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Monday, January 5, 2009

David was annoyed when he saw Jake working at the hospital. David reminded Jake that David had fired him. Jake stated that he filed a grievance against David on the grounds that he was terminated without a valid reason. Jake revealed that he could work at the hospital until a decision was made on his case.

Krystal visited Opal. Opal rambled on about her encounter with Greenlee. Opal explained that she misread Greenlee's tarot cards because the deck was missing a few cards. She then revealed that Greenlee's tea leaves predicted that her life would end on the happiest day of her life. Opal could not decide whether or not she should warn Greenlee against marrying Ryan. Opal realized she was ranting and allowed Krystal to talk. Krystal stated that Tad was missing in Africa. Opal grabbed her chest and fell to the ground.

Krystal rushed Opal to the hospital. Jake was about to admit her when David stepped in. David thanked Krystal for calling him about Opal's condition and brought Opal into a hospital room. Jake and JR confronted Krystal about her relationship with David. She claimed that they were just friends, but Jake and JR suspected they were having an affair because she was acting guilty.

David informed Krystal that Opal would be fine. After Krystal brought Opal home from the hospital, she stopped at David's home. David gave Krystal a glass of milk, spiked with her anxiety medication. Krystal was grateful for the meds. He asked her to go to the grand opening of Zach's casino with him. Krystal was not sure that she was ready for a party, but David assured her that Babe would want her to have fun. Krystal agreed to go, but she planned to go alone.

Adam was glad to see Erica moving her office materials out of his parlor and back into Fusion. Adam presumed that Erica was accompanying him to the casino's grand opening, but Erica did not intend on going with him. He asked her what she thought of him. She said that she considered him an acquaintance instead of a friend because she did not like him. He was insulted and told her to pack all of her belongings, since she was no longer welcome to reside in his home. He also said that he would send her a bill for the time that she spent in the "hotel Chandler." She was appalled that he wanted to charge her.

Bianca helped Erica pack up her office materials at the Chandler mansion. Erica could tell that Bianca was distracted, so Bianca revealed that Reese's ex-fiancé came to Pine Valley. Erica was skeptical of Reese's devotion to Bianca and accused Reese of having a crush on Zach. Bianca was regretful that she told her mother about Reese's past. Erica confessed that she confronted Reese about her past. Bianca told her mother to mind her own business. Erica claimed that she was merely trying to protect her daughter.

Amanda ran into JR at the mansion while she was packing up Erica's belongings. JR apologized for kissing her. She said that she understood why he kissed her, because it distracted him from alcohol. JR claimed that he did not mean to use her. She stated that she did not mind because it helped him stay sober.

Greenlee woke up in Ryan's bed and found a note next to her. In the note, Ryan asked her not to come downstairs until Emma left for school. After Emma was gone, Greenlee asked Ryan about the note. He explained that he did not want to make Emma uncomfortable in her own home. He assumed that Emma would have a hard time adjusting to another woman sleeping where her mother used to sleep. Greenlee understood. Ryan was excited for Greenlee and Emma to build a relationship because he felt that Emma really liked Greenlee already.

Ryan and Greenlee made love. Afterwards, they discussed their wedding. Then, the doorbell rang. Ryan answered the door and Erica entered the penthouse. Erica heard that Annie escaped from the mental hospital and she wanted to make sure that Ryan was safe. Greenlee came into the room and Erica realized that Ryan and Greenlee were back together. Erica warned Ryan not to move too fast with Greenlee. Ryan assured Erica that he was happy with Greenlee.

Reese prepared the casino for its grand opening. Zach saw her and urged her to stop. She assured him that, even though she was a woman, she could handle construction work. Zach knew that, but he wanted her to take a break because he felt she deserved it. Reese showed Zach a plaque that she planned to put up in honor of Myrtle. Zach was pleased with the dedication to Myrtle. Reese inquired about his relationship with her. He explained that they were good friends that enjoyed talking and drinking with each other. Reese stated that she considered Zach a good friend and he reciprocated the sentiment. Then, he quipped that Reese looked terrible and whisked her off to a suite for a spa treatment.

Zach was in awe of Reese when she reentered the casino looking glamorous. He asked her to twirl around, so he could see her dress. She laughed as she turned for Zach. Meanwhile, Bianca entered the casino and jealously watched the exchange between Reese and Zach.

Bianca admitted to Reese that Erica thought that something was going on between her and Zach. Reese affirmed that she and Zach were just friends. Reese was insulted by the innuendo and stated that she did not care what Erica thought. Then, Reese realized that Erica's accusations affected Bianca's opinion of her relationship with Zach. Bianca admitted that Erica got to her. Reese was disappointed, but Bianca apologized. She told Reese that she loved and trusted her.

Reese told Zach that she and Bianca needed to move out. He was confused. She further stated that they could no longer be friends.

Adam and JR arrived at the casino together. Adam followed JR as he walked towards the bar. JR affirmed that he did not need a babysitter.

JR and Adam looked disgusted when they saw Krystal and David standing together at the casino. David urged Krystal not to pay attention to the glares. Krystal then received a phone call. After Krystal hung up the phone she called out Tad's name and proceeded to faint.

Amanda noticed JR grab a bottle of champagne. She looked concerned when she saw him chugging from the bottle.

Ryan and Greenlee saw Opal and thanked her for her positive reading. Opal declared that they could not get married. Ryan and Greenlee looked confused.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

JR told Amanda that he didn't care if everyone knew he was drinking again. Amanda suggested taking JR home, but JR wanted to join the party. Colby was shocked to see JR pouring champagne into a glass. She begged JR to stop drinking, but he only ushered her away. Colby went to Adam to see if he could contain JR. David stood aside and smiled with pleasure as JR made a drunken fool of himself.

Zach asked Reese why they could no longer be friends. Reese said Erica thought that they were romantically involved. Zach said that idea was silly. Reese agreed, but thought it was best if Bianca and Reese moved out. Bianca assured her mother that Reese and Zach were nothing more than friends. Afterwards, she overheard Reese mention possibly moving out to Zach. Bianca assured Zach and Reese that she was not letting her mother's ideas force them out of Zach's home or his life.

Opal told Greenlee and Ryan that Greenlee's reading was not accurate. Her true reading showed only bad things could come from Greenlee and Ryan getting remarried.

David found Krystal on the floor after she received an alarming call from Tad. Krystal said Tad and Jamie were safe and hiding out in the Congo. But Tad told Krystal he would be returning home soon. Opal immediately called Joe to tell him the good news. Opal asked Krystal what was going on with her and David. Krystal said David was just trying to help her cope with Babe's death. Opal reminded Krystal not to forget that Tad was coming home. Krystal told Opal not to preach to her about marriage and grief.

Rebecca, Angie, Natalia, and Jesse arrived at the party. Angie was pleased to see Rebecca having fun at the poker table. Angie joined Rebecca in the game and then danced with Jesse. Jesse asked Angie why Opal was pestering Krystal. Angie said Opal suspected Krystal was cheating on Tad. Angie worried Opal was right. She told Jesse that David and Krystal were caught kissing at the hospital. Angie rushed off to start her shift at the hospital. Another doctor had good news for Angie: Rebecca's MRI from her first round of chemotherapy showed the tumor had stabilized.

Jackson and Carmen also attended the party. Jackson congratulated Greenlee and Ryan on their engagement. Ryan asked for Jackson's blessing. Jackson said he was happy for the couple, whose divorces were both moving along smoothly. Ryan and Greenlee decided to get married on Valentine's Day. Reese and Bianca told them they planned to get married that day, too. Greenlee said she and Ryan could just change the date, but Bianca suggested a double wedding. Erica wasn't thrilled with the idea. Bianca said she and Reese could design the wedding if her mother didn't like their plan.

Jake told Jackson that David was trying to get him fired from the hospital. He wanted Jackson to represent him before the hospital board. Jackson gladly accepted the case. Erica asked Jackson to talk Greenlee out of a double wedding with Bianca. Jackson said he was not going to tell Greenlee how to handle her wedding. Erica thought Ryan and Greenlee's relationship was moving too fast too soon.

Pete introduced his date, Scarlett, to Frankie and Randi. Randi pulled Pete aside to get details on his new look and the girl. Pete said that he hired Scarlett, a hooker, to be his date so Colby would get jealous. Scarlett decided to spend more time dancing with JR than being on Pete's arm. JR stopped dancing when he overheard Greenlee remark about how badly JR was dealing with Babe's death. He went over to Greenlee, but Ryan quickly stepped in front of her. Adam said JR needed to go home, but JR didn't want to listen to his father. David took the opportunity to embarrass JR by making him out to be an unfit parent. Zach's security escorted JR out. Amanda followed behind to take JR home. JR said that he was not worthy of caring for Babe's son-or of Amanda's compassion. Amanda said she cared about JR. JR kissed Amanda. At first, she pulled away, but did not stop him when he kissed her again.

Pete told Randi he didn't understand why Colby wasn't falling for him. Pete said he was just a dweeb. Pete said he needed to figure out a way to get Colby's attention. Randi caught the attention of another man. Frankie felt threatened and told the man to leave Randi alone. Carmen, who was sitting beside Randi, asked why Frankie was being so protective. Randi explained the recent launch of a scandalous videotape that was put on the Internet by her former pimp. Randi asked Carmen how things were going with Jackson. Carmen said their relationship was getting stale. Carmen went to see Jackson, but Erica told Carmen that she and Jackson were in the middle of a conversation. Carmen walked off, but Jackson followed. She told Jackson that it was obvious he still loved Erica, and Carmen waltzed out. Erica apologized to Jackson if she upset Carmen. But Jackson simply told Erica to mind her own business.

Krystal returned home and sat in a darkened house. David arrived to check on her and told Krystal that he knew she really hadn't meant to say that she didn't want Tad to return home. Krystal corrected him; she'd said exactly what she'd meant. Krystal said that she felt horrible for not wanting Tad to come home, but she knew that it wouldn't take Tad long to figure out that things weren't right. Krystal said that she and Tad had been more like best friends than a married couple. Krystal realized she did not love Tad enough-at least not the way that she felt when she was around David. David again told Krystal that she didn't mean what she was saying. Krystal erupted, saying that she was no longer going to ignore how she was feeling. Krystal refused any more of David's sedatives and ordered David to leave her home and her life. As he left, she threw the locket he'd given to her at him.

Scarlett followed Pete home so he could finish the rest of the date, reminding him that he had paid for the whole night. Pete rebuffed the escort's advances and Scarlett seemed to understand that she'd only been hired to make Colby jealous. Pete said he was in love with Colby too much to be with another woman.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jake saw Taylor and Brot at the hospital. Jake noticed that Taylor was limping badly and wondered why. Taylor secretly confided in Jake that she was pretending to be hurt in order to get closer to Brot. Taylor explained that Brot promised not to leave until she was fully healed. Jake thought it was wrong for Taylor to lie. She felt it was her only chance, because Brot was only willing to spend time with her during her physical therapy sessions.

Brot brought Taylor home from the hospital. He wanted to help Taylor stretch, but she wanted to take a break instead. She suggested that they eat, drink wine, and have a picnic, like they did in Iraq. He was uninterested and turned to leave, so she pleaded with him to stay. She said that, if she did not take a break from her therapy, she would get burnt out. Brot understood and stayed. They sat on a blanket while he massaged her feet. They reminisced about the happy times they shared together, like making love under the stars. She then put on music and they danced. At first Brot seemed happy, but eventually he pulled away from her. She ran towards him and begged him not to leave. He noticed that she was very agile and asked if she was faking her injury. She looked nervous.

Colby overheard Adam explaining to Little Adam that he had a doctor's appointment. Colby asked why Adam was taking the little boy to the appointment. Adam revealed that JR never came home the night before. Adam was disappointed in JR because he fell off the wagon. Colby wanted to find her brother, so Adam stated that he was most likely with Amanda.

Adam took Little Adam to the hospital for a checkup. David saw them and gave Little Adam a big hug. David then inquired why JR was not able to take his son to the doctor. Adam tried to walk away from David, but David persisted. David accused JR of being too drunk to take care of his son.

Amanda woke up on her yacht and asked JR how he was feeling. He replied that he would be fine, once he had a drink. She urged him not to drink, but he looked for alcohol anyway. As he searched the yacht, she inquired if he remembered the night they spent together. He affirmed that he recalled every moment and that he did not regret spending the night with Amanda.

Colby went to the yacht to look for JR. JR was annoyed when he saw his sister. Colby begged him to come home, but JR refused. He explained that the mansion reminded him of Babe, which made him want to drink. Colby gave Amanda a dirty look and accused her of aiding JR's drinking habits. JR warned his sister not to insult Amanda, because she was a good friend. JR then told Colby to leave him alone since he did not need advice from a "child." Colby looked hurt and left the yacht.

Colby told Adam that she found JR drunk on Amanda's yacht. Colby wanted to help JR, but Adam warned her that her attempts would be futile. Instead, Adam urged Colby to help Little Adam maintain a happy life.

JR found a bottle of liquor, but Amanda grabbed it and broke it. Nevertheless, he was relentless in his search for liquor and he found another bottle. He drank the alcohol and became intoxicated quickly. Just as he propositioned Amanda for sex, David entered. David told Amanda to leave, so they could speak privately. Amanda was hesitant, but left anyway.

David smirked as he announced that he was glad to see that the real JR returned. David proceeded to tell JR that he was worthless. David got in JR's face and called him dangerous. JR stated that David was putting himself into harm's way.

Amanda found Jake at the hospital. She explained to him that JR was drunk and she was worried because he was alone with David. Jake was concerned and went with Amanda to the yacht. When they arrived, David and JR were nowhere to be found. However, they did find blood on the floor.

JR beat up David and tied him to a piano in his home. JR demanded that David confess to seducing Krystal and scheming to steal Little Adam. David refused to admit anything and told JR to go to hell. JR commented that one of them might be in hell before the day was over.

Greenlee went to Ryan's penthouse in the morning. Emma hugged Greenlee and stated that she missed her mommy. Emma wanted to stay with Ryan and Greenlee, but Ryan said she needed to go to school. While, Ryan brought Emma to her bus, Greenlee set up breakfast for him. He was pleasantly surprised when he reentered his home and saw Greenlee in nothing but an apron and underwear. She said that she was hungry as she put whipped cream on Ryan's lips and licked it off. Then, they made love.

Greenlee and Ryan relaxed in front of the fireplace. She stated that she could not sleep the night before because she was not with Ryan. He admitted that he had a hard time sleeping as well. He then gave her a ring to make their engagement official. She loved the ring, but could not determine what kind of a stone it was. He explained that he wanted to get her something more unique than a diamond, so he gave her a moonstone. She thanked him and they kissed.

Bianca arrived at the casino and secretly watched Reese and Zach's interaction with each other. Reese and Zach laughed and joked as they discussed their plans for the casino. Bianca seemed uncomfortable.

Bianca told Reese that Ryan and Greenlee were going to meet them to start planning their weddings. Bianca then flipped out over all of the details that they had to tie up for their wedding. Reese told Bianca to relax, but Bianca remained very anxious. Reese realized that Bianca was still upset over Erica's accusation that she and Zach were romantically interested in each other.

Bianca, Reese, Ryan, Greenlee, and Zach met to discuss the weddings. Zach offered to let the couples have their weddings at the casino. Then, Zach and Reese excitedly explained their thoughts on how to host the weddings at the casino. Bianca stated that she hated the idea and stormed off.

Ryan followed Bianca and asked her what was going on. She confessed that she was worried about Zach and Reese's relationship. She also divulged that Zach was the biological father of Gabrielle. Ryan was shocked by the information and wondered what Bianca planned to do. She considered setting up Zach and Reese to test whether or not they had romantic feelings for each other. He felt that was a bad idea.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Opal went to see Krystal, who was trying to track down David at the hospital. But the hospital had not seen him. Opal accused Krystal of cheating on Tad with David. Krystal claimed she and David were nothing more than friends. Krystal said she was turning to David to help with some renovations to The Comeback while Tad was gone. Opal said Krystal had plenty of friends other than David to ask for help. Krystal said she didn't feel like she had many friends when they accused her of cheating on Tad. Opal understood Krystal and David were mourning together, but Opal said it was time Krystal admitted her feelings for David. Krystal said she was drawn to David, but not sure how to stop it. Krystal said David had been giving her medication to help with anxiety attacks. She noticed Opal's bag beside the couch. Opal made it clear she was moving in to keep an eye on Krystal until Tad came home.

JR demanded that David admit he was using Krystal to get custody of Little Adam. David asked JR what pushed him to drink again - the holidays without Babe or sleeping with Amanda, Babe's best friend. Krystal left a message on David's machine while he was tied up. Krystal apologized for throwing the locket at him and asked him to call her. JR saw the locket by David and picked it up. He saw the picture of Babe inside. David said the locket was a Christmas gift to Krystal. JR said David never really knew Babe. David said he came to Pine Valley to make up the lost time to Babe. But deep down, David said JR was to blame for Babe's death.

JR went through the wine cabinet searching for a fresh drink. Instead, he found a gun and shot it in the air a few times. David said Babe's death would haunt JR forever. JR called Krystal on David's phone. Krystal assumed it was David, but she was surprised to hear JR on the other end. JR said Krystal needed to come to David's house immediately. Opal suggested she and Krystal do some laundry to keep Krsytal's mind off David. Opal said she would keep quiet about David to Tad unless Krystal continued to see David. Opal heard Jenny crying and went to check on her. Krystal snuck out to see JR. She was shocked to see David tied to the piano and bullet holes in the ceiling. Krystal urged JR to untie David, but JR said David was using Krystal to steal Little Adam from him. Krystal told JR that David had no plans to steal his son.

Opal called Krystal once she realized Krystal was gone. Opal reminded Krystal that if she were with David, nothing good would come from it.

Brot was shocked when he thought Taylor was faking being paralyzed. Taylor said she knew Brot would leave the moment she was better. She thought they would become closer if they had more time together. Brot said he and Taylor were never going to be together again. Brot walked toward the door, but Taylor begged him to stay. Brot asked Taylor how they would handle the situation if the relationship didn't work. Brot worried he would disappoint Taylor, so he figured it would be easier to leave. Taylor asked Brot to come closer. She said that her love for Brot never stopped, despite his new appearance. Taylor wanted Brot to say he loved her, too, but Brot was silent. Brot sat on the couch beside Taylor. He did not push her away when she touched his face and commented on how beautiful he was. Brot got nervous and moved away. Taylor got up, touched his arm and kissed him. Afterwards, they lay on the couch together in each other's arms.

Bianca said she was setting Reese up to confirm Reese and Zach did not have feelings for each other. Ryan said Bianca was making a mistake by playing Reese.

Zach walked in and found Greenlee and Reese talking. Reese said Bianca did not want to have the wedding at the casino. Zach wondered if Bianca was upset with him over something. Reese said Bianca was upset, but did not tell him why. Zach told Reese the wedding would be successful no matter where it took place. Reese rushed off, but Ryan and Bianca stopped by looking for her. Greenlee and Ryan agreed to find a new spot for the double wedding. Bianca left to find Reese. Zach wanted to go after them, but Greenlee said the couple needed time alone to deal with a few issues.

Greenlee and Ryan went home. Ryan said Zach should have told Kendall he was the biological father of Gabrielle before Kendall went into a coma. To make matters worse, Ryan said Bianca believed Reese and Zach had feelings for each other. Ryan let Greenlee in on Bianca's plan. Like Ryan, Greenlee thought Bianca's plan would blow up in her face.

Bianca said she wanted the marriage with Reese to be real, not just a commitment ceremony. Bianca told Reese they should go check out places in Connecticut. But Reese said she was too busy to check anything out until a later date. Bianca offered to go by herself immediately, and quickly rushed off to pack when Zach came home. Zach encouraged Reese to go with Bianca. But Reese said her gut told her to stay in Pine Valley.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Emma was dropped off at the penthouse and mentioned an upcoming class trip to the aquarium. Annie was supposed to act as a chaperone, but obviously she'd be unable to help out. Greenlee said that she'd be happy to be help out. Ryan took the opportunity to ask his little girl how she felt about the idea of Greenlee being around more often. Emma was worried when he clarified that he and Greenlee planned to get married. She asked about her mother, and Ryan told her that he and Annie had decided that because they didn't love each other the same way they used to, they would be better off as friends. He then had to assure Emma that no matter what, nothing would change how he loved her. Satisfied with his answer, she asked if she would be invited if they had a wedding. The adults chuckled and when Greenlee asked if Emma knew anyone that would be interested in being their flower girl, the little girl eagerly raised her hand.

While Zach loaded Bianca's car with bags, Reese reluctantly bid farewell to her beloved. She briefly reconsidered her decision to stay in Pine Valley, but Bianca pointed out that with all of the work Reese would be leaving behind, Reese would end up being on the phone for most of the trip, which was something that did not lend itself to romance. Reese agreed and the trip was back on track until Bianca heard Gabrielle cry. She asked if they needed her to delay her departure, but Zach and Reese assured her that they would be fine for one night and shooed her out the door. Once the door closed, Bianca looked back and was uncomfortable at how close her fiancée and brother-in-law seemed to be.

Erica found an unsettled Opal at the Martin residence and Opal regaled her with stories of how Krystal had spent an exorbitant amount of time with David while Tad had been out of town. She also learned that David had plied Krystal with pills as a way for her to deal with her grief, and had gotten Krystal addicted. Erica noted that Krystal couldn't be trusted and that her track record with men proved that. She then segued into a bash session about Reese, which Opal didn't get, as she believed that Reese had been nothing but good for the youngest Kane child. Erica pointed out that Reese had hidden her past engagement to a man, in addition to the architect's increasingly close relationship with Zach. Opal called her on that theory, as both she and Erica knew that the only woman for Zach was Kendall. She urged Erica to trust the solid head that Bianca had on her shoulders, and Erica caved in and said that she should make an effort to really get to know Reese. They bid each other farewell and just as Erica left, Kathy came down the stairs in search of Krystal. Opal wasn't able to tell her when Krystal would be home, but offered to make a call and find out.

The call went unanswered, so when Kathy came back downstairs with a book to read before bedtime, Opal told her that Krystal would be back soon and that they would read the book until she got home. They had barely started when they heard the door open, and both were surprised when it was Tad, not Krystal, that walked through the door. Opal sat stunned on the couch while Kathy ran to her father for a bear hug. Opal had to be prompted to do the same, but her stunned behavior melted into a nervous disposition as her son asked questions about his wife's whereabouts. Opal knew that she wasn't good at hiding the truth from Tad, so she quickly made excuses about why she had to leave, and practically ran out the door.

Krystal made a beeline to Wildwind and desperately tried to convince JR that hurting David was a bad idea, but the young mogul ignored her plea and tried to make her see that David was using her to get custody of Little Adam. When David refused to confess to the plan, JR noted that there was no reason to keep him alive and aimed a gun at the doctor's head. David, who never had a problem pushing people to their limits, dared JR to pull the trigger. JR was tempted, as it would get David out of their lives, but Krystal reminded her son-in-law that he would spend the rest of his life in jail. JR thought it would be worth it, but Krystal continued to try to talk him down. JR was disgusted that she would defend David after all he had done, but Krystal asserted that David became a different person after Babe's death. A realization came over JR and he noted aloud that he should have realized before that Krystal's protests were linked to the fact that she was sleeping with David.

Instead of addressing the accusation, Krystal instead attempted to refocus the discussion on JR's drinking, and said that he couldn't expect to keep custody of his son if he wasn't able to stay sober. JR lashed out at her for her avoidance of responsibility, but when both she and David insisted that they had done nothing but help each other through the pain, JR announced that they disgusted him and he walked out. Krystal untied David and he went directly for his phone and said that he wanted to call the police. Krystal was horrified with the idea and worked really hard to convince David that sending JR to jail would be a bad idea. David agreed not to bring in the authorities, but followed directly with the notion that he didn't need the police to make JR pay for what he had done.

Krystal begged David to let his vengeful feelings go, but David told her that JR had taken things too far. She reminded him that they had agreed that she needed to put an end to their indiscretions and fix things with her family. David begged her to wait, and justified their actions when he said that everything they had done was to comfort each other. He then pulled her close and kissed her again, but the kiss was cut off when Opal snuck into the house and caught them in the act. She berated them for their actions and then, as an aside, informed Krystal that Tad was home. Opal stormed back out of the house. Krystal became extremely upset because she believed that Opal would reveal all to her son. David didn't think that was the case and urged her to go home and do damage control.

Frazzled, Bianca went to Ryan's place to try to clear her head. She confessed that she was still having doubts about Reese's relationship with Zach, but said that she would soon know if anything was going on. Greenlee overheard the conversation as she came down the stairs, and asked what Bianca had done. Bianca told them that she had lied about driving to Connecticut and planned to see what, if anything, would happen when Reese and Zach had a chance to be alone. Greenlee warned her against it and said that if Reese found out what she'd done, the trust between them could be lost for good. Bianca worried that her behavior made her look crazy, but Ryan told her that she just seemed to be in love with Reese and concerned about losing her. They were interrupted by a phone call from Reese and, when Bianca answered, Reese told her to be safe, as she wouldn't know what to do if she lost Bianca. They confessed their love for each other and when Bianca hung up, she told Ryan and Greenlee that she had been stupid to think that her plan could work.

Bianca talked out her feelings of insecurity, and realized that she had spent far too much time focused on why her relationship might fail. She decided that she needed to go home and rectify things. She asked Ryan and Greenlee not to tell anyone that she had been here, but Ryan told her that she had nothing to be ashamed of. Bianca visibly winced and assured them that she did.

Alone in the house, with the kids in bed, Zach and Reese opened a bottle of wine and chatted briefly about the trials and tribulations of parenting. Reese then noted that she wouldn't be able to take advantage of the extra room in her bed because she planned to stay up all night and work. Zach assured her that the city wanted to rebuild and that she should have a clear shot at a permit.

A short time later, Erica stopped, but her attempt at goodwill was short-lived once she found that Reese and Zach would be in the house overnight without Bianca. She called Reese on the fact that she hadn't been forthcoming about Simon, and went so far as to suggest that her involvement with Zach was more involved than it should be. She laid out certain scenarios as evidence, but Reese stood firm that she and Zach were just friends. Erica didn't let up until Zach called her out on her intentions. He reminded her that the only woman on his mind was Kendall, and that Erica was wrong to think otherwise. Erica told him that she didn't have cause to suspect him, and then announced that Bianca deserved far better than Reese before she stormed out.

Tears streamed down Reese's face as she gave in to the fear that Bianca might leave because of her mother's beliefs, but Zach forced her to reexamine her feelings. He informed her that Erica's modus operandi was to push people to their breaking point, and since she couldn't do so with her usual target - Kendall - she chose to do so with Bianca.

After his mother's departure, Tad took a few moments to catch up with his daughter. In the course of conversation, she mentioned that she'd heard some jokes from Dr. David. Tad pressed the issue and was none-too-pleased to find out that David had been spending time with Tad's family.

After they put Emma to bed, and Ryan tried to convince Greenlee that she needed to spend more time at his house, they both admitted that they felt slightly guilty about being so happy when their loved ones had so much trouble with commitment.

Krystal got home and flung herself into Tad's arms as she professed how much she'd missed him and how glad she was that he was home. After the initial bliss, Tad asked where she'd been. Krystal hesitated, which allowed enough time for JR to drunkenly stroll in. He announced that he could easily disclose Krystal's whereabouts.

Erica returned to her suite and found that Opal had been let in, and wondered why she was there. Opal told her about what she'd walked in on at Wildwind and how she had to avoid the truth when Tad had returned home. Erica was shocked that Opal hadn't told her son about Krystal's betrayal, and said that she wouldn't sit back while Bianca got her heart broken again. Meanwhile, Zach apologized to Reese for being so harsh with her. She told him that he didn't come close to the damage that Erica had done, and admitted that she questioned moving to Pine Valley in the first place. She told him that things had been fine with Bianca when they were in Paris, but when they moved to town, things started to fall apart. Zach reassured her that she was the best thing that had happened to Bianca, and wrapped her in a comforting hug. Outside the door, Bianca saw the embrace and found it to be suspect.



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