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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 3, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Zach was in Kendall's hospital room. He placed a picture of Spike and Ian next to Kendall's bed. He told the nurse that Kendall would want to wake up to Spike and Ian's faces, because they were the true loves of her life.

Bianca said yes to Reese's marriage proposal. Reese was ecstatic as she kissed Bianca. Bianca assumed they would have their wedding ceremony in Europe, but Reese suggested that they get married in Pine Valley. Bianca explained that she imagined them walking down the aisle in a spectacular piece of architecture in Europe, not in the ballroom of the Pine Valley Inn. Reese felt that Bianca's family and friends needed a happy occasion to lift their spirits from the devastation of the tornado. Bianca reminded Reese that gay marriage was not legal in Pennsylvania. Reese said that they could have a commitment ceremony in Pine Valley and then a wedding ceremony in Europe afterwards. Bianca agreed and they kissed. Reese turned on French music and they slow danced. Then, Gabrielle started to cry, so Bianca went to the baby.

Zach returned home and saw Reese in the living room. He noticed that there was wine out and French music playing. He asked what was going on, so Reese announced that she and Bianca were celebrating their engagement. He smiled and congratulated Reese, but she could tell that Zach was consumed with sadness over Kendall. Zach admitted that he could not stop thinking about the day that the tornado hit. He explained that he had asked Kendall to have another child with him, but she refused. He then confessed that he really left the beach house to clear his mind, not just to get the ingredients for s'mores.

Bianca brought Gabrielle out of the bedroom to see Reese and Zach. The baby was fussy, so Bianca handed her to Zach. Reese was amazed by Zach's ability to soothe the baby. Then, Bianca and Reese informed Zach that they wanted him to be involved in Gabrielle's life. They suggested that he be called "Uncle Zach" until the baby got old enough for them to divulge his real role in her life. Zach agreed.

JR was at Tad and Krystal's home. Colby and Adam arrived to take JR to Babe's funeral. JR claimed that he did not want them at the cemetery, but Colby declared that he needed his family at the funeral. Adam told JR that he was grateful for his son's forgiveness and he hoped that JR would consider moving back to the mansion. Colby believed that Babe would want JR to be with his family, so JR went to the cemetery with them.

David was sitting in the dark at Wildwind with a gun pointed at his head. Krystal entered the estate and pleaded with him to put the gun down. He asked her to give him one reason why he should not end his life. She reminded him that she lost a daughter, too, but she was not going to end her life because of it. He stated that he lived in a world of darkness, but Babe was his only ray of light. He affirmed that Babe was his only reason for living, but he regretted not being closer to her when she was alive. Krystal urged him not to blame JR for his estranged relationship with Babe. He replied that he did not blame JR; he blamed Krystal instead, because she did not tell him that he had a daughter until Babe was a grown woman. Krystal yelled that it was David's fault that Babe kicked him out of her life, since his hatred for the Chandlers and the Martins outweighed his love for Babe. He asked why Krystal stooped so low as to marry Adam and Tad. She claimed that Tad was a great husband, but David did not believe it. He grabbed Krystal and asked her why she was spending time with him, instead of Tad. Just then, Tad entered the home and demanded that David leave his wife alone. Tad and Krystal left Wildwind.

David sat alone in the dark again as he recalled Krystal telling him that his failed relationship with Babe was his own fault. He screamed out, "No!"

Tad and Krystal were at the cemetery. Tad did not think that David was worthy of her time, even if he was grieving for their daughter. She reminded Tad that she had helped him in a similar way. He told her not to compare him to David, but she affirmed that David needed help, too.

JR, Colby, Adam, Tad, and Krystal paid their last respects to Babe before her coffin was lowered into the ground. David then showed up at the cemetery. David announced that he came to make peace because Babe would have wanted it that way. David further stated that Krystal made him realize that he should lead a good life and not harm others. David said that he was going to get a job at the Pine Valley Hospital, so he could care for the sick and make amends for his sins. No one, except Krystal, believed David's claims. David secretly vowed to Babe that he would make them all pay.

Rebecca fainted at the hospital, so Frankie and Angie ran tests on her. They were alarmed when they read the x-ray because it showed that Rebecca had an inoperable brain tumor. Angie broke the bad news to Natalia. Natalia started to cry, so Angie embraced her.

Randi visited Frankie at the hospital because he forgot to meet her for his birthday dinner. Frankie admitted that he resented Natalia for growing up with Jesse as a father. Frankie also divulged that he was angry at Jesse for leaving him and Angie for another family. She told him that he was lucky to have parents that loved him because she never had that while growing up in foster care. She encouraged him to be nice to Natalia because the situation was not her fault.

Annie and Ryan were at an old theater because the kidnapper told them to go there. They were disappointed when they did not see Emma. Soon after their arrival, the kidnapper appeared. In a disguised voice, he demanded that Annie leave with him, so he could take her to see Emma. Ryan did not want her to go, but she insisted. As the kidnapper left, he pulled out a gun and shot at Ryan.

Greenlee informed Jesse about Annie's gunshot wound and the kidnapper's demands. Jesse was annoyed that Ryan and Annie did not give him all of the details of the kidnapping. Then, Jesse received a call about shots being fired at an old theater.

Greenlee and Jesse rushed to the theater and found Ryan. Ryan told Jesse what happened to Annie. Then, Ryan received a phone call from Annie. Annie said that she was with Emma and that their daughter was alive.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ryan was upset that Greenlee asked Aidan to help them find Emma. Aidan said he had access to technology that the police would not get their hands on. Ryan asked Aidan where they needed to start in order to find Emma. Aidan said the kidnapper sounded like he had a personal vendetta against Ryan. The kidnapper was going after people Ryan cared about, which might include Greenlee. Aidan asked Ryan to think of the person who would hate him enough to harm his daughter and wife. At first, Ryan thought David was the culprit, but it seemed illogical because of Babe's death. Ryan said Jonathan's tumor could have returned, but chances were slim. A cell phone was found in the room with Annie, Emma, and the kidnapper. Aidan said he wanted to listen to the last call with equipment he left behind at Greenlee's apartment. They went to her apartment and listened to the call. Aidan heard the sound of a car engine and jet plane. He figured the kidnapper put Annie and Emma on a private jet. Aidan discovered that a private jet arrived in a Pine Valley airport from Puerto Rico before the tornado. Aidan said they needed to go to Puerto Rico, but Ryan had another idea and left. Ryan went to Zach to ask to borrow his jet.

Taylor spoke to her father on the phone as Jake walked into her hospital room. Jake said Taylor should not lie to her father about her health. Jake encouraged Taylor to stop acting so helpless when she could be trying to walk again. Taylor reminded Jake that he was not her doctor and threw charts at him. Also, she said that a hospital never fixed Brot. Taylor said it did not matter if she recovered because she was medically discharged from the military. Jake said being a solider was not everything. But to Taylor, it was her life.

Tad told Krystal that his mystery employer, the person who wanted to know more about Taylor, had contacted him again. Tad said the mystery person wanted to know how Taylor was holding up after a tornado ripped through Pine Valley. JR brought Little Adam over to say goodbye to Krystal and Tad. JR promised to visit Krystal and Tad often. Krystal told Little Adam how much she loved him and then handed him to Tad. JR hugged Krystal and Tad, took Little Adam's hand, and left. Krystal sobbed in Tad's arms after JR and Little Adam were gone. She said it was hard to say goodbye to JR and Little Adam because they were her closest link to Babe.

JR and Little Adam went to visit Colby and Adam before heading out of town. JR told Colby he had to leave town to protect Little Adam from David. Colby said that maybe David wanted to stick around to show Pine Valley he was a changed man. JR warned Colby to stay away from David. Little Adam told JR that Adam loved and missed him. JR said he would come back to visit. Adam did not want to say goodbye to his son and grandson. Instead, Adam and JR said, "See you soon."

David apologized to Zach for his rude behavior the last time they spoke regarding Kendall's condition. David said he was in a bad place after losing Babe. David said Kendall's prognosis was not as terrible as he originally told Zach. Although Kendall was unresponsive, David said there was hope she would recover.

Joe told Angela and Jake that David saved the life of the hospital's head cardiologist. Jake jokingly suggested that David take the cardiologist's place until he recovered. David gladly accepted the offer. Angela thought it was best to get the board's verdict before handing the job to David. Joe said the hospital would lose its certification if a head cardiologist were not on staff immediately. Jake shook his head and walked away. Joe said he would officially ask David to come back to the hospital in front of the board later that day. Krystal was surprised when David told her he had gotten a job at the hospital. David said he wanted to prove he was going to be a better person. He wanted to stick around to spend time with Little Adam, but Krystal said JR and Little Adam had moved back to San Diego, California. David thought it was unfair for JR to take Little Adam away from the only family left related to Babe. Krystal said JR's decision was best for Little Adam, but David knew Krystal wanted Little Adam to stay in Pine Valley.

Tad came up to Jake to check on Taylor. Jake said Taylor was keeping her condition a secret from her family. Tad told Jake someone asked him to look into Taylor's history, but Tad did not know the identity of the client. Tad told the client he was not going to give out any more information until the person came forward. Tad thought it was time to inform Taylor of the client who wanted to know so much about her. After Tad went home, the mystery client called him to ask for updates on Taylor. Tad said he wanted more information about the man before giving any more information about Taylor. The man hung up.

Jake brought Taylor a wheelchair, but she refused to get in it. Jake did a few tricks to entice Taylor to try the wheelchair. It only made her angrier. Jake told Taylor she did not have to live her life in a wheelchair, and left. Taylor tried to get herself out of the bed, but she fell to the floor.

Jesse found Angie at the hospital and asked how Natalia was holding up. Angie said Natalia was well, but a test revealed Rebecca had a brain tumor. Jesse asked to see Rebecca, but Angie said visitors were not allowed yet. Angie broke the news to Jesse that the brain tumor was not operable. Jesse wondered how Natalia would handle losing her mother. Angie said she, Jesse, and Frankie would support Natalia.

At the board meeting, David said he wanted to bring his daughter back to life.

JR and Little Adam visited Babe's grave before leaving town. Krystal found them at the graveyard. She told JR he could not take Little Adam away.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Erica showed up at Fusion to find Randi and Amanda working, even thought the FDA had shut the company down. Erica announced that she was running Fusion because she had Kendall's legal proxy. She then ordered Amanda and Randi to prepare for a press conference.

Erica met with Adam before the press conference. She made a deal with him. In exchange for her silence about the tainting of Bella, Adam would drop his lawsuit against Fusion, pay for all damages, and fund a new cosmetics line that Erica wanted to launch. Adam agreed to the deal and hoped that Erica would keep up her end of the bargain.

Krystal went to the cemetery and begged JR not to leave town with Little Adam. She explained that Little Adam was all she had left of Babe. JR stated that he had to leave because of David. She worried that her grandson would forget Babe if he left Pine Valley. JR swore that he would never let his son forget Babe. Krystal said that JR would move on eventually and remarry, but she could not move on because she could not replace her daughter. Krystal then got on her knees and began to cry. JR promised that he would stay in town, for a while at least.

Krystal returned home and began to cry. Tad comforted her. She worried that JR was staying in Pine Valley simply because she made him feel guilty for taking Little Adam away from her. Tad assured her that JR made the right choice by keeping Little Adam close to his family and friends, especially Krystal.

David announced to the board of the hospital that he wanted to donate money to create the "Babe Hayward Cardiology Wing." The board members were eager to take David's donation, except for Jake. David told Jake to concentrate on his patients because all of them were either in a wheelchair or in a coma. Then, David announced to everyone that Jake's wife left him for a truck driver. Jake looked upset and left the room.

Tad visited Taylor, but she did not want to talk to him. He watched her pull herself into a wheelchair to wheel around. Taylor was frustrated because she continually knocked into objects. Tad offered to help her, but she snapped at him to leave her alone. Then, Jake saw her clumsily wheeling around and he yelled at her to stop. She looked upset and asked Tad to bring her back into her room.

Amanda went to the hospital to see if Jake wanted to get a drink with her. He said that he could not go. She assumed that he wished to stay in the hospital so he could spend time with Taylor. Amanda demanded to know if he had feelings for Taylor. Jake could not deny his feelings for Taylor, so they broke up.

Amanda ran into JR in the hallway of the hospital. She was flustered and confessed to JR that her life was a mess. JR consoled her; meanwhile, David was eavesdropping on the conversation. When Amanda got into the elevator alone, David followed her. He stopped the elevator, so they could talk. He claimed that he wanted to talk about Babe with Amanda. Amanda agreed to meet David for dinner and drinks so they could exchange stories about Babe.

Adam saw JR at the hospital and feared that Little Adam was sick. JR explained that Little Adam was fine. He further stated that they were staying in town for the time being. Adam was very glad to hear it.

Joe informed JR and Adam that David wanted to create a memorial to Babe with his last name. JR threatened to sue the hospital if they used the name "Babe Hayward."

Erica had Dr. Barrington, a specialist from the Bristol Clinic in Toronto, meet with Zach about Kendall's condition. He was eager to work with the doctor until he realized that she wanted to transfer Kendall to Canada for treatment. He declined her offer to treat Kendall just as Bianca entered the hospital room. Bianca wondered why he turned the doctor away. He explained that he would not send Kendall away from her family, especially Spike and Ian.

Bianca told Reese about Zach's reaction to the clinic in Canada. Reese said that Zach probably wanted to exhaust all of his resources in Pine Valley before he let Kendall leave. Bianca stated that they already exhausted the resources and Kendall needed a specialist, like Dr. Barrington.

Bianca could tell that something was bothering Reese. Reese admitted that she was jealous of Bianca's biological connection to Gabrielle. Reese stated that she felt the baby was more Bianca's than hers. Bianca ensured her fiancée that she was Gabrielle's mother too, regardless of genes. Bianca stated that Reese was a caring person who would love their child unconditionally, which made her a great mom. Reese felt better after her talk with Bianca.

Erica arrived at the hospital, so Bianca explained that Zach would not allow Kendall's transfer to Canada. Erica was annoyed because she felt that the clinic was the best chance for Kendall's recovery. Bianca agreed, but she urged Erica not to fight Zach on the issue, because it would only make him more stubborn. Bianca hoped that Zach would come to his senses. Then, Erica noticed a ring on Bianca's hand, so Bianca announced that she was engaged.

Bianca brought Erica to meet Reese. Reese was very excited to meet Erica and hugged her immediately. Erica seemed a little overwhelmed, but she still offered to throw Bianca and Reese a big party for their wedding. Bianca said that she wanted a small ceremony, but Erica insisted on a big event. Reese then asked if she could call Erica "Mom," and Bianca and Erica both yelled out, "No!" Reese agreed to call her future mother-in-law Erica.

Zach sat with Kendall and he promised her that he would not let anyone take her away. He promised to remain by her side until she awoke. Joe entered and tried to convince Zach that the Bristol Clinic was the best place for Kendall, but Zach refused to take his advice. Zach affirmed that Kendall wished to be close to her sons.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jake got frustrated with Taylor's negative attitude, so he tried to lighten her mood. Jake and Taylor watched a foreign movie, even though they both had no idea what the actors were saying. Together, they tried to learn the plot of the movie. Jake did a few pushups. Taylor joked that he should show those exercises to Amanda. Jake said that would be hard, because he and Amanda broke up. Taylor wanted to know why the relationship ended. Jake said it was because of Taylor.

Bianca and Zach tried to decide if sending Kendall to special doctors far away was a reasonable option. JR told them that Kendall might not come back if she was sent away. David apologized to JR for blaming him for Babe's death. David said Kendall would receive the care she needed outside of Pine Valley. JR told David he didn't buy his angelic act. David said he was only trying to live up to Babe's expectations. He said he was not out for revenge or to steal Little Adam.

Zach went to see Kendall. He told her that Bianca and Erica wanted to send her to a special doctor far away, but he wanted her near him. In the end, Zach chose to send Kendall away and called Erica to give her the news.

Ryan grabbed the pilot and demanded to know when the plane left. Aidan apologized to the man for Ryan's behavior. He explained that Ryan's wife and child were missing, and possibly on a plane that left the airport. Ryan released the man, but shunned Aidan for letting the man walk off without giving them answers. Another pilot said he remembered the plane heading to an abandoned sugar plantation, but could not confirm if Annie and Emma were the passengers.

Frankie wanted to know why Tad was asking about a former solider that was in his unit. Tad said someone wanted him to investigate Taylor, but the person would not reveal his name. Tad asked Frankie if he knew who the mystery man was. Frankie suggested Tim Richardson, a solider who refused to see visitors at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Tad went to the hospital looking for Tim, but the staff said Tim was on life support. A crew of veterans filed into the room to share their stories. One by one, the men and women identified themselves and shared their war stories, some which involved explosions and serious injuries. Afterwards, Tad heard a man leaving him a message on a pay phone.

Jackson went to Fusion and found Reese measuring doors for possible renovations. She introduced herself as Bianca's new fiancée. Jackson hugged Reese and welcomed her to the family. Krystal and Amanda gathered Babe's belongings at the office. Erica, who was filling in for Kendall, ordered Amanda to get more supplies and pick up her dry cleaning. Erica told Jackson she took care of the lawsuit filed against Fusion. Adam walked into the room as Erica said Adam dropped the lawsuit. With the lawsuit gone, Erica said she could focus on getting the FDA off Fusion's back. She even went ahead and set up a meeting with the FDA without Greenlee's consent. Jackson reminded Erica that Greenlee owned half the company and had a say in the company business. Adam bought Erica, Reese, and Bianca something to eat as construction workers tried to move Kendall's desk. Erica demanded that Kendall's desk stay in place. She told them Kendall was going to come back to work.

Krystal saw David at the hospital. She told him that JR was staying put in Pine Valley. David told Krystal he was donating money to the hospital for a wing in Babe's memory. Krystal found JR at the park. JR doubted David had become a better man. Krystal thought David was trying hard to be the father Babe always dreamed of. JR thought David was manipulating her. He snarled that she would crawl back into bed with David and make another bastard child. Krystal smacked JR across the face.

Amanda decided to see if David wanted to go to dinner. She walked into his home carrying a wine cooler, complaining about Erica's bossiness and her failed relationship with Jake. Amanda wept in David's arms. He gently kissed her.

Bianca and Erica said their goodbyes to Kendall before she went to Canada for further treatment. Jackson heard the news from Adam, who was waiting for Erica in the lobby. He asked Adam what games he was playing with Erica. Adam said he and Erica loved each other.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tad finally came face-to-face with the man that hired him to come up with information on Taylor, and said that he would leave only after the man told him the reason why. The man told him that as an employee, Tad was only supposed to find and deliver information, not ask for background information. Tad returned the man's cashier's check, reintroduced himself as a friend of Taylor's and then asked his question again. The man identified himself as Mike Sweeney and said that he'd been in Taylor's unit and just wanted to know how she was. Tad asked why he couldn't have chosen a direct route, and Mike claimed that he liked Taylor a lot but since she was engaged, he wanted to avoid stirring up any bad memories for her.

Satisfied for the moment, Tad told him that she'd been doing fine, but wasn't anymore. He filled Mike in on Taylor's accident and how it paralyzed her, and the fact that she'd lost her will to live. Tad offered that perhaps Mike could help Taylor with a visit, but Mike took his hat off, which displayed his massive injuries, and asked how he could possibly be of any help. Tad asked Mike how he'd gotten his injuries and where he planned to go when he got out of the hospital. Mike answered the first question but got irritated that Tad kept digging for a story after the second. He returned the check to Tad and told him that he was still bound by confidentiality. Tad urged the man to reconsider seeing Taylor, as he believed a visit from her platoon mate would do her a world of good.

Taylor rejected Jake's claim that he broke up with Amanda so that he could be with her, and said she was convinced he did so as a way to get her to walk. Jake let her words soak in for a moment, and then told her sincerely that there were a lot of reasons he broke up with Amanda, but one of them was definitely Taylor. She started in on a rant, but Jake stopped her and asked if she would be quiet long enough for him to tell her how he'd been feeling about her. Taylor interrupted again and insisted that all he felt was pity. Jake told her that she was wrong, and then challenged her to deny his belief that she was using her situation as a way to check out of life. He also told her that she wanted to go back to war so she could get herself killed.

Taylor blasted Jake for daring to assume how she felt and he told her that she was not the only one in the world who was ever hurt or felt alone. She asked if he'd ever lost someone he loved because a bomb killed them, and he told her that the only loss he ever felt was when the woman he loved more than life decided to leave him. He recognized that the pain was nowhere near the same. She realized how brutally honest he was being and apologized for the pain his ex-wife had left with him. She told him that his feelings were just as valid as hers, and then shared with him her memory of her last night with her fiancé.

After Krystal slapped him for daring to talk about having bastard children with David while they stood at Babe's grave, JR told her that while he believed that she was strong enough to hold her own, he also knew how low David could stoop when it came to women. Krystal claimed that she could deal with David, but JR hit home when he compared Krystal to his mother - two strong women, both dedicated to Tad and their families, and both sucked in by David. He told her that he didn't want to see her life ruined the way Dixie's had been. Krystal countered that David was not so sure of himself anymore, and revealed that the doctor had pondered taking his own life, and only failed because she stopped him. Krystal told JR not to worry about her, and said that they needed to stop entertaining the "what ifs," since that wasn't what Babe would have wanted. She turned to place a framed picture of Babe with Little Adam on the grave, then made her way out of the cemetery and headed home at JR's suggestion.

David laid a kiss on Amanda for a few moments, then broke it off and cited that he couldn't take advantage of her, as she had been drinking. Amanda protested and said that she'd been enjoying herself. David stood his ground and said that he would call her a cab, but was stunned when Amanda drunkenly called him Jake. After he clarified that she'd called him the wrong doctor and assured her that she would come out better on the other side of the hurt she was dealing with, he got an earful on how she thought she'd learned to avoid being hurt by men. She blathered on until she explained that through a series of events, she'd become a millionaire thanks to JR and his father. David told her how impressed he was with her, and said that she deserved to have a man on her arm that consistently told her how wonderful she was. She welled up with tears at his words, and he told her that if other men hadn't said those things to her, they were all fools. They talked for a little while longer, and Amanda thanked David for being surprisingly sweet. Because she knew that she was in no condition to drive, she told him that she would rest upstairs for a while before she headed home, and then headed upstairs and did just that.

Ryan, Greenlee, and Aidan reached a wooded locale and stumbled upon what appeared to be freshly overturned earth. Dismally, Aidan remarked that he thought they would find that. He asked Greenlee to take Ryan to the car while he sorted things out at the site. Ryan, enraged at how easily they would give up, grabbed a shovel and started to dig, and all the while refused to believe that his wife and daughter were dead. They got a few feet down and, when Ryan uncovered the sleeve of Emma's raincoat, he broke down into tears. Greenlee urged Aidan to cease and desist with the recovery mission while Ryan was still there, but the detective plowed ahead.

Aidan soon called Ryan's attention to the fact that what was clad in the raincoat was merely a life-sized doll. Reenergized, Ryan assisted with the unearthing and together they found a second doll that was closer to Annie's size. Aidan deduced that the kidnapper was playing a game, and Ryan begged Greenlee to go through the clothing on the dolls to see if she could find anything else. He continued to dig near the mock grave and soon found Annie's purse. He opened it and dumped the contents, surprised to find a shot glass inside. Aidan told him that it was left as a clue that Ryan would need to decipher.

The trio found a nearby bar where Ryan showed the bartender two photographs and asked if the subjects had been spotted. The bartender feigned innocence, but a man holding a pool stick physically interrupted, snagged the picture, and then confirmed that he'd seen the older woman the day before. It took a few moments before the local revealed that he had lied to Ryan for the sheer enjoyment of stringing him along. Once Ryan realized the man was playing him, he assaulted the man as payback. The fight blazed pretty quickly, but the bartender extinguished it just as fast. Greenlee saw that Aidan had been punched in the face and tried to help him by bringing over some ice in a napkin, but he pushed her away roughly and demanded that she stay away from him. Ryan went to bat for Greenlee and said that they would get nowhere if they kept attacking each other. He then asked Aidan why he bothered to hunt for Emma when he had so much hatred for his two travel mates. Aidan said that he was doing what he was trained to do - put his life on the line for people that deserved it. He then told Greenlee that she'd made it easier for him to do so, since he had very little left to live for.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Natalia demanded to know what could be done to reduce the threat of her mother's brain tumor, and the risk it posed to Rebecca's life. Jesse interrupted and insisted that Rebecca had refused any invasive techniques. Angry, Natalia refused to accept that Jesse could speak for her mother, and stormed off to Rebecca's room. Rebecca clasped her child close and told her that, as a doctor, she understood what was happening and knew that it was her time to go, despite the fact that it would be hard on Natalia. She told her daughter that there were no miracle cures, so they needed to prepare for the worst so that Rebecca could go with the knowledge that Natalia would be well cared for. Jesse, who had followed her to the room, told Natalia that he and Angie would love for her to be a part of their family, but Natalia angrily exclaimed that his offer violated life as she knew it. Jesse sat on the bed and assured Rebecca that Natalia would be taken care of, but Rebecca told him that their daughter didn't believe either one of them.

After Randi and Frankie caught up with Natalia down the hall, Randi asked Natalia how the young woman was doing. Before she could answer, Randi said that she'd heard what happened to Rebecca and recognized how hard things must be. Natalia voiced her disbelief that Randi would have any clue, but was apologetic when Randi told her she'd experienced something similar when her mother got sick when she was younger. Randi suggested that they all get away from the hospital for a while, and although Natalia looked at her half-brother skeptically, she agreed. They landed at BJ's, but it wasn't long before Natalia and Frankie were at each other's throats. Natalia summarized that while Frankie could still deal with his anger over his father's actions, there was nothing she could do for her mother. Frankie suggested that she let everything else go and just be there for her mother. His pager went off and he announced that he had to go back to the hospital to check on his patients. Randi agreed to stick with Natalia and insisted that Natalia needed more to eat than the hospital food she'd been consuming.

Angie stood back from the bed as she listened to Rebecca come clean to Jesse about the role she played in how Natalia viewed him. Jesse tried to shoulder some blame as he mentioned that he'd left them, but Rebecca told him that somehow, Natalia always knew that Jesse would leave. Her hope, Rebecca said then, was that before she died, she could somehow convince Natalia to open her heart to her father. Jesse refused to let it go, and apologized to both Rebecca and Angie for not being forthright, and thus cheating them and the children out of the man they needed in their lives. He promised that he would do better, but his words mainly fell on deaf ears when Rebecca started to have a seizure.

JR showed up at Wildwind and demanded that David stay away from Krystal. David laughed and assured JR that he had no such designs. He then asked what David's plans were with Amanda, and David tried to benignly explain away the presence of Amanda's car outside the house. He then spotted Amanda peering in on them from the hall and decided to use it to his advantage. He egged JR on and said that he thought JR would be as protective of Amanda as he was of Krystal. He was pleased when he JR blamed Babe's death on Amanda's actions and said that Amanda had always been and would always be trouble, which greatly pleased David. JR then decided he had enough of Hayward, and stalked out, oblivious to Amanda's presence. Once the door slammed, Amanda joined David and said she wished that JR had been the one that died instead of Babe. She ranted for a while and then realized that David's focus was elsewhere. He admitted that he was plagued by the thought of all the pain JR had caused his daughter over the years. Amanda reminded him that JR could no longer hurt Babe. She moved closer and hugged him comfortingly, but it soon turned into a passionate kissing session.

Jesse touched base with his team briefly via phone and, when he ended the call, he ran into his son in the hall. He asked if Frankie had seen Natalia, and his son's clipped anger made him realize he was still in the doghouse. He informed Frankie that Rebecca had just suffered a seizure, and that Angie and an oncologist were in the process of examining her. He then asked Frankie how long he planned to stay angry, but received no answer. Jesse returned to Rebecca's room just as she came to. When she spotted him, she asked him simply to hold her, and Angie was forced to watch from the corner.

Taylor asked Jake to tell her more about his ex-wife and was treated to a humor-injected version of events. The phone rang in the middle of their chat, so when the phone rang and she answered mid-laugh, Mike chose to say nothing on the other end, and simply hung up. With that break, Jake jumped back into the original conversation and confirmed that Taylor was part of the reason he broke up with Amanda. She coyly told him that he shouldn't get sappy because that they were finally becoming friends, but he silenced her swiftly with a kiss.

Tad showed up at the hospital and met up with Frankie, who told him that there was no way the man Tad met was Mike Sweeney. When asked why, Frankie told him that he was the medic that pronounced Sweeney dead. They moved to a computer station and Frankie showed Tad a picture of Mike, which Tad quickly ascertained was not the man he'd met. He told Frankie that the man was severely burned and related the story of how it happened. Frankie thought that it sounded like a story that happened to one of the guys in his unit and pulled up his picture. Tad immediately identified the man and, although Frankie didn't believe it, he told Tad that the man he pointed out was Brot, Taylor's fiancé. Meanwhile, across town, Brot sat alone in a darkened room.

Krystal woke up from a nightmare where David had gotten rid of Tad so that they could be together.

Ryan received a frantic call from Annie, who told him that she'd been blindfolded and put on a plane. Ryan told her that she was in Puerto Rico and that she needed to give him some more information. She couldn't, so he asked her if Emma was with her, but the call abruptly ended. As Ryan stared at his phone in frustration, Annie sat in a luxurious outdoor bath, far from anything that resembled a hostage situation, and calmly drank from a glass of wine.



Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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