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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 27, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, June 27, 2005

It is night in Oakdale, and passion is in the air.

Dusty jumps into the Snyder Pond, surprising Meg. They wind up in bed together. Craig surprises Jennifer on her front porch, but leaves after advising her, once again, that she must share custody of the baby with him. Jennifer is so frightened that she calls Dusty, agreeing to lie to Mike and let Dusty take care of Craig.

At the gym, Katie looks longingly at Mike's picture until Henry interrupts her with divorce papers. Henry wishes Katie the best and kisses her goodbye.

At Fair Winds, Paul watches as Rosanna unhappily wanders outside in her nightgown. He sees Craig return and lead Rosanna back inside. Paul returns to his apartment and makes love to Emily.

Gwen dreams of Casey while Will dreams of Celia. Meanwhile, Casey tries to find a place where he can be alone with Celia.

Lily walks into the Snyder kitchen and finds Holden alone. Luke arrives, and Lily tells him the news that Lucinda has breast cancer.

While Jack and Carly are out, Hannah tears up the picture of Carly's father and burns most of it. However, she leaves one scrap unburned - the scrap that contains the picture of Carly's father. When Carly returns, she finds the scrap and wonders why Hannah tore up the photo.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Sierra finds Lucinda at home searching on the internet for information about cancer. Sierra tries to talk to Lucinda, but Lucinda isn't interested and she tries to convince Sierra to go to work. Sierra is frustrated because she can't get through to Lucinda, but she is even more put out when Meg arrives with a gossip newspaper for Lucinda's entertainment. There is definite friction between Meg and Sierra, but when Sierra leaves, Lucinda asks her about Dusty. Meg tells her that she has run into him and "nothing' happened - which Lucinda immediately understood. Lucinda gave her some advice about Dusty - that a little bit of mystery can go a long way in a relationship. Before Meg left, she gave Lucinda some advice, too - she told Lucinda to stay away from the computer as it was not a good idea to get too much information without a professional's help understanding it all. Lucinda didn't listen - as soon as Meg left, she got back on the computer.

Carly knows that it was Hannah who burned the photo of her father and she demands an explanation from her. Hannah refuses to talk about it and the two fight. Jack walks in and demands an explanation - Carly tells him that Hannah knows about her father and won't tell her. Hannah tells them she must leave and does so before telling them why she won't tell them more. Later, Jack finds Hannah at a coffee shop and asks her why she won't tell them about Ray. Hannah tells Jack that they have such a nice life and she wouldn't want Ray to ruin it for them. Jack wants more information, but Hannah refuses and leaves. Meanwhile, Carly is at home leaving a message for someone whom Nancy Hughes has told her can help identify the photograph they found.

Mike goes to Rosanna to ask her help with Craig and the baby situation. Rosanna actually does agree to help, but unbeknownst to Mike, Jennifer has gone against his wishes and is going along with Dusty's plan. They have observed that Craig has breakfast at the Lakeview every morning and Jennifer goes there as part of the set-up. Bob and Kim are at the Lakeview and watch as Jennifer sits down to talk with Craig. They fight - Jennifer stands up and starts speaking very loudly. As she does, Craig takes her elbow to try to get her to go outside of the restaurant. Dusty and Sierra walk in just in time to see Jennifer tell Craig - very loudly - not to touch her and to stop pushing her. Craig says "I'm not pushing you!", but Jennifer falls to the floor with everyone watching.

Barbara pounds on Paul's apartment door and demands to be let in. She does not know that Paul hesitates to open the door because he is with Emily. Paul answers the door after Emily hides in his bedroom. Barbra tells Paul about Will taking responsibility for Gwen's baby and makes a few rude remarks about Gwen being "trailer trash" and only after Will for his money. However, Paul tells her that maybe they should be glad he is taking responsibility. Barbra will hear none of it and demands Paul talk Will out of taking care of Gwen's baby - and she wants Paul to talk to Will about his taste in girls. This infuriates Paul and he ushers her out of his apartment. Emily comes out after Barbara leaves and the two talk about Will's predicament. Emily is concerned about how Hal will take the news especially because he is alone now. Paul asks Emily if she still thinks of herself as Hal's wife - she says no. He then asks her to move in with him.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Will and Casey were talking about Gwen's pregnancy when Casey mentioned that Will told Bob that Gwen's baby was not his. Will said that he was just nervous about telling the truth and that the baby was his. Casey suggested to Will that he might want to think about terminating the pregnancy for his own good. Will told Casey to stay out of it and left. After overhearing Casey talking to Will Gwen started screaming at Casey for suggesting that they terminate her pregnancy. Just as Gwen was yelling at Casey, Celia arrived, and wanted to know what was going on. Gwen said she had some news about Casey that Celia was not going to like.

Paul asked Emily to move in with him. Emily thought things were moving too fast, and that she should not move in with Paul, because Daniel would be too confused. Paul tried to talk her into it, and they wound up making love. Before Emily left to pick up Daniel she agreed to move in with Paul for two weeks while Daniel was away at camp. Paul then called Will and asked him to stop by so they could talk. When Will arrived, Paul told him he knew that Gwen was pregnant. Will told Paul he was the father and asked for his help in getting Barbara off his back. Paul said he would help Will, and called Barbara over to his apartment, so Will could tell her off.

Katie and Mike were at Metro when Katie told him that she and Henry were getting a divorce. Katie also told Mike that she thought they should not be friends anymore. Mike did not agree and told Katie they would always stay friends.

Meanwhile, After Jen and Craig's argument Jen fell to the ground. Bob went over to assist Jen and took her to the hospital. Sierra told Craig to leave Jen alone but he refused, and went to the hospital after her. Sierra called Hal and told him that Jen was on her way to the hospital. At the hospital Hal came with the police and threatened to arrest Craig. Jessica showed up with a summons for Craig to go to court immediately.

Lily and Holden went to the house to check on the renovations. Holden gave Lily a family picture that he managed to save from the fire. Lily and Holden shared a tender moment together and Holden asked her if she was sure she still wanted a divorce. Lily hesitated but told Holden that she wanted a divorce. Meanwhile, Keith went to Lucinda's, where Luke and Lucinda told him that Lily and Holden were back together and he should just leave town. Keith did not believe what Lucinda told him and started to yell at Lucinda, when Lily walked in and berated Keith for yelling at her mother.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Luke brought Holden some water and asked him when they would be able to move back into their home. Holden said it would be soon. Luke told Holden that Keith was back in town. Holden said that was good because Lily probably missed him. Luke said he wasn't sure about that. Holden told Luke that he only came back to help with the house. Luke recommended that they have a family barbecue because it was be good for the family to be together. Luke thought Lucinda would enjoy it. Later, Lily came home and Luke told her about his desire to have the family together again. Holden interrupted them and tried to reassure Lily that Luke would be okay. Lily said that under the circumstances they should hold off on the divorce.

Lily walked in on the conversation between Keith and Lucinda. Keith was yelling to Lucinda and accused her of putting Holden and Lily together. Lily told him to stop yelling and blurted out that Lucinda had cancer. Lucinda berated Lily for telling Keith about the cancer. Lily said she was just trying to protect Lucinda and wanted Keith to stop yelling at Lucinda. Keith explained to Lily about Luke's statement that Lily and Holden were back together. Lily denied it and Keith left shortly after. Lily caught up with him and told him she was sorry. Keith told her that he missed her terribly and, as they kissed, Luke walked in. When he saw them, he ran out of the room and lily went after him. Lily came back and Keith told her about his job and gave her $5000 dollars towards the money he owed her.

Celia wanted to know why Casey and Gwen were arguing. Casey covered and said that they were talking about Will. They upset Gwen and she left. Celia told Casey just because Gwen had nothing didn't mean she should be treated differently. Casey told Celia he recommended to Will that Gwen had an abortion. Casey also told Celia that girls like Gwen did things to trap guys and he didn't like Gwen.

Will told Paul he didn't think he would get through to Barbara because Barbara never listens. Paul told Will to stand up to her. Will was about to bail when Barbara came in and told Will that the doctor could perform the paternity test that afternoon. Will tried to stand up to his mother but she threw a million questions at him. Will told her that she had her say and to leave. He also said that there wouldn't be any tests. Barbara said she would not give up and left. Later, Paul wanted Will and Gwen to come for dinner. When Will saw Gwen, he told her about Paul wanting to meet her. At first Gwen refused but later agreed and thanked Will for standing by her.

At the courthouse, Craig was getting ready to go before a judge because Jennifer had slapped him with a restraining order and charged with assault. Craig continued to deny that he hurt Jennifer. Craig told Rosanna about what happened. Rosanna thought something was up. Meanwhile, Dusty was whispering to Jennifer that Craig was finally going to get what he deserved and be out of Jennifer's life forever. During the hearing, everyone who was present when Jennifer was pushed all agreed that Craig did push Jennifer. Jessica cross examined all the witnesses trying to poke holes in their story but to know avail. Jennifer took the stand and told her side of the story. She admitted that Craig was the biological father but because of his past, she did not want him to be part of the baby's life. Craig got on the stand and tried to defend himself. He denied doing anything wrong. The judge granted the restraining order for a period of five years. After the hearing, Mike ran into Katie who accused Jennifer of making the story up. Katie told Mike to stay away from her.

Friday, July 1, 2005

Rosanna and Craig discussed what to do now that the court had issued a 5-year restraining order to keep Craig away from Jennifer and the baby. Craig said he could always kidnap the baby after he was born, and he and Rosanna could run off together with the boy, but Rosanna quickly nixed that idea. She then went to see Jennifer to warn her that Craig now felt he had nothing to lose and might do something drastic if Jennifer didn't change her mind and agree to give him some visitation rights. She also accused Jennifer of having set up the whole "fall" incident with Dusty and said that she would let everyone know what Jennifer and Dusty had done. Jennifer insisted she hadn't done anything wrong and that she would continue to do whatever it took to protect her child from Craig, so Rosanna left. She told Craig she hadn't had any success, and Craig said he had always been his own worst enemy.

Mike and Jennifer were at the cottage when Mike told Jenn about his argument with Katie at the courthouse (in which she accused Jennifer of setting up the fall at Metro to get Craig away from her and the baby). Mike told Jennifer that he couldn't have a relationship of any kind with someone that wasn't built on trust. Mike then left to go to Metro to get dinner for the two of them. Dusty called Meg and invited her to have a drink with him; she told him it would have to be dinner and a drink, to which he agreed. Meg went to meet Dusty at Metro, where they ran into Mike, who was picking up dinner for himself and Jennifer. When Dusty went to the bar to get drinks, Mike apologized to him for not believing him about Craig, and Dusty accepted the apology. Then, Meg introduced herself to Mike while Dusty was busy making a phone call, and she told Mike she'd been to his cottage that morning because she'd seen Dusty there and wanted to talk to him. Mike asked Dusty why he had been at the cottage that morning, and Dusty said he'd gone to see if Jennifer wanted a ride, but she'd already left when he got there. After Mike left, Dusty called Jennifer and warned her that Mike had asked about that morning at the cottage, and he told her that she should stick to the story he gave Mike; Jennifer told Dusty that the last thing she wanted was for Mike to find out what they had done to Craig, not realizing that Mike had opened the door and heard her part of that exchange. Mike went back outside the cottage without letting Jennifer know he was there.

Lily and Holden talked about whether they should put off their divorce, but Holden didn't feel that they should lead Luke on or give him the mistaken impression that they might get back together. Lily said she had to leave to meet Keith for dinner, but her cell phone rang, and it was Sierra telling her that Lucinda wanted to see both of them to give them the results of the biopsy in person. When Lily got to Lucinda's house, Lucinda told Lily and Sierra that the cancer was stage 3, which only 50% of women survive for more than 5 years. She told them that she was determined to fight the cancer the way she'd fought all her battles: as though she had already won. She also told them she would reach out to them for support when the time came, but that the time had not yet come, although she did tell them both how much she loved them, and they had a group hug.

Meanwhile, Keith waited at Metro, which he had rented out for just himself and Lily for a romantic surprise. He tried to call Lily, but when she didn't answer her cell phone, Keith realized she wasn't coming. He told the maitre'd at Metro that his plans had changed; he gave him more money for his trouble and took the flowers he'd bought for Lily and headed to Lily's house. Holden answered the door at Lily's house and told Keith that Lucinda had called about the biopsy report. Keith said he understood that Lily needed to be with her mother, and he gave Holden the flowers and asked him to give them to Lily when he saw her again.

Emily showed up at Paul's place sooner than he expected and had her bags with her. She told Paul she wasn't sure that moving in with him was the right thing to do. Paul told her that it was the right thing for him, but she needed to think it was right for her, too. When Emily wondered if she should leave so that Will wouldn't find out she and Paul were together now, he insisted it wouldn't be a problem and that he'd have to tell everyone that Emily was living with him unless she wanted to keep it a secret.

Will went to pick up Gwen for dinner at Paul's apartment. While there, Barbara showed up and told Will about Craig's restraining order. She also told Will and Gwen that since this baby would be her grandchild, she wanted to offer Gwen a place to stay --- with her. Will turned her down and asked her if she was responsible for his credit cards suddenly not being accepted anymore; Barbara told him she thought it best if she took over his finances for now. Will asked Barbara to leave, and then he and Gwen went to Paul's apartment. They walked in just as Paul and Emily were kissing, and when Will saw that, he shouted, "What the hell is going on?" Everyone looked mortified, and Emily told Will it was complicated, but Will said, "You're sleeping with my brother, you dumped my father --- that's not complicated, that's sick!" Paul tried to gloss over the situation, trying to introduce himself to Gwen, but Will didn't want to ignore the situation. At that point, Barbara came into the apartment and asked what was going on, so Will told her that it appeared that Paul had a new girlfriend --- Emily. Will told Gwen to look around at the Ryan family and see what she was getting herself into. Barbara blasted Emily for seducing her husband and now her son, again, and asked her if she knew the meaning of a certain word that might describe Emily. Paul and Emily argued with Barbara, and Will said he and Gwen were leaving, but then he looked around and realized that Gwen had already left. He told everyone to stay away from him and Gwen. Paul told Barbara to leave, and then he told Emily that this was all Barbara's fault and Emily shouldn't worry about any of it.


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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