All My Children Recaps: The week of November 20, 2000 on AMC

A jealous Greenlee pushed Laura off of the boat and later blackmailed Bianca, who had witnessed the assault. Leslie seduced Tad. Hayley was led to believe that she had killed Arlene, but the body later disappeared. Gillian and Jake made love. Ryan forced Gillian to admit that she still loved him.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 20, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, November 20, 2000

The whole program today, took place on the yacht that Ryan rented for his "Incredible Dreams" party. Ryan gave a speech about the fund-raiser and then asked everyone to join him in a toast. Everyone was toasting from the punch bowl that David dropped his flask into. Tad made a comment to Dixie after drinking his glass of punch that he must be dying of thirst because the punch that he was drinking tasted great. Dixie told him to "go easy" on the punch. Mateo and Hayley were on the deck and Mateo asked Hayley if he could have her drink of punch. She said yes because she still gets nervous around a punch bowl. Hayley told Mateo that she was going to stick with her seltzer. Hayley told Mateo that she was going to get a seltzer to drink and then round up her camera crew for some interviews.

Adam was talking to Liza and he told her that he wanted to marry her. Liza asked him what he was going to tell his wife. Liza walked away to get another glass of punch. Arlene, who was working as a waitress on the yacht, walked by Adam while holding a tray to cover her face. She was drinking a glass of the punch and when she got to the steps, she took a bottle of champagne and left the main room.

Jake asked Gillian if she would like to dance. He told her that he wanted to put his arms around her and hold her all night long.

Bianca, Laura and Leo were drinking punch and talking about the jealousy scheme that they were putting on for Greenlee. Bianca asked Leo if he thought Greenlee wasn't smart enough to see through their high school jealousy scheme. Bianca asked them if they thought it was a waste of time and Laura told Bianca that it wasn't as long as you were having fun. Leo and Laura then left to go inside and dance and make Greenlee jealous. Greenlee and her date, Bill, were also on the dance floor. Laura made it a point to bump into Bill while dancing. Greenlee noticed Laura and Leo and told her date "that if she wanted a blow up doll for a date, she would have gone to the Pleasure Chest." She told him to dance with her like he meant it.

Jack came up to Erica and told her that he didn't know what was happening but all of a sudden he had "all those feelings about him and her making love." Erica asked him how much champagne he had drank and Jack replied that the only thing he had to drink was the punch and there was no alcohol in it. Erica said that there must be something in the punch.

David went to Leslie and asked her if she has talked to Tad yet. Leslie told David that talking is not what she wants to do with Tad. David wanted Leslie to get Tad to drop the harassment charges against him.

Opal came up to Tad and Dixie and said that she was having a great time. Opal told them that she was really enjoying the punch. Tad excused himself because he said he needed to get some fresh air. Opal asked Dixie if the two of them were "out of sorts." Dixie told Opal that marriage is a rocky road and sometimes it gets a little bumpy. While Tad was out on the deck, Leslie saw him walk by and followed him.

Brooke was talking to Laura, Leo and Bianca. Brooke asked Laura if she was feeling OK because she looked a little flushed. Laura told her mother that she was just having a good time dancing. Brooke told Laura to find her later and they would take the same launch back to shore. When Brooke left, Laura told Leo and Bianca that she was surprised to see Rev. Eliot at the party. Laura said that she couldn't believe that he would run over a little kid and think that his collar was a free pass. Leo told Laura that what she needed was another glass of punch because the sugar would be good for her so he handed her one after he took a sip from it.

Dimitri walked by Bianca without noticing her. She stopped him and he said that he was in another world and didn't even notice her. Dimitri said that he was looking for Alex and Edmund and wanted to know if Bianca had seen them. Bianca said that the last time she saw them was before Ryan gave his toast.

Adam was carrying on a conversation with a couple of men and telling them that he does not put his stamp of approval on anyone else's business but Ryan is on to something and he has a great plan. Adam told these businessmen that they need to get on board with Ryan. Liza interrupted them and asked if she could speak to Adam alone for a moment. Liza told Adam that what he was saying was the most boring conversation she had ever heard. While she was sipping the punch from her glass, she told Adam to meet her on the fantail and she would show him how to get her attention.

Hayley started her interviews and was talking with Vanessa and Palmer. Hayley commented on the necklace that Vanessa was wearing and asked Palmer to tell her what it cost. While she was interviewing them, Mateo was standing behind her blowing in her ear and massaging her and running his hands all over her. Palmer wouldn't tell the price but Vanessa shouted out the amount of $500,000 and said that it was all for her. Vanessa then pulled Palmer on the dance floor.

Mateo was telling Hayley about his dream. He was telling her about his dream of being in the stateroom with her and moonlight shining through the porthole. While he was telling her about his dream, he was kissing her all over. Hayley told Mateo that he was starting to get to her. Mateo wanted to know when she would finish her interviews because he was really getting anxious about being with her.

Jack came back into the room drinking the punch and saw Erica at a distance. He asked himself if Erica had always been that beautiful and then asked himself "what the hell was going on?"

Dixie went outside on the deck to get some fresh air and David followed her. She turned around and saw David standing there. Meanwhile Tad was inside by one of the cabins and Leslie came up behind him and stroked the back of his head. He turned around and saw her and asked her what she was doing. Leslie replied that she had a message for him. They went inside the cabin and she kissed him and he returned the kiss. Tad said that "this was all wrong" and started to walk away. As Leslie was kissing Tad, she told him that she wanted him to drop the suit against David. Tad said that he needed to find Dixie. Leslie told Tad that she wanted him and she wanted him right now and continued to kiss him. Tad told her that he needed to find his wife. Leslie told Tad that what he had with his wife was over. He was fighting off the advances of Leslie and he told her that she doesn't know the first thing about his marriage. Tad told her that "this was totally out of control." He didn't know what was happening but he needed to find Dixie and make everything right again. He ran out of the cabin. Leslie was right behind him.

Arlene came into the area that Tad had just left and saw the box on the wall marked "High Voltage." She hesitated to open the box.

Adam and Liza were on the fantail of the yacht. After drinking a few glasses of the punch, Liza told Adam that "he tries to hard." Liza told Adam that he could have her but he just needed to tell her what he would do with her. Adam pointed to the sky and said that there was a space station up there and he was going to take all his boring money and buy the station and fly her up there and make love to her all day and all night long.

Palmer and Vanessa were dancing when Vanessa told Palmer that she felt she had too much champagne in her punch. Vanessa said that all she could think about was finding a stateroom that was empty and being alone with Palmer. She asked him if he could manage that and he replied that he could because "he was Palmer Cortlandt, King of the world." Becca and Tina came running over to Palmer. Becca told Palmer that she had heard he was the most wonderful dancer and asked him if he would dance with her. Vanessa told her "not now" but Palmer said that he was a wonderful dancer and started to dance with Becca. He left Vanessa standing there alone. Tina was standing there by herself smiling at Vanessa and then Vanessa looked at her and replied "don't you get any ideas."

Tad came down the stairs looking for Dixie and nearly fell down. He saw Tina standing there and asked her if she had seen Dixie and she told him that when she came in, Dixie was outside talking to David. Tad took off to the outside of the yacht. Dixie was walking along the deck of the ship with David behind her. She told David that she did not feel very well and came out there to get some fresh air. She asked David to leave her alone. He stroked her face and asked her if she was sea sick or feverish. She looked at him and he looked at her. Tad then came to the outside deck and saw them.

Arlene was standing at the "high voltage" box and she opened it and turned off one of the breakers. The lights went out in the main room where Ryan was standing at the top of the steps with a glass of punch in his hand. He told everyone to remain calm until they could find out what happened. Ryan told everyone to stay there until the lights come back on and then he told everyone to "get naked." Ryan then said that he couldn't believe he had said that and then changed his tune to tell everyone to party and make noise and enjoy the candlelight.

Tad grabbed David and told him that he warned him over and over again to stay away from Dixie. David told Tad that he only came outside to see if Dixie was OK. Dixie told Tad that she came outside to get some air and David followed him by accident. Tad told Dixie that it was no accident. Tad punched David in the stomach a few times and then put his knee into his chest a couple of times. While Tad was punching David, Dixie told Tad to leave him alone because she cared for him. Tad turned around and looked at Dixie. Dixie said that she didn't know where that came from. Tad stormed away.

Vanessa found a waiter and asked him to dance with her. Arlene stood by the side and just smiled.

Laura went to Rev. Eliot and asked if she could talk to him. Laura asked Eliot how he could live in his own skin after what he had done to a little girl. She also asked Eliot how he could explain what he had done to Brooke. Eliot told Laura that he had tried to make this up to her mother the best that he could. Laura said that the only way he could make this up to her mother was to bring her little girl back to her. Eliot told Laura that he completely understood her rage. He told Laura that if she wanted to talk to him later, he would listen but this was not the time or place to talk about this. Leo pulled Laura away from Rev. Eliot and told her to calm down. Leo looked at Laura and said that she looked flush and wanted to know if she was drinking. Leo asked her what was wrong with her. Laura said that she was completely "into Leo" and then kissed him. Becca went to Greenlee and told her to turn around because Leo had a new girlfriend. When Greenlee turned around, she saw Leo and Laura kissing.

Ryan is at the top of the steps watching Gillian and Jake dancing. Just then, the lights came on.

Leo and Laura continued kissing and when the lights came back on, they stopped. Leo told Laura that he really had it bad for Greenlee. Laura told Leo that she was "only playing" when she kissed him and really got into it. She knew that he wanted Greenlee. She told Leo to go and find Greenlee.

Greenlee was out on the deck watching Leo and Laura. Bill came up to her and told her that he was feeling sick and Greenlee told him to take the launch back to shore because he was useless for her.

Leo went up to one of the officers and told him that he needed a stateroom now. He offered him money for the room but the officer told him no. Greenlee went to the same officer and asked him what Leo wanted. He told Greenlee that he offered him money for a stateroom. The officer, feeling a little tipsy, from the punch told Greenlee that he would not give a stateroom to Leo but if she wanted one, he would give her a room. Greenlee looked at him and said "in your impossible dreams, Gilligan."

Hayley was finishing up her interviews stating that one incredible dream after another had been fulfilled tonight. Mateo interrupted her and said that he was going to fulfill someone else's dream. He wanted her to come with him now. Hayley told Mateo to get a stateroom and she would take care of her crew, get them fed and put them on the next launch. She asked Mateo if he could wait that long. He told her to hurry.

Dimitri came into the room still looking for Alex and Edmund. Gillian saw him and said that he looked awful. Dimitri said that he was still looking for Alex. Jake told Dimitri that she saw Alex looking for Dr. Joe and was going to talk to him before he took the launch back. Jake told Dimitri that he would go with him and talk to the men that send the launch back and see if she was on there. Jake asked Gillian to wait for him and he would be back soon. When Gillian turned around, Ryan was standing there looking at her.

Tad went running into one of the staterooms and Leslie was behind him holding a drink. As Leslie was unbuttoning him shirt, she was telling him how much she wanted him. Tad pushed himself away and told her to shut up. Dixie and David were in the main room and David told Dixie "thank you" for staying with him because he thought he was going to pass out. Dixie told David that she was going to look for Tad and explain. David told her that Tad would not listen to her. Dixie told David that Tad was her husband and she loved him.

Adam and Liza were standing on the deck and he was holding her tight and kissing her ear. He told her that this night was turning into an incredible dream. Liza told Adam that he had 3 seconds to put "that rock" on her finger.

Jack was kissing Erica on the neck and Erica asked him what in the world was going on with him. Jack told Erica that he has never stopped loving her.

Tina talked to Hayley and asked her where she was going in such a hurry. Hayley told Tina that she was going to find Mateo. Hayley said that he was hopefully waiting for her naked in a stateroom. Hayley walked away and Tina asked herself "what is going on here?"

Ryan put his arms on Gillian and asked her if she would meet him in his stateroom. Gillian replied "yes."

Laura went outside because she wasn't feeling good. While she was standing by the deck, Bianca came out and saw her. Greenlee also came out one of the doors. Greenlee saw Laura leaning on the side and ran up to her and tossed her off the side of the ship. Bianca saw what happened and fainted.

Mateo was in the stateroom lying in bed naked waiting for Hayley. He heard the door open and asked Hayley where she had been. He told her that he had been waiting for her. Standing at the door was Arlene holding her wig in her hand. She moved closer to the bed and started to undress. Mateo, thinking it is Hayley, told her to hurry up and get into the bed. Arlene undressed and was wearing a negligee under her clothes. She also was wearing Vanessa's necklace that Palmer gave her. She got into bed with Mateo and started kissing him and calling him "lover."

Tuesday, November 21, 2000

On the yacht at the party, everyone was having a great time when Marian Chandler arrived and said how she just loved a good party. David told her "Trust me, the fun is just beginning." Marian watched as Opal was grabbing food from everywhere. Vanessa realized that her necklace was missing and ran from the room. Opal took Becca away from Palmer and danced her out of the room. Jack and Erica were outside on the deck and he told her that he had never stopped loving him. She told him that he had always been one of her oldest, dearest friends and he said "isn't that nice" and threw down his glass in anger and walked away. Ryan told Gillian to go to his stateroom and wait for him there. Jake saw Brooke and asked if she had seen Gillian. Someone came up to Jake and told him that his wife wasn't feeling well and could he help, so he went with him. Leo came in and asked Ryan for a stateroom. Ryan told him no and Leo said it was for Greenlee and that he owed her. Ryan told him he was "nuts" and that "I don't owe the tramp a damn thing." Meanwhile, Greenlee was out on the deck looking overboard and shouted out to Laura that there were other fish in the sea, to find her own. Greenlee turned and saw Bianca passed out on the deck and quickly went inside. Dixie saw David and asked if he had seen Tad and told David he should have stayed away from her. Tad woke up on the floor of one of the staterooms and looking around asked "what have I done." Opal and Becca did nothing but eat. Opal said "who needs men when you've got chocolate." Becca said "Amen" and they went inside for more. Liza was admiring her ring and told Adam that they should get married tonight. Adam remembered that Arlene hadn't signed the divorce papers and that she was on the boat in disguise and Adam said that he would find her and that she would be out of their lives. Arlene was in the stateroom with Mateo, who was completely out of it and thought he was with Hayley. Hayley walked in and found Arlene on top of Mateo.

Opal and Becca ran inside and said that someone had fallen overboard and David, Ryan and some others ran out. Opal said that Bianca was outside and Erica and Jack ran out too. Brooke saw that Becca had Laura's camera and ran outside, while Greenlee said "bon voyage."

Everyone was out on the deck shouting. Eliot saw that it was Laura and quickly jumped in. Ryan jumped in after him. Erica saw that Bianca was passed out on the deck and called David over to help her. Eliot and Ryan got to Laura and held her up so that Leo could get a hold of her and pull her up on deck. David took her inside to check on her. Bianca woke up and started saying she wanted to see Sara. David laid Laura on the floor and he and Ryan performed CPR on her. Leo asked Greenlee what happened and she said "maybe she jumped." Leo told her Laura can't swim and Greenlee said that maybe it was "karma" and walked away. Laura woke up and told Brooke it was definitely time to take those swimming lessons.

Hayley pulled Arlene off Mateo and told her to get off her husband. She yelled at Mateo and realized that he didn't know what was going on. Hayley chased Arlene out of the room and grabbed her arm. Arlene told her that she was hurting her. Hayley told Arlene she had hurt her for the last time. Arlene tried to push Hayley off the boat and Hayley started to choke Arlene until she passed out.

Bianca came inside with Jack and Erica and kept saying she wanted to see Sara.

Ryan told everyone that Laura would be okay and that anyone that wanted to go could catch a launch back to shore and that anyone that wanted to stay was welcome to party.

Vanessa approached Ryan and angrily told him that someone had swiped her necklace.

Tad stumbled back into the main ballroom and he and Dixie apologized to each Other. Their make up came full view of Leslie and David.

Gillian was in Ryan's stateroom when Jake knocked on the door. Gillian answered and was surprised to see him standing there. He started to kiss, but Gillian pulled away and said that they needed to stop because of Ryan. Jake became angry and asked Gillian if she'd been waiting for Ryan instead of him.

Marian and Liza were sitting at a table on the deck and commenting on how everyone was acting so peculiarly. Marian spotted the glistening rock on Liza's finger and asked her if she was out of her mind. Liza told her that she wanted to marry Adam and wanted that more than anything. Liza told Marian that Adam was going to find Arlene at the party, get her to sign the divorce papers and force her out of their lives. Marian said how Arlene has done nothing but ravage people's lives and that Adam might be a widower because she wasn't sure if she wouldn't hurt Arlene if she saw her.

Hayley yelled at Arlene to get up so that she could inflict more punishment on her. When Arlene didn't budge, Hayley leaned over and checked her pulse --- there was none. Wrapped around Arlene's neck was Vanessa' beautiful and expensive pearl necklace.

Vanessa continued to hound Ryan about her pearl necklace. Ryan came into the main room and checked on Laura. Laura saw her camera and Brooke told her that Becca had found it. Brooke asked Laura how she fell in. Laura told her that she didn't remember and asked how she got back inside. Brooke told her that Eliot jumped in after her. Laura apologized to Eliot and he told her that it was okay. Leo came over to check on Laura. Brooke and Eliot walked away and she said to him "you risked your life for Laura's--you of all people.

Bianca asked Erica what was going on. Bianca said her head felt funny. Bianca asked if Laura was okay and Erica asked if she was okay. Erica asked if she fainted because she didn't eat. Bianca asked why she would pass out.

Leslie continued to watch Tad and Dixie dance. Tad told Dixie he loved her and wanted to be alone with her right now and they left the room. David came up to Leslie and said "you look satisfied." David told a waiter that the punch didn't taste right and that he should take it away and get another batch. Ryan saw him and told the waiter to put it back and find something else to do. Ryan asked David what he was up to. Ryan warned David to stay away from the Martins, especially Dixie.

Back in Ryan's stateroom, Gillian tried to get Jake to head back to the dance floor. Jake refused, saying "Tonight is our night. This is our stateroom." They then began to make love.

The paramedics showed up and David told them about Laura and what he wanted them to do. Greenlee looked around the room for her date and Leo called him a ringer. Leo told her she used him to make her jealous. Leo admitted that the same was true for Laura. He told her he was trying to get a stateroom for them.

Bianca kept looking over at Greenlee and realized that it was Greenlee that pushed Laura overboard. Jack asked about Sarah and Erica told Jack her "version" of the story and Bianca said she must have been in the ozone and that she never would want to see Sarah again.

Adam found Liza and looked stunned, while Liza asked him if he had found Arlene and he told her they couldn't be married.

Vanessa was hounding the police to find her necklace before the thief left the ship. Vanessa gave them a full description of the necklace and pleaded with them to act swiftly.

Hayley returned to Mateo's stateroom and tried to wake him. She frantically told him that Arlene was dead. Mateo slowly regained full alertness and asked his wife what she was talking about. A look of fear on her face, Hayley told Mateo that she had killed her mother.

Adam told Liza that they would have to wait to get married. Liza couldn't believe that Adam was delaying and thought that he had cold feet and didn't want to marry her at all.

Tad and Dixie returned to the main room. Leslie told David that Tad would be hers. Tad told Dixie that he didn't care about David and just wanted to get her home and make love to her all night long. Dixie left to say goodnight to Opal and Leslie wandered over to Tad and told him that "tonight was fantastic." Tad watched her as she walked away. Leo and Greenlee were kissing on the dance floor and Leo told her he wanted to find someplace private for them. Leo left to find a stateroom.

Bianca walked over to Greenlee after Leo walked away and told her that she saw her push Laura overboard.

Leo asked Ryan again for a stateroom, but Ryan restated his claim that all were booked. Leo even pleaded for use of Ryan's room, but Ryan refused.

In bed, Jake told Gillian that this was their beginning and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life showing her how much he loved her. While en route to his room, Ryan peered through the porthole and saw them in bed together.

Hayley and Mateo went back to where Arlene's lifeless body had been sprawled. This time, however, Arlene was gone. Mateo asked if Hayley was sure that Arlene had been there. Hayley nodded and began looking high and low for signs of her mother.

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

On board the yacht, David Hayward asked a waiter if he'd gotten rid of the punch yet. The waiter told him no, he hadn't because the head chef said it was the last of the punch. David told the waiter again that he was a physician and that something was wrong with the drink. The waiter said he'd convey David's concerns to Ryan.

Jack and Erica discussed Bianca and her "black out". Jack tried to reassure Erica that Bianca was fine, but Erica had her doubts. She said Bianca hadn't been herself since she'd sent her to that "reputable" clinic. She asked Jack "Was it the biggest mistake I ever made?". Meanwhile Bianca and Greenlee were arguing over the events surrounding Laura's fall into the water. Greenlee told Bianca that she passed out because maybe she was seasick. Or maybe because Laura fell overboard and Bianca "freaked out". Erica joined the girls and Bianca said she was ready to leave. She asked Leo to go with her and Greenlee volunteered to go along to make sure Bianca was ok. The whole group (Erica, Jack, Leo, Bianca and Greenlee) arrived back at Erica's place and Erica tried to get Bianca to eat something. Bianca turned down the food and Jack took Erica outside for some air. Outside Erica told Jack she's afraid Bianca is slipping back into her old ways. She wondered why Bianca would ask for Sara in a crisis. "Maybe there's more to this than a simple love triangle?" asked Jack. Erica couldn't accept that, saying Sara hurt her daughter, why would Bianca want anything to do with her? Erica went on to say that Bianca was apparently very close to Sara until Sara betrayed her in the worst way. "It devastated her! She's a young 16 and naive." Jack and Erica wondered aloud why Bianca hadn't asked for the boyfriend instead and then realized they didn't even know the boy's name. Jack asked Erica if Bianca had actually said Sara had stolen her boyfriend and Erica admitted that no she hadn't. "So you jumped to this conclusion then?" Jack said. Erica got huffy and told Jack to go ahead and tell her where she went wrong again.

With her mother and Uncle Jack out of the house, Bianca headed for a telephone and Greenlee asked if she was calling a friend from the gay bar. Bianca said she was calling the hospital to check on Laura but Leo took the phone and did it for her. He found out that Laura would be fine and Bianca told Greenlee and Leo that Laura had just told her that evening that she couldn't swim, and that she could've died that night. Leo tried to come up with a reason that Laura ended up in the water and finally decided it might be because he had told her that he and Greenlee were exclusive and that he'd hurt Laura's feelings. Bianca yelled at Leo "Your ego went to far, here's the truth!!!". Greenlee just stared daggers at Bianca. Bianca began telling Leo what really happened to Laura when Erica and Jack came back into the house. Erica told Bianca it was time to get some rest. Bianca protested saying she had something she needed to tell Leo. But Erica insisted that it could wait until morning and that Bianca needed to go upstairs. Bianca agreed reluctantly and Erica walked Jack outside. Greenlee snarled at Bianca "If you tell anyone I pushed Laura I'll make sure everyone knows you're gay". Bianca backed down, and begged Greenlee not to say anything.

Vanessa was still running around yelling at the police to find her necklace and the thief that stole it. There were no leads.

Liza asked Adam why they couldn't get married tonight. "What new hell has Arlene sprung us into now?" she asked. Adam told her that he didn't find Arlene, he must've mistaken someone else for Arlene. Joe Martin interrupted their discussion and told Adam that Hayley needed him on deck. Adam rushed off and left Joe to ask Liza if she'd seen either Tad or Jake. He also asked her if she'd noticed anything unusual tonight, that people were behaving strangely. She said she hadn't noticed anything, but Joe looked at her eyes and noted that her pupils were dilated. Joe left to look for his sons.

Mateo and Hayley were on deck looking for Arlene's body. Hayley said she knew she killed her mother, she had checked for a pulse and it wasn't there. Hayley asked Mat about making love to Arlene and he denied it, saying he saw Hayley come into the room and it was Hayley he was making love with. Hayley told Mateo that it was definitely not her, it was Arlene that was all over him in bed. Mateo leaned over the side rail and threw up. He told Hayley he didn't sleep with her mother "Maybe you're hallucinating, someone spiked your drink. Maybe you're having flashbacks from earlier today at WRCW when she kissed me". "I'm not hallucinating" Hayley said. She said she choked her mother and left her lying right here. She told Mat to call the police and Derek Frye came over. Hayley sobbed that she was sorry Derek wanted to know what Hayley was sorry about and Mat said it was because she'd been sober for so long and someone had spiked the punch that Hayley had been drinking. Hayley meanwhile broke down and kept saying she didn't mean to do it. Derek left them when Adam showed up. Adam stared at Hayley who was telling Mateo "Don't you wish I was dreaming? This is the second time my mother has slept with my husband. Remember Alec?" Then she said again that she choked Arlene and she had no pulse. Adam demanded to know where Mat was this whole time. Mat said he was passed out. Adam told Hayley that Arlene was not on the boat, no one else had seen her so "Whatever you think you did didn't happen". Liza overheard this conversation. Adam told Mat to take Hayley home and that he'd take care of everything. After Mateo led Hayley away, Liza came out of hiding and asked Adam what Hayley thought she did. Adam said she thought she got ahold of some booze. Liza told Adam she heard Hayley mention Arlene's name but Marion interrupted, asking for a ride home. She went on ahead of Adam and Liza. Liza asked Adam why he keeps saying Arlene's not on the boat when earlier he said she was. He told her that strange things have happened that have no explanation. "But we have to find her to sign the divorce papers!" said Liza. Adam replied that "she doesn't matter anymore".

Jake and Gillian had finished making love in Ryan's stateroom. Jake thanked God for her, saying she had given him his life back. He promised to make Gillian as happy and complete as she had made him. Ryan burst into the room screaming "What's going on with you Gillian? What are you doing to us?". Jake ordered Ryan out but Ryan wouldn't leave. Ryan told Jake that this had been going on for weeks. He said to Gillian "I'm your soul! All night people have been asking me what my incredible dream is and I've told them I don't have one. But Gillian is my dream!". Jake told Ryan that Gillian had made her choice and Ryan retorted that it was out of pity. He begged Gillian to tell Jake the truth. Ryan told Gillian he'd love her since the beginning and that she didn't give up on him and she knows that they aren't over. "You're my wife, you're my life!" Ryan vowed to Gillian. Ryan went on to tell Jake that he knows Jake is a good man but that she doesn't love him the way she loves Ryan. He told Jake that Gillian didn't want to abandon him, she wanted to honor her vows. "Did you stay with me because you love me or feel sorry for me Gillian?" cried Jake, devastated. He begged her to tell him the truth for once. Gillian told Jake that she never wanted to hurt him. He was so brave in Chechnya and she does love him for many reasons. But Jake said they weren't the right ones, not like she loves Ryan. Finally Gillian admitted that she'd never love anyone the way she loves Ryan. Ryan tried to apologize to Jake, saying he knew this was the worst pain in the world. Ryan left the two of them alone. Jake looked at Gillian and said their lovemaking that night hadn't been real. Gillian denied that, saying it was real, they touched each other's lives. Jake said "Now that I've got my manhood back I've lost you". Gillian told him how hard she tried to resist her feelings for Ryan and that if he hadn't been in her life she'd want Jake. Jake told her that while he was away he knew in his heart that she and Ryan were still connected. But that he also knew he'd come back and fight for her. But he said he couldn't fight both of them and that he'd always love her. Jake left Gillian and she melted onto the bed sobbing uncontrollably.

At home safe in their bed Mateo told Hayley "No body, no murder". She insisted that she didn't imagine this whole ordeal. Hayley said she knows she killed her mother. Mat said he'd look under every rock tomorrow and find Arlene to prove that Hayley didn't harm her. Later in the night Hayley had a horrible nightmare of standing on the side of the yacht searching the water for her mother, and Arlene reaches up and grabbed her arm. Hayley woke up screaming and Mateo comforted her.

Jake found his father and told Joe that he'd lost Gillian. Let's go home he told Joe. Joe asked where Gillian was and Jake said she was with Ryan. Before they left Joe asked Derek if they'd found Vanessa's necklace yet. They hadn't and Joe told Derek that something was wrong here tonight.

All night David had been lurking around the punch bowl, trying to get rid of the evidence. Finally he got his chance and grabbed the bowl and threw it overboard.

Ryan was alone in the ballroom of the yacht when Gillian came down the steps wearing nothing but a white robe. They gazed at each other then fell into each other's arms. Ryan looked completely content while Gillian looked broken-hearted and on the verge of tears.

Thursday, November 23, 2000

The morning following the party, Ryan and Gillian remained on board the yacht. As they nuzzled in Ryan's stateroom, a knock sounded on the door. Gillian covered herself up and Ryan went to see who was still on the vessel. A woman, who apologized for interrupting, handed Ryan the bill for the evening. She explained that there was one additional charge on the bill --- a charge for a lost punch bowl. Ryan was sure that the bowl would turn up, but the woman told him that she and her crew had searched everywhere for it. Ryan was still in a bit of a daze and asked if he could send over payment later in the day. After the woman went on her way, Gillian decided that it was time for her to go to the Martin home and gather her belongings. Ryan wanted to tag along, but Gillian thought it best that she go alone. She was also fairly certain that no one would be home because the Martins would all be at work. Ryan remained behind, taking a business call from an associate. Ryan put his hand to his head and told the person on the other end of the line that he had forgotten the date and needed an extra say to send over some paperwork.

At the hospital, David and Gordon clashed when David learned that a shipload of people had showed up at the hospital after getting sick at Ryan's party. Since Gordon worked in the laboratory, he had to analyze all (or at least some) of the blood samples. He knew that all of the patients would test positive for Libidozone and warned David that he was going to get into big trouble. As they talked, Joe Martin walked up on them and asked what they were talking about. Before Gordon could open his mouth, David chattered off a lie about having asked Gordon to run some tests for him. These tests, he said, were put on priority and the blood analyses from the partygoers were put on hold. Joe scolded David for once again putting his needs ahead of others. David walked Gordon towards his office. When they entered, they found the place in shambles. Standing against the wall behind them, Dimitri stood motionless with an angry frown planted firmly on his face. Within seconds of David realizing that Dimitri was there, Dimitri was already in the process of accusing him of having done something sinister to Alex. David professes his innocence and reminded Dimitri that he and Alex were no longer bitter enemies. The cardiologist thought hard for a moment and realized that the last time he'd seen Alex she was on the deck of the yacht speaking to a man. David explained that he couldn't tell who the man was because of his vantage point. Perhaps, David sneered, the man was one of Charlotte's cronies. Dimitri bought the explanation and headed on his way. Soon after he left, Gordon demanded to know what David had done to Dr. Marick. David became furious and again insisted that he hadn't done anything to harm Alex. Gordon once again reiterated a threat that he would expose David's Libidozone debacle to the hospital head. In turn, David reminded Gordon that he'd be taken down as well. To make sure that Gordon kept quiet, David hinted that after they both got out of jail the only job Gordon would be able to hold down would be working at a fast food restaurant. Gordon agreed to honor David's request to omit the Libidozone references from his medical report. As David left his office, he fantasized that Dixie was sobbing hysterically at her old desk. She then rushed into David's arms and told him that she'd thrown Tad out of the house because she'd found out that he had cheated on her.

Edmund found Eugenia reading a Thanksgiving story to Sam and Maddie. Eugenia, who was having some difficulty with the story, gleefully left the room to allow the children some time with their dad. Edmund crouched down on the floor and told his kids that the "four" of them would be going away on a little vacation. Dimitri entered the room from behind Edmund and asked him to redo his math --- there were only three people in the room. Naturally, Dimitri sensed that Edmund might be including Alex in his total. Dimitri called to Eugenia and asked her to take the children to the dining room to get started on dinner. Alone, Dimitri told Edmund that Alex was missing. Edmund wasn't the least concerned and suggested many different places that his brother could look for his wife. Dimitri quickly replied that he had checked all those places --- and more. In addition, Dimitri had phoned Scotland Yard to make sure that Charlotte was still safely locked up. In fact, she was and her association of criminal masterminds had disbanded. As for the local authorities, they couldn't do anything until Alex was missing for at least 24 hours. Edmund reached for his keys and told Dimitri that they could split up and start looking. Before Edmund could leave the office, Dimitri asked him where he had been all evening. Edmund stopped dead in his tracks as he realized that his brother was implying that he might be involved in Alex's disappearance.

Ruth busily cooked like a woman possessed in her kitchen. Tad and Dixie showed up at the house to offer a hand, but Tad was a bit fearful of actually trying to cook anything. Joe returned home from the hospital and joined the fray in the kitchen. Tad chirped merrily as he snapped off some photos of his family members, but Dixie warned him not to even think about trying to catch her with turkey in her mouth. Tad still felt ill from the night before and he was also troubled because he'd lost his wallet. Jake straggled down the steps wearing a wrinkled t-shirt and jeans. Tad mused that he hoped Gillian looked better than Jake does when she rolls out of bed. Jake snapped that Gillian wasn't with him, though he refused to offer any details. When Jake misused the word "they" instead of "she," Tad knew that it was not Gillian's decision to split up with Jake --- Ryan had to have been involved. Joe stepped in and silenced Tad before the situation exploded. Jake returned upstairs to wash up for dinner. Junior and Dixie found some alone time in which the young boy asked his mother if everything was going okay between her and Tad. Opal, Petey, Becca and Tina were the next to arrive and soon it was time to eat. Joe went around the table and asked everyone to list at least one thing that they were thankful for this year. Gillian sneaked in the back door and froze in horror when she realized that not only were the Martins home, but they were having a dinner party. She slowly turned to leave, but Jake was behind her blocking her path. Out in the dining room, it was time for pie to be served, but a knock on the front door put those plans on temporary hold. Ruth answered the door and returned to the table to tell Tad that someone was on the front porch for him. Tad rolled his heads and grumbled that it must be some sort of business. When he stepped outside, he found Leslie standing before him with a broad smile. She handed over Tad's wallet and told him that she'd found it on the yacht. Tad thanked her for returning the wallet and readied to go back inside. Before he could do so, Leslie stated that she felt she was entitled to a "thank you" for returning the wallet. She reached up and grabbed Tad by the back of the head and pulled him in for a kiss.

Thursday, November 24, 2000

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, All My Children will not be shown today. Programming will resume as normal on Monday, November 27th. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this preemption.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving.

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