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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 12, 2001 on GL
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Monday, November 12, 2001

Billy overhears Holly and Buzz discussing the details of their trip to Moon Lake. Billy approaches Buzz and tells him that he believes that Moon Lake is not Holly's speed. He thinks that she would enjoy Las Vegas. When he has convinced Buzz to change his plans, Billy tells Holly about Buzz's old gambling problems. Later, Buzz informs Holly that they will be going to Las Vegas instead of the lake. Holly refuses to accompany him and encourage his self-destructive behavior. After they discuss the situation, Holly and Billy realize that Billy was just trying to cause trouble for them. Harley and Rick desperately try to kindle some romance in their relationship. They kiss, but burst out laughing. When the baby interrupts their second attempt at passion, Harley suggest that they leave Springfield and head up to Moon Lake. At Spaulding, Gus, Phillip and Lorelei enter the White Room and find it completely empty. Phillip fires Gus. After, Phillip and Lorelei go to Towers. Edmund becomes jealous when he overhears them discussing plans to take a family trip. Meanwhile, Danny and Michelle make their getaway through the air vents at Spaulding. Gus hears noise in the vents and heads up into the maze of air ducts to track down Danny and Michelle. Gus finds a toy, but no Danny and Michelle. Later, Gus spots the couple at Company. He returns the toy Michelle left in the air ducts and vows to catch them in the act. Michelle tells Danny that although they didn't finish the job, she did copy all of the access codes to Spaulding's offshore accounts.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Tori's new look causes a stir in class. She accepts a lunch date with another student. She suggests Company. Ross calls her to his desk; he has something for her to do. He thinks better of it and tells her to have a good time. Blake comes to see Ross with plans of her own and hears about Tori's date.

Marah and Shane come home and find the portrait of Olivia (Regina). Shane recognizes the painting as the one he ruined when he spilled nail polish remover on it. They speculate that Reva is not over the earthquake and Noah leaving. Shane wants to stay at the house until Reva comes home from the hospital; Marah tells him he can't stay alone.

Catalina looks at the computer and Marah's story and realizes that she really did send it out across the internet. Buzz warns her that what goes around comes around, even in cyberspace. Back at the bar, Sam tells Buzz that he wants to write an expose on the mod just as Tony walks in and goes to Catalina's table. After apologizing to Cat for being angry with her for telling Sam that the mob was after him, he invites Sam to go outside.

At lunch, Mel confides in her mother that she has feelings for a certain man who is basically unavailable, has a child, is older than her and is her boss. Mom guesses it is Rick. She says Mel might want to talk to her Dad, he might be able to shine some light on how the doctor feels about the lady; Mel says no.

Tony tells Sam that Carlos wanted to put a hit out on him but he (Tony) got him to back down. They discuss the trouble Olivia is in and this being the reason Tony is sure that Sam will keep his mouth shut. Toni tells Sam that he cares about Catalina. Sam insists that Tony is still in love with Marah. When Tony leaves, Sam tells Catalina that she has Tony but it might blow up in her face. Cat says that Marah is not an issue anymore that she made sure of it.

Marah leaves Shane at home after she gets a promise from him that he will return to Josh's. Shane sees Marah's story on the internet. Marah arrives back at school to find a group of other students at a computer, laughing. She questions them about what they are laughing at. She asks to see the article on the internet that has them so amused and is shocked to see it is her story.

Tony returns to drive Catalina to class. Catalina returns in time to hear Marah ask aloud, "Who would do such a thing to me?"

Mel tells her dad she has a problem with work. She says she is obsessed with medicine and can't think about dating. Dad tells her not to worry that the right man will come along. When he leaves, her mom calls her a professional coward. Mom says why not explore a friendship with Rick, that he didn't have a romantic relationship with Harley and Mel should pursue a friendship with him and not wait. Mel admits she is afraid.

Ross and Blake play word games at Towers until Tori and her date show up.

Buzz orders a bushel basket of fresh manure to be delivered to Billy Lewis, personally. Holly thinks this is a dirty trick but Sam finds it quite amusing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Ross introduces Blake to Jeff, Tori's lunch date. Blake takes Tori aside and asks what could have changed her mind about going to Company for burgers. Jeff overhears and says it was his idea to come to Towers. Tori ogles Ross and then her and Jeff walk to their own table.

Marah tells the other students she did not send her 'Virgin Pride' story out on the internet. She turns to see Catalina looking guilty and says that she has a pretty good idea who did. Marah confronts Catalina and accuses her of putting the story on the internet. Catalina denies it but Marah says this is all about Tony. Marah and Cat argue and Cat lies about stealing the essay and sending it out on the web.

Richard and Cassie discuss Reva. Cassie is worried that Josh is keeping something from them, but Richard reassures her that if Reva were in any danger, Josh would tell them. Richard is leaving for Montreal and tells Cassie that he will miss her but she must stay to help her sister (Reva).

Reva awakes to find Felecia at her bedside. She is disoriented and asks where she is and how long she has been there. Felecia tells her she suffered a concussion and she has been at Cedars over night. Reva remembers Jack and wants to get to the portrait to go back to New Orleans and help him. Felecia stops her and Reva argues with Felecia; she tells her that she is not crazy. Felecia does not think that Reva is crazy but does not believe her. She says Reva is confusing the past and present. Felecia tells Reva that there is no such thing as time travel. Reva tells Felecia about Hannah Justice who was an ancestor of Felecia's and Felecia says that Reva could not know that. Felecia thinks that Reva has had a psychic connection with Hannah Justice but Reva says there was nothing psychic about it. She feels she is running out of time and must go if she is to save Jack. Felecia gives her a sedative and tells her that they will sort it all out. When she leaves the room, Reva gets out of bed to return to Jack

Josh shows Billy the portrait who is amazed at the likeness to Olivia. Josh now believes that Reva was trying to tell him something about Olivia. Josh tells Billy that the woman in the portrait is Regina who lived in the Civil War era. He mentions General Hudson and Billy remembers the General from history as Spoons Hudson, the beast of New Orleans. Billy finds General Hudson on the internet and learns that he was involved in corruption and treachery. They then notice that his daughter married a Spaulding and they see Alan Spaulding on the family tree.

Gus meets Holly outside Company and makes a remark about her leaving town with Buzz. Holly asks if he gets slapped often. Gus asks why Buzz and Holly tells him that Buzz has welcomed her into his life and it feels good. She then tells Gus that he should try it sometime. Gus agrees.

Ross and Blake make comments about Jeff and Tori and Ross pictures himself and Tori on their first date. Tori and Jeff watch as Blake kisses Ross and Tori's jealousy shows. Blake gets a phone call and has to go to work. Jeff has a family emergency which throws Ross and Tori together. Blake returns for her cell phone and finds Ross leaving with Tori. Blake is not at all happy.

Carmen enters Towers with Tony who doesn't seem to know why he is there. Carmen tells him they have a right to be there and he should get ready for the show. Tony asks, "What show?" Carmen tells Tony that soon the Santos name will command respect but Tony tells her to keep dreaming and then he leaves.

A young gentleman would like to interview Richard before he leaves but he will only do it if Cassie is with him. Cassie recalls that she did not bring anything to wear to do First Lady's duties. Richard, always thinking ahead, shows Cassie a closet full of clothes that he thought to bring for her. Richard is interviewed at Towers. Speaking of San Cristobel , Richard says that the heroes are those men and women who risk their lives searching for survivors, digging through rubble, working around the clock, donating medical care and supplies and volunteering. Carmen reveals to Richard and Cassie and the interviewer, that she made a large donation to help rebuild San Cristobel

Marah and Catalina continue to argue and Marah tells Cat that she knows she is lying. Marah says she is not ashamed, but proud, of what she wrote and gets a hand from the other students. Three boys plan for the downfall of Marah Lewis. They make bets on who will be the one to whom Marah will loose her virginity. Enter Ben Read. His wager is $5000 which, he says, bought him the right to go first.

Josh arrives at the hospital to find Reva gone.

Thursday, November 15, 2001

Buzz and Holly arrive at the cabin for their weekend getaway while Frank is holding down the fort at Company. Rick and Harley show up at the same cabin. Neither couple knows that the other couple is there. Buzz and Holly take a walk and Rick and Harley go upstairs to put the kids to bed.

Reva arrives at her house and finds the painting gone. Josh rushes in behind her. Reva becomes very distraught demanding that Josh tell her where the portrait is. Josh says he will give her the painting on the condition that she tells him everything.

Olivia tells Alan that Reva has an old civil war painting of her which doesn't surprise Alan. Alan says that Reva didn't find any evidence of corruption so they don't have anything to worry about, but Olivia thinks that Reva is a walking grenade. Olivia is afraid that Reva is going to find out about her and Alan; she believes that Reva is dangerous. Alan laughs it off. Olivia wants Alan to help her by using his influence to have Reva committed, preferably far, far away from Springfield and Josh. First, Alan wants to see the painting. Reva tells Josh the story of Jack and General Hudson. She tells him that she wanted to save Jack by bringing him back through the painting but it was too late. She believes he might still be alive and thinks there could still be time to save him. Josh has trouble believing her. He says he knows that Regina is a dead ringer for Olivia and General Hudson looks just like Alan but he wants to know what Jack looks like; he thinks he can guess. She admits to Josh that Jack looks like him.

Carmen has ideas and ways to help the people of San Cristobel. Richard makes it clear that he will only accept legitimate ideas. Carmen wouldn't have it any other way?? Richard tells her to feel free to make as many donations as she would like; he says they accept cheques that don't bounce and unmarked bills. When Carmen leaves, Richard tells Cassie that Carmen is buying her way into their world but she should not be underestimated. Richard and Cassie spend a romantic night together before he leaves for Montreal.

Beth meets Edmund at Company. Edmund asks if she is preparing for her trip and where are she and Phillip going? Beth doesn't know but thinks that Edmund is jealous. Phillip arrives and Beth tells Edmund that he is history.

Danny and Michelle have a meeting with Carlos at Company. Michelle tempts Carlos with the disk containing Spaulding's off-shore accounts but they want to meet with the man that Carlos gets his orders from. Carlos leaves to deliver their message to his boss. Danny and Michelle believe that Mr. Big (the Boss) will get caught with the disk and they will be out of that life of crime for good. Carlos tells Danny and Michelle the Boss is not interested in the disk only in the money. Danny says they have fulfilled their end of the bargain. Carlos hopes their passports are up to date and wishes them Bon Voyage.

With the kids in bed, Rick and Harley are ready to relax but the television doesn't work and they have no cards. As they are about to kiss, the baby cries and they both run to keep him from waking Zack up. Meanwhile, Buzz and Holly come in with wood for a fire. After admitting that they drive each other crazy, Buzz tells Holly he is certifiably nuts about her. They share a kiss, and then Holly excuses herself and leaves the room to get something. Buzz goes looking for candles, Rick comes downstairs and goes to the car for the diaper bag, Buzz comes back with candles, lights them and leaves the room again. Harley comes down and thinks Rick has set the candles out for them then goes upstairs to get a radio. Rick comes back in just as Harley comes down with the radio, Harley comments that this will be a night to remember. Harley goes upstairs with the diaper bag and Rick goes to lock the car doors. Buzz brings some fruit and cheese in and leaves again. Holly returns, sees the plate and takes a grape then drops it on the floor. She bends over to retrieve it and Rick comes in and leans over Holly thinking she is Harley. He becomes romantic; telling her he is going to make her very happy then comes face to face with Holly. Buzz enters the room at the same time as Harley and each couple is startled to see the other couple there. In unison they ask, "What are you doing here?"

Everyone is talking at once, and then Buzz takes Harley aside for a father, daughter talk. After Harley tells him that she is living with Rick, he repeats to her the old saying, "Why buy the cow when you can get milk for nothing." Buzz says they can't stay there and Rick comes up with a solution. Without hearing Rick's idea, Buzz insists that they leave.

Edmund hides in the trunk of Phillip's car. Phillip tells Beth they will be at the Canadian border in an hour and a half but stops at a cabin to call for help when an engine light comes on in the car. To Phillip's surprise, Rick answers the door when he knocks.

Cassie returns to her room to find that Will is burning up with a fever.

Josh and Reva argue. Reva does not want to tell him about the painting. Finally, Reva tells Josh that Alan and Olivia are having an affair; she says they are sleeping together behind his back. Alan and Olivia walk in at that moment.

Friday, November 16, 2001

Rick greets Phillip at the door of the cabin. When Harley comes to the door Phillip remarks that God does have a sense of humor. He is going to go somewhere else but Harley tells him that the next place is seven miles down the road. Rick calls to Beth to bring the kids in. Buzz is not happy with the situation.

Alonzo shows up at Cassie's door. Cassie says she is expecting the doctor because Will has a fever. She invites him in. Alonzo becomes upset and wants to get a doctor. As Cassie tries to calm Alonzo, he talks to Will. Will quiets at the sound of his voice but just when he thinks he is doing well, Will starts to cry again.

Reva asks what Alan and Olivia are doing in her house. Josh explains that he came to see if Reva was alright, then asks Olivia why she is there. Alan says they went to the hospital and found that Reva had gone home. They came to the house to talk business. Alan thought Reva would be resting and he and Josh could talk about the Harbor Project. Reva says that she was having a conversation with Josh, in great detail, about Olivia's partnership with Alan. Josh does not want to talk about it now so when Reva feels a bit weak, he takes her outside for some fresh air. Olivia is uncomfortable but Alan insists he see the painting. Reva is upset with Josh for not saying anything to Olivia and Alan. She still thinks that he doesn't believe her. She demands he call Billy and get the painting back but Josh says he can't do that.

Gus speaks to Mel at Company. He plays with a cigarette that he doesn't light and Mel tells him that she just quit. He asks why she quit and when she tells him it's because of extra stress, he guesses that it is guy trouble. Gus asks if the guy turned out to be a jerk and Mel admits that he is the most wonderful guy in the world.

Alan is very concerned about Reva and says he can help her. Josh says he thinks she is having a nervous breakdown and wants to hear anything that Alan has to say. Reva overhears this conversation and thinks he didn't believe a word she said. Alan suggests a hospital in Austria so Reva can get rest and Josh agrees that it might be best but says he will let him know what he decides. Josh and Olivia leave the house. Outside, Josh apologizes to Olivia for not being very supportive and says he wants to keep Alan a minor player. He tells her he is going to be very involved now. Still thinking that Josh does not believe her, Reva watches at the door as Olivia sends Josh off telling him she will meet him at home.

Harley and Beth\Lorelei discuss spending the night together and Beth says they should all try to get along. Phillip is on the phone looking for another place for them when Beth looks toward the door and sees Edmund looking back at her from the window. Lorelei goes outside and tells Edmund that he is there because he is jealous. Edmund assures her that their sole aim is to get Phillip's money. He says that the only reason Phillip is enchanted with her is because he thinks she is Beth. Lorelei says Edmund only cares about her because she looks like his precious, dead wife. According to Edmund, nothing could be further from the truth. Phillip calls to Beth and she goes inside. Buzz wants them to leave but Holly says that unless they can fix the car, they are all there for the night.

Beth suggests they play cards but the only ones to play are Phillip, Beth, Rick and Buzz and they are not playing for money. Beth will not say just what they are playing for. Rick tells Harley that Beth can not play poker. As they wait to see who will win the last hand, Buzz and Rick are no longer wearing shirts. Rick looses the hand and Phillip finds it very funny when Rick must also loose the last thing he has on, his boxers. Rick doesn't want to play anymore but Phillip will hear none of it and calls him a coward. With the game over, Rick and Harley share a laugh and a kiss.

Meanwhile, Gus and Mel have been sharing too. Mel decides it is time to go when she sees a doctor that she thinks is Rick and Gus catches it. They wish each other good luck with their romantic interests and Mel leaves. Gus figures out that Mel is interested in Rick Bauer. He believes that this is a stroke of luck for him. This makes Gus happy and he starts to sing, "Melissande and Rick sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. That frees up Harley for little old me."

Cassie wants Alonzo to talk to Will in hopes of calming him again. He tries to think of a fairy tale and suggests that Cassie is living a fairy tale. He then suggests they sing to Will but Cassie says she can't sing. Alonzo decides to sing a song that his father used to sing to him. As he sings, Will drifts off to sleep and Cassie says his singing is 'nice'. When Alonzo is leaving, Cassie invites him back in the morning for a cup of coffee. Alonzo tells her he doesn't want to be attached to anything. He goes to say good-bye to Will and notices that something isn't quite right. Cassie says that Will looks jaundiced. She calls to the nanny and says that Will is worse and she and Alonzo are taking him to the hospital.

Buzz tells Holly that this was not the way he planned on spending the night but she says there will be other nights. Rick and Harley just say good-night and Phillip tells Beth that she is being a good sport about everything. She gives him a little kiss and goes upstairs as Edmund looks on from outside the window.

Reva writes a very touching letter to Marah and Shane, explaining to them that she has to go away for a while. She hopes to return to them very soon. She writes that if she doesn't make it back she wants them to know how very, very much she loves them. She does not tell them that she is going to back in time to New Orleans.

Olivia meets Alan at Towers and tells him that she doesn't need him, that Josh has rethought his position on the Harbor Project. She leaves and Alan thinks aloud that she will always need him as Josh looks on.

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