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Paulina and Joe grew closer. Nick was upset to find a nude sketch of Sophia at Matt's place. Cass became increasingly upset about the coincidences happening that related to Felicia's book. Michael's family watched a video he'd recorded before his death.
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Another World Recaps: The week of April 6, 1998 on AW
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Monday, April 6, 1998

Over At The Cory's, Rachel and Carl are discussing why Rachel confided in Felicia about Rachel's mistrust of Carl. Rachel apologizes to her husband and tells him she didn't betray his trust in her by confiding to Felicia. Carl tells her she shouldn't feel guilty about confiding in Felicia, after all she is your best-friend. Rachel told him she just didn't want him to think she was doubting her trust in him. Carl told her to forget about it and asks her if she would care for a cocktail before Cass and Felicia arrive.

At B.C.P.D., Cass was telling Toni about the Embers In The Snow mystery and the coincidences that keep occurring in chapters of the book. Toni told Cass she will work on it and find out what she can. Just then Felicia arrives which causes Cass to become even more paranoid. Cass told Toni that Felicia's the cause of all of these things happening and now he has come across a music box that plays Greensleeves, just like the character Winthrop Crass did. Felicia tries to convince Toni that she thinks Cass was being paranoid, and Wally the homeless man wouldn't hurt anyone. As the two of them continue to argue over Wally's guilt, with Toni in the middle of everything. Josie becomes annoyed at the constant noise and bickering and told them both to shut up! Taking that as there cue to leave, Cass and Felicia get ready to head over to Carl and Rachel's. Meanwhile, Toni asks Josie what has been going on with her lately. Josie covers and told Toni that she just has a lot on her mind about a case she's working on. Toni told her that Gary called at the station for her and wanted to know how late she was going to be working on her assignment. Alarmed, Josie asks Toni what did she tell Gary. Toni tells her that she told him she really didn't know how long Josie would be working on the case tonight.

Over at the Basketball Court, Gary was shooting a few hoops trying to relieve a little stress. Suddenly, someone shows up just as Gary was about to shoot another basket. They put their hands on his shoulder which causes him to turn around and almost slug them. It turns out to be Chris, who has some information for him. Chris told Gary that one of his sources has hinted that a notorious hit man was heading for Bay City to cause some serious mayhem. As the two discuss who the possible hit-man could be and who was the target, Gary tells Chris that he has to go to the police station and notify Josie. Chris decides to tag along and check in on Toni as well.

While sitting alone on a park bench, Amanda starts feeling very depressed and lonely and begins to cry to herself. Just then, the stranger who she saw jogging a few days ago comes up and asks her if she was alright. Startled to see that it was him, Amanda just says "it's you." The stranger then asks her if she has someplace to go or was she alone out here. Amanda told him she just comes here to get away and that she has a home. Upon hearing this, the stranger went to jog off. She tries to stop him and asks him who he is, but the stranger just keeps on going. He does drop his belt, which Amanda picks up. She then heads home, wondering about her mystery man.

At Vicky's Place, Jake arrives to drop off Steven's glove and as he glances in the window, he witnesses Grant and Vicky in an embrace. Jake burst into Vicky's place and yanks them apart. He demands to know just what the hell is going on between them and orders Grant out! Vicky told Jake he just can't barge up into her house and start taking charge. Jake told her that Grant is there to deceive her and play on her emotions. Vicky asks Jake why did he come there. He told her he was bringing Steven's baseball glove back to him. Just then Kirkland appears from downstairs and runs into Jake's arms. Kirkland told Jake about his upcoming art show and asks Jake to come to his art show. Jake accepts and Grant asks Kirkland to show him what pictures he's drawn so far. As the two go up to Kirkland's room, Jake tries to warn Vicky about what Grant did to Paulina and Dante, but Vicky already knows and tells Jake that Grant told her everything. Jake doesn't understand how she could forgive him and Vicky told him that she will not have Kirkland saying goodbye to another person he loves. Vicky told him that Grant was sorry for that and asks Jake doesn't Grant have a right to feel miserable. She then told Jake that he left her and he can't tell her who she can and cannot see. Jake ask her why was she hugging on Grant. Vicky told him she was consoling Grant and then accuses Jake of spying on her. Jake told her that he was here to protect the kids from Grant. Grant hearing them arguing comes from back downstairs. Grant told Jake he really doesn't know what was going on down here, but he thinks it would probably be best if he left. Jake told him, not so fast Grant. He then orders Grant to stay away from them, and told Vicky that he is only using her to cover his tracks. Vicky told Jake if that was so then she will see it and told him that he just can't come over there and order Grant out of her house. She finishes by telling Jake that she and Grant share a child together and always will. Jake says unlike they do. Vicky told him that was not what she meant, but Jake cuts her off saying he doesn't care what she meant. He turns his attentions back to Grant and told him that he loves those two boys like they where his own sons and if Grant does anything to harm them, he'll kill him. He then told Vicky as for her, she can do whatever she wants, since she's been doing it for the past few months any way. Jake leaves and Grant decides he should go as well. Vicky suddenly becomes short of breath again and Grant asks her if she was all right. Grant calms her down and he tells her that she's just having a panic attack. Grant plays with Kirk, but when Vicky watches them she sees Jake playing with Kirk.

Back At The Cory's, Cass and Felicia have shown up to spend an evening with Carl and Rachel. While they are all sipping on wine, Carl plays a cassette tape and suddenly music feels the room with "Greensleeves." Upon hearing this, Cass becomes very upset and told everybody that this was a sign. Carl tells him that they receive lots of tapes from Cory and this was probably a new version someone was submitting. Cass asks them who knew he was gonna be at Carl and Rachel's tonight. As they begin to speculate, Felicia asks Rachel can they go upstairs to check on the twins. As they leave A jittery Cass complains to Carl about the homeless man Wally, who has been terrorizing him by making Embers In The Snow come to life. He then told Carl about the music box he uncovered at Lila's. He also thinks that perhaps Felicia could be behind everything. Meanwhile, Felicia comes up with a suspect of her own and asks Rachel if she could try and get Carl to convince Cass that Wally was not behind this. As they begin to talk, Rachel told Felicia that Cass just read chapter 13 from Charlie's copy. Felicia thinks she knows who was behind it, Cass. When Rachel and Felicia return from being upstairs, Felicia and Cass both walk straight up to one another and accuse the other of being behind it. They start arguing and screaming, and then start laughing when they realize neither was behind what was happening. Amanda returns home and walks in on the playful evening. She told everyone that it sounds like old times in here. Carl asks her if she was referring to the days when Mac Cory was there. Amanda tells him that was not what she meant and then excuses herself to go upstairs. Carl feels like a first-class heal. Toni also drops by and told Cass that she has some information on the music box. Toni told Cass that only one music box playing Greensleeves was purchased in the last week, it was purchased with cash and was to be delivered to Lila, but it isn't a one of a kind one music box and could be purchased anywhere.

Back at the Police station, Toni asks Josie why she had to go out of town and Josie says that she was escorting a prisoner to Bay City who has been extradited. Toni then asks Josie if Gary knows about this. Just then, Gary and Chris show up and sense that they were having a heavy conversation. Gary calms the tension between them and he told Josie that everything will be all right tonight. Chris explains to Toni that he came by to see if she knew anything about the hit-man arriving was Bay City. Gary asks Josie if she knows anything about a hit-man coming to Bay City as well, but she denies knowing anything. They decided to leave and tell Toni and Chris they talk to them later........Back at home, Gary told Josie about that he grew up with someone like Grant. Someone with a smug smile who was also named Gary and liked to see people suffer because it made him feel like a big man. Gary confides to Josie how his father tormented him when he was a child.

At The Herald, Jake was sitting at his desk thinking of Vicky and looking at a wedding photo of him, Vicky and the boys. Just then the phone rings, Jake picks it up and when he hears his name spoke, he thinks it's Vicky. Marley tells him guess again, and Jake asks her how she was doing. Marley told Jake she was fine and ask him how are her two nephews doing. Worried about Grant's new closeness with Vicky, Jake told Marley Vicky was in bad shape these days and that neither he nor Donna can be there for her. He then begs Marley to help her sister before she gets in too deep. Marley told Jake she doesn't know if she can come back to Bay City. Jake eventually convinces her and Marley told him if she returns it will be because he asked her to, not for Vicky.

Tuesday, April 7

At Carlino's Paulina and Joe are getting closer and are all lovey-dovey. Nick and Sofia see that and tell each other they that it is funny how things work out for them. They talk to Paulina and Joe and Paulina ask how the music business was with Matt and Nick has not heard about this yet. They walk away. Paulina and Joe go to the kitchen and Paulina told him about going back into therapy and Joe says he was proud of her. Nick ask why she hasn't told him and Sofia says it was because they don't seem to have time to talk anymore. Joe leaves the restaurant and Nick says he has to do something and leaves again leaving Sofia up in the air. Paulina talks to Sofia and asks what was bothering her was it Matt being the problem?? Sofia says no. She was unsure where she stands with Nick and was wondering about the wedding. Paulina says that she should be sure what she wants cause a wedding was supposed to be for the rest of your life. She told Sofia it was OK to postpone the wedding. Sofia says she is glad to hear that.

Lila went to Cass's office and ask a favor. Cass wants the music box he answers her question. That she will not get any money from Shane's research until it was marketed and profits are made. A long time, Lila is frantic and runs off not telling Cass anything about the box.

Rachel was at home with a bust of Carl she was working on when Amanda comes out to talk to her. Rachel wants to know why Amanda was avoiding Carl. Amanda says she doesn't want to cause trouble for them. Rachel says She wants them to be a family. The phone rings it was Cass requesting to see her in his office alone.

Carl went to Matt's Apartment and wants Matt to come to the house and be there tonight for a surprise party for Rachel. Matt was suspicious but agrees to come. He and Carl shake hands on the truce. Carl leaves and later Lila shows up. She has something to talk with Matt about but he was getting ready for the party. She hints to Matt that the timing on the research was not going that quick. Matt told Lila about the new business he was starting with Sofia's help. Lila says Sofia was always dependable, only she means the sarcastically. Matt leaves and tells Lila to help herself to his takeout that he has other plans and leaves the keys with her. Lila notices art work in a box and finds a nude sketch of Sofia. She says she know what kind of business they are in and puts the scotch out on the chair in plain site. She hears her phone and runs home. It was bill collectors she act like her invalid mother and says Lila was not there.

Cass told Rachel that Carl was doing a restructuring of the company. Rachel says she knows and trusts Carl. Cass was doubtful but tells her he will keep his eyes on the business. Meantime Carl knows by his computer that Cass has requested the files in question.

Nick was talking with Joe about having the wedding soon in their church and Joe says it won't be that soon if in the church. Nick calls to schedule the chapel.

Cass went to Lila's for the music box she sold and the sheriff was at Lila's door. Lila freezes.

Carl and the kids surprise Rachel on her return she looks at Carl questioningly.

Wednesday, April 8, 1998

Gary warns Joe that a hired killer may be on his way into town. Carl surprises his wife by inviting all three Cory children to dinner but Rachel icily wonders aloud if the party was meant to distract her from the changes at the company. Meanwhile, a stranger lurks outside in the bushes, waiting for a chance to make his move. Cass helps Lila give the sheriff the slip when he arrives with an eviction order for nonpayment of rent. Felicia explains to Gary why she fears for a friend's life unless he helps her learn who was bringing Embers In The Snow to life. As Paulina organizes a game of charades, Matt pulls his sister aside and whispers that he suspects Carl was setting him up somehow. Later, Carl's quote from "Hamlet" sends Matt storming out of the party in a huff. Lila asks Cass to file an appeal on her behalf. Rachel lets Carl know she disapproves of him making such sweeping changes at Cory Publishing without consulting her first. Nick was upset to see a nude sketch of Sofia in Matt's apartment. A scream suddenly breaks the stillness of the night outside the Cory mansion.

Thursday, April 9

Nick has gone to tell Sophia about the sketch of her in the nude. She does not react like Nick thought and found out that she knew about the sketch. She told him it was a long time ago and thought that Matt did not have it out. This upsets Nick more and he storms off. Sophia leaves Carlino's too.

Carl has gone for a walk and Rachel was poking the fire when she hears the scream. Joe and Paulina hear it also they are in the studio. Rachel rushes to Amanda's room and sticks the poker in the stranger's throat. Joe comes up with his gun . He frisks the stranger, and Amanda says "don't hurt, him I know him!"

Donna was at the farm going through Michael's things in the barn when she finds a shirt of his. This takes her down memory lane when she and Michael are very young. She reminisces over their life together from early years to later ones.

Nick comes into the barn and told her he needs to talk. Donna says they both need someone to talk to that night. Nick told Donna about his jealousy over Matt, and of Sophia working for Matt and he feels Matt was trying to take Sophia away from him. Donna ask Nick if he and Sophia are soul mates and Nick doesn't know. Donna said he would know if it were true.

Sophia has rushed over to Matt's apartment and see the sketch and ask why he still has the picture. She ask Matt to destroy the picture but he says no he would put it up but not destroy it. Sophia ask him about his feelings. Matt told Sophia that he has feelings for her but has not acted on them and it was best to get it out in the open. Sophia says she loves Nick and that maybe should not work for Matt. Matt says he knows where he stands and will not cause any problems for her to please stay with him working. Sophia leaves and Matt was right behind her.

At the Cory estate, Carl has come in and introduced the man as Cameron that he was the new driver. Rachel says she doesn't want him . Cameron explains about the bad security and that he was only testing it which proved to be penetrable. Carl assures everyone that that was the new drivers job to make the place more secure. The man was dismissed by Carl and Rachel and Joe both want to know more about him. Carl tries to assure them but Rachel told Carl from now on to consult her about what was fixing to happen. Rachel ask Carl if he hired Cameron to spy on her children Carl told her no. She says she wants warnings from now on to any new surprises, She leaves and Carl says to himself . " Well my love, you barely passed that test"

Paulina and Joe are upstairs checking on Dante. Paulina was very disturbed and Joe assures her that her will do his own investigation into the new driver. Joe went downstairs and told Carl he will find out about Cameron himself and gets the glass he had thrown to Cameron to see just how observant he was. He was taking the glass to check the prints. Carl says go ahead but you will find his record impeachable. Joe ask why all the security concern and Carl says it was because of Alexander Nikos. In the meantime Rachel has arrived upstairs with Amanda and Paulina. Paulina wants to know what was up with Carl? Rachel told about Carl's concern for the family's safety. Amanda says she hopes they don't fire him because of her that she felt she knew him, he was a runner too. Rachel and Paulina just look at her.

Matt has caught up with Sophia at Carlino's and Matt told her he just wants her to be a friend and will not jeopardize their relationship by talking about his feeling anymore. Sophia says just friends and Matt agrees he puts out his hand to shake her hand and Sophia hugs him instead, Nick sees this through the door.

Cameron was out inspecting the grounds and happens on Amanda's window. She was combing her hair getting ready for bed. He stops and watches. She closes the curtains about then.

Friday, April 10, 1998

At the Cory Mansion, Cameron (The New Cory Chauffeur) was in his room having dreams about Amanda inviting him to her bed. He pops up out of his sleep and then flashes back to the day they met at the park. Just then, Amanda shows up for a friendly visit and tries to get to know Cameron a little better. She apologizes for last night, but Cameron only asks her if she needs to be taken somewhere. Amanda told him no she only came up to talk. Cameron says you could have called me on the phone Miss Cory. Amanda told him he doesn't need to be so formal and to call her Amanda. Cameron told her it was not in his job description. Sensing his nonchalant attitude towards her, Amanda asks him why was he acting like he was when he was so nice when they met in the park. Cameron told her they were strangers then. Amanda then asks him why he chose her room to break into last night. Cameron told her Carl already explained that and he was only doing his job by checking out the security system. Amanda told him he was very rude and the whole incident was somewhat strange to her. Cameron told her part of his job description was that he is to do what he was told. He was just a servant and was not to become involved with the family and he was also required to have his own privacy. He then opens his door to show Amanda out. Amanda gets upset and prepares to leave, but before she does Cameron told her if she needs to go anywhere today to ring him. Amanda went back to her room, but she can't stop thinking of Cameron. Meanwhile, Cameron's in his room getting dressed in a nice business suit and as he looks himself over in the mirror, he keeps saying "Yes Miss Cory, Whatever you say Miss Cory." He then told himself to keep it simple, just take the money and run. As he was about to leave, he opens his briefcase full of guns, but Amanda shows up and told Cameron through his door that she won't leave until he talks to her.

At Lila's Place, Lila was on the phone still trying to stall the bill collectors when Cass shows up. Cass informs Lila that Michael's Will was being read today and he left some kind of bequest to Shane's heir. Excited, Lila asks Cass how much did Michael leave her. Cass told her down girl the money is for Shane's unborn child and not for her. Lila wants to go to the reading of the will, but Cass told her that was not a good idea. Lila told him that she has to be there to represent Shane's unborn child's claim. Cass told her this isn't the wild wild west and he will be there to represent Shane. He then tells Lila that Michael wanted to express his dying gratitude to Shane for saving the children he loves, Steven and Kirkland. He wanted Shane to know that what Shane did would never be forgotten, what Shane did Lila not you. Lila asks Cass if there was some way they can get around all of that, but Cass tells her no, so she can quit batting her eyelashes at him. Cass told her that he will bring her a copy of the will, but she was not to go to the reading. He also told Lila that any money the child receives will be put into a trust fund. Lila went into her how am I going to live without any money act and told Cass the stress she was under from getting ready to be put out of her apartment isn't good for the baby. Cass told her she doesn't know what real problems are as he contemplates what Embers In The Snow episode will happen to him next. Lila told him he does look like he was growing horns and asks Cass if he really thinks his life was in danger. Cass told Lila if she comes anywhere near the Hudson's today, hers will be and then he leaves.

At Carlino's, Nick was at Carlino's having coffee when Sofia told him that he looks a little bit tired. Nick told her that he didn't get much sleep last night and when Sofia asks him why not, he told her what does she care shouldn't she be with Matt Cory. Sofia asks him lets not get into a fight about Matt today. Nick apologizes for being a jerk and he told her all that matters was that they love each other. The two then prepare to go to the reading of Michael's Will.

At Vicky's Place, Etta Mae was dressed and ready to attend the reading of the Will. She calls upstairs to Vicky to see if she was ready yet. Vicky comes downstairs stressed in Jeans and a T- shirt and told Etta Mae that she isn't going to attend the reading. Etta Mae told Vicky to march up those stairs and put on some appropriate clothes. Vicky told her she thinks it would be best if she stayed away. Etta Mae told her she cannot miss the reading of her Father's last Will and Testament. Vicky was reluctant, but Etta Mae knows it's because she was afraid to see Jake. Vicky says that Jake doesn't even look at her the same way he used to. Etta Mae told Vicky that their type of love, pure love, never dies. Etta Mae told Vicky that her father would want her to go after Jake and he wanted her to be at the reading of his will. Vicky realizes that Etta Mae was right, so she went to change into more appropriate cloths.

At the Farm, Donna was in the barn when Jake shows up to tell her that Marley is returning to Bay City. Donna hugs Jake, saying that was great news and tells him she knew he would be able to forgive Victoria. Jake told her that he called Marley to come home for the boys' sake. Donna knows it was for Vicky and she told Jake that she now knows that he still loves Vicky. Donna thinks that Marley wouldn't come back unless she has forgiven Vicky, so it's possible that Jake can forgive her as well. Jake told her that Marley was coming back because people are in pain, not because she has forgiven Vicky. Donna thinks that Jake can forgive Vicky, but Jake told Donna that Vicky made him look like a fool. Donna told Jake that Vicky loves him, but Jake says he can't even look at Vicky anymore, which was why he called Marley. Donna doesn't believe him because Jake wouldn't have gone through all this trouble if he didn't care for Vicky. Though her son-in-law cautions her not to read too much into a simple act of kindness, Donna feels certain this means both Marley and Jake are getting ready to forgive Vicky and let bygones be bygones. Jake tells her that just because she wants everything to be okay doesn't mean it will be. Jake says he doesn't even want to go to the reading of Michael's will, but Donna told him that Michael would want him there. Donna leaves to set things up for the reading and Jake gets a call from Marley. Jake asks her where is she and Marley told Jake that she can't come for a couple of weeks. Jake is upset and told her to get here as fast as she can because Vicky needs her. Jake then leaves to go get ready for Michael's reading.

At Bay City General Hospital, Lila shows up to hear Michael's will being read in his office, but before she can enter the room, Cass catches her and tells her not to take another step. Then he grabs Lila and drags her into another room. Cass says just couldn't stay away could you. Lila told him that she has a right to be there. Cass told her all you have to do was flash a little money and she will point like a retriever. Lila asks him if this was going any where and Cass told her to be greedy in private and don't rub the Hudson family's nose in it. Lila still insist she was there to pay her respects and tries to leave, but Cass sits her back down and asks does he have to tie her up. Lila tells him she will scream bloody murder and have him arrested for messing with her mental stability. Cass told her to go ahead and have him arrested and in return he'll make sure Lila receives the funds form the trust long and slowly in the sum of 20 years. Lila told Cass now that he put it that way she will back off. Cass told Lila that Vicky was a friend as well as a client, a paying client. He told Lila that she on the other hand was running from creditors, so guess whose side he was on. Cass warns her that he could make it easy for her to get her hands on the money Michael left Shane's heir or he could make it difficult as well. Lila gets his point, but Cass refuses to leave her alone until the will was read.

Meanwhile, Donna and Vicky show up at the hospital and go to Tyrone's office where the Will was to be read. Donna told Vicky about her meeting with Jake. She then told Vicky how Jake did something wonderful for her, he convinced Marley to come home. Vicky was happy that Jake still cares for her, but it doesn't mean that he'll forgive her. Donna told Vicky that she has to tell him how she feels, but Vicky says that it doesn't make a difference anymore. As the two discuss whether or not Jake still loves Vicky or not, Jake shows up and senses they were discussing him but says nothing. As the rest of Michael's family gathers in his office, Tyrone explains how his client left behind a videotape to be played in the event of his death. Tyrone plays the video that Michael left behind. Everyone but Donna snubs Vicky at the reading, which turns out to be a humorous and touching video from Michael. Michael says Donna was the love of her life and leaves the farm for Nick, Sophia and their children. Nick's thrilled, but, Sophia looks as if she has doubts. He leaves Marley his collection of photographs and his library of books to John. Finally Michael comes to Vicky, who he thinks will be okay because she has Jake. Michael starts speaking about how she and Jake are creating a life together and what he has left her was in the farm's barn. He also told Vicky and Jake that they shouldn't let anything stand in their way of being happy because nothing else matters. Michael then told Vicky how glad he was that she's with Jake and how the two must overlook the small things because nothing was as important as love. Overcome by emotion, Vicky who was in tears by now, runs out of the room.

Back in the room Cass and Lila are in, Lila listens at the door and hears Vicky in the hallway crying. Lila fools Cass into letting her go by distracting him about seeing antlers like his Embers In The Snow character does over by one of the chairs. As Cass went to look at the chair, Lila gives him the slip.........Meanwhile Jake finds Vicky in the hall crying and takes her in his arms and holds her. Lila comes around the corner witnessing this embrace and watches Vicky and Jake in shock and disgust.


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