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Maria left Pine Valley. Greenlee refused to abandon her plan to have Ryan's baby. Tad wanted Krystal to marry him. Babe had an interesting proposition for Adam.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 27, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, June27, 2005

Greenlee is horrified to discover where Ryan has been going at night. She starts yelling Ryan's name. Ryan looks over at his wife long enough to get knocked down by his opponent. When his attention returns to the fight his opponent has taken on the appearance of Patrick Lavery. Ryan continues to fight while his wife looks on. Ryan finally knocks the other man to the ground but continues attacking him. Seeing that Ryan is not going to stop Greenlee tries to run out to him but Zach and Ethan hold her back. The club owners pull a crazed Ryan off of the beaten man while he struggles to get away from them to continue the fight. The couples all go their separate ways when they leave the club.

At home Ryan painfully lowers himself to the floor by the bed while Greenlee gets the first aid kit. She tries to tend to Ryan's injuries but he pushes her away. Getting angry with him Greenlee asks Ryan why he has been going to the club. Ryan tells her that the first rule of the fight club is not to discuss it with someone who couldn't possibly understand. Greenlee accuses Ryan of trying to kill himself. Ryan tells Greenlee that he is trying to protect her. He says that going to the club to get out his anger makes it safe for him to be around her. Greenlee doesn't believe that Ryan would hurt her and still thinks a baby would cure his self hate.

Zach pours Kendall and himself a drink while she tries to come to grips with what she just witnessed at the fight club. Realizing how violent Ryan has become she tells Zach Greenlee's determination to have Ryan's child. Zach replies that Ryan and Greenlee are two consenting adults. She tells him that only one of the couple is actually consenting. Kendall tells Zach about Ryan's vasectomy and Greenlee's theft of Ryan's sperm from the fertility clinic. She asks for Zach's advice. Zach tells Kendall that it is a risk. That he knows what it is like to have an unplanned child. He says that some men should not be fathers. Zach warns Kendall to convince Greenlee not to get pregnant before it is too late.

Jamie is fixing car parts in the apartment when Amanda walks in. Learning that Babe got called in to work Amanda starts flirting with Jamie. He asks her why she has been acting the way she has. She tells him that if she told him she would have nowhere to live. Jamie then honks the car horn on the table calling it his BS meter. After stressing to Amanda how devoted he is to Babe Jamie agrees to let Amanda stay until she can find a place of her own as long as she behaves herself. She promises to behave and they then head to the bar to see Babe.

At the bar Simone asks Ethan what it is like to be in a physical fight. Babe enters the bar to find Josh Madden playing bartender. After he stops a bar patron from looking down Babe's shirt he introduces himself as Erica Kane's new producer causing Babe to spit soda all over him in disbelief. After convincing Babe that he really is Erica's producer Babe apologizes for spitting soda on him. Josh, flirting outrageously, tries to sell Babe on the idea of doing one of Erica's shows at the bar. While he is hitting on Babe Jamie and Amanda arrive. Babe promptly introduces Jamie as her fiancé and Amanda as her best friend. Babe tries a little matchmaking telling Amanda to keep Josh company. Amanda then encourages Josh's interest in Babe telling him that Babe and Jamie's relationship is not as happy as they act like it is.

Erica walks in on Jack and Reggie screaming at each other both freaked out because Lily is late getting home from her date with Sam. Erica informs them that she just almost tripped over an alien in the parking garage. Jack says that is the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard. Erica says the way Jack is acting is the most ridiculous thing she ever heard trying to get him to calm down a little. "It's about time you brought our daughter home" Jack says when Sam and Lily finally get home. He starts grilling them with questions when Erica asks the former DA if the juvenile defendants were going to have the chance to plead their case. Lily explains how the bus they were waiting for never showed up and neither did the taxi that they called so they had to take a different bus which made them get home late. Assured that everything is OK Sam leaves for home. Erica informs Lily of the tradition that a girl has to tell her mom all about her first date. Lily provides a detailed account of the date including how she missed some parts of the movie because she and Sam were practicing their kissing. As Lily goes to get ready for bed Erica promises Jack that he will survive Lily dating and that Lily will survive having them for parents. Lily then comes back in the room and asks her parents what second base is.

Tuesday, June28, 2005

Zach, visibly irritated with the world around him, saw Myrtle in the casino. She told him she wanted to talk to him, but he said that he was to busy at the moment. Myrtle told him she knew why he was in such a bad mood and then reminded him that Maria was leaving today. He told her that the situation with Maria and he was just bad timing, but it hurt like hell. He told Myrtle that it was time to let go of Maria, and Myrtle told him the only way to do that was to go and tell her goodbye.

Maria, bags packed and ready to go, remembered the good times at Wildwind. Aidan came to wish Maria and Anita well in California. Maria, with tears in her eyes, took one last look and closed the door. At the airport, Joe, Brooke and Tad reassured Maria that they would take good care of Sam. Brooke and Maria said they would miss each other, and sealed it with a hug. Maria gave Sam last minute motherly instructions and told him goodbye. She looked back one last time and there stood Zach. Maria smiled at him and then boarded the plane.

Babe and Jamie went to J.R.'s for little Adam's visitation. J.R. told them that he had to put up with Babe, but Jamie had to go. Di told him that she invited Jamie, but he told Jamie to leave again. She reminded J.R. that they were brothers, but he didn't seem to care. Jamie told Di that Dixie would never have hurt Tad the way she had. She continued to insist that Jamie and J.R. sit down and work out their differences, but they both said no. Di told J.R. that he wasn't like his father, he was worse. Di told J.R. that she couldn't watch hate suck the life out of him and that she was leaving. J.R. told Di that he wanted her to stay and she told him she would stay if he was willing to fix his family.

David asked Krystal what she intended to do about Di. As Krystal scrubbed the prison floor, she thought of all the good things that could happen she went with David's plan. She fantasized of a future where she was freed from prison and everyone acted like one big happy family.

Greenlee continued to defend Ryan even after seeing him get beaten to a pulp in the fight club. Kendall told her that there was no way she could have a baby with Ryan, but Greenlee pulled an ovulation predictor out of her purse. She took the test and explained to Kendall and Simone that as soon as he knows about the baby, all will be well. The test was positive. Kendall kept trying to convince Greenlee not to go through with her plans, but Greenlee assured her that she could change him. Kendall begged her to think of the bad things that could go along with her getting pregnant, but Greenlee's mind was made up.

Ryan paid David a visit and asked for help. Ryan confessed to David that he was in a fight club and asked him to give him a drug to kill the rage. David told him to go to a shrink and get meds, but Ryan told him that he couldn't do that. Ryan told him that he didn't want to go back to the fight club, but he had too much rage. David said that it would have been best if he had blown up in the cave with the rest of his brothers. He told David that Greenlee followed him to the fight club and David wanted to know when he was going to stop ruining her life. David then said that her answer to Ryan's problems couldn't save him, that nothing could save him. Ryan wanted to know what Greenlee's solution was, but David didn't tell him about the insemination. Ryan again told David that he wanted to stop fighting for Greenlee's sake and that he would do anything to make things right. David told him that he could make a drug, but that there was no guarantee it would work. Ryan went to Fusion to see Greenlee and saw the ovulation predictor test on her desk.

Wednesday, June29, 2005

Kendall doesn't tell Ryan the truth about Greenlee's plans to become pregnant with his child. David refuses to help Greenlee have Ryan's baby. Greenlee is encouraged when David tells her Ryan asked him to develop a drug that would control his rage. Greenlee wants David to give Ryan a placebo instead of drugs. After listening to Greenlee's impassioned plea, David performs the procedure. Simone puts her foot in her mouth in front of Ethan while lying for Greenlee. Ethan and Simone grow closer. Tad tells Krystal that he and Dixie don't have a future together. Krystal is stunned when Tad proposes to her. Palmer, Opal, Ruth and Joe arrive at the Chandler mansion to see Dixie. Di forces everyone to face facts. Di tries to convince JR not to repeat the mistakes she and Adam made. JR invites everyone, including Jamie and Babe, to a Fourth of July picnic. Krystal tells Babe the truth about Di. Stuart questions Adam about Di.

Thursday, June30, 2005

Aidan finds Lily reading a book about baseball in the park, attempting to understand what Sam meant about "going to second base." As Lily tries to explain what she's figured out so far, they gather her things and take a walk over to the boat house. Aidan gently breaks it to her that Sam's reference to second base had nothing to do with baseball. When he falters trying to explain what it really means, Lily figures out that it has something to do with sex. Aidan is slightly taken aback at Lily's perceptiveness, but she simply tells him that she recognized his uneasiness as something her father displays when discussing the same thing. With that barrier down, Aidan informs her that while second base isn't sex, it's definitely the next level towards it.

Amanda shows up at the Chandler estate, asking for cash from JR. He offers her a single dollar, and she seems offended. He then tells her that it's severance pay, and that she is fired. She thinks he is kidding, but he squashes that hope rather quickly. He tells her that he is done paying her a ton of money for her to sit around and do nothing. Filled with indignation, Amanda claims that all she needs is a little more time to get the desired effect. She also believes that because she made the sacrifice to move into Jamie and Babe's place to get right between them, JR owes her. She asks for an additional month, maximum 6 weeks, to pry the lovebirds apart. JR then drops a bombshell and says that he has more of a mind to let them stay together and fall apart over time because of their own shortcomings. Shocked, Amanda thinks that there is something wrong with JR, but then a light dawns. She realizes that JR's change of mind is all because of Dixie. She surmises that his mom is the real reason JR is backing off the fight against his brother and ex-wife. JR refuses to take any of the bait that Amanda dangles in front of him, and frustrated, she insists that he needs her. JR simply suggests that she find a job if she wants money. He then tells her that she is as crazy as her mother if she thinks he is going to pay her for nothing. She goes to slap him, but he catches her arm and warns her not to be stupid. Furious, she tells him that when she came to town, she thought he was the total package but now she realizes that he's weak, afraid to do anything that might upset his mommy. She grabs her purse and storms out, and Adam appears, confirming Amanda's summation of JR. He warns his son to be careful, or his mother will cripple his life completely. JR thinks Adam's jealousy is showing, and notes that as a grown man, he chooses who he wants in his life, and he chooses to have his mother. Adam thinks his son is being manipulated and wants to end it. JR thinks that Adam's real problem is that he doesn't have control over the situation. JR admits that now that his mother is back, he just wants to spend time with her, and he feels that Adam should understand that. Adam doesn't think it's that simple, and that his son is leaving himself wide open for more hurt from Babe and Jamie. Adam reminds JR of the man he was a short time ago: exuding power, and hell bent on revenge against the people that stole his son and told him his child was dead. He is mortified that JR is falling into Dixie's plan to make her son 6 years old again, as if the past three years had never happened. He then reminds his son that he shouldn't be playing nice with Babe and Jamie because they are dangerous. JR breaks in and reminds his father that it wasn't long ago that playing nice with "the enemy" was something he wanted - when he thought it would help get Colby back. When it benefits Adam, he is all too willing to forget about the kidnapping. Fired up once again, JR lays the bombshell on his father: if he can't share his son's life with Dixie, his prayers are about to be answered. Adam is speechless as he waits for the other shoe to drop, and it drops hard. JR reveals that he is looking for a place of his own, and has an appointment with Marian to see several properties. When he finds one, he'll be moving his mother, his son and himself out of the Chandler estate.

Jamie tells his father that he refuses to let him marry Krystal. Tad wonders aloud why Jamie seems so surprised, especially given that this isn't the first time Tad has popped the question to Krystal. Jamie reminds him that it's the first time since the town found out that Dixie was alive. Jamie follows by saying he believes that Tad made this move because his love life wasn't going the way he wanted, and he now wants to prove something to Dixie. Tad counters by saying that he wants to marry Krystal solely because that's what he wants, and that he thinks Dixie will give them her blessing when it happens. Tad tells his son that he and Dixie have finally realized that they are not meant to be. He wants a chance to explain, and make some sense out of his proposal to Krystal. Tad admits that he and Dixie had a lot of wonderful times together, but he can also admit that their time to be together is over. Jamie thinks that his dad is just writing Dixie off because it can't be that easy to love someone else, but Tad assures him that his feelings are the real thing, and that he wants Krystal in his life forever. Jamie tells his father that he can't believe Tad wanting to marry Krystal would have happened if Dixie hadn't come back. Tad agrees, but says that they all have to face the fact that Dixie left the country to get away from him. Every time they got married, they thought they had to be perfect, because it was "written in the stars."..but they now know that to be part of the fairy tale. Jamie asks if Tad is just going to move on to "Love of Your Life #2" but Tad throws that idea out of the window. He tells his son that he's not looking for perfection anymore - he's looking for happiness with a woman that can love him as much as he loves her, despite their imperfections. As Brooke approaches the slightly open door, he announces that Krystal is the woman for him. Outraged, Brooke can't keep her low opinion of Krystal to herself. Tad, fed up with the people that he loves trying to keep him away from Krystal, demands that they ease up. Brooke is angry because Krystal swore that she would push Tad away, for his own good. Jamie is amazed that Brooke went to the jail to see her, but Tad is more concerned with what happened when she went. Brooke admits that she tried to bribe Krystal, and her admission is met with frustrated groans from both father and son. Brooke admits that while her tactics weren't completely above board, she felt that she needed to use extreme measures to protect Tad. Jamie reminds her that her actions were very similar to what JR and Phoebe tried to pull on him. Brooke concedes defeat again, and then Jamie asks what the outcome was of her run-in with Krystal. She admits that at the time, Krystal had already told Tad that they had no future. Tad admits as much, and then notes that he is glad he didn't listen. Brooke asserts that Krystal is not right for him, but Tad says that while she is allowed to have her own opinion, he is perfectly capable of deciding on his own who is right for him. He extends this to his son as well. Brooke starts to protest but Tad says that he is tired of defending Krystal against people who think that she is evil. Brooke corrects him and says that she thinks Krystal is trouble and has been since she came to town. Tad notes that Krystal made a mistake, for the love of her daughter (which Brooke should understand) and she's paying for it and learning from it. Brooke wonders aloud if that is a reason to marry her, and Tad tells her no. His reason for wanting to marry her is because she knows how to love him. After hearing his father out, Jamie apologizes for being so hard on him, and swears he understands.

At the jail, Krystal breaks the news to Babe that not only is "Dixie" an imposter, but that David hired Di Kirby, a former resident of the state pen, to play Dixie. Babe asks if she is sure, and Krystal assures her that after spending so much time with Di behind bars, there is no question. Babe questions how her father could do something so vicious, and Krystal tells her that he did it for his daughter's sake. Disbelieving, Babe stares at her mother, slightly slack-jawed as she hears what David's mission was: Get Di to play Dixie convincingly enough to spark what little conscience is left in JR, to help JR get over the grudge he has against Babe so that Babe can get more equal visitation. Babe is stunned, and tells her mother that the last thing that she wanted was for any more lives to be ruined because of her. Babe notes that once JR, Jamie and Tad find out the truth, it will be like Dixie died all over again. Krystal ponders that, and then tells Babe that Tad had recently visited her, told her that it was really over between him and Dixie, and that he was ready to start anew. She tells her daughter about the proposal, and Babe allows a minute amount of joy to flood her face. Krystal shuts her down though, telling her that everything that happened is a lie. Because the woman that let Tad go wasn't really Dixie, she can't be sure that his offer to start over would hold water. Krystal admits that if Tad finds out the truth, his offer will be off the table. Babe is once again stunned that her mother is even considering hiding the truth. Krystal admits that while she did swear off lying, David told her that if Di was allowed to continue to act as Dixie, she could work on JR to give in on the joint custody issue, as well as Adam, by convincing him to use his connections to get her out of jail early. Babe is certain that it could happen because Di has everyone convinced she is Dixie, and she has already worked a small miracle getting Tad, Jamie and Babe invited to the family 4th of July picnic. They both admit that with all of the good possibilities on the table, they can't decide if it would be better to tell the truth - or not. After a few moments, Krystal decides that she can't keep the secret from Tad. Even though confessing what she knows means that Babe will lose out, she hopes that Babe will understand. She does and Babe promises to stand behind her and support her all the way. Babe wishes that everyone could know what Krystal is giving up to blow the lid off the secret, and then an idea starts forming in her head. Krystal knows the look all too well and tries to discourage Babe from doing anything crazy. Babe makes Krystal promise not to tell anyone about the truth because it will come out, but Babe is going to do it her own way. Krystal wants to know what she is planning, but Babe tells her not to worry about it. She hugs and kisses her mother goodbye before grabbing her purse and making a mad dash out of the jail.

David, worried about who Krystal will shoot her mouth off to, calls the jail again in an attempt to gain access to her. He is told that she is still refusing to see him. As he hangs up the phone and starts to consider his next move, there is a knock at his door. He finds Di on the other side, and she gives him back every cent he ever paid her. According to Di, she is taking control of this operation away from David - effective immediately. David thinks that she is overreacting, but she tells him that she is sick and tired of him "having fun" while doing things specifically to hurt Tad and JR. David tells her that he won't let her quit because Dixie can't leave with so much up in the air. Smugly, Di explains to him what she said: "Dixie" isn't going anywhere. She plans to stay in the Chandler house playing the role. The only thing that will change is that she won't answer to him. She tells him to stay away from her, and the rest of the people in "her" life. David, never one to bend so easily, refuses to accept her word as law. She clarifies that their deal is off, but David refuses to let her walk out on him. He reminds her that he helped her out when she desperately needed it when she got out of jail - and she tells him that she hasn't forgotten who she is or the sins she has committed. She has simply changed her motives for getting involved with Dixie's family. She then tells him about how she got JR to agree to let Tad, Jamie and Babe join them at the family 4th of July picnic. David is somewhat impressed, but tells her that even if she manages to pull off the miracle she has in mind, what is her next step? She tells him that she plans to do whatever it takes to stop the pain ricocheting around Dixie's family. A realization dawns, and David thinks that Di has fallen in love with Dixie's family. He accuses her of cutting off his plan not because her conscience is bothering her, but because she doesn't like the way the story ends. David thinks that she wants to live Dixie's life. Di admits that she feels for Dixie's family, despite how screwed up everyone is. David then thinks that maybe it's Tad that she is falling in love with. Di tells him that she won't make any moves on Tad because he's already had his heart broken too many times by Dixie. Instead of making him guess anymore, she tells him that JR is the real reason she is sticking around. She believes that even though she isn't the real deal, she can be the mother he needs, and be there for Little Adam as well. She then informs David that once she reunites Tad and JR, she will leave town again - staying in touch with JR and letting him continue to believe she is his mother. David thinks that she will only keep the connection so that JR can support her financially, but she swears she won't take his money. David reminds her that he is responsible for getting her where she is, and she tells him that the connection is severed. She is going to finish what she plans to do in her own time and way. She warns him against interfering because if he does, she will expose him for who and what he is. David waits until she has had her say, and then tells her that she can't cut the ties because he is the only one that can control Krystal. Shocked, Di wants to know what Krystal's role is in their plans. He tells her that Krystal knows everything. Di asks how David is going to keep Krystal from talking, and he admits that even though he has been trying to get in to see her, she has refused to see him. The one good thing is that he knows Krystal is thinking about every thing they discussed. As reprehensible as his plan is, David knows that Krystal realizes the plan will make things a lot easier for Babe, and that she will do anything for their daughter. He believes that after thinking about it, Krystal will keep quiet and from there, he can keep her in line. He then demands that the plan go back to the way it was, because he is still needed in the equation. Realizing that he is right, Di grabs her purse and walks out.

As Lily and Aidan continue to talk at the boathouse, Amanda comes along the path and happens upon them. She intrudes upon their conversation with a favor to ask Aidan. Mildly annoyed, Aidan asks Amanda to give him a few more minutes alone with Lily so they can wrap up their conversation. Amanda, never patient, says it can't wait. She asks Aidan to hire her, and Lily pipes up and says that Amanda can't work for Aidan. Automatically on the defensive, Amanda tries to dismiss Lily, but Aidan won't have it. He tells her to stop being patronizing, or she can leave. Still needing him, she switches to a less caustic tone, and asks why Lily doesn't think she can have the job. Lily notes that you have to have a PI license in order to do what Aidan does. Amanda reverts to her old tactics of flirting, and Lily picks up on her moves because she learned about it in class. She says as much, and Amanda calls her weird. This upsets Lily and she starts to run off. Aidan calls her back and asks her not to leave - because Amanda will. Just then, Amanda realizes that she recognizes Lily's name. She confirms it, and then announces that they are actually stepsisters (Trevor, Amanda's dad and Laurel, Lily's mom, used to be married). Lily realizes who she is, and then asks why she's so different. Amanda thinks she is referring to how they are grown up, but Lily corrects her and says that she is mean and that none of her other stepsisters call her weird. Amanda tries her hand at being apologetic but to no avail. Lily tells her that Aidan has already said he doesn't want to work with her, so she should leave. Upset, Amanda refuses, saying that Aidan doesn't own the park. At that, Aidan offers his hand to Lily so they can leave. Lily considers it for a moment, takes his hand and they walk off.

JR walks out, leaving his father alone in the living room. Adam stops for a moment, and then spies a picture on the mantle of his son and grandson with Di. He walks over, plucks it from its perch, and walks toward the hearth, muttering that she won't take his son from him. In a flash of anger, he throws the picture, smashing the glass and frame it was housed in. He turns and finds Babe standing in the archway, watching him. He demands to know what she's doing there, and Babe asks if Dixie is home. Adam tells her that Dixie is out, and Babe returns the favor by telling him that she can make Dixie disappear.

David is on the phone to the jail again, claiming that the last time he saw Krystal, she complained of chest pains. By using his now defunct medical license and skills, he cons admittance out of the warden.

Di shows up at the prison to see Krystal.

Friday, July 1, 2005

Adam tries to dismiss Babe, but she continues to taunt him by promising that she can get rid of Dixie. Adam asks her want she wants from him and Babe tells him it definitely not his money. Adam jokes that she and David could create a potion to kill Di, but Babe says what she has planned is not illegal and will make Dixie self-destruct. Babe tells him that Dixie is an imposter and that she can proof it, which baffles Adam and he inquires for more information. Babe starts bargaining before she tells him the truth and demands that he gets Krystal out of jail. Adam will get his son back in return, Babe says. Adam does not give in to Babe at first, until she explains that she would not make a deal with him if she wasn't telling the truth. Adam agrees to spring Krystal out of jail, if Babe lets him in on her secret about Di. Babe says she won't tell him a thing until Krystal is out of jail. Adam does not take Babe's offer at first. Babe tells him that her plan will not give JR any more pain, it will only add to what Dixie has already done. Babe continues to tell Adam that she is the only one who can help him

Krystal asks Di why she has come to visit her. Di says she has come to explain about why she is pretending to be Dixie. Krystal does not let her say anything before threatening to arrest her for fraud. As a sort of peace offering, Di hands her a box of chocolates and starts explaining a few things to Krystal. Di tells her that her and David motives are not evil, but Krystal doesn't buy it, especially when Di asks her not to tell the truth. Krystal tells her that she does not even care about hurting Tad's feelings and the other people who love the real Dixie. Di admits that the truth will kill everyone involved, but Krystal persists that even her worst enemies, JR and Adam, do not deserve the lies. Di tries to persuade Krystal that if she keeps quiet, it will benefit Babe. Krystal rebounds that there are other ways to help her daughter and asks the real reason why she took David's offer. Di admits she got into it for her own reasons, but now, it is much bigger and she has grown to care about Dixie's family. She even says that she has started warming JR's heart because he forgave her and agreed to invite his enemies to the picnic. Krystal tells Di that she is getting too involved in the plan and probably believes she really is Dixie. Di disagrees, citing she knows who she is, but she can also help JR become a good person and forgive his brother. If Krystal tells the truth, JR will never get over the pain he has suffered, Di said. Krystal is compelled by Di's emotions toward JR and asks her if perhaps she really is Dixie. Di does not confirm it, she just tells her that she knows exactly who she is. Krystal starts formulating the facts and the resemblances between Dixie and Di, such as the car accidents, the scar and how wrapped up Di has gotten into the plan. Krystal said that if Di can prove she really is Dixie, she will keep quiet. Krystal says she is not Dixie, but she can not just leave the lives of people she has grown close to.

Erica and Josh discuss fertility topics for the show at the office, but are interrupted when Zach comes through the elevator doors, holding Val dressed up a woman. He throws a blonde wig that Val was wearing at Erica, who has no idea why her assistant is dressed up in a skirt and makeup. As Erica and Josh think of it as a joke, Zach tells them Val's stunt to check out his casino was not funny. Erica tells Zach that she suggested Val go to the casino to research new clients, but did not ask him to dress as a woman. Zach tells Erica that what she did could not only ruin him, but Kendall as well, because she is the only who helped him reinstate his gambling license. Zach tells her that he does like his customer's interrogated, although Erica calls it good journalism. Zach tells her she does not care about his gamblers, but Erica retorts that she can find enough dirt on him to make Kendall see who he really is. Erica reminds him that she warned him, but Zach says he can take her any day. After Zach leaves, Josh hands her a tape of casino footage, thanks to the hidden camera in Val's wig. Erica tells him that his father wanted her to fire him, but Josh thanks her for not listening to him. He says that he and his father just have different ideas of success. Josh brings up doing a segment on Babe because she ran the bar so well last night. Erica warns Josh not to ever mention Babe's name in the office again, but does not tell Josh why she hates Babe when he asks her.

David gets a visit from Ryan, who immediately demands his drug, and David tells him that the anger-management drug is ready. David tells Ryan that the drug will not stop him from being angry, it will provide space between the trigger incident and reaction to it. He warns Ryan that when he gets angry, he will have to fight his reflex to act. David cautions him to give some time for the drug to take effect, but Ryan is eager for the drugs to start working. When Ryan asks him to give him the drugs, David admits he is not sure he is doing the right thing so he asks Ryan to take the pills daily and let them kick in first. Ryan tries to tell David that he loves Greenlee too and that is why he has asked for help. David warns him to always remember how much Greenlee loves him, no matter what she says or does. Ryan takes his first pill

Kendall and Simone try to work at Fusion, but are too distracted with Greenlee's plans to do any work. Greenlee walks in, beaming with joy, and confirms to Kendall that she is pregnant with Ryan's child. Greenlee tells them that David did the procedure, but that she is still waiting to hear if it worked. Kendall is worried about Ryan's reaction and tells Greenlee not to say anything until David has confirmed it. Greenlee is already convinced she is pregnant because she "just feels it." When Simone suggests taking a pregnancy test, Greenlee ignores her suggestion, as usual. Kendall is upset with Greenlee's selfishness, but Greenlee continues to proclaim the child will save Ryan. Simone tells Greenlee that they are happy for her and want the child to be healthy. When Greenlee asks Kendall if she agrees with Simone, Kendall does not answer. Greenlee starts talking about her romantic plans to tell Ryan about the baby, but Kendall interrupts her. She says that she is worried how Ryan will react to the news. Simone tries to warm up the spirits by celebrating with milk, since alcohol and coffee were out. Before Greenlee can make a toast, Ryan walks in and asks what the celebration is about. Simone tells him that Ethan agreed to join a bowling league with her. Kendall and Greenlee look at her as she fumbles with more excuses. Ryan and Greenlee leave and Kendall tells Simone that she can't get the fight club out of her mind. Simone admits that she is a bit scared of Ryan too. Greenlee tells Simone that for Greenlee's sake, she hopes she is not pregnant. Zach comes to Fusion and Kendall tells him what Greenlee did. She admits that she is scared for Ryan and Greenlee and he hugs her.

Ryan and Greenlee have a romantic picnic dinner at the boathouse. When Ryan offers her a glass of wine, Greenlee refuses and they share a kiss. Ryan realizes that Greenlee is happier than usual and asks why.

David walks into the cell to visit Krystal as Di continues to beg her not to tell the truth. Krystal is surprised to see David, but Di tells her that she is no longer working with David. Krystal brings up how she thought she was doing the right thing when she switched the DNA tests, but in the end, it only made things worse. David tells Krystal it will only make things worse, but Krystal leaves them without an answer. David says that they need each other, but Di tells him to leave her alone because they are no longer a tag team. Babe comes to see Krystal and tells him about her plan, although Krystal had hoped Babe told Adam the truth. Di comes back to the Chandler mansion to find JR, but runs into Adam instead, who tells her that he knows she is a fake.



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