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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 23, 1998 on PC
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Monday, March 23, 1998

Kevin talks to Lucy about his father coming to live with them at the lighthouse. He told her that he will need her full support. Kevin struggles with the decision as to what to do with his father.

Jake told Karen and Joe about his date with Chloe. Meanwhile, Lark begs Frank to let her go out. He told her she is grounded. Lark is still determined that she will go on her next planned date with Jake. Later, she tells Jake that she is tired and would rather cook him dinner at his place.

Ellen's mother is relieved to see that Ellen is ok. She told her mother that one of the gunshot victims was Grace, and she is in surgery.

Grace makes it out of surgery ok. Bobby is still in trouble in the operating room. Matt apologizes to Ellen and her mother for putting them in danger.

Julie tries to comfort Matt. Chris apologizes to Matt for leading Bobby to him.

Kevin went to see his father. He asks him to come live with he and Lucy.

Lucy gets a call from Dara about the Jax products. She later gets bombarded with reporters asking about the lawsuit and criminal charges. Kevin comes home and told everyone to leave.

Matt apologizes to Grace for putting her in danger. She asks about Bobby. Ellen walks in on a tender moment between Grace and Matt. She told Matt that his brother is out of surgery.

Tuesday, March 24, 1998

Dara Jensen, the Assistant District Attorney, came by the lighthouse and scared Lucy with the real possibility of criminal prosecution with regard to the lawsuit brought against Jacks Cosmetics. Lucy, Scott and Kevin tried to place the blame for the tainted herbal pills on Rex, but Dara was unconvinced of Lucy's innocence and warned her that she could stand trial. After Dara left, Victor offered to help locate the money Rex had stolen from Lucy, but his offer was virtually ignored by Lucy, Scott and Kevin. Lucy learned that she could lose everything and Scott offered to help bail her out financially. Scott was then surprised when Lucy accepted his offer. Kevin offered to help Lucy as well and was not pleased with the idea of Scott and Lucy becoming business partners in Jacks Cosmetics. Lark skipped out on Julie in order to keep her date with Jake. Lark made dinner for Jake at his apartment and they then made love. Meanwhile, Frank and Julie worried when they couldn't locate Lark. Frank thought that Lark might be in trouble, but Julie thought that Lark was just playing on Frank's emotions. Matt confronted Bobby and asked why he had shot him all those years ago. Bobby claimed that Matt was a traitor, but Matt defended himself and said he had only testified against Bobby after Bobby had tried to kill him. Bobby then told Matt that even if he died, their feud would not be over. Bobby then took a turn for the worse and died as a grief stricken Matt grappled with what he had done.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, March 25, 1998

Ellen comforts Matt in the hospital chapel for the loss of his brother.

Chloe comes home thinking that she is free and clear, but Frank is waiting on her and demands to know where she has been. She told him that it shouldn't be that big of a deal. She told him that she went to the movies. Frank told her that she was grounded and wasn't allowed to go out. She tells Frank to get over himself and to quit acting like her father. Frank didn't take that well and told her from now on she will account for every second of her time.

Joe and Karen visit Grace. They give her a sweater as a gift.

Lucy and Kevin discuss the possibility of her working again with Scotty.

Matt and Ellen discuss his family problems and how he feels bad for shooting his brother. Matt says that he should have left town as soon as this all started and none of this would have happened. He says that being the hunter feels worse than being hunted. He makes the decision to call his father to tell him about Bobby's death.

The interns discuss Jake's new flame. They are all interested in meeting her. Jake told them all he knows about her - she is premed and can cook. Their conversation gets more serious as they tell Jake about the shooting.

Lark and Eve have a talk. Eve told her that she is stubborn and will someday get a hit in the head to smack her into reality. Eve told her that she hopes she can handle that blow if it should happen.

Matt gets a little testy with the father of a patient. The other interns offer to cover his shifts so that he can take a few days off. He accepts their offer. Jake offers to help Matt any way he can. Matt says that he feels as if his whole life had led up to the moment of the shooting.

Victor has been looking at Lucys financial records. Meanwhile, Lucy gets a letter from Rex where he taunts her some more. He makes it sound as if he is thrilled that she may team up with Scotty so that he may destroy them both. Lucy calls him a big, fat, ugly troll.

Lark (Chloe) calls Jake at the hospital. She declines his request to meet his friends. She told him that she has changed her classes to the evening so that she can study more in the daytime. She arranges it so that they can meet in the afternoon after Jake agrees to change his schedule at work. They make a date for the following afternoon.

Matt returns to the chapel. He told the higher power that he and Bobby deserved something better than what they received as their lives. Afterwards, he makes the phone call to his father to tell him about Bobby.

Scotty went to see Lucy and she told him about the letter from Rex and why she can't take his check. She refuses to let Rex beat them all. Lucy makes the decision that Jax cosmetics is finished.

Thursday, March 26, 1998

With Frank away at a parent/teacher conference, Lark arranges for all calls to the Scanlon house to be forwarded to her cell phone. Grace offers Matt her sympathy on the death of his brother, then is alarmed to learn that her friend is still very much at risk for retribution from his homicidal family. Though Grace begs him to leave town before his father arrives, Matt insists on facing Salvatore as they gather to bury Bobby. The interns read their latest evaluations and are pleased to discover that they have all received glowing reports from their superiors. Later, Chris wonders if he has new rivals for the Quartermaine scholarship after hearing how well Jake and Karen's research has progressed. "Chloe" makes a date to meet Jake at his place for a little love in the afternoon. Matt has an emotional encounter with his mother at the funeral home. Frank phones home to make sure Lark is obeying orders but falls for her call-forwarding trick. Bennett pressures Karen and Joe to come up with results in the lab before another hospital beats them to the punch. Salvatore arrives at the funeral home and slaps Matt hard across the face.

Friday, March 27, 1998

Salvatore bitterly informs his estranged son that he wishes it were Matt lying in the coffin instead of Bobby. After Bennett locks them out of the lab, Eve suggests to Joe and Karen that she break in and steal the second set of records before Devlin uncovers their deception. Ellen arrives at the funeral home and intercedes in the Mancusis' family feud. When Salvatore roughly yanks her away, Matt pulls a gun and threatens to shoot the old man if he doesn't unhand Ellen. Chris eavesdrops on his fellow interns and is intrigued to learn that the resident lab rats have been playing a game of keep-away with Bennett. After another lovemaking session with Jake, Lark concocts an excuse to avoid going to the hospital with him. Matt fires a warning shot when Salvatore advances menacingly on him. Chris told Bennett he'll help him find the missing data on the nerve regeneration project in return for a guarantee that the Quartermaine scholarship will be his. A second mysterious billboard appears on the highway leading to General Hospital. While chatting with Julie about the Scanlons' troublesome houseguest, Jake is startled to realize he's been sleeping with Frank's foster child. Before he departs, Salvatore reveals to a stunned Matt that Chris was the one who fingered him.

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