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Roger appeared to have a heart attack at Enchantment, but disappeared before help arrived. A paternity test revealed that Ryan was the father of Liza's baby. Edmund, Mateo, and Simone had different ideas about how to handle Proteus. Erica accused Frankie of abusing drugs.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 12, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, November 12, 2001

Proteus phoned Roger to find out why he was late in calling in his surveillance report. Roger relayed his encounter with Mateo to Proteus. Proteus seemed genuinely surprised that Mateo had gone above and beyond the call of duty by peddling more drugs than expected.

At the Pine Cone, Marian tried to convince Ryan that he had misunderstood what she had said to Mia. Ryan knew what he had heard: Liza was pregnant. Ryan took off to find Liza, leaving Marian and Mia alone. Marian tried to open up to Mia. Mia seemed envious of what she envisioned as Liza's perfect upbringing. Marian chuckled slightly and confessed that Liza's childhood had not been perfect -- and that she had not been the perfect mother.

Still, Mia knew that Liza and Marian would always be there for each other, and that was something that she didn't have. "I can't make up for what Larry did to you and your mother," Marian said softly, explaining, "I am not trying to replace anybody in your life, Mia, but you're here and I'm here, and we really are family, aren't we?" Marian sat on the edge of the bed next to Mia and hesitated to put her arm on Mia to comfort her.

As Laura was handing over a wad of cash to Susan to pay her for her services, Phoebe and Brooke entered the room. Laura was able to explain away her actions, but Brooke was quite suspicious of her daughter. In private, Susan warned Laura not to ruin her "good thing" by doing anything crazy. Laura stated that it had taken her a lifetime to find people like Leo and Brooke and vowed that she would not lose them.

Later, Laura's wedding planner, June, showed up with some bad news -- the minister Laura had hired for the wedding was stuck in Hawaii. June offered a substitute minister, one who had married Erica Kane. Unfortunately, that minister was also to have married Leo and Greenlee. Laura erupted and began tossing things around the room. June took to the phones to find a judge or replacement-replacement minister, but Laura tired of the planner's failures and fired her.

Leo met with Frankie and Bianca just hours before his wedding ceremony. Leo recalled that Frankie had had a penchant for thievery when she'd been a child. Bianca didn't seem to care much for Leo poking fun at his cousin and asked that Leo stop. Leo tried to convince Bianca to attend his wedding, but Bianca refused, saying that she'd be there if he were marrying anyone other than Laura. Leo muttered that he wanted Bianca to be his "best person," but even that didn't seem to work.

Eventually, Bianca ceded to Leo's requests. She worried, however, that people might think that she and Frankie were an item if they showed up at the wedding together. Frankie didn't seem to mind too much what people thought of them. Bianca asked Frankie for a few moments alone with Leo. "Are you 100% positive that you want to go through with this wedding today?" asked Bianca.

Bianca quizzed Leo about his intentions towards Greenlee, but Leo claimed that he no longer had any romantic feelings for Greenlee. Bianca reminded Leo that the first time he'd married Laura, he had thought that she was dying. "Until death do us part," Bianca said softly, "those are words that you should not say unless you really, really mean them." After Bianca left, Leo unwrapped a pre-wedding gift given to him by Laura: a picture cube with a "Don't be late" voice message recorded by Laura. Leo put the gift down and raced out of the house.

Because Greenlee had gone against his request for her to stay clear of Leo and Laura's party, Jake held true to his promise to boot Greenlee out of his loft. However, Jake was noticeably upset when Erica fired Greenlee for her antics. Holding a copy of the daily newspaper that featured an ape costume-clad Greenlee on the cover, Erica proclaimed that Greenlee's actions at the party were "the last straw." According to Erica, Greenlee had caused enough negative publicity for Enchantment. She also noted that Greenlee had refused her requests to keep an eye on Bianca and Frankie.

Greenlee argued that keeping tabs of Bianca was not part of her job description. Erica urged Greenlee to "read the fine print." Greenlee pleaded for her job, but it did her no good. Greenlee started packing up her belongings, while Jake attempted to assure her that her firing could be for the best.

Later, Roger showed up at Enchantment and panicked when he learned that his daughter had been fired. Roger sat at Greenlee's desk and tried to tap into her Enchantment computer, but Greenlee's access had been cut off. "This is serious business here," Roger chirped as he tried to come up with a plan to get Greenlee's job back. Roger started to breathe erratically, and beads of sweat formed on his forehead. As he clutched his chest, he gasped that he was having a heart attack.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam hurriedly apologized for the wrongs he had done to Liza. He then put the burden of saving his marriage on Liza. Liza gave Adam divorce papers and urged Adam to sign. Adam read over the terms of the papers and determined that there was no way that he was going to go along with what Liza was asking. Liza made it clear that Adam had no choice; if he did not do as she asked, she would make certain that Adam never saw their daughter.

Liza tried to march up the stairs past Adam, but Adam blocked her way. Adam grabbed hold of Liza and shook her slightly. Suddenly, Liza lost her balance and fell backwards off the landing. Seconds after Liza hit the ground, Ryan arrived on the scene. Ryan immediately feared that Liza's baby could have been harmed.

Adam was stunned by the mention that Liza was pregnant. He pleaded with Ryan to call the paramedics. Adam stayed by Liza's side and tried to keep her calm. The paramedics eventually arrived at the mansion, placed Liza on a stretcher, and whisked her off to the hospital.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Leslie proudly showed a tied-up Tad their deserted chapel in the woods. She vowed to marry him and to make him pay for ruining her life. She smiled devilishly and held up a noose.

Back at Enchantment, Roger was having a heart attack and begged his daughter not to call an ambulance. They argued, but he insisted that he would die if he went to the hospital and that David Hayward was the only one she should call. Greenlee rushed frantically to get David, who was at the Valley Inn with Leo, preparing for the wedding.

Vanessa visited Leo's room at the inn and badgered both her sons about their relationships. Anna arrived briefly, kissed David, and left. David explained to his mother that he was not in love with Anna; he was using her. Once she finished attacking Anna, Vanessa turned her attention to Leo and argued with him about marrying Laura again.

Brooke and Susan helped Laura prepare for her wedding. Brooke reassured her daughter that Leo was there and that he loved her. Brooke left to check on the guests.

Laura vowed that the day would be perfect. Susan raised the possibility that Greenlee might show up and warned that Laura should be ready for that to happen. She'd regret it if she did, Laura responded. When Susan asked her, in jest, what she would do and questioned if she would kill her, Laura only smiled and said that Greenlee would pay if she showed up.

Tad begged Leslie to stop the "wedding" as she fantasized about widowhood. Jesse arrived at the cabin as Leslie left to gather flowers for her bouquet. Tad and Jesse argued as Tad begged the ghost for help, and Jesse took him to task for causing the situation for himself. Tad begged Jesse to try once again to make a connection with Dixie.

While guests arrived for the duPres wedding, Joe Martin pulled Dixie aside for a private conversation.

Meanwhile, Bianca enjoyed introducing Frankie to friends and family. Brooke expressed her gratitude to Bianca for attending her daughter's wedding, but Bianca explained to Brooke that she was there for Leo. When Frankie teased Bianca about "totally dissing" the mother of the bride, Bianca told her, "You make me feel like I can stand up for myself." Edmund and Brooke flirted. They started to talk about Anna, who suddenly arrived. After Brooke walked away, Edmund and Anna had an awkward encounter as he asked her if she was tracking Hayward. "Stay away from him," Edmund warned.

Exasperated, David and Leo booted their mother out of Leo's room just before Reverend Baker arrived. Noting that both men looked very unhappy, the minister questioned whether or not the groom really wanted to get married.

A tearful Brooke shared a loving moment with Laura before taking her seat. Laura asked Susan for a few minutes of privacy to focus. As soon as she was alone, she gleefully gloated about "winning" Leo but was interrupted when Greenlee burst in. The two women stared at each other, bristling.

Leslie returned to Tad with a bouquet of wilted flowers and began reciting wedding vows. When Tad interrupted her ceremony and begged her to let him go, she threatened to hit him with a shovel again. Their marriage would be brief and tragic but would be recognized as the best love story, she mused. A frantic Tad told her he could go along with the wedding part but not the part about dying afterwards. Leslie got excited about his willingness to marry her, but when he pulled away from her kiss, she vowed to kill him.

Back at the duPres wedding, Joe explained to Dixie that he had gotten a phone call from Leslie's sister Pam and that Leslie had attacked her sister and disappeared. Noting Tad's recent strange behavior and his mysterious, last-minute business trip, Joe and Dixie got worried. Jesse appeared and tried again in vain to get through to Dixie.

David walked up to Edmund and Anna as they bickered about her efforts to find Proteus.

Laura's bridesmaid walked down the aisle, but as the wedding march began and all the guests stood up and turned around, the bride didn't march in -- she was throwing Greenlee into a supply closet. "Stay there, you little witch from hell!" Laura said. Leo went looking for her, and Laura kept quiet about Greenlee's arrival. She sent him back to the restart the ceremony then wedged a chair under the doorknob of the supply closet door. Greenlee was frantic to get out and get help for her father.

Laura begged her mother to start the wedding over.

Dixie got scared when she couldn't reach Tad on his cell phone, and she told Opal that Leslie was on the loose. Jesse arrived and managed to make a connection with Opal. Opal heard that Tad was in trouble -- he needed their help. Opal grabbed Dixie's hand, and they rushed out, bumping into Laura as she started down the aisle.

Laura walked down the aisle as a desperate Greenlee pounded on the door for help. When no one heard her, she spied a ceiling vent and grabbed a ladder.

At the altar, Laura recited her heartfelt vows to Leo. Greenlee climbed the ladder and into the ventilation system as Leo stumbled through his vows. Laura was unhappily surprised at the minister's announcement that Bianca Montgomery would be reading a passage. As she read from the book of Corinthians that love did not envy, she looked pointedly at the bride. The echoes of Bianca's reading reverberated in the vent as Greenlee searched for a way out.

In the meantime, Leslie continued to recite their vows. "This is insane!" Tad screamed, so she taped his mouth shut. "You may kiss the bride -- and die!" she said as she kissed him through the tape.

Greenlee told herself she was doing the right thing. Leo faltered when it was time to take the ring and say, "With this ring, I thee wed." Greenlee found a water sprinkler and pulled out a lighter. Laura pleaded with Leo to take her hand and say his vows. Leo realized he couldn't go through with it and put her wedding ring in her hand instead of on her finger. "No," he told her sadly. At that moment, the water sprinkler went off, and Leo was the only one who welcomed the deluge.

Leslie finished her ceremony and prepared to kill Tad while he begged for his life. Dixie appeared at the window at the same time Leslie kicked the stool out from under Tad.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

At the deserted chapel in the woods, Dixie peered through a dirty window and watched in horror as Leslie kicked the stool out from under Tad's feet. Tad's body swung for a moment then stopped, as if someone had grabbed him and held him up. Opal and Dixie broke into the chapel, and Dixie rushed to get the rope off of Tad's neck. Opal tried to grab Leslie, but she broke free and headed for the open door. Jesse told Tad it just wasn't his time, and as Leslie turned to taunt Tad, Jesse slammed the door.

, Leslie turned back around, ran right into the closed door, and fell to the ground, out cold. Tad told Dixie that Leslie wanted to kill him and thanked her for getting there. While holding onto Dixie, he looked at Jesse and silently thanked him too. Opal tied Leslie up and stepped outside to call the police. Dixie was in shock over what had just happened and wondered how Tad had escaped hanging. Jesse told Tad he had "done a biggie," and Tad had to tell the truth about Leslie.

Tad told Dixie that the whole thing was his fault. He had arranged for Leslie to stay with her sister Pam instead of in an institution. He told her he'd done it because he'd thought Leslie could help him nail David Hayward. Tad admitted that he hated David so much that he'd lost sight of what was important, but he finally realized the only important thing was loving Dixie. He took Dixie in his arms, and Jesse stood up, saying "He" must not be too mad at him because he was feeling back to full power. Tad smiled at Jesse and said, "I love you, baby," to both Dixie and Jesse.

The police arrived, and as they took a conscious Leslie out, she turned and winked at Tad. Jesse told Tad to get the two women out of the chapel and to just get them home. Opal went outside to watch the police take Leslie away in a squad car. Tad tried to get Dixie to go home, but she told him she wasn't ready. He asked if she needed to rest a minute, and she said she couldn't go home. Tad told her it was safe; Leslie was in custody and would be forever.

Dixie expressed doubts, and Jesse told Tad he was in trouble. Dixie wondered if Tad was going to hurt his family again. "To get back at David, you brought a homicidal maniac back into our lives," she said. She got more and more upset, and Tad tried to take her in his arms. She said, "No, not this time, Tad," and left without her husband.

At Laura and Leo's wedding the guests were getting soaked by the sprinkler system. Laura tried to get Leo to leave with her, but he said no, "it's over. I can't be married to you anymore." Laura yelled at him, "She got to you before I could, l..." and then stopped before she told the truth. Leo demanded to know what she'd done to Greenlee, but Laura stood mute, looking guilty.

In the ventilation system, a sprinkler was drenching Greenlee. She tried to shut it off, but she hurt herself. She yelped in pain then resumed yelling for help. Leo heard her cries for help and demanded to know what Laura had done with Greenlee. Laura tried to make excuses and finally said she'd locked Greenlee in a closet. Leo ran out. Laura tried to follow him, but Brooke stopped her. She told Laura to let it go, but Laura was sure Leo hadn't meant what he'd said.

David stepped in and said that his brother had indeed meant every word he'd spoken. Edmund was handing out towels to the dripping guests and spoke to Anna. He tried to talk her out of finding David, and as she argued with him, David joined them. She told David that Edmund wanted to know why they were seeing each other. David wondered why it was any of Edmund's business. Anna said it wasn't really, and they walked away.

In the lobby, Bianca, Frankie, and Rosa toweled off and talked about the unusual wedding. Rosa left, and Frankie and Bianca laughed about their drenched look. Frankie commented that the whole town was nuts. Bianca said that as much as it pained her to admit, Leo was better off with Greenlee. Vanessa walked up, and the girls told her they were sorry for the turn of events. Frankie told Vanessa that they had to pull together for Leo.

Vanessa said that in terrible times, families united. Frankie didn't buy that at all. Vanessa tried to make up with Frankie and invited her and Bianca to dinner the next week. Vanessa left, and Frankie said she was fake, and it bugged her. Bianca thought Frankie was "wigging out" because Vanessa had invited them together and seemed cool about them being "together."

Bianca then looked at Frankie and said she didn't understand her -- sometimes Frankie seemed to be ashamed to be seen with her. Frankie denied that and said she just didn't want to be around Vanessa because "she's nuts." Frankie said she didn't want everyone to think she was like her Aunt Vanessa. Bianca said she knew who Frankie was and asked if she had any secrets she hadn't shared yet. Frankie thought back to a phone call she'd taken at the courthouse and felt guilty. She told Bianca she didn't have any secrets, and they left to change clothes.

Up in the ductwork, Leo crawled around and found a scared Greenlee. They stared into each other's eyes.

Inside the wedding hall, Brooke apologized to the soaked guests and thanked them all for attending. She then bade them goodnight, effectively clearing the room. Laura was furious with her for doing that, but Brooke said she should go home and get out of the wet clothes. Laura said Greenlee was trying to kill her and wondered if Brooke was on Greenlee's side. Laura started losing all control but stopped when Leo and Greenlee walked into the room. She ran up to Greenlee and screeched, "You colossal bitch," much to Brooke's horror.

Greenlee ignored Laura and looked around for David Hayward. Leo told Brooke and Laura that Greenlee had gone there, looking for David, because Roger Smythe was having a heart attack, and Greenlee needed him. He looked at Laura and said, "Greenlee told you this before you locked her up." Laura screamed that it was a lie and that Leo couldn't possibly believe Greenlee. However, Leo told her that he did indeed believe Greenlee.

David, Leo, and Greenlee left the room, and Laura went berserk, throwing her bouquet at their backs. Brooke got Laura to go up to the bride's dressing room and asked her to take off the gown. Laura very hatefully said she was not getting out of her dress -- "Not now, not ever!" Brooke said that Greenlee hadn't gone there to stop the wedding and that Leo had done that on his own. Laura was stunned to hear her mother say that, and Brooke went on to say that she believed Greenlee's story.

Brooke told Laura that she couldn't blame everything on Greenlee, but Laura yelled that she did blame it all on Greenlee. Laura said it was all Greenlee's fault, that Greenlee had turned everyone in Pine Valley against her, including her own mother. Brooke stood in confused silence as Laura continued her tirade, saying everyone in town thought of her as a porn queen and that she'd never deserved to "get out of the gutter." Laura sat down in front of the mirror and primped as she told Brooke that she would get Leo back, that he'd see he'd let her go "because all of you disgusting people turned on me." She said she would not let him go, "not now, not ever."

Brooke was appalled. She told her daughter to stay put; she was going downstairs for a moment. Brooke found Edmund and Susie and told them that Laura was "agitated." She looked around for Joe and sent Susie to check on Laura. Edmund asked if Laura was okay, and Brooke said she didn't think Laura was all right at all. She told Edmund how Laura had gone off on her and how she thought the whole world was about her. She said that years and years of rage had spewed out of Laura and that she should have listened to Edmund because he had predicted that.

Edmund comforted Brooke and took her in his arms. Across the room, Simone signaled Edmund. He sent Brooke to check on Laura then joined Simone. She told him she didn't have much to report, just that Mateo had shut down on her since his trip with Hayley and the baby. She thought that it was either because Mateo had decided to take down Proteus on his own or that he'd crossed to the other side.

Simone told Edmund that Mateo was "flashing cash and prizes" all over the place, and Edmund thought maybe it was just a cover. He told Simone about Anna and that he thought she was investigating Proteus on her own. Simone wondered if David could be Proteus and told Edmund that she'd seen Anna at SOS with David, Chris Stamp, and Roger Smythe.

When Brooke got back up to the bridal changing room, she found Susie all alone. Susie said Laura had sent her out for some water, and when she'd returned, Laura had been gone. Her wedding dress was lying in a heap.

Greenlee, David, and Leo arrived at Enchantment. Greenlee called out for her father, and when they entered her office, they found it empty. Greenlee wondered why Roger would ask for David. She said her father said he'd die if she called an ambulance and that the only person who could save him was David Hayward. Leo asked if David had been treating Roger, but David denied even knowing Greenlee's father.

Anna was standing in the doorway and heard David's deliberate lie. She remembered seeing David and Roger together at SOS. David turned and saw her standing there. Greenlee asked why her father would ask for David if they didn't know each other, and David said it was probably because of his reputation. David suggested that Roger had suffered a panic attack, felt better, and left on his own.

Greenlee didn't believe David's theory and was sure Roger had been having a heart attack. She said she was leaving to find him, and Leo said he was going with her. She asked if it was because he didn't believe her, and Leo said, "No, it's because I do believe you." They left, and David apologized to Anna for leaving her at the wedding. She confronted him about his lie and tried to get information about Roger. He told her to stay out of it.

Anna wondered if David had to find Roger before his daughter did and said she could help -- she had planted a tracking device on Roger. Leo and Greenlee returned and said they couldn't find her father. Greenlee was distraught, and Leo took her in his arms. Laura ran into the office and screamed at Greenlee, "Take your hands off my husband!" Leo looked angrily at Laura and told her to "get out of here now."

Thursday, November 15, 2001

Hayley rushed into the emergency room at the hospital, where Adam and Ryan were waiting for news on Liza's condition. When Hayley asked what was wrong, Ryan informed her that Adam might have killed Liza's unborn child. Adam explained to Hayley that Liza had stumbled and fallen down the stairs. Ryan and Adam argued over where to place the blame for Liza's accident when Hayley intervened and asked Ryan to leave. He refused, claiming the possibility that the baby Liza was carrying was his.

Pulling Hayley aside, Ryan revealed to her that if the baby was his, it could be a sign that his life was turning around. Liza experienced a painful contraction as the doctor attended to her. Soon after, a tearful Marian entered the waiting room. Liza had lost the baby. Adam wanted to rush in to comfort his wife, but Marian stopped him. Liza did not want to see Adam, but she was asking for Ryan.

When Ryan went into Liza's room, she told him how guilty she felt. She believed things could have ended differently if she hadn't kept her pregnancy a secret. Ryan requested a paternity test, and Liza agreed. The test was performed, and the doctor pronounced Ryan the father. An enraged Ryan attacked Adam for killing his baby.

At the Valley Inn, Erica demanded that Chris nail Frankie for trying to score drugs despite Chris's belief that Frankie was clean. Bianca entered, followed shortly thereafter by a worried Brooke, who was searching for Laura. Bianca explained to Erica that the wedding had been called off. Leo had finally seen the light and left Laura standing at the altar.

Frankie strolled into the Valley Inn, claiming to be looking for her missing purse. Frankie and Erica attempted a civilized conversation, but Erica sounded cold and distant. When Bianca asked what was wrong, Erica accused Frankie of being a drug addict. Bianca vigorously defended her friend, but Erica was persistent. Frankie stalked out. Bianca turned on Erica, furious that Erica, of all people, would attack someone for using drugs. As Erica and Bianca argued, Frankie searched through a drawer in her room. She found a gun.

Laura confronted Greenlee and Leo at the Enchantment office. She accused Greenlee of again using lies to ruin her life. Leo finally saw the truth. He believed Laura was the "real" liar. Greenlee brushed off Laura's accusations. At that point, she was only interested in finding, and tending to, her father.

Worried, Greenlee began to hyperventilate. David rushed for his medical bag, prepared to offer a sedative, when Jake intervened. Appraising the situation, Jake decided it was in Greenlee's best interest if she allowed him to take her to the hospital. There, she could have her injured wrist x-rayed and wait to see if Roger made an appearance at the emergency room.

Laura and Leo were left alone at Enchantment. She told Leo it felt as if her heart was being ripped out all over again. Leo apologized for hurting her. He went on to say how much Laura had changed. He wanted her the way she had been. Laura was sure they could still make it work, but Leo was through trying. He walked out, leaving Laura devastated.

Anna and David left to check the machine Anna was using to track Roger. Anna asked David what his relationship was with Roger. Before David could answer, the alarm on Anna's tracking machine began to beep. It displayed the information that Roger was somewhere in the hotel. David left to investigate while Anna continued to fiddle with her device. A few moments later, she lost the signal as somewhere in the hotel, a hammer was seen smashing the small tracking device. David returned to a suspicious Anna. She found it interesting that as soon as he was out of the room, the signal had disappeared.

Jake made a phone call to find out information on Roger's health, more specifically, if Roger had any heart problems. The doctor on the line told Jake he should check with Roger's current cardiologist, David Hayward.

At the hospital, Jake bandaged Greenlee's sprained wrist. She was worried about Roger and didn't know what to do or how to find him. While she waited, Greenlee wondered about Roger's motives. She wondered if he really cared for her or if he was just using her for access to Enchantment. Despite everything, Greenlee prayed for her father's safety. Leo arrived to check on Greenlee. He told her the wedding was off. As he started to explain why he'd called off his wedding, Jake arrived with a sad look on his face.

Friday, November 16, 2001

Ryan informed Hayley that Adam had caused Liza to fall and that Ryan might be the father of the baby in peril. Liza lost the child, and Liza hurt Adam when she chose to only see Ryan. Ryan insisted upon doing a paternity test, and the test confirmed that Ryan had fathered the unborn child.

Bianca confronted Erica about her behavior toward Frankie, and Erica blurted that Frankie was involved with drugs. Bianca defended Frankie, and Bianca promised to stand by Frankie's side if she did, in fact, have a drug addiction. At the same time, Frankie returned to her room and unpacked a gun.

Greenlee admitted to Jake that she feared Roger had ulterior motives for reconnecting with her, and Jake learned that Roger's old doctor had referred Roger to David.

Anna met with David at the Valley Inn, and she revealed that the tracking device she'd placed on Roger indicated that Roger was in the hotel. Chris made a mysterious call concerning Roger, and soon after, someone apparently smashed Roger's device, and Anna's signal disappeared.

Edmund and Simone confronted Mateo to find out what his intentions were toward Proteus. Mateo denied that he'd gotten caught up in the money given to him by the drug lord and demanded that he be allowed to take Proteus down by himself. Later, Mateo was clobbered over the head and taken to an undisclosed location. Mateo listened as Hayley called out to him for help.



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