All My Children Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on AMC

Greenlee let it slip to Ethan that Zach was his father. Ethan planned to leave town. JR flirted with Kendall. Paul threatened to implicate Babe if she revealed the truth about the babies. Babe told Jamie that Bess was really Miranda. Jamie suggested that he and Babe could kidnap Ace and run away together.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, October 18, 2004

At the Fusion Office, everyone wanted Greenlee to explain her remark about Zach being Alex Cambias, Jr. Greenlee didn't answer directly and Ethan finally asked her for the settlement she'd promised to get him out of town. Jonathan blew up. Ethan pressed for more information and Greenlee said it was only a mistake from honeymoon fatigue. Then she blurted out that Ryan told her not to tell. Simone offered to cut out her tongue.

Ryan and Kendall discussed Ethan and Kendall tried to convince Ryan that she is over revenge and not trying to hurt Ryan. She finally realized that he never hurt her, she was the one who hurt herself and after the shooting she realized she only wants him to live, even with Greenlee. Kendall further explained she'd been feeling rage over Miranda's death and ruining things with Ryan and that helping Ethan helps her get over it. Ryan urged her to proceed with caution. Kendall swore he has nothing to fear from her or Ethan and Ryan almost believed her.

They joined the others and Ethan asked him if Zach Slater is really his father. Ryan said it was only a theory and that he's doing a background check to find out. Ethan stormed out, Jonathan yelled at Greenlee, and Ryan warned him to back off. Greenlee apologized to Ryan for projectile blurting and he forgave her. He reminded her that they will be fine even if Ethan gets the Cambias fortune.

Ethan and Kendall tried to guess Zach's motives for keeping his identity a secret, if he is Alex, and why he's trying to get Ethan out of town.

Edmund confronted Maria about the earlier emergency and she only said she was happy to be home. He made a speech about love and trust and they made plans to be home alone for the evening. Their tryst was interrupted by shouting between Opal and Palmer, refereed by Bobby and Anita. Opal was beside herself with jealousy over Palmer keeping company with Leila Mainwater, who Opal called a gold-digger and fortune hunter. Palmer reminded her that her caboose has been on cinder blocks for years. Bobby tried to calm them down and Palmer brought up his failed investment scheme. Bobby covered and said he'd pulled out before it failed and promised Anita she could have the house of her dreams. Anita and Opal left to look at decorating plans, and Edmund warned Bobby not to lie to Anita again.

Anita suggested to Opal that she is jealous, but Opal insisted she's only trying to protect Petey's future. Opal started to read Anita's tarot cards and saw a promotion in her career, but trouble at the homefront. Bobby returned and Opal told Anita it was all roses and rainbows in the cards. Anita apologized to Bobby for thinking he'd lost the money and not believing in him and their future.

Zach went to Erica's to ask her to tell Edmund about seeing him hugging Maria at the Maria's marriage will be over and he can have her and live happily ever after in Pine Valley. Or, Erica can stay quiet and he may leave Pine Valley. Erica saw through his performance and told him Maria already promised to get him and Ethan to leave town to keep Erica quiet about she saw. Zach got defensive about Ethan and blamed Bianca and Kendall for keeping him in town. He warned Erica and her daughters to back off or he wouldn't be able to convince Ethan to leave town. Erica said she is practicing good parenting to get danger out of her daughter's lives and Zach asked if she did that because her father didn't do it for her. Things got tense as he reminded her of her time in Las Vegas and how the dead don't stay dead. Erica wondered if he meant her ghosts or his. He said both and that he understands going through life with a father with a heart of ice. She said he is like many other men who only want to use her pain to get what they want. She also warned him she never forgives or forgets. Ethan called Zach just then and said he was on his way to Erica's to see him. Zach vowed to get Ethan out of town and Erica warned him he'd better. Suddenly, Erica looked at Zach and said his off-hand charm, intensity and the way he'd come to town inadvertently following in someone else's footsteps made her realize he reeks of Michael Cambias. He said she needn't be afraid of him and asked for time alone with him. Erica told him to just get himself and Ethan out of her family's lives. Ethan and Kendall arrived.

Tuesday, October 19

Bianca freaks when JR tells her that Babe signed over custody of Bess to him and that he won't allow Bianca to see his daughter. Bianca tried to reason with JR, again recalling how they were children of powerful parents and how they had stolen their first beer together. The trip down memory lane was lost on JR.

Babe fills in Bianca about JR's blackmail attempt and then leaves to have it out with Paul Cramer. Adam promises he'll have Jamie locked up unless Tad tells him where Liza took Colby.

Krystal enlists Tad's help in finding the man that JR says Babe and Jamie tried to hire to kill him. David is also hot on the trail and expects to meet the homeless guy. But when he arrives on the scene, he instead finds a smug JR.

Stuart freezes out Adam, vowing not to talk with him until Babe and Bess are reunited.

Ethan gives Zach just enough space to admit that he is his father. But Zach refuses to tell him or anyone else for that matter whether or not he's Alexander Jr.

Wednesday, October 20

Bianca arrives at Kendall's distraught over what JR has done and asks for her help. Kendall is less than sympathetic and tells her no. Bianca is shocked at Kendall's reaction and realizes at that moment just how much animosity Kendall has for Babe. She asks her why and Kendall explains that ever since arriving in Pine Valley, Babe has shown herself to be nothing but a liar and a user. Bianca points out that Kendall doesn't have room to talk, that she too has been known to be guilty of doing both. Sensing there's more, Bianca pushes Kendall to tell her what is really behind her dislike of Babe. Kendall tries to explain that she's concerned for Bianca; her attachment to Bess and her involvement in Babe's life is unhealthy but Bianca won't be swayed. She tells Kendall that she is Bess's godmother and that she will not think badly of Babe, who also had saved her life. Kendall finally breaks down and confesses that the day of Bess's christening she, Ryan, Greenlee, David, and Tad believed that Bess could be Miranda. So much, in fact, that Tad had a DNA test done which later revealed that Bess was Babe's child. Bianca is stunned but won't be dissuaded. She points out to Kendall that her quest to help Ethan is no different then her own quest to help Bess. Realizing she isn't going to convince Bianca to drop it, Kendall relents and agrees to help but only on one condition. That Bianca talks to Zach and gets him to admit that he's really Alexander Cambias Jr, Ethan's father. Bianca is taken aback and asks Kendall where she had gotten such an idea -- and more importantly how she could try to strike such a bargain. Kendall tells her about Ryan's theory and then explains that while she loves Bianca, she could care less about Babe and her marital woes. Although she doesn't understand her sister's reasoning, Bianca agrees to Kendall's bargain. As she is leaving Bianca turns to Kendall and asks her what made her think that Bess could be Miranda that day of the christening. Kendall tells Bianca that she overheard Babe call her Miranda then goes on to tell her that Babe explained it by claiming Miranda was Bess's middle name and that she sometimes called her that.

JR and David argue about JR's latest scheme to cut Babe out of Bess's life and end his marriage in an out of the way shack somewhere in the woods. JR taunts David with his witness who will say Babe tried to hire a hit man to kill him. During the war of words, JR admits that this is personal for him. He has wanted to get David back ever since he became involved with his mother, Dixie. David at one point tells JR that he could end all of JR's smugness with just one fact but JR isn't intimidated.

Brooke is at Tad's house being filled in by him about everything that has transpired between JR, Babe, Adam and Jamie. She is livid when she learns that Adam is blackmailing Tad by having Jamie arrested if he does not disclose to him the whereabouts of Liza and Colby. Tad reassures her that he will not let anything happen to Jamie and is doing everything in his power to find the witness. Jamie comes in after being caught at the mansion by Adam rifling through the safe and being told that unless Tad gives him the information he wants, Adam will have Jamie and Babe thrown in jail. Jamie demands details of the video tape everyone is talking about. Tad tells him about the obviously edited tape that incriminates Babe and Jamie. Jamie decides to take action and picks up a tape recorder assuring his parents that he knows what he's doing and for them to trust him. They are unable to get him to share his plans with them before he leaves. Tad follows Jamie out the door after receiving a page from JR.

Tad arrives at the shack to find JR and David still at it. JR asks him to please explain the rules of conduct to David. Unless JR and Adam get what they want, Babe and Jamie will end up in jail. After JR leaves, Tad and David argue about the other's methods of helping their children out of the mess they are in. Tad tries once more to get David to reveal to him the secret he knows he's keeping but is unsuccessful. Soon afterward, they part ways.

Bianca arrives at Tad's house to ask him about the DNA tests.

Babe walks into Kevin Buchanan's campaign headquarters to find him there with Ace. She tells him about her husband filing for divorce and gaining full custody of her daughter but Kevin is too busy to give her more than token sympathy. He tells her that he'll get in touch with her later then leaves. Upset, Babe leaves as well and ends up at a Llanview nightclub where she runs into a half-drunk Paul Cramer. He tells her to leave and not return to Llanview but Babe, fed up with him and still distraught over everything else, snaps and tells him that she knows that he took her baby and gave him to his sister Kelly. Taking advantage of Paul's momentary silence, Babe forges on, telling him in vivid detail what she has pieced together regarding that night he stole her son. She then tells him that before he rots in hell, she'll make sure he tells everyone what he did and that everyone will know him for the monster that he is. Paul smiles and agrees. He weaves a story about Babe realizing her son had perished in the crash and insisting that he give her Bianca's child. Babe is further shocked when he tells her that everyone will believe him given her history of lies and deceit since arriving in Pine Valley. He goes on to tell her that he'll claim she blackmailed him by refusing the sign the annulment papers if he did not go along with her plan. Babe then points out the one flaw in his story: Ace. Paul smiles. He tells her that he'll just say that his sister Kelly found him in the woods and by the time they figured out who he was and went to Babe with the wonderful news that her son was alive she refused to take him back, claiming that JR had already bonded with Bess.

Babe realizes that Paul's clever lies would be easily believed by JR and Adam who already despise her. Beyond anger, Babe physically attacks Paul, threatening to kill him. Jamie arrives and pulls Paul off of a kicking and screaming Babe.

At Chandler Mansion, Kendall visits JR. She tells him that she's sorry for what he's been going through and that she thinks he's doing the right thing. She reassures him that she's his friend and will stand by his side. When JR questions her about Bianca, Kendall explains that while she loves her sister, she thinks that her attachment to Bess and Babe are unhealthy and that the best thing for Bianca right now is distance from Bess. JR is satisfied and they share a hug of friendship.

Upstairs in bed, Adam is woken when a hand is placed on his shoulder. Still half asleep, he grumbles for Mary to leave him alone. He is then startled when Brooke announces her presence... with a gun pointed right at him.

Thursday, October 21

Bianca goes to Tad's place to talk to him about the DNA test that he performed on MiraBess. In talking, they revisit how she took MiraBess from the hospital because every voice in her screamed that the baby was hers. She said that everyone but Tad thought that she was crazy.

She goes on to tell Tad that she had to let herself believe that the baby was hers at first. She feels that if she had accepted her child's death right away, she really would have gone crazy. Tad understands completely, as he let himself believe for a long time that Dixie and his child weren't dead. He said that there was no body - so therefore, there was no proof. He clung to the hope that one day she would just walk into the house, their baby in her arms, and they would laugh at the mistake that had been made.

Tad stops in the recounting of his story because he sees a look on Bianca's face. He can tell that there is something more that she needs to say. When asked, Bianca takes a moment to choose her words and then tells him that since the accident, she had let herself believe that Babe had mistakenly been given her daughter.

She goes on to tell Tad that if anyone else had done the DNA test but he and his father, she would probably still believe to this day that Miranda was alive. However, because she trusts them and believes that there wasn't an opportunity for anyone to tamper with the tests, she has to accept the fact that Miranda is really gone.

They wrap up their conversation, as Bianca says that she needs to go unpack. Tad mistakenly thinks that she moved again, but Bianca corrects him by saying that she has been living out of boxes since Miranda died. She realizes that now it is time to move on with her life - without her daughter. Tad offers up his son as someone who will help her get things settled in her new place, but Bianca thinks Jamie has enough on his mind. They agree, and she takes her leave.

At the Chandler mansion, Brooke holds a gun trained on Adam in his bedroom. Adam refuses to take her threats of shooting him seriously. He tells her that force isn't necessary to get his attention and invites her to join him between the sheets.

Downstairs in the living room, Kendall tells JR that she supports him in his decision to fight for sole custody of MiraBess. She tells him that she knows where he is coming from, and believes that the baby belongs with him. She tells him that if he needs someone to count on, he can call on her. He thought that Adam was his only ally but she tells him that if he needs a friend, she will be there. He asks about what would happen if he needed more than a friend.

Back in the bedroom, Brooke reminds Adam that she has killed a man before - but he returns the favor and says that she was acquitted of the charges. She admits the only reason she went free is because her actions were in defense of her child against a horrible man - and she is doing the same thing now. She demands that he hand over the disc that implicates Jamie in the murder plot against JR.

Back in the living room, Kendall turns JR down, and he manages to accept it with grace - for the moment. He reminds her about the crush he had on her a few years ago. She remembers that time, and she remembers the kiss. He tells her that he knew what he wanted then - and he knows what he wants now. He confesses that at the time, he found out that it was her birthday and he bought her two dozen yellow roses. She doesn't remember them and he explains that he never gave them to her. He had every intention of delivering them, but when he showed up at her apartment, he saw her through the window, kissing Aidan. He threw the flowers in the dumpster because he didn't think he stood a chance. Now, however, he doesn't think Aidan could hold a candle to him.

JR closes the physical gap between the two and Kendall gets more and more nervous. He tells her that she smells good and tries to lure her into being seduced. She tries to reject his advances but fails miserably, and gives into the kiss.

Meanwhile, Brooke's hostage session is interrupted by a phone call. Having just said goodbye to Bianca, Tad wanted to check up on her. She tries to tell him that it isn't a good time and leave it at that, but Tad is not so easily dismissed. She finally admits where she is and what she is doing, and abruptly ends the call. As she tucks her phone back in her purse, she tries to convince Adam to hurry up and hand over the disc.

Just then, Mary walks into the bedroom, seduction on her mind. When she turns around, she sees Brooke with the gun and freaks out. Adam tries to calm her down but Mary screeches that Brooke is planning to shoot him with the gun. Brooke, annoyed, quips that she is open to suggestions on who she should shoot. Adam, still amused, tells Mary that he has everything under control and that she should leave.

Just as JR asks Kendall if she is interested in how great they could be, Mary careens into the room and interrupts. JR tries to dismiss her, but she tells him about Brooke being upstairs pointing a gun at his father.

A few moments later, Tad, JR and Mary all burst into Adam's bedroom. Tad tries to tell JR to leave and to take Mary with him. Horrified at what he has walked in on, JR initially refuses to leave them alone with his father, who is facing down the gun barrel. Adam convinces his son that he will be all right, so JR reluctantly goes.

Once gone, Brooke returns to making demands for the DVD. Initially Adam toys with her, but he eventually acts as though he has no choice, and retrieves the disc from his dresser. Brooke starts to break it but Adam insists that either he or Tad do it, as she might hurt herself. Brooke wonders aloud why it's so easy. Tad chimes in that there are probably many copies of the disc. Adam confirms this and tells her that she could shoot up the house and still not find them all.

Brooke, enraged, tries to lunge at Adam so that she can throttle him. Tad manages to hold her back, as Adam looks on in glee. Adam then tells her that he could call the cops on her and have her tried for attempted murder - or she could help convince Tad to give up information on Liza and Colby. After not getting a response, Adam announces that he will find his daughter without the information - and that he will have Colby back, just like JR now has his own daughter.

Once Brooke and Tad return to Chez Martin, Brooke admits that the real reason she wanted the disc was not to destroy it - but to get a clear picture of the would-be hit man. Tad points out that Brooke has to worry about Mary because she saw Brooke pointing the gun at Adam. Brooke doesn't think it will be a problem to buy Mary off, but worries about what JR would say. Tad assures her that JR is not a credible witness. Just then, Tad becomes lost in thought.

After a few moments, Tad tells Brooke that there was something Bianca said earlier about Miranda that was nagging in his brain. He thinks that it is an important piece of the puzzle that they are putting together, but he doesn't quite know exactly what it is. Just then, the computer beeps - and it seems they have a match on the photo of Rod, the man supposedly paid off to kill JR.

Jamie finds Babe praying at the little chapel in the woods. Concerned about her, Jamie asks her to fill him in on what happened. Babe tells him that because of her choices, she is in over her head. She thinks that she has gone so far that even God won't forgive her.

Babe tells Jamie that she doesn't believe she will be able to convince Paul Kramer to tell the truth about his role in the baby switch. Jamie says that he wants to take care of Paul, and make him pay for all of his wrongdoings. Babe warns Jamie to stay out of it. She tells him that she has never stopped feeling bad that he went to jail for her, and ended up hurt. She doesn't want it to happen again.

She goes on to tell him that in addition to everything else, she has gotten him into more trouble. Jamie admits that he knows about the DVD that JR and Adam created to make it look like they hired a hit man.

Still sensing there is more that she has to confess - Jamie coaxes her on. She finally tells him that the worst of her sins is that she kept "Bess" from her real momma - Bess is actually Miranda, Bianca's daughter. A moment passes, and then Jamie tells her that he already knows.

Babe asks Jamie why he didn't tell her before that he knew the truth, and he tells her he had to make sure the pieces fit. He'd had such a hard time wrapping his head around everything that was going on, and he couldn't take the chance that he was wrong.

He asks her how she figured out that her baby was alive and being raised as Ace Buchanan. She told him that it was actually the chapel itself. She said that she came her to ask God and her baby for the strength to tell Bianca the truth and give up MiraBess. When she left, she took a wrong turn and ended up in Llanview. At first, she thought it was a horrible mistake - but then she ran into Kevin Buchanan and his baby boy.

After seeing him and getting to hold him, Babe knew in her heart that it was the baby she thought she lost. Jamie asks why, after she realized the truth, she still didn't say anything. She confessed that she really wanted to - and was set to run and tell Bianca immediately. What stopped her was trying to find a way to keep her son away from JR.

Jamie wants to know the whole story - and so Babe recounts how the most special day of her life, the birth of her first child, is merely fragments with jagged edges in her memory. She tells him that she remembers the storm and the flood and being stranded in the cabin. She knew that she needed to get help once Bianca went into labor and started losing a lot of blood. She remembers going for help and finding her way to David's cabin and making the fateful phone call.

She goes on to say that she did talk to Paul, and had hopes that he could come rescue them since he had the MediVac helicopter. Soon after he hung up on her, her own contractions started, so she needed to make her way back to the cabin.

After that, her memory gets spotty. She remembers being back at the cabin and Paul delivering her baby. After that, she doesn't remember anything until after she was at the hospital. She remembered thinking something was wrong when people told her that she had a beautiful baby girl - especially since the baby she was holding didn't look anything like the baby she thought she'd given birth to.

However, with JR beaming over the birth of his little girl - coupled with him telling her that her memory of having a boy must have been a dream - convinced her that the little girl was hers. Jamie questions when she started thinking that there really was something wrong. She tells him that it was because of his dad. She told her mom that Tad had done the DNA test, and Krystal became more upset than Babe thought she should be. Krystal took off, and Babe followed her undetected.

Krystal went to the crash site, and while Babe listened, Krystal admitted that she had tampered with the tests. Upon hearing that, a flood of memories that Babe had buried deep inside welled up and spilled over. She realized at that moment that she had to give the baby that she thought was hers back to Bianca - but then didn't.

Jamie asked why and Babe said that she was forced to choose between her husband and her best friend. She now realizes that she set up Bianca for a lifetime of pain for a marriage that was a joke and a man who didn't love her.

Jamie asks who tampered with the DNA tests, but with just a look, he knows it was Krystal. Babe is quick to take all the blame on herself - saying that Krystal did what she did to protect her daughter from the pain of losing her baby. Babe admits that she could have righted the wrong many times since then, but didn't - so therefore, the blame lies squarely on her shoulders.

Jamie tries to convince her that Paul Cramer should be blamed - but Babe says that she can't trust that Paul will admit to what really happened. She tells him that Paul has a story all planned that makes it seem that Babe couldn't accept the death of her child, so she stole Bianca's to remain a Chandler.

Babe says that she knows Jamie hates her, and that he wants to run and tell Bianca the real story immediately. But first, she wants to know if he will do her a favor. She asks him to keep the secret for a few more days so that she can figure out a way to keep her son safe from JR. She then realizes just how much she is asking for, and takes it back.

She tells him that she realizes he must hate her, and that she has no right to ask him for anything. Jamie corrects her and says that he doesn't hate her, but rather the things she has done. He says that he understands that she had her reasons. He knows that she will give Bianca her baby back - and believes that she is courageous for that.

Ethan shows up at Zach's condo and sees the lights on inside. Believing that Zach is home, he pounds furiously on the door. So consumed and preoccupied by his rage, he fails to notice that Zach is actually standing in the shadows watching him. After watching for a few moments, Zach slips away without tipping Ethan off.

Some time later, Kendall returns to her condo and finds a very drunk Ethan sitting outside of Zach's front door. She convinces him to come into her place so that she can sober him up, and prepare him to deal with the hangover he will most likely have the next morning.

Once inside, Ethan tells her about his theory: that Zach Slater really is Alexander Cambias Jr., but for some reason, doesn't want to admit to it, or claim Ethan as his son. Until Zach does that, Ethan is left hanging, as he has no other straws to grab that will prove his true identity.

Zach shows up at Bianca's apartment. She tells him that he looks really stressed and he agrees that he is. She asks if it has anything to do with the theory floating around about Zach being a Cambias.

Bianca tells Zach that Alexander Jr. didn't seem like the kind of person that would turn his back on his son - and since Zach hasn't claimed Ethan, he couldn't be Alex. She tells him that she learned a hard truth today - that she had been living in a fantasy world, and that she needed to face the truth, no matter how messy or painful. She tells him that whoever her really is, he needs to own up to it - and claim it. Zach promises that he will tell Ethan and everyone the truth tomorrow.

Back at her condo, Kendall says that without hard evidence, Ethan doesn't have anything to go on. She suggests that he sleep off what he drank. After they both sleep, she promises him that she will help him make everything right. Ethan questions her ability to do so when everything feels so wrong.

Later, after Zach is gone, Bianca unpacks a few things. As she does this, she suddenly hears a baby crying, and says Miranda's name. Tears well up in her eyes as she questions aloud why she can't let her little girl go.

Back in the Chandler mansion, JR is trying to comfort a crying MiraBess by rocking her and telling her that she is safe.

Jamie tries to soothe Babe's rattled nerves by saying that they would find a way to make everything work: Miranda would be given back to Bianca, and Babe would be able to keep her son far away from JR. Babe thinks that sounds wonderful, but she she believes she is all out of miracles. Jamie tells her that they will just have to kidnap Ace and run away with him.

Friday, October 22

Ethan, Kendall and Bianca all walk up to Greenlee and Ryan's front door of their home and knock. When Greenlee answers, Ethan quickly turns his head and Bianca and Kendall's mouths drop open. When Greenlee asks them what is wrong, Kendall informs her that she is naked! Greenlee quickly looks at herself and shuts the door. She changes into clothes and lets her guest's back in. She apologizes for her behavior and notes that she thought Ryan was at the door. Jonathan comes in and asks why Ethan and Kendall are there. Greenlee tells him that Zack asked to meet them at Ryan's house that morning. Bianca tells them that she thinks Zack is finally going to give them some answers. She pulls Jonathan aside and tells him that she knows he destroyed her shirt. Jonathan tries to apologize, but Bianca does not listen. She tells him she will not report him to the police because Ryan needs him and Maggie deeply cares for him, but he does not get a second chance with her. Ethan goes to see Greenlee on the porch and asks if she is well. Greenlee tells him that if Zack is Alex, then at least she will have her marriage and Ryan. When Ethan asks about the money she could lose, she tells him she does not care and is more focused on finding out who shot Ryan.

Ryan is in the sauna when Zack walks in. Zack questions Ryan about his Alexander Cambias theory. Ryan brings up Zack's behavior towards Ethan-being so caring and concerned for someone who isn't even related to him, or so he says. Zack tells him that it is not his business why he wants Ethan out of town. Ryan says that he will find the shooter who tried to kill him. Zack continues to say it was not him and that he is simply wasting his time accusing him. Ryan says that maybe he is scared for people to know whom he really is because of what happened to Michael. Zach tells him that his guests are waiting on him at Ryan's house

A cop accompanies Krystal into JR's living room. JR tells her that since someone aimed at gun at Adam, he has hired security. When Krystal tells him she has not heard from Babe since the previous evening. JR does not seem to care. He tells her he has no idea where she is and is happy that she is missing. AS JR taunts Krystal about Babe never seeing her child again, Krystal blurts out, "There is no way you going to get him." JR does not pick up and assumes that Babe has ran this scam on so many people, her mother must be losing track of the number of babies. JR informs Krystal that someone stole $10,000 from his safe and assumes it was Babe. Krystal tells him Babe did not steal the money, she did. JR asks that if she stole the money, why didn't she steal the jewels? She tells him she doesn't need his diamonds and when he accuses her of taking the money for Babe, she denies it. She just took it out of spite. Winifred brings Bess down to see JR and Krystal yearns to hold her, but JR will not let her.

Jamie and Babe are still at the church the next morning and Jamie continues to pressure Babe to stick to his plan. Babe refuses and tries to throw Jamie out, but as usual, he does not listen to her. He tells that Bess will be back with Bianca soon, but she deserves to have Ace back as well. Babe asks him how he can leave his family to help her? Jamie tells her that once they settle down somewhere he will find a way to contact them. He reminds her that he is her child's godfather, even if it is not Bess, and that he vowed to protect him or her. Babe reminds him he made that vow to Bess, not Ace. Jamie says it does not matter and that he won't let JR raise Ace. Jamie shows Babe a wad of hundred bills. Babe realizes Jamie stole the money or borrowed it from someone, but he does not confess that it is JR's money out of his safe. Babe tells him that David has a plan to get Paul to confess and Jamie retorts that JR still has that fake DVD to use against her. He tells her that JR will just think Ace is dead after they go through with their plan. Babe admits to Jamie that as much as she hates JR, she is not sure she could do that to him because she knows how it feels to think your child is dead. She adds that she has already put that burden on Bianca and is not sure she can ever say those words to JR. After some thought and realizing JR could win even with David's plan, she agrees to let JR think Ace is dead, but Bianca has to know the truth about Bess before they go.

Lily comes out of her room in another outrageous "hot girls" outfit and when Jackson tries to explain to her that she can not wear that at school, Lily gets confused. Before he can explain any further, Erica visits and sees that Lily still wears "hot girls" clothes. Erica pulls Lily aside and tells her that clothes are like an advertisement in a magazine. "What do these clothes say about you?" she asks Lily. "I'm hot," Lily responds. Erica tells her that hot can mean sexy, which might make people, think she is ready to do things such as touch, kiss or hug. Lily quickly says that everyone knows she does not like to do that. "But not everyone knows you," Erica says. Lily says she does not want people to think she is ready for those things and does not want to be that type of sexy. Lily changes into something more appropriate and thanks Erica before heading to school. Jackson thanks Erica as well and agrees to accompany her to the meeting Zack has set up at Ryan's home.

Greenlee greets Ryan when he gets home. Zack comes in shortly after and thanks everyone for coming. He says that the murder game at the casino was used to try to smoke something out, but it did not work. Instead, Ryan got shot and that was not in his plan. He says he knew Michael as a caring, compassionate man who was not capable of the things people have said. Erica lashes out at Zack and tells him Michael was a rapist. Zack says he knows that now and has accepted the truth. He tells Bianca that he left Michael when he was younger to begin anew life. He admits that he didn't want to think it was true because Michael was his brother when he was Alexander Cambias Jr. Ethan asks him if he is his son.



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