York. Edmund asked for more details on Jim's previous life, as it were. Judy informed him that Jim might have been a photographer---but that he wasn't snapping pictures of landscapes or buildings. He was in the world of pornography.

Back at Tempo, Brooke went to the darkroom to check up on Jim---but he wasn't there. Brooke looked around for anything out of the ordinary. She found it in the form of the ruined photo of Edmund.

Wednesday, March 18, 1998

Once one of Jim's friends, Judy's view of her former crony had changed since being incarcerated. Judy told Edmund that Jim used to dabble in kiddie porn. Edmund recalled a conversation he'd had with Brooke after Hayley and Mateo's trip to Hell's Kitchen. In the conversation Brooke informed him that Laura and Jim's paths had crossed at the SRO in New York. Realizing that Laura had posed for similar pictures, Edmund out two and two together and determined that Jim was the person who's snapped the pornographic pictures. Edmund told Judy that he was going to bring Jim down, but Judy warned him that many people had tried to do the same thing before him---and failed miserably. Edmund thanked Judy for her concern and for the information she'd supplied. He told her that he'd be in touch with the parole board and try to put in a few good words for her.

Ryan slipped into Wildwind and made his way to Gillian's room. He hovered over her bed and sweet talked her. When Gillian awoke, Ryan boasted that he'd come up with a solution to Gillian's immigration problem. Gillian snapped that her problems were between her and the INS and asked Ryan to steer clear of her business. Besides, Gillian had already solved the problem herself by agreeing to marry Scott. Eugenia wandered into the room and Ryan seized the opportunity to make things difficult for the princess. He asked Eugenia for her thoughts on Gillian's pending deportation. Eugenia knew nothing about Gillian's woes and, as expected, became concerned for her granddaughter's welfare. Seeing that he'd stirred things up, Ryan also let it slip, although it was no accident, that Gillian planned on marrying Scott to avert the potential problem of deportation. Gillian was furious with Ryan for blabbing to Eugenia and she ordered him to leave her room immediately. He obliged her, but the damage had already been done. Eugenia wanted to help her granddaughter, but Gillian insisted that she had things in order. Eugenia mused that she been a few years younger she might have found herself in a battle for Ryan's attention. Gillian rolled her eyes an feigned annoyance, saying that she wasn't interested in Ryan because she was set to marry Scott. Eugenia spoke up about Gillian's plan and flat out barred Gillian from marrying Scott.

Kelsey dressed up in a dowdy little outfit and paid Mr. Pinkerton a visit. Only one thing to note here---Kelsey was trying to pass herself off as one of Gillian's professors. Pinkerton fell for Kelsey's charade and believed her when she claimed that Gillian was a prize student. Sure he wondered why all of Gillian's other instructors claimed that she was difficult. Kelsey admitted that Gillian could be stubborn at times, but quickly went back to talking up her top pupil. Kelsey was about to leave the office when Scott barged in. He instantly recognized Kelsey and demanded to know what she was doing. Pinkerton then realized that Kelsey was "the prostitute" who'd been arrested with Miss Andrassy. Kelsey tried to make Scott realize that she was trying to help Gillian. Scott argued that Kelsey's help wasn't needed because he and Gillian were getting married. Mr. Pinkerton picked up a INS guidelines book and read off several paragraphs that pertained to marrying an American to avoid deportation. While Scott insisted that he fell for Gillian the first time he laid eyes on her, he accomplished two goals---Kelsey became extremely jealous and Pinkerton began to question the marriage more and more. Pinkerton warned Scott that if he was simply trying to keep Gillian in the country by pretending to really love Gillian he could face time in a Federal prison.

Erica and Jack paid a visit to Bianca. Things were quite uneasy in the young girl's room. She tried to force feed herself some pudding. Tears formed in her eyes as she begged her mother to help her eat. Bianca failed to realize that her stomach had shriveled up from lack of nourishment; She felt that all she'd have to do is tell her brain that she was hungry and that she'd then be able to eat and eat. Erica explained things to her simplistic terms, explaining that Bianca hadn't stopped eating overnight so she wouldn't be able to resume eating overnight either. Erica related some stories about denial and its effects on healing. Of course Erica's battle with Dr. Kinder's painkillers taught her all about addiction and denial. Bianca looked at her mother and told her that she had something she wanted to tell her. She struggled to find the words to express what she wanted to say. Finally she simply stated, "I have anorexia." Admitting that one has a problem is the first step in getting help to combat the problem. Bianca told her mother that Dr. Erle had recommended that she go to a treatment center in New York to continue her therapy. Bianca left the room for a few moments and Dr. Erle dropped by to speak to Erica. Erica tore into the doctor for going behind her back and recommending that Bianca leave town for treatment. Dr. Erle insisted that it was the best thing for Bianca and that leaving her "dysfunctional" family would aid her recuperation greatly. Erica remained on the warpath, but the physician noted that Erica's selfish attitude would send Bianca back to square one. Erica realized the error of her ways, but it wasn't until Jack spoke up that Erica agreed to let Bianca decide for herself if she wanted to go to the clinic. When Bianca returned, she was surprised to learn that her mother was okay with the idea of her going away.

Phoebe blasted rock music to thwart Jim's eavesdropping. Brooke returned home, heard the loud music, and immediately headed for the bugged table. She picked it up, carried it to the door, and tossed it out on the front porch. Phoebe warned Brooke that Jim would notice that that table was missing and become suspicious. Brooke explained that she'd tell him that she donated the table to the shelter. Brooke beat herself up for falling for Jim's scheming. She was so upset that she found it hard to sound happy when Laura called her. Laura picked up in her mother's frazzled nerves and asked her if Jim was giving her a hard time. Brooke wondered why Laura would assume that Jim was behind her problems. Laura dodged the question and told Brooke that things were going well for her in Boston. The call was cut short when Edmund called on the other line. Brooke took the call and learned from Edmund that Laura was somehow tied into the Jim puzzle. Before Edmund could give any more details, his cellphone transmission was cut of. Phoebe told Brooke that cellphones give out all the time and that Edmund would call her back. Brooke agreed and asked Phoebe to try to figure out why Edmund had mentioned Laura's name. Phoebe noted that Laura probably met a lot of shady characters at the SRO and that Edmund might had thought that Laura could help them find out where Jim had purchased the explosives. Brooke was content in knowing that they now had enough evidence to prevent Jim from ever hurting another person.

Outside the prison, Edmund laid sprawled on the cold cement. A figure bent over and picked him up. His lifeless body was then loaded into the trunk of a car. Jim was proud of his ability to knock out Edmund and smiled broadly.

Thursday, March 19, 1998

Eugenia's forbiddance of a marriage to Scott didn't sit well with Gillian. "I forbid you to forbid me," Gillian snapped petulantly. Eugenia reasoned that a marriage without love went against the generations old legacy of happy, romance-filled marriages by the Andrassy women. Gillian argued that she had to marry Scott to avoid being booted out of the country. Gillian's arguments that she was doing the right thing forced Eugenia to ask her granddaughter if Scott knew that she didn't love him. Scott chose that moment to enter the room and immediately assured the duchess that he knew that the marriage was going to be loveless. Scott told Gillian about his meeting with Mr. Pinkerton, putting emphasis on their need to study up on each other so that they can pass any tests that the INS might give them to prove the validity of their marriage. Gillian felt comfortable with her ability to pull it off. Eugenia, however, rolled her eyes at the notion of having to "study" to convince the INS that they were married.

Erica entered her office at Enchantment unaware that a stranger lurked in her office. Ryan approached Erica and told her that he needed to speak to her. Erica was frightened at first, but upon seeing a briefcase in Ryan's hand assumed that he was there to apply for a modeling position. Erica seemed somewhat peeved by the intrusion, but when Ryan insisted that he was there to make the "deal of a lifetime," Erica decided to hear him out. She sat behind her desk and ordered him to remove his shirt and pants. Ryan looked at her curiously before shrugging and unbuttoning his shirt. Once Ryan flashed his rippled abs, Erica decided that she'd seen enough. She told Ryan that he'd gotten the job and ordered him to head to the art department. Ryan was befuddled; He hadn't dropped by for a job---he wanted to ask Erica about possibly having Enchantment's television ads created at WRCW. Erica felt somewhat foolish, but in typical Erica style she got snippy to hide her embarrassment. Ryan handed her a sheet with some financial statistics. In short, it showed Erica how much her cosmetics company could save by having the ads shot locally. Ryan claimed that Liza had given him the greenlight to approach Erica. Erica doubted him. She called WRCW to verify that Ryan was, in fact, employed there. Satisfied that Ryan was on the up and up, Erica agreed to go ahead with Ryan's proposal. Mr. Lavery almost blew it when he asked Erica for a five hundred dollar advance. Erica reluctantly agreed and sent the still shirtless ad rep on his way. On his way out, Ryan passed by Jack who later asked Erica if he should be worried about seeing a buffed, younger man leaving her office half-naked! Erica assured Jack that he had nothing to worry about. Things got lovey-dovey for the two until Erica decided that she'd better contact Travis and tell him about Bianca's decision to go to the clinic in New York. Jack informed her that he'd already taken care of notifying Travis. Erica thanked Jack for helping her and noted that he always knows just what to do for her. Of all the men she's ever loved, Erica stated that only one other man knew her so well. That man was her late husband Mike Roy.

Gillian and Scott headed to Scott's house. There, Gillian tried to make small talk with Stuart while Scott ran a quick errand. Gillian claimed to "love" the cozy cottage Stuart lived in as well as his china pattern. Stuart didn't like the way Gillian freely used the word "love." Stuart asked Gillian if it bothered her that Scott didn't love her. Gillian admitted that she knew that Scott didn't love her---but that was perfectly fine because she had "enough love" for both of them. Gillian pointed to her diamond earrings and compared her relationship with Scott to her earrings---both were priceless and would last forever. One of the earrings slipped off of her ear and tumbled to the ground. Unaware of this, Stuart rose to his feet and inadvertently stepped on the earring. Peculiarly the diamond, supposedly the hardest substance known to man, crushed under the weight of his foot. Gillian scrambled to explain that she was wearing faux diamonds because her royal advisors wouldn't let her wear the priceless heirlooms except at social functions.

Gillian left the Chandler home and headed to WRCW. There she ordered Ryan to steer clear of her and her family. Ryan noted that she was the one who'd tracked him down. Gillian stuttered nervously as she tried to explain why she'd dropped by WRCW. Finally she explained that she wanted to deliver her message in person and stormed out of the office.

Fresh off of her debacle at the Immigration offices, Kelsey sought out the sage advice of her Uncle Tad. Kelsey heard the water running in the bathroom and called out for Tad to put on his robe and talk to her. Kelsey hadn't seen Tad in a few weeks, but when she saw Camille exit the bathroom, she knew that he hadn't changed that much since she'd last seen him. Camille strutted around somewhat pompously and introduced herself as a houseguest. She looked closely at Kelsey before asking her of she was Tad's girlfriend. That elicited a loud laugh from Kelsey who quickly explained who she was. Camille informed Kelsey that Tad had went to Pigeon Hollow on some business and asked if there was anything she could do to help. Kelsey sighed and assured Camille that she was too beautiful to be able to help her. That didn't stop Kelsey from continuing on and telling the complete stranger about the problems with her love life. Camille only wished that she could know how Kelsey felt; She stated that she's never been in love. Kelsey found it hard to believe that a woman as beautiful as Camille had never been in love. When Camille learned that Kelsey had never told Scott about her feelings for him, she urged her to break her silence. Kelsey said that she'd feel like a fool if she told Scott that she loves him and got nothing in return. Camille insisted that Kelsey cannot give up until she's done everything in her power to achieve success---and that meant telling Scott the truth. It all made sense to Kelsey in an awkward sort of way and she agreed to tell Scott exactly how she feels. Kelsey and Camille had bonded, well sort of, and Kelsey gave Camille her phone number so that they could keep in touch and stay updated on each other's love lives. After Kelsey left, Camille heard a news bulletin on WRCW about Adam and Liza's divorce hearing. Remembering her advice to not give up, Camille reneged on her promise to Tad that she would not haunt Adam and headed for the courthouse.

Back at Stuart's house, Stuart told his son that Gillian is a liar and that he doesn't feel that Scott should marry her under any terms. Scott explained that he owed Gillian something for getting her into her predicament with the INS. Scott also let it slip that Kelsey had called the agency after she found him and Gillian in bed together. Stuart was concerned that Scott had had sex with Gillian, but he realized that he, too, has recently exercised bad judgment when sleeping with Marian. Stuart headed out of the house just as Kelsey arrived. Scott wasn't at all happy to see Kelsey and asked her what she wanted. Kelsey told him that she needed to tell him something important. Scott huffed and puffed and told Kelsey to hurry up and get it over with. Rather nonchalantly, Kelsey blurted out, "I love you."

Friday, March 20, 1998

Adam sat alone, deep in thought on the back patio at Chandler Mansion. He was dressed in a dark business suit with a yellow and blue tie. He rested his chin on his folded hands and stared off into space. Hayley, also donned in mostly black, walked slowly onto the patio. She wondered why her father was dressed to the nines. She assumed that he was getting ready for a corporate takeover and was upset to learn the real reason behind Adam's spiffiness---a day in court to finalize his divorce. Hayley begged her father to reconsider, but Adam turned a deaf ear. He insisted that his marriage to Liza had crumbled and that there was no way to put the pieces back together. Hayley argued that no love is ever completely destroyed. She used Edmund and Maria's troubles as an example and noted how happy the couple was until Maria's untimely death. Adam told Hayley snippets of details about Liza's supposed gaslighting attempt. When Hayley learned that Liza had denied any involvement in the ordeal, she tried to convince her dad that Liza was telling the truth. Adam remained ultimately pessimistic in reuniting with Liza and Hayley accepted his decision. She assured him that she'd never turn her back on her dad. With that Adam headed off to court. Hayley stayed outside for a minute. Unaware that Hayley was still around, Camille popped out from behind a tree where she had been eavesdropping on Adam and Hayley's conversation. The minute she saw Hayley she tried to turn and run away, but she lost her footing and Hayley was able to nab the intruder. Camille pretended to be there on business, but Hayley didn't buy it. Hayley was going to call security, but Camille pushed Hayley away and managed to escape yet again.

Joe left an urgent message for Liza asking her to drop by the hospital immediately. Liza arrived at the hospital on her way to the courthouse. Joe ushered her into his office and told her that they needed to wait for Dr. Clader before discussing anything. Liza's mind conjured up horrific thoughts when the OBGYN's name was brought into the conversation. Dr. Clader assured Liza that she was in tip-top shape and that she had nothing to worry about. There was, however, something important that they needed to discuss: the baby girl that Liza had miscarried. Liza shook her head and declined to comment on the subject. She told the doctors that she's already grieved for the child she lost and refused to get herself worked up again. Dr. Clader told Liza about another of his patients who had recently delivered a stillborn baby. The woman exhibited no complications during her pregnancy and, unlike Liza, had not faced any trauma during pregnancy either. They determined that the baby's death was caused by a rare virus that affects children and pregnant women. While adults appear to be able to fight off the virus, the virus usually attacks the fetus and results in miscarriage or in a stillborn child. Liza couldn't believe what she was hearing. A virus had caused her baby's death not Adam or shoddy airplane parts. Joe told her that a blood test could be performed at a later date to determine if, in fact, Liza had antibodies in her system. Liza didn't want to wait; She wanted the test to be done before she headed to the courthouse. The test was performed and the results were conclusive: The jolt from the TransGlobal flight's rough landing was not responsible for Liza's miscarriage. The virus was the culprit. Liza asked Joe to send Allie into the room. The two women spoke in private about the findings and Allie urged Liza to tell Adam the truth. Liza felt that it was impossible for her to turn the calendar back to the time before she'd lost the baby. She felt horribly for blaming Adam for causing the miscarriage and didn't think that she could ever make it up to him.

Scott didn't react anything like Kelsey had envisioned. Instead of embracing her or kissing her, he lashed out at her for playing mind games on him. He thought that Kelsey's confession of love was merely another of her wacky schemes to get Gillian tossed out of the country. Kelsey denied having any ulterior motives except, of course, wanting Scott as her boyfriend. Kelsey admitted that she didn't really care for Ryan and that she was just using him to make Scott jealous. That didn't sit well with Scott. He blasted her for ratting on Gillian and forcing him to have to marry Gillian. Kelsey quickly explained that Scott wasn't being forced into marriage and that he could say no and walk away. Scott confessed that that last thing he wants to do is to marry Gillian, but he remained convinced that he had to do it. Had Kelsey been thinking of others before herself, he snapped, she never would have concocted a plot that would ruin so many lives. Scott pointed to the door and Kelsey left. Outside, she broke down in tears.

Brooke returned home and celebrated getting rid of Jim with her Aunt Phoebe. The doorbell rang and the women assumed that Edmund was dropping by to deliver more news about Jim. They were way off the mark. Jim stood at the threshold and scolded Brooke for backing out on their date in the darkroom. Brooke claimed that she was there and that it was Jim who had not shown up. Jim stated that they must have missed each other by only a few minutes. Phoebe jumped in to provide her niece with an alibi, claiming that she'd called Brooke to assist her with an emergency. Phoebe explained that while wheeling around in her motorized wheelchair she'd crashed into one of the end tables. Jim's face froze and he asked her which table she was referring to. Brooke wrinkled her nose and said that it was the ugly table she'd been wanting to get rid of for months. Brooke suggested that Jim loan her his artistic eye to help her redecorate the house. Jim had a better idea. He suggested that he move in with Brooke and that they could redecorate together. Phoebe nixed the idea, stating that the townspeople would talk if the unmarried couple cohabited. To speed things along, Jim suggested an elopement, but Phoebe opposed that idea as well. Jim pressured Brooke into moving up the wedding date and Brooke had to bow to his demands to keep him from getting suspicious. Jim told Brooke that he wanted the wedding to take place in two weeks and that she could have a few days to choose a date because he was headed to New York on some photography business. When Jim left, Brooke became concerned that something might have happened to Edmund to prevent him from phoning her. Phoebe insisted that the ace reporter was fine and told Brooke to relax. Brooke decided that Jim's trip would allow her some time to poke around his office.

Edmund woke from his unconsciousness and found himself locked in an abandoned room.

Adam waited outside the courtroom for the trial to begin. Paparazzi snapped photos of the tycoon as he exchanged barbs with Belinda. Adam told Belinda that she'd better not use Marian's snapshots during the trial or she'd be sorry. After Belinda left, Marian strolled over to Adam and asked to speak to him about "that night." Adam called the event a "sick, sordid joke." Marian, having no idea that she hadn't slept with Adam, was crushed by Adam's rejection. Opal walked over to Marian and offered her some comfort. Inside the courtroom the judge announced that she was ready to begin. Belinda stated that her client was not present and asked for a delay. The judge was peeved by the delay and made several snippy remarks about the trial not being "a cocktail party" and wondering if Mrs. Chandler was late because she was having "a bad hair day." Liza fumbled into the courtroom walking right past Camille. The judge called the case to order and announced that the trial was a petition for divorce. Liza rose from her chair and told the judge that she's reconsidered and asked if she could "call the whole thing off."



Karla Mosley welcomes her second child
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