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Monday, December 29, 2008

Dusty met Meg and baby Eliza at Al's diner, and they reminisced about taking a home economics class in high school in which they had to "parent" a watermelon. They laughed about that, and then Dusty said he was worried because he should have tried to make peace with Craig for Johnny's sake. Meg told him to stop thinking about dead ends, but to keep trying to find his son.

Maddie was looking at her new dress when Casey came into Metro. He told her he was not canceling their date, but he first had to have a traditional New Year's Eve dinner with his parents at the Lakeview. They agreed to meet later at Metro. Casey left, and Henry walked in and asked his sister if she had come home just to get Casey back. Maddie stalled and finally admitted she had wanted to see both Henry and Casey. Henry urged her to start fresh and not concentrate on an ex-boyfriend who was also an ex-convict. Maddie asked Henry for the same chance with Casey that Vienna had given him when she came back. Henry reluctantly agreed and wished his little sister a happy new year.

Alison went to Lucy's hotel room and found her friend concerned that Johnny's health was deteriorating. The boy seemed weaker, and he was tired of being confined to the hotel room. Alison was worried that none of the family members would be a match, and then they would have to figure out a way to test Craig, who had already turned down a chance to help. They were stumped as to how to get him to agree. Alison asked if Lucy would let Dusty see the boy while she was in town, but Lucy said she could not afford to take the chance of tipping her hand to Craig. Alison left to test Casey after she called him and arranged to meet him at his house before he left for dinner.

In the hospital, Paul told his mother that Dusty would not believe him that Johnny was in trouble. When Josie came in, Paul called her Jennifer and asked her if Johnny was all right, so she answered that the boy was missing. When Josie pressed, all Paul could add to his initial premonition was the phrase "airplanes and parachutes." Barbara and Josie walked outside Paul's room, and Josie asked if Paul's vision might be true, but Barbara did not know. She was comforted by knowing that Johnny was in good company with Lucy, whom Barbara liked as a person and respected as a doctor. She was sure the girl was taking good care of her grandson.

Alison ran into Josie and Barbara in the hall and asked Barbara to test her blood for her friend's daughter. Barbara hedged by saying she was probably not a good candidate because of her recent bout with cancer, but Alison talked her into it. Josie volunteered to test, as well, and Alison said she would catch her later. While Barbara was testing, Josie left and found Dusty hugging Meg in Old Town. She asked to speak to him alone, but Dusty said she could speak in front of Meg. Josie told both of them that Paul had experienced one of his visions and had seen Johnny in danger. Dusty did not want to listen, but Meg urged him to reconsider. Josie told them the "airplanes and parachutes" clue, but it meant nothing to Dusty. Josie then apologized for interrupting them, and she walked away. Meg and Dusty went to the hospital, and Dusty walked in to talk with Paul while the women stayed in the corridor. Josie asked Meg why she was there, but Meg did not give an answer. Finally she said she was there not for Paul but for Dusty. Barbara came out to see Meg and Paul's baby and asked to hold Eliza. Meg agreed, but would not allow Paul to see the baby.

Casey answered the door wearing only a towel. He made a crack about his body, but Alison quickly assured him she did not want a piece of his body, only some of his blood. She asked him what he was doing after his family dinner, and Casey told her he was going to the Metro party with Maddie. Alison was surprised that he was dating Maddie again, so she made up a date, a resident from the hospital, with whom she would be spending the evening. Casey appeared disturbed by the news. Then Alison asked him to talk with his mother and uncle, Craig, about being tested, and he agreed.

Paul recognized Dusty in his room and repeated his "airplanes and parachutes" line, but he could come up with nothing else. When Dusty turned to go, Paul said he also saw Johnny in a place with a lion. Dusty accused Paul of playing games with him and walked out, disgusted. He also accused Josie of still being in cahoots with Paul, and he went to get Meg and her baby. Meg, however, declined to leave, saying she wanted to show the baby to some of her old coworkers. Meg peeked in the window of Paul's room, and he saw her, so Barbara ran after her.

Lucy took a stir-crazy Johnny and his toy lion out to Old Town where she called Alison. Alison told her she already had blood samples from Barbara and Casey and had left a message for Margo. Lucy asked Alison to go to her hotel room and check her computer for any anonymous donors in the area whom they might contact by publicity. When Alison said she didn't have a key, Lucy reminded her that the room was registered in Alison's name, and she could ask the desk clerk for another key. Casey walked into the hotel lobby just as the clerk handed Alison the key, so he followed her upstairs. Casey knocked on the room door and called out for Alison, so the girl grabbed all signs of a child's being there and threw them under the bed. She finally opened the door, and Casey asked why she had rented a room. Alison lied and said it was for her New Year's Eve date, and Casey was shocked that she might be spending the night with someone she didn't know well. He pushed his way past her and came into the room. In desperation, Alison said she had rented the room for him, and she was willing to prove it. She planted a big kiss on him.

In Old Town, Johnny spotted Josie and once again ran up to her and called her "Mommy." Josie laughed and explained she was still not his mother, as Lucy ran up and tried to hustle the boy away. Josie said she had been the one to find him the first time he had called her that, and Johnny turned to Lucy and called her "Lulu." He complained he didn't want to go back to the hotel, and Josie realized that Lucy was not the boy's mother. Lucy hurried away, but Johnny had forgotten his toy lion, which Josie found and handed him. Josie suddenly remembered Paul's vision of a lion, and she began to think.

Dusty was on the phone with his investigator and asked if there was any data suggesting that Johnny might be in a place where he could come across a lion. He suggested that besides the lion's habitat, that could include zoos, circuses, lots of places. The private detective was no help.

Josie, following an idea, went back to Memorial and contacted a tech on the floor. She asked if the hospital kept staff directories for many years, and the tech said they kept them active for five years. She called up one on a computer and let Josie scroll through the photos. When she came to Dr. Lucy Montgomery, Josie realized that was the young woman she had seen in Old Town with the boy. That boy had to be Johnny Donovan. She called Dusty on his cell, but he saw the call was from her, and he did not answer.

Getting ready at Metro for her big date, Maddy imagined a romantic scene with Casey that she hoped would take place that night. In reality, Casey and Alison were at that moment in Lucy's bed at the Lakeview, making love.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Casey was stunned that Alison not only kissed him warmly, but she had also rented a room at the Lakeview to be with him. Alison was making up her lie as she went along and tried to send Casey on his way to have dinner with his parents; but he kissed her again, and this time she kissed him back. They ended up on the bed, but then Alison pushed him away. Casey noticed something strange under the headboard of the bed and fished out a toy car belonging to Johnny. Alison blamed it on poor hotel maid service, and she suggested Casey leave. They began kissing again, but Alison made a big deal out of the bad housekeeping, and she went out, purportedly to report the incident to Lisa. Instead, she called Lucy from her cell phone and warned her not to bring Johnny back to the room until she sounded the all clear.

At Lily and Holden's house, Brian came home all dressed for the evening to find Lucinda alone in the house, not dressed, and in an amorous mood. Brian said he wanted them to attend the New Year's Eve party at Metro, but his wife had other activities in mind. Luke opened the door to hear his grandmother ask Brian why he did not want to be alone with her. Luke apologized for interrupting and explained he was only home to change his clothes. Brian pointed out some flowers that had been delivered for Luke, as Lucinda sternly told her husband she had neither the desire nor the intention of going to Metro with him. After Lucinda left the room, Luke told Brian if he was not up to the task of being a newlywed, he should not have gotten married - at least to a woman! He also accused him of conning Lucinda, but Brian said his wife was shutting herself away after her mastectomy, and he wanted her to be more social. Luke did not buy that.

Jade and Bonnie saw each other in Old Town. Bonnie was in charge of the party at Metro and invited Jade to attend, but the girl was reluctant to accept, for fear of running into Derek Coburn. Already at Metro, Noah and Maddie talked as they waited for Luke and Casey, respectively. Maddie was concerned that Casey was so late, although she knew he was having dinner with Tom and Margo. She realized she had left her phone at the hotel, so she decided to go back for it and also to peek into the dining room to see if the Hughes family was still there. She went out the door as Derek arrived and complimented Bonnie on her appearance. Bonnie enjoyed the attention, but could not resist telling Derek she had invited Jade to the party. Derek was annoyed enough to begin to walk out on Bonnie, but she stopped him. They continued to talk about other subjects and agreed to table any discussion of Jade.

Lucy called Alison back, and they made temporary plans until Casey left the hotel room. Alison went back inside and found a naked Casey in the bed, waiting for her. He asked if that was not what she wanted, and Alison excused herself and went into the bathroom. Maddie happened to be walking by their room, and she heard Casey call out to Alison by name, and she also heard Alison answer. When Alison came back into the room, she sat on the bed, and she and Casey kissed. Maddie listened, heartbroken, at the door.

Brian went in to Lucinda who was already in bed and told his wife that Luke had scolded him about how he was treating her. Lucinda took offense at Brian's attitude and told him to go to Metro without her, and Brian said he might just do that. They parted on contentious terms. Meanwhile, Jade arrived at Lily's and found Luke ready to leave for the party. He showed her the flowers Noah had sent and declared how much he was in love with Noah. Jade was still angry with Luke for turning her in to the police, but Luke got angry himself and told her to sit there all night by herself and be mad if she so chose. He stormed out as Jade noticed Brian standing at the bar, downing scotches. Brian left soon after, and Lucinda came down and was disappointed to find only Jade. She lit into the girl, telling her no one had actually invited her there and accusing her of worming her way back into the lives of Lily and Holden. Jade snarled back when Lucinda called her a "leftover obligation;" Jade exited the room.

Luke arrived at Metro and found Noah. He thanked him for the flowers, and Noah promised that that night they would spend together. They began to dance as Brian walked in and began more rounds of scotch.

Casey began undressing Alison, and she asked him why he had stayed with her. He explained that he had become increasingly attracted to her, and Alison admitted she felt the same way. They began making love, but Alison could not go through with it. Casey suggested she was not telling him the truth about everything and said he felt the only time she had been honest with him all evening was when they were kissing. He was disappointed that a true friend would treat him so poorly, and wanted to know what was really going on.

Alison asked if he had cancelled his date with Maddie, and Casey confessed that he had called her but had hung up when he got her voicemail. Alison was sad about that, but Casey said he was bound to mess up with Maddie, and there was no point in prolonging the girl's agony. Alison said she had made a mistake by asking Casey to sleep with her and tried to convince him she was not hiding a deep, dark secret. Casey admitted he had been hiding one and had just realized the reason he had been so cool around Maddie was that it was Alison he wanted. Casey still thought Alison had secrets to keep, but he hugged her warmly as the two reached an understanding. Alison urged him to find Maddie and make things right.

At Metro, Jade arrived and asked Bonnie if she had seen Luke. Derek was there and gave the girl an ungracious greeting. Jade told Derek all her life she had prayed she would find her biological father, but now she was praying even harder that her father was not Derek. Then Jade approached Luke and Noah and asked to speak privately with Luke. They sat together and she apologized for how she had been treating him. She told Luke how Lucinda had verbally abused her, as Bonnie interrupted her by telling her that Derek's bark was much worse than his bite. Jade decided her work there was done, and she left.

At home, Lucinda poured herself a New Year's drink, but then put it down without tasting it. She announced she had a husband who loved her, so why was she drinking alone? She hurried off to her room, determined to find Brian at Metro.

Maddie came back to Metro, crying, and headed straight for Noah. He took her outside, as Luke watched and felt neglected. Noah took Maddie to Al's and asked what happened. Maddie said she had found out Casey was sleeping with Alison Stewart and that was why he had stood her up.

Luke was disturbed that Jade left Metro so abruptly, so he followed her out. He could not find her, so he came back and began drinking heavily. He went outside again, but Brian followed him. Brian caught Luke, and they both sat on a bench in Old Town. Luke cozied up to Brian and then suddenly kissed him dramatically, as Noah walked by. Noah pulled Brian off Luke and punched him out, leaving Brian lying on the cold pavement. The boys immediately went back to Lily's.

Jade and Lucinda, who had missed her husband at Metro, found Brian stretched out on the sidewalk, and they helped him up. He claimed he was mugged and had to talk Lucinda out of calling the police. Lucinda apologized for how she had treated him earlier, and the two went home together.

Noah was shocked at Brian's behavior and blamed himself for not believing Luke that the older man had been making advances to him. Noah said he wanted to kill Brian, but Luke admitted that he had been the one to initiate the kissing because he had seen Noah take off with Maddie. Noah freaked out and told Luke not to touch him. He ran out, leaving Luke alone. Luke opened a letter that had come with the flowers that Noah had instructed him to leave until the morning after the first time the two of them spent the night together. The message of love only made Luke sadder.

Casey took the elevator to the hotel lobby, and when the door opened, there stood Maddie. She dashed away, but Casey called after her to wait. He apologized for missing their date, and she cried that she had seen where he had been and whom he was with, and then she ran into the elevator in tears.

At Metro, Derek returned and asked Bonnie to focus only on the two of them as the crowd counted down the seconds until the New Year. They kissed as the horns blew all around them.

Alison arrived in the lobby and found a dejected Casey slumped in a chair. The New Year arrived, and she and Casey awkwardly looked at each other and then went their separate ways.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Due to the New Year's Eve holiday, today's episode of As the World Turns was pre-empted.

There will be no new programming on Thursday, January 1. Regular programming will resume on January 2, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday schedule.

Thursday, January 1, 2008

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episodes of your favorite CBS Daytime soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- were not shown.

Regular programming will resume on January 2, 2009, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday pre-emption.

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Friday, January 2, 2008

Craig paid a visit to Carly, once again bearing gifts. This time, he had a birthday present for Parker, who had just turned 16. Carly told Craig that Parker hadn't even opened the Christmas present Craig had given him and wouldn't want this present, either, but Craig wanted to let Parker decide that for himself. Carly told Craig that Parker wasn't there, but Craig said he would wait for him. Carly reluctantly agreed to give Craig a cup of coffee, after asking him if he took it with one scoop of drain cleaner or two.

Parker went to the farm, where he asked Jack if he could skip hockey practice and instead go driving, since he'd gotten his license. Jack told Parker there were patches of ice on the roads, so driving would have to wait for another day. Parker moped about it, but he left and went home to pick up his equipment. There, he found Craig waiting in the living room. Craig offered him the birthday gift, which Parker took unenthusiastically. When Craig asked what was wrong, Parker complained that he didn't have the same privileges that most 16-year-olds had, like driving. Craig asked if Parker had his license, and when Parker replied that he did, Craig tossed him his car keys. Parker was amazed and asked if Craig was seriously going to let him take his car. Craig told Parker to wear his seat belt and obey all the traffic laws, but have fun. Astonished but elated, Parker thanked Craig and left.

Carly came out with the coffee, and Craig told her Parker had picked up his hockey equipment and left again. Carly asked why Craig was trying to cozy up to Parker, and Craig admitted that he had no one left to care about except Parker, who, like everyone else, could barely tolerate him. He accepted responsibility for that, admitting that he had brought it on himself, and he told Carly he had become what everyone wanted him to be: alone. Carly began to feel sorry for Craig; she offered to buy him something to eat, and they left together in Carly's car to go to Metro.

At Metro, Craig asked Carly how business was going. Carly said it could be better, and Craig said if Carly tried, she could make Metro a profitable place again. Carly admitted her focus hadn't been on the business lately, but instead on her kids. She told Craig that the kids had wanted Jack and Carly to get back together, and Jack's marriage to Janet had put an end to those hopes. Craig prodded Carly until she admitted that she had hoped to get back together with Jack. Craig told Carly that it wasn't like her to give up a fight until she'd won the title. Carly said she had relinquished the title, and there was no one left to fight. Craig replied, "There's always someone. Don't let Jack walk away with what was so extraordinary about you."

Jack called Carly and asked if she knew where Parker was. Carly said Parker had just been at the house and would probably be at the rink soon. Jack asked where Carly was, and she told him she was at Metro, and she would let him know if she heard from Parker. After she hung up, Craig told her that Parker might be farther away than she thought, because he had loaned Parker his car. Carly was furious. Craig explained that he had been trying to cheer Parker up, but Carly told him he should have acted like a responsible adult. As they talked, Jack walked in, and Carly told him to ask Craig where Parker was.

Jack was equally furious with Craig for having loaned Parker his car. He told Craig he'd seen at least three cars that had skidded off the road because of the patchy ice. Craig said he'd had no idea the roads were bad, because the route he had taken had been perfectly clear. He said he wouldn't have given Parker his keys if he'd known there was ice on any of the roads. Jack got Craig's license plate number, and he left.

Carly told Craig she couldn't believe he'd been so irresponsible, especially in light of what had happened to Bryant, Craig's son. Craig warned Carly not to go there and admitted again that he'd made a mistake by giving Parker the car. Carly asked if Craig remembered that he'd been with Parker the night Bryant died, and Craig said that of course he remembered that. Carly left, disgusted, and went to the police station to see if Jack had had any luck finding Parker.

Parker picked up Liberty to take her for a ride. They parked the car somewhere, and Parker kissed Liberty. His cell phone rang, but Parker didn't answer it. Instead, he went back to kissing Liberty. However, Liberty became too cold to sit in the parked car. Parker tried to start the car, but the engine wouldn't turn over. Liberty thought Parker was joking, but she soon realized he was telling the truth: they were stuck in the cold weather in a car that wouldn't start. Parker tried to make a phone call, but the phone was no longer getting any reception. He and Liberty moved to the back seat, where they huddled together for warmth and soon returned to kissing.

Eventually, Liberty suggested Parker try to start the car again. He did, and amazingly, the car started. He dropped Liberty off, then he called Jack. Parker tried to say he was just waiting at the hockey rink, but Jack told him that they knew about Parker's joy ride. Jack told Parker to walk home and wait for him and Carly there.

Craig went to the hospital to ask the nurses if anyone matching Parker's description had been brought in because of a car accident and was relieved to hear they hadn't had any accident victims that day. He called Carly to let her know and reached her as she and Jack were arriving at her house. Carly told Craig that they had found Parker, and then she hung up on him. Parker walked into the house and started to apologize, but Jack told him not to. Jack reminded Parker that he had already told him he couldn't drive in the bad weather conditions. Jack told Parker he would be lucky to see the inside of a car again before springtime. Parker called Liberty and told her he was in trouble, but it had been worth it to be with her. Meanwhile, Jack told Carly he was serious about not wanting Craig to be anywhere near their kids. Carly assured Jack that it wouldn't be a problem again.

In her room at the Lakeview, Lucy told Alison they had found a bone marrow donor match for Johnny, and it was Katie. Alison said they would have to tell Katie the truth about who the sick child was, and Lucy reluctantly agreed. Lucy left Johnny with Alison and went to WOAK to see Katie.

Katie was shocked when Lucy walked into her office. Lucy explained that the sick child Alison had told Katie about was actually Johnny. She then said that Katie was a match for Johnny, and Johnny needed a bone marrow transplant, or he would die. Katie asked if Craig knew about the situation, but Lucy said Johnny's life depended on Craig not finding out about it. Katie said that although her brother was a bad person, she thought he still deserved to be told that his son was in Oakdale and that he was sick. Lucy said Craig had had several chances to show what kind of father he could be, and he had failed. Lucy didn't think it was possible for Craig to change. She then asked Katie to help save Johnny's life.

Josie went to see Dusty in his office and told him she had seen Lucy and Johnny in Old Town. Dusty didn't believe her and pointed out that Josie didn't even know what Lucy looked like. Josie said she'd gone to the hospital and asked to see Lucy's picture, so she was sure it was Lucy. Josie also told Dusty that Johnny was sick. When Dusty asked how Josie knew that, she said Lucy had told her so. Dusty was skeptical, but Josie insisted she was telling the truth. Josie then told Dusty that Lucy and Johnny must be staying at the Lakeview, because the first time she had seen Johnny had been in the elevator there. Josie reminded Dusty of the little boy who had thought she was his mother; she told him that had been Johnny, and that she had seen the desk clerk take the boy back upstairs. They left together to go to the Lakeview to check it out.

At the hotel, Dusty gave the desk clerk money to let him look through the registration book. He quickly found a room registered to Alison, which he thought was suspicious. Josie remembered Alison's appeal for help for a sick child, and together, she and Dusty went upstairs to Alison's room. When Dusty pounded on the door, calling for Alison, Alison took Johnny and asked him to wait quietly in the bathroom. Alison opened the door to the room, and Dusty and Josie walked in, with Dusty asking where Johnny and Lucy were. Alison said they weren't there, so Dusty sent Josie down to the lobby to look for them. Dusty asked why Alison was lying to him. He reminded her that he had gotten her off of drugs, and Alison said she knew that. Dusty asked why she would deny him his son, but Alison said she wasn't trying to do that. Dusty told her he understood if she thought she was helping Johnny by hiding him, but if Johnny was sick, he wanted to know.

Alison relented and brought Johnny out of the bathroom. Dusty asked if Johnny remembered him, and he told Johnny he was his daddy. Johnny said, "No, you're a bad man!" Alison assured Johnny that Dusty wasn't bad. She said Dusty had only knocked so hard on the door because he was Johnny's daddy and wanted to see him. Dusty reached out to touch Johnny and could feel how hot he was. He told Alison that Johnny was burning up, and he thought they should go to the hospital right away. Alison told Dusty it wasn't necessary, and she said Lucy had found a donor for Johnny already. Dusty asked who it was, but Alison wouldn't tell him. Dusty then picked Johnny up and said he would take him to the hospital himself, but Johnny began yelling "no," and he struggled to get down.

Lucy came into the room and saw what was happening; she took Johnny, leading him over to play with a toy. She then asked Dusty what he was thinking, terrifying Johnny like that, but Dusty countered by asking what Lucy had been thinking by keeping him from his son. Alison interrupted to ask Lucy if she had talked to the donor, and Lucy said that Katie had agreed to the bone marrow transplant. Dusty was surprised to hear the donor was Craig's sister, but Lucy said Katie was also her aunt, and Katie had promised not to tell Craig what was going on. Lucy then asked Alison to go to the hospital, where Katie was waiting for her, to perform some preliminary tests.

Alison left, and Dusty told Lucy he didn't know what to say to her. He wanted to take Johnny to a doctor, and when Lucy pointed out that she was a doctor, Dusty said he meant a doctor he could trust. Lucy said she loved Johnny, but Dusty said he was his son, not hers. Lucy said she knew she'd made Dusty angry, but she had taken Johnny away in order to protect him. Dusty responded that from that point on, he would be the one calling the shots.

Josie arrived, and Dusty told her that he had actually seen Johnny. He told Josie he owed her a lot for having led him to his son. Lucy came out of the bathroom with Johnny and told Dusty they were ready to go. Dusty told Josie that he and Lucy were going to take Johnny to the hospital. He tried to take Johnny's hand, but Johnny wouldn't let him, so Johnny walked out holding only Lucy's hand.

Alison met Katie at the hospital and took her into an examining room. Craig spotted the two of them. Inside the room, Katie asked Alison if she thought Lucy was doing the right thing by keeping Johnny's condition and location a secret from Craig. Alison said Katie had to keep it a secret from Craig. Just then, Craig walked into the room and asked Katie what was going on.


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