Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on PC

Though they were to have just been introduced, Lark and Jake already knew each other. Shots rang out in the hospital, but it turned out to be a promotion for the General Homicide book. Kevin had a strange vision while looking into a crystal ball. One of Bennett's lecture tapes was switched out with a sex tape.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on PC
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Monday, March 30, 1998

Julie introduced Lark to Jake. As Jake looked at her in surprise, Lark pretended to be meeting Jake for the first time.

Matt confronted Chris for sending the picture of him to his father with his location. Chris denied any wrongdoing. Matt was still convinced that Chris was lying.

Karen called Scotty to go to Eve's rescue after Devlin had her arrested and sent to jail. Scotty rushed to the jail to bail her out.

Lucy and Kevin found Victor in a mound of wadded-up paper. All the notes appeared to be connected to Rex. It seemed that Victor had been looking for the password to Rex's bank account. Lucy got very excited when she learned that Victor had actually figured out the password, until he told her that he couldn't find the piece of paper that he had written it down on.

Lark found Jake in the lounge and apologized for not telling him who she really was. She begged him not to tell Frank what had happened between them for fear that he would send her back to the detention center.

As Matt talked to Julie about the treatment of a patient, a news crew rushed into the hospital. Suddenly, one reporter went down as shots rang out, and the interns rushed to the victim. He seemed to be out of control, demanding to know where he was. As the interns told him he was at General Hospital, he suddenly sat up and shouted "You mean General Homicide" and rushed off. The interns discovered that the whole scene was a stunt to promote a new book titled General Homicide.

Meanwhile, Matt and Ellen both sighed with relief because they had both thought that Matt's father had shown up for revenge as the shots had rung out. Ellen told Matt that if she found out that Chris had had anything to do with what was happening to him, she would personally throw him out of the hospital. After Ellen left to answer a page to the Emergency Room, Matt made a call to insurance billing, posing as Chris. He told them that his last claim had been messed up; he thought that his Social Security number was incorrect and asked them to fax him a copy of it so that he could verify it.

Lucy and Kevin frantically searched through all the paper for the lost password. They tried to help Victor retrace his steps from when he had discovered the password but had no luck.

Scotty talked to Devlin about having Eve arrested. Scotty said that he was going to fund the research himself. Devlin told Scotty that the only place that Eve would be doing research was from the county jail. Scotty said that he would see Devlin in court.

Lark took coffee and cookies to Jake, again asking for his silence. He told her that he could not promise anything. Joe told Jake that Lark had a way of making people feel sorry for her after they had been nice to her.

Victor apologized for losing the password. Lucy suggested that maybe he had put the password into his computer. Victor told her that he would have never done that because computers were too easy to break into. He said that the only place that a person couldn't break into was jail. Lucy asked him if he had ever been to jail, and Victor said only when playing a board game.

Victor's response gave Kevin an idea. He checked the Monopoly game and found the password written on the back of a Get out of Jail Free card. Lucy prepared to go to the bank to make the transaction, but Victor told her that they could do it from there with his computer. He accessed Rex's account, and Lucy made the transfer to her account.

Matt called a P.I. firm to have a background check done on Chris. He told them that he wanted a thorough check done, starting with Chris's birth. He told them that cost was not a factor. After he hung up, Chris entered, and Matt pretended to apologize to him.

Eve returned to the hospital, and Scotty told her, Joe, and Karen that he was going to fund the rest of the research. As they discussed the details, Devlin walked in and told Eve that she was suspended pending a decision from the board.

Tuesday, March 31, 1998

Eve turned over her patients to the other interns. They all voiced frustration over having to start over with their research in the new lab that Scotty was getting for them. Scotty went to get Eve to go with him to supply the lab. Devlin talked to Chris about him being at the top of the list for the Quartermaine residency. Devlin said that he could guarantee that Chris would get the residency if Chris would join the research team to be his spy.

Chris would only go along for a split of the profits from the project along with the residency. Devlin agreed but told Chris that he needed to first find a way to infiltrate the new research, as he had heard that the other interns did not like Chris at all. Chris talked to Julie about her father. He pretended to be insulted with Devlin's behavior and offered his help to the other interns.

Scotty and Eve went to visit Serena. Serena recruited Eve to help her bake cookies.

Jake found notes in his locker from Lark.

Kevin accepted some deliveries for his father. Kevin thought the boxes contained his father's belongings from the home. Lucy offered to go through the stuff and put it away to surprise Victor. Lucy joked that maybe there was some solution to one of the world's biggest dilemmas in the boxes.

Julie went to talk to her father. She asked him to give Jake and Karen their research back. Julie maintained that the research belonged to the people who had done the research. Devlin asked her to change the subject.

Julie asked that Devlin at least lift Eve's suspension. She did manage to lift his keys to the lab while talking to him. She took the key to Karen and offered to try to get into the lab because even if she did get caught, her father wouldn't send her to jail. Karen told her where the notes were.

As Kevin went through Victor's things, he found several items that he had never seen before. Lucy talked about her childhood and told Kevin that it had to have been fun, having so much fun stuff to play with as a kid, and Kevin told her that he really couldn't remember the stuff.

Mike went to General Hospital to see Matt. He apologized for not being there for Matt when Matt had needed him and asked how things had gone when Matt's father had been in town. Matt told Mike that his father had told him that Chris was the one who had tipped him off.

Julie and Chris went into the lab. She asked Chris why he suddenly wanted to help the other interns. He said he believed that Eve was in the right in that case, and he just wanted to do what he could to help. They then located the research. They met Joe and Karen and gave them the disk.

Joe was suspicious as to why Chris would help them. Chris told them that he despised Devlin and would do anything to beat him to the punch. He also stressed that he would like to be a part of their team. After Chris left, Matt told them to beware. They should look to see what would be in it for Chris.

Eve thanked Scotty for taking her to Serena so that she could cheer her up.

Lucy pressured Kevin about not remembering the things in Victor's box. He had a strange vision while looking at a crystal ball.

Lark went to Jake's apartment. He told her that he had thrown away her notes. She told him not to worry about the age difference. He told her that it was impossible. She asked him why he had gone to bed with her if he didn't care about her.

Lark told Jake to do what she wanted or she would tell everyone that he had slept with her. He told her that it was over and to stay away from him. He told her to find someone her own age. She made sure that his door was unlocked as they both left the apartment.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, April 1, 1998

Lucy went to the hospital to see Robin and ran into Audrey reading the latest murder mystery, ,General Homicide. Lucy expressed her surprise that Tony could do something so awful as to kidnap the baby and risk Robin's life. Audrey told Lucy that the book she had been reading had some striking similarities in it to the people from General Hospital. There was a character based on Tony, Steve, and even Lucy herself. Audrey also told Lucy that that day, April 1, was the 35th anniversary of the day that Steve had first gone to work for GH.

Lark ran into Jake at the hospital. Joe noticed that Lark seemed to have a "thing" for Jake. Frank told Jake that he knew that Jake would never intentionally encourage Lark but to be sure to send her a clear message. He asked Jake to tell Lark about his girlfriend, Chloe, and Jake said that Chloe had left town.

Devlin ran into Eve, and Scotty broke them up. He told Devlin that Eve was entitled to an attorney and a defense, and he intended to see that she got the best of both of them.

During the review with the board, Eve professed her innocence. She said that there had been no agreement between the interns and the hospital. She was forced to tell the board that she had picked the lock to gain entry into the lab.

Lucy was fascinated with Audrey's book and couldn't put it down, so she bought it from Audrey.

Jake told Lark that Frank had seen her flirting with him. He told her that he had assured Frank that he would not take advantage of her, and Lark told him that it was a little late for that. He told her to drop it and to not make what had happened between them a bigger mistake than it already was. After he left, she wrote a note to him, saying that she was waiting for love that afternoon, and put it in Frank's message box.

Kevin went to the hospital to run some errands and ran into Lucy, who happened to have her nose stuck in a book. She told him that she hadn't seen Robin yet because she just could not seem to put the book down. She told him that all the names had been changed but that all the characters were people in Port Charles.

Frank stopped at the nurses' station to pick up his messages, and the one from Lark to Jake was in his box. He looked for both Lark and Jake, but both were already gone from the hospital.

Lucy finally made it in to see Robin. She said that she and Kevin were getting married. She also had gotten Robin a copy of General Homicide. During her visit, Katherine Bell also stopped by. Lucy and Katherine had an argument over who was "Nancy" in the book until Katherine pointed out that Nancy had a pet goose.

Karen attended Eve's hearing, and Ellen also stood up for Eve. Scotty pointed out that Devlin sat on the board of a pharmaceutical company and stood to make a lot of money if they were to get their hands on the compound that the interns were working on. Allen said that his holdings had no bearing on the hearing, and he sent Eve outside while the board discussed their findings.

Lucy was disgusted to find out that she was the character "Nancy" in the book. Kevin told her that she was overreacting. Lucy thought that Rex had written the book.

Jake arrived home and took his shirt off. Frank knocked at the door and demanded to know where Lark was. Jake told him that he hadn't seen her since the hospital, but Lark emerged from the bedroom, wearing nothing but a sheet, and said that it was time that they told Frank the truth.

Joe and Karen arrived to give Eve their support. Eve suggested that they beat Devlin at his own game and try to get the drug out on the market before he could. Eve was kicked out of the intern program.

Thursday, April 2, 1998

Lucy thought that she was the basis for one of the characters in General Homicide and was furious over her unflattering portrayal in the book. Lucy assumed that Rex was behind the book and wanted to sue him for libel. Kevin then admitted to Lucy that he had written General Homicide, and he swore her to secrecy. Lucy was shocked that Kevin had written the murder mystery and questioned him about the death of the character that was clearly based on her.

Victor returned to the lighthouse and started to read General Homicide. Later, Kevin was both surprised and curious when Victor immediately recognized the book as Kevin's work and stated that some of the incidents that Kevin thought were fictional were actually autobiographical.

Frank was furious when he found Lark at Jake's apartment. Jake tried to explain that Lark had set him up and that he had stopped seeing Lark as soon as he had learned she was only sixteen years old. Jake apologized to Frank, who grabbed Lark and headed home. Back at the Scanlon house, Lark accused Frank of being jealous of her relationship with Jake and said that Frank wanted her for himself.

Frank made it clear that wasn't the case and said he had become a foster parent in order to help troubled kids. Later, a tearful Lark apologized to Frank and feared that Frank was disappointed in her. Frank comforted Lark, and she responded by kissing him just as Julie entered.

Eve confronted Bennett and slapped him on her way out of the hospital after being expelled from the intern program. Later, while talking with Scott, Eve devised an even better way to settle the score with Bennett. Chris continued his plan to ingratiate himself with the other interns by publicly fighting with Bennett and siding with Eve.

Friday, April 3, 1998

Kevin was intrigued when Victor instantly recognized him as being the author of General Homicide. Kevin said that the book was a piece of fiction but Victor implied that some of the events had actually happened. Kevin was determined to dig into his past, and Victor was adamant about keeping the past buried. Kevin then became angry and kept questioning Victor about his childhood.

Victor then admitted that Kevin's mother had been abusive and that Victor had saved Kevin at the expense of his brother, Ryan. Victor explained that he had made the hardest decision of his life when he had decided to take Kevin and leave Ryan behind with their mother. Later, Kevin had a disturbing dream about Ryan.

Julie walked in as Lark kissed Frank. Lark insisted that Frank loved her and not Julie. Frank reached his breaking point and told Lark that she was too disruptive to keep living with them. Later, Lark's case worker arrived to take Lark away from the Scanlon home, and Frank and Julie realized that Lark had run away.

A desperate Lark called Frank but wouldn't reveal where she was. Lark, however, did tell Frank that everyone who had ever hurt her would be sorry and then hung up the phone.

Eve, with the help of Karen and Joe, switched one of Bennett's lecture tapes with an embarrassing sex tape Eve had made of him. During his lecture, Bennett switched on the tape and was mortified. A furious Bennett later confronted Eve and warned her that he would have his revenge. Later, Bennett told Chris that he would soon have an errand for him, involving Eve.

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