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Katherine paid Alistair a visit at the hospital in order to finish what she had started, but Sam rearrested her. Martin threatened to expose the secret of the gazebo, while Alistair offered Martin a deal that would allow him to reunite with Pilar and his children. After much emotional debate, Martin and Katherine began to come clean to their loved ones. Gwen's health took a turn for the worse as she worried about what Theresa would do. Pilar and Ethan pulled Theresa in different directions. Theresa stunned Ethan when she urged him to give in to his true feelings and return to her. Ivy grilled Whitney about her feelings for her son.
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Passions Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on PS
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Monday, October 18, 2004

Sam comes to the cottage to re-arrest "Mrs. Wheeler." "Mr. Wheeler" warns her to run away. Sheridan wants to bribe the judge to let Mrs. Wheeler's bail stand, but her assets have been frozen and she has no money. Sheridan, Luis and Sam agree that there is probably something more to Mrs. Wheeler that she is not telling them. While they are talking, Mrs. Wheeler disappears. Sam puts out an APB on her.

Katherine runs away to the hospital, where she meets up with Alistair. She offers to go back to Alistair and be his "trophy wife" if he swears to leave Sheridan, Luis and Martin alone. He refuses. Katherine says that she was more than just a trophy wife—she knows where every body is buried, literally. Picking up a syringe, Katherine tells Alistair that one bubble injected into his I.V. could travel to his heart and kill him. Sheridan walks into the room just as Katherine is going to inject air into the IV.

Fox turns to Ivy for help getting back his job and his home. He confronts her about what a bad mother she was to he and his sisters, and Ivy says she loves him and tells him that she punished Fox and his sisters for being Julian's children. When she apologizes, Fox tells her that in this case, sorry just isn't enough. She offers to let Fox live with her and Sam, and assures Fox that she will make Julian give Fox back everything.

Eve tells Gwen, Ethan, Theresa, Paloma and Pilar that Theresa and the babies are in grave danger, and there is no way that Theresa will carry both twins to term. She says the situation is hopeless. Gwen collapses, grief-stricken, and says if the twins are going to die then she may as well die too. Theresa says that maybe she was wrong to use the twins as leverage to get Little Ethan back, but she can't lose both the twins and Little Ethan—without her son, she has nothing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Fox and Whitney are talking at the Bennett's. Whitney is still blaming herself for everything that's happened even though Fox continues to tell her it's not her fault. Whitney tells him that she's cost him everything; Fox tells her he still has her and he won't let Chad take from him what's his. They go on talking about the house. Whitney remembers how much time they spent together over the years and now her parents and Grace and Sam aren't together anymore. Fox tells her that the important thing is that they are together and she agrees. Whitney tells him that almost everyone who was there less than a year ago is gone. Fox thinks about the people living at the mansion who aren't even Cranes and tells her Chad will probably move in soon, and into his room.

Whitney says that the Crane mansion really isn't Chad's style but Fox reminds her that neither was taking his job. Whitney says nothing can change the past and if Julian and Eve get married then they'll be step-brother/sister. Fox tells her they still won't be blood relation and he'll still love her. A bit later they are sitting outside in the backyard and they talk about the future. Fox says he loves kids and he'll love any kids they'd have. Whitney kisses him and tells him things are going to work out.

At the cottage, Luis is saying that Alistair better not be responsible for Sheridan's disappearance. Sam says that he doesn't think Alistair has anything to do with it. They decide to go looking for Sheridan and Mrs. Wheeler; Martin, who Luis says he trusts goes along as well. While searching the grounds Martin has a flashback when he gets to the gazebo. In the flashback Martin is saying that he's sorry about what he's done. A younger Alistair shows up and says the gazebo will hold up under any nor'easter. Martin tells him that he hopes so given what's buried beneath it. He tells Alistair he feels bad about what they've done but Alistair tells him there's no use feeling guilty and to get over it. Sam and Luis show up and Martin tells them he hasn't found his wife or Sheridan. Luis questions as to why they'd be at the gazebo. Martin says he just found it and was looking. Luis tells him his father built it and was proud of it; Martin says he did a good job. Sam gets a phone call from Alistair about Mrs. Wheeler.

Back at the hospital Eve tells Gwen, Ethan, Theresa and Pilar that there is a chance to save one of the babies by removing the other. Theresa is against it and tells her that she won't let her. Eve tries to call her down but Theresa persists saying that she won't do it. Gwen tries to convince Theresa that she has to do it; she says they're her babies and it's her decision. Theresa continues to say no. Gwen says that one of the babies can be saved, doesn't she want that? Theresa says no, not if it means the other one has to die. Ethan asks her to please do this for them, it might be the only way he and Gwen can have a baby. Gwen says they're not Theresa's babies, they're hers. Meanwhile, Ethan flashes back to making love with Theresa. Theresa tells them that she is Catholic and if God wants her to have these children then it's God's choice. Gwen asks Ethan if the courts can force Theresa to do this but Ethan says they won't interfere this far into her pregnancy. Gwen goes to talk to Eve who tells her that she's sure only one baby can survive, and that's only if they remove the second. Pilar tells Theresa that it is God's choice. Theresa says the babies are hers and Gwen doesn't have a say in the matter. She goes on to say that she'd rather that God have the babies before she gives them up to Gwen. Ethan comes back to Theresa and again tries to convince her to save one of the babies. Gwen ends up sobbing and begging Theresa to do it, telling her that she can have other children and this might be their only chance.

Meanwhile, Ivy shows up to talk to Julian about Fox. She's upset that he threw Fox out in the street and disowned him; she thought he had changed. Julian tells her that she gave all her attention to Ethan so she doesn't have a right to throw around accusations. Ivy tells him she's trying to make up for lost time and wants Fox to have his place back in the business. Julian refuses saying that Fox had taken Whitney from Chad. Ivy asks him if he's lost his mind because Chad and Whitney are brother and sister. She went on to say that Fox told her he had loved Whitney for a long time but he didn't act on it until after Chad and Whitney were no longer together. Julian says that Chad was devastated nonetheless and Fox's actions were selfish. They argue for a while longer and Julian says that he is trying to do what's right for his children and Fox needs to learn a lesson. Ivy tells him she never went after him during the divorce because of the guilt she felt after lying about Ethan. She goes on to say that she gave him his children and put up with his cheating during their marriage and he threw her out on the street. Julian says that that was Theresa's doing, not his. Ivy says she had no place to go, and was in a wheelchair, she could take him to court for what he'd done to her. Julian points out that she's living in sin with Sam and doesn't think that the court will care. Ivy tells him she's not talking about court; she's talking about public opinion and threatens to go to the tabloids. Julian scoffs and tells her that everybody already knows about Eve. She tells him that she was referring to his dirty business dealings, his sex games, and that he'd left Eve when he found out she was pregnant and let their child grow up in poverty. Julian tells her she can't do that because he's changed now. Ivy tells him she has too and that she'll fight for what she wants and what she wants is to have Fox reinstated. Julian again refuses and she tells him he's a fool.

Meanwhile, Katherine is preparing to kill Alistair when Sheridan shows up and sees what's going on. Alistair asks Sheridan to do something, he is her father. Katherine says that Alistair deserves to die for everything he's done to her, Sheridan and Luis. Sheridan tells Katherine to stop because she'll be throwing her life away. Katherine tells her it would be worth it, but Sheridan says that Alistair's life isn't worth risking hers. She goes on to say that Alistair is evil and doesn't know how her mother could have married a man like him, her mother was a saint. Alistair suggests that maybe Sheridan was wrong about her mother being a saint. Katherine interjects that Alistair may have lied to her mother about loving her and changed after they were married. She goes on and says that maybe Alistair only loved her mother's sister and her mother was his second choice; that he made sure to remind her of that after they were married. Sheridan asks her if she knew her mother that she knows all of this. Alistair says that the truth will come out in the end. Katherine tells Sheridan that she was right, that her life isn't worth losing over Alistair. Sheridan asks her again if she knew her mother and Katherine tells her that she had read about her and sympathized with her for having to deal with such a monster. Alistair says she's the monster and tells Sheridan to call the police. Sheridan tells him that no harm was done to him and Alistair calls Sam himself. He tells Sam that Mrs. Wheeler is there and she'd tried to kill him again. Sam shows up with Martin and Luis and Alistair tells them what happened. Sam tells Katherine that he's revoking her bail and has to charge her with this as well. Sheridan asks Luis to do something; Mrs. Wheeler didn't try to kill Alistair. Everybody leaves the room except Martin who stays behind. He tells Alistair that they're going to have a chat; drop the charges or he'll go to the police with what is buried under the gazebo. Alistair tells him if he goes down, Martin goes down with him. Martin tells him that might be true, but he'll go down harder because he was the one who masterminded the whole thing and he'd love to see him rot in jail.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Martin is telling Alistair that he'll tell everyone what's buried under the gazebo if he refuses to drop the charges against Katherine. Alistair says he won't because it will not only ruin him but Martin as well. Martin thinks it would be worth it see him rot in jail. Alistair tells him to think about how it would destroy his family, after he'd already caused them so much pain by running away. Martin tells him he didn't have a choice; Alistair tells him he always has choice, and he has a choice now. Alistair tells Martin that if he tells his secret Luis and Sheridan's relationship will be over, the one thing he has failed to do. Martin says he's trying to save Katherine and he hopes his family will forgive him. He tells Alistair again to drop the charges against her or he'll call Sam and tell him to start digging. Martin picks up the phone to call the police and Alistair laughs, he tells him he'll give him his family back, but not through blackmail. Alistair goes on to tell him that he can make it such that Martin had been kidnapped and held against his will and escaped to come home. Martin asks him what he wants, Alistair tells him Katherine. Martin says he won't abandon her and Alistair asks him why not, it's what he does best. Alistair apologizes and tells him his wife won't go to jail and Martin will get his family back.

Meanwhile, Sam has handcuffed Katherine and Luis and Sheridan are telling her they'll do whatever they can to get her out of jail. Sam doesn't think she'll be allowed bail after trying to kill Alistair a second time. Sam goes to leave with Katherine; Sheridan says she still has so many questions for her. Sam says he has questions for her too and they leave. Sheridan and Luis talk about Sheridan's connection to Mrs. Wheeler and wonder why she is trying so hard to protect them. Sheridan says she's going to go visit her and maybe she can find out why she's trying to kill Alistair and why they have this connection with each other.

Gwen is continuing to beg Theresa to save one of the babies. She tells Theresa she's already a mother and not to take her chance away from her. Luis and Sheridan show up and get caught up on what's happening with the babies. Gwen continues to try to persuade Theresa and Ethan asks Theresa if she knows what she's going to do yet. Theresa says yes, she does. She tells Gwen and Ethan that she has to speak with her family and try to figure everything out. Gwen tells her that time is important and these are their babies. Theresa says she knows and Pilar adds that Theresa's soul is also on the line. Luis asks Gwen and Ethan to leave to give them some time. Gwen says that Theresa hasn't heard them out, but Ethan says she has and they should go. They leave and Theresa asks the others what she should do. Luis tells her to calm down first. Theresa wonders if she should do what Gwen and Ethan want. Pilar tells her she can't, the church says to value all life. Theresa says if she doesn't do it the babies will die and that's not valuing life. Luis tells her she has a hard decision to make and that she probably feels a bond with the babies even though they aren't hers. Pilar again tells her that it's God's choice whether or not to take the babies. Theresa worries about which baby they decide to remove, what if that baby would have found the cure for cancer or something (*rolls eyes*). As they talk, Sheridan tells Luis that she's going to see Mrs. Wheeler, he tells her to be careful and she says she will be. Theresa asks Luis what he thinks she should do, he says it's her decision but he'll stand behind whatever she decides. Theresa tells him he's always stood behind her even though it's where their father should be. She goes on to say that their father left because he didn't love them. Luis tells her that there's a place reserved in hell for men like their father who left their families behind. They both agree that they hate their father and never want to see him again despite Pilar saying that he wouldn't have left if he didn't have to.

In the halls of the hospital Gwen is telling Ethan that if she loses the babies she won't make it through it. Ethan tells her that Theresa will make the right decision after she's had time to think about it. Gwen continues to persist that the babies are hers and not Theresa's. They keep arguing and Ethan tells her she needs to calm down. Gwen says how can she be calm when her future is in Theresa's hands. She starts to cry again and doubles over in the hall. Ethan calls for a nurse to help them.

Sam brings Katherine to the jail and she is jeered at by the other female inmates. One of them tells Katherine not to mind them and to do what she can to get her own private cell. The woman tells her she is testifying against her old cellmate but tells Katherine not to worry, she likes men. She asks Katherine why she's there and Katherine tells her that she tried to kill Alistair. The woman is surprised and asked her what Alistair did to her. Katherine tells her that she did it to protect her daughter. The other woman tells Katherine she killed her husband for messing around with her daughter. Katherine says she's a failure because Alistair is still here. They talk for a while longer about how the woman's daughter hated her and refused to visit her now because her mother had killed her father. She tells Katherine not to let that happen with her and her daughter. Sheridan shows up and Sam tells her that Alistair is trying to make sure Katherine stays in jail for the rest of her life. He then asks Katherine why she tried to kill Alistair and if there was a connection between them. Katherine says she doesn't have anything to tell him because Alistair hasn't done anything to her. Sheridan brings Katherine some things and Katherine thanks her and asks her what she really wants. Sheridan tells her that they are connected and Katherine knows what it is, and she wants to know what it is. Katherine remembers her conversation with the other woman and agrees to tell Sheridan.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ivy admits to Fox and Whitney that she wasn't able to convince Julian to take back Fox, but she swears that she will do whatever it takes to change his mind. Ivy talks to Whitney, saying that maybe she ought to get to know Whitney better. She asks Whitney what is going on, and why she "has" to be with Fox. Whitney insists that it wasn't like she and Fox became a couple overnight, and that she's in with Fox for the long haul.

Alistair offers to make everyone believe that he stopped Martin from returning to Harmony for all these years in exchange for Katherine back. Martin fantasizes about his family welcoming him back while Alistair scoffs that Katherine never loved Martin.

Luis and Theresa tell Pilar that Martin had better not show his face around them again. Luis tells Pilar that Martin wasn't there for any of the important moments in their lives. Theresa says that she doesn't want any advice on her pregnancy from her father. Pilar refuses to argue with her children about Martin and tells Theresa to think about what the Church says about unborn babies before she walks away.

Pilar and "Mr. Wheeler" meet on the roof of the hospital and have a heart-to-heart talk about Martin leaving his family. Pilar says that their lives would have been so different if Martin was there, but she can't give up hope, and she would give anything to have Martin with her again. Mr. Wheeler asks her to send Luis to talk to him, and decides that he has to tell Luis the truth. Luis overhears Mr. Wheeler talking to himself about leaving his family.

Gwen collapses, causing Ethan to fear that he will lose both of his babies and his wife. When she comes to, she makes Ethan promise her that he will convince Theresa to have the procedure done to save one of their babies. Ethan speaks with Theresa about it, and begs her to have the procedure done. Theresa says that even though they don't know who the babies' mother is, she feels that the twins are her children, and Gwen has no say in the fate of her babies.

Sheridan insists that "Mrs. Wheeler" tell her why she feels such a connection to her. Mrs. Wheeler fantasizes about telling Sheridan who she really is, and finally admits that she is not who she says she is.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Ivy asks Whitney why she has to be with Fox so soon after breaking up with Chad. Fox replies, "why wait?" Ivy continues to suspect that Whitney is hiding something, and Whitney imagines that Ivy discovers Whitney is pregnant.

Theresa asks Ethan how he can ask her to kill their baby. Ethan tells her there is no way he can choose between the twins. Theresa begs him to follow his heart and come back to her, saying that she can give him the family he always wanted. He admits that if he hadn't gotten Gwen pregnant, he and Theresa would be happily married. Theresa tells him to leave Gwen, and he says he can't.

"Mrs. Wheeler" admits to Sheridan that she has lied to her, and that she really has known Alistair for years. She tells a shocked Sheridan that she could kill Alistair with her bare hands for all the pain he has caused so many innocent people. Sheridan wants to know what he did to her. Mrs. Wheeler says that she knew Sheridan's mother well.

"Mr. Wheeler" tells Luis that it's time Luis knew the truth about him. He says that he lived in Harmony years ago, worked for Alistair and knew Katherine and Martin well. Luis demands that Mr. Wheeler tell Luis what Martin was like, and Mr. Wheeler tells him that Martin was taken advantage of by Alistair.

Eve tells Gwen again that the only way to save one of the twins is to sacrifice the other. Gwen prays that Ethan is able to change Theresa's mind and make her have the procedure done. She has a nightmare that Theresa gives birth to stillborn babies.

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