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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 6, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, April 6, 1998

Emily catches Molly and David in bed together. She then shows up at Tom's door in the morning wanting a friend to talk to.

Lucinda, Kirk, and Sam try to figure out a way to get the Stenbeck family out of their lives forever. Molly calls Lucinda to let her know the plan with David worked. Lucinda says they are far from over.

Margo goes to the station to try to get through to Eddie. He won't listen to her so she calls Tom in to talk to him. Tom does not believe Eddie needs a break and tries to convince Margo of that. Jack agrees with Tom. Margo and Jack spend the night at the station going over files of Eddie's and Dena's. Jack tries to stand the next morning but collapses....what is the prognosis?

Tuesday, April 7, 1998

Play Face This today! Hal wants to know if there is something bothering Jack about Hal's marriage. Everyone encourages Jack to go home and get some rest. He hallucinates about Carly and is very sick.

David is unappreciative of Molly all of a sudden. Molly lets David know she will not be the blame for his problems and he apologizes. Their superficial relationship resumes.

Carly wants to strike a deal with John about the $50 million. John tells Carly he will not tell Hal what is happening with the baby. He says he will help her to get pregnant so the possibility of getting the money will happen.

Emily tells Tom what happened when she went to see David.

Wednesday, December 8

When Carly resents John's attitude towards her desire to have a child, Carly threatens to find another specialist to help her get pregnant. John calls her bluff and Carly is forced to back down and listen to his advice. He suggests that she stop having sex with Hal until she knows that she is ovulating. Hal blasts Margo for thinking he's too naive to realize that Jack and Carly had something going on before Carly married Hal. Though she tries to downplay the truth, Hal is angry with himself for ignoring his own instincts. After suffering from a frightening dream about Carly, Jack reluctantly confesses to Emma that he and Carly grew close when they were trapped by Teague. He states that he has to see Carly and talk with her. Though Emma urges him to rest at his place, Jack takes off after another nightmare. When he makes a plea for their relationship, Carly announces that he's too late. Lisa works with Camille as they prepare for the fashion show. Needing another model, Lisa asks Lily to appear in the show in spite of her pregnancy. Hearing this, Molly worms her way into the show as well. Barbara surprises John with a visit from her and her attorney.

Thursday, April 9, 1998

Because John has not been responding to any communications from Barbara's lawyer, Barbara decides to ambush John and shows up at his door with her lawyer in tow. John tells Mr. J. Pinkerton that he's been talking to his lawyers and other professionals about the divorce. He informs Barbara and her lawyer that once they hear his side of the story no judge in his right mind would grant the divorce. He explains that he has been talking to Dr. Michaels and that Barbara is suffering postpartum depression. She is not in the proper mental state to insist on something as important as a divorce. Angry at John, Barbara turns to leave, but John begs her to stay and talk to him. She agrees, but only if her lawyer stays too. John tells Barbara that they need therapy, but Barbara says she just wants to get things over with so she can go on with her life. John asks her if it's Hal. She says no. She tells him she only married him because of the baby and now that Johnny is gone, there is no longer anything between them. Later, Barbara goes to the cemetery. She brings Johnny a stuffed bear to add to the other stuffed animals she has left on his headstone. John has also come to the cemetery to bring Johnny flowers. John is shocked and upset to see Barbara reading to the baby as if the child were alive and lying in his crib.

Jack tells Carly that he can't stop thinking about her and that they belong together. He kisses her passionately and begs her to be with him before it's too late. Carly tells Jack that it is over between them, that what they had was only chemical. She tells Jack that she loves her husband and is very happy. Hal comes home to find them together. He wants to know what Jack is doing there and Jack tells Hal it was a mistake and leaves. Hal continues to question Carly about Jack. Carly assures Hal that the thing with Jack is one-sided and that she is sure Jack got the message that she's happy with her husband. Hal wants to make love, but Carly doesn't. She tells Hal that they need to abstain until she ovulates so they can make a baby, but Hal thinks it is because of Jack.

Emily and Andy are at the Argus when Emily receives a gift. When she opens it and finds a fire extinguisher, she realizes it's from someone responding to her personals ad. Thinking it is Jack, she goes to his house to thank him. When Jack tells her it's not from him, she tells him they should go out on a date anyway. Jack tells her he is going through a tough breakup similar to her and David's. Understanding, Emily returns to the office. She asks Andy if he was on the one who sent the present. Andy says he cannot tell a lie, it's not from him. Just then they see a rose and a note left by the mystery man. Emily reads the note. Her secret admirer wants her to meet him at Java for a date.

David is letting Molly gamble with house money while Kirk and Sam fume. Pushed to the limit, Sam proposes that they play a hand of poker for a 51-49 controlling interest in the Falcon Club. David eagerly agrees. Molly questions David about the risk of such a deal, but David informs Molly not to worry because he intends to cheat. Molly frantically tries to reach Lucinda, but cannot. The hand is dealt. Thinking she's won the Falcon Club with a full house aces high, Sam is shocked to learn that David is holding four kings.

Friday, April 10, 1998

Margo is at home with Tom going through Deena's personal items. Tom urges a distraught Margo to come to terms with what happened or quit the police force. He tells her that if she starts second-guessing herself now, the next time she's in a similar situation, she might not be as lucky and her family could lose her. However, all Margo can think about is Eddie being alone in the world. Margo takes Deena's things to Eddie and finds him thrashing about in his jail cell.

Hal continues to press Carly about her feelings for Jack. He "interrogates" his wife about what really happened between her and Jack. Frustrated by their arguing, Carly blurts out, "I'm over him." Hal realizes his wife hasn't been truthful as Carly's words confirm that the "thing" with Jack wasn't all that one-sided. Angry, Hal storms out of the house.

John is very alarmed to see Barbara talking to Johnny. He questions the groundskeeper about Barbara's actions and how often she frequents Johnny's grave. Frightened by what he's told, he rushes to Kim in hopes she can intervene. Kim goes to Barbara and tries to comfort her, but Barbara cuts her off when she realizes Kim is there because John sent her.

John stops by to see Carly and drop off some fertility pamphlets. Carly informs him that she and Hal are over, but John won't hear of it. He tells Carly it is not over. He won't allow it to be over.

Hal approaches Barbara at the graveside and places his hand on her shoulder.

Jack boards a train in hopes of putting as much distance between himself and Carly as possible, but he can't stop thinking about her. Suddenly he sees something out the window and demands the conductor stop the train.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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