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Port Charles Recaps: The week of April 6, 1998 on PC
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Monday, April 6, 1998

As Joe tries to explain what happened to Frank to everyone, Lark is desperately trying to free herself from the orderlies that are holding her. Dr Baldwin tries to calm Lark down, but she is hysterical and demands that they release her so that she can see Frank to apologize. Meanwhile, Frank is fighting for his life with massive internal injuries. Eve brought everyone coffee and a report on Lark's condition in the psych ward, but Julie demands that no one give any more sympathy to Lark while Frank is fighting for his life. Eve apologizes for upsetting her. Dr Burgess gets someone to cover the interns shifts while they face this crisis. Eve breaks the news to Karen about Lark and Jake. She told her that Frank flipped when he found out that they had slept together. This caused Lark to threaten suicide. Julie talks to Joe about Frank. She told him about her brother that committed suicide and says that Lark wasn't acting like someone who would actually do it. She thinks that Lark only did it because she knew that Frank would save her.

Eve talks to Kevin and asks him to try to go and visit Lark and see how she is doing.

As Frank's mom is outside praying for him, Grace runs by with blood and announces that Frank is hemorrhaging and is in need of blood. Joe decides to scrub up and go in to do whatever he can to help his brother. He went in and Devlin orders him to get out of the O.R. Devlin finally gives him a rundown on Frank's injuries and again orders him out.

Kevin went to see Lark. He told her that Frank is still in surgery and is in critical condition. He sympathizes with Lark for going out on the ledge because he says he understands that she has been hurt over and over.

Joe gives a report to his mother. He told her that Frank has the best doctors working on him. Meanwhile, Chris decides to "help" out the police by giving them some information. He told them that Lark had been having an affair with an intern and had been in a fight with her boyfriend and that is why she was out on the ledge. The officer verifies that Lark is only in high school and Chris says that it just makes your stomach turn. The officer asks who the intern is and Chris told him that it was Jake. As the officer leaves, Chris smiles and says "Another one bites the dust. Quartermaine come to papa."

Lark challenges Kevin to teach her to be socially adept and she will promise not to throw herself off anymore buildings. She told him that he has no clue just how screwed up she really is. Kevin told her about his own mother and how she was mentally ill and hurt his twin brother Ryan. He told her that she never has to be in a place like this again. She just needs to go where the love is. She asks him to leave. Dr Baldwin thanks Kevin for seeing Lark. After he leaves Lark, Kevin has another strange vision that he doesn't understand. The vision is of a gloved hand with a knife.

As Jake comes out of surgery, the police ask to talk to him. He told them that it will have to wait, but they tell him that they need to speak to him now. He told them that he just got out of surgery and needs to give some information to the patients mother. He asks them just what is so important. They ask him if he is a friend of Lark Madison's. He says yes and they say that they need him to come to the station with them. Jake asks what kind of questions they need to ask him and they tell him that it is about his "relationship" with Lark. Jake asks if he needs a lawyer. As Jake and the officers enter the elevator, Chris is getting off and looks quite pleased with himself.

Dr Devlin comes out and gives a report on Frank. He says he is stabilized but that they are worried about his heart. Frank is on a machine now that is keeping him alive but will not be able to stay on that forever. They tried to wean him from the machine once, but his heart rate dropped and he became hypertensive. Devlin told them that they will try to wean him from the machine again later. He also told Mrs. Scanlon that he is not a miracle worker even though he wishes he was.

Tuesday, April 7, 1998

Mary arrived at the hospital and Joe told her about Frank's fall from the roof. Joe, Julie, Karen, Eve and Mary then waited for word about Frank. Jake and Matt assisted Bennett in operating on Frank. Fearing that she was responsible for Franks' death, Lark suffered a breakdown in the psychiatric ward at the hospital and nearly had to be restrained. Gail tried to calm Lark and told her that Frank was not dead, but that he had been seriously injured and was now in surgery. Later, Eve asked Kevin to check on Lark. Kevin spoke with Lark and tried to give her encouragement that things could change. After leaving Lark's room, Kevin had a disturbing vision of a knife. Ellen gave the interns her support and offered to have their shifts covered while they waited for news about Frank. Joe went to the operating room to check on Frank's progress. Bennett hastily recounted Frank's condition to Joe and then told him to leave. Joe was privately devastated over Frank's condition but tried to cheer Mary. Later, Bennett told the group that Frank had survived surgery, but Bennett couldn't assure them that Frank would live. Chris overheard Eve tell Karen that Jake had slept with Lark. Chris then notified the authorities that Jake had slept with a minor. Later, two officers asked Jake to come to the station with them for questioning with regards to his relationship with Lark. A smug Chris watched as Jake was led away by the officers and was happy over the fact that he had eliminated Jake as a candidate for the Quartermaine Residency.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, April 8, 1998

Grace updated Joe, Julie and Mary on Frank's condition, which continued to decline. Bennett tried to comfort Julie, who later poured out her heart to Frank at his bedside. Scott and Eve visited Jake in jail and assured him they would do everything they could to have the charge of statutory rape against him dropped. Eve and Scott then went to see Lark in the psychiatric ward of the hospital. Scott and Eve told Lark that Jake had been arrested and might be sent to prison. Lark agreed to tell the authorities the truth about how she had duped Jake, but still thought that Frank was in love with her. Eve tried to explain to Lark that Frank wanted to be a father to her, not a lover. Lark pleaded with Scott and Eve not to be sent back to Juvenile Hall and they promised to do what they could. Later, Scott and Eve spoke with Gail, who recommended that Lark remain under observation in the hospital for another 48 hours. Eve and Scott then went back to Jake and told him that Lark had agreed to tell the truth. Their joy was short-lived, however, after Eve learned that Lark had been sent back to Juvenile Hall despite Gail's recommendations. Jake, Scott and Eve then learned that Lark had escaped from the Juvenile Hall. Bennett told Chris that he wanted results from their scheme to have Chris infiltrate Karen and Joe's research group. Later, Chris offered Karen his help and she accepted. Chris then went to the interns lab and began rummaging through their research while tape recording their findings.

Thursday, April 9, 1998

As a priest arrived at the hospital to Frank last rites, Joe had an increasingly difficult time facing the fact that his brother was going to die. Bennett learned that Eve, with Scott's help, planned on filing a sexual harassment suit against him. Boardman then gave Bennett more bad news when he told him that he was going to be pulled off the research project. Desperate to get results concerning the experimental cell regeneration drug, Bennett decided to inject Frank with the drug before he died in order to get data from his autopsy later. Lucy had a hard not telling everyone she encountered that Kevin was the author of "General Homicide."

Friday, April 10, 1998

Lucy received annulment papers from Rex and was miffed that he had beaten her to the punch as she wanted to be the one who divorced him. Lucy then visited Rex and taunted him with the fact that she had won and he had lost. Rex, however, continued to needle Lucy and said that he knew that Kevin had written "General Homicide." Rex then told Lucy she should try to find out what kind of man Kevin really is. Later, word that Kevin was the author of "General Homicide" hit the news. Bennett planned his revenge against Eve and ordered Chris to secretly plant drugs on her. Chris refused to do that to Eve even when Bennett threatened to end any chance he had of winning the Quartermaine Fellowship. Chris stood his ground and Bennett later planted the drugs on Eve himself. Bennett then called the police with an anonymous tip about Eve's "drug trafficking." Later, Eve was stopped in her car as she was driving home. Eve then noticed the drugs in her purse as the officer approached her car. A distraught Joe told Karen that he was burying himself in his work because he couldn't bear to watch Frank die. Scott, Eve and Jake continued to wonder about the still missing Lark's whereabouts. Bennett told Julie that there was nothing left he could do to save Frank. Wanting to get research data, a desperate Bennett injected a nearly-dead Frank with the interns experimental cell regeneration drug. Unbeknownst to Bennett, however, a hidden Lark had seen him inject Frank with the drug.

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