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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 9, 1998 on PC
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Monday, March 9, 1998

Chris asks Grace if she has seen Matt around, and she told him that Matt has been spending a lot of time with Nathaniel. He thinks about the letter that he prepared to send to the Mancusi's. Chris asks Matt if he believes that he didn't send the e-mail and told Matt that he doesn't blame him for thinking it was him. He also says that he would freak out too considering the rumors that are around. Meanwhile, the Mancusi's prepare to go to Port Charles to pay a visit to DR Harmon. Lucy confirms to Scotty and Kevin that Rex has rid her of all the money in her Jax account. She also relays the information from her chemist that people all over the country are getting sick from her herbal stress pills. The very pills that she marketed with Rex !! Lucy meets with DR Van Zandt about the pills. he told her that he is in the process of testing the pills. He told her the illnesses are not critical yet. Lucy orders an immediate recall of the product. Lark walks in on Eve frantically looking for her keys and Eve told her not to talk to her and possibly ruin what's left of a perfect day. Frank arrives and Lark told on herself for not giving Eve the message from Scotty. He told her that maybe she should not do things that she will have to apologize for later. Lark finds the keys in the refrigerator. Matt has visions of the other interns sending the infamous e-mail. They notice that he is a little on edge. Eve offers Lark her help with algebra. Eve talks with Frank about how Lark responds to his big green eyes and his bulging muscles. He told eve that students get crushes on teachers all the time. Eve reminds him that Lark is not his student any more, and asks how it is to have women swooning at your feet. He told her that student or ex-students bother him but as far as the other women swooning, all he can say is when you got it, you got it. DR Van Zandt told Lucy that the pill that he tested were not their product, and she figures it out that Rex was able to switch the pills in the shipments. Scotty and Kevin tell her that someone had to help Rex from the inside. They offer Lucy their financial help, and she refuses. It is her company and her responsibility. The news breaks the news of the intestinal cramping caused by Lucy's over the counter stress remedy. Lark's friend from school (Alex) arrives to do homework. She plants a big kiss on him right in front of Eve and Frank. She takes Alex to her room and locks the door. Frank told her that he trusts her, but he trusts her more with the door unlocked. Matt confides to Grace that he is terrified of being found. He told her of his panic attack earlier in the day, where he envisioned all the interns sending him the e-mail. He asks Grace if she was trying to scare him out of town, and sent the e-mail. Meanwhile, a Mancusi looks in the window.

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

"Doc" tries to talk Lucy into calling it a night as she frantically works to solve her latest struggle. He told her that there is nothing else she can do tonight, and the pills will come off the shelves tomorrow. Scotty offers his legal help if there are any problems with that. Scotty told her that they will prove that Rex is behind this. Lucy is planning on meeting with her accountants in the morning. Lucy receives a package addressed to Mrs. Stanton. It contains a videotape. Lark is actually trying to study and is putting off Alex until Frank comes to tell her that it is time for her friend to go. She then grabs him and kisses him hard. Frank told her that he thought she was studying and sends Alex home. Mike catches Mancusi looking through the window at Matt. He demands to know what he is doing. Mancusi told him to mind his own business and Mike told him that this is his business and he wants to know what the hell he is doing. He told him that he owns the place and told Mancusi the special tonight is Lasagna. Mancusi leaves. Mike went inside and gets rid of Grace so that he can talk to Matt. He tells him that he just caught a pretty slick looking character peering through the window. Mike describes him to Matt and Matt looks frightened. Frank and Julie discuss getting caught in their earlier years with the opposite sex in their room. Julie told him that he was such a bad boy and he told her that he still is, as he throws her on the kitchen table. Lark interrupts and asks why it is "Do as I say and not as I do" around the house. The tape to Lucy is from Rex. He told her he was prepared for her betrayal. He welcomes her back and sympathizes with her recent cash flow problem. He told her that it was her own doing. He toasts her and told her that it is now her move. He seems to be enjoying playing the game. Lucy prepares to visit Rex. The accountant told Lucy that if she pays for the recall then she will be totally wiped out financially. She tells Scotty that she used some of her own money to bail the company out of trouble when Brenda had her breakdown. Scotty again offers his financial help. Lucy decides that greed is what got her where she is now. Lark asks Julie if she and Frank are "doing it". She told Julie that she has a double standard. Grace asks Matt why he looks like he saw a ghost and he tells her that he has something that he needs to do. Mike also asks Matt what is going on. Matt confides in Mike about the problems with the Mancusi's. Lucy has visions of scrubbing floors and cleaning silver in her future. In her vision, Rex walks in holding Dirty Kitty. Lucy begs him to take pity on her. As the vision ends, Lucy vows to see Rex burn before she lets that happen. Lark "accidentally" drops her robe in front of Frank. Julie appears just in time to ask what happened. Frank told her that they have a problem. Matt tells Mike of his past with the Mancusi's and how he witnessed a murder.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

Mike told Matt that he can help him lay low for awhile. Grace ask to go with him and Matt refuses, but she then told Matt that Mancusi has seen them together, and if Matt suddenly disappears from town, how safe will she be in Port Charles? Meanwhile, Mancusi waits for a clear shot to Matt so that he can end his life. Karen has a talk with Keith about his life in a wheelchair. She told him that there has been a lot of work lately with spinal cord injury research. With Lark lurking behind the basement door, Frank and Julie discuss her infatuation with Frank. Julie told Frank that he needs to get Lark out of the house as soon as possible before she becomes more of a problem. Frank tells Julie that he isn't ready to give up on Lark. Eve arrives home and is not surprised to hear of Lark's latest escapade. She discovers Lark listening behind the door. Lark denies that she intentionally dropped her towel. Jake and Karen are deep at work in the lab on an experiment. They get some animal friends to try their medicine on. Karen refuses to hurt the lab rats and Joe arrives and suggests that Jake call his vet friend to see if he has some subjects that already need saved. As Joe went to get the animals, Karen and Joe make up for lost time together. Mike told Matt and Grace that they will be staying in a warehouse for a few days. He has a couple of dummy crates for them to be transported in to the warehouse. Mike even has a decoy in a wheelchair to play Matt. Jake brought back a couple of ferrets that need some repairs. They both are not expected to make it through the night. Joe asks if there is anything that he can do to help, and Jake tells him that he can do some minor surgery on the animals. Frank has a frank talk with Lark about her behavior, and told her just how important Julie is to him. He also tells her that she needs to stop her pranks and that there is a zero percent chance of anything with her and him. Julie comes down to talk to Lark also, and Lark told her to stay out of her face. Mike comes to the warehouse to let Grace and Matt out of the crates. He gives them money and keys to a car in case they need to leave the warehouse quick. After Mike left, Matt decides that he needs to call the marshals to help them find the Mancusi's. Grace is worried that Matt is making the wrong decision. Joe, Jake and Karen discover that the ferret that they injected with the medicine is improving, while the other one isn't doing so good. Julie walks in on Lark with a bag of marijuana. Matt makes a call to a Marshall and told him that Mancusi is in Port Charles. The Marshall asks where Matt is and Matt told him the address. Mancusi just happens to be bugging the line. As the Marshall prepares to leave, Mancusi barges in on him and shoots him. Looks like Grace was right to be so worried.

Thursday, March 12, 1998

Matt explains to a worried Grace how he plans to lure Bobby Mancusi out into the open so the federal marshals can move in for an arrest. Meanwhile, Bobby removes the badge and ID from Harris' bullet-ridden body. As the troubles at Jax make front-page news, a steamed Lucy asks Scotty how much longer it will be before she wins her freedom from Rex. Soon, however, Lucy hits upon a new solution to her problems and announces that she's decided to remain married to Rex in order to clean him out. Julie catches Lark with a baggie full of dope. As the girl defiantly sticks a joint in her mouth, Frank walks in and orders his young charge to hand over her entire stash. Tired of dealing with a sullen and manipulative teenager, Julie again urges Frank to send Lark back to the juvenile center. With help from Scotty, Lucy begins selling off her husband's valuable antiques and videotapes the proceedings to rub salt in Rex's wounds. Karen boasts to Julie about the marvelous breakthroughs she and Jake have made in their research. Matt and Grace hide as Bobby enters the warehouse.

Friday, March 13, 1998

Kevin became furious when he learned about Lucy's plan to stay married to Rex and blamed Scott for encouraging her. Despite Kevin's vehement protestations, Lucy went ahead with her plan to remain Mrs. Rex Stanton. Kevin then stormed out and went to the hospital, where he poured his heart out to Eve. Meanwhile, Lucy commiserated with Scott and tried to justify her actions to herself. Kevin later returned to the lighthouse and Lucy apologized and tried to make Kevin understand why she had to stay married to Rex. Lucy then got some bad news when the chief chemist for Jacks Cosmetics told her that he was resigning. Matt and Grace narrowly escaped from Bobby as he searched the warehouse. Prior to fleeing the warehouse, however, Grace had placed a phone call to Ellen. Matt and Grace found safety in a cheap hotel room, but Bobby learned Ellen's name by using the redial feature on the warehouse telephone. Later, Bobby appeared at Ellen's door pretending to be a Federal Marshal. Bennett read Joe, Jake and Karen the riot act for doing unauthorized animal testing. When Karen went to show Bennett the ferret they had run tests on, the cage was empty. Bennett then demanded that the animal be found and dissected. Karen saw the ferret out of the corner of her eye and scooped it up before Bennett had the chance to see it.

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