One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 16, 1998 on OLTL

Max attacked R.J. Bo and Nora made love, unaware that they were being recorded. R.J. viewed a tape of Max's twins. Bo was growing jealous of Nora and Sam. Viki was surprised at Dorian's new frame of mind. Kevin was anxious to leave the hospital.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 16, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, March 16, 1998

Mel tried to convince Viki to print his story about what had happened in Canton, but she refused. Mel showed the article to Kevin, who thought it was great. Kelly agreed and hoped that the article might help to snap Dorian out of her manic state. Mel then took the article to Clint, who agreed that they should print it in the Banner. Clint told Viki that he wanted to run the story and they began to argue when she still refused to print Mel's article. Dorian once again tried to win Kelly over to her plans for Clarence and the sea coral but Kelly remained doubtful. Kelly visited Kevin and told him and Mel about Dorian's state of mind. Kevin covered his uneasiness about Cassie in front of Barbara. Later, Kelly offered to walk Barbara to her car whenever she was ready to leave the hospital. Max attacked R.J. at Club Indigo. Bo got Max away from R.J. and sent him out of the club. R.J. denied any knowledge of the videotape Max had mentioned and Bo got nowhere with his questioning. Bo and Nora returned home and found flowers from Georgie waiting for them. Bo and Nora then began to make love and were unaware that they were being videotaped. Max grew more frustrated and mournful about the twins. Meanwhile, R.J. watched the videotape Claude had sent from Canada which showed the twins alive and well.

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

Bo and Nora's:

The couple wake up and decide to linger in bed over memories of the wonderful night they just had while the camera that Georgie planted in their bedroom tapes their actions. Afterwards, Nora frets about how badly she treated Georgie last night and promises to apologize to her after her breakfast meeting with Hank.

The diner:

Carlotta pressures Hank to solidify their plans for the evening. If he can't make the movie, then she will go with Cristian. In his state of mind, Hank feels that she is pressuring him about their relationship, not the movie date. Nora shows up for the her meeting with Hank, who is still reminiscing about the video tape from the previous nights' party. Hank is obvious upset and questions Nora about what went wrong with their marriage. Nora calls Hank on his behavior and tells him that he is just scared of getting burned again, but he needs to deal with that fear or it will haunt him always. If he isn't ready to be with Carlotta then he owes it to her to let her know. Hank shifts his schedule and asks Carlotta to meet him for dinner so they can talk.


Dorian is busy trying to come up with names for her new coral product. Clarence announces that he has leased lab space so that he can start on product development. The sooner he can start, the sooner he can get back to Belize. When Dorian questions his eagerness to leave Llanview, Clarence says that the house is like a tomb and Dorian is extremely tense. He offers to help her relax by brewing her a special tea. While Dorian is unwinding, the maid comes in and shows her a copy of The Banner. Viki later visits Dorian to apologize for the article, only to find a smiling Dorian getting a massage, apparently unaffected by the article.

The hospital:

Renee and Viki stop by to visit Kevin, who expresses his desire to leave the hospital. Viki is furious, saying that Kevin needs to stay in the hospital and heal. While they are arguing, Barbara shows up with a copy of the Banner, including Mel's article on Canton. Viki is livid and storms out, determined to get an explanation from Clint. Asa shows up bearing gifts and begins to criticize Viki "reigning in Buchanan men every chance she gets!" In order to divert Asa from his tirade, Joey introduces Barbara and Asa showers her with praise and respect. After Barbara leaves the room, Asa states his hope that Barbara rapist doesn't get set free with a slap on the wrist. Unfortunately, Barbara is just outside the door and hears every word of Asa's comments. Later, Barbara goes to the target range to practice her shooting.

Nora's law office:

Rachel arrives at the office to visit Nora and overhears Georgie engaged in some pretty racy conversation on the phone, but at the same time Georgie is staring at the picture of she and Bo. Seeing Rachel, Georgie quickly hangs up and when Rachel questions the identity of the mystery man, Georgie claims it's nobody. When Nora comes in she showers Georgie with praise and apologies for last night's fight, while Georgie smiles a self satisfied smile.

Viki's office at the Banner:

Viki is enraged at Clint for publishing the article. She tells him that in Canton, she and Dorian reached an uneasy truce, a subtle agreement to keep some subjects off limits, but Clint has destroyed that agreement. Clint accuses Viki of letting her emotions cloud her judgment, all he did was print the truth. Yes, says Viki, but it wasn't his truth to tell, or Mel's. Viki accuses Clint of betraying her trust. He counters that she doesn't trust him and although he is willing to wait for her, he needs some place where his feelings and decisions matter and that place is the Banner. Viki leaves to smooth things over with Dorian.

Wednesday, March 18, 1998

Nora's office- Nora, Georgie, Sam and Bo

The rose on Georgie's desk is beginning to wilt, but she tells Nora it is still beautiful to her. She is sentimental. Sam arrives and asks Nora if she had her third cup of coffee yet or should he just leave. Nora replies she is not the caffeine junkie she used to be. He has come to discuss the Manning divorce, but he also has something for Nora as well.

Nora tells Sam that Téa is gong away to think about Todd's offer. Sam pressures her for an indication of which way her client is leaning towards. But Nora replies that she doesn't second guess her client's wishes. Sam tries to assure Nora that Todd is sincere in his efforts to preserve the marriage. Nora would not apply the word "sincere" to Todd, she says. Sam remarks that Todd was a defensive kid when he met him, but not without reason. Nora is sick of all this talk about Poor Victimized Todd and Sam wisely tables the discussion in favor of some fun. He has bought her a dart board. It turns out that back in the old days in the Windy City, Nora's nickname was Stinger, Queen of Darts. Unfortunately, Nora needs a refresher course. She can't seem to hit the dart board. The walls, or anywhere else, no problem. One dart almost nails Bo as he walks through the door. Bo jokes that his wife wants him to get body pierced. Nora explains that she is just rusty and this is the way Sam and she handle things out of court. Sam calls her "Stinger" and Nora thanks him for the board. Sam replies that it was a bribe. He is in search of the perfect cheese burger. Bo says let's do lunch, but the look in his eye plainly shows the wheels are turning. He is beginning to wonder about his wife and this hot shot criminal attorney.

After they leave, Georgie tries her luck and hits a perfect bull's eye, exulting to the strains of alternative rock.

Rodi's- Nora, Bo, and Sam

Nora and Sam are entertaining each other with war stories from the old days and Bo is just listening. When Sam volunteers to go to the bar and pick up the next round, Bo asks Nora how well she knew Sam in the good old days. She tells him that Sam helped her law firm with a murder case and they won. So they are colleagues?, Bo ventures. Nora replies yes since they stopped seeing each other after the case. They dated casually. Bo wants to know if it was a romance. Nora sidesteps the issue and says it depends on his definition of romance. The jukebox starts playing "My Girl" by the Temptations and Bo and Nora are swept up in the emotions of hearing their song. As they dance, Sam watches by himself at the table.

Llanview Hospital- Kevin, Joey and Andrew

Kevin is on the phone with Cassie. Her story is going well and she is about to wrap it up. Kevin tells her he loves her and hangs up. It is evident Cassie is in a rush and Kevin is in intense pain. Andrew comes calling on his ex wife's lover and Kevin is understandably suspicious about the pastoral visit. He tells the good reverend that he is frustrated because Cassie is petrified that Andrew will lose his parish over his fling with Téa and River will have to move from Llanview with his father. Kevin has no doubts that as the former wife of an Episcopalian priest, Cassie knows the drill. Kevin admits that Téa deserves a million times better than Todd, but Manning is still her husband. Andrew thinks this discussion is bordering the surreal. Kevin thinks that right now some divine power may be punishing him for breaking up Cassie's marriage, but Andrew says that God is not punishing him for being human. Kevin counters that he is afraid that he is losing Cassie. He knows she loves River more than either he or Andrew and she would willingly locate to another town just to be near her son. Andrew tries to reassure Kevin that he will not jeopardize their arrangement. He, Andrew, Cassie and now Téa are a prototypical extended family of the '90's. Kevin wants Andrew to wait until Téa is divorced. Cassie is not recovered from Canton. She is unraveling. And Andrew's fling with Téa is not helping the situation. Andrew denies he is having a fling with Téa. It is just that he knows that when things are unstructured, Cassie sees everything as a threat. Kevin gets defensive and replies that everything Cassie thinks is happening is real. Joey breaks up the argument and calls for a time out.

Andrew apologizes for making things worse for Kevin and leaves. Joey follows him into the hallway and tells him that whatever is happening between him and Téa must be very important. Andrew replies that Téa went away for a few days to get away from Todd and also Andrew. She doesn't want Andrew to lose his job or for River to be confused. Joey says that Todd may be his uncle, but he is on Andrew's side. He mentions his mom, but Andrew says he would never ask either Viki or Joey to make a choice between him and Todd.

Joey returns to his brother's room and asks Kevin why he had to bait Andrew just to get his digs in. Kevin replies that first of all, he did not invite Andrew to visit him and second of all, Andrew does not know Cassie better than he does. Joey is not convinced that Andrew doesn't know his ex very well. Kevin just wants out of the hospital and it can't be soon enough. He has to get home for Cassie. He doesn't want her to get emotional support from Andrew. Andrew is busy fencing in Téa like he did Cassie. When Joey tries to say their mother does not think Kevin is ready to go home, Kevin brusquely tells him that this is up to him, not Viki.

The Banner- Clint, Asa and Renee

Asa is railing against Clint for not supporting Kevin in his efforts to leave the hospital. Renee interjects that Viki knows Kevin is a man, but she is concerned about him. Asa wants Clint to tell his ex to get out of his grandson's way. Clint explains that he and Viki are not on speaking terms because he published Mel's story. Now, Viki can fire him, but Clint draws the line at her telling him how to do his job as editor. Asa is happy to see a little gumption on his son's part, but he senses some backsliding too. Clint still keeps their wedding picture in his office. He looks at it and asks Renee to give him a moment in private with his son. He continues about how Clint needs to follow up with Viki and make her see Kevin doesn't need his mama telling him what to do. Clint remarks that he has hurt Viki enough. Asa wants him to stop pining for Viki. She has rediscovered her virginity. "She is hunkered down tighter than a clam with a piece of grit", Asa growls. Renee steps back in the office. She has heard his last remark. She implores Asa to leave Viki and Clint alone. Asa comments that he will never understand what is going on between those two, but Kevin is a different matter. Clint relents a little and says he will see what he can do about getting Kevin released from the hospital, but he still has to speak to Viki. Renee asks where Viki is and Clint informs her that she is at Dorian's taking responsibility for Mel's story. When Renee hears that Viki has been gone for over an hour, she is worried and leaves for Dorian's to rescue her former stepdaughter in law.

Clint asks his father why he has it in for Viki. Asa says that he has nothing against her except she has nearly destroyed Clint's life and he is still carrying a giant torch for the woman. Clint admits that is true. Asa advises him that he should find another woman and then find a way to cut Viki out of his heart. Clint counters that his father has not been successful in cutting Renee out of his heart. Asa replies, "Women, can't live with them or shoot them". It seems that once a Buchanan man gets a woman under his skin, he is a goner.

Joey comes back from the hospital. He had a lunch date with Viki. Clint tells him she is at Dorian's. Joey wonders if they should worry, but Clint replies that Viki can take care of herself. She is infuriatingly self sufficient.

Dorian's- Dorian, Clarence, Viki and Renee

Viki has arrived at Dorian's to behold her old nemesis in a frame of mind she has never seen before. As Dorian is being massaged by Clarence, Dorian does not seem in the least perturbed by the article about her Mel wrote and Clint published. She offers her "long time adversary" some tea and introduces her to Clarence. She explains that Clarence's concoctions are guaranteed to eliminate stress. She read the story and she is not in the least bit angry at Viki. She takes Viki's hand, then hugs her and says she understands. Viki is dumbfounded.

A super calm and collected Dorian tells Viki that Clint and Mel do not respect their sensibilities. Viki is still puzzled that Dorian is not blaming her, but Dorian assures her that she thinks it is sad they have not trusted each other. She hands her more tea. Dorian explains that Clarence is a marine biologist, not a masseuse, but he makes herbal tea that soothes out the knots and makes a person remarkably relaxed. As for Mel, he does not surprise her. After all, men are from Mars and they just can't help it. When Mel didn't pick up a drink, he picked up his laptop. As Oscar Wilde once said, each man hurts what he loves most. True of both Clint and Mel. They are laying siege on Viki and Dorian, but as far as she is concerned, she will allow Mel no power over her. Viki says she is sure Mel wrote the story to help Dorian. He is proud of her. "Because I make good coffee?" Dorian says half jokingly. "He broke my heart and now I am putting it away somewhere safe." Dorian is sure she has an answer to all their problems. They must give up men, every last one of them. Nothing extreme. They can talk to them, work with them, but they can't let them get to them. As she says this, she moans in ecstasy as Clarence massages her feet. Dorian must keep her foot off the clutch so Mel can't rev her engine.

Viki says that she and Dorian don't have the same problem. Dorian says that they must let their hair down about this. Viki says wryly that their hair is too short. Dorian asks why Viki must always be so literal. Viki finally confesses that she and Clint are not sleeping together. In fact it has been years since she slept with anyone. More tea is drunk and Dorian and her former enemy are getting "Mellow Yellow", quite rightly, as in the song by Donovan (King of 60's soft psychedelic 60's rock).

Clarence gives Viki a massage and she tells Dorian that Sloan was her last lover and that was a life time ago. Dorian agrees that he was handsome. Gorgeous, replies Viki. Dorian admits that she quite smitten with Sloan and made flagrant overtures for his attention. She says that they have a lot in common, their sordid pasts, tastes in men and children who are lovers. Viki replies they are getting old. Dorian tells her that she is rejuvenated, just as sexual as ever. Viki wonders how this fits in with her comment about giving up men. Dorian counters she should use her imagination. They don't need partners to be sexual. Dorian wants to be a force of nature. Viki says she already is one. Donovan sings "Jennifer Juniper" in the background as Renee arrives, with her mouth open, seeing her best friend sipping tea, getting a massage and sharing girl talk with Dorian. They offer her some of the tea and she joins in and decides to just go with the flow of the afternoon.

Viki says that she is self sufficient. Renee adds that in her case, if she had been weak kneed and dependent she would have slit her wrists when Asa dumped her for Blair. But she does gloat about the fact that Asa wound up dumping Blair. Dorian says they are missing the point. They should not be dumpees but dumpers. She tells Renee that she and Viki are giving up men. Viki replies she did not agree to that. Dorian remarks that they just make them miserable and that Viki is stuck in a rut. A ditch, Viki corrects her. Renee says she adores men. Dorian advises them both to turn over a new leaf and shed their old skins to rise like phoenixes. She adds she is overwhelmed with love for both of them. They must embark on a new adventure. Who says they have to play the hand they are dealt? Asa said that, Renee jokes. Dorian tells them that they will take a look at their futures and they will be glorious. Renee wants to know how far they have to go. At this point none of them seems to have good equilibrium. They need only go upstairs, Dorian tells them. Viki stumbles across the room to retrieve the silver tea pot and they all go to Dorian's room.

Thursday, March 19, 1998

As Bo and Nora finish their dance at Rodi's, they agree to go home for some afternoon love-making. But first, they have to quickly finish their lunch with Sam. Nora is temporarily distracted by Sam, who gives her some advice about a case she is working on, but she and Bo do finally get to go home. They are later interrupted by Georgie, who has just come from being with Rachel. When Georgie was with Rachel, she implied that the man she has been seeing is a married man. Rachel is very sick, she was so delusional that Georgie at first thought she was back on drugs, but it was just a high fever, Georgie tells Nora. Nora races out of the house to go and see Rachel, who still feels miserable, but is no longer delusional. Nora tells her that some of her favorite memories are when Rachel was home sick as a child and Nora took off work to take care of her and spend time with her. Meanwhile, back at Bo and Nora's, Georgie is still there when Sam comes to bring back Nora's glasses, which she left at Rodi's. Not realizing that Georgie is still there, Bo comes downstairs in his underwear, causing Sam to wonder what is going on. He doesn't actually come out and say anything, but Georgie's reactions give him the impression that something is going on between herself and Bo. Georgie goes upstairs to get some of Nora's notes, while Bo casually tries to grill Sam on a number of topics, including if he's married and how long he plans to stay in Llanview. Sam leaves and Bo goes upstairs. What have you been doing up here all this time, Bo asks a very nervous Georgie.

Viki, Dorian and Renee continue their "tea party" upstairs in Dorian' bedroom. Dorian pulls out clothes from her closet and throws them everywhere. The women try on hats, capes, boas, even dresses. Dorian declares that she doesn't want them anymore, she plans to wear only white in the furture as a symbol of her virginity. Viki and Renee burst out in hysterical laughter. Well, maybe it is a little too late for that, Dorian allows, but it will be a symbol of purity. Later, Cassie arrives at Dorian's to find her mother lying on her bed, nearly covered with clothes. Cassie is worried, but Dorian assures her that she's seen Mel's article and she's fine. Cassie tries to convince Dorian that Mel wrote the article to help her, to keep her from putting the walls back up around her, walls that will keep him away. Dorian says that if Mel thinks they can get over Canton, he's wrong, it will always be there.

Kevin is still very anxious to get out of the hospital. Asa goes to see the "woman doctor" in charge to see about getting Kevin released. Cassie calls Kevin to tell him her story is finished and she will be home soon. Kevin doesn't tell her that he might possibly be released, he wants to surprise her. Asa does manage to get Kevin released and it is arranged to have Barbara come to stay as Kevin's private nurse for a few weeks. Barbara is at first reluctant, but then decides it might be a good idea to get away from the hospital for a while. Clint arrives just as they are leaving and is upset that they are doing this behind Viki's back. Asa's determined to get Kevin home and in the end he, Kevin and Clint arrive at Llanfair. They expect Viki to be at the Banner, but instead they find her sprawled on the couch in the library, wearing only a white gown and a leopard print cape. She yells at them, rather incoherently, about Kevin being out of the hospital. She blames Asa, he always wants what he wants, when he wants it. "I'm fed up with the whole lot of you", she tells them before passing out. Clint catches her as she falls.

Friday, March 20, 1998

Dorian, Blair and Kelly

Dressed in a white suit, Dorian is standing in the foyer looking at the report from the independent lab when Blair walks down the stairs. As they go into the living room and sit down, Dorian tells Blair that the lab has substantiated all of Clarence's findings and they are "demonstrably true". We're going to be rich, Dorian tells her. Blair is thrilled, she's going to need all that money to fight Todd for custody of Starr. Now that Téa has left Todd, Blair thinks she has a good chance of winning. Dorian tells her not to worry, Dorian's on her way to the bank to get a loan and she'll soon have the seed money to start their next fortune. As Dorian is leaving, she notices Kelly standing in a corner of the foyer, crying. It's the last place she ever saw Ian and she still can't believe he'll never walk through those doors again. Dorian looks concerned, but Blair just rolls her eyes behind Kelly's back.

Kelly's holding a scarf, Ian gave this to me she says. "He gave her a ring, too", Blair says. Dorian silences Blair with a look and tells Kelly that they will get through this together, they have to move on. Dorian asks Blair to look after Kelly and heads out the door. Kelly asks why Dorian is heading to the bank. When Blair explains Dorian is going to get a bank loan, Kelly is less than thrilled. Dorian doesn't care about Clarence or the coral, she says, she's just using it as an excuse to distract her from thinking about Mel. Not to mention that it's going to destroy marine ecology, Kelly adds, but Blair doesn't care about that at all, all she's interested in is money.

Blair doesn't see anything wrong with money, unless you don't have enough of it. Kelly doesn't think Blair will ever have enough. Kelly shouldn't talk, Dorian's paying all of her bills, Blair reminds her. Blair missed out on Ian's fortune, but if Dorian is right about this coral, she has no intention of missing out on this fortune, too. Kelly is upset that Blair's only feelings for Ian were about his money. Ian was a kind, giving person, but of course Blair never appreciated that. Blair's never cared for a man except for his money, Kelly accuses, giving Asa and Todd as examples. The phone rings and Blair answers it. It's Ian's solicitor, he'd like to speak to Kelly. Blair tells Kelly the call is for Dorian and tells the solicitor that "she" isn't here right now. The solicitor leaves a message that he will be stopping by later to discuss the terms of Ian's will with Kelly.

Kelly is suspicious, but Blair lies and says it was a telemarketer calling. The discussion turns back to Dorian. Kelly is convinced this coral business is a bad idea. There will be too much opposition because of its damaging effects to marine ecology for it to ever get off the ground. This idea is a loser, Kelly says, it's not going to get them a bank loan and it's not going to make them a fortune. At least Dorian and I are getting on with our lives instead of sitting around here moping, Blair tells her.

Dorian tries her sales pitch regarding the coral at at least four different banks, trying to get a loan. Having no luck with any of them, she next tries her sales pitch on Asa, but he won't give her the money either.

Ian's solicitor arrives at Dorian's house and Blair lets him in. "I'm Kelly Cramer", she says, reaching out to shake his hand.

The Community Center

A "Mommy and Me" program is just starting at the Community Center. Todd walks in with Starr (a new actress, slightly older, with long hair) and asks if they can make it a "Daddy and Me" group too. "Mommy's gone", he says softly(blatently lying), covering Starr's ears so she doesn't hear. The woman seem willing to let him join, but the leader of the group is unsure. Just then, Andrew walks in with River. The woman ask Andrew if Todd can join them and why isn't there a Daddy and Me group. "Yeah, how come? Cause I'm a daddy, just like you", Todd goads Andrew.

The woman back Todd up, one woman says she wishes her husband would be that interested. Andrew agrees to let him stay and sends River and Starr off to color together. When the attention is off of them, Andrew quietly demands to know what Todd is really doing there. It's tough to raise a child alone, Todd says innocently. "You're doing a great job with River", Todd says. It sounds like a sincere complement, but he finishes up by saying, "teaching him all the important stuff, like how to do whatever the hell you want and still call it your god-given right". Suddenly Starr yells "no" and Todd rushes over to her.

Starr was upset because River had taken her crayon. You can't take things that don't belong to you, Andrew tells River. "Seems to be going around here", Todd comments. Andrew asks Todd if that was really necessary. Todd tells River he knows how he feels, "Sharing sucks. Sometimes you just want to keep all the crayons." Todd then gives River a "magic pen" and tells the kids to go off and color. Andrew says that he now sees why Téa keeps trying to work things out with Todd, it's that little hint of humanity that Todd shows every once in a while. Andrew wonders if it's just for show since Todd's usual range is between "self-serving and blatantly manipulative". Kind of like preaching to your flock and then doing whatever the hell you want, Todd asks. Todd thinks when it comes down to it, he and Andrew are a lot alike. Andrew disagrees. Todd asks for Andrew's help to save his marriage. Andrew refuses. "Why not, you sleeping with my wife?", Todd asks. "No, but neither are you, so that's progress", Andrew replies. I'm not the one who can save your marriage, Andrew tells him. "Then what about me, can you save me?", Todd challenges him.

Later, Andrew is working out on the punching bag in the community center. "What do you want from me!", he shouts to the heavens above. Unfortunately, it's only Todd that answers, he's come back to get the picture which Starr forgot. Andrew can't figure Todd out, if taking Starr to "Daddy and Me" classes and being nice to children is Todd's way of getting Téa back, it's not going to work, Andrew warns him. Todd doesn't think Andrew will have anything to say about it, especially after he gets transferred to "Our Lady of Botswana", or wherever. Andrew knows that Todd sent the bishop up to Téa's room to catch them, but there wasn't anything to catch. Todd's not so sure about that, the bishop looked "a little hot under his clerical collar". Andrew's not about to lose anything important to him, he informs Todd. Todd on the other hand already has, he's lost Téa.

Todd says he hasn't lost anything, not his daughter, not Téa, not his money. Andrew doesn't think much of the way Todd's trying to hang onto Téa, convincing the bishop she's having an affair with Andrew, stalking her, abusing her. It's like a twisted version of Beauty and the Beast, where the Beast is both cruel and ugly, Andrew declares. Téa's gone for good because Todd is trying to win her back with the same garbage that drove her away in the first place. And what's sad is that Andrew truly believes that Todd loves Téa. Todd asks Andrew if he knows where Téa is, but Andrew won't tell him. Todd asks Andrew again if he thinks he can save Todd's "poor, beast soul". This is all just a game to Todd, isn't it. Yes it is, he agrees, "Souls and Salvation", lets play. Andrew takes "beastie boy" up on his challenge and hands him a copy of the Bible. Read this, then come back and will talk, he tells Todd.

The Banner

Cassie is working hard, trying to get her story together without the help of either Clint or Viki, who haven't shown up for work. She asks Zach if there's been any news, but he hasn't heard from them. Zach asks if Kevin will be getting out of the hospital soon. Not for a while, Cassie tells him. All of a sudden there is a round of applause as Kevin rolls into the city room in his wheelchair. "What are you doing here?", Cassie asks.

After Kevin greets everyone, Kevin tells Cassie that they are staying at Llanfair until he can manage the stairs at the carriage house. Cassie is fine with that, but she can't believe that Larry released him and she can't believe that he came into work, he should be resting at home. This is my home, he replies. Joey assures Cassie that Kevin's up to it, he wouldn't have brought him here otherwise. Joey says goodbye and leaves. Kevin explains that Barbara's going to be his private nurse for a few weeks and oversee his rehab. Cassie's glad that he's feeling better, but she doesn't think he should be back at work yet. Cassie's been through a lot lately and Kevin didn't want her to have to face it alone. Cassie gives him a kiss.

Cassie tells him that she loves him. Kevin decides it's time to get to work and rolls over to his desk. His desk is a mess and as he starts to gingerly move some of the papers, the phone falls and hits him in the hand. He's in great pain and Cassie tells him that she's taking him home.

Viki, Clint, Jessica, Kevin and Joey

Viki wakes up in her bed, in her own nightgown, with Clint lying next to her on top of the covers, his arm across her chest. Before she even notices it's Clint, she grabs the hand and flings it off of her, startling Clint so much he ends up rolling off the bed onto the floor.

Viki is horrified to see Clint in her bedroom, she pulls the covers up to her chin. She is even more horrified to learn that Clint undressed her and put her into her nightgown last night. Viki passed out, Clint reminds her, and it's not like he didn't know the territory, they were married once. He stayed the night to be sure she was OK, he wasn't sure how much she'd drunk and didn't want her to get sick in the middle of the night. I didn't drink anything, Viki insists, it was only tea. Clint is skeptical. It was tea, Viki tells him again, made from some sort of Amazonian plant or tree or something. And where did she get this tea, Clint asks. At Dorian's, Viki vaguely remembers. Then she remembers that Renee was there, she drank the tea too. Viki remembers them laughing and they went up to Dorian's room and tried on her clothes. After that, it's all a blank. "Last night...did we?", Viki asks. Clint tells her no and Viki immediately looks relieved. Viki asks him to leave so that she can get dressed. She has to go see Kevin at the hospital before she goes to work. There's one other detail about last night that she's forgotten that she's not going to be too happy about, says Clint.

That's an understatement, Viki is absolutely furious to learn that Kevin has been released from the hospital. Viki is about to get up and take care of the situation when she falls back into the bed, she's got one heck of a hangover. "Those tea hangover are the worst, huh", Clint teases her. Viki yells at him again for invading her privacy, he stepped way over the line. Viki tells him to go and Clint sits down at the bottom of the bed to pull on his boots. Just then, Jessica walks in and sees Viki in bed and Clint putting his boots on. "Oh, my God", she says.

Viki is quick to assure her that this isn't what it looks like. When Jessica heard them arguing like old times and came in a saw them, she thought they were back together. But it's none of my business, Jessica says and quickly leaves. Viki blames Clint for getting Jessica's hopes up. I used to be able to rely on you, she tells him, but not anymore. She's not even sure she can trust him at all.

Clint takes offense at this, he's been the one that's stood by her for more than twenty years, raised her children as his own and dealt with her DID. He's even dealt with her dumping him for Sloan. "Have I ever let you down?", he asks. Although he's infuriated her and exasperated her, Viki has to admit that he's never let her down. And Viki *does* still trust him, he tells her. When Viki asked if they'd slept together the night before and he said no, she immediately took him at his word, with no question in her mind at all. That's trust, says Clint. Clint kisses her, then walks out the door and leaves her standing there.

Kevin and Cassie arrive at Llanfair and go into the library. Kevin's upset that he made such a mess at the Banner, everyone was staring at him and feeling sorry for him. Cassie tells him to stop exaggerating and stop giving himself such a hard time. Kevin feels bad that he's a burden to Cassie right now, he wants to be there to help her with everything that's going on, especially about Andrew and River. He tells Cassie about his run-in with Andrew at the hospital. Cassie is not happy, she asks Kevin to worry about his healing and let her deal with the situation about River by herself. Maybe Kevin shouldn't have left the hospital yet, Cassie suggests. Things are not well between the two of them when Cassie leaves to go back to work. She tells him she loves him. "Yeah", he replies, but doesn't seem to really believe her.

Clint is just about to leave when Viki, now dressed for work, comes down the stairs and asks him to wait. She apologizes for what she said upstairs. Joey, Jessica and Kevin come out of the library and join them. When was the last time just the five of them were together, Joey wonders. No one can remember, but it's been far too long. Viki asks if anyone has had breakfast and invites Clint to stay. All five of them head for the kitchen to have breakfast together.

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