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Anna and David argued about whether he was really Proteus. Mateo offered Roger substantially more money than Proteus wanted for the trafficking. Laura trapped Greenlee again. Erica pretended to be nice to Frankie, all the while secretly plotting with Chris to send Vanessa's niece far from Pine Valley. Liza left Adam after discovering that he had been prying into Ryan's past. Ryan was confused after Chris told him that his father was dead. Leslie returned to town, clobbered Tad, and put Tad on a boat at the boathouse.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 5, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, November 5, 2001

Dixie, dressed up as Snow White, was getting the house ready for the costume party. Tad told her the haunted house was ready. The phone rang, and Jesse told Tad to have Dixie get it. When Dixie was gone, Jesse told Tad to call the hospital and find out if David Hayward was there so they could search his cabin. Just then, Tad's cell phone rang. It was Pam, Leslie's sister. She told Tad she'd had to reinstitutionalize Leslie because his contact with her had caused her to have a relapse. She told Tad to stay out of their lives.

Tad rejoiced that Leslie was locked up again and out of his way. Tad got through to the hospital and found out David was at the hospital. As he related that to Jesse, Dixie reentered the room. She was upset that Liza had called and canceled. She told Tad several others had also called with their regrets. The phone rang again, and Dixie went to answer it.

Jesse tried to rush Tad into going to David's cabin while he was at the hospital. David and Jesse continued to argue. Jesse blamed Tad for all his troubles. He wanted to nail Hayward fast and get out of there. Tad joked about that, which only frustrated Jesse more. Dixie returned with Opal. Tad told her he had to run to the office but would be back very quickly. Opal sensed something as Tad walked by her, but she couldn't figure it out.

Meanwhile, Leslie turned from the phone after speaking to Tad. She was wearing a wig similar to Pam's hair. She had on a white gown. As she moved from the phone, she said, "Get ready, Tad. Here comes the bride!" Leslie put on her veil, picked up her keys and purse, and began to hum the "Wedding March" as she left.

Dixie's costume party was becoming quite the failure. Opal handed out the cider to Jamie's friends, as Brooke and Dixie watched. As they chatted, Jake walked in with Greenlee. He explained that he'd stopped by to let them know he wouldn't be able to help out at the party because they were going out of town for the rest of the week. Brooke snidely asked Jake what she owed him. Greenlee wanted to know what Brooke meant. Brooke said Jake was clearly getting Greenlee out of town so she wouldn't disrupt the wedding. Brooke thought she should pay him for that.

Jake told Brooke to leave Greenlee alone. With that, Brooke turned and said she had to go. After Brooke left, Jake said the other reason he was there was for Greenlee to get to know the family better. He left to look around. Opal and Dixie tried to make small talk with Greenlee, but it was very uncomfortable for all of them. Greenlee finally excused herself and went out on the front porch for a breath of fresh air.

Suddenly, a man in a werewolf mask walked up to Greenlee and touched her shoulder. When Greenlee gasped, Jake whipped off the mask. Greenlee was upset that Jake had taken her there. She said she'd tell him about the whole family thing in the car. As they walked away, there was a rustling sound in the bushes. Someone wearing a white gown was slowly approaching the house.

Inside, Opal decided to get Petey and leave by the back door. Dixie sunk down onto the sofa when she heard a knock at the door. A woman dressed in white with a veil over her face was standing there. Dixie looked in horror as she realized it was Leslie. Dixie slammed the door and ran to the phone. She called Tad and frantically told him "she" was there and to return home. Someone was rattling the door, trying to get in. Dixie picked up her phone again and called the police.

David arrived at the hospital when a resident approached him and said he had paged David over an hour before. David rudely informed him he had taken care of the patient and didn't need lip from a first-year resident.

Greenlee had given Jake a ride to work. As they entered the hospital, Greenlee said she had an idea. She told him to get his paperwork handled, and they could leave early on their trip. She would go home and pack for him. She tried to get him to tell her where he was taking her so she would know what to pack. He smiled and kissed her.

As Jake and Greenlee were kissing, Leo and Laura walked in. Seeing Jake and Greenlee, they started to walk the other way. Greenlee said hello to them, and Jake asked if Laura had a physical problem. Laura said she was there to see David. She just wanted to make sure she was 100% before her wedding. Greenlee gushed about her trip with Jake. She added that while Leo and Laura were celebrating their wedding, she would be with Jake on a sunny beach somewhere, drinking tequila, relaxing, and basking in the romance.

When Laura's phone rang, Greenlee chided her for having it on in the hospital. Laura took her phone and walked out of the building to answer it. Jake got called to help a patient. As he walked away, he warned Greenlee not to bait. Leo walked up to Greenlee and told her he hoped she had a good time at the resort with Jake. He said he wanted her to be happy. Greenlee asked if that was where she was supposed to wish him happiness. He told her to back off. He just wanted peace.

Jake returned and said he'd gotten coverage and could take off. He was all Greenlee's. As they left, they walked past Laura. Once they were past, Laura told the person on the phone to just do what she was paid to do and hung up. Leo walked outside and asked who Laura was talking to. She told him it was the seamstress. Leo said that unless it was an emergency, David wouldn't be able to see her right then. She said it was just a checkup.

Laura told Leo he should see a doctor. She felt he didn't look well. Leo said he was fine. Laura kept pushing by insinuating that maybe it was seeing Greenlee again that had made him look that way. Definitely irritated, Leo told her he was fine and walked away.

At the hospital, Edmund stopped a nurse and told her he was looking for a friend of his who had been missing since the night before. She told him she would check and asked for the name. Edmund told her the missing person was Anna Devane. After the nurse had checked the patient list, she returned and told Edmund there was no Anna Devane listed. David overheard them and walked up to Edmund. He wanted to know why Edmund was looking for Anna in the hospital. Edmund explained that her daughter had called, and Edmund was worried.

David insisted that he was the doctor in charge and would take care of her. Jake walked up and said, "Not anymore. I just got paged." David angrily left the room. Edmund went into the hallway and met Brooke there. Edmund told her Anna hadn't been in an accident. He told Brooke that Anna had said one thing: "Proteus." He also stated that Anna hadn't wanted David anywhere near her. David had been paged. They felt it wasn't from the hospital because he'd left the building.

Anna's damaged car was sitting alongside the road, against a tree. Anna was lying unconscious beside the car. Just then, a car approached. It was Tad. He rushed over to her and tried to wake her. Jesse was not able to pick up anything on her, either. Tad frantically called for an ambulance, telling the dispatcher she looked bad.

Tad followed the gurney in. David was the admitting doctor. As he checked Anna over, Edmund rushed up and wanted to know what had happened. Tad explained that she had been in a car accident. Tad told him where he had found her, and Edmund couldn't understand why she had been way out there. Just then, they heard David shout that she was waking up.

As Anna opened her eyes, David kept calling her name. Anna looked at him and said, "Get away from me, you bastard!" As David tried to soothe her, Anna kept telling him to get away from her. She wanted another doctor. As David tried to talk to her, Edmund grabbed him and told him to get away from her. David wanted to examine her, but Edmund pushed him away. He turned back to Anna, and she told him it hadn't been an accident. Then she whispered, "Proteus!"

Jake had Anna under his care. She looked around the room nervously and wanted to know if David was still there. Jake questioned why she was so afraid of David. Jake explained to Edmund and Brooke that he had to run some tests to find out what had happened. Brooke felt she might have fallen asleep at the wheel. Edmund thought it might be something else. If it was Hayward, Edmund was going to nail him.

At SOS, Laura was not happy with the little party Leo had set up for their wedding. She didn't like the black spiders. He told her his costume was going to be a striped suit with a ball and chain. Just then, a redheaded woman walked in. Laura excitedly called out to her, calling her Susie. Susie walked over to Laura, and they hugged, gushing like old school chums.

As she hugged Laura, Susie whispered that Laura owed her $200 right away. Leo left them to go unload some party supplies. Once he was gone, Susie asked for her money again. Apparently, Laura had hired the actress to be the maid of honor. She warned "LaLa" if she didn't get her money, she would leave. Laura told her to play up the friendship part to everyone there.

Leo returned, and Susie gushed at how happy Laura was. Leo went to get them drinks, and Susie said she liked the way Leo looked. Laura grabbed her arm and told her if she went near Leo, she'd be dead. Leo returned to the table with their drinks and pulled up a chair. He offered a toast to their maid of honor. Susie played the part well. She told a sad story about her rough life and said "LaLa" had stepped in and saved her. Laura said she had to pay the caterers and told Leo to stay and get acquainted with Susie.

As Laura walked out the door, she turned and smiled, saying, "You take care of my friend, Leo -- I'll take care of yours!" Leo and Susie continue to chat. Susie wanted to know what Leo loved about Laura. He said that sometimes, when he woke up in the morning, he looked at her and said, "Greenlee, how did I get so..." Stopping, he realized his slip. Susie's curiosity was up. She wanted him to tell her who Greenlee was, or she'd have to ask Laura.

Meanwhile, Laura went to the hospital and slipped the napkin she had "doctored" under the door of Jake's office. Greenlee was inside and saw the napkin, which said, "Greenlee, I have to see you. Come to SOS. Leo."

Dixie was frantic as Tad and Jesse rushed in. She said she had seen Leslie and was very frightened. Tad opened the door and checked outside. He found a smashed pumpkin outside. He tried to smooth things over with Dixie, but she remained certain that it had been Leslie. Tad convinced her to go change clothes for the rehearsal and to cancel the 9-1-1.

Tad and Jesse argued. Jesse was upset because he had lost some of his powers and couldn't sense if Leslie had been there or not. Tad said he had to go upstairs and get ready for a party. Jesse was losing his powers and couldn't make himself leave. Lying down on the sofa, he didn't notice Leslie slip in through the back door.

Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Jesse was lying on the sofa at Tad's, apparently sleeping, while Leslie was snooping around the house. He woke up, sensing that "the crazy broad is here" and looked around until he spotted Leslie. Jesse tried to make some sort of contact with Leslie, to freak her out, but the best he could do was to knock a flower vase to the floor. That startled Leslie, but she continued lurking about the house. She went upstairs and returned carrying Tad's tux.

Jesse had fallen to the floor, and he reached up, grabbing the bottom of the tux. He pulled as Leslie tugged back. She looked around, saw no one in the house, and said to herself, "Maybe I should go back on those meds." She left the living room with the tuxedo, and Jesse struggled to get off the floor and follow her.

At the bar in SOS, Ryan joined Leo and grabbed his drink, downing it in one gulp. He handed his motorcycle keys to Leo, and Leo said that was a good idea, at least until Ryan sobered up. Ryan said no, he wanted Leo to take his bike and get out of town, leave the wife he didn't love. Leo looked long and hard at the keys.

Meanwhile, at the Valley Inn, Laura was beginning to panic because Leo was late for the rehearsal dinner. Brooke tried to calm her while Edmund went into the lobby and tried to call Leo. While Leo was staring at the motorcycle keys, his phone rang, and he answered it. It was Edmund, who told Leo he was late for the dinner and that Laura was getting upset. Leo told him to tell Laura he wasn't going and that he needed to help a friend. He asked Edmund to have everyone put on their costumes and head on over to the party. Edmund agreed, and they hung up.

Ryan tried to talk Leo into leaving town, but Leo refused. Ryan poured himself another drink, but Leo took it away. Ryan said he thought the problems he and Leo had were because of their fathers. "They brought us into this world but never gave a damn about us," he said. Chris Stamp listened in while Leo said maybe their fathers hadn't kept any promises, but he wasn't going to break his promise to Laura. Ryan smiled at him and said he was a good man. Mia showed up, and as he left to get dressed for the costume party, Leo asked her to watch out for Ryan.

Edmund joined Brooke and Laura and told them what Leo had said. Laura got very upset. Edmund was able to calm her down by saying Leo was helping a friend, and that was what made Leo Leo. Susie showed up and demanded to be paid, even if the wedding didn't take place. Laura told her she'd get her money after the wedding. Laura turned to her mother and Edmund and apologized for getting so nasty. "Leo and I don't need a rehearsal. We have a real marriage, and no one can take that away." They all left to go to the party at SOS.

Brooke and Edmund arrived at SOS, dressed as Old West characters. She told him he'd been great with Laura earlier, and he kissed her. They watched as other costumed guests entered SOS then followed them inside. There, they found Leo dressed in prison garb, complete with a ball and chain.

Tad and Dixie arrived in gangster attire. Dixie was more relaxed and said she was sorry she'd gotten so worked up over the strange bride that had appeared at their house. Jesse showed up and searched the club for Tad. Finally, Tad saw him and was shocked at how bad Jesse looked, saying, "For a dead guy, you don't look so hot." Jesse could only say one word: "Leslie!" After a moment, he was able to tell Tad to follow him but that Dixie couldn't go with them.

Tad told Dixie he had to step out for a moment but would be back soon. She was disappointed but said okay. Tad and Jesse left, and Jesse took him back to his own house. They walked around the living room, and Jesse could barely speak. He was able to say Leslie's name again, but it was too late. Leslie emerged from the shadows and hit Tad on the head with a shovel, knocking him out cold.

Opal and Erica met at the Valley Inn for dinner, and Erica told her friend that she had also invited Bianca and Frankie. Opal started to leave, saying Erica was up to something, and she didn't want anything to do with it. Erica denied it, saying she had changed her mind and was backing off. Opal said Erica's "180 is giving me whiplash" and didn't really believe Erica had had a change of heart.

Bianca and Frankie arrived and sat down at the table. Erica began by apologizing to the two of them, saying she had no right to dictate their personal lives. Bianca didn't buy it at all, but Erica went on to tell Frankie she was welcome to stay in Pine Valley. Erica said she had been wrong about Frankie and wanted to start over. Bianca said it was bogus, but Frankie told her to give her mother a chance. Bianca insisted that it was all fake. Frankie said she could fake it, too, and they could just all pretend to get along. Vanessa was at a table close by and listened in on the conversation.

Frankie told Bianca she was siding with Bianca's mother because they both cared about Bianca. Bianca thought it was very strange, but Frankie accepted Erica's apology. Erica excused herself to go to the powder room and ran into Mateo. He asked if she knew the girl sitting next to Bianca very well. Erica said she was Bianca's friend Frankie, and Mateo proceeded to tell her about Frankie trying to score drugs at SOS. Erica told him not to tell anyone, that she'd take care of it. Mateo agreed and left.

Erica called SOS, spoke to Chris Stamp, and demanded that he meet her at the Valley Inn immediately. Erica returned to the table and found that Opal had left. She asked the girls what they wanted to do and offered to take them shopping at the boutique in the lobby. The girls turned her down, so Erica asked Frankie to tell her about herself, what her hobbies were, where she'd traveled, and such. Before Frankie could answer, Erica spotted Chris and ran to him. She told Chris about Frankie going to SOS for drugs and ordered him to have her arrested. Chris said he couldn't waste the Fed's time on a casual user; they were going for the big dealers.

Erica argued, and Chris told her Bianca would be furious if she found out what Erica was trying to do. Erica said she'd do whatever it took to get rid of Frankie, and she threatened Chris, saying she'd blow his cover if he didn't do as she said. She told him she was going out of town for a little while and expected the problem to be solved by the time she returned. Chris was very angry with her, but said, "Fine!" and left.

While her mother was speaking to Chris, Bianca asked Frankie if she'd like to go to the costume party at SOS. She said they could go as "Freaks and Geeks," and Frankie agreed. They left to go to the party at SOS, but before they entered the party, Frankie stopped and said she'd changed her mind. Bianca thought it was because if they entered together, everyone would think they were a couple. Frankie said no; she didn't care what anyone else thought.

Palmer and Vanessa showed up, dressed up as Egyptians. Palmer asked Vanessa to introduce him to her niece, which she did. They all started to go inside, but Bianca's phone rang. She answered it, and it was Erica, telling her that she was going out of town for business. Bianca thanked her for being cool about Frankie, and Erica told Bianca she loved her. When they hung up, Bianca was ecstatic and told Frankie that her mom was going out of town and leaving them alone for a while. Frankie said, "Let's ditch this party!" and the girls left.

In Jake's office Greenlee had most of her gorilla costume on. She fingered the forged note from Leo asking her to meet him at SOS and thought back to the conversation she'd had with Jake. She said to herself, "I can handle this, Jake," put the gorilla head on, and headed over to the party.

Laura and Susie walked into SOS, and Laura was horrified to see what Leo was dressed as. Susie told her to chill, or people would know she was nuts. Leo joined her and told her she was cute in her "Little Bo Peep" outfit, but Laura corrected him, saying she was "Little Miss Muffett" and showing him her spider. Leo went to greet some more guests, and Laura told Susie to keep looking for Greenlee.

The gorilla walked in, looked around, and muttered to herself, "This better be good, Leo." Greenlee walked around looking for Leo and spotted him. As she tried to connect with him, a monster grabbed her for a dance. She broke free, but when she got near Leo, Brooke stood up and proposed a toast to the bride and groom. It was a long, mushy thing, and when Brooke finished, Greenlee laughed. Laura heard her but couldn't figure out which costumed guest was Greenlee.

Laura turned to Susie and said she knew Greenlee was there. The two of them split up to look for Greenlee. Susie bumped into the gorilla, who yelped in surprise. Susie joined Laura, who said she recognized that voice as Greenlee. Across the room, Leo was saying goodbye to Vanessa and Palmer and walked outside with them.

Leo returned just after Laura dropped her fake spider down the back of Greenlee's costume, which sent Greenlee into fits. Laura stood there, laughing happily, until Leo joined her. Then she turned into a quivering mass of fear and told Leo she knew that was Greenlee and that she was there to ruin everything. Leo walked over to the gorilla and pulled off the costume head, finding Greenlee inside. They just looked at each other.

Mateo sat at a table in the Valley Inn with an unidentified man. Mateo was discussing business operations with him and told him if he partnered with Mateo, he wouldn't be sorry. Mateo left and returned to SOS. He grabbed a bottle of alcohol and told Simone he was going to the back room and not to bother him. Simone was very curious as to where he'd been and what he'd been doing, but Mateo wouldn't say a word.

Mia and Ryan went back to his room at the Pine Cone. She asked if he wanted to talk about anything, and he told her no. She started putting moves on him, but he turned away from her. Mia was hurt by this and said that was her cue to leave. Before she could, someone knocked on the door. Ryan was very angry; he yanked the door open and found Chris Stamp standing there. Chris walked into the room and told Ryan he was just making sure Ryan had gotten home okay. Ryan didn't believe it and wanted to know who Chris really was. Chris said that he had answers to the questions Ryan had about his father.

Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Ryan refused to believe that his father was dead. Chris reluctantly confessed that he was a federal agent working undercover in Pine Valley. Ryan seemed skeptical, but Mia fully believed what Chris was saying. Chris explained to Ryan that his father had been a well-known, but hardly successful, drug dealer. The news didn't come as a surprise to Ryan because he'd already heard that tale from Adam. Chris continued, saying that Ryan's dad had been killed during a scuffle when he'd resisted arrest. Later, Ryan paged through the information that Adam's investigators had collected and found some information that didn't gibe.

Greenlee insisted that she'd been set up by Laura and claimed that she was not stalking Leo. As Greenlee tried to explain herself, the police arrived. Brooke had called the judge who'd heard Greenlee's case and had an arrest warrant issued. As Greenlee was being hauled away, she told Leo of a letter she'd written that would prove that Laura was losing it. Leo headed to the boathouse, where he was unable to take his mind off of Greenlee. Susan, meanwhile, urged Laura that she'd better find Greenlee's letter before Leo -- or the wedding would be off.

Greenlee was repulsed by the idea that she'd have to wear standard-issue prison clothing. When she finally accepted the fact that she'd have to wear the bright orange jumpsuit, she realized that the zipper on her gorilla suit was stuck. Greenlee plopped down on her cot and reflected on some of the romantic and happy times she and Leo had shared. When she looked up, she found Leo standing outside her jail cell.

Due to his weakened state, Jesse was unable to prevent Leslie from clobbering Tad. He was likewise of little help when Leslie used duct tape to tie up Tad. When a pair of girls from the Pine Valley High School band dropped by to peddle "Rheshey" candy bars for new band uniforms, Tad tried to call out for help. Leslie snatched a wad of cash from Tad's wallet, bought a candy bar, and beamed proudly that she had played the triangle in the band. The girls seemed skeptical, and Leslie chased them away. Jesse managed to sneak out of the house while Leslie had the door open.

Jesse showed up at Sounds of Salsa and tried to get through to Dixie. Dixie was only mildly receptive to his presence, so Jesse resorted to knocking over a wine glass onto Dixie's outfit. Dixie returned home and found her living room in shambles. Dixie thought that J.R. and his friends had destroyed the place, but Jesse tried to send her vibes that would tip her off to Leslie's presence. Dixie found a message on the answering machine from Tad claiming that he had to go out of town on business.

At the boathouse, Leslie placed the still-bound Tad into a canoe and prepared to "rock and roll."

Thursday, November 8, 2001

Edmund went to visit Anna at the hospital. He pulled back the blankets on her bed to find not Anna, but an unconscious guard. Upon learning of Anna's disappearance, Jake rushed in, wondering if the person that had run her off the road had abducted her. Edmund had other thoughts. He believed Anna had left on her own.

Brooke found Edmund at the hospital. She told him she felt closer to him than to anyone she'd ever known. Edmund thought they could have more. He admitted that she had been on his mind and that he had been thinking about making love to her again.

At the cabin, David was lying on the couch, waiting, when a figure appeared outside the door, holding a gun. It was Anna. Despite the fact that Anna was pointing a loaded gun at his chest, David appeared calm. He told Anna he'd been waiting for her. Anna accused David of trying to kill her, but he countered that if he truly wanted to kill her, she would be dead already. He went on to say that even if he were Proteus, he would never harm her. Though he wouldn't go as far as to say he loved her, David told Anna how much their relationship meant to him. Anna was not buying it. David walked toward her as Anna threatened to pull the trigger. Finally, she collapsed.

Anna woke up and found the gun still loaded and within her reach. David was trying to show her he trusted her, and he hoped one day she would trust him, too. He took her in his arms while promising her she was safe and that he would always take care of her. When she fell asleep, David made a phone call to Roger. He said Roger had to follow his instructions. Anna woke up and overheard his conversation.

Ryan asked Liza to meet him at the boathouse. When he arrived, he told her he'd learned that his father had been killed by the Feds. The information didn't jibe with the report Adam had collected. He was hoping Liza could find the source of Adam's information. Liza explained she couldn't. She had left Adam because of his scheming. Despite all that, Liza admitted she still loved Adam. She told Ryan she hoped he would reconsider leaving town. They were discussing it when suddenly Ryan leaped from the deck of the boathouse to tackle an eavesdropper. The guy would only say he was a private investigator but refused to divulge who had hired him.

Ryan and Liza put two and two together and decided the P.I. had to be working for Adam. Liza feared Adam might be setting her up so he could gain custody of Colby. While pondering that idea, Liza became nauseous and left. When she returned, she blamed her sickness on Halloween candy overload. Ryan asked if maybe she was pregnant. Liza emphatically denied it.

Leo appeared outside of Greenlee's jail cell. He explained to Greenlee that he'd grown up after she'd dumped him. He believed his mistake was not in marrying Laura, but in ever being involved with her. Greenlee asked Leo why he'd bothered going to see her. He said he'd needed to picture how low Greenlee had sunk. He did not believe anything she said.

Leo left, and Greenlee, still clad in her gorilla suit, cried pathetically. She called the guard and asked to make a phone call. She called Jake to tell him he had been right all along. When she asked Jake to get her out of jail, he told her she was on her own; she should call someone else. Dismayed, Greenlee went back to her cell. Roger then arrived to bail her out. Greenlee was sure everything would be fine once Leo read her letter.

Brooke advised Laura not to give Leo the note from Greenlee. Laura insisted it would be okay if Leo did read it because she had the truth on her side. Brooke left. Susan and Laura discussed the probable contents of the letter. Susan asked if perhaps Greenlee's accusations were true. Laura wasn't worried; she knew who Leo would believe. When Leo arrived at home, Laura handed him Greenlee's letter and told him to read it. Instead, Leo ripped it up. Laura was surprised but thrilled. She claimed they were "really, truly married now."

Friday, November 9, 2001

Simone questioned Mateo about the roll of money he was flashing around and the flashy way he was dressed. Mateo told her that Brooke had paid for the engagement party in cash and that the way he was dressed showed success. Simone did not believe Mateo and questioned him further. Mateo then told her that she was sexy when she was worried -- and kissed her. Cackling, Mateo walked out of the bar. Zeke questioned Simone about what was going on between her and Mateo and why Mateo had so much cash. Simone told Zeke that he couldn't be there and needed to leave.

Mateo showed up at the boathouse, where Roger greeted him. Roger admonished Mateo for being late, saying that Proteus didn't like it when people were not on time. On top of the warning, Roger also brandished a gun. Mateo tried to hand over the money to Roger, but Roger feared that Mateo might pull a gun or try something else to get the upper hand. Roger reached into Mateo's pocket and was stunned to find more cash that he'd expected. Mateo beamed and explained that he'd made more money for Proteus.

Roger nervously explained that Mateo wasn't supposed to go above and beyond what he was ordered to do. Roger tried to give the money back to Mateo, but Mateo refused. Mateo stated that he wanted Roger to deliver all of the money to Proteus and deliver a message that he wanted a face-to-face meeting with him. Roger replied that a meeting was not possible -- he hadn't even seen Proteus. Nevertheless, Mateo insisted, and Roger headed on his way.

Ryan confronted Adam about the private investigator that he'd encountered at the boathouse. Adam told Ryan that he was just protecting his daughter from Ryan. Ryan then told Adam that his actions were making Liza physically ill. Adam appeared legitimately concerned about Liza and backed down from his confrontational stance. He scribbled a name and number on a piece of paper for Ryan. The number, he said, would connect Ryan to the private investigator he had hired to dig into Ryan's background. Ryan was initially dubious of Adam's willingness to help, but he ultimately realized that Adam was being sincere.

Hayley was just leaving her apartment when a fuming Liza approached her. Liza was upset and told Hayley that she had left Adam for good. Hayley was confused and asked what was going on. Liza explained that Adam was going after custody of Colby and had a private investigator following her. Just then, Stuart walked up to Hayley. Liza started to yell and hit him, thinking that he was really Adam pretending to be Stuart.

When Liza finally realized that she was really hitting Stuart, she broke down in tears. Liza asked for Hayley and Stuart's support in fighting Adam. Neither Hayley nor Stuart was willing to cut Adam out of their lives. Hayley reminded Liza that Adam would always be her father. Stuart told Liza that he couldn't cut off Adam, either, but stated that before she did anything she regretted, he would talk to Adam.

Marian dropped by the Pine Cone to see Ryan, but instead found Mia wearing one of Ryan's T-shirts. Marian tried to convince Mia that she and Ryan should leave town together and start a new life somewhere. Mia, however, said that she wasn't about to leave town just to make life easier for Liza. When a knock sounded, Mia opened the door. In the blink of an eye, Liza hauled off and smacked Mia across the cheek. Mia was furious but didn't have time to fight back.

Marian stepped between Mia and Liza and prevented any further violence. Liza was convinced that Mia had told Adam that she and Ryan had been at the boathouse the night before. Mia told Liza that she no longer worked for Adam, but Liza didn't believe her. Liza referred to Mia as her enemy, saying that she'd chosen the wrong side. Before Liza stormed away, she vowed that she would do anything necessary to stop anyone who posed a threat to her daughter.

Stuart showed up at Chandler Mansion and gave his twin brother a forceful tweak on the arm. Stuart vented his frustration with his brother and the way that he'd broken his promise that he wouldn't resort to his old tricks. Stuart thought that Liza and Ryan were "just friends," but Adam briefed him on the fact that Liza and Ryan had had an affair. Adam also claimed that Ryan had a "violent past," which could pose a threat to Colby.

When Stuart left, Adam remembered what Ryan had said about Liza being ill. He recalled how Liza had fainted when he'd caught her and Ryan in bed and immediately wondered if Liza could be pregnant. He placed a call to Seaview to speak to the obstetrician that Liza had met with. Adam tried to pry information out of the doctor, but the doctor refused to say anything, citing doctor-patient confidentiality. A short time later, Liza returned to the mansion. Upon seeing her, Adam grinned slightly.



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