One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 9, 1998 on OLTL

Sam offered to help Todd. Nora and Sam revealed their past history. Todd plotted against Andrew. Dorian seemed unperturbed that Mel appeared to be missing. Kelly suspected a new houseguest of trying to con Dorian. Georgie wore the same dress as Nora.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 9, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, March 9, 1998

Bo and Hank discuss his relationship with Carlotta. Even though Carlotta hasn't said anything, Hank is feeling pressured to make a decision about where their relationship is going. Both Bo and Carlotta gave Andrew their support, they don't believe Todd's lies they tell him. Unfortunately, not all of Andrew's parishoners feel the same way. One of them sees him at the diner and asks how he can show his face in public.

Barbara is upset when the Banner article about the rape comes out. Kevin tried to warn her, but she still wasn't prepared for the emotions she feels watching people read the story. She isn't mentioned by name, but it doesn't change her feelings. She tells Joey how she is still afraid at night, how she leaves the lights on and keeps checking to be sure the door is locked. Kevin apologizes, he didn't mean to hurt her, but Barbara assures him that getting it all out will be for the best, at least in the long run.

Todd and Téa run into each other at the Palace Hotel, where Téa overhears Todd making arrangements with the desk clerk to keep track of the Bishop's whereabouts. Todd threatened that he would never let Andrew come between them. Later, in the steam room, Todd(unforunately fully clothed) meets with Sam to discuss their plans. Sam feels that there's no point in trying to block the divorce it Todd isn't willing to try to change. If he doesn't change, he'll never win Téa back anyway, Sam reasons. Sam suggests Todd see a psychiatrist. That idea was not warmly received as I'm sure you can imagine. Then at least Todd should exercise and get out some of the anger that's inside of him. It's like poison and it's eating him up inside. We learn a little more of Sam's connection with Todd, he defended Todd when he was younger when he assaulted his father. While speaking about Todd's relationship with Téa, Sam fondly remembers a past relationship of his own, a fellow lawyer whom he loved. He gave her an ultimatum and he lost her. After leaving the steam room, Todd gets a message to meet Téa and her lawyer in his office.

Meanwhile, Téa has been convincing Nora to become her lawyer in the divorce. Nora at first turns her down, Nora doesn't trust Téa and she also has no intention of getting anywhere near Todd again. Téa starts crying and tells Nora about her relationship with Todd. She thought it would be a business arrangement, but she began wanting more, more than Todd could give. Todd did tell her loves her, Téa reveals, but she's sure it was just manipulation on his part. Téa does love Todd, but he can never give her what she wants. Nora asks about her relationship with Andrew and Téa admits that she cares for him, he's a good man. Téa was afraid for him today when Todd seemed ready to go after him and she has decided the best thing she can do is get away from Todd as quickly as possible. Nora agrees to take the case.

At Todd's office, Todd and Sam are waiting for Téa's arrival with her lawyer. When Nora walks in the room, she and Sam recognize each other immediately.

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

Llanview Hospital:

Kelly, back from New Orleans, visits Kevin, who talks her into taking him on a wheelchair ride around the hospital. While she is placing Kevin in the chair, Barbara enters the room and scolds Kelly for trying to move him. Kelly feels badly because she thinks that she hurt Kevin and begins to cry, saying that all she wanted was to feel useful but in the end she just hurts people. Barbara and Kevin try to comfort Kelly, but she tries to leave. Kevin manages to convince Barbara to let Kelly take him for a ride. As the two put Kevin into his wheelchair, Joey arrives and so does Bo. Bo thanks Kevin and Barbara for writing the article. He tells the two of them that the sex crimes unit will be handing out copies of the article to rape survivors, so it will be doing a lot of good for a long time. Just then Congressman Graham shows up and verbally attacks Kevin calling him "a shark" for writing that "shameful" article and accusing him of doing it only to sell papers. At that point, Bo has had enough and goes toe-to-toe with the Congressman, saying that he won't allow that kind of talk against Kevin, especially in Kevin's condition. Barbara then takes over and tells her father that it was her decision to give the interview and if her father is ashamed of her for doing it then that is too bad, he has to let her make her own decisions. After Congressman Graham leaves, Barbara takes Kevin for his treatment. When Kelly gets ready to leave, Joey follows her into the hallway and begs her for another chance ...again. She turns him down ...again.

The Diner:

Mrs. Kirton rips into Andrew for everything that has happened: the tabloid article, Ian's memorial service. She asks him to tell her point blank whether he is "carrying on with a married woman." Andrew does his best to dodge her questions by citing his good reputation, but the parishioner continues to ask him to deny the rumor outright. In another part of the diner Cassie looks on as Andrew finally denies his involvement with Téa. After Mrs. Kirton leaves, Cassie takes a few shots at the embarrassed minister. She calls him on the scene with Téa last night and the effect their relationship has on River. She reminds him that when she moved in with Kevin, Andrew forbade her from letting River within ten feet of Kevin. Cassie makes it very clear that Andrew better keep Téa away from River at least until she divorces Todd and when Cassie hears that the bishop has decided to get involved, she warns Andrew to think of his position. If Andrew gets transferred, then she loses River and she won't let that happen.

The Sun:

Nora and Sam exchange greetings and fond memories of their work together in Chicago. Téa expresses her admiration of Sam's reputation while Todd stays in the background angry and confused. Nora is surprised to hear that Sam is representing Todd as a friend. Nora states Téa's case: Todd's prison record and violent past. When Nora threatens Todd's custody of Starr, he becomes angry, but still manages to ask Téa for another chance at their marriage. Todd recalls the good times that the two of them have shared. Sam makes Téa an offer: give Todd four weeks to turn things around, if Téa still wants to leave then she gets a divorce clean and simple. Todd reluctantly agrees. And waits for Téa's response. Sam tries to pressure Téa but Todd asks him to ease up, he can tell that Téa is trying to determine if he is on the level. Téa appears to be considering the offer. But Nora turns it down before Téa has a chance to answer and they leave.

Nora's office:

Sam appears at Nora's office and asks her out to lunch. "It's the least you could do," he says, "for the man whose heart you broke." Nora agrees to lunch and tells Georgie that she will be back when she gets back. When Bo show up at Nora's office looking for his wife, Georgie does her best to make Bo insecure about Nora's absence, but Bo ignores her. He tells Georgie to let Nora know that he stopped by and he leaves her piece of candy. After Bo leaves, Georgie eats the candy.

A restaurant:

Andrew and Téa compare their bad mornings and Andrew declares that not even Todd Manning will keep him away from Téa, unaware that in the park across town...

...Todd an illicit meeting with Mrs Kirton, who reports on her altercation with Andrew. A pleased Todd then pays her a hefty sum of money. When he's alone Todd says to himself, "Bye-bye, Bible boy."

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

Todd's Office - Todd and Cassie

Todd continues to keep tabs on the whereabouts of Téa, Andrew and the Bishop. He is on the phone with the bartender at the Palace grilling him about "the purple guy". His contact is a little dense, but Todd tells him it is either Barney, Prince or the Bishop - those are the only purple guys. He hangs up on the "idiot" plainly aggravated by the lack of good help these days. Here he is a big time millionaire spending his inheritance keep track of priests. His secretary rings through the intercom and announces that Viki is waiting for him. He tells her to let her through, but the face that comes through the door is not his sister, but Cassie Carpenter!

Todd covers his shock by saying he remembers her as a Sun employee he had fired and asks what she wants. Cassie wants him to back off where Andrew is concerned. Todd asks her to sit down and inquires just what it is about Andrew that has women all over town defending him. Is he good in bed? Cassie is in no mood to take the bait. She tells him to grow up. She picks up a picture of Starr and points out that Starr and her son River are cousins. Although she really doesn't care about Todd's problems with his wife, those problems have become her business because they affect River. Todd's tirade at the church upset her son. Todd replies he didn't think kids were allowed to attend "those death things". Cassie explains that Andrew cannot afford another visit from the Bishop. She informs Todd she is on to him and the little chat he had with Andrew's boss. She does not want the Bishop to transfer her ex-husband because of Todd's action. She will lose custody of River if Andrew has to move. Todd tells her to fight for custody then. Cassie replies that if he goes after Andrew it will not bring Téa back. It will only drive Téa further and further away from him. Cassie leaves, but Todd is all the more determined to split Téa and the "Bible Boy".

Meanwhile, Andrew and Téa are meeting in secret places....

A restaurant outside of town- Téa and Andrew

Andrew notices Téa's preoccupation with Todd's proposal. He is concerned she is thinking of taking the deal. Téa admits it is inviting. All she would need to do is spend 4 weeks with him. She would not have to reconcile and she would have an uncontested divorce. Andrew worries about will happen once Téa shares a roof with Todd. But Téa knows this would be the path of least resistance. Andrew wonders aloud just why she would want to subject herself to this unless she wants to give Todd another chance. Téa denies (not too convincingly) that she is willing to give Mr. Manning another try to assures Andrew she is not going to take Todd up on his offer. But she does not seem to have many other options. If she stays separated from her husband for two years, she will automatically be divorced. Otherwise, she would have to show grounds like cruel, barbaric treatment. Andrew wants to know if throwing her out naked in a blizzard would qualify. Téa reminds him that is just her word against Todd's. Andrew offers to testify on her behalf, but Téa will not hear of it. After all, she is the source of all his current troubles with parishioners, Cassie and River. She appreciates the offer but she will not put him at risk. She just needs to think of another way. She must move on, so she will go head to head with him. Andrew says Todd is dangerous, all she needs to do is ask Nora. Téa admits her lawyer warned her to stay away from her husband, but she also cautioned her to avoid Andrew. She teases that she believes Andrew like this slinking around and meeting in out of the way restaurants where they won't be spotted. Andrew has to pick up River from preschool and Téa and he agrees to leave separately. He tells her he loves her and will call her later. After he leaves, she says to herself that she is sorry, but if she is to be free of Todd, she will have to do it her way. She takes out her cellular phone and punches out Todd's office number. She invites him to meet with her alone.

Carlotta's Diner- Nora and Sam Rappaport

Sam and Nora discuss old times. He admits it was the best time of his life. Nora thinks he is referring to the big case they were on, but Sam is referring to the huge adrenaline rush he got from being around her. Nora knew they would have to discuss this eventually, but when Sam speaks of their affair, she would rather not describe it that way. Besides it was a long time ago. Sam replies that it was like yesterday to him and in his opinion she has not changed a bit. Nora remembers that every woman in the courtroom had the hots for Sam. Somehow the capital case turned into a love affair for them. Sam recalls the first time he saw her on an elevator. Both Nora and Sam were married to other people, but sparks flew. It was platonic for a long time, but Sam was always certain they would eventually make love and it would be amazing. Nora agrees that it was amazing and they had a lot of fun. Back then, when a recess was called by them to confer, they were more than likely to be found by a court officer in a compromising position. Sam confesses he still misses her and does not understand why it ended. To Nora, it is simple: it ended because she was raising a child. Sam remembers her daughter and the name Rachel. Nora is impressed by his memory. He tells her he remembers everything about her and hands her a pair of tickets. She owes him a trip to Tahiti. Nora is stunned by what he has handed her. Sam says he bought them for her and she never showed up. Nora reminds him that she was not free to go gallivanting around the world, no matter how romantic. He replies that he had visions of painting her topless on a beach like Gaughan. She is his indulgence. At night, he mixes pina coladas and imagines her on the beach. Nora is moved and says she is sorry. Sam replies so is he, more than she knows. Rachel enters the diner to pick up lunch. Nora wants to introduce her to Sam, but Rachel coldly answers that she is in a hurry. Nora tells Sam that today is her daughter's birthday. There is going to be a surprise party, but Nora thinks the real surprise will be if Rachel speaks to her.

Police Station- Nick, Hank and Bo

Nick tells his boss that Claude is lying low. Bo is counting on Nick to keep him posted. Bo is sure that Claude will eventually screw up and then they will be all over him.

Hank is busy leafing through a men's magazine. There is an article about what to do when she is looking for commitment. Bo suggests Hank just goes over to the Diner and tell Carlotta. Neither has had lunch yet so they agree that they will have it at the Diner. Bo is free because his wife has a handsome appointment. He would love to watch Hank and see if he has the nerve to dump Carlotta.

Carlotta's- Hank, Bo, Carlotta and Sam

Hank introduces himself to Sam and then Sam reminds him they had met already in the steam room at Serenity Springs. Nora introduces Sam to Bo. She tells her husband that she and Sam were talking over the Manning divorce case and she is representing Téa. Bo's first reaction is that he does not like her butting heads with "that maniac". Nora points out that mostly she will be butting heads with Todd's lawyer, Sam. Bo changes his tune abruptly and says that it is a terrific idea for Nora to defend Téa because Todd was the worst mistake that girl ever made-no offense to Sam about his client. Todd hates him and Nora anyway. Nora tells Sam the lunch didn't work because Téa is not going to compromise. She says lunch is on her. Sam mentions how he would love to have another six month case. Hank asks if Nora didn't go out with Sam two or three times. Thanks, Nora replies to her ex. Then she excuses herself to go Club Indigo and tells Bo she loves him when he is jealous.

Hank approaches Carlotta, who is reading Wedding Dress Magazine, she says to help a friend who is getting married. Hank insists that Bo is jealous about Nora and Sam. But Bo is not to be deterred from sitting at the counter and watching Hank struggle with telling Carlotta he is not ready to commit. Hank chickens out and asks Carlotta if they are still on for the movies the next night. Bo suggests they see "My Best Friend's Wedding".

Club Indigo- Rachel, Nora, R.J. and Jacara

R.J. receives an envelope by courier. Claude says in a note that they are still waiting for proof and he will stay in touch. R.J. is unhappy with the situation when Jacara shows up and asks if he got bad news. R.J. makes up an excuse about a musical act canceling a gig and comments favorably on her new hairdo. R.J. says he is just in a bad mood. Rachel comes through the door and seconds his emotion. She explains how she ran into Nora and she just walked out on her mother and, she sniffles, she just feels terrible. Jacara informs them both that she was not a cheerleader in school but her pep rally for the day is to tell them both to get over themselves. Whatever is going on, it will pass and it can't be as bad as it seems. Nora arrives and says that is the perfect setup for her. She asks Rachel if she is still planning on dinner with her Dad. Nora and Bo plan to join them later. Rachel, despite being upset by her run in at the Diner with Nora, tells her mother that she just does not feel like hanging out with her now. She takes off like a bat out of hell, leaving Nora to say facetiously to R.J., "That went very well, don't you think". She wonders if she should even come by later that night, but Jacara says with the birthday party, Rachel will forget. Nora had a wonderful lunch and a really good day until now.

Llanview Police- Bo and Nick

Bo is on the phone ordering flowers and inquiring to Nick if he knows a good jeweler. Nick figures Bo must be worried about his wife's love for him. Then he gets a call from the lookout stationed at Claude's hotel. It seems Bo's crew is not the only ones watching Charbonneau. The cop on stake out saw the glint of binoculars and behind them was none other than Max Holden.

Palace Hotel- Todd, Téa and Andrew

Téa shows up in a pretty blue sleeveless dress and tells Todd that she wants to sit at a table. He follows her with his beer and asks what she wants, besides a divorce, because she is not going to get one. Despite the way she is dressed. Téa says she has been thinking about that day in his office when he said he loved her. "People say things," Todd replies. Téa reminds him he never said that to her before. He says it was not like she was impressed or convinced. Téa admits to confusion. Now she is having second thoughts. Maybe he does love her and maybe she feels the same way about him. She covers Todd's hand with her own. She goes on that it must have been hard for him to admit his love and that it was hard for her to believe, so she turned him down. Now she can't get his voice out of her head, saying those words she waited so long to hear. Todd asks why she walked out. She restates that she was confused, but now she is tired of fighting with him. She moves closer. She tells Todd she is very attracted to him and thought if the could be alone away from the lawyers and distractions, they could figure out together where they stand. Todd wants to know then what could happen. "Whatever comes naturally", Téa says seductively. Todd reminds her they are not alone in the hotel bar. She invites him up to her room where they can shut out the rest of the world and be together. She is sure they could find some way to communicate. Todd is noticeably reluctant to "rush into it". The Game is over. Téa begins to push his buttons, accusing him of not be able to "rise to the occasion. Most men would have seen an invitation to my room as an opportunity. But not you, not mixed up, impotent Todd!". Todd rises to his feet and asks her what she said. He holds her head between his hands and says softly so only she can hear, "If I throw you out of a window, there will be no one around to watch. You and I are a lot more alike than you think. That is why you won't leave me. What you just did proves we belong together". Todd almost looks like he is about to kiss her hard, but he doesn't get a chance because they are interrupted by a frantic Andrew. Todd tells him that Téa started this. As Andrew takes her off to her room, Todd says maybe they can do this again sometime. But after they leave, he looks sad and devastated.

Sam shows up and says he saw Andrew leading Téa away and asks what Todd did to her. Todd says she tried to pull a fast one on him. She wanted him to push her out a window. It was her way of saying she still wanted Todd. Sam is puzzled by the remark, but he is called away by phone call. As he leaves, The Bishop shows up and sits down at the other end of the bar. Todd has a plan to "cook up the appearance of impropriety.

Thursday, March 12, 1998

Andrew was touched but upset when Téa told him that she tried to provoke Todd into a public outburst. Andrew questioned Téa's feelings for Todd and she hedged. Todd convinced the Bishop to help him with Téa and told him that Téa's continuing counseling with Andrew was the problem. The Bishop went to see Téa and found Andrew with her. The Bishop revealed that he was under pressure from his associates and that Andrew was in real trouble. Andrew admitted that if he had to choose between the church and Téa, he would choose Téa. Téa said that she would never let Andrew give up the church because it was too important to him. Téa resolved to take Todd up on his offer and decided to go back and live with him for two weeks. Max watched as Claude sent a videotape off to R.J. Max would have followed Claude, but Nick nabbed him. Bo decided to whisk Nora out of her office and romance her for the afternoon. Bo then showered Nora with flowers, chili dogs and a new necklace. Bo was interrupted by Max and Nick. Bo forbid Max from pursuing Claude, but Max wouldn't back down and went to Blair for help. At Nora's office, Georgie made another mysterious phone call saying she needed "it" by tonight. R.J. and Jacara grew closer and Jacara admitted that she was finding excuses to come see him. R.J. received Claude's tape and cryptic note and got very nervous. Jacara questioned him, but he put her off saying it had to do with Rachel's party. Rachel was depressed about her birthday and Hank lured her to Club Indigo for her surprise party. At Club Indigo, Bo kept his eye on R.J. and Georgie arrived wearing the same dress as Nora!

Friday, March 13, 1998

Dorian, Kelly, Viki and Clarence

Dorian returns from her trip to Belize, tanned and wearing a flowing white outfit. She calls out and finally Kelly runs downstairs to greet her. Dorian tells her that her trip was life altering, she went to Belize to forget her past, but she found her future. Kelly doesn't understand what she means. Dorian has something she wants to show her, she says, taking out a box. Inside the box is a black container filled with a pink powder. What is it, Kelly wonders, but they are interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Dorian thinks it's her "surprise" arriving, but when Kelly opens the door, it's actually Viki standing there. Has Dorian seen Mel, she asks, no one has heard from him in days. Dorian says she has no idea where Mel is, "and I couldn't care less".

Viki can't believe that Dorian doesn't care at all, Mel could be hurt or lying dead somewhere. Kelly wonders when someone last saw him. Viki tells her a Banner employee saw him a few nights ago, sitting at his computer and typing jibberish, but no one has seen him since then. Mel hasn't been to the newspaper in days and you *just* noticed, Dorian needles Viki. My son has been in the hospital, Viki reminds her, and it is not unusual for Mel to work from home. It wasn't until she needed him to cover a story and she couldn't reach him that she realized there was a problem. Dorian tells Viki she doesn't care and is tired of listening to Viki's business problems. This isn't about business, it's about Mel's safety. Mel's in the past, he's certainly not my present, or my future, Dorian insists. Viki promises to tell Kelly as soon as she finds out anything. Viki leaves to go to Mel's house boat.

Dorian tells Kelly that Mel will find a way out of whatever trouble he's in, drunks always do that. Dorian denies that she loves Mel anymore. Kelly insists that Dorian's attitude is a reaction to Viki, if Viki says black, Dorian says white. Since Viki is now worrying about Mel, Dorian refuses to. It might have been that way in the past, Dorian says, but everything has changed now after her trip to Belize. She used to envy Viki, but not anymore, she had an awakening and it's time to get back on track. The Cramer women are all going to find happiness, Dorian says. "I found happiness, but it was taken away", Kelly reminds her. Dorian knows that, but Kelly will find happiness again. The doorbell rings and Dorian rushes to answer the door. She opens it and in walks a man wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt, carrying some luggage. Dorian introduces him to Kelly as Clarence Yamagachi, Dorian is planning to go into business with him. What kind of business, Kelly wonders. Clarence answers that he is a marine biologist. From Belize, Kelly asks skeptically. From the United States, he corrects her and then goes outside to get more of his luggage. "Are you crazy, or are you just simply out of your mind?", Kelly asks Dorian.

Dorian doesn't appreciate Kelly's choice of words. Kelly apologizes, but they've been through a lot lately and Dorian is vulnerable right now. Clarence is a reputable scientist, Dorian insists, she had him checked out before she even left Belize. He has studied the properties of sea coral for years and has published many articles on the topic and taught at prestigious universities. Kelly is convinced he's trying to rip Dorian off. How old do you think he is, Dorian asks. Kelly guesses around 32 or 35. He's 55 Dorian tells her, it's because of the coral that he looks so young. Kelly is more convinced than ever this is some sort of scam. "If Clarence is right about this, and I'm sure that he is, it holds the key to all of our futures", Dorian says.

Later, Kelly confronts Clarence and accuses him of trying to con Dorian. Kelly promises to make him regret it if he hurts Dorian. I have a lot of influential friends in this town including a newspaper publisher, the DA and the police commissioner, Kelly warns him. Clarence assures Kelly she has nothing to worry about. Kelly isn't convinced. Clarence says he can see the great pain that Dorian is in, and she's not the only one(meaning Kelly).

Kelly's not impressed, Dorian must have told him that Kelly's boyfriend just died. "Your pain goes much deeper than that", Clarence says. Dorian enters the room and Clarence goes upstairs. Dorian shows Kelly articles that Clarence has written, Dorian even got information about him off the Internet. Clarence has PhDs from Oxford University and Yale. Kelly's worried that Dorian is trying to bury herself in this new project to forget about Mel. Dorian assures Kelly that this in not the case, this new project is their family's future.

Viki, Clint and Mel

Viki is on the phone with the Coast Guard, asking them to help her find Mel's houseboat. They tell her they will check into it and let her know. Clint arrives and Viki tells him that Mel's houseboat is missing, it's just gone. At first she thought it sank, but she couldn't see any sign of that. The electrical connections look like they are just ripped out and are lying on the dock. Viki's worried that Mel is too drunk to try to get help.

Clint is sure that Mel will turn up. Viki is still worried, she couldn't stand it if something happened to Mel, especially with everything they've gone through lately. Viki is worried that Kevin is pushing too hard, trying to write so soon. Clint assures her that a moderate amount of work is a good thing for Kevin right now. It takes his mind off the pain and gives him hope toward the future when he will be better. Viki agrees, as long as it's a moderate amount of work. "We are going to get through this, aren't we?", she asks tiredly. Clint tells her they will get through it together. Clint leaves, he just came by to say hi. Viki promises to let him know if she hears anything about Mel. Soon after he leaves, Zach comes in to tell Viki that Mel's houseboat has been spotted by the Coast Guard floating about two miles down river. Viki orders the Banner helicopter, she wants to be there when they board the houseboat.

Viki boards the houseboat alone and finds Mel lying on the floor and an empty bottle of liquor on the table. She checks to be sure he's still breathing, then tries to wake him up. He eventually does wake up and is surprised to see her. He didn't hear her at first because he was wearing headphones. He explains that he was sleeping on the floor because it helps his back and no, he didn't have anything to drink, he dumped it down the sink. Viki yells at him for disappearing and scaring everyone. He was writing, he tells her and hands her a copy of the story. The houseboat suddenly moves, surprising Mel.

Viki reads Mel's story about the Cramer family and everything that happened in Canton. Viki had no idea how terrible things actually were. She declares that the piece is the best he's ever written, Pulitzer Prize winning material, but she won't publish it.

Club Indigo

Everyone yells "surprise" and then sings Happy Birthday to Rachel. Georgie, wearing the same dress as Nora, slips in at the same time Rachel arrives. Rachel thanks everyone and gives them hugs. She's happy Bo is there, she knows how much he doesn't like coming to Club Indigo. Nora cautiously approaches Rachel. Nora tells Rachel how much she loves her and the two of them make peace and hug. Max and Blair arrive, Max plans to crash the party and look for the videotape that Claude sent to R.J. Both Bo and R.J. notice them at about the same time and ask what they are doing there.

Max makes up a story that he just brought Blair there to buy her a welcome-back drink and maybe talk to R.J. about that loan he offered, he didn't realize there was a private party. Max and Blair are about to leave when R.J. invites them to stay for Rachel's party. They accept and go to join the party. Bo is suspicious and asks R.J. what he's up to, but R.J. denies anything is going on. Nora's mad at Georgie for wearing the dress. Georgie pretends to apologizes, saying that Nora knows this is the only good dress she has, she thought Nora would wear something else. Nora doesn't believe her, but finally agrees to forget it for now, she doesn't want to ruin Rachel's birthday party. "Remind me to burn this dress when we get home", Nora says to Bo before walking away. Georgie thanks Bo, his presence always seems to calm things down. Bo excuses himself and goes over to sit with Max and Blair. "Why are you here?", he asks them. Meanwhile, R.J. goes back to his office, takes the tape out of his desk and reads the note again. Before he can put the tape away, he is interrupted by Jacara and is forced to hide the tape under the presents piled on his desk. They start kissing.

Téa arrives and breaks the news to Nora that she plans to take Todd up on his deal. Nora thinks she's crazy and is worried for her safety. Téa explains that her relationship with Andrew is endangering his career and she can't bear to have that happen. If moving back in with Todd for four weeks is the quickest way to get a divorce, she's willing to do it. Nora suggest that Téa stay away from both Andrew and Todd for a while. Téa agrees to go away for a while and think things through. But if she still wants to go through with it when she comes back, she wants Nora's support. Bo warns Max to stay out of the way of his investigation. Max wants the kidnappers to pay. And they will, Bo assures him, but they'll do it his way. Bo suggests that Max and Blair leave now, because if Max tries anything, Bo will lock both of them up. Rachel gets Hank and Carlotta together to take a picture of them. If the two of you had a kid, it would be incredibly good looking, and I've always wanted a baby sister, Rachel hints. R.J. wonders why no one is dancing, must have something to do with the mother's side of the family, R.J. jokes to Nora, prompting her to get Bo and start dancing. Georgie is sitting with Téa at a table. She has to leave early, Georgie explains, and she'd like Téa to do a favor for her. With the presents on R.J.'s desk is a present she made for Rachel, a videotape of some old home movies of when Rachel was a baby. Georgie asks Téa if she can get the tape later and make sure that it's shown. Téa agrees. While Bo and Nora are dancing and everyone is distracted, Max and Blair go to look for the tape.

In R.J.'s office, Max finds a tape lying on the desk. Outside, Rachel dances with Hank and thanks him for the party. She's glad that Carlotta's part of the family too, she hints again. R.J. and Jacara are dancing and kissing on the dance floor. Bo tells Nora she was gracious with Georgie about the dress. I fill it out much better than she does, Nora replies. Bo agrees with her. Besides, Nora's got something more important than the dress, she's go Bo. Bo says he's not "ruggedly handsome", but he can dance. Nora doesn't understand is comment and Bo explains that Georgie described Sam as "ruggedly handsome", trying to make Bo jealous of Nora's lunch date. Nora is absolutely furious and heads off to look for Georgie. Meanwhile, Georgie is sneaking into Bo and Nora's house.

Bo catches Max and Blair in R.J.'s office before they can leave with the tape. Bo told them not to interfere, they can't take the tape without a warrant. R.J. comes in and wants to press charges against Max, but before the discussion can go any further, Téa rushes in, grabs the tape from Max's hand and rushes back out before anyone has time to protest.

Téa pops the tape in the VCR as R.J. nervously watches. But when the picture appears, it's scenes from Rachel's first birthday party and Christmas. Nora goes over and gives Rachel a big hug. Rachel says the tape is the best birthday present ever and asks where Georgie is. Georgie is at Bo and Nora's house. She turns on the light and calls out hello, just to make sure no one is there, then heads up the stairs.

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