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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 21, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, July 21, 2008

Jesse was interrogating Adam about the car he reported stolen. Adam claimed that the car was stolen before any of the Chandlers had a chance to drive it. Jesse found it odd that the tire marks found on Richie's body were from the same type of tires that were on Colby's car. Just then, Krystal entered. Jesse announced that Colby's car was missing. Krystal gave Adam a confused look, but soon realized that Adam was up to something. So, Krystal proceeded to pretend that Adam informed her of the theft already. Adam was relieved.

Adam brought Jesse to see his garage. Jesse was impressed with the security and wondered how anyone could steal a car from the property. Adam commented that there were many possible culprits, like the technician that installed the security system.

After Jesse left, Krystal demanded to know what was going on. Adam refused to give Krystal any details because she was no longer a member of the Chandler family. She affirmed that she loved Colby as if she was her own daughter. Adam let on that the car was not really stolen. He confessed that he was trying to protect Colby. Krystal quickly realized that Colby ran over Richie. Krystal looked horrified. Adam asked Krystal if she could keep the secret. She was not happy because she would have to lie. He urged her to help Colby, like she helped Babe many times in the past. Krystal was torn. He stated that she would not be lying; instead she would be keeping a secret. She agreed not to tell anyone, but affirmed that she was doing it for Colby, not Adam.

Colby, Cassandra, and Dre were at Cassandra's house. They were talking about the hit and run. Cassandra felt very guilty because they took a life. Colby snapped that Richie was a bad person that no one would miss. Colby reminded Cassandra that they were each protecting their families by not confessing. Then, there was a knock at the door-it was Pete. Pete announced that Adam was evil, just as Palmer claimed. Pete explained that Adam threatened to frame him for rape, if he did not keep his mouth shut about the accident. Cassandra was appalled by Adam's behavior, but Colby affirmed that Adam was trying to protect them.

Jesse came home and saw all of the teenagers in the living room. He asked why they were not enjoying the summer day outside. They all acted nervous and pretended that they were about to leave. Pete introduced himself and stated that he had experience with forensics. Jesse turned to Colby and said that he was "on her case." All of the teenagers looked anxious and inquired why. Jesse replied that he was trying to find Colby's car.

After Jesse left, the teenagers became panicked. They feared that Jesse might be suspicious of them. Meanwhile, Jesse made a call to a fellow officer. He asked the officer to watch Colby and Cassandra.

Greenlee and Zach were outside of Annie's hospital room. Greenlee wanted to go into the room to support Ryan, but Zach stopped her. Zach urged Greenlee to mind her own business. Greenlee retorted that Ryan saved her life, so she needed to help him, if he needed it. Kendall and Aidan then arrived.

Annie informed Ryan that she was pregnant. He looked upset. He said that he knew she was keeping a secret. He then asked who the father was. She stated that he was the father, but he did not believe it. He reminded her that he had a vasectomy. She proclaimed that the baby was a miracle, but he was still skeptical. He suggested that they get a divorce. She looked horrified and adamantly affirmed that he was the father. She encouraged him to have a test done.

Ryan went into the waiting room to see Greenlee, Kendall, Aidan, and Zach. Ryan announced that Annie was pregnant. Kendall blurted out, "Who's the father?" A doctor entered the room, so Aidan recommended that Ryan get an exam to determine if he could father a child. Ryan thought that was a good idea and left to have a test done.

Greenlee and Kendall were furious with Annie over her suspected infidelity. They stormed into Annie's room. They bluntly asked Annie who the real father was. Annie snidely commented that she was not a cheater, like Kendall. Annie then sarcastically said that she felt bad for Greenlee since she never had a chance to have a child with Ryan. Greenlee and Kendall were disgusted with Annie, so they charged out of the room.

Kendall saw Ryan in the hallway. Kendall explained that she told Greenlee he retrieved his memory, but she did not divulge his romantic feelings for Greenlee. Ryan seemed distraught, so Kendall asked if she should tell Greenlee the truth. He said no.

Aidan asked Greenlee if she wanted to leave the hospital. She wanted to stay. She said that she needed to be there for Ryan. She then assured Aidan that she loved him.

Ryan received his test results. After he read them, he went into Annie's room. Ryan was stunned to learn that he was not sterile. Annie reaffirmed that the baby was a miracle. She believed that the baby could save their marriage and reunite them as a family. He still looked shocked. She promised him that he would welcome their baby eventually.

Meanwhile, Greenlee was eavesdropping and heard that Ryan could have children. She looked sad, but did not let anyone see her melancholy emotion. Instead, she told Kendall, Zach, and Aidan the news as she flashed a big smile.

Ryan revisited the waiting room to see his friends. They admitted that they already knew he was able to have children. Ryan stated that he was going to take Annie home.

Greenlee, Kendall, Zach, and Aidan went to ConFusion. As Kendall and Zach ordered drinks at the bar, Kendall confided in her husband that Ryan loved Greenlee. She also commented that Annie could not have trapped Ryan any better if she had planned it. Zach looked enlightened by the comment.

Aidan asked Greenlee how she was feeling. Greenlee admitted that Ryan's vasectomy ruined two years of her life. Nevertheless, Greenlee insisted that she was happy for Ryan.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Angie was worried about Frankie, who skipped work and was not answering his cell phone. Jake said that Frankie could handle Randi, but Angie was scared Frankie would get in trouble. Angie asked Jake why his marriage ended, but Jake would not answer. Angie was troubled when she overheard a few nurses talking about how "hot" Frankie was. Angie pulled one of the nurses aside and invited her to dinner with the family

Randi refused to answer any personal questions from employees. She threatened to leave until Frankie showed up. Frankie said he was volunteering with the facility and wanted to help her with the form. On the application, Randi claimed she was 22 years old, had no living relatives, and lacked any job skills. Frankie asked Randi how she got involved in prostitution. Randi said she just kind of got into the gig, but Frankie found that hard to believe. Randi said she had a rough childhood, which Frankie took to mean that she had been sexually abused. Frankie told Randi she was not to blame for the abuse. He told Randi what a wonderful woman she was, and for once, she did not argue back. Randi thanked Frankie for his kind words before Frankie left. Fletcher showed up to see Randi. He told her that Frankie was filling her head with lies, because she was nothing more than trash.

Greenlee told Amanda that Annie was pregnant. Amanda was shocked when she heard the news, especially since Ryan was supposed to be unable to produce children. Amanda asked Greenlee if it upset her that Annie was pregnant, because Greenlee never had children with Ryan. Greenlee said she was in love with Aidan and had no interest in Annie's pregnancy. Plus, Greenlee said that Annie loved Ryan. Amanda told Greenlee she was tired of being alone. When Amanda got a pain in her neck, Greenlee suggested Amanda visit a single and handsome doctor-Jake. Amanda went to the hospital and found Jake on his break. She told Jake that she fell asleep while reading and injured her neck. Jake tried to relax the muscles in Amanda's neck by massaging them. Suddenly, Amanda's neck felt much better.

Ryan told Annie he was going to speak to Dr. Cooper about the vasectomy he performed on Ryan. Ryan said he wanted to find out what went wrong with his surgery, but Annie insisted Ryan was making too much of the matter. She even reminded him that they always talked about having a big family. Annie wanted Ryan to consider the baby a "miracle baby" and a sign of their renewed love for each other. Ryan insisted on getting answers, so Annie went with him to see Dr. Cooper. When Ryan arrived at the office, the secretary told him that Dr. Cooper was a fraud. He never performed the surgery on more than 20 patients, and was being sued. The secretary said efforts to contact Ryan were unsuccessful. Annie scooted Ryan quickly out the door before he could ask the secretary any more questions. Ryan went to Fusion to tell Greenlee about the botched operation. He asked if Greenlee was happy, and she told him yes. Ryan said he was happy, too. He kissed her cheek and told her good-bye. When Ryan said good-bye, Greenlee laughed because she told him they would see each other again soon. So instead, Ryan muttered, "Hasta la vista," and left.

Annie tossed Richie's ashes into the river. She told him he no longer had any power over her.

Colby, Pete, Dre, and Cassie went to the pool to get their minds off Richie's death. Pete and Colby wanted to have fun, but Dre was too busy comforting a worried Cassie. Pete suggested they all take a road trip, but Cassie said the police were watching them closely and dashing off was not a smart idea. Pete took a sip of Colby's drink, but spit it out when he tasted the rum. Cassie scolded Colby for drinking again, but Colby did not see any problem with having one drink. Dre told everyone to keep their cool or else the police would get suspicious. Cassie said she needed to find peace with the situation if they were going to lie about being responsible for Richie's death. Annie was shocked when she heard the teens blaming themselves for Richie's murder.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Annie recalled overhearing Dre, Colby, and Cassandra making a pact not to tell that they ran Richie over. Annie called a store to see if they had a mysterious item in stock.

Kendall and Babe were at work. Kendall could tell that Babe was tense. Kendall encouraged Babe to go home, if she needed to. Babe insisted that she was fine. Kendall reminded Babe that Richie kidnapped her in the office. Babe admitted that she was still freaked out. Kendall stated that she could empathize since she felt weird returning to work after JR almost killed her in the office. Kendall realized that this was a bad memory for Babe and apologized. Babe assured Kendall that she was not offended by the comment. Babe stated that she was trying to move on from JR's wrongdoings. Kendall asked if Babe had moved in with JR. Babe explained that she moved into the mansion, but she and JR were occupying separate bedrooms. Babe further stated that JR had matured and was on his best behavior. Kendall laughed at the thought of JR being mature. Nevertheless, Kendall wished Babe good luck with JR.

Annie entered Fusion. Kendall snapped at Annie for being late. Annie apologized and Kendall left the room. Babe inquired how Annie was feeling. Annie was ecstatic about the baby, but confessed that she felt like napping instead of working. Babe saw Annie carrying a shopping bag and asked what was in it. Annie quickly put the bag under her desk and claimed that it was a toy for Emma. Annie then asked Babe if she could have Colby's phone number. Annie wanted to hire Colby to babysit for Emma. Babe said that Colby was going through "a hard time" and might not be up for sitting. Annie retorted that a night with a six-year-old might lift Colby's spirits. Babe felt it was worth a shot and gave Annie the number.

Kendall reentered the office and yelled at Annie for not getting her work done. Annie left the room. Babe wondered if Kendall was being too hard on Annie. Kendall explained that Annie was acting very strange, especially with Greenlee. Kendall was debating on whether or not to fire Annie.

Annie went home and called Colby. Annie asked Colby to babysit and said that she could bring her friends. Colby said that she would call Annie back with an answer. Annie then pulled a nanny cam out of the shopping bag. Annie slyly smiled.

Tad went to visit Jesse at the police station. Tad wanted details on the Richie Novak case. Jesse was reluctant to reveal anything. Tad asked why Jesse did not bring Adam to the station for questioning, since he owned the car that was suspected in the hit and run. Jesse divulged that Adam bought the car for Colby. Tad realized that Colby was the suspect, not Adam. Tad looked devastated. Jesse explained that Cassandra, Dre, and Pete, Tad's half-brother, might also be involved. Jesse was stressed out over the case because the suspects had very high profile parents. Jesse then revealed that he had an undercover cop watching the teenagers. Tad was motivated to find evidence to prove that the teenagers were innocent. Jesse was, as well. Tad suggested that they interrogate Adam. Jesse explained that he did already and that Krystal corroborated Adam's story about the car being stolen. Tad looked shocked and wondered why Krystal did not mention anything to him.

Jesse and Tad discussed how Angie might react to the news that Cassandra was involved in the Novak murder. Jesse said that Angie was under enough stress with Frankie. Tad inquired what Jesse meant by that. Jesse explained that Frankie was attempting to help a prostitute. Tad urged Jesse to tell Angie the truth about Cassandra's possible role in the crime. Tad felt that Angie deserved to be kept in the loop.

Adam went to see Krystal at her home. Adam asked if Krystal told anyone about Colby's part in the hit and run. Krystal said that she kept the secret. Still, she wanted to tell Tad the truth. Adam was agitated and insisted that if Tad found out, Colby would end up in jail. Krystal thought that Tad could help Colby. Adam then realized that Tad was probably working with Jesse on the case. Adam implored Krystal to find out information on the case. She refused to spy on her husband.

Adam brought up the kiss that he and Krystal had shared. Krystal claimed that she was distraught over Babe's kidnapping and had a "weak moment" as a result. Adam affirmed that it was more than that. He told her to admit that she still felt a "pull" towards him. They moved closer to each other and he touched her cheek. She admitted that they had a connection, but she noted that she was married to Tad. Just then, Tad entered. He looked annoyed when he saw Adam and Krystal together. Adam left. Tad asked why Krystal did not tell him about Colby. Tad accused her of lying to him. Krystal claimed that she did not lie to him.

JR went to see Zach at Cambias. JR knew that Zach was a suspect in Richie's death. He offered to be Zach's alibi, since Zach helped him with an alibi when he kidnapped Richie. Zach thanked JR for the offer and then asked why he was really there. JR divulged that he wanted to take over Chandler Enterprises. Zach laughed about JR trying to steal Adam's company. JR said that if he and Zach teamed up, they could ruin Adam. Zach did not think that JR had it in him to run a company. JR reminded Zach that he ran Chandler when Adam was in the asylum. Zach admitted that JR had a good run, but he was still skeptical that JR could be successful in the long term. JR declared that he would do whatever it took to get Chandler. JR then revealed that he came up with a plan. Zach laughed again and stated that JR's plans never worked. JR was sure that his plan would be a winner. Zach said that he was uninterested in working with JR. JR affirmed that he would be victorious and urged Zach to reconsider.

Zach called an unidentified person. Zach said to prepare for a war.

Erica went to a suite at the yacht club. Jack called her. She said that she needed some "alone time." After she hung up, she saw flowers that Jack sent her. She smiled and smelled the bouquet. She proceeded to take a bubble bath, get a massage and a manicure, and order everything on the room service menu. She gave a toast to herself and to her freedom. She noted that she could have anything she wanted, now that she was released from prison.

Samuel was conversing with his political advisor. The advisor strongly urged Samuel to stay away from Erica. The advisor felt that Erica could lose the election for Samuel. Samuel affirmed that he would not hide his relationship with Erica.

Opal saw Samuel and introduced herself as Erica's dearest friend. She thanked him for getting Erica out of jail early. Samuel stated that Erica's hard work got her an early release. Opal divulged that she knew about the kiss that Erica and Samuel shared. Opal warned Samuel not to get involved with Erica. Opal explained that Erica and Jack were "soul mates."

Erica heard a knock on her door and assumed it was Jack. She was stunned to see Samuel at her doorstep.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Greenlee told Jackson that Annie was pregnant with Ryan's child. Greenlee said Ryan's doctor never performed the surgery and was being sued. Jackson asked how Greenlee was taking the news, but Greenlee was not upset. She said that she and Ryan were not meant to be together. Plus, Greenlee said she did not want children anymore. Greenlee asked Jackson if he had dated anyone since Erica was in prison. When Jackson was silent, Greenlee knew there was no other woman. Greenlee told her father that he should tell Erica how he felt to win her back.

Ryan went to Aidan and asked him to find out how the surgery went wrong. Ryan said the medical office claimed it sent records to notify him of the lawsuit, but he never received anything. Ryan said he was excited about the baby, but just hadn't really processed everything that was happening. Ryan asked Aidan to check into Dr. Cooper's office and get more details.

Annie bought a nanny-cam hoping to catch Colby, Cassie, Dre, and Pete confessing to Richie's murder. Colby and Cassie went to Annie's house to babysit Emma, but were stopped by a stranger in the hallway. The stranger got lost so Colby directed him to the floor he needed. Cassie said the man looked familiar and might have been spying on them. Colby said Cassie was being paranoid, and knocked on Annie's door. Once Annie let the girls inside, she immediately began acting devastated about Richie's death. After Annie was gone, Cassie felt weird being in Annie's home, but Colby was not sympathetic. When Ryan got home, Cassie and Colby had not admitted anything about their roles in Richie's death.

Randi ran away from the women's shelter after Fletcher showed up. Frankie found her in a Pine Valley restaurant. Frankie told Randi that the women's shelter employees would make sure Fletcher did not harass her again. Randi said she did not need help because Fletcher reminded her that she was nothing more than trash. Frustrated, Frankie asked Randi why she could not see what a wonderful woman she was. Randi told Frankie he was wasting his time trying to save her. Other men had tried, and they all failed, she added. Randi told Frankie to watch his back because Fletcher had a way of ruining people's lives.

Jake got to the hospital to start his shift as Angie was leaving. Jake asked Angie if any extra interns were around to help him with his patients. Angie said Jake could sign up for a volunteer program that would pair him up with a volunteer. She even suggested Jake share Frankie's volunteer, who was Colby. Jake said he was not interested in working with Colby. Jake said he used to think Colby was his daughter years ago and would feel weird working with her. When Angie got home, Cassie told her that a weird man was following her. Frankie and Angie assumed the man was Fletcher.

Jake went for a run and almost banged into a female runner. They apologized to each other and parted ways.

Samuel went to check on Erica to make sure she was handling her newfound freedom well. Samuel said he ran into Opal, who said she had already her cast vote for Jackson. Erica realized that Opal's vote was referring to who she preferred Erica be involved with. Erica said she had feelings for Jackson, but they were divorced. As Samuel leaned in to kiss Erica, someone knocked on the door to deliver gifts she had bought for family and friends. One of those gifts was a purple tie for Samuel. Erica tied the tie on Sam's collar to make sure it flattered him. Sam told Erica he could not stop thinking about her. A photographer quickly took a picture of Sam giving Erica a kiss. Jackson saw the man taking pictures as he walked toward Erica's room. Jackson grabbed the man, pushed the door open and was shocked to see Samuel and Erica in each other's arms.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Jack caught a photographer in the act of taking scandalous pictures of Erica in an embrace with Sam. He warned the shutterbug that he could and would file a lawsuit against him for his behavior. Erica was grateful for the interruption, but Sam shocked them both when he instructed Jack to give the camera back and offered to pose with Erica. After the photographer left, Erica again reveled in her freedom as she told Jack what she'd done since her release. She then gave him the present she bought for him and enjoyed the chocolates Carmen sent over, while the men in her life batted thinly veiled, irritated barbs back and forth to one another. When she'd had enough, Erica left to change her clothes after she told the men to make themselves at home.

After a few more rounds, Sam insisted that Jack directly ask what questions he had on his mind. Jack obliged and asked if Sam had gotten Erica released early simply so that he could date her. Sam denied the claim and said he only did so because Erica deserved it. They flung a few more barbs but in the end, Sam told Jack that regardless of what he wanted, the final decision was up to Erica, not Jack. Sam then confessed that he'd met Opal, and that she was just as protective of Erica as Jack was. Before Jack could respond, Erica joined them and offered to order up food that they could all share. The offer was cut short when Sam's phone rang. He found his campaign manager on the other end of the line and left the room to do some damage control. When alone with her, Jack confronted her about her involvement with Sam, which immediately raised Erica's defenses. She reminded him that as a free woman, she was no longer obligated to submit to interrogations. He called her on her pattern of behavior, where she found someone new to play with, got bored and came back to him. She called him confident, and he replied that the pattern hadn't changed...until now. He told her that Sam was not a wise choice for her and that if she chose that path, he might not wait for her again.

Jack then told her that Greenlee had advised him to make up his mind about Erica, and that although Greenlee hated to admit it, she knew that Erica made her father happy. Erica realized that Jack might want to reunite. Jack refused to talk about it with Sam so close but warned her that she could possibly jeopardize Sam's career and her own if she made the wrong move in front of the press. Sam returned to the room at that point, full of apologies, but Jack blew them off and took his leave. Once he was gone, Erica felt compelled to ask Sam what his campaign manager had said. Although he would have preferred some warning, Sam pointed out that everything would be okay. Erica brought up all of the issues that Jack shared with her and in response Sam came up with an idea to deflect her worries. He asked her to wait in the room while he retrieved something.

Sam returned in short order and offered reservations for a public date, if Erica would accept. She coyly agreed and after he pecked her on the cheek, he also took his leave. When the door closed, she spotted Jack's gift that he'd mistakenly left behind. She picked it up and belatedly considered the ramifications of the date she'd just made.

Angie was skeptical at first but Frankie quickly convinced her that Fletcher was the man that had followed Cassie. Angie started to call Jesse, but was stopped when Frankie took responsibility. He told her that Fletcher was in their lives because of him and asserted that he would, in no uncertain terms, take him out. Angie urged him to go through the proper channels and trust his father, but Frankie said that it wasn't Jesse who failed-it was the system, and because of that failure, Fletcher had been allowed out on bail and caused untold damage. Angie insisted that he calm down and think more rationally but Frankie told her that he didn't have time for more lectures. He started to leave but Angie stopped him and reminded her son that Fletcher was a dangerous man and that there was no way to know what he would do next if provoked.

Frankie sat down with his mother and reminded her of two particular instances from her past-she brought an AIDS-infected Cindy Chandler into their home when not much was known about the disease, and she also brought a young man with a bit of an attitude from the wrong side of the tracks to meet her parents-and in both cases, she knew the right thing to do and didn't back down. He noted that if she could do those things so many years before, she could surely stand with her family to shut the door against the evil that Fletched brought with him wherever he went. Angie told her son that she was proud of the man that he'd become and wanted him to use his intelligence to make better decisions. Frankie insisted that he would not live life in a safe zone and Angie told him that she simply asked, mother to son, that he be careful. He considered her words and agreed, which allowed her to leave the house with less burdened shoulders.

Jesse paid a visit to Tad at his house and Tad immediately noticed that something was afoot with the chief of police. Jesse balked for a moment and then asked his oldest friend if he'd made a mistake when he accepted the job. He lamented that the people he used to hang out with during his first go-round on the force were only concerned with kissing up after he took the job. Jesse pointed out that he appreciated the respect he received but hadn't quite gotten comfortable in that skin. Tad suggested that he change things to make it more comfortable and then pointed out that he knew Jesse had come for something else. He zeroed in on the Novak case and alit on the fact that Jesse wanted answers from Krystal. Jesse's silence confirmed Tad's suspicion just as Krystal walked through the door. After greeting the two men, she asked if Jesse had visited for business or pleasure. Although Jesse noted that he was on a break, Krystal took advantage of his presence and asked for updates about Richie's case and whether or not the force had any persons of interest in mind. At that, Tad broke in and reminded her that Jesse had taken off his police chief hat for a few moments in an attempt to stop her from asking any further questions.

Despite the effort, Jesse chose to answer her questions. He deftly avoided the idea of less blame if Richie's death by car was an accident due to the fact that the perpetrator left the scene. Attention was diverted from Krystal's slight disappointment when Kathy came down after she was awakened by a nightmare. She said goodnight to Jesse and then dragged her father upstairs to tuck her back in. Once alone with the chief, Krystal lit into Jesse and said that because of all of the bad things Richie had done in life, they should be able to sweep his death under the rug. Jesse told her that was impossible since he had a sworn duty to solve the case. She then launched into a tirade about how it could have been an accident and that the person responsible might just need a break. Jesse reminded her that because the driver fled the scene, the option of a lesser charge was off the table. He then told her that he needed to get back to the station, but before he left, she apologized for what she'd said. Jesse chalked it up to tough times and told her that they just needed to take care of their families.

A short time later, Tad returned to the main level of his house and found his wife perched on the window seat. He assured Krystal that Kathy was fine, and then wrapped his arms around his wife in an attempt to bring her closer to fine as well.

At Fusion, Kendall aimed a stream of questions at Greenlee under the guise of being concerned about her happiness, but Greenlee quickly saw through the barrage and noted that it was really about her lingering guilt. Greenlee soothed her mind when she told her that she was to the point where she could be intimate with Aidan without thinking of his one-night stand with her best friend. Relieved, Kendall then told her that they should get back to work. This lasted but a moment, as Kendall then brought up Babe's accusation that Kendall was a champion grudge holder. Greenlee agreed and then asked which one Kendall was referencing. Kendall admitted that she wanted Annie gone simply because the latest Mrs. Lavery was nothing but bad news. Greenlee tried to stick up for Annie and said that Kendall needed to take the focus off of Annie's potential termination, especially since Annie had done so much for the company. Kendall couldn't believe that Greenlee had become a champion for Annie, so she pushed until Greenlee admitted that while she wished Annie didn't come off as certifiable, she had made Ryan happy. With all of the things that Annie had endured, Greenlee pointed out that they could be the cause of all of her weird behavior. She asserted that perhaps, after everything settled down, things would return to normal. She also noted that Annie's pregnancy could be regarded as a sign of good things to come. Kendall negated that and said that the baby was not a miracle, but rather a result of a grand design.

Greenlee hotly declared that Annie couldn't have planned the pregnancy, as she believed that Ryan's vasectomy had been successful. Kendall wasn't sure how Annie managed to accomplish it, but was certain that the newest addition to their clan was simply another attempt to hold onto Ryan. Greenlee then said that all the things Kendall concerned herself with were things that had nothing to do with them, and noted that she would not let decisions by the Laverys get in the way of her happiness. Kendall posited that perhaps Greenlee's life could have been completely different. Greenlee reminded her that she was happy with the life that she had, and had worked hard for it. She pointed out that they had forgiven each other many times over and asked why Kendall couldn't do the same thing for Annie.

Kendall said that the situations were completely different but Greenlee refused to let her continue to harp on about what could have been. Kendall wouldn't let it go and blurted out that Ryan no longer loved Annie and that if she hadn't gotten pregnant, Ryan would have been free to be with the woman he was meant to be with. Kendall went on to describe that woman, and used descriptors that were completely opposite to who Annie had shown herself to be. Greenlee picked up on where Kendall was going, but cut her off at the pass by offering that perhaps Ryan's perfect woman was Kendall herself. She ranted on about how even though Kendall had the perfect man she still needed to have every available man in love with her. Frustrated, Kendall blurted out that Greenlee was the woman Ryan still loved.

Ryan caught Annie as she checked the Nanny Cam and demanded to know more about it. She stumbled when she told him that she purchased it after he moved out, but when he asked her why, she told him that she didn't know where to start. When he heard that, he asked her simply for the truth. She continued to try to fabricate a story but Ryan didn't fall for any of it. Annie finally told him that she believed Colby, Cassandra, and Dre were Richie's killers. Ryan thought that the idea was ludicrous and asked what proof she had. Annie told him that she'd gone to scatter Richie's ashes when she'd overheard the teens admit that they had run over Richie. He asked her why she invited them over and then answered his own question when he realized that she'd hoped to videotape a confession. She told him that everything was a mess and that it was all her fault. She admitted that Zach has been questioned because of what she told Jesse and she wanted to do something to make up for that. She then confessed that she hadn't thought the plan through and realized the repercussions for the teens after the fact. Ryan reminded her that she could come to him for help but she noted that she'd gotten used to doing things on her own.

Annie tried to divert attention from what she'd done when she asked Ryan why he hadn't told her that he loved her since he'd regained his memory. Ryan was unfazed and told Annie that they needed to focus on getting their lives back and asked what she'd intended to do with the video had she managed to record anything incriminating. Annie repeated that she was in the wrong for assuming that she could take care of what she'd heard on her own, and told him that she needed his help to make things right. Ryan told her that before they made any decisions, they needed to watch the video footage. They did that and realized that Ryan arrived home just before they'd admitted anything. Ryan said that the video wasn't proof but that something had to have happened because the girls were afraid. Annie pointed out that she wished that she hadn't overheard the conversation, as they should have been having a celebration about all they'd gotten back and all they had to look forward to. Ryan told her that there would be plenty of time for that. Annie continued to assert that they needed to do something with the information they had but Ryan thought that it would cause more turmoil. He then decided that there was one thing to be done, and before she could react, Ryan snatched the Nanny Cam and smashed it beyond repair.

Angie met up with Jesse at the station and told him about Cassie's suspicions that she had been followed, and their son's resultant reaction. Jesse was sure that Frankie would keep his head but because she saw it with her own eyes, she insisted that Frankie was close to a loss of control. Just then, a cop walked in on them and confessed that he thought his daughter had realized that she had been followed. Jesse raised his voice in an attempt to stop the officer from saying any more, and dismissed him from the office. Angie then chastised her husband for causing such a panic in her daughter. She caustically told him that he'd better have a good reason for what he'd done and Jesse confessed that he had reason to believe that Cassandra had information about Richie's murder.

Frankie found Fletcher in a seedy bar, attacked him and demanded that he stay away from his family and from Randi, unless he had a desire to see more pain.



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