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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 5, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Lucy, Dusty, and Johnny entered Memorial Hospital and used the stairwell so that no one would see them in the elevator. As Dusty tried to establish a rapport with his boy, Lucy cautioned him not to force himself on Johnny.

Craig talked to Alison and Katie, as he surprised them in an exam room in the hospital. He was curious when a nurse entered and referred to Katie's "procedure." Alison and the nurse gave Craig and Katie a moment alone, and Craig surmised that Katie was a matching bone marrow donor for the daughter of Alison's friend. Katie denied that vehemently and said she was just having her annual physical. Craig made his sister promise she would call him if the doctor found anything untoward.

Dusty and group met Alison waiting outside Katie's room, and she dropped the bombshell that Craig, Johnny's biological father, was in with Katie. Alison led them to a different room until Craig made his exit. Alison went into Katie's room and urged Craig to be tested. Surprisingly, this time he agreed, and Alison led him away to get her test kit. The trio then went to see Katie, as Lucy said if Katie's tests were all good, the doctors could do the transplant right away. Katie expressed the desire to call Brad and tell him what she was doing, but Lucy was opposed to telling anyone else. Dusty supported Katie because he was aware that there were risks in any procedure.

Henry was signing copies of his book, "The Man from Oakdale," at the diner. Vienna went outside for a minute and found Casey peering in the window, watching Maddie, inside. Vienna dragged him in and led him to Maddie. The two teens felt awkward, and Maddie referred to herself as "a loser." She maintained she knew what she heard coming from inside the hotel room on New Year's Eve, but Casey denied that anything happened between Alison and him. Maddie was not convinced and asked Casey to leave.

Henry explained the plot of his book to a regular diner customer, Mr. Peacock, who needed to be persuaded to part with money to buy a copy. Henry said the story told what would happen if he and Vienna got hired to search for a young boy named Johnny whose older sister, Lucy, had kidnapped him to keep him from being the prize in a battle between his biological father, Craig, and his adoptive father, Dustin. Mr. Peacock passed on the book, but Vienna convinced him to stay for the reading, which included a free doughnut. Vienna asked the visitors to find seats because Henry was about to begin his reading. Henry suggested Vienna read it with him, and he introduced her to the crowd. Henry began reading, and Maddie slipped outside for some air. Casey followed her out and attempted to explain that he had been in bed by himself when Maddie had overheard voices. Maddie pressed him to tell her he didn't have a "thing" for someone else, but Casey said he was not sure. He apologized and told Maddie she deserved someone better.

Alison led Craig down the stairs and then suddenly "remembered" she had left her blood kit at Java. She asked him to accompany her there, but Craig tried to back out. Alison tried to talk him out of his valid feeling that Alison and his sister were trying to keep something important from him.

Back in the exam room, Brad burst in and demanded to know what was going on. Katie introduced him to Lucy and Johnny, and she explained their problem. The others stepped out so Brad and Katie could discuss her being a donor for Johnny, but Brad was much opposed. He could not understand why his wife would risk her life for a lowlife like Craig. Katie argued that it was not about Craig, it was about saving a boy, and she promised that nothing bad would happen to her. After all, she had survived donating part of her liver to her sister, Margo. Lucy came in and told them Dr. Reed was ready to begin Katie on the medications she must take for a day or two before the procedure. Suddenly, they heard Craig's voice in the corridor, so Brad ran interference. He offered to take Craig to lunch, telling him that it was Katie's request that the two of them get to know one another better. Craig demanded to know exactly what kind of procedure Katie was getting, and Brad bluffed that it was a "womanly thing." Craig reluctantly agreed to the lunch, and the two of them left.

Alison gave the all clear signal, and Katie asked Lucy one last time if she thought it was fair to keep Craig in the dark about Johnny's condition and whereabouts. Lucy replied that she had never been so sure of anything in her life. Lucy asked Alison to leave because she did not want her friend implicated if Dusty called the police as soon as the transplant was completed. The two of them hugged, and Lucy thanked Alison again.

Brad and Craig went to the Lakeview for lunch and Craig appeared surprised that Brad could hold a civil conversation with him. Then Brad lowered the boom by calling his brother-in-law a "bastard," and telling Craig he was never to go near Katie again. Brad promised to hunt him down if Craig ever pulled Katie into another one of his schemes. He issued yet another stern warning and walked out.

Lucy and Dusty waited while the doctor took Johnny to get him ready. Dusty asked Lucy how she managed to keep one step ahead of him, but she did not reveal her methods. Dusty said Johnny needed to be with his father, so Lucy begged that wherever Dusty was going, that she go, too. She argued that she loved the boy, and he needed a doctor with him. Lucy vowed she would rather never see Johnny again than let Craig have him. Dusty thought about that and then agreed, and Lucy gave him a big hug.

The doctor approached and agreed with Lucy's medical assessment of the boy, and they all concurred that the transplant must take place. Lucy told Dusty that Katie had to take her medications for a brief time and also have a few more tests before they could proceed. She suggested it might be safer to do the transplant in Chicago where there was less chance Craig could locate them. Dusty told Katie the change of plans, and she reiterated what she had said to Lucy: it was not fair to leave out Craig.

Henry and Vienna finished their passionate reading from the book, and everyone was excited. Even Mr. Peacock came around and bought five copies. Henry asked Maddie where Casey was, and his sister told him that Casey was gone for good. Vienna became angry at how Casey had treated the girl.

Casey found Alison on playground swings, and he asked her about the New Year's Eve scenario at the Lakeview. Alison promised she would tell him as soon as she could, and then she asked about Maddie. Casey told her Maddie had heard them in the hotel room, but that whatever relationship he had with Maddie was over. Alison said she was sorry, but Casey told her he was not. She scolded him for letting Maddie get away again and left to find her. She bumped into Maddie outside the diner and tried to explain that there was nothing serious between Casey and her. Maddie said that Casey disagreed, just as he walked up. Alison denied she had any relationship with him and then angrily asked Casey why he had told Maddie he had a "thing" for Alison. She accused him of using her to get rid of Maddie, and Casey agreed he should not have said that to Maddie.

Back at the Lakeview, with a worn-out Johnny napping, Dusty received a phone call from Josie, and he promised to call her back in a few days. Lucy asked about his relationship with Josie, but Dusty was closemouthed. When Johnny woke up, Dusty told him that he, "Lulu," and Johnny were going on a trip to Chicago. Johnny wanted to know why Dusty was going, and his father answered that it was to make things easier.

Katie surprised Craig at the Lakeview and told him he was a psycho-menace, and she didn't know why she was telling him what she knew, because he certainly did not deserve it. Then she said she knew where Johnny was.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Katie stunned Craig when she approached him at the Lakeview and told him she knew where Johnny was. He didn't believe his sister and felt she was punishing him for his forcing her to provide him with an alibi in Paul Ryan's car bombing. Katie assured him she was telling him about Johnny only because he was the boy's biological father, not because she had warm sibling feelings towards him. She explained that Lucy and Johnny were in Oakdale, but that Dusty was planning on leaving with the boy soon. She told him Johnny was suffering a recurrence of the blood cancer he had experienced as an infant, and needed a bone marrow transplant. She said Dusty and Lucy had the boy in room 1020 at the hotel and were preparing to take him to Chicago for the procedure. Craig walked out immediately, not realizing he passed Dusty, who was sitting in the lobby. Dusty got up and asked Katie why she was talking to her brother, and she said she had told Craig that his son had a life-threatening illness. Dusty reprimanded her for compromising Johnny's safety, so an upset Katie called Brad and asked him to meet her right away.

Upstairs in room 1020, Lucy and Johnny were packing and gathering up the boy's stuffed lion in preparation for a new adventure. Lucy answered a knock on the door, but instead of Dusty, whom she was expecting, there stood Craig. He called her his pet name, "Lullaby," and asked about Johnny. He barged into the room and picked up Johnny. He was amazed at the boy's size as it had been two years since he had last seen him. Johnny did not remember his father, however. Dusty came in, and Craig insisted they begin the transplant immediately, right there at Memorial Hospital in Oakdale. Lucy agreed, since the need for secrecy was no longer pertinent.

At Lily's house, Luke came home and found Brian alone in the living room. Brian told him that he had precipitated the slugging incident by Noah with his initial actions towards Luke, and they shook hands and Brian declared them "friends." Lucinda came in and picked up on the fact that something was going on between them. She demanded to know what they were hiding, but neither man spoke. Jade and Lily arrived home after a shopping spree, and Lucinda referred to Lily's generosity towards her niece as "throwing good money after bad." Jade retaliated by blurting out that at least she did not have a gay husband!

Luke attempted to hustle Jade out of the room, but Lucinda stopped them and insisted Jade repeat her remarks. When Jade did not cooperate, Lucinda wanted to know why the girl was mouthing off. Lily was totally confused and turned on Jade, asking why the she was attacking Brian. Lucinda lit into Luke who was still trying to get Jade out of there. Suddenly Brian put an end to all the clamor by shouting, "Stop it!" at them all. Lily called a time out, and Lucinda asked for a private conversation with Luke. Jade commented, "Good luck with that," and she gathered her packages and went upstairs. Luke told his grandmother she should be talking to her husband instead of to him, and he went outside for some air, followed by a very puzzled Lily.

Lucinda turned to Brian, who began declaring his love for her and telling her that was all she needed to know. Lucinda disagreed, so Brian admitted he had made a pass a Luke, and Lucinda asked for clarification. Finally, Brian said he had kissed Luke and explained that he had experienced those feelings all his life, but he refused to label his behavior. He said he never meant to hurt her, but she answered that he had done exactly that. He apologized and hoped they could put it all behind them, but Lucinda called their marriage a lie. She lamented that all the time she was thinking of having sex with her husband, he was thinking of having sex with her grandson. She asked Brian if he was still attracted to Luke, and Brian answered truthfully and said yes. Lucinda told him to go upstairs, pack his things, and leave.

Katie was in her hospital room waiting for the doctors to begin the transplant. Brad was with her and told her again how brave she was. Craig came in to thank her for what she was doing for Johnny, and he hinted that perhaps the event could be a new beginning for the two of them. Katie was not willing to consider that yet, and a nurse and an orderly arrived to take her for the transplant. Brad threatened Craig that if anything happened to his wife, Craig would pay.

In another hospital room, Dusty comforted Johnny by reading to him, and he told the boy he was a true champion. Craig came in and spoke to his son, wishing him well. Lucy was upset, and Craig asked to speak with her alone. Lucy agreed over Dusty's protests, and when the orderly took Johnny away, the two of them went to Java for coffee. Craig reminded his daughter that she had kept him away from his son for two years, and he assured her that he had changed during that time. He pleaded with her to take the time to get to know him again. Lucy said she still blamed him for the death of her brother, Bryant, but Craig promised to work with Dusty for the boy's good, and Lucy said she would at least try to give her father a chance-but she had to put the boy first.

Brad waited through the procedure with Dusty and commented that the transplant was taking a long time. The two men talked about being fathers and found they had some things in common. Neither thought it had been wise for Katie to tell Craig that Johnny was in Oakdale, and Brad spilled the news that Craig had blackmailed Katie, but he did not elaborate. Dusty offered to help and suggested that he and Brad team up to stop Craig. Before that could happen, though, Dusty said Brad had to tell him the whole story about the blackmail. Brad then told him how Craig had hired Spencer McKay to set up Brad so that in the end, Katie would provide her brother with an alibi. Dusty said he would handle Craig himself and promised not to involve the police.

Lily asked Luke if what had just happened in her living room had anything to do with what had been eating at him since before Thanksgiving. Luke then explained how Brian had kissed him and then denied it. Lily was horrified, but Luke told her the truth about the incident on New Year's Eve and confessed he had been drinking and that he had kissed Brian. Lily was disappointed and worried that the boy had been drinking and told him he should have told someone about Brian. Luke said Lucinda was so happy in her new marriage that he couldn't bring himself to break her heart. He defended Brian as being a good person, but one very messed up in his sexuality. Lily felt badly for her mother.

The transplant concluded, and Katie came back to her room to rest. Brad went to get her some water, and Dusty came in to tell her she had done a great thing by participating. He asked her for one more favor, however. He said he knew she had given a false alibi for Craig, and Katie was shocked that he knew. Dusty wanted her to tell Margo the truth, and then the police would have to arrest Craig. He offered to protect Katie from any repercussions, but Katie was furious and told him he was obsessed with Craig. Dusty reminded her she was the one who had told Craig that Johnny was in town, and therefore she brought her brother back into the boy's life. It was up to her to get him out.

Before he left, Brian asked to say something to Lucinda. He said he still felt they belonged together and could make a marriage work in spite of what had happened, but Lucinda was not buying it, and she threw him out. Lily saw him leave and she came in to see her mother. Lucinda was full of self-blame for ignoring the signs she had seen.

Craig wanted to make peace now that the transplant had taken place.. It appeared to Dusty that Craig and Lucy had reached some sort of accord, but when Craig went to check on Katie, Lucy told Dusty she still wanted the three of them to go away together so that her father could never find them.

Katie told Craig that Dusty knew the truth about the phony alibi, so Craig calmed her by telling her he would talk to Dusty and make him see reason. Craig went back to the room where Dusty and Lucy were waiting and overheard their discussion about travel plans and passports. He heard Dusty say that he would make sure Craig never saw his son again.

Brad returned with flowers for Katie, but she said she was on to him. She accused him of telling Dusty how Craig had set them up, but Brad said Dusty had promised never to tell. Katie got very upset and asked her husband to leave.

Craig phoned Margo and told her Lucy had returned with his son, Johnny, and he wanted her to arrest Lucy immediately for kidnapping.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Carly's banker came to Metro to tell her that his bank was calling her loan because she was behind on two payments. She was desperate and wracked her brain to figure out how to get her hands on some money.

Jack and Janet enjoyed the sounds of silence at the farm. Janet could not wait until they had a home of their own, and Jack suggested he try again to get a second mortgage on Carly's house.

Craig called Margo and informed her that Lucy and Johnny were at Memorial Hospital. He demanded that Margo go arrest his daughter for kidnapping. Margo warned him about traumatizing his son, but Craig responded that Johnny would get over it. In Johnny's hospital room, Dusty and Lucy talked as the boy slept. Dusty suggested Lucy go back to the hotel and take a shower and get some rest; she reluctantly agreed. In the hall, she ran into Craig, who questioned her about where she was going. Dusty came out of Johnny's room and offered Craig some alone time with his son.

Henry visited Katie, by request of Brad. He asked her why she was in the hospital, and Katie replied that she had donated some bone marrow to a sick kid. Henry asked who the child was, and Katie told him it was Johnny. Henry was thrilled at the news, not only for the boy's sake, but also because of his recently published book, "The Man from Oakdale." He gave Katie an inscribed copy and was gleeful that Johnny's return was a platform for good publicity. Craig popped in, and Henry tried to peddle one of his books to him. Craig reported that Johnny was doing fine and was in no pain. He thanked Katie again for her part in the procedure, and then he left. Henry told Katie he had a feeling that whatever was wrong between her and Brad had something to do with Craig.

Dusty caught up with Lucy on the street and told her he was worried about her. He cautioned her to watch herself, because he felt Craig was up to something. He was suspicious that Craig was after Lucy, so he suggested she not go to the Lakeview, but instead get herself to Metro where Derek Coburn would take her somewhere safe. After some thought, Lucy agreed, and she took off for Metro. Dusty called Derek to set up his plan, and then he returned to the hospital, where he found Josie waiting for him. Dusty asked for her help in keeping an eye on Craig. She was not pleased that Dusty was leaving to meet Lucy, but she agreed to watch Craig.

Johnny woke up and asked for "Lulu." Craig comforted the boy and explained that he was Lucy's daddy. He told the boy that he loved him and that no one would ever take him away again because he was home. Margo arrived, and Craig asked if she had arrested Lucy, but Margo said her niece was not at the Lakeview. She reminded her brother that she was not his private security force, and told him he could carry on his revenge without her. Craig said Lucy would return to wherever Johnny was, and he planned on filing charges against her when she showed up. Josie was standing nearby and overheard Craig tell Margo he expected her to "throw the book" at his daughter.

Janet and Jack found Carly at home, and Jack told her the newlyweds wanted to buy a house, so he was planning on going back to the bank to secure a second mortgage on the home they had shared. Carly said she was sorry, but that was out of the question because she was hoping to take out another mortgage herself. Then she explained that the bank had called her loan on Metro, and she could not lose her business. Jack stepped out to take a call, and Carly apologized to Janet for needing the money out of the house for herself. Janet did not believe Carly was sincere and called her a lousy businesswoman. Carly began to lecture Janet on living on a policeman's salary, while Janet continued to rant that Carly needed to get over thinking she could still control Jack's life. Jack returned and tried to intervene, but Janet still had something to tell Carly. She said Carly did not really know Janet well and had no right to make judgments. Jack finally asked his ex-wife to make a choice: did she want to keep her family safe and provided for, or would she prefer to keep Janet and him from starting a life together? Carly gave up and said she would find her money elsewhere.

Dusty found Lucy in Metro's storeroom, and she was desperate for news of Johnny. Dusty assured her the boy would make it just fine, but Lucy was anxious and eager to return to Memorial to see Johnny for herself. Dusty took a call from Josie, who reported that Margo was at the hospital with Craig, and they were planning to arrest Lucy for kidnapping as soon as she appeared. Dusty told Lucy what her father was doing, and she berated herself for believing Craig's big talk about their all being family. Dusty cautioned her to leave town, but Lucy refused to abandon Johnny to save her own skin.

Dusty explained that the boy could not recuperate on the run, nor could Lucy stay around waiting for him to get better. He offered to help her get away, and said he would continue to look after and protect his son. Lucy agonized over her decision, torn between hating Craig and loving Johnny. Finally, she agreed to leave the boy in Dusty's care under two conditions. First, Dusty had to make peace with Craig and stop fighting, and second, she needed to see Johnny one more time before she left. Dusty called Josie and told her Lucy was going to leave town but wanted to see the boy for a moment; Josie thought the latter was a bad idea. She said Margo and Craig were watching the boy's room constantly. Dusty advised her to think of something creative to distract their attention, as seeing Johnny was the only way to make Lucy leave. Josie agreed to improvise.

Margo comforted Katie, who was feeling uncomfortable after her bone marrow donation. She told Katie that Craig wanted Lucy arrested, and this upset her sister. Craig called Margo into the hall, and he had Josie by the arm. He told Margo he had found the girl lurking outside Johnny's room, and he believed Dusty was behind her behavior. Margo asked Josie if she knew where Dusty or Lucy was, and Josie surprised her by saying she did.

Margo and another officer went to Metro's storeroom on Josie's directions, and soon Craig joined them. No one was there, but they discovered Lucy's coat. Back at Memorial, Dusty brought Lucy for her moment with Johnny. Dusty and Josie waited outside while Lucy told the boy to trust Dusty while she was away doing some "grown-up things." Dusty came in to get Lucy, who gave the boy a tearful goodbye. Dusty said the Worldwide jet was waiting for her at the airport, and Lucy dashed out.

Carly went to Metro and found Henry putting up posters promoting his book. She chewed him out for going AWOL on her for past few weeks and not pulling his weight at the club. She explained that she had no money and asked if he could contribute any. Henry fixed them both martinis, and they tried to figure out how to keep the business open. Henry suggested she fight for her business and then jokingly mentioned that she should find herself a sugar daddy.

Margo and Craig returned to the hospital and asked Dusty where Lucy was. He told them Lucy was gone because the thought of going to prison did not appeal to her. Craig mouthed off, and Margo finally told him to zip it and let her do her job. Dusty tried to make peace with Craig, who resisted his advances. Instead, he ordered Margo to arrest Dusty and Josie for aiding a kidnapper. Katie came out of her room and implored her brother not to do that. She scolded Craig and vouched that Dusty would not spirit away Johnny. She begged them all to stop doing wrong things in the name of loving Johnny. Dusty made an overture to Craig, who stubbornly reminded him he had broken the law. Katie got woozy, so Margo and Craig helped her back to bed. Craig made a parting shot to Katie and Margo by vowing that Johnny was his son, and he would never let anyone take the boy away from him again.

Dusty went in to Johnny, who spotted Josie and again called her "Mommy." Dusty showed the boy a picture of his real mommy, Jennifer, and explained that Josie was their good friend.

At the Snyder farm, Janet and Jack brought in the real estate sections of the papers, prepared to look for a house. Jack, however, was less than enthusiastic. He was concerned about leaving Carly high and dry, but Janet reminded him it was time to draw a line in the sand and stand up to Carly. She told him they should not be glum but should be celebrating, and they began to make love on Emma's kitchen table.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lucinda was displeased to find Luke in Lily's living room, so he offered to leave. He was sad that his grandmother did not even want to be in the same room with him because of his involvement with Brian Wheatly. Lucinda made some biting comments to Luke until Lily came in and stopped her. Lily told her mother not to blame Luke for Brian's misdeeds. Luke apologized yet again to Lucinda, and he took off. Lily gave her mother a pep talk, which appeared to make no difference in Lucinda's attitude.

Alison ordered a coffee from Noah and asked about his New Year's Eve. Noah told her he and Luke broke up, but he didn't want to talk about it. When Alison said she was sure the boys could work things out, Noah came back by asking how she would feel if she saw her boyfriend toasting in the new year by kissing her grandmother's husband. Alison was shocked, but she still did not believe Luke and Noah would let one mistake ruin a great relationship.

Casey roared into Al's Diner and proceeded to hassle Jade. The two of them traded barbs until Luke joined them. Casey warned his friend to watch his back around Jade, and he went out. As he left the diner, Casey ran into Alison, who was on her way to work an extra shift at the hospital. Their conversation was strained until Alison mentioned that Noah and Luke had split on New Year's Eve. Both of them felt bad for their friends until Alison came up with the idea that the two of them should remind the boys why they were together in the first place.

Carly was lamenting the fact that she had only $462 to her name, plus many outstanding bills to pay. Suddenly she grabbed her phone and called Holden. She asked him to come over, and Holden agreed without hesitation. Someone rang the doorbell, and it was Craig, asking for a cup of coffee. Carly suggested he go buy one at Java, but she let him in. Holden arrived, and Craig remarked that it was odd that the husband of Carly's best friend showed up without the best friend. Craig finally took the hint that he was not welcome, and he left. Holden asked what was wrong, so Carly admitted she was in deep financial trouble. Holden offered a loan of $25,000 or even $50,000, but Carly said she needed at least $100,000 to keep Metro going. She was discouraged that she had experienced so many failures in the past year and said she just couldn't face one more. Holden said he needed to run the idea of any loan by Lily before he could commit. He confided that he and Lily had promised never to keep secrets from one another again. He offered to discuss the loan with his wife, and that was all Carly could ask for.

Alison found Luke in the diner with Jade and asked him for help with Casey. Jade left, and Alison persuaded Luke to go with her and talk to Casey on her behalf. Luke was amused that Alison and Casey might be hooking up, so he agreed. Meanwhile at Java, Casey ordered a mocha from Noah, and asked him to talk to Alison, in person, and put in a good word for him. The meeting place was to be at the hospital, on the roof, where Alison often took her breaks.

Alison and Luke waited on the roof, and when Casey and Noah arrived, Alison and Casey dashed back through the door to the stairway, locking the former lovers on the outside. They talked through the door, and Alison promised to let them back in when they had made up. Outside, Luke complained that Noah would not look at him, just like his grandmother. Luke began apologizing again to Noah, but Noah could not get over the fact that Luke had kissed Brian. Luke asked what happened to loving someone in spite of his warts and begged to know if Noah could forgive him. Noah asked if Luke was suggesting he get a free pass every time he screwed up, but that was not what Luke meant. Luke admitted he was messed up and hinted that Noah was in some ways, also. They discussed the importance of fixing themselves before they could continue as a couple.

Craig dropped in on Lily unannounced, and she was not overjoyed to see him. He asked to come in to "resolve some issues" they had between them. Lily suggested he say what he had come to say and get out. Craig apologized for his methods in acquiring Worldwide, but Lily knew he wanted something. Craig mentioned that Johnny was back in town, so Lily assumed Craig wanted to know if she would be taking Dusty's side in any custody hearing. Craig said there would be no battle for custody because he and Dusty had agreed to act in a civil manner where the boy was concerned. Craig also brought up Lily's affair with Dusty, and then he casually threw in the information that he had seen Holden at Carly's house earlier in the day.

While Luke and Noah were working through their problems, Casey and Alison were waiting in the stairwell. They talked about their feelings, and Alison was surprised to hear Casey say he was no longer the wild college boy interested in one-night stands, but was instead looking for his soul mate and the white picket fence scenario. Suddenly Luke began pounding and hollering from outside the door, so Alison opened it. Luke bolted though and ran down the stairs, as Noah announced that he and Luke were no longer be a couple.

Lucinda walked into the diner for a milkshake and was unpleasantly surprised to see Jade there. Jade scolded her for her rotten treatment of Luke, so Lucinda cancelled her drink order and walked out, disgusted.

Holden came home and immediately demanded to know why Craig was there. Lily repeated Craig's story of seeing Holden at Carly's, and Craig's parting shot as he went out the door was, "You've got some 'splainin' to do," in his Ricky Ricardo voice. Holden said Carly needed money to keep Metro open, but Lily was worried more about the effect of a business arrangement with Carly on her marriage than losing any money. She admitted that she still thought about Holden's affair with Carly, and Holden agreed that it was a bad idea to get financially involved with his ex-lover.

Carly went to Metro and found Craig behind the bar making martinis. He reminded her he used to own the place and still had a key. He made a crack about something going on between her and Holden, but Carly denied it. Then she opened up and admitted to Craig that she and Holden had enjoyed a brief affair over the summer, but it was long over. Craig was delighted to see a spark of the old Carly. She told him she needed instant cash to keep her business open, as her phone rang. She took the call from Holden who told her he could not help her financially. She thanked him, and began to appear desperate. Craig told Carly she should have come to him in the first place and assured her he could loan her whatever she needed, with no strings attached. Carly laughed at the "no strings" part, because, after all, this was Craig Montgomery. Craig took out his checkbook and wrote a sizeable check. Carly immediately told him she would not sleep with him, and Craig leaned in close and whispered, "Nobody asked you to." Craig walked out, and Carly picked up the check and saw it was for $200,000.

Friday, January 9, 2009

At the hospital, Barbara ran into Josie in the corridor outside Paul's room and told her that Paul was insisting that Johnny was in the hospital. Josie told her that Johnny was right across the hall, and that Dusty was with him. Barbara rushed into the room and was taken aback to see Johnny lying there. She told him he looked just like his mother, but Dusty told Barbara that Johnny didn't remember them. Barbara turned on Dusty, asking how he could have been so cruel as to keep her grandson from her. Dusty escorted Barbara out of the room, telling her she was scaring Johnny. In the hallway, he explained what had happened and said he had planned to let Barbara know later that day.

Dusty offered to take Barbara to get some coffee, and he went inside Johnny's room to let him know he'd be back soon. Josie agreed to watch Johnny for Dusty, but then Barbara worried about leaving Paul alone. Josie said she would keep an ear out for Paul, too, and Barbara thanked her. When Dusty came out of Johnny's room, he left with Barbara. Almost immediately, Josie heard Paul calling for his mom. Josie went to his room to see if he was okay. Paul told her she must be happy to have Johnny back, and he asked if he could see Johnny. Josie said that wasn't up to her, but Paul said she was Johnny's mother, so if she wouldn't let him see his nephew, it must mean she hadn't forgiven him yet. He begged her to let him see Johnny. Josie felt bad for Paul and led him across the hall to Johnny's room. When he told Johnny, "Your mom said I could come say hi," Johnny answered, "She's not my mom. She just looks like her."

Josie led Paul out of the room as he asked her why Johnny would say something like that. Josie told him it was true, that she wasn't Jennifer and that Paul had hired her to pretend to be his sister. Paul asked where Jennifer was, and Josie gently told him that Jennifer had died. She told Paul to lie down while she went to check on Johnny.

After Josie left his room, Paul got up and left the hospital, still wearing his pajamas and robe. Meanwhile, Barbara and Dusty returned from having coffee, and Barbara saw that Paul wasn't there. The nurse didn't know where Paul could be. Josie came out and asked what was going on. Barbara asked if Josie had said something to Paul, but Dusty insisted Josie hadn't been anywhere near Paul. Josie offered to help Barbara look for Paul, but Dusty told her not to.

After Dusty went back into Johnny's room, Josie left the hospital. She went to the cemetery and found Paul kneeling by Jennifer's grave. Josie told Paul again that he had hired her to pretend to be Jennifer. She reminded him that they'd had training sessions, during which he would tell her about Dusty and Jennifer, and she remembered Paul had said that whenever Dusty was upset, he went to Jennifer for comfort. Paul told Josie she could comfort him, and she said perhaps she could, but she wasn't Jennifer. She asked Paul to let her take him back to the hospital, but he said he needed to stay so Jennifer could tell him what to do. Josie reminded Paul that Jennifer had forgiven him and had wanted him to be happy. She pointed out that he still had a mother and a brother who loved him, and he was a father to a little girl. Josie said all of those people needed Paul.

Josie was able to lead Paul back to the hospital. Barbara was much relieved to see him and thanked Josie for finding him. She took Paul back to his room, and Dusty asked how Josie had found Paul. She told him Paul had been talking about Jennifer, so she had guessed he might go to Jennifer's grave. She then had to admit that she had been talking to Paul and had let Paul see Johnny. Dusty was furious, but Josie told him Paul would never hurt Johnny, and that she felt sorry not only for Dusty but also for Barbara, Paul, and Johnny. Josie told Dusty that she couldn't take his mood swings with regard to her, and she couldn't live according to his "minute-by-minute approval rating." She told him one cold winter's night, he would realize he missed her, and then she walked out of the hospital.

Later, Dusty found Josie at Java and apologized for having been so hard on her. He said he had been fighting for his son for so long, he didn't know how to stop. Josie told him maybe she could help him remember.

At home, Parker asked Carly for an advance on his allowance, but Carly told him her finances wouldn't allow it. Parker volunteered to go to Metro before it opened for business and do some chores that Carly was planning to do, like vacuuming and mopping. Carly told Parker she would give him $20 if he did everything she asked. He left, but first, he stopped and picked up Liberty. He told her that before they could go to the movies, he had some work to do, and he wanted her to go with him. When he told her where he was going, Liberty agreed to accompany him.

Jack went to the diner and told Janet that he'd been approved for the second mortgage. All he needed was Carly's signature on the loan papers. Jack went to Carly's and asked for her signature. Before she signed the papers, Jack noticed Craig's check sticking out from the pile of papers Carly was working on. Jack read Carly the riot act about Craig and said Craig would try to use the loan to worm his way into Carly's life and the kids' lives. Carly said Jack was so quick to assume that Craig would use the kids to get to her because that was what Jack was doing. She said whenever she did something Jack didn't approve of, Jack would tell her it was bad for the kids, but in reality, Jack was just trying to control her.

Carly then said she would find another way to pay off her loan, and she would start by taking half of the money from the second mortgage Jack had just gotten. Jack said neither of them could get what they wanted with just half of that money. Carly agreed and said that because she wanted Jack to be happy, she would stick to their agreement and sign the paperwork for him to get the second mortgage. She handed the papers to Jack and told him, "Go get your new wife a new house and leave me alone."

After Jack left the diner, Craig came in and sat down to order, telling Janet he hadn't realized she was a waitress there and not a chef. Janet was unfriendly, and when Craig asked why, she told him it was because he had loaned his car to Parker, who had then gone out on the icy roads with her daughter in the car with him. Craig said he had already apologized to both Jack and Carly. Janet asked why Craig had loaned Parker his car in the first place, and Craig said because Parker was his friend. Janet questioned the age range of Craig's friends, and he responded that most people his age didn't want anything to do with him, but if Janet wanted to, she could be his grown-up friend. Janet declined.

A customer at the counter began gesturing wildly, and Craig told Janet he thought the customer was trying to get her attention. Janet realized the young man was choking. Craig quickly walked over to the man and performed the Heimlich maneuver. After the man had recovered, he left the diner, leaving Janet a dollar bill as a tip. Janet told Craig she didn't mind the meager tip as long as the man hadn't died on her shift. She admitted she wasn't sure she could perform the Heimlich maneuver despite having studied the posters the diner had up in the kitchen. Craig spotted Jack outside the diner and immediately offered to demonstrate the maneuver for Janet. He put his arms around her waist and showed her how his hands were positioned, then pulled up. Jack walked in and saw Craig from behind and told him to get his hands off of Janet.

Janet explained to Jack what had happened, and Craig thanked Janet for her excellent service and left the diner. Jack told Janet about Craig's loan to Carly. Janet said maybe Carly would take Craig's money and make a huge success of Metro and then dump him. She didn't understand why Jack was so upset, since he was divorced from Carly. Janet told Jack that he had set a good example for his kids, and nothing Craig could do would undo that. Jack told her he didn't like the fact that the kids were at Carly's so much, where he had no idea what was going on with them. Janet said soon they would have their own place that was big enough for the kids, and then Jack could have plenty of time with them. Jack left excitedly to go to the bank to process the loan papers.

After Craig left the diner, he called Carly, asking if they could talk. Carly hung up on him, so Craig decided to see if she was at Metro. At Metro, Parker had trouble assembling the pieces of the vacuum. Liberty had to show him how to put it together, and in appreciation, he kissed her. They continued kissing but were surprised by a noise at the front door. They hid behind the bar as Craig walked in, having let himself in with the key he still had. Craig called out for Carly, and when she didn't answer, he walked behind the bar and found Parker and Liberty. They jumped up, with Liberty trying to quickly button her sweater. Craig asked Parker if he had broken into Metro, and Parker told him why they were there. Parker asked Craig not to say anything about Liberty being there. At that moment, they heard Carly calling out to a deliveryman. Craig saw the panic on Liberty and Parker's faces. He took Liberty by the arm and rushed her out the back door of Metro right before Carly came in the front door.

When Parker finished his work at the club, Craig walked in again. Carly made a snide comment to Craig, but Craig basically ignored it and asked Parker how he was doing. Parker said he was fine, then he told his mom that he was finished and was ready to go. Carly gave him the $20 she had promised him, and Parker left.

Liberty went to see her mom at the diner, and Janet immediately noticed that the buttons on Liberty's sweater weren't buttoned correctly. She sent Liberty to the bathroom to fix it, warning her that she had some explaining to do. When Liberty returned, Janet asked where she'd been earlier. Before Liberty could answer, Parker walked in and asked if Liberty wanted to go to a movie. Liberty said yes and looked at her mom. Janet told Liberty to go straight home after the movie, then she told her that she trusted her and expected Liberty to make good choices. Liberty agreed and went outside with Parker. They agreed that they had come very close to getting into trouble, and Parker promised Liberty that next time, they would make sure they wouldn't be caught.

Craig asked Carly if she had cashed his check yet; she took it out and showed it to him. He assumed that she had let Jack talk her out of it, because Jack had always been her guiding force. Carly denied it, but Craig said he thought Carly couldn't stop trying to live up to Jack's expectations. He told her to make Jack happy by tearing up the check, but instead, Carly folded it in half and stuffed it in her bra.

Craig said they should discuss the terms of his loan. Carly reminded him that he had said there would be no strings attached. Craig agreed, but said there were two things he wanted. First, he wanted a "thank you" from Carly. Carly said there were many ways a woman could say thank you, but Craig said he just wanted the two words. Carly told him thanks, and Craig said Carly was efficient, using one word instead of two. Carly said, "Bye-bye," and pointed out that was two words. Craig got up to leave, but Carly asked what the second thing was. Craig stopped and said, "I've got my son back." Carly said she knew that. Craig said it had just hit him that he would get to see his son grow up, after all, and asked, "Isn't that wonderful?" Carly agreed that it was, and Craig said, "I've been wanting to say that to someone all day. Thank you," and he left.


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