One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 29, 2008 on OLTL

A video recording from Asa, taped before his death, left his entire fortune to David. Blair and John spent New Year's Eve together. Marty lured Todd to the roof of the Palace Hotel, where she suggested that his jumping off would give her peace. Dorian fled town before she might face charges for drugging Charlie. Téa and Ray conspired against Vanessa. David returned to town as a monk and vowed to right all his wrongs.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 29, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, December 29, 2008

First Chants, Second Chances

Todd was shocked when he discovered Marty sitting on the edge of his bed and was convinced that he was dreaming. When Marty assured him that she wasn't an apparition, Todd said that she would never come to visit him unless she intended to kill him. Reminding him that she didn't kill him when she had the opportunity, Marty stated that she wasn't capable of killing Todd. A confused Todd asked Marty to stay while he left the room to change. Marty agreed. Under her breath, Marty remarked, "I'm not going anywhere until I get what I came for."

When Todd returned, Marty explained that she had come to retrieve her journal. Removing the journal that had been tucked under the mattress and taking a seat on the bed, Marty opened the book and read a few excerpts. Marty shared a passage from her journal: "I felt like a blank page in a book until I met Todd Manning." Todd apologized to Marty for the treatment she had received on the stand. Marty continued to read from her journal, but when she came to a blank page, Marty began stating words that didn't exist on the page. A troubled Todd listened as Marty described the excitement that she felt because she would soon be celebrating New Year's Eve with Todd. An upset Marty lashed out at Todd and insisted that it had all been a lie. Attempting to calm Marty, Todd pleaded with her to believe that he never lied about loving her. Rising to her feet, Marty maintained that Todd had lied to her and kept her away from her family and friends.

Walking toward the door, Marty's attitude appeared to change somewhat. Marty led Todd to believe that she might still have feelings for him. Todd wondered if there was a chance that they could be together again and begged for a second chance. Unable to control her disgust any longer, Marty stormed out of the house. Todd was visibly shaken.

Later, Todd received a phone call from Marty. Stating that she needed to see him, Marty apologized for her behavior and asked Todd to spend New Year's Eve with her. Todd quickly agreed to meet her. Citing that no one would understand, Marty asked Todd to keep their meeting a secret. Todd agreed.

At La Boulaie, an elated Dorian presented Langston with a certificate of adoption. Langston was delighted and remarked that no one could ever take her away from Dorian again. Dorian then announced that she had another surprise -- she had planned to take Langston on a shopping spree to New York City on New Year's Eve. Langston happily accepted Dorian's invitation and the two made plans for the upcoming trip.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, John surprised Blair with a long, passionate kiss. Blair was pleased to learn that John had come to wish her a belated Merry Christmas. When he presented Blair with plane tickets and announced that he wanted to take her on a fantastic getaway to a beach resort, John was surprised when Blair turned him down. Blair sadly stated that her family was experiencing a crisis and maintained that she couldn't leave town. Realizing that Blair needed to be with her children, John suggested that they save the plane tickets for a trip in the near future.

After Blair agreed to postpone the trip, John expressed his pleasure and stated that he could go anytime because there wasn't anything holding him in Llanview anymore. Blair wondered if John was still worried about Marty. John admitted to feeling terrible about what had taken place at the hearing, but promised Blair that she was the woman that he had on his mind. Blair responded by giving John a passionate kiss. John asked her to go out with him on New Year's Eve. When Blair asked where they were going, John refused to tell her and stated that it was a surprise.

At The Buenos Dias Café, Viki, Charlie, Moe, and Noelle were flabbergasted to find David Vickers dressed in a robe and behaving rather strangely. To their surprise, David announced that he had transformed and had taken the name of David Vickeroshi. Everyone listened intently as David explained his spiritual awakening. After losing Addie and being banished from Llanview, David recalled how depressed he was to be left without a home, family, friends, or money. Shortly after departing Llanview, David had gone through a near-death experience on a plane ride. During the encounter, David met a gentle man. David was impressed with the strong spiritual presence of his new friend and accompanied him home. After learning the spiritual customs of the man and his followers, David realized that he could be happy living a meager life.

Being familiar with David's character, Viki was skeptical of his claim that he had changed. Assuring Viki that he no longer had any interest in financial gain, David stated that he wanted to live a simple life. When Viki questioned why David had returned to Llanview, David revealed that he needed to atone for the sins he had committed against Viki and Charlie. To Viki and Charlie's surprise, David confessed that he had remained silent concerning a crime that Dorian had committed. David admitted that Dorian had drugged Charlie with the date rape drug, gave him liquor, and held him captive in her bedroom. Enraged, Viki and Charlie stormed out of the café and headed to La Boulaie to confront Dorian. David vowed to remain in Llanview until he admitted the truth to everyone that he had hurt in the past.

Before leaving the café, David stopped in the kitchen to say goodbye to Moe and Noelle. Afterward, Moe questioned just how generous David would be if he had something valuable to lose.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Bo, Clint, Nora, Renee, and Nigel listened as Asa's lawyer, Beaver Calhoun, played a videotaped message of Asa. Beaver told the family that Asa had prepared a tape for every possible outcome. In the video tape, a gruff Asa reminded the family of the deadline he had given them to raise the Buchanan Enterprise stock and the consequences that would occur if they didn't. Admonishing them for failing to rise to the challenge, Asa informed them that due to their disobedience, they had lost everything. While everyone appeared shocked and frightened, Bo laughed and showed no fear.

Continuing to chastise his kin, Asa ordered Nora to move out of the mansion, advised Bo to start accepting a salary with the Llanview Police Department, and suggested that Clint rekindle his relationship with Viki, since she was loaded. Asa criticized his family for being incapable of handling the family business. He shocked everyone when he revealed that he was leaving his entire fortune to the son that he had never recognized -- David Vickers. Acknowledging that David was a conman and would spend the inheritance overnight, Asa challenged the Buchanans to outsmart and outwit David out of his endowment.

When Bo suggested that the family prepare to pack, Clint assured him that the Buchanans weren't going anywhere. Determined to trick David out of the inheritance, Clint warned the family to remain silent concerning Asa's orders until he came up with a solution. Clint was certain that they would be able to keep David's paternity a secret because no one other than family members was aware of the information. To Clint's displeasure, Nigel pulled him aside and revealed that two other persons were privy to the revelation that David was Asa's illegitimate son - Max and Alex Olanov. Nigel assured Clint that Max would remain silent and mentioned that he had bribed Alex to keep quiet by giving her Asa's Island, St. Blazes. When Clint showed concern, Nigel told him that Alex was on the St. Blazes Island and that no one in the family would ever encounter her. Meanwhile, Bo was certain that David was nowhere in the vicinity of Llanview. He headed to the station to run a check on him.

At Ultraviolet, Gigi surprised Rex when she unveiled a poster board announcing that the Puddle of Mudd rock band would be performing a New Year's Eve bash at Ultraviolet. Gigi informed Rex that she had enlisted Sarah's help to schedule the group to perform. Pleased, Rex thanked Gigi for her help and the two happily planned for the special night.

Outside the club, Markko and Cole stood in line to purchase tickets to see the Puddle of Mudd perform. Cole insisted that he didn't want to go out on New Year's Eve, but Markko pleaded with him to reconsider. Markko planned to invite Langston and wanted Cole and Starr to join them. When Markko suggested that Cole needed a little excitement in his life, Cole maintained that he had experienced enough excitement over the past year. Markko questioned Cole's relationship with Starr. Cole insisted that they were just friends, but Markko wondered how Cole would react if Starr became involved with someone else.

When Markko phoned Langston and shared the news that he had purchased tickets for the concert, Dorian overheard Langston tell him that she couldn't go because she had already made plans. Afterward, Dorian instructed Langston to spend New Year's Eve with her friends, and assured her that they could go to New York after the holidays. Langston thanked Dorian and ran off to meet Markko.

Moments later, Viki and Charlie arrived at La Boulaie and demanded answers from Dorian. When Viki accused Dorian of drugging Charlie and then supplying him with liquor, a smug Dorian denied any involvement and ordered them to leave her home. Before leaving, Viki warned Dorian that she would return with Bo. Showing no sign of nervousness, Dorian responded by slamming the door.

As Blair stood nearby, Dorian rushed into the kitchen and reached for her phone directory. When Blair inquired about what had upset her, a flustered Dorian stated that she needed to get in touch with her lawyer, and insisted that she wasn't going to jail. Stating that she wanted no involvement in Dorian's latest caper, Blair said Dorian was on her own and walked away. Dorian phoned a travel agency and requested a reservation on the next flight out of Llanview. Noticing the tickets that John had given Blair on the kitchen counter, Dorian came up with an idea. She would use Blair's tickets and travel to St. Blazes Island Resort. A short time later, Dorian had packed and was in possession of her passport. Exiting La Boulaie with the plane tickets in hand, Dorian called out to her driver.

Langston showed up at Ultraviolet to meet Markko. She informed him that she would join him at the concert. After telling Markko of the adoption, Langston jokingly told Markko that he had better treat her right or else he would have to deal with her "new Mama." A look of concern showed on Markko's face.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

At the Buchanan mansion, Marty hid her "Todd files" beneath her bedsheets when Cole came to her door to say goodnight. Cole invited her to Ultra Violet to see Puddle Of Mudd, but Marty begged off, claiming she planned to stay in and go to bed early. After Cole left, she stripped off her bathrobe, revealing sexy black eveningwear.

Téa arrived at Todd's, buzzed and carrying champagne. Surprised to see Todd in a tux, she asked him where he was headed. Todd snatched her champagne and told her he wasn't going to wallow in his misery, or spend New Year's Eve with her -- he had "plans." Téa wanted to know what Todd was up to, but Todd kept mum.

Suddenly, Marty called Todd, asking if they were still going to meet. Todd promised her he'd come to meet her, without letting on to Téa who he was speaking with. Marty pleaded with Todd not to tell anyone about their secret rendezvous, and said that her friends and family wouldn't understand. Todd told Marty it was their secret, but when he hung up, Téa had already figured the whole thing out.

Téa told Todd he couldn't meet with Marty, and insisted it was a trap. She told Todd that Marty wanted to incriminate him and help Nora's case. Todd refused to listen to Téa's suspicions, and told her to stay out of it. "This is way too easy," she said. "She's using your feelings for her against you!" Téa harangued Todd, trying to make him change his mind, but she was sidetracked when she got a call from Ray on her cell phone. Todd took the opportunity to dart out, leaving Téa behind to lock up. Téa screamed after him that she wouldn't be bailing him out again.

On the phone from Colombia, Ray wished Téa a happy new year, and asked her to get him out of Plato Prison and prove Vanessa's guilt as soon as possible. As she began locking up Todd's house, Téa reassured Ray that it was only a matter of time before Vanessa let her guard down, since she was "safe" and married to Cristian; she said she'd known Cris would help Vanessa, because that was the kind of man he was. She promised Ray that she would soon have what she needed to bust his ex-wife. Ray asked if she was uncomfortable using Cristian to unearth the truth, but Téa said her manipulations served a higher purpose: Ray's freedom. Ray was upset that they had faked a death threat, making Lola fear him even more; Téa told him Vanessa had already turned Lola against him, so one fake threat wouldn't have made a difference. As she left Todd's place, Téa promised Ray that his relationship with Lola was not a "no-win situation."

At Sarah, Talia, and Layla's apartment, the roomies tried to cheer Sarah up, to no avail. Sarah told them she wouldn't be going to Ultra Violet with them, and despaired that she had no one to kiss on New Year's Eve. Just then, Cristian arrived, asking Sarah to accompany him to the club. He told her they could spend a few minutes with Vanessa, then find a secluded spot together to count the hours down. Sarah rebuked Cris, and said it was impossible; she didn't want to sneak off with him, and hated seeing him with his "wife." She reminded him that if anyone from Immigration saw them canoodling, it would be over for Vanessa and Lola. Cristian insisted that he wanted to kiss Sarah at the stroke of midnight, but Sarah stonewalled, and Talia and Layla quickly dragged Cristian away to the club with them, calling him "Mr. Montez." Sarah was left alone in the apartment, disheveled and crying.

Blair arrived at Rodi's dressed to the nines, amidst a path of candles and soft music on the jukebox. She found John standing by the bar, dressed in her loud Hawaiian shirt and holding a bottle of wine. Blair asked John if he'd rented the whole bar out for them, but John told her far from it; "I bought the place." Blair was thrown to hear that John had bought Renee out, and John explained that his father had frequented a bar just like Rodi's in Atlantic City for years, with good music and good whiskey. Blair wondered if John's new responsibilities and hers at Capricorn would allow them to make time for each other, and questioned whether or not he was really over being a cop. John said he'd make it as long as he made sure Rodi's stopped serving "froufrou drinks." As they bantered, John invited Blair to make a friendly wager: If he still had Rodi's in six months, she'd come to his club and sing for him, and if he didn't, he'd come to Capricorn and sing for her. Blair accepted his bet, and then the lovers put a tune on the jukebox and began to slow dance.

At Ultra Violet, Gigi and Rex were delighted by the turnout for the Puddle Of Mudd performance, which was sure to help Rex keep the club. They greeted the lead singer, who complimented Gigi for being "the brains of the operation." Rex couldn't help but agree as he swooped his ladylove into his arms.

The teens wandered into the club, sipping non-alcoholic drinks; Langston tried hard to keep the glum Starr's spirits up, and got face time with her BFF by sending Markko away to dance with Lola. As Markko impressed Lola with his "freaky" moves, Starr explained to her foster cousin that she wanted to be at home, but knew she'd just end up playing with her brothers there and that wouldn't be any better. Starr said she didn't want to bring Langston's evening down, but Langston begged her to wait for Cole to arrive. Sure enough, Cole showed up in the nick of time to brighten Starr's evening. Starr and Cole shared their sorrows and Cole fretted about his mother, but when he put in a call to the mansion, he was alarmed to learn that Marty was not asleep in her room, but out for the evening. Meanwhile, Langston dashed away to give Starr and Cole "alone time," cutting in on Markko's dance with Lola and steering him away, leaving the young Ms. Montez scowling.

Cristian arrived at the club and met up with Vanessa, who was concerned to learn he'd paid a visit to Sarah. Vanessa reminded him that if Immigration and Custom Services (ICE) caught on to their sham of a marriage, she and Lola would be in danger. Cris told Vanessa he'd had to see Sarah, who was suffering terribly. Vanessa sympathized, and tenderly told Cristian that he and "his Sarah" would be reunited soon.

Talia and Layla roamed UV in search of Layla's latest "blind date," who was to be identified by his gaudy choice of beverage. Layla asked Talia to run interference if her date turned out to be a dud. The ladies ran into Antonio, who'd brought a guest from Cherryvale: Officer Fish. In an awkward moment, Fish was revealed to be Layla's date as he hefted a fizzy blue drink.

Without further ado, Rex and Gigi gathered in the center of Ultra Violet and introduced Puddle Of Mudd, who performed a raucous tune as the young people of Llanview cheered them on. Afterwards, Starr and Cole, preoccupied by their curiosity about Marty's whereabouts, made a quick exit.

In a sumptuous suite at the Palace Hotel, Marty examined the front page of the Banner detailing Todd's crimes, just as a knock came on her door. She quickly hid the paper and rose from her table, which was set with dinner for two, then turned on the stereo, which played "Heart and Soul." Then, Marty opened her door, greeting Todd graciously. As Todd entered the suite, Marty told him they had a lot to talk about. She told him she couldn't get "their song" out of her head, "among other things." Todd replied that because of her invitation, he also couldn't help but think of a new start. Marty admitted that she'd had several "new starts," and Todd said that was reason enough for him to hope. They drank a toast, smiling lovingly at each other.

Todd told Marty that Téa had believed Marty's invite to be a trap, and Marty urged him to search the room, then flirtatiously suggested he "frisk [her.]" Todd told her he trusted her, and knew that her residual feelings for him were difficult to admit. Marty allowed that she was unable to stop thinking of Todd. Todd told her that she'd been in the back of his mind for many years, keeping him from doing "bad stuff" sometimes. "Not all the time," Marty said. Todd admitted he'd made many mistakes, but said his New Year's resolution was to put them right. He wasn't sure how he could do that, but Marty had an idea. "Make me hate you," she said, her voice choked with emotion. She asked him to make her remember their twisted past together, and "make me forget how I fell in love with you." As Todd tried to comfort her, Marty told him her emotions were complex; she'd meant what she'd said to him in the hospital, she hated him, but she hadn't been able to lie on the stand about how her feelings for him had developed over their months together. Marty tearfully claimed she was "relieved" when the judge had dropped the rape charges against him, "'cause as much as I hate you, I love you more." Marty seemed to become hysterical as she confessed that she still loved Todd, but Todd felt he had all the answers. He asked her again to run away with him, "pretend the past never happened." Marty told him they couldn't do that again, but Todd just smiled and said the plan had "worked before." As Marty touched Todd's face, her hands went to his bandage, which she peeled off. She and Todd were both astonished to find that his scar had disappeared.

Marty grew seemingly apprehensive about Todd's plans, and resisted her "feelings." Todd told Marty that they could still have everything they'd wanted, and tried to caress her, but Marty shrank away, fleeing the room in tears. As Todd followed after her, he dropped the remote for the stereo, and "Heart and Soul" began to blare into the empty room.

The minutes ticked away as John and Blair slow-danced at Rodi's, and Starr and Cole returned to the Buchanan mansion to find Marty's room empty. When they pulled Marty's sheets back, they found her ream of files on Todd; both teens were disturbed by the sight.

At Ultra Violet, Rex and Gigi stood on the dais amongst the crowd as they began the final countdown to 2009. As the clock reached midnight, the young lovers of Llanview kissed, including Antonio and Talia, and Langston and Markko, whose public display drew a grimace from Lola. Fish motioned to try to kiss Layla, but instead she offered him a chaste toast. Cristian sidled up to Vanessa and gave her a kiss, but was unaware of who was watching.

Back at the girls' apartment, Sarah watched the online "webcast" from Ultra Violet in tears as she saw Cristian and Vanessa kiss by the bar. Devastated, she moved to another window on her laptop, examining the ICE website and preparing to click on the link marked "immigration fraud."

On the roof of the Palace, Todd followed Marty and asked her to give their "love" a second chance. Marty told him that what they'd had was not enough. As New Year's fireworks began to light up the sky across Llanview, Todd told Marty she'd "changed him," and that it didn't matter how; what she'd done for him proved that their being together was not an impossible dream. Todd begged her to be with him, and Marty, seemingly overcome, said, "Yes!"

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Due to the Christmas Eve holiday, today's ABC Daytime lineup featured encore presentations of some recent memorable episodes.

One Life to Live featured the episode where Rex played a game show for the ultimate prize -- his life. The episode originally aired on October 1, 2008.

There will be no new programming on Thursday, January 1. Regular programming will resume on January 2, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday schedule.

Thursday, January 1, 2008

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episodes of your favorite ABC Daytime soaps -- All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital -- were not shown.

Regular programming will resume on January 2, 2009, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the holiday pre-emption.

On behalf of everyone involved in Soap Central, I'd like to wish you a peaceful and prosperous 2009. Thank you so much for your continued loyalty to the site and we look forward to providing you with even better soap opera coverage in the year ahead.

Friday, January 2, 2008

Jump On It

At La Boulaie, Addie hosted a party for her young friends. Dressed in hip-hop attire, Addie and her friends laughed and danced to rap music. As the party got underway, a newly transformed David interrupted the festivities. When Addie asked David to join them, he declared that he needed to cleanse his soul. At David's request, Addie dismissed her guests so that she could speak with David. When Addie offered David a drink, he promptly refused, citing that it was a vice that he no longer wished to indulge in.

Startled by David's transformation, Addie wondered why David had returned to Llanview. Announcing that he needed to atone for his sins, David admitted that he had married Addie in an attempt to exploit Dorian and her control of Buchanan Enterprises. Confessing that he hadn't married her for love, David apologized to Addie and remarked that he had hoped that their marriage would help Dorian to realize what an exciting and vibrant woman Addie actually was. To his surprise, Addie acknowledged that she knew the real reason why David had married her and admitted that she hadn't loved him, either.

Pleased by Addie's reaction, David continued to confess his sins - he admitted to giving away her prize possession, David Vickers, the dog. Overhearing David's confession, Shaun informed David that the dog's collar had contained the Mendorran crown jewels. As Shaun remarked that he had given away a fortune, a look of shock crossed David's face. While David began a nervous chant, Addie asked if he were feeling okay. Moments later, David regained his composure and declared, "I am peaceful and do not need crown jewels. Nothing is needed beyond the path of enlightenment!"

As David prepared to leave, Shaun questioned if David had really lost his desire for the good life. David insisted that he was a changed man and offered to show Shaun the light. Addie was certain that her lifestyle would conflict with David's newfound religion, and the two said goodbye. Later, Addie mentioned that she was happy that David had found inner peace. Shaun persisted that David would never lose his desire for money, but Addie maintained that anyone could change - she had.

On the rooftop of the Palace Hotel, Todd thanked Marty for changing him into a better person and pleaded with her to be with him. He appeared hopeful when Marty agreed to make an attempt to repair their relationship. As Todd reached his hand out for her, Marty lashed out at him. Referring to him as a sick individual, Marty pushed him away and announced that she didn't love him. She confessed that she had set him up and was thrilled that he had fallen for the trap. While Todd appeared distraught over the revelation that Marty didn't love him, Marty taunted him.

Reminding him of the fear that she had experienced upon learning the many lies that he had told her, Marty insisted on knowing how he felt to learn that someone he really loved actually despised him. A despondent Todd listened as Marty continued to rant. In an erratic state, Marty cursed him for keeping her in the dark and away from her loved ones. She vowed to destroy Todd and make him pay for the pain he had caused her. Admitting again that she had tricked him, Marty revealed that her plan had worked. She had intended to fill him with hope that they would be together, and then reject him. Marty wanted Todd to feel the same hurt that she had - that his life had been a lie.

Feeling dejected, Todd related that he wished Marty had killed him when she had the chance. Pushing Todd to the ground, Marty agreed that Todd deserved to die but stated that she didn't want to ruin her life by doing the deed. Filled with remorse, Todd refused to look at Marty. Screaming at him, Marty demanded that he look at her and witness what he had turned her into. Convinced that she had reduced Todd to a guilt-ridden state, Marty smiled and suggested that Todd jump from the roof. Insisting that his death would benefit everyone, Marty urged him to allow her the opportunity to watch him die. As Todd stared at her in disbelief, Marty pushed him to the ground again and insisted that he leap to his death. A despondent Todd stared blankly at the ledge.

At the Buchanan mansion, Cole and Starr were stunned to find Marty's collection of news clippings relating to Todd's many crimes. As Cole worried about his mother's disappearance, Starr was certain that Marty was safe and probably needed some time to herself. Cole's fears were further raised when they discovered that Marty had left her cell phone at home. Looking over the files, Starr was astonished by the long list of crimes that Todd had committed, while Cole was alarmed that his mother would take the time to collect such disturbing facts. Convinced that Marty was headed for trouble, a terrified Cole placed a call to John.

At Rodi's, John and Blair celebrated the New Year with a toast and a kiss. Enjoying every moment together, John and Blair drew close to one another and began dancing around the bar. Refusing to lose a second of the magic, instead of heading to John's apartment, the couple decided to relocate to the pool table and make love. As John unzipped Blair's dress, his cell phone rang. Cole told John about his findings in Marty's bedroom and expressed his concern for her. After hanging up with Cole, John related the conversation to Blair and said that he needed to find Marty. Upon learning that Marty had been researching Todd's crimes, Blair insisted on joining John. After convincing Blair to stay put, John gave her a kiss and headed off to the Buchanan mansion to learn more details concerning Marty's disappearance.

When John arrived at the mansion, Cole and Starr continued to update John on their findings. Although he was concerned, John persuaded Cole to take Starr home while he looked for more clues. Alone in Marty's room, John searched under her bed and came across her journal. As he read her entry, John was disturbed to learn that Marty was seeking revenge and had made plans to meet Todd. Blair phoned John. John advised her that his search would require more time and suggested that she head home to meet Starr. He apologized for cutting the evening short and hung up. John continued to search Marty's journal for clues. He discovered the numbers 703 toward the back of the journal.

Back on the Palace roof, Todd slowly stood on the ledge. A pleased Marty begged Todd to jump for her. She tried to encourage him by explaining that his death would help her regain her life. As he listened to her pleas, Todd continued to look down.

After escorting Starr home, Cole was anxious to check on his mother's whereabouts. Starr reminded him that John was on the case and asked him to spend the night at La Boualie. She promised that they would deal with his mother's situation together.

At Rodi's, Blair was deep in thought. She blew out a candle and quickly left the bar.

John stood outside of room 703 at the Palace Hotel. Upon entering the room, he discovered a lit fireplace and Marty's purse on the bed. Up on the roof, Todd continued to ask Marty if she would really be happy if he jumped. An anxious Marty assured him that she would. Looking back at Marty, an emotionless Todd fell off the ledge.

Meanwhile, Viki, Charlie, Nora, and Clint celebrated New Year's Eve in the ballroom of the Palace Hotel. Nora and Clint praised Charlie for remaining alcohol free. When Nora showed concern about the effect their drinking would have on Charlie's recovery, Viki exposed Dorian's part in helping Charlie take that first drink. Nora and Clint were horrified to learn of Dorian's involvement in Charlie's misfortune, and began to recount how Dorian's tactics had triggered several tragedies for the Buchanan family. Nora wondered if Viki and Charlie intended to press charges against Dorian. Explaining that she had reported Dorian's crime to Bo, Viki said that Bo had sought to question Dorian, but she had disappeared.

Nora and Clint toasted Viki and Charlie's reunion. When Viki thanked Nora for returning B.E. back to the hands of the family, she noticed that her comment had made Nora and Clint nervous. Realizing that Nora and Clint were keeping a secret, Viki demanded answers, but the couple made up an excuse. Later, Nora and Clint were obviously shaken when Viki mentioned that David had returned to Llanview. They listened as Viki and Charlie informed them that David claimed to have transformed and no longer had the desire for money. Upon the mention of David, Viki again noticed a look of fear on the faces of both Clint and Nora.

After Viki and Charlie had left, Nora and Clint discussed David's presence in Llanview and worried that his parentage could be exposed. Citing that Viki had always had a soft spot for David, Clint told Nora that Viki could never learn the truth. Clint was certain that they could lose everything if David tried to claim the family fortune. The couple continued to wonder why David would return to Llanview. When Nora questioned whether David had learned the truth, Clint maintained that only a few people were aware of the secret. While continuing their debate over David's transformation, Nora and Clint turned around and nearly choked when they observed David. David approached and introduced himself as David Vickeroshi.

As Dorian admired her surroundings on St. Blaze Island, Alex Olanov approached. When Dorian began to berate Alex and mock her presence on such an exclusive island, Alex proudly revealed that she owned the island and that Asa had gifted it to her. Convinced that Alex was lying, Dorian reminded her that Asa hated her and would have never bequeathed her anything of value. Criticizing Dorian's behavior during the reading of Asa's will, Alex teased Dorian about Clint dumping her for Nora. Noticing that she was getting a rise out of Dorian, Alex bragged about her own marriage and sexual relationship with David.

As the two women tried to outdo each other, Dorian boasted about her takeover of B.E. and bringing down the Buchanans. Insisting that she had been desperate to get away from the crazy Buchanans while in Texas, Alex accidentally admitted to hitting a "coyote" with her car as she made her getaway. Realizing that Alex had actually hit her back in Texas, Dorian was appalled by Alex's apparent confession. Dorian threatened to sue her. Alex apologized and asked what Dorian wanted from her. Dorian demanded to know what else Alex had to offer, besides St. Blaze Island. With a smirk, Alex claimed to have information. As a curious Dorian listened, Alex stated, "David Vickers is not David Vickers!"

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