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Port Charles Recaps: The week of April 13, 1998 on PC
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Monday, April 13, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite Czajka

Kevin is yelling at a guy on the phone - he's upset about the leak that he's the author of General Homicide. His publisher calls about doing publicity, Kevin told him to go ahead and set it up. The phone rings again and Kevin unplugs it. A reporter comes over to interview Kevin. He wants to Know about a man with a brother who was a serial killer writing a book about a serial killer. He also wants to know about the thinly disguised characters in the book - Kevin won't discuss it. He asks Lucy about the comparison between her and Nancy Cole. Lucy appreciates Nancy's good points and ignores the bad. The reporter also asks about the affair between the book version of Kevin and the book version of Eve. Lucy told him that Kevin has a good imagination.

Eve in a '64.5 - '68 era red convertible Mustang (I knew there was a Reason I liked her - it's like mine!!) shoves the coke that was planted in her under the seat while pretending to look for her registration. The cop asks her to step out of the car. Later, Eve is with Scott and she told him the cop asks for her phone number. She didn't give it to him. She told him about the planted drugs. She flushed them at a gas station on the way home. Which was a good move, since cops were at Frank's with a search warrant. Scott opines that Devlin would not give up easily, but he may make a mistake since he's getting desperate.

Devlin sneaks the syringe he used for Frank into the disposal thing. His intern aid comes in and questions him about missing serum. Devlin testily tells him he dropped a vial of it while injecting an animal. The aid leaves and Devlin orders more blood tests on Frank.

Karen tries to get Joe to go home and rest. He gets very bitchy, she is understanding and he backs off. Mary comes up with Audrey and they reminisce about Frank as a child. Audrey leaves, and Devlin, the very soul of sensitivity, comes up and asks Mary for permission to see the autopsy report on Frank, if he should happen to die. For some odd reason, this request upsets Joe.

Lark apologizes to Franks for being the cause of his coma. She realizes that he only tried to help her and asks for a second chance. Joe comes in rather loudly, giving Lark a chance to hide. Joe tearfully reminds Frank of their childhood - a time when Frank pretended that he wouldn't wake up. Little Joe got scared, then little Frank opened his eyes and laughed at him. Joe wants him to do that again and he does! Well, not the laughing part but his eyes open. Later, Julie, Karen, and Mary have joined them. Frank's first question is about the state of Lark. He's glad she's okay - and they tell him she ran away.

Grace told Matt that Joe has awakened. He wants to celebrate Joe and also Grace's birthday which is tomorrow. She says she stopped celebrating getting older at 21 (which is a little sad). She agrees to go out with him.

Devlin hears about Frank and wants to be kept apprised of his condition. Eve and Scott come up and Scott shoves a bag of white powder in Devlin's pocket. Devlin says he should have coke there - Scott reveals it's sugar. He tells him that Eve found the real thing and flushed it. Scott threatens him and Devlin walks. The reporter comes up and starts asking them about the book. The reporter told them Kevin wrote the book - they're surprised. They head to Kevin's and discuss their alter egos in the book (Scott angrily yells that he's not some hot-headed, loud-mouthed, apple eating attorney as he bites an apple - his "character" gets baked in an oven with an apple in his mouth, Lucy points out that she's not some self-centered glamour don't - then hesitates as she thinks about it, Eve thinks her character, the witty, sexy, wisecracking intern with men at her feet). They start arguing and Kevin reminds them that it's just a book. The phone rings - the orders for the book have tripled. Kevin isn't happy - he thinks it's just because the author is the brother of a serial killer.

Devlin went in to see Frank and refuses to take credit for Frank's recovery. This doesn't arouse the suspicions that it should. He told Frank and Julie that he wants to be the only one to oversee his recovery. He leaves the room and Mary thanks Devlin and he once again refuses credit. Joe apologizes for being nasty to him, and Devlin is very humble - again not arousing suspicions. Later, Devlin is confronted by the reporter and he refuses to comment. He walks away and is taunted by Chris about his lousy drug-planting skills. Chris tells him that the serum has made the rats *very* aggressive and if he markets it to humans, he'll have WWIII on his hands.

Tuesday, April 14, 1998

Scott gave Eve and Karen a tour of the building he had bought for them to use for their lab. Meanwhile, Bennett sent Chris to snoop at the interns lab after his lab rats became so aggressive that they had to be destroyed. After returning from the lab, Chris told Bennett that the interns test animals were not showing signs of violent behavior. Bennett then wanted to start his tests over again and did not want any record of the failed experiment. Chris realized that Bennett wanted a clean slate in order to avoid any delays with having the drug approved by the FDA. Chris then told Bennett that they were still very far away from testing the drug on humans. Julie visited a recovering Frank in his hospital room and Frank asked her for a copy of his charts and x-rays. Later, Julie asked Bennett for Frank's records. Bennett refused to give Julie Frank's chart, but did say that he would speak to Frank later. Meanwhile, a disguised Lark emerged from hiding in the closet in Frank's room and apologized for what had happened. Frank told Lark not to feel guilty about the accident and agreed not to turn her in. Later, Lark brought Frank a copy of his x-rays and Frank thought that he was in perfect health. Frank, who had previously been injected with Bennett's experimental drug, later showed signs of a temper much like that of the lab rats. Joe attempted to stay on top of Frank's case with Bennett, but Bennett was determined to keep Joe in the dark. Matt and Grace took advantage of a free day to escape the hospital. Matt and Grace grew closer and both agreed that Ellen had been keeping them at arms length. Matt and Grace then shared a kiss. Back at the lab, Eve brewed up a "love potion" for Scott and they began to kiss passionately.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, April 15, 1998

Matt threw a surprise birthday party for Grace at the Recovery Room. Ellen arrived at the party late and walked in to witness a kiss between Matt and Grace. After seeing Matt and Grace's increasing closeness firsthand, Ellen covered her hurt with anger and left the party. An uncharacteristically brash Frank checked himself out of the hospital and went to Grace's party with Julie. Later, Frank began to weaken and Joe took him back to the hospital. Bennett was angry that Frank had left the hospital and told Frank that he had jeopardized his recovery. Lark visited Frank in his hospital room once he was alone and said that Bennett had previously injected him with something. Bennett was furious when he learned that Joe had ordered more tests on Frank. Bennett made it clear that Frank's care was in his hands, but Joe refused to back away from Frank's case. At Grace's party, Kevin was besieged by "General Homicide" readers who thought they were the basis for characters in the book. Scott offered Lucy space in his building for Jacks Cosmetics and she loved the idea. Scott, Lucy, Kevin and Eve then started brainstorming about ways to get Jacks Cosmetics back on top and Lucy was reluctant to accept Eve's ideas. After a suggestion from Serena, Lucy came up with the idea for a "Serena Line" of cosmetics. Later, Scott privately told Lucy that he didn't want Serena to be put in the public eye.

Thursday, April 16, 1998

Frank demanded to know what Bennett had injected him with and Bennett claimed that he had merely given Frank vitamins. Frank didn't buy Bennett's story and asked a willing Lark to spy on Bennett for him. Later, Lark followed Bennett to the lab but he quickly realized who she was and called security. Julie saw Lark as she was being taken away from the hospital and refused to help her. Bennett returned to Frank's room and gave him another injection. Lucy tried to question Victor about Kevin's past but he refused to talk about it. Kevin returned home and became determined to get Victor to open up about the past. Kevin asked Victor about the similarities between events in his book and real life and Victor told Kevin that he would tell him what he wanted to know. Victor started talking about a family picnic he had been on with a young Kevin and then refused to say more. Kevin then became unsettled because the picnic in his book led to a murder. After talking with Kevin, Ellen decided to clear the air with Matt. When Ellen found Matt with Grace, however, she was cool towards both of them. Later, Matt was hurt to learn that Ellen had left for San Diego without saying goodbye.

Friday, April 17, 1998

Scott took Serena to the lighthouse to spend time with Lucy and then made plans for Eve to join him and Serena for dinner at the firehouse later that evening. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Eve told Chris that she and Scott were going to take things slowly as Scott simultaneously told Lucy the same thing. Later, Eve arrived at the firehouse to have dinner with Scott and Serena. Lucy took Serena back to the firehouse and Serena asked if she could have dinner at Lucy's. Scott agreed to let Serena go back to Lucy and Kevin's and later, Scott gave Serena his permission to spend the night with Lucy. Alone at the firehouse, Scott and Eve played an amorous game of Scrabble. Despite their intention to take things slowly, Scott and Eve ended up making love. Frank became furious when he learned that Lark had been taken back to the Juvenile Center and he vented his anger at Julie. Later, Frank confronted Bennett about the injections he was giving him, but Bennett stuck to his claim that he was only giving Frank vitamin shots. A suspicious Frank then broke into the hospital lab and found Bennett's research referring to Frank as "Subject X." Bennett caught Frank in the lab and then destroyed the tape recording of his research notes. Kevin flashed on the image of a bloody knife when he saw Lucy and Serena having a pretend tea party.

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